October 7th, 2010

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Gummy tops the charts with “Dae Mul” O.S.T

As the ending theme to “Dae Mul“, Gummy’s powerful vocals rooted the audience to their seats as her song “I Love you Even if I Die” (죽어도 사랑해) played through the end credits. Not only did the drama take the throne Wednesday with its 17% viewer rating, the O.S.T also dominated various online charts.

“I Love you Even if I Die” sets the mood of the song with its soft melodic piano, supplemented by Gummy’s emotive and powerful vocals. The second half of the song sweeps away the listener by its 14 individual strings, wrapping up the track beautifully.

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Don't call 2NE1, the "female Big Bang" anymore

2NE1′s power is everywhere with their first full album, To Anyone. On the 9th of last month, having released their first full album and performing the three different stages, calling it the “Triple Titles”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Go Away”, and “Clap Your Hands”, 2NE1′s popularity seemed like it doesn’t know when to stop.

Last year, 2NE1, who came to sudden prominence was being expected by all music fans called as the “female Big Bang”. It made us to think of them as Big Bang for they are both from YG Ent. and by their unique styles that were obviously different from the other idols.

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Sohee transforms into a real ‘Wonder Girl’

Wonder Girls‘ Sohee transformed into a “real Wonder Girl” as revealed by a photo uploaded on the group’s official Twitter on October 7th.

The photo was uploaded with the tweet, “SOHEE is a true WONDER GIRL!” Sohee shows off a unique hoodie that covers her face and poses like a super hero with her arms in an X position.

Fans commented, “Cute Wonder Girl,” and “I want to be saved by Sohee Wonder Girl.”

Source + Photo: Newsen


Sohee takes THE BEST pictures out of everyone in kpop. Im in love
____ JOO♥

T-ara receives a love call from Japan worth 3.6 million USD

It has been reported that T-ara recently received a ridiculously expensive love call from one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan, as the group were asked to contract with the company for 4 billion Won, which roughly calculates to a whopping 3.6 million USD.

Core Contents Media, T-ara’s entertainment company, recently revealed, “Their biggest reason for giving us the love call was that, not only does the group succeed as singers, but also in dramas, movies, and CFs. They were also impressed with the members’ pretty pre-debut photos.

The Japanese entertainment company also told Core Contents Media that the amount of money they have proposed is probably the greatest salary for any girl group yet. It was also reported that T-ara received love calls from two additional Japanese companies as well.

Core Contents Media went on to say, “The reason why T-ara have only loosely leveled up with the many girl groups who are succeeding in Japan right now is that the T-ara members have not only been doing singing promotions, but they have also been involved with dramas, movies, and CFs, and due to the difficult time management, beginning Japanese activities was virtually impossible. However, with each of the members’ personal schedules wrapping up, as well as being in the last stages of preparing for their second album, we think we will soon be able to announce whether Japanese promotions are possible. We are thinking that time will be once T-ara perfectly wrap up their second album promotions.

Meanwhile, T-ara’s new member, Ryu Hwa Young, is set to debut on T-ara’s second album as the 7th member of the group.

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Did Yenny gain weight?

Recent pictures of the Wonder Girls have been receiving a lot of buzz on the online bulletins.

The Wonder Girls recently had a performance on October 3rd for the Los Angeles Korean Festival. Because the girls have been inactive for so long, fans have expressed their excitement for the show. Yet as it turns out, netizens cared more about the girls gaining a little weight.

Netizens focused particularly on Ye Eun, who was wearing a corset made out of blue jeans material. Worried comments such as, ‘How did you gain weight so suddenly?’ and ‘Did you get stressed a lot?’ flooded the topics.

In response to this issue, JYPE expressed, ‘The clothes that Ye Eun wore makes the body look larger.

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Why are there Korean lyrics in Japanese remakes?

With SNSD set to release their 2nd Japanese single, “Gee,” on October 20th, and having already released their music video on the 6th, many have noticed that both SNSD and KARA kept some of their Korean lyrics in their Japanese remakes.

SNSD’s “Gee” features repetition of Korean words such as “Really really (jinjja jinjja)” and “Like like (joa joa).” KARA’s Japanese remake of “Mister” also repeats Korean words such as “Tick tock (tok tak)” and “Over and over (jakku jakku).”

Despite both being Japanese remakes, Korean lyrics dominate the highlight of the songs. Why are Korean lyrics appearing in Japanese songs? The reason is said to be behind the high interest in K-pop amongst Japanese fans, and their willingness to learn more about Korean culture.

One industry representative revealed, “Japanese K-pop fans rejected the idea of SNSD and KARA releasing Japanese albums. There were a lot of voices that asked for them to promote with their original Korean songs. We took their suggestions into consideration, and naturally added the Korean lyrics into their Japanese remakes.”

He continued, “Korean sounds a lot stronger than Japanese, impact-wise, so it’s able to add a bit of charm to the songs. The Japanese public, and music fans alike, believe that Korean songs and lyrics sound modern. They have no problem accepting Korean lyrics in their songs.”

Another representative continued, “There’s a lot of K-pop fans that love the impact and modern feel to Korean lyrics. Just like there was a rush to learn Korean with the drama Hallyu, the Japanese youth are just as interested in learning Korean now as well.”


Ngl, I was completely thrown off by KARA singing an entire verse in Korean in the Japanese version of Umbrella. But, this is interesting because you usually read here and on antd how you want them to release a new japanese song in complete japanese.

KARA sells 51,000 copies in the first week...100% Korean Songs

Popular girl group KARA released their best album in Japan called, “KARA BEST 2007-2010”. This album had outstanding sales, selling 51,000 copies in the first week. It placed at #2 on ORICON’s weekly chart.

Last month on the 29th, KARA released their best album in Japan; it wasn’t in Japanese, English or any other foreign languages. It was a 100% Korean album. Their best album contains 12 of their un-edited hit Korean songs starting from their debut up until now.

Up until now, if a Korean singer wanted to advance in Japan, it was necessary for them to become localized. For the most part, they would sing Japanese cover songs or English songs and just Korean songs were shown at events and such. Lately, girl groups, including SNSD, have been advancing in Japan with their same Korean music and style. But, KARA is the first one to have been able to gather so much attention from Japanese consumers with just a Korean album. It is an achievement that not even DBSK has accomplished.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Joins Japan
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Actress Kim Ji-su charged with hit and run

Actress Kim Ji-su, who will star in a KBS TV drama to air in November, faces charges stemming from a hit and run incident Tuesday night in Gangnam.

On Wednesday she was charged with crashing a taxi and fleeing the scene, raising speculation that she might withdraw from her role of the drama.

Netizens criticized Kim's actions, calling them no match for her trustworthy, quiet image.

Meanwhile, producers of the drama said there are no plans as of yet to drop her.

Gangnam police said Kim's driver's license will be revoked over the incident.

source: The Korea Herald

Taeyang, Se7en and Seo Taiji's songs get banned

Songs of the popular artists Se7en, Taeyang, and Seotaiji have been deemed inappropriate for youth audiences.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security on October 5th, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’s Youth Protection committee have made a verdict that Taeyang’s ‘Move‘, ‘After You Sleep‘, and ‘Take It Slow‘ off his SOLAR album were inappropriate for children.
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are you for real? Especially with regards to 'After you Sleep' wtf. Sure it's about cheating but there is nothing about drugs in that song. Taeyang has a message for you Ministry of Uptight Pearl Clutchers

Source: AKP

Symphony, rock to blend in Seoul Arts Center

The Seoul Arts Center, which had twice rejected a top Korean pop singer’s request to perform there in the past, said it will hold a crossover concert blending classical music and rock at the Concert Hall on Oct. 10, exclusively for SAC members.

It is the first time for a rock band to perform on the Concert Hall stage, which has been open strictly to classical music artists.

The Korea Symphony Orchestra and Baekdusan, one of the oldest Korean rock groups, will collaborate on the band’s song “Up in the Sky” and “Main Actor” under conductor Kang Chang-woo, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University. The two songs will be rearranged in classical music style by pianist Park Jong-hoon.

The Korea Symphony Orchestra (Seoul Arts Center)
“It is very meaningful that a Korean rock band takes to the stage of the Concert Hall because the venue is considered as the ultimate pride in the classical music circles,” said Baekdusan’s guitarist Kim Do-gyun, who was on his way to the first rehearsal with the orchestra when reached by phone.

“I would say this is comparable to Deep Purple’s collaboration with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969,” he said.

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source: koreanherald.com

band is calling themselves baekdoosan
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

Heechul is a Cloud & Kyuhyun's Rocking The Streets in Rome (+more pictures of the 5 in Italy!)

Heechul is now a Cloud?


Heechul recently tweeted about his experience in tackling the English language as he took a sweet breather somewhere in the States. On October 6th, he revealed that his English nickname is “Cloud”.

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Article on Heechul: 
Source: allkpop & heechul's twitter

Picture of Kyuhyun:
pictures taken by: _lesley @ twitter | shared by .danger@superjunior4ever
Reuploaded: black_cat@

More Fantaken Pictures of Eeteuk, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Donghae & Kyuhyun in Italy! thanks to syimato  for the update (:
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Photo by: Lesley
Tae Yang is kinda HOT
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Single nation: What matters to Korean men

Women’s reluctance, choice mean men staying single longer

Nam, who did not wish to give his first name, is 36-year-old civil servant who is ready to get married. The only problem is that he hasn’t met the right woman yet.

“Marriage is one of the most important purposes in life and also a source of happiness. Finding a wife and settling down with her is very important to me. I can also achieve financial and social stability through marriage,” he said.

Cases such as Nam’s are becoming all the more typical as a growing number of men remain single for longer -- or even forego marriage altogether, reflecting the nation’s steadily declining marriage rate. Last year, Korea recorded its lowest ever, with 6.2 marriages per 1,000 people.

Those who do get hitched are doing so later in life. The average age of first marriage for a Korean man is 31.6, up from 29.1 in 1999. Women are also waiting longer to say “I do,” with the average age of first marriage at 28.7.

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Source: John Power & Hwang Jurie @ The Korea Herald

Video source: bloodmage74

SHINee’s Key has nothing to be jealous about

Photos of SHINee’s Key with f(x)’s Victoria and Sulli have been released.

On October 7th, Key updated his me2day with the photos and the following message,

“Through these photos I have become a male icon that has nothing to be jealous of amongst my friends ! ke ke ke ke ke“

The photos show the close relationship between the labelmates.

Fans commented, “Big-unni and Sulli-unni are too pretty to compare~ I’m jealous~~ I want to be in SM too!!“, “Me too! Me too!! I want to take a picture with f(x) too, Kim Bum ^^“, “Wow~~so jealous!! Really!! he he I want to become friends too!!”

source: tv daily via akp + me2day
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Ban on 'gay drama' in prison creates stir

Does watching a TV drama featuring a homosexual relationship cause men to become gay?

The Ministry of Justice and some parents apparently think so.

The ministry ordered the authorities in charge of managing correctional facilities nationwide to stop showing “Life is Beautiful,” an SBS TV drama, to inmates from Aug. 4, expressing fear that the portrayed gay relationship in the show would negatively affect prisoners.

The ministry runs the “Borami” network, which records TV programs and reruns them for inmates. “Life is Beautiful” used to air every Wednesday.

“The program was promoted as a family drama. However, the focus seemed to have moved to a gay relationship, which does not suit the purpose of the Borami network,” a ministry official said.

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Source: Bae Ji-sook @ The Korea Times


Broadcaster Jung Gaeun (real name Baek Sunghyang) left consoling words regarding the video rumor enveloping Jiyeon.

Jung Gaeun, on the 7th posted up a message on her minihompy saying 'The world is really...it's so easy to make one person into a fool...please don't leave any scars'. She added 'Our beautiful and innocent Jiyeonnie who is smiling like this* is suffering from an unbelievable rumor' sending her concerns towards Jiyeon.

Towards the netizens who have been spreading the rumors she expressed 'I wish that those would come to realize at least now, how to distinguish right from wrong'.

T/N: * She's referring to the picture she uploaded along with the message on her minihompy.

source: isplus
translation: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem

real jiyeon fans like me and her are the best!! (: so proud of jiyeon last night on m!countdown.. just proves how mature she is to ignore the malicious rumors ppl make about her
Penelope is pretty.
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University Unhappy with Kim Yu-na's Performance Off Ice

Olympic skating champion Kim Yu-na is under pressure after a professor in the Department of Physical Education at Korea University, where she is enrolled, publicly recommended she take a leave of absence or get serious about her studies there.

In an interview with a newspaper, the professor criticized Kim for not taking classes seriously. 

Kim, who is in her fourth semester, has been submitting reports in lieu of attending classes as she trains overseas. "If she graduates this way, she won't be able to be proud of herself either. In the case of prolonged overseas training, she should take leave of absence," the professor said.

A lecturer who gave Kim a failing grade last semester said, "Taking into account of the fact that Kim was training overseas, I told her to submit a video clip of her training and a short essay. But she did neither."

But some fans say that the university took Kim on as a means to promote the school in the first place. Kim's management agency All That Sports said, "Most athletes who are training abroad replace attendance with essays. As she was admitted through the special admission process for talented athletes, it should not be a problem."

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

JYJ = $6 Million USD in one day

The trio of JYJ, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu, created a 6.8 billion Won ($6 million USD) record in one day, demonstrating their immense popularity.

The group's debut album, "The Beginning", which will be released on the 12th, is aimed towards a global advancement. The record was made due to the album pre-order numbers and tickets for the showcase at Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium.

With only 99 999 copies of the special luxury edition, a total of 400 000 orders were received, so under such an intense purchasing circumstance, everything has already been completely sold out.

Taking JYJ's extreme popularity in account, the prices of the album were raised to 41 600 Won ($37 USD). Because the economy of the music industry isn't in good conditions, JYJ's popularity is still very alarming despite the fact that only 99 999 copies were planned to be sold. At the same time, pre-orders for the normal edition reached up to 200 000 on the same day. In total, the special luxury edition (4.1 billion Won) and the normal edition (2.7 billion Won) reached a total of 6.8 billion Won.

On October 5, starting from 8PM, the pre-ordering of tickets for the "JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul" opened, completely wiping out the 11 000 seats in just 15 minutes. Ticket prices for the 3600 general audience seats sold to a total of 55 000 Won ($55 USD) and the 2000 reserved seats sold to a total of 44 000 Won ($40 USD), earning approximately 600 million Won ($0.5 million USD) for the two performances.

On another note, under the requests of fans who haven't been able to order the album, the producing manufacturers have expressed, "we will consider releasing the special album in other different forms."

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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Well they just owned the entire of kpop right there.
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What are the strengths of the top 5 K-pop girl groups?

Today, the entertainment industry is overflowing with idol groups that are armed with each of their own strengths and colors, particularly girl groups. With such a huge variety of girl groups blooming in this ‘Girl group Golden Age’, Osen recently ran an article where five of the top representative girl groups of K-pop were examined and compared for each group’s strengths. Amongst the countless cliche girl groups currently on the market, it is these girls who have maintained their own territory with their unique set of charms and separated from the rest of the pack.

SNSD / Girls’ Generation – Good coordination between members, capable of pulling off a variety of styles

With as many as 9 members in the group, the myriad of strengths of SNSD are distributed equally within the group, allowing for their specialty in overall coordination to be accentuated.

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source: allkpop

PIFF Red Carpet event: TOP, Seulong, Jonghyun & Minhyuk

The 15th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) kicked off this evening, on the 7th of October at the Busan Haeundae Sooyoungman Yachting Stadium, as stars turned out in full force to show their support for one of the most prestigious and largest film festivals in the Asian region.

While there was the usual line-up of top actors and actresses, there was also the unusual sight of idol stars who had starred in movies in the past year or so.

Those included were CNBlue's Lee Jonghyun & Kang Minhyuk, 2AM's Im Seulong, and Big Bang's T.O.P.

Asia’s largest cinema festival will feature 308 films from 67 countries, and it will have a record number of 103 world premieres. The festival will run until October 15th.

VIDs & PICs:

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sources: allkpop, 2iiam, qtv, yg_bigbang, gilbakk2010, codenameblue, cnbluesoul
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Sung Si-kyung and IU top Gaon singles chart

Korean singer Sung Si-kyung and IU made their way to the No. 1 spot on Gaon's singles chart with their latest duet "It's You" during the week of September 26 to October 2.

According to data released by Gaon on Thursday, the collaboration beat out previous week winner 2NE1, scoring their first win on the singles chart.

The new song by Sung Si-kyung and IU has topped several real-time online music charts since its release on September 28.

"Breathe" by girl group miss A entered the chart in second place, while former winner "Go Away" by 2NE1 dropped two spots from last week to No. 3.

On the albums chart, the original soundtrack to KBS' TV series "SungKyunKwan Scandal" held onto its reign atop Gaon's albums chart for the second week.

Making its way back to the top three was 2NE1's first full-length release "To Anyone" in second place, followed by BoA's repackaged sixth album "COPY&PASTE" in third.

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Source: 10Asia - 1, 2, 3

Who Whores It Best?

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Credit to kpop_gifs , sk8terac  & desty_chan 

Who Wore It Better?

Burn It
Bitches are going to be naked cause that jacket is MINE!
can't choose so I'll just take it away from all of them
& then I get a naked Doojoon aswell (albeit he's still wearing a shirt... but I'm sure I can get him to take it off)

Lee Seung Gi Concert + The Evolution of Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seunggi Live in 2010

The beautiful youth, Lee Seunggi is back as the musician!

Undoubtedly todays top cultural icon, Lee Seunggi is the blue-chip of the entertainment world sweeping across the field of music to sky-rocketing the popularity of his TV variety shows and dramas!

This time, Lee Seunggis stepping on the stage for a more intimate connection with his fans.

Always craving to bond with his audience through the stage, Lee Seunggi held his live concert in great success at the Fencing Stadium in 2009.

Trying to meet his fans on a regular annual basis rather than through spontaneous concerts, Lee Seunggi is preparing for yet another concert to flutter the hearts of his fans at the Gymnastics stadium on November 21st, 2010.

This special upgraded live concert presents Lee Seunggi as a musician and a warm-hearted friend.

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Source(s): airenvideo interpark mydailynate lsgfan.wordpress 1 lsgfan.wordpress 2

I am so hyped for fancams.
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Stranger bitch group starts promotions overseas

Girl group JQT will join the Hallyu Fever in Southeast Asia.

JQT’s management company GP Entertainment revealed that JQT was invited to have a showcase in Cambodia from October 21st to the 24th, and it will be shown on the Cambodian National Channel TV3.

JQT, who recently released their 2nd single “Do Not Know“, will start their promotions in Cambodia, and continue to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries. They are scheduled to have a fanmeeting and a miniconcert in these countries. They will also participate in interviews with major media as well as appear at various events.

A representative from JQT’s management company expressed, “Through this event in Cambodia, we are confident that we will have great success in the Southeast Asian market.”


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Hwang Bo is still old and surprisngly looks hot

Singer Hwang Bo has been catching a lot of attention, as she recently revealed her true weight of 52 kg.

Not long ago, Hwang Bo participated in the recording of MBC every1’s ‘Children of the Night’ with idol group, INFINITE. During the recording, they read out a fan letter that said, “Out of the skinny INFINITE members, I wish Seong Joong would gain more weight”, and Seong Joong confirmed to everyone that his weight was indeed 52 kg.

Hwang Bo responded with, “Seong Joong is the exact same weight as me”, surprising everyone with her sudden weight disclosure.

Usually, many female celebrities publicly claim that they are around 40 kg, but in the case of Hwang Bo, she proudly flaunts a toned, curvy body that is incomparable to other female celebrities.

She also recently uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini to her Twitter, and after the news of her true weight, the photo is receiving even more compliments from netizens.

Netizens expressed their envy with comments such as, “So what if she’s 52 kg? A number is just a number. Hwang Bo is totally awesome”, “Hwang Bo is truthful”, “I’m 52 kg too, but why don’t I look like Hwang Bo T_T“.


interesting, hwang bo, interesting

Korean police confirm what everyone not craycray knew already

After investigating claims against Tablo’s education history, the police have finally confirmed on October 8th that Tablo graduated from Stanford University.

The police investigated various documents and even requested further information from Stanford University regarding Tablo, before making their decision.

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Regarding the 22 netizens that Tablo charged, their IPs were traced and they were called to make an appearance, but the majority of them have refused. The police stated, “The admin of TaJinYo, whatbecomes, illegally used the name of a friend who is currently serving in a detention facility. Our cyber investigative team contacted the suspects and alerted them of their crimes. After requesting that they make an appearance, they refused, claiming that the posts they made were just.”

The police continued, “After checking Tablo’s immigration forms, we found that he entered Korea a total of nine times from the time he entered college, to the time he graduated from graduate school. All visits were made during his break. We could not find any evidence on him forging anything.”

TaJinYo is currently looking for lawyers to represent their members.

Source: TV Daily, Union News, Star News, Newsen
Translated: Akp