October 11th, 2010


Seeya and Davichi to do a song together

Seeya and Davichi often get together for musical projects so this isn’t too big of a surprise, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

The two groups are going to be singing a romantic ballad called “You’re All Grown Up.“ The song has very sad lyrics and is different from the T-ara, Seeya, and Davichi collaborations that were all about womens power.

Core Contents Media said, “Seeya and Davichi will express sadness through this song as well as other emotions. They will all show off their vocal abilities.”

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Police uncover internet post by MC Mong asking about dental exemptions

The Seoul Central District Court has just discovered that MC Mong left a question on internet portal site ‘Naver‘ about his military service, thereby showing intent to dodge his service.

On the 11th, The Seoul Central District Court stated, “The current situation has him very likely to be prosecuted for draft dodging.”

MC Mong’s internet post dated back to January 2, 2005 and was left under the ID “thugmong1″. He wrote,

I checked the military laws and it says that I can receive an exemption, but what if I don’t? It’s a dental problem. I currently don’t have 8 molars. I have one false molar. With just this, I receive a predicted score of 51 on my health test. However, one of my canine teeth and four of my front teeth are dentures, bringing me down to about 47 or 49. I printed the information I found on this site and found that a score between 49 and 51 is the minimum needed to get a level 5 exemption. Are there any instances where they don’t give you a level 5 exemption if you get re-tested? Do they just strictly go by military laws? They only told me to check my physical ranking and I need a more detailed response. Have a lot of luck in the new year.”
An army surgeon replied to his post by saying that a person with worse conditions is currently serving in the army.

Prosecutors believe that MC Mong extracted an additional tooth after reading this reply and deciding that his probability for exemption was not high enough.

Authorities have also charged an entertainment agency CEO, ‘A‘ (45), along with a military affairs broker, ‘B' (33), for aiding MC Mong in his draft dodge.

To recap, MC Mong extracted a total of four teeth from August of 2004 up to December of 2006 at a dental clinic in Kangnam.

He bribed ‘B’, the owner of a private industry design school, to obtain a false proof of registration, earning him a three-month delay in his service. This was repeated five times for a total of 422 deferred days.

MC Mong was turned over for trial after a discussion amongst a citizen committee.

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“Bouquet” moves to a new time slot

MBC’s “Bouquet” will be moved from its Sunday time slot of 4:10pm KST to an earlier time of 9:25am, in accordance with the new fall lineup beginning November 1st.

The new time gives favorable advantage to “Bouquet” in comparison to their former slot, as they previously had to compete against SBS’s “Inkigayo.” Since both programs deal with idol groups, casting for either show placed the idols’ agencies into a difficult position. Oftentimes they were forced to pick between one or the other – sometimes even appearing in both, but with considerable consequences.

With the new time slot, idol group agencies no longer need to factor extraneous conditions or worry about antagonizing SBS or MBC PDs.

“Bouquet” also features Girl’s Day, 4minute, Secret, LPG and others as consistent cast members, which helps the show greatly in retaining viewer interests. The show acquired some criticism in the past due to its need in circulating guests more often; certainly the show will now be able to invite more guests and avoided that monotony which is so lethal to network programs.


Photos from Bbiribbom Bbaeribom MV shooting

Pictures from the filming of Co-Ed's new video have been unleashed and are currently garnering interest.

The filmed the music video for it on October 11th (today in Korea) and have introduced a song with a completely different feel from “Too Late.” Co-Ed stated, “Not only the music but our outfits and hair styles will undergo a 180 degree change. Please give us your interest.”

Co-Ed will be switching to promote both “Too Late” and “Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom” starting October 21st.

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Scandals for everyone! ~ F(x)'s Sulli caught smoking in a (gasp) short dress?

Popular idol girl group f(x) member Sulli is being wrapped up in malicious rumors that are spreading fast on the internet.

Photos of her have been uploaded on internet portal site DC Inside where Sulli apparently is wearing a short dress inside a karaoke room singing. There is also an ashtray with cigarettes on the table.

Some people are claiming it is Sulli however fans said, "At first glance, it is absolutely not Sulli. Stop these kind of rumors."

To whether this is true or not no one knows as of yet.

Source: Nate
Translation: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

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S Korea more interested in nuclear standoff than power transition in DPRK

South Korea is more interested in resolving nuclear issues of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) than in the power transition reportedly underway in the state north of the border, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said Monday.

"It now seems certain that North Korea (DPRK) is moving toward the third-generation hereditary power succession," the president said during a luncheon meeting with Seoul-based foreign correspondents, held at his office Cheong Wa Dae. It was his first direct comment on the issue.

"(But) whatever the process of the hereditary succession is like, North Korean nuclear issues, inter-Korean peace, human rights of North Korean people and their happiness -- these are what we're interested in," Lee added.

His remarks come at a time when relations between the two Koreas, former wartime rivals, are seen to be inching toward a thaw. A recent flurry of diplomatic exchanges between the two sides is putting a brake on the downward spiral in their ties, which dropped to the lowest level in years following the March sinking of a South Korean warship, blamed on Pyongyang's torpedo attack, which was firmly denied by Pyongyang.

There are also apparent signs that moribund nuclear talks aimed at ending Pyongyang's nuclear programs might revive in not too distant future, as the DPRK recently expressed its willingness to return to the negotiation table.

The DPRK, meanwhile, held a massive parade in its capital Sunday with leader Kim Jong-il and his youngest son and heir apparent Jong-un in attendance.

Source: xinhuanet
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4Minute ranks 3rd in USA popularity poll

On an online K-Pop popularity poll from USA which ended in September, 4Minute was ranked 3rd with 3.71% (33,415 votes).

SNSD ranked 1st as the most popular female artist, winning 615,640 votes out of a total of 901,611 participants. The 2nd place went to 2NE1 with 17.67% (159.324 votes). Wonder Girls who have been promoting in the States managed to get 2.92% (26,347 votes), claiming the 4th place after 4Minute.

On the male artists side, DBSK won the poll with 45,34% (433,610 votes) out of 956,415 votes. The 2nd in place is Super Junior with 31.46% (300,845 votes). Following them, coming in 3rd, is SHINee with 6.78% (64,806 votes).

33,415 is not a small figure for 4Minute. Also considering the fact that they beat Wonder Girls who have actually promoted in USA before, it may not be long before 4Minute becomes real international stars.

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Tablo-bashing blogger challenges legal action on Internet defamation

The owner of anti-Tablo website has challenged the police decision to arrest him, amid a national cyber controversy over the pop singer’s academic credentials.

“Whatbecomes,” the nickname of a blogger who runs a website for those who doubt Tablo’s academic history, announced late Friday that he would be shutting down the website. “Our web forum is now facing difficulty due to the announcement by police (to seek arrest on me). I am temporarily quitting my role as manager of this website,” he said in a note at the website.

He is now sought after by Interpol as South Korean police confirmed Friday that Tablo, the leader of Korean hip-hip band Epic High, graduated from Stanford University.

Police plan to question bloggers who instigated the dispute, including “whatbecomes.”

Yet he has challenged the police decision: “I am a Korean who holds American citizenship. I am not caught in the act of committing a crime either. Nonetheless the (South Korean) police want to arrest me by coordinating with Interpol. Is defamation constituting an international crime?” he asked.

Police identified whatbecomes as a 57-year-old Korean-American, surnamed Kim, who now lives in the U.S.

“I am very upset because I am being treated as a criminal already even before a trial,” he said.

The investigation opened in August after the 30-year-old singer whose Korean name is Lee Sun-woong filed a libel suit against 22 bloggers who claimed the singer falsely promoted himself as a graduate of prestigious Stanford University.

Source: koreantimes

SungKyunKwan Staff Mentions Yoochun's Poor Health On Twitter

Fans might freak out when they hear this, but Yoochun has already fainted twice;;;
And I heard that he's beginning a concert tour this week;;;
Now, we have more time and he's getting busier.
Wow. I don't think I'd want to live at that intensity lol;;;

Source: [Kim Soo Geun's Twitter]
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Some fans then texted his aunt, who replied...
'Don't worry, he's just worn out from filming the drama.
He's fine now~'


ngl... fans texting his aunt is creepy
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Yoosung talks about Co-Ed’s dressing room

With a total of ten members consisting of four girls and six boys, many were curious as to how they handled the dressing room situation. Not only that, but their stage outfits are similar as well, with the girls wearing similar kill heels and the boys wearing identical high tops. Two sets of outfits are prepared for each member per stage.

In Co-Ed’s waiting room, were two large bags with one box and four different stylists.  Given the speed of music program recordings, the members must hastily dress and undress as they rehearse and perform on stage.

Sky Earth Yoosung revealed, “We write our names on the inside of our clothes and accessories. Most of them look the same so it’s a mess if we don’t have our names written on them. Especially for our shoes, the only difference between them are our sizes so writing our names has become a necessity.”

He also went on to state, “Not only do we have a lot of members but we’re a mixed group as well, so it’s very uncomfortable when we’re changing clothes. As for the boys, we can just quickly take off our clothes in the waiting room but the girls can’t. They also take a lot longer getting ready.”

Yoosung concluded, “There are a lot of uncomfortable aspects of being a mixed gender group but I believe that we also have that much more charm. We will work hard to show everyone the 10 individual qualities specific to Co-Ed.

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Source: allkpop

Yay Yoosung gets a tiny bit of spotlight~
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2NE1: SAMSUNG inpiring their staff with CL’s Leadership + MAMA 2010 Promo Video + Win Win eng

Popular girl group 2NE1′s leader CL’s leadership is gaining a lot of love from the company but still has more to show.

A 2NE1′s ‘My Single’ graphic featuring the 3 members (Sandara, Minzy, Bom) compliments towards their leader (CL) were shown on Samsung’s staff communication window (internet). Person-in-charge of Samsung wants to show the importance of leadership and harmony among members, and he hopes that staffs will be able to understand through the lines of words.

For the question topic of ‘What does 2NE1 members have to say towards CL’s leadership’, Sandara chose ‘Best Skills’ and explains, “In music, she does her best and seeks for perfection“.

Minzy chose ‘Caring for members’ as the best asset of CL, she explains, “CL unnie will ask for what things do I like, or am I in a difficult situation“.

Bom chose ‘The reason for the UP atmosphere in team?’ with her explanation of, “CL might be the leader, but she is not the one that holds the weight of the group. Rather, she likes wrecking it.”

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sources: heraldm.com + Mnet + Mnet@yt + InfiknightsSubsTv8 + letsplay2ne1
trans: Aoiare @21BANGS.COM
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2NE1, Skeleton Clothing and Pig Tails "Fear in Youth"

Girl group 2NE1 came on stage with a cute but scary-looking concept.

On 10/9, a reshowing of MBC's "Music Core" showed 2NE1 perform "Can't Nobody" with unique clothing and hairstyles.

On this day, they captured everyone's eyes with their clothing. 2NE1 wore the skeleton clothes that were seen in the "Can't Nobody" music video. It is a Black tracksuit with an x-ray picture.

However, 2NE1's cold feeling with the skeleton clothing was evened out with cute and pretty hairstyules. CL had pig tails in her hair and Park Bom had apple hair, with cuteness overflowing.

Netizen's who saw this performance said, "CL and Park Bom are so cute", "Their clothes are the best and their performance was daebak", "In their tracksuits and sneakers, today's stage must have been comfy and fun".

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whatbecomes: 'Tablo Wins, so take back the lawsuit'

After receiving death threats, he intends to cut ties with Korea and leave Chicago

We interviewed Mr. Kim Mo, the creator of TaJinYo who is also known as “whatbecomes”, at a small family restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago from October 9th to the 10th. Kim is looking out of the window as he explains his standpoint on the 2nd session on the 10th. “I wish my homeland did not have any people with faked academic records. Many truthful people are living earnestly. But those who forge degrees from big-name schools are hurting honest young people. For the sake of Korea’s future, this must stop.”

Mr. Kim Mo, 56, the manager of Tajinyo, the cafe that submitted the lawsuit accusing Tablo of forging his academic records, has been revealed as the person behind the ID “whatbecomes”, but says that those who have been talking about the rumors of Tajinyo and himself are the real trolls.

When Kim’s resideny in Chicago became known, both Korea and the Korean society in Chicago became curious about him.

The Chicago JoongAng Daily interviewed Kim one-on-one at a small family restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago on the 9th and 10th.

Kim, who was the owner of a small business in Korea until his late 20s, said of his current mental state that he is “indifferent but complicated. I will acknowledge Tablo’s records as much as the police and the television program.”

He continued to say “I will not request any more proof from Tablo. If this was a contest then Tablo must be so happy to be the winner. I want him to cancel the lawsuit. I will give up managing the cafe and leave, as the loser. Tablo wins.”

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translation: Janet @ mapthesoul.com
original: news.joins.com

the part where he says that people threatening him and his family are the real trolls but the people in the cafe aren't since they were trying to uncover the """"truth"""" makes me so angry. i'm not saying that his family should go through the same thing as tablo did but REALLY. it's as if he's justifying their actions even when the truth was so clear. did he even apologize to tablo for making his and his family's life hell? his brother even lost his job over this dumb controversy. fucking coward. if tablo drops the lawsuit, i will smh at him forever. i doubt he will.... hopefully. you can't go back on this after coming this far.
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Omoana needs more 2PM: Cyworld BGM interview


Hello we frequently use bgm.. It's so nice to say hello to you all. I'm Junsu~ (Junsu) Hello I'm 2pm Chansung! Thank you to the guys who use our music as your bgm and please show your continuous love and support for us! (Chansung)

Hello, I'm 2pm Junho! I sincerely thank you for waiting for Still 2PM. ^^ (Junho) I personally like Cy BGM and it's so nice to say hello. (Wooyoung) Hello I'm 2PM Nichkhun! (Nichkhun)


JS : 2PM's true colour! I like the lyrics 'Sing this song whenever you miss me'.
TY : A new side of 2PM. Lyrics wise 'Fine, I'll turn back, like a real man, I'll let you go'
CS : 2PM has not changed! 'We promised'
JH : Literally 2PM! 'Even if you leave me' (Sympathetic title. Haha~~)
WY : It's 2PM alright. 'Why are you like this all of a sudden!'
NK : Original 2PM! I reckon Chansung's part has the best lyrics! Also he end bit of my part 'So don't you worry. When you're down, I'll be back!'

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trans; fy2pmtranslations @ Tumblr
original; music cyworld

Trololololololol ~

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T-ara's Eunjung surprisedly showed up at Co-Ed's music video shooting site.

On the afternoon of the 11th in a set in Kyungkido Kwangju, Co-Ed's follow-up song 'Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom's music video filming was carried out. This day, Eunjung attracted attention by showing up at the set. The reason why she found herself at Co-Ed's set was because of her surprise appearance in the music video. This music video's concept was a psycopath with lovesickness and a Barbie doll. Eunjung is supposed to appear as an actress when the wall breaks down when the Co-Ed members are gazing fascinatedly at the photo of said actress on a wall.

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Hyewon: "My cute concept idea for 'Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom' was good!"

10-member mixed group, Co.ed's new follow-up song "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" concept was an idea of member Hyewon.

The music shoot of "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" took place at the Kyungkido Kwangju CMPARK studios, and the members got to meet with reporters. "'Too Late' had strong music and sounds, and I bet that some fans agree that a mixed group needs a more fitting concept," Hyewon said.

She added, "'Too Late' music video was the first real impressions fans got from me, and I think it was awkward. This concept is more fitting for me and I really like it."

"In the 'Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom' music video, I have the same role, but many more behaviors for you to enjoy," Hyewon said, "On stage, anticipate the varying appearances we'll show."

Hyewon has a new wisdom, and it's to leave a strong impression, "When I look back at myself in 'Too Late' I laugh because of my one expression. I practiced using more expressions, and now I need to practice not using them as much," she said laughing.

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Bang Bang...My baby Shot me Down!

Ki'm Jae Wook's iPhone4 movie "Bang" is now available to be viewed for those of you who aren't blessed enough to have an iPhone and live in Korea.  This unique film is about five minutes long and will be one of the first short films to ever be shot with just an iPhone 4. Newbie actress Kim YoonSeo, plays his lover. The short film focus on their imaginations after their relationship begins to die down. (Note: there's no dialogue!)

Oh it has a HOT kiss scene.  I'm currently mad and pressed. This stranger bitch gets to do something in 1 day that I wanted to do for the past 3 years.  I'm especially mad since he says he's open to some international loving!

Since I'm such a nice person who doesn't mind sharing him sometimes, I ripped it off the website and uploaded for you gals.

Source: Iphone4FilmFestival and Video source Me and Imageshack

Jewelry to make comeback soon with Park Semi

Looks like Jewelry will finally be making their comeback.  Star Empire (Jewelry's label) has revealed that a comeback may happen as early as the end of this month or November.  The comeback which was initially planned for August, then later delayed to September, will now finally be happening, or so they say.

Star Empire stated, “Park Se Mi has been training with the two current Jewelry members (Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung).  If things work out, at the end of this month or next month, the new Jewelry will release their new album and officially debut.”

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Big Bang Q&A in AnAn Magazine Japan

Q1] I'm unexpectedly _______ (Fill in the blank)
GD: Round (as opposed to being sharp). This is different from what others think of me. But I am actually the type who can get along with other people pretty well.
SOL: Not honest. But I try to be.
TOP: Feels lonely easily and has a weak heart. I feel lonely even when I have my family and the members. But I guess everyone just feels lonely sometimes.
DL: People don't know that I'm actually a shy person.
VI: That I'm just 20 years old but with the mind of a 29-year old. I have 2 attractions. One is cuteness and the other is being manly.
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Hwanhee returns with new drama series

Singer and actor Hwanhee will be making a comeback through MBC’s new daily drama, “Love Is Stronger Than Death.”

Hwanhee will be playing the role of ‘Im Hara’, a broadcast PD prodigy with a playboy attitude. He comes up with sensational ideas by meeting girls. Having grown up in an underprivileged family, he uses his dark background as a tool in seducing women. Although he never dreamed of marriage, he meets an older woman named Lee Tae Hee, who slowly starts to change his point of view.

Hwanhee’s smooth voice and facial expressions were highly popular with his acting in MBC’s mini-series “Over the Rainbow” (2006) and SBS’s “I Love You” (2008).

A representative of Key East stated, “Hwanhee has a lot of passion for acting. He’s determined to show a new side of himself through the role of Im Hara. Please anticipate his activities, as he will show a different side from his charismatic image on stage.

“Love Is Stronger Than Death” will begin airing mid-November.

original source; osen
translation source; allkpop

Heck yeah. been waiting for news on this upcoming drama~
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Actors in their 40s draw highest audience

Song Kang-ho

The influence of actors varies according to their age. Recent statistics by Korea Film Council proves male actors in their 40s pull the highest audience figures. The experienced actors’ growing charisma and acting skills are just two of the reasons for their boost in popularity.

Song Kang-ho, 43, attracted the highest average number of viewers for his films. In the younger 20-40 age group, Ha Jung- woo, 32, was recorded as the most popular star.

Stars in their 40s’ Mighty Power: Song Kang-ho, Sul Kyung- gu and Jung Jae-young

Since 2005, the most popular films Song Kang-ho appeared as the lead in were “The Host” (2006), ‘”Thirst” (2009) and “Secret Reunion” (2010). In total, Song Kang-ho appeared in a main role in seven movies and attracted 28.8 million viewers. 

Sul Kyung-gu, 42, followed Song Kang-ho for audience figures. He was as a main character in nine movies and attracted 26 million viewers.

Jung Jae-young ranked third for the total number of viewers, following Song Kang-ho and Sul Kyung-gu.

Since 2005, Hwang Jung-min, 40, played main roles in 10 movies, more films than any other actor.

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Source: The Korea Herald