October 13th, 2010

Song Seung Hyun
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SS501 Kim KyuJong & Heo YoungSaeng, Under the same roof with Lee Hyori!?!?


SS501's Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSeng seems likely to move under the same roof with topstar Lee Hyori.

Recently according to the entertainment personnel, besides Kim HyunJoong, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJun who have already signed with new agencies, it was made known that SS501 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng who were still searching for new agency, is nearing to concluding a contract with B2M Entertainment which houses Lee Hyori. With regards to this, B2M representative revealed "Even though the contract is not finalized yet, it is true that we are having positive discussions with the members."

Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng having contract discussion with B2M is because of the relationship with topstar Lee Hyori and the representative of this company. Lee Hyori maintained a close relationship with them as a sunbae (senior) when she was with DSP Entertainment where Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng were doing activities as SS501. When Kim KyuJong participated for MBC "Manwon Happiness" in 2008, he chose to present his "Cheonwon Happiness" to Lee Hyori. He said "Grateful to sunbae who gave SS501 lots of advices and support since our debut" showing his special appreciation to Lee Hyori. Indeed, before the establishment of B2M, it has already maintained contact with Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng in DSP Entertainment as well as artistes and managers.

Source: SportsSeoul + Translation: xiaochu@quainte501.com

finally something about kyuie anyways, let's go pillow fight!
lea and ariana

Jungmin collapses D:

While working his way through a severe overseas schedule, SS501’s Park Jung Min collapsed with fatigue on October 12th and was forced to be hospitalized.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Park Jung Min collapsed after he let go of the stress and anxiety that had been building up inside of him for months. Representatives of the hospital reported that he was ordered to take plenty of rest; consequently, the talent will be recovering at his own home for the time being.

Park Jung Min’s representatives stated, “With all of the contracts finally being signed, it seems as if his body has finally taken in all of the stress involved. He had a high fever at the hospital with an intense fatigue, but will now be taking time off to rest.”

Park Jung Min is currently due for a comeback on November 25th, and is scheduled to appear for fan meetings on the 27th.

Source: akp

omg poor thing ):
bom sweet smile

JYJ 'The Beginning' Showcase World Tour kick starts in SEOUL, KOREA!

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JYJ 'The Beginning' showcase in Seoul, Korea, on 12th October 2010, is TVXQ's Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu's first stop for their World Tour. According to JYJ 'The Beginning' world tour schedule, JYJ will be having their showcase in Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles! 

Kokokoreano will be updating this post with pictures of JYJ's World Tour showcase from the different countries they will be going.

First up, Seoul, Korea on 12th October 2010! JYJ sang EMPTY(엠티), 'BE THE ONE'(비더원), 'BE MY GIRL'(비마이걸), 'AYYY GIRL'(아이걸) , and '성균관 스캔들' OST : 찾았다. Check out their numerous outfits on stage :


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Kokokoreano: Fashion Runway- The K Way


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Co-Ed to start promoting their follow-up track on the 21st

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Co-Ed successfully wrapped up promotions of their debut track “Too Late“, and now they’re moving onto their next song, “Bbiribbom Bberibbom.”

Their company, Core Contents Media, announced on the 13th that this new song will have a cyborg concept, which will allow the group to showcase a different type of music and look.

Co-Ed will begin performing “Bbbiribom Bberibbom” on the 21st with ‘M! Countdown‘. Like its predecessor, “Bbiribom Bberibbom” will have a signature dance move – fans should look forward to their “vibration dance”.

The music video is scheduled to release on the 18th, and the music will be available for purchase from the 20th.

Source: AllKpop
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Navi Covers 2NE1 on Park Myung Soo ’s radio show

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That talented and underrated Navi recently made an appearance on Park Myung Soo’s soon defunct radio program. Navi covered 2NE1’s It Hurts with her own special rendition and background piano.

She performed the track beautifully, I really love this rendition, she really has a strong a powerful voice. 
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Source: AllKpop
Video: thinheee1
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KARA’s “JUMPING” single album covers unveiled!

With KARA’s new Japanese single, “JUMPING” set for a November 10th, 2010 release, three versions of their upcoming single album covers have been unveiled.

KARA will be competing against Arashi and Perfume, so they’ve got their work cut out for them, but we’re pretty confident that these ladies will be able to bring it!

There will be three versions of the single album and the tracklist for version C has been revealed. Check out the covers and tracklist below! Which ones your favorite?

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source: Universal Music Japan + akp + karaholic
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Warner Music Korea delays JYJ’s album release

JYJ’s first official album, “The Beginning”, will have a delay of its release date.

Originally scheduled for release on October 14th, the album will be delayed indefinitely due to an internal problem.

A representative of Warner Music Korea stated on the 13th, “Due to problems with the album pre-orders and its sales, we will be delaying the release date. It won’t be delayed too long.”

SM Entertainment recently filed an injunction at the Seoul Central District Court against the trio. On the 13th, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “The lawsuit surrounding their contracts has yet to even reach a decision, and yet the three members have signed a contract with CJES Entertainment. This double contract is a violation against the conclusion drawn last October.”

He went on to state, “We have filed an injunction at the Seoul Central District Court on the 8th to suspend their contract with CJES Entertainment, and to prohibit the sales of any albums to be released.”

Is this delay the result of a lapse in judgment from the boys, or does it demonstrate a more nefarious intention from SM Entertainment?

Source: allkpop
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2PMs mama "Life is like a box of runningracoons.U neva know what kind of gheiness jyp will give you"

I’ll be back!! More powerful and stronger 6 men. 2PM! The interview of the beastly idols 2PM who are coming back with their mini album
“Still 2:00PM” They debuted in 2008 September with “10 points out of 10”, and with follow-up singles “Again & Again, “I hate you”, “Heartbeat”, “Without U” and others they earned the love of the fans throughout the Asian region. After 2 years since their debut 2PM have grown into a top boy band, which can stand against any harm. The best Korean performance band 2PM returns as stronger and more powerful six warriors with their new mini album “Still 2:00PM”. Their teaser video which was revealed through YouTube was ranked “The most viewed” in Entertainment section and “The most viewed Worldwide”. With such explosive reaction they are surely going to get a full-fledged attention in the music industry this autumn. From firm muscles and powerful dance to bright faces! Afternoon class 2PM – vibrant energy which makes nunas’ hearts shake!

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Source:2pmalways ,cr: Monkey3
Trans by: Egle@2pmalways

I'm under your bed , doing the running man dance(yes, Ican).
Your neighbors can't hear you & you wish you were Trey Songz so bad right now.
Scream,bite me if you want...

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SOURCE :snjeung

highlights :

- looks can be deceiving; quirky composer still jst as quirky
- auto tune madness
- idols reject autotune ?  =OO LOL
- so-you-do-love-me moment

dnt knw why this hasnt been posted WGM is not complete w/o the adam couple
although its not the most eventful episode but doesnt mean its not jam packed with adam cuteness :DD
lea and ariana

Why was Seungyeon crying her eyes out?

Hosted by imgur.com

Kara's Han Seungyeon wept her heart out.

Kara finished their MV for 'Jumping' on 7 and 8 at a set located in Gyeongido, scheduled to be released in the beginnig of Nov in Korea and Japan.

In particular, one of its member Han Seungyeon was reported to have cried in filming it, garnering interests. Someone involved in the filming said that "Han Seungyeon cried her heart out while filming the MV," and "All the staff were perplexed with it too."

According to him/her, the reason she cried was because the MV needed it. The scene needed only a drop of tear but Han Seungyeon couldn't help but crying her heart out, being too immersed in the scene.

He/she also said that "It only needed a drop of tear. But Han Seungyeon couldn't constrain herself and kept crying, surprisng the staff too. Some of the staff praised her and even said that she could become a good actrees."

Kara is set to release and promote their new album in Nov in both Korea and Japan at the same time. They're planning to concentrate the promotion in Japan before the release and then Korea afterward, so they don't see the simultaneous promotion as that big a problem.

Translations: LVALUE @ KARAHOLIC
Source: Nate

aww she is so cute! Excited to see Seungyeon's acting skills!
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N.Korea could make 12,000 tonnes of chemical weapons: expert


North Korea is capable of producing up to 12,000 tonnes of chemical weapons, which could cause massive civilian casualties in South Korea, a state think-tank said Wednesday.
Along with the North's nuclear capabilities, its chemical weapons stockpile is South Korea's most urgent security issue, Kwon Yang-Joo of the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses said in a report.

"The international community must show its strong will in seeking disarmament of North Korea's chemical weapons along with its denuclearisation," he said.

The South's defence ministry estimates that North Korea has some 2,500-5,000 tonnes of nerve gas, blood agents, mustard gas and other chemical agents.

Kwon said the North could produce up to 12,000 tonnes of chemical weapons deliverable by artillery, missile or aircraft.

He said that 5,000 tonnes of chemical agents could contaminate about 2,500 square kilometres (950 square miles), four times the area of Seoul.

The North would be capable of producing 625,000-1.25 million chemical bombs if it used all of its chemical stockpile at once, he said.

Source: afp

Does that mean they can blow up South Korea all at ones
Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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JYJ vows brand new beginning to fans

The three former member of the hit group TVXQ ave returned as JYJ. The new band performs during a showcase held at Korea University, Tuesday. From left, Yu-chun, Jae-joong and Jun-su.

The end usually opens the door for a new beginning. For boy band JYJ, however, a new beginning reflects many things: the past, the present and the future.

JYJ is comprised of Jae-joong, Yu-chun and Jun-su, the former members of one of Korea's and Asia's favorite boy bands TVXQ. After a long feud with their former agency SM Entertainment regarding "slave contract" issues, the three idol stars have finally launched a brand new band, poised to leap again with a new album and a showcase in Seoul.

The three may have left the group, but their fans certainly haven't left them. Some 10,000 fans packed the Hwajeong Stadium, Korea University, from top to bottom Tuesday night, to the extent where it was a bit worrisome. The area filled up instantly with young fans resembling pouring soda into a cup, and while the fans in the front dangled on the security guardrail, the ones in the back constantly moved forward to find a better position to watch the stars.

As soon as the lights went out, the three members appeared center stage, all dressed in black with rather determined expressions on their faces.

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Source: Han Sang-hee @ The Korea Times

JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul: The boys are now hip-hoppers?! (Fanaccount + Fancam)

The JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul was held yesterday, October 12, 2010 at the Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium. There were two shows at 6:00 and 9:00 PM, and this kicked off their worldwide tour to promote the new worldwide album of Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu: "The Beginning".

The talented trio performed five songs:
  • Empty
  • Be My Girl
  • I Found You (Sungkyungkwan Scandal OST)
  • The Beginning
  • Empty (Remix)

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Fan account + video - Wanderrgirl
This fan account is mine :) PLEASE DON'T TAKE OUT WITHOUT CREDITS.
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Hyuna joins Nine Muses.

“Model” idol group Nine Muses revealed the addition of new member, Mun Hyuna (23), today.

Their management company Star Empire stated, “Since the formation of Nine Muses, we planned for them to have an active and wide-spread careers, and work as singers, hosts, models, and actresses… The name Nine Muses means they will form one brand, and yet individually become stars and open doors for each of their places.”

They further explained, “Though the group had 12 members initially, they’ve been performing as 9 members. Because some of the members who performed the songs ‘No Playboy’ are currently working as models, we decided to add new member Hyuna to Nine Muses, and give a new energy to the group.”

With new member Hyuna, Nine Muses will be performing “Ladies” from their first single album on this week’s Mnet’s M! Countdown.

source: allkpop

when is perfect bb jaekyung going to recover? :(
i hope this new girl isn't a replacement..

Cute beastly idol Dalmatian, this round has only just begun~

With a cute image and full of wit, new group Dalmatian (Inati, Day Day, Dari, Jisu, Drama, & Youngwon) are receiving lots of love as they went into the photo shoot for Men’s health on October 11th at 1PM in Seoul Kangnamgu’s Andromeda Studio.

On the set of the photo shoot, Dalmatian showed their image as bad boys during the interview of the photo shoot along with their witty remarks.

Especially leader Inati showed his charisma which overpowered the other members while the magnae Drama showed his cute eye smile along with a bright smile during the interview as all the members brought laughter to the set.

Also on this day, the photo shoot concept was ‘beastliness within a cute image’ as all the members showed off their tight six-packs, attracting the attention of the women staff.

Meanwhile, Dalmatian meets the public audience through Mnet’s ‘Dalmatian’s Manager Goes on Strike’ every Tuesday.

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Source: Newsen, Youngwon's Cyworld
Translation: BOSS! @ DALMINATION
my one and only goddess

Younha Talks About Her Comeback + Miscellaneous

Solo singer Younha became a platinum blonde for her upcoming single album “One Shot.” The album will be released on the 14th but teaser photos are already out.

Younha said, “I went for a transformation so I could leave a strong impression after a long absence. I know that to some people it seems like I’m weak because I fainted in the beginning of the year, so I wanted to change that image.

After she fainted in January, her health condition became quite a serious issue. At one point, she weighed only 83 lbs (38kg). Younha had to rest for almost two months and cut back on her music program performances of “We Broke Up Today.”

She said about the whole experience, “I was watching music programs at the hospital and I cried. I had finally gained some recognition with good music. I was sorry to my manager. It was a hard time mentally for me.

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hyomin invites you in~

cr: aoi_midori at go_younha (everything is there)

Yoon Eun Hye, 1st hallyu actress to make singing debut in Japan

Actress Yoon Eun Hye has announced plans of making her official debut as a solo singer in Japan. She will be the first female Hallyu star to do so. A number of male Hallyu stars, namely Lee Byung Hun, Ryu Si Won and Ahn Jae Wook have debuted as singers in Japan holding concerts and releasing albums. Conversely, female Hallyu stars such as Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo, and Son Ye Jin amongst others have only ever been limited to fan meetings and fan signings. For this reason alone, Yoon Eun Hye is gaining public interest as the first female Hallyu star to become active as a singer in Japan.

It has been reported that Yoon Eun Hye recently worked with a global recording agency and is currently undergoing preparations to release an album in Japan. Yoon will work with a famous Japanese producer by the latter half of the year’s end and the album is scheduled for a release in early 2011.

Yoon Eun Hye’s agency, The House Company stated, “We have yet to finalize the contract so we cannot release the details, but we have completed discussions with a global recording studio. We have agreed to work with an experienced Japanese producer who has worked with many famous idol stars.”

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source: allkpop
2PM: funny pose

I'll Be Back Dance Practice cut

Source: looksgoodinjeans@YT

This was actually a part of a bigger tutorial version but JYP took it down youtube good thing I ripped it from DAUM and cut the whole tutorial part which was unsubbed and aboout 10 mins long, I uploaded this last part instead. Really beginning to love the choreo now--and I was a major hater in the beginning^^
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Changmin - Nikkei Entertainment Interview

I’ve stopped being a model student.

Taller than 185cm, an image loved by many, a mischievous side that sometimes shows through his intellect and humility. He seems to be the kind of young man who puts his lover first in life. While handling modeling and activities as an actor, during the accumulation period aimed at his next actions, the impression of this young man has been changing.

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It was revealed today that SHINee’s Jonghyun had injured his ankle ligaments while Key hurt his chest muscles after a performance in Indonesia the day before.

SHINee had took off for Indonesia to perform at the Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert held on the 12th in Jakarta, Indonesia.

SM Entertainment said on the 14th, “The Indonesian fans showed a lot of interest in SHINee. When Jonghyun was getting off the stage, there were a lot of people that were waiting to see SHINee. Jonghyun got pushed around, twisted his ankle and hurt his ligaments. Key also got hurt at this time.”

SM continued, “Jonghyun went to a hospital in Seoul as soon as he arrived. He got a minor cast to protect his ankle. Key went to the hospital as well and they told him he should rest for a day or two. Because of this, SHINee could not make it to the event that was scheduled that night.”

SM added, “But their injuries are not serious so their follow-up song ‘Hello’ will be promoted without problems. SHINee members are very thankful of the Indonesian fans’ support.”

Despite the above, their appearance in Indonesia made it onto the first page of The Jakarta Post, making this trip a memorable one. And this explains why SHINee performed with just Minho, Taemin and (edit) Onew at the KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Fest yesterday night.

cr. akp
I really think they need a break. :/
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A basic b*tch met Okcat.No phone numba.Basic anon cried allnightlong.Oppar is truly the best!!!!!!!!

Scene#1 On Air
From Director Ryu Seungwan to Seo Inyoung, Rain, Chun Jung Myung, Tiger JK and Jang Mihee. CJ ONE Life Story Spot series with the best contemporary stars managed to raise a huge interest from the viewers. With the memories of meeting of this generation’s strong female icon Seo Inyoung still fresh in my recollections, this time as ONE reporter I’ve met the powerful man icon at CJ ONE Story Spot CF shooting – beastly idol Taecyeon.

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2pmalways , pics , trans by Egle
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