October 8th, 2010


flawless(x) for Vogue Girl

The members of f(x) showed off three different denim looks according to their individual charms for a Vogue Girl photo shoot.

Sulli went for a fresh, young feel by matching her skinny jeans to a comfortable knit cardigan. The point of her look is navy colored hat and chain shoes. Victoria’s look gives off a more mature vibe with her strong smoky eye make up and black clothes with a modern feel. Krystal’s chic look combines a minimal design with gold and black points.

Netizens commented, “Victoria is so pretty when she smiles,” and “Victoria is like a goddess.”

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If you're going to ask "Where's Luna?", I think she was just filming that variety show, the one that takes place in a track field or w/e... yeah lol. #badstan

Kim Jae Wook Mega Post

This is a pile up of of all of the photoshoots, campaign ads, and news of my bb Kim Jae wook (mainly Japanese stuff). Very image heavy but totally worth it :D

Ok here are the following photobooks, magazine covers, and different ad campaigns he's shoot in the the past couple of weeks.

Heart of Gold: Out of the Blue Chapter 1: Ep 3

To watch the latest segment of the internet short drama Heart of Gold go here: http://www.opaque.ne.jp/heartofgold/movie/episode3.html

Source: Opaque

KJW wants to know"How Do I Look" for Oh Boy Magazine

He recently shot the an ad campaign promoting the fashion eyewear brand Alo

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Source: KJWLove

Haru*Hana Magazine October Issue

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Source: Orangjy

An'An Magazine October Issue

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Source: Chiko315

Kim Jae Wook:"I'm not a cold man"
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Source: KpopLive

The stills from the iPhone 4 Film Festival.

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Those who are lucky can view  the short films here : http://www.iphone4filmfestival.co.kr/main/iphone4main.html  because I can't :*-(

Source: KJWLove

I can't believe I missed the post yesterday :( but I just got back into town today from Vancouver (freaking love that place..I envy anyone of you who lives there. seriously)

KARA unpopularly shaking butts & kicking balls

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Tony Ahn of former HOT, who was recently discharged from military service, disclosed actor Yang Dong Geun's military life.

In MBC's 'Golden Fishery' broadcast on 6th, Tony Ahn revealed his military life with fellow entertainer soldiers.

MC Kang Ho Dong asked him "Are Girls' Generation worshiped as goddesses by the soldiers?" and he answered that "Kara as well as Girls' Generation are huge too."

He added that "We would watch the music shows on weekends without fail," and that "I thought actors would be different but Gong Yoo, Kim Jae won, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jin Wook would all watch them together with us, all screaming."

In particular, he drew laughter from the watchers of the show by disclosing that "Yang Dong Geun would go so far as to mimic Kara's choreography."

Meanwhile, that day's 'Golden Fishery' featured actors Ahn Jung Hoon, Kim Min Hee, and Lee In Hye.

Translated: lvalue@Karaholic
Source: Review Star

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Suwon Samsung [football club] once again seeks Kara's help now that it's calculated possibility of entering the 6-team playoff is slim.

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Kara have already opened one of its matches against its arch-rival FC Seoul on Aug 28 and their kicking balls and performance at halftime then were heartily welcomed from 42,377 fans.
Cheering from male fans in particular almost made it a concert.

Suwon won the game by 4-2, thereby giving Kara a new nickname "Goddesses of Victory at 'Big Bird' [Suwon's home football field]". From then on, numerous fans of Suwon have petitioned for their additional appearances, and Kara's happily agreeing on it upon hearing the petitions resulted in this visit.

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Translated: lvalue@Karaholic
Source: Nate

poor bbs one day i know kara will become popular :(

Chocolate For Maxim

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Rookie girl group Chocolate, recently posed for the October issue of MAXIM Korea.

H Line Entertainment said, “They worked hard during the shoot and the interview to show off their charm. You will also get to see a sexy side of them.” MAXIM’s rep said, “We tried to bring out the rookies’ innocence. They posed like they’ve been doing this for awhile.”

Meanwhile, although it’s just speculation at the moment that H Line Entertainment’s CEO may have forced Chocolate members to provide sexual services to move deals along, fans have noted that Chocolate’s official website and Daum fancafe are now inaccessible.

Source: Newsen
Translated: Akp
Stevie J

Soribada picks the top 100 albums of the 2000’s

Major music site Soribada chose the top 100 best albums of the 2000’s and began revealing a bit of the list each day since September 30th.  The list will run for a total of 100 days until finally revealing the full list on January 14, 2011.

Soribada stated, “We chose these albums with 39 music professionals including music critics, journalists, composers and writers, that work with major music magazine, ‘100 Beat.‘”

The CEO of Soribada, Yang Jung Hwan, continued, “Music reflects the life style of its generation and holds so much more meaning in its content. We believe that this list is a necessity not only to look back at the memories of the past 10 years but to advance the current music market and to hopefully predict the future. In order to fulfill such meaning, Soribada has agreed to participate in the project in finding the top 100 albums of the first ten years.”

As of October 7th, ranks 71 through 100 have been revealed.

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Source:  Osen, Star News, Soribada via AKP
Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

JYJ's album release date is pushed back. You better not keep doing that, Warner, Dear


(October 8th)
Although the two versions of the album were set to be simultaneously released on October 12th,
The release date has unfortunately been changed due to circumstance faced by the entertainment agency.
The new release date will be sometime between October 14th and the 19th, and the exact date will depend on the production schedule of the weekend.
The exact release date will be set and announced on October 11th.

We would like to apologize on behalf of the production company.
The due date for all payments will still be October 11th (Any payments not made by then will result in a cancellation of the order)

Source: [yes24+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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I hope that the 'production schedule' part means they're producing more Deluxe Ver.  or I'm gonna kill some bitchies. 
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Pictures of Lee Junki in the army look like a pictorial

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s crazy how these natural shots of Lee Junki in the army can look like a photo spread from a fashion magazine.

His jawline and clear skin definitely make him stand out in the army, and it seems like he’s adjusting to the army life pretty well. He’s sitting with his fellow servicemen and looking pretty happy.

Netizens wrote,

“He doesn’t seem to be noticing the camera, but it looks like a pictorial.”
“He has baby skin.”
“He looks even better than he does on the red carpet.

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Source: AllKpop
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JiHyun and HyunAh to cameo in movie 'Late Night FM' for free

Popular girl group 4Minute's members Nam JiHyun and Kim HyunAh will have cameo roles in the upcoming thriller movie, 'Late Night FM'. This is significant news as they are stepping out of the music field to debut in the movie industry.

According to the representative producers, as 4Minute has been having close collaborations with the staff all along, the girls will be receiving 0 Won (the Korean currency) for the cameo.

Starring SooAe and Yoo JiTae, 'Late Night FM' is about a popular radio DJ receiving a phone call from a mysterious guy who threatened to kill her family members if she doesn't do what he instructs her to do.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nate News
4minutes Forum
joungwooklee's Youtube
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Co-Ed’s Hyewon talks about her growth spurt

Co-Ed member One Star Hyewon (15) met with reporters in the waiting room for Mnet’s “M Countdown” and talked about her sudden growth spurt.

I’m 167 cm right now. Within six months of joining my agency, I grew 4 cm. I want to stop growing.

Being only 15-years-old, it’s only expected that she should keep growing. Despite there being room to grow more, Hyewon expressed the pressures of her height as a “female idol” since her career relies on her cute, petite image.

Hyewon also talked about her nickname, “Little Goo Hara“. She stated, “Since before my debut, I heard from a lot of people that I look like Goo Hara. I think of it as an honor.” When asked whether she herself thought that she looked like Goo Hara, Hyewon replied, “I’m not sure.


GP Basic CEO denies sexually suggestive content

The sexually suggestive nature of minor idol groups has become a hot topic at the inspection of government offices conducted by the National Assembly.

SBS’s “One Night In TV Entertainment” revealed footage of ministers and congressmen showing shocked faces upon seeing videos of girl groups performing sexually suggestive choreographies.

Congressman An Young Hwan presented three girl group agency CEOs as witnesses to his argument before the inspection, stating that the ages of girl groups were becoming younger, and the performances were getting more sexual. Although three companies were requested to make an appearance, including DSP Media, SM Entertainment, and GP Basic, only GP Basic’s CEO, Park Kiho, appeared.

The Congressman also presented video clips of the girl group members performing, including miss A’s Suzy (16), f(x)’s Sulli (16), T-ara’s Jiyeon (17), 4minute’s HyunA (18), and GP Basic’s Janey (12). The congressmen were shocked at what they were seeing in the videos.

Park Kiho, who is the CEO for GP Basic, was questioned on whether his girl group members were receiving the proper education and attending school. He answered, “They’re taking all of the necessary courses along with promoting the group. We, as the company, also felt that they were talented enough to debut them despite their young ages.”

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source: allkpop
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2NE1 is trying too hard

HMV Online has released some exciting and interesting information about 2NE1 and their efforts in Japan.

According to HMV, the girls of 2NE1 are scheduled to release a special “To Anyone” album under AVEX / Rhythm Zone in Japan on December 8th. Something of immediate notice is that there will be a bonus track on the album titled ‘FUCK YOU’. No, I’m not kidding, here’s a screen shot on HMV:

There will be 2 editions of the album, a regular edition which will be 2 CD’s consisting of 20 tracks (including FUCK YOU) and will cost 3059 yen (around $37). There will also be a special limited edition which will not only include the 2 CD’s consisting of 20 tracks (including FUCK YOU) but also a special Bonus DVD containing 2NE1’s music videos. This will be priced at 3990 yen (around $48).

HMV declares this as the debut of 2NE1 in Japan and describes the girls as having overwhelming powerful music with charismatic performances that can’t be compared with any other girl groups. HMV also states that most of their fans are females and in Japan, they’re popular with the middle and high school girls along with BIGBANG fans.

Interesting news, especially with the name of the bonus track, I wonder how the reaction to that is going to be. Either way, it’s pretty exciting.

Did YG learn nothing from Taeyang's T-shirt scandal?

TaJinYo cafe put up for sale

TaJinYo cafe put up for sale

The cafe "We request the truth from Tablo" (a.k.a TaJinYo) has been put up for sale.

The owner of the anti-Tablo cafe, Whatbecomes, has posted a message on the Naver community board advertising the selling of his cafe. In the post he wrote:

"There are 190,000 members. The member count reached 190,000 members in May. I believe the member count will reach 200,000 soon.

The members are active and there are many members that are interested in different things. The cafe atmosphere isn't the best right now and the netizens do not like the cafe either, but I believe that if it is taken care of, that will not matter much. The cafe staff listens well to the manager. The members also listen well to the manager and the staff, so I believe you won't have many problems inside the cafe. I am outside Korea at the moment, so I hope you can email me or PM me, instead of calling me, at whatbecomes@naver.com

Or please PM me. I hope I can sell this as soon as possible." (hahahahahaha...you're supposed to be all powerful man, use some of it)

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Credit & Source: Koreaboo & TaJinYo Cafe

hahahahahahahaaha and laughing even more at those of you who were blaming Tablo for all of this. He stood up for himself and this is the reward. More K-celebs need to follow in his footsteps to show these idiots that they can't hide behind the anonymity of the internet to destroy people's lives.
Epik High
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Admin of Tajinyo to be arrested

Police said they have confirmed Tablo’s diploma at Stanford University, announcing the interim results of the probe into allegations of Tablo-bashing internet users who claimed the K-pop star forged his diploma at Stanford.

The cyber crime team of Seocho Police Station said it has checked Tablo’s certificate and transcript from Stanford and confirmed that he earned a bachelor of arts and master’s degree at the prestigious U.S. university.

In late August, Tablo filed a lawsuit against 22 members of Naver online community “We urge Tablo to tell the truth,” also known as “Tajinyo” in Korean, for libel.

Among them is the caf manager whose user ID is “whatbecomes,” who first raised suspicion about Tablo and initiated the allegations.

The police said they will arrest “whatbecomes” with the cooperation of international police. The caf manager is a 57-year-old U.S. citizen whose surname is identified as Kim, the police said. During the investigation, police also found out that Kim had stolen his friend’s ID by using the friend’s social security number.

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Source: Kim Yoon-mi @ The Korea Herald

Girls' Generation to perform on Music Station in Japan!

It has been announced that Korean girl group, Shoujo Jidai (Girls Generation’/ SNSD), who recently released their PV (Promotional Video) for ‘Gee’ will perform on Music Station on October 22nd. Korean girl group KARA is scheduled to perform ‘Mister’ on the October 15th edition of Music Station.

This will be Shoujo Jidai’s first time performing on the popular music show since their debut in Japan. The Girls will perform the Japanese version of ‘Gee’ which is scheduled for release on October 20th.

SOURCE: blog.television.co.jp, allkpop

BEG Shows Off Their "Saucy Hip Dance" in Japan

K-POP idols like 5 member unit KARA with the “butt dance” and SNSD with the army of beautiful legs are taking over the Japanese islands. Among them are “Brown Eyed Girls” with most members nearing their 30s. They are arriving with sex appeal as their weapon. They didn’t even go easy on foreign minister Maehara Seiji (48), an important person in Korean-Japan affairs, who was fascinated with their “saucy hip dance”.

Brown Eyed Girls were special guests on the 2nd at the Korea-Japan Culture Festival in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills. Miryo (28), who is skilled in Japanese, said “After this, we want to do our best in Japan, so please look after us!”

Make-up artist , as well as the Korean Sightseeing PR Ambassador, IKKO (48) also was part of the “cheering party” during the performance of the hit song “Abracadabra”. The “saucy hip dance” is when you fold your arms and push out your waist, which Foreign Minister Maehara was captivated by as he looked on with great interest.

Brown eyed Girls debuted in Korea in 2006. The 4 member group consists of Jea (29), Narsha (28), Miryo and Gain (23). Among Korean girl groups, which are mostly in their teens~20s, Brown Eyed Girls is known as the “older sister” group and has chosen the sexy route.

They just advanced in Japan on August 25th with their album “SOUND-G”. Their SM-like bondage outfits clearly showed their butt-line. The women smiled at the fans as they rushed to the stage. They’re modest Korean ladies. Uncle fans also seemed to increase in the area, as they were bewitched by Brown Eyed Girls.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Infoseek Women

Heechul: Porn star bebe

Free For All: Hella Freakin Man~ lol

Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All (Omona does it like nobody does). This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Friday FFA will be posted at approximately 4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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Have a hella Charming Friday Free For All
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North Koreans 'unhappy' about dynasty power transfer

North Koreans are reportedly unhappy about the prospect that the little-known son of the current leader will become their next ruler.

Public opinion is hard to gauge in the secretive state, but newspapers in neighbouring South Korea have been carrying comments from unnamed informants living in the North and unidentified defectors living outside the country, suggesting that the heir apparent, Kim Jong-un, is viewed in a negative light.

Kim Jong-un, reportedly the youngest son of leader Kim Jong-il, was last week given military and political promotions which have fuelled speculation that he is being prepared to take over the country's leadership - the third generation in the dynasty.
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Source: BBC
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

Heechul's Tweets, Both English & Korean (with translation)

Tweets like this were actually typed out in English (:

► 슬슬 배고픈 시간~ 저녁 식사 및 야참은 찐빵과 함께~ http://twitpic.com/2umndo
The time when I'm gradually getting hungry~ Dinner and supper together with steamed buns~ http://twitpic.com/2umndo

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Source: @Heedictator
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
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Hyomin is now Victoria’s folding screen

Two months after Hyomin’s teary seperation with Sunny, she has found her new “light” to “shadow”. On the October 8th airing of “Invincible Youth“, the G7 girls visited a grape farm and transported grapes for the elderly.

Hyomin started her comical satire by impersonating Victoria, and she started awkward conversations with trees and red peppers. Hyomin also trailed Victoria on her way to the grape farm, and copied Victoria’s cute conversation with the neighbor elder and red peppers.

Hyomin caused another burst of laughter when she announced her plan to analyze Victoria’s large broadcast portion.


PIFF Acoustic Special Stage (meet + mini-live)

On Oct 8th, a special stage for the “Acoustic” movie (directed by Yoo Sangheon) as part of the Pusan International Film Festival was held in Busan-dong square. It introduced CNBLUE's Lee Jonghyun and Kang Minhyuk for their first acting debut, as well as 2AM's Im Seulong.

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Vid Highlights:
0:17 Jonghyun & Seulong sing happy birthday to a fan
0:33 Seulong sings 'Love'
0:55 Jonghyun & Minhyuk perform 'High Fly'

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sources: cnbluesoul, codenameblue one & two, cnbluesgfc, 2iiam one & two

Top 10 secrets about Gorgeous Generation

10 secrets so you can know SNSD better

9 member group SNSD is one of the pioneer members of K-POP girl units. They debuted in Japan about a month ago and are quickly preparing for the release of their 2nd single and here are their “10 Secrets”.

These personal testimonies are from staff members.

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Source: jisin.jp
Translated by: Kanki@Soshified.com

I love them.

G-Dragon’s interview from Electric Love Tour photobook

How old were you when you first got to listen to music?
I was an elementary school student then. One of my friend’s father was working as a producer for a television music program and when I got to visit his place, there were so many music albums of international artists. I heard hip-hop for the first time there and I was kind of shocked.

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Translation: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com
More interviews like this please! I loved everything he had to say about Big Bang
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Hyomin Farted on her First Date with her First Boyfriend

T-ara's Hyomin revealed that she had farted on her first date with her first love.

On the October 8th episode of KBS2TV's Invincible Youth, the G7 members talked about their experiences with their first loves.

"During my first date with my first love, we went to see a movie and I embarrassed myself," said Hyomin, "During the movie, I farted, and my boyfriend was there".

"Embarrassed, I told my boyfriend that 'You do it too!'. But my boyfriend said 'Is that how you like it?'" Hyomin continued.

"It's those times when your body feels real tight and you just can't keep it in!" Hyomin said, demonstrating how she was that night.


Tony An suffered from depression?

Tony An recently revealed that he was depressed and took medication for 4 years.

Tony An appeared on MBC’s Golden Fishery on October 6th, and confessed that in the 2 years before he joined the army, he suffered depression. He said, ‘After JTL, I was obsessed with receiving success as a solo artist. One day I suddenly got a headache. Even though I didn’t know how to express it, it was very exhausting. People advised that I get treatment for my head, and then I was diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, social phobia and 8 other disorders. The doctor said that I was very lonely.‘

While working on his solo activities, Tony An challenged the profession of an entrepreneur and a CEO. Tony An expressed, ‘I did the things I was supposed to, but my heart always felt so lonely. At the time I realized that success and wealth were not connected to happiness in life as I previously thought.‘

Tony An continued with yet another shocking confession. The reason that he was able to go on X-Man and Sang Sang Plus back in 2006 was that he took antidepressants. His confession that, ‘Without medication, life was unbearably painful‘ shocked the MCs.

At the time, Tony An not only took medication, but he also drank heavily. ‘[One day] When I woke up in the morning, the bed was covered with blood. The back of my head was ripped open. The next day, the security officer told me that my head was bleeding from the elevator mirror.‘

For the next 2 years, Tony An went to the army, until he was released last September. Tony An said, ‘10 months after entering the military, I stopped taking medication. I received a lot of strength from life in the military, and conquered my illness.‘

With a painful history such as Tony An’s, it is no wonder he missed the army.

Source: Allkpop

Poor baby D: c'mere I'll make sure you're not lonely anymore.
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South Korea Warns Of Problems When NK Power Shifts

The United States and South Korea should be prepared for a crisis in North Korea when dictator Kim Jong Il leaves power, South Korea's defense chief said Friday.

The expected transfer of power to Kim's youngest son could have unpredictable consequences in the isolated nation, South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae-young said during a visit to the Pentagon.

"When Kim Jong Il's health may deteriorate, or if there's a movement of public opinion in North Korea, we cannot eliminate the possibility of there being an instability situation in North Korea" that would affect the security of the whole peninsula, Kim said through an interpreter.
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Source: cbs4denver & © 2010 The Associated Press
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Murderer of Vietnamese wife gets 12-year prison term

The court Friday sentenced a mentally ill Korean man to 12 years in prison on charges of stabbing his Vietnamese wife to death just eight days after her arrival in South Korea.

The Busan District Court also ordered the accused to wear an electronic tracking device for 10 years after he is released. The 47-year-old Korean from the southern port city of Busan killed his 20-year-old wife, Thach Thi Hoang Ngoc, in January.

The couple had married in Vietnam in the same month, after meeting through an international matchmaking agency in Busan, which failed to check his past history of mental illness. At the time of the incident, the man, identified only as Jang, said he heard a voice encouraging him to kill his wife during a quarrel, according to the prosecution.

“He covered up his history of mental disease to marry her. He had to keep taking medicine to maintain mental stability, but he didn’t after marriage,” said judge Koo Nam-soo. “His crime was brutal and vicious. But he deeply repents for what he did.”

The prosecution sought a life sentence last month.

The case shocked South Korea, where a growing number of bachelors in provinces choose to marry immigrant brides. Vietnamese media outlets churned out reports highlighting their “daughters” abused by Korean spouses, fueling anti-Korean sentiment there.

Following the incident, President Lee Myung-bak vowed to set up a “better system so that foreign brides could live here more comfortably.” The government paid 30 million won ($25,000) to the victim’s family in compensation and launched a task force to reform the international matchmaking business.

The Ministry of Justice recently announced a set of measures to make interracial marriage safer ㅡ one of which is barring Koreans from marrying foreigners if their earning ability, mental and physical health conditions, criminal status and other factors affecting married life fail to meet strict guidelines.

More than 180,000 foreigners, mostly women from Vietnam, China, and the Philippines, currently reside in Korea after marrying locals, and the number of interracial couples keeps increasing, according to government data.

Source: koreatimes
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Korea's 'happiness preacher' found dead

A South Korean television personality known as the "happiness preacher" and her husband have been found dead in a motel room in an apparent joint suicide, police said.

A motel employee in the town of Goyang, north of Seoul, found Choi Yoon-Hee, 63, and her 72-year-old husband hanging in their room on Thursday night, they said.

A note left by Choi and released by police read: "I've felt something wrong with my body from two years ago. I have a hard time, suffering from lung and heart diseases."

Advertisement: Story continues below She apologised to her family and friends for giving in to "unbearable" pain.

Police said the husband was believed to have helped his wife commit suicide before killing himself.

Choi wrote about 20 books about happiness and hope and earned her nickname for inspiring people through her TV programs to live happily.

South Korea has the world's highest suicide rate for women among major advanced nations, according to official data, and the second highest rate for men after Japan.

may you find rest

Source: sydney morning herald