October 6th, 2010


Goo Hye Sun Searched for Wu Zun's Topless Photos Online

It's confirmed that Taiwan is shooting their TV version of Japanese manga "Absolute Boyfriend," a love story between robot and human, and the leads are Wu Zun, popular member in group Fahrenheit, and Goo Hye Sun, South Korean actress better known from the K-version of "Boys Over Flowers."

Yesterday the two idols met each other for the first time in the press event for their new drama. Perhaps into his character already, Wu Zun was "behaving like a robot" in contrast to Goo's frank personality. Wu Zun wanted to give a good impression since it was his first time working with a Korean actress. But he was so polite that he even asked Goo's translator shyly "Can I put my hand on her shoulder?" when reporters requested the pair to stand a little closer.

Nudity is something pretty much everyone is concerned about [In 'Absolute Boyfriend,' there are scenes where the robot Nighto appears topless, even naked. Of course, the important part is covered!]. After watching the Japanese version of the drama, Goo immediately went to search explicit photos of Wu Zun that had been taken in the past, and she is very satisfied. "He has a good body, plus he is handsome," the actress praised. "And I'm very excited to see scenes of him going naked." That scared Wu Zun and he told her she doesn't have to answer questions like that.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Edited for grammar.
Did anyone else know about this casting? I hadn't heard about it at all until just now, and I thought she was still filming that other drama.
Anyway, in the absolute certainty that this will be coming anyway, Wu Zun shirtless/almost-naked pics go go go!

TaJinYo contacts Tablo’s ex-girlfriend about Stanford graduation controversy

Even with Tablo clearing his name with regards to his Stanford graduation controversy through a TV documentary, his anti-cafe TaJinYo is still not letting go, as this time, they directly contacted Tablo’s ex-girlfriend via Facebook, accusing her of concealing the truth because their claims did not match.

Screen captures of the conversation between TaJinYo and Tablo’s ex-girlfriend, known as “Lee”, were taken, and have been spreading across the internet since the night of October 5th. Down below is a full translation of the three exchanged messages.

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original source; nate
translation source; allkpop

Umm... when will this shit ever end?!
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How Close is JYP to the Wonder Girls?

Park JinYoung expresses his honest feelings about Wonder Girls and the girls reveal their ideal types.

It looks like the finale of Mnet Made in Wonder Girls has left a lot to talk about. We recently wrote about Wonder Girls’ honest messages to each other and now Yubin’s, YeEun’s, Sohee’s and Hyerim’s ideal types are revealed in a nice family dinner with their loved JYP PD-nim.

Before the end of their American tour, the girls made a quick return to New York where they were filmed having dinner with JYP. Once the subject about ideal types came to the table it seems there was no holding back as each girl, including JYP, joked around revealing each other’s ideal type.

The girls revealed about Yubin, “If she doesn’t become absent-minded after looking at him, she won’t date any guy. We think she’s going to meet someone that is considerate with a strong charm, like her dad.”

After revealing Yubin’s ideal type, the next victim became YeEun with JYP saying, “I think she is going to get married when she thinks the time is right, because she doesn’t have much of a fantasy when it comes to romance.

YeEun quickly responded, “Rather than romance, I have a fantasy on a happily married life”, while JYP stated that her concept of love was “safety”.

But after seeing how well he knew YeEun’s ideal type, JYP realized he didn’t know how could Sohee’s other half be so the Wonder Girls came to the rescue.

YeEun revealed, “Sohee’s ideal type is a guy that is fun and bright. But also looks after her warmly”, with the other members adding, “Sohee’s ideal type is the opposite of Hyerim’s. Hyerim’s ideal type can dress badly, but look good. Where Sohee’s ideal type doesn’t have to look that great, but must be stylish.

Analyzing the matter further, JYP commented, “Sohee needs two things, but both things are very different. One is very sensible, while the other is very warm”, and then YeEun revealed who would be the perfect man for Sohee when she said, “I think Sohee is going to meet a comedian. I think someone like Yoo SaeYoon, who is witty but also has an edge,” which made everyone, including Sohee, laugh.
After the ideal types’ talk was over, the dinner ended with a touching moment as JYP opened up his heart and revealed, “When I come to the States, Wonder Girls members are my only friends. Because of that, I think we gained a relationship other than that of colleagues.
Through this family like dinner the audience was able to see the close relationship between the girls and their producer, adding another special moment to the finale of Mnet Made in Wonder Girls.


Invincible 2NE1 Stays On Number One: Songs Still Immensely + BEHIND THE SUCCESS OF YG'S GROUP, 2NE1

Sung Shi Kyung, Miss A, Beast, and several other singers made their comeback stages and debut stages recently. But that wasn’t enough to stop 2NE1’s charisma from emerging.

On the last week of September (September 26 – October 2), amidst the comebacks and debuts,Soribada’s weekly chart showed that 2NE1’s “Go Away” firmly stayed as Number One for three consecutive weeks. Armed with their powerful performances, edgy styles, and amazing charisma, best girlgroup 2NE1, claimed the top spot ever since their comeback. And they don’t show signs of letting up. The other two songs that made up 2NE1’s three-title-song-comeback, “Can’t Nobody” and “Clap Your Hands” also occupied spots in the Top Ten, shocking many with 2NE1’s unusual yet successful promotions.

Sung Shi Kyung, known as the “Prince of Ballad” has made his comeback with a duet with popular solo artist, IU. Sung Shi Kyung and IU sang the excellent ballad, “It’s You,” making fantastic harmonies over the sad story of love and separation. The song is currently second on the chart. Lim Jeong Hee is also another ballad singer making her comeback, this time in a duet along with 2AM leader, Jo Kwon, with “On The Road to Breakup.” The song is full of lamentation and sadness, and now ranks number 5.

Miss A, is also in the charts with their song, “Breathe” which climbed to number 4. The group debuted in July, with their hit single, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” which stayed in the weekly chart’s number one position for four consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, idol group B2ST is also back with electronic dance music song, “Soom (Breath)” which showcased their strong and tough image. B2ST now ranks 8th.

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sources: nate + sportsworldi
Translated by knucklepink @ygladies.com

T-ara's Jiyeon obscene chatting controversy


Jiyeon’s agency to take legal action over strip video controversy

With the topic of T-ara’s maknae Jiyeon participating in video strip chat sessions currently being a hot issue, Jiyeon’s parents and entertainment company have confronted the issue with an official statement, denying all evidence.

Core Contents Media stated, “We directly checked with Jiyeon herself, and it was confirmed that it was only someone who looks similar.”

Jiyeon’s parents also told her company that, “Jiyeon is only a high school student, but she has already been gravely scarred and crying heavily because of this issue. They are wishing for legal actions to be taken against the reporters and media who are criticizing Jiyeon because of pictures that have not even been confirmed, and they wish for this to not happen again.”

Meanwhile, Jiyeon’s agency is currently working with cyber investigators to search for the original distributor of the video, and also revealed they will indeed be taking legal actions against reporters who are using unconfirmed pictures of Jiyeon as evidence.

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source: allkpop - 1 & 2 & 3
TV Daily, SPN
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Celebrating the opening of Park Yong-ha’s Yona School’s in Africa

Close friends and acquaintances of Park Yong-ha got together to record a school song for the opening of Park Yong-ha’s Yona School in Africa.

Park Yong-ha has continually supported and funded the construction of a school for the children in the Republic of Chad in central Africa since May of 2009, and the Yona School was finally able to open on September 18, 2010. Unfortunately, Park Yong-ha passed away last summer and couldn’t live to see the fruits of his labor.

At a recording studio in Chung Dam-dong in South Korea, many celebrities took part in the project, including Kim Hyung-joon from SS501, Lee Ru, Lyn, Park Hyo-shin, Lee Jae-jin and Song Seung-hyun of FT Island, Park Si-yeon, Jae-rim, and many other artists. Hwang Sae-joon, a composer who had worked with Park Yong-ha on his Japanese album, took charge of the whole process. All who participated stated that they tried to celebrate the opening of the school and express the longing for their deceased friend while recording the song.

On October 22, 2010, in the third segment of SBS “Hope TV”, the show will air a special on Park Yong-ha and his philanthropic work titled “Beautiful Man: Park Yong-ha”.

Let’s celebrate the opening of the Yona School and continue to remember Park Yong-ha as not just a talented actor, but a kind and generous person as well.

Source: popseoul

Girl groups' fates in Japan will be decided this fall

Korean girl groups will be riding the neo-Hallyu wave into Japan through October and November.

Shojo Jidai, KARA and 4minute will continue their activities in Japan after gaining results that exceeded expectations with successive single and album releases throughout the month of October in what some are calling a second round of "air-raids on the Japanese islands."

Interest has been gaining in the releases that Korean girl groups will have at the end of the year. Many believe that the rapid releases will show to what degree Korean girl groups will have a hold on the market in Japan.

Shojo Jidai and KARA have already reached the top of the Japanese industry through their amazing debuts. They have exercised their current clout throughout this girl group boom to top even domestic groups in Japan. However, reaching the heights of the top Japanese stars is probably impossible. Idols Arashi, SMAP, AKB48 and others will certainly fill the year-end top 5 and top 10 charts. It is probably best to say that the girl groups' successes can be described as the "best of the newcomers," rather than the best of the best.

And the success of the releases in October and November will decide where Korean girl groups will be a fixture in the Japanese market. Rather than keeping their current success, expansion into the mainstream is paramount.
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source ~ Jo!ns
translation & reporting ~ its_matteo @ 4-minute.com

wow good luck to all

4minute's manager is a fine piece of ass

4minute's sexy manager has garnered a hot interest thanks to a series of recent selcas, with netizens dubbing him "fanboy manager."

On the 5th on 4minute's official fancafe, seclas featuring 4minute's manager stirred netizens into a frenzy. Together with HyunA, Gayoon and others, their manager was featured in the photos taken of the company family and published online.

Of particular interest to netizens were his large eyebrows and pronounced facial features, as noted in the many comments left all over the Internet. A hot response was felt through their comments about the sensual and stunning manager, Kim Jiyong.

Netizens commented, "I believe that they are a company family," and "He's so handsome," etc.

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source ~ AsiaToday
translation ~ its_matteo @ 4-minute.com
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More chaos over cabbage

South Korea is struggling to secure its supply of kimchi - the spicy, pickled food that serves as the national dish - after an unusually long stretch of bad weather nearly halved the latest crop of Napa cabbage, the recipe's main ingredient.

Seeking an immediate substitute, the government reduced tariffs on Chinese-imported cabbage and other produce this week, part of a plan to rush an additional 100 tonnes of the staple into supermarkets and stores during October as prices soared.

while, the Seoul city government is providing the busiest markets with 300,000 heads of Napa cabbage at just 70 per cent of the market price - enough to feed 10,000 households.

Kimchi, made of cabbage fermented in white radish, garlic and chilli paste seasoning, is low in calories and rich in vitamins. It is so ubiquitous in South Korea that it is provided as a free side dish in all restaurants from steakhouses to pizzerias.

At the Woorim market in north-eastern Seoul yesterday, hundreds of people lined up hours before the sale of subsidised cabbage. Some scuffled trying to get ahead in line.

One man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly stealing ten head of cabbage from a field in the northeastern Gangwon province, local police said.

"I could see why he did it," Kim Chang-wan, a Seoul businessman, said of the alleged theft. "I have to get my kimchi fix with every meal or I'm not completely satiated."

Concerned market sellers and produce distributors are hoping that Koreans can ride out the kimchi crisis by eating other varieties of kimchi, like radish or green onion, as a substitute for the most common and popular Napa cabbage kimchi.

A combination of cold spring temperatures, a summer heatwave and torrential rains last month caused crops to fail and produced a surge in food prices that pushed the country's inflation rate to a 17-month high in September.

The price of one head of cabbage soared to the equivalent of about £5 at markets and grocery stores this week, up more than six fold from last year.

South Koreans consume about 1.45 million tonnes of kimchi a year, said Lee Jeong-sik, an official at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The mouth-scorching dish can be readily bought in stores, though many people make it at home - a laborious process as it must be stored and fermented during the winter months

Source: scotsman

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Minhyuk MV for ‘High Fly’ (Acoustic movie)

CNBLUE members Lee Jonghyun and Kang Minhyuk participated in the OST (soundtrack) for Acoustic and today the MV for their track ‘High Fly’ was revealed.

The Omnibus drama Acoustic is broken down into three parts. The first part stars actress Shin Se Kyung, the second part stars Kang Minhyuk with Lee Jonghyun, and the third part stars 2AM’s Im Seulong and Baek Jinhee. A music video for Acoustic featuring 2AM was also revealed last month.

Both Jonghyun and Minhyuk are scheduled to attend the Pusan International Film Festival for Acoustic. Remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.

sources: CodeAzzurro3, allkpop
Penelope is pretty.
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Single nation: What women want

Korean women shun marriage in favor of career and single life

Attractive, assertive and financially secure, Park Min-kyoung seems like the kind of woman many men would want for a wife. But marriage isn’t a priority for the 41-year-old singleton. She is single by choice and has no plans to get married any time soon.

“If I can find someone who really loves me, I can. If not, I don’t need to get married. I don’t want to get married for money or because I’m lonely,” she said.

Park is not alone she is just one of an increasing number of South Korean women who are shunning marriage in favor of their career and the single life.

According to Statistics Korea, last year there were about 310,000 marriages in Korea, down 18,000 from 2008. More significantly, 2009 recorded Korea’s lowest marriage rate since records began in 1970, with 6.2 marriages per 1,000 people. This figure is a reflection of a continuing trend: In 2000, the marriage rate was 7.0; in 1990 it was 9.3.

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Source: John Power & Hwang Jurie @ The Korea Herald

Video source: 4HipStar

“Haru” under fire for excessive production costs

There’s been a fresh round of controversy regarding the large amount of pay that the stars of “Haru” have been receiving. Many have come forward with criticisms against the Korean Tourism Organization for excessive appearance payments in the production of their web drama.

An Young Hwan of the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications revealed inspection documents of the Korean Tourism Organization, stating that TVXQ’s Yunho and the members of Big Bang each received $89,047 for a 30-minute-long drama.
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buy lots of nice clothes for your comeback bbs

Source: AKP
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Eunjung and Soyeon defend Jiyeon's honor on Twitter

T-ara members Eunjung and Soyeon showed off their feelings towards the latest controversy and their group on twitter.

Soyeon first tweeted:
Breathe, Soyeon
Even someone condemned by God deserves his pity.. but does only God know? This world, wretched world
You really think you know, sigh

With Eunjung tweeting:
I want to buy you some oxygen [to Soyeon], why aren't they selling it in the shop? ㅠㅠ makes me angry!
Today's entire schedule and Strong Heart recording [is with all the members] !! It's only for a short time.. but being with all my precious members makes me happy.. '-' ♡..!! truly

Stay strong girls!

Oniontaker2 (Translation)

4minute and B2ST to receive the Asia Influential Artist award

4minute and B2ST will be receiving an award at the 2010 Asia Song Festival.

Representatives of KOFICE revealed on October 6th, “4minute and B2ST were chosen to receive the Asia Influential Artist award.”

The award is given to artists that garnered the most attention in Asia for the year. 4minute and B2ST will be making an appearance at the awards event on the 23rd along with impressive performances.

4minute contracted with Universal and set out to expand their activities all over Asia. They’ve been earning much success so far by topping various music charts and earning thousands of new fans.

B2ST began touring through the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan this June while promoting “Shock” and earned the support of many. Their comeback album, “Mastermind,” has been sweeping the charts as well.

Source: Frontier Times, allkpop
Street Fighter / Chun-Li : fighting pose

Ryu Si-won to marry and become a father

Korean actor and singer Ryu Si-won (38) is getting married, it was announced on Tuesday. His girlfriend is a 28-year-old woman living in Korea, who is currently pregnant with the couple's first child.

Ryu revealed that he met the woman last year through a friend. He did not provide many details about her, though he mentioned that she is studying dancing. They were originally considering getting married next spring, but they adjusted their plans when they learned that they have a baby on the way.

The two will hold their wedding this month on October 26. The baby is expected to be born next spring.

Ryu got his big break in Japan in 2004 with a hit drama and the release of his album "Yakusoku."

Source: Tokyograph

BoA’s Childhood Photos Revealed

BoA’s childhood photos, which were recently released through her mother, Sung Young Ja’s book, The Golden Rule, have stirred much interest. The book reveals BoA’s younger years and the events to her debut, among others.

The first photo shows BoA playing a Korean traditional instrument, called the gayageum. It is said that the artist preferred it over the piano. BoA started playing the piano at the age of five, but soon had her eyes only on the gayageum. It was only after three years of learning the traditional instrument that BoA decided singing was better.

Another photo is of BoA with her second brother/music video director, Kwon Sun Wook. It was revealed that it was him who actually taught BoA dance during her childhood years.
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Source: soompi + Newsen 1 2 3 4 5

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Geonil was mistaken as Super Junior & Sungje Cried?

Hallyu Star Supernova member Geonil told his grief.
In October 2’s episode of Quiz That Change The World (Sebakwi), Geonil was humiliated with a taxi driver.
Geonil said “I had a make up and hair done when I rode a taxi. And the taxi driver said, ‘Oh, Super Junior.’
Geonil added, I took off in ilsan MBC. I walked over to my house and it drew me sadness.”
But Geonil received attention from the panel of women. in 'Sebakwi.'
Hallyu Star, Supernova’s Sungje reminisce their activities in Japan and even shed tears.
Sungje was one of the guest in October 2 episode of Quiz that Change the World (Sebakwi) and told their story during their hard times in Japan.

Sungje said, “At first, it was difficult in Japan. Other artists are doing well even in overseas. We’re not well known in Korea.” He confessed and even shed some tears.
Sungje was trying to hold his tears during the conversation but he can’t hold it anymore.
The panels encouraged the sad Sungje and even cheered him up.
Geonil added, the appeared as a guest to SG Wanna Be’s concert in Japan and some Japanese staffs suggested that they work in Japan. “I was grateful enough that I cried.” He proudly revealed.

Meanwhile, Sungje danced to the tune of girl group songs, Push Push by Sistar and Madonna by Secret that drew laughter to the show.

credit: Newsen + dkpopnews 1 2
translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH
YT : pui0422

PS : I can;t find the link from SupernovaPH

Phone 'party' with Jay Park, Narsha + Jea... SG's think they got lucky... but they didn't.

“The best phone-play – beyond your fantasies”

Jay Park and Brown Eyed Girls members Narsha and Jea have recently been spotted as unwarranted and illegitimate models for a phone play advertisement run in a Singaporean newspaper called “The New Paper”.

Now don’t go dialing those numbers, because you’re not going to reach Jay, Narsha, nor Jea. This ad is nothing but a classic example of false advertising and it also does not pose such a positive image for the innocent stars that have been unlawfully taken advantage of.

Source + Photo: The New Paper + Anonymous Tip

Source credit: AKPhonesex

// O.O seriously I thought that was Jung Juri next to narsha
Baby G
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Ga-In trained under university professor for “Irreversible” choreography

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In worked with a university professor for the classy choreography of her upcoming track, “Irreversible.”

Teaching at the Seoul Arts University, professor Park Myung Soo carefully choreographed the dance to reflect the dramatic lyrics of the track. One such lyric croons, “If you don’t want to love me, kill me.”

Ga-In’s representative said of the partnership, “The first teaser showed Ga-In being thrown around. We’ve been preparing a new type of choreography to go with this high quality genre of music. Because of that, she’s been practicing for the last three months with a university dance professor.”

As a solo artist, she’s definitely experimenting with her concept. Most idols’ dances are simple and easy to learn, but it looks like this one will be more sophisticated and unique.

Source: AKP

Is this gonna be some tecktonik-level dancing or what? j/k I bet it's some kind of interpretive dance. Like this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Future Simon #1

Gold leather clearly means 2PM is made of manjuice

Group 2PM has revealed teaser images which shows a stronger image.

2PM revealed teaser images at 2PM on the 6th which got the fans interest as it shows that each member has gotten stronger.

Chansung was the first catch everyone’s eyes as he had a shocking all black style. Along with Taecyeon’s shorter hair style and also the shorter hair styles of other members, the leather, dark and slim clothes shows off the original beastly-dol 2PM’s masculine beauty.

Because of the black taping, silver tone/gold leather and accessories on their hands, face, arms, shoes etc it shows off a sharp image and the makeup and others shows the feel of sadness and determination of a man.

Also in the images the laser lines are said to be drawn by the 2PM members personally which is getting a lot of interest.

trans; 2pmalways via fy2pmtranslations
original; Nate News

IDGAF I still want Taec in my pants ♥


Daum releases life changing SNSD screensavers

Daum, one of Korea’s leading web portals, recently launched a new campaign for its search application using SNSD as the face of the campaign. They have already released a set of CFs starring SNSD, and now they’re following it up with a pack of SNSD screensavers.

I am personally not too fond of screensavers because they don’t really serve much of a purpose now that people are no longer using CRT monitors. However, I have to admit that these particular screensavers changed my life. After just one view, I already felt like a new person, a better person. I have noticed that I tend to be more calm, less argumentative, and less inclined to drop kick my dog.

Even though the girls did not speak throughout the whole thing, I still felt like the screensavers spoke to me on a personal level. I can’t exactly pin point what the message was, but I think it had something to do with them wanting me to use Daum’s search engine.

However, I’m not too sure about their use of screensavers to advertise a search engine because if I’m spending all my time watching the screensavers, then I’m definitely not searching on Daum. Although I guess at the end of the day, all that really matters is that they’re still daum amazing screensavers.

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sources: allkpop + aslotussmusic+ daum (can't find it)

Kpop concert in NY on 10/10

Son Dambi, Brian Joo, Norazo, Jungin & others to perform in the 28th Annual New York Chuseok Festival on Sunday, October 10th.

The two-day festival has been organized by The Korean Produce Association since 1982 and is a chance for family, relatives, and friends to get together and enjoy themselves. The festival allows foreigners to explore the Korean culture, as well as permit Koreans to discover their roots again. Different types of performing arts are introduced, including traditional Korean cuisine.

The highlight of the Chuseok Festival are the concerts at the end of the day. The concerts starts at 6PM at Randall's Island Park for both days. Sunday's highlight artists are Brian Joo, Son Dam Bi, and Norazo. Admission is free.

Son Dam Bi was reported to have left for the Big Apple on October 5th. She expressed her excitement going to the city. Last year, a concert she was supposed to hold with singer Lee Seung Gi fell through when he was diagnosed with H1N1.

Brian Joo tweeted on October 2nd that he was on his way to the states and so far has made stops in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Boston to visit friends before heading to New York City.

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sources: kpany, kbs global, brianjoomuzik, yokuyuki

Another Scandal ~ Trainees Forced To Perform Sexual Favors

The CEO of “H” entertainment agency was charged on October 7th for forcing his teenage trainees to perform sexual favors.

The CEO, Kim (31), forced his two trainees, ‘B‘ (17), and ‘C‘ (20), to perform sexual favors for the owner of a clothing company, ‘A‘ (41). Kim sent the trainees over ten times after receiving $46,000 USD in “sponsor expenses.” Once B began rejecting such acts, however, Kim threatened her by saying that it was all business and forced her to continue. He said, “If you don’t show up for work, you will be paying an extreme amount of penalties.”

Out of the $46,000 USD that Kim earned, he kept $30,000 USD for himself and used the remainder to give gifts to the two victims and pay for their dental expenses.

Kim rejected all claims by stating that the money in question was earned from his shopping mall, and not from forcing the two trainees into sexual acts. Authorities investigated his bank account, however, and found that he was deceiving them, as they failed to find any connections between the shopping mall and the amount held in his account.

Source: Kuki News, Sports Seoul
Translated: AKP

sadly, this isn't shocking at all.
atleast this might take the heat off jiyeon's 13 year old boobs and vag y/n?