October 14th, 2010

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Why was Minji crying? :[

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The normally cheerful and calm maknae showed us her vunerabilty in the latest episode of 2NE1tv. I'm sure by now you all have watched the RAW version of 2NE1 TV ep5 and are wondering why Minzy maknae is crying. Acutally it wasn's about her singing or English as had been speculated,

Minzy seemed to have been overcome with the magnitude of recent events, namely recording with Will I Am and being in LA with such major stars. She also seemed overcome with homesickness and nostalgia during their second trip to LA. Rewatch the video below and checkout the translations, even while becoming emotional, her maturity at such a tender age is inspiring.

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Chinese Subbed Source: Tudou.com, 2NE1's Official Youtube
Translated by )v(ichaeL @ygladies.com (from Chinese Subs)
Article by )v(ichaeLand tazanya @ygladies.com
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Park Shi hoo plays the rebel millionaire in Queen of Reversals

It appears that Park Shi-hoo‘s bad-boy chaebol character in Queen of Reversals is somewhat modeled after scene-stealer Tae-bong (played by Yoon Sang-hyun) of the original Queen of Housewives, even if the stories are completely different. Park’s arrogant Gu Yong-shik is the youngest son in a chaebol family, and, as befits spoiled younger sons, has the rebellious attitude to go with that position.

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Outsider 3rd album tracklist, release pushed back to the 21st

OUTSIDER 3rd Album [Protagonist] Track List

01. Hit Me (feat. Illinit)
02. Protagonist (feat. LMNOP)
03. Masquerade (feat. Park Mi Kyung)
04. Go Go Sing (feat. Whale)
05. A Pose Needed for Break Ups (feat. Kuan of All That)
06. The Tears of Pierrot 3 (feat. Rimi)
07. To Boy (feat. Morning Star)
08. Skit
09. Real (feat. Sunday2pm)
10. S.O.B (feat. Jibaek, SAN-E)
11. Rollercoaster (feat. Yohan of Pia)
12. Gift (feat. KEIKEI)
13. Everlasting (feat. Curious, Sunday2pm, KEIKEI, LMNOP, Kuan of Blockbuster)
14. Voyage Outside of the World (feat. L.E.O, KEIKEI)
15. Conversations of a Dream (feat. Acquaintance)

According to his label's twitter, the album release date has been pushed back to the 21st.

sources: snipersound twitter, tracklist translation from allkpop
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JYJ Sells A Record-Breaking 520,000 Pre-Orders Of The Beginning

JYJ’s first album, The Beginning, has surpassed pre-orders of 520,000 cds.

JYJ’s distributor, Warner Music Korea, says that the production of more than “99,999 limited edition copies, 300,000 special edition copies and 220,000 regular edition copies” and supplying retailers were what caused the delay in the release.

JYJ was able to feel the explosion of interest from fans when they were preparing for the special pre-orders which has since sold out. They are still getting interest in the special pre-orders.

The general album debuted today and the special editions will be released on October 18th.

Warner Music went on to say that, “JYJ who has 520,000 copies just in pre-orders, will give the boost that the sluggish music market needs."  [LINK]

These boys just keep getting more and more amazing. They’ve sold out their Seoul Showcase in 15 minutes, and it looks like they could possibly sell a million copies!

credit: mtvk
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Yonghwa, Daesung, Uee & others to host new SBS variety show

CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa, Big Bang’s Daesung, and popular broadcaster Kim Jae Dong were recently added to the MCs list for the new upcoming SBS variety show, "Night After Night".

The finalized cast of Park Myung Soo, Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Jae Dong, Daesung, Yonghwa, and After School’s UEE went into their first recording for the talk show on October 13th.

In addition, the creator of the nationwide popular variety show, ‘YashimManMan‘, Choi Young In PD, was also appointed the director of ‘Night After Night’, which has been causing increasing hype around the much anticipated new show, especially with this set of cast members.

Meanwhile, it has been one year since Kim Jae Dong was controversially dropped as the main MC of KBS’s ‘Star Golden Bell’, and this will mark his return into the variety world after three months away, as his appearances were on MBC’s ‘Fantasy Partner’ back in July.

source: allkpop

Kangin to MC in a Military Camp Show

Super Junior Kangin has become an MC in a military camp show.

Kangin and singer Moon Bora will be the MCs in the military camp show located in Kyeonggido Namyang on the 14th.

A representative said, "this show was planned to boost the morale of the troops. Many singers are expected to perform."

On this day Moon Bora who will be the MC alongside Kangin will sing her title song from the first album 'No yes yes" and another song "First love."

Meanwhile Kangin entered the army this past July and is currently doing his service in Kyeonggido army camp.

source: Star News
translation: Sujuism
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BoA would have wanted to be in SNSD in another life, instead she'll opt for being taller

BoA’s recent confession about wanting to be reborn as a SNSD member has been drawing attention lately.

During a recording of ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, when asked, “If you could use a time machine to go back in time to when you were 13, would you have still made the same decisions as now?” She answered, “If I could be reborn, I want to become a member of SNSD.

She continued, “Because I had to develop and promote all by myself ever since the beginning, it was hard for me. I want to use my remaining time focusing on growing taller.

Her witty comment aside, she later gave a more sincere response, as she said, “SNSD and f(x) may be able to practice in a nice building now, but back then I had to practice in a basement that leaked every time it rained. Hwanhee oppa and I scooped up the leaking water whenever the H.O.T oppas said they had to practice.

During this recording, BoA also revealed more about her current self as a woman in her 20s.

When she was asked about her leisure activities, she replied, “Ever since I debuted, I’ve never had more than 10 days of rest because I’m always busy, however, whenever I do get free time, I like going out and watching movies, and I like drinking alcohol. If there is ever a movie I want to watch, I always watch it.

source: akp


The 3 reasons why 'Gee' has a high possibility of success, colored skinny jeans are forever relevant

The nation's girl group, SNSD, is about to launch into promotions of their second single, 'Gee', and there's a lot of anticipation and interest for it.

On the 8th of September, SNSD released their first Japanese debut single, 'Genie'. SNSD's debut single became the best-ever charted for a foreign female artist on Oricon's weekly charts, had the most sales, and was on Oricon's weekly Top 10 for 3 consecutive weeks. They've created unprecedented records and increased the reputation of Kpop.

Also, on this coming 20th, the second single 'Gee' will be released and it's predicted that the successful 'hits' will continue. Experts have discussed 3 reasons on why the possibility for the success of 'Gee' is high.

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Original Article: Asiae.co.kr
Translated by: Hyunjin808@soshified.com/
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Kim's heir linked to plot against eldest son

Aides loyal to North Korea's heir apparent, Kim Jong-un, planned to attack his exiled half-brother in retaliation for his comments last year about the need for reform in the North.

The attack on Kim Jong-nam, 39, was foiled after China warned the North Koreans not to attack him on its soil, a South Korean official has said.

Kim Jong-un's aides tried ''to do something to Kim Jong-nam, who has a loose tongue abroad'', the official said, but the plot had been firmly scotched by China.

Advertisement: Story continues below The plan to move against Kim Jong-nam, who lives in self-imposed exile in China, was allegedly fuelled by rumours he might be used as a Chinese puppet ruler in the event of a regime collapse in North Korea.

In the 1990s, Mr Kim, the eldest son of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, seemed on track to succeed his father, but he fell from grace in 2001 after he was caught trying to enter Japan on a forged passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Since then, Mr Kim has lived with his wife and two children, moving between Macau and Beijing, living on a reported $800,000 annual allowance.

He has given often frank interviews to the Japanese and South Korean media.

Last weekend, Mr Kim told Beijing television he had no plans to return to North Korea, and he was opposed to hereditary succession and hinted at the need for economic reforms.

Source: sydney morning herald
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Sunny, Hyuna and Kim Taewoo Return to Try and Save What's Become of Yuchiri

As mentioned earlier, 4Minute's HyunA, SNSD's Sunny and Kim Tae Woo, the first members of "Invincible Youth" would make another appearance at the show.

On 13 October, they made special appearances in the show once again, to celebrate "Invicible Youth" 1st Year Anniversary.

Officials expressed that, "When Sunny, HyunA and Tae Woo met up with the other members of Invincible Youth they were really touched and elated." This is because Sunny, HyunA and Tae Woo were part of the first batch of members for "Invincible Youth" and happy memories were forged between them. They also fostered great friendship with the other members.

Although it is meaningful to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of "Invincible Youth" with the ex-members, SNSD's Yuri was unable to make an appearance on that very day due to other schedules.

It is also known that due to promotions in Japan, Sunny, Yuri and HyunA had to pull out from the show. In addition, Kim Tae Woo had also left the show this year due to the preparation of his new album.

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Super Junior’s Donghae and CNBlue’s Minhyuk cast in ‘It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter’?

Super Junior’s Donghae and CNBlue’s Kang Minhyuk are set to become cast members on the upcoming SBS drama, ‘It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter‘.

While Donghae’s casting as one of the male leads has not yet been finalized, it has been reported that Minhyuk will be playing a musician named ‘Yeondu‘ who falls in love with the female lead, Eun Jae Ryung (played by Moon Chae Won).

With regards to Donghae’s possible casting, SM Entertainment revealed, “We received the invitation and have been attending meetings, however the casting is not yet confirmed.

Meanwhile, ‘It’s Alright, Daddy Daughter’ follows a story of the once spoiled Eun Jae Ryung experiencing the hardships of an independent life after her father suffers a major accident.

Source: Star News + allkpop

As much as I want to see Donghae in a Korean drama as well, I don't want him to be too stressed and overworked ):
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Kim Jong Kook's First Mini Concert, 'Dragon Club' To Show Support

Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min-- all friends as part of '76 Yongddi(Dragon) Club' have mobilized for Kim Jong Kook's first mini concert.

On the 15th-17th Kim Jong Kook will hold '2010 Kim Jong Kook Concert My Special Memory' at Ewha University Samsung Hall. For this Cha Tae Hyun and Hong Kyung Min and even Jang Hyuk will come together. They will sing and share funny stories as part of their support.

Leessang's Gary and Mighty Mouth will also join. Also there is another special guest yet to be revealed.

A representative from the concert said "Although this is a mini concert, the invited guests and the preparations are that of a large scale event." "The performance will be more dazzling and rich than the stage."

In this concert Kim Jong Kook plans on revealing his favorite songs to sing at noraebang(karaoke), performing with his real close friends and reminisce about his childhood as he sings.

Source: newsen
Translated by: o-cha at Soompi Forums
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Meet the new Hyuna!

Nine Muses‘ new member Mun Hyuna had her first performance with the group yesterday on ‘M! Countdown’.

On October 14th, Nine Muses returned to the music scene with their follow-up track, “Ladies.” Although it was Hyuna’s first performance, her impressive dance abilities stimulated viewer interest. After the broadcast, her name quickly appeared on mulitple portal site search rankings.

Nine Muses’ management, Star Empire, stated,

Like the other model-idols of the Nine Muses – who have an average height of 172cm (5′8″) – Hyuna is tall and has a charming appearance. In 2007, she placed in the SBS ‘Supermodel Asia Pacific Competition‘, debuting shortly afterwards… She is a talented singer who was active as a guest vocalist for House Rulez, and actively trained until she joined Nine Muses… Please anticipate Nine Muses’ new energy with Hyuna’s addition to the team.

Netizens who watched their follow-up performance said, “It seems that they practiced a lot. I like the live, song, concept, all of it.” and “The feeling was like an upgrade of their debut stage. I wish they would be active for a long time and continue to show themselves in a positive light.

source: allkpop

she's a cutie & has a really nice voice~ but i'd also like to hear what's going on with jaekyung, SE.

Kim Hyun Joong’s kiss scene can’t help Playful Kiss in the ratings battle

Two days ago we reported that Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min would share a romantic moment for MBC’s drama, “Playful Kiss” with a much anticipated kiss scene. Unfortunately, this didn’t help in the drama ratings battle for October 13th as Playful Kiss achieved a ratings of 6.0%. SBS’s Daemul starring Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Soo Kyung, Go Hyun Jung, and Lee Soo Kyung was the victor with ratings of 26.4%. KBS2’s Fugitive: Plan B starring Rain came in at second place with a rating of 15.1%.

Playful Kiss was a bit unlucky, going against the mega popular drama Kim Tak Gu / Baker King and then going against both Fugitive: Plan B and Daemul. Hopefully things will pick up next week as the final episode of Playful Kiss is scheduled to air on October 21st. Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to hold a special event with fans, where he will watch the final episode of the drama along with his fans. The price to attend the event is 10,000 won (around $9) and all of the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization.

sources: allkpop + myhothotstuff
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Supreme Team Tops Gaon Singles Charts

Korean rap duo Supreme Team (from left to right): Simon D and E-sens

Korean rap duo Supreme Team and boy band SHINee scored the top spot on Gaon charts during the week of October 3 to 9.

According to data released by Gaon on Thursday, the latest song "Then Then Then" by Supreme Team took the No. 1 spot on the single charts, making an incredible 22-spot job to first place.

Supreme Team, composed of Simon D and E-sens, made their debut with the first mini-album "Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure" in 2009. They have been promoting their latest release "Ames Room."

"Breathe" by girl group miss A maintained its position in second place for second time and previous winner "It's You" by Sung Si-kyung and IU dropped two notches to round out the top three.

Meanwhile, SHINee's repackaged second record "Hello" entered the top spot on Gaon's album chart and other new releases "Mastermind" from BEAST and "Break Time" from U-Kiss placed at No. 2 and 3, respectively, during the second week of October.

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Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3

T-ara's comeback: still scheduled for November

Bugs have removed T-ara's mini album release date placed on the 27th of October. Bugs said that this is because it was an error and was a tentative release date set earlier this summer that was never removed/changed. T-ara is still planning on making their comeback in November when Co.ed promotions slow down.

cr: nathaniel @ Diadem, Bugs

Before people ask and spread rumours, this isn't because of the scandal! They already announced in September that their comeback was happening in November.

Kim Taehee Looking Fabulous In Japan

Korean actress Kim Taehee (30), famous for her role in the Korean drama “IRIS” which began airing on TBS in April, appeared at the “Louis Vuitton Leather & Craftsmanship Performance” on the 14th.

She dressed well by wearing a Louis Vuitton mini dress worth 637,350 yen (~7,823 USD). She commented on it saying, “I think it’s lovely and elegant.” The press called her sexy which made her a little embarrassed, but she smiled and said thank you.

Hereafter she intends on being more active in Japan so she said in Japanese, “I’ll do my best in Japan as well, so please watch over me.” Actresses like Kimura Yoshino (34) and Nagasawa Masami (23) were also there.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo
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It's not only plastic surgery companies that like Jaekyung's face

Rainbow’s leader Jaekyung has been casted alongside Kim Hyun Joong as the model for LG Care’s popular cosmetic brand, ‘The Face Shop‘.

A representative of LG Care revealed, “By observing Jaekyung’s various images and unique charms during her performances, we believe that her image will be a perfect fit for The Face Shop’s model.

In the past, the list of celebrities who became models for LG Care’s cosmetic brands are known to be A-list celebrities, as they included stars like Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Nam Joo, Go So Young, Han Ji Hae, Kim Min Jung, Lee Yoon Ji, and figure-skate queen Kim Yuna.

Meanwhile, the girls of Rainbow are set to make a comeback around the middle of this month with a release of a new album.


Dear DSP, seeing as the chances of KARA and Rainbow promoting at the same time are high, I demand my DSP line special stage that you REFUSED to give me with KARA and SS501. other than that, give me more woori and yoonhye with this comeback. and more of jaekyung's boobs

taec cute

victoria gets dissed by a college student

f(x)’s Victoria was stood up by a 20-year-old college student in LA, leaving her in a state of much embarrassment.

After receiving a rather difficult mission on an episode of MBC’s “f(x) Koala,” the members began to panic and started looking around USC in order to ask a student for help.

While Victoria was charming the students with her outgoing personality, a 20-year-old male student appeared and offered to help. All of a sudden, he ditched her without any reason or explanation, embarrassing Victoria in front of the other members.

Sulli also showed desperation in order to succeed on their mission by screaming “Help me!” in the middle of campus with teary eyes.

The episode can be seen on the afternoon of October 16th at MBC Every1.

Source + Photo: MD TOday & allkpop
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Jinwoon's family photo, proof of superior genes

2AM group member Jinwoon released a photo of his family.

On the 13th, Jinwoon revealed a photo of his studio captioned, "Work(ing) at home today." It was once revealed that Jinwoon's current home was Son Dambi's and After School's dormitory, therefore topics related to Jinwoon's home gain attention.

Soon after, Jinwoon uploaded a family photo captioned, "With my mother and elder brother." In the photo, Jinwoon wore a cap with his mother and elder brother resting their chins.

Looking at these, netizens commented, "Superior genes", "His mother seems rather delicate", "Jinwoon's elder brother looks a little like 2PM's Junho", "It's rather amazing to know that Son Dambi's and After School's old dormitory is now Jinwoon's home."

Meanwhile, 2AM's first full album, which is set to be released on the coming 26th, is said to be a "fanmade album" with an event in collaboration with Me2Day.

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sauce: Nate News
translated by: crystalheng @ W2D
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princess hyomin refuses to share mic with goddess minkyung

Davichi’s Kang Minkyung found herself as a mic-less MC on this week’s ‘M! Countdown‘.

While hosting the music show with T-ara’s Hyomin, Minkyung somehow ended up not having a mic in time and because the show was going live, she did not have time to grab one.
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source: Mnet, allkpop & jackhklee

look at my bb hyomin hogging the spotlight, being pretty, farting all over your favorite idols, etc


SeeYa's Yeonji left company juniors, Co.ed, words or encouragement which became a bit hit.

On the 12th, Yeonji wrote on her personal minihompy diary, "Unnie is always here cheering you on!" Continuing, "You guys must always make the stage shine with your beautiful smiles! Can you do that? Our maknae group that is doing such a great job, and the charming Co.ed Dongsaengs. Co.ed, a group worth to anticipate about! I'll always cheer you on and don't forget that unnie will always be there for you! Hwaiting!"

She has shown affection towards the former maknae of SeeYa, Soomi, who has moved over to Co.ed and is now the oldest member.

The netizens that have seen this replied saying, "Yeonji is so kind!" "I wish great luck to both Soomi and Yeonji."

SeeYa is currently getting ready for a comeback while Co.ed is promoting their song 'Too Late.'

Source: Nate
Translated by: myreflection. @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Co.ed

Avex CEO twittercapades of fail #191094; Max done gone and fucked up again JYJ edition

TVXQ’s members, Micky YooCheon, Xiah Junsu, Hero JaeJoong signed a contract with CJes Entertainment and thereby forming JYJ. On the 12th, they mark the start of their first World Tour Showcase at GoRyo University. After the end of the showcase, on the 13th, masatomatsuura posted a tweet at his twitter page saying “I opened my heart and spoke to them but I was betrayed like nothing happened. It’s important to have trust. Especially when you’re in such an industry, trust is a must. I had wished that I can speak of the matters someday.” Adding on he tweeted “Losing is winning. Even it is so now, someday things will change. The strength that allows me to endure such humiliation is perseverance and training. Someday, I will tell these stuck-ups off. Because I will not lose in the end. I’m just talking to myself.” And he added, “If there’s no pain, it’s not interesting.”

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Mods; there is no link to the original Nate article or twitter. D:

First he was going to 'tell the truth' to defend all five; then dissed Changmin before JYJ was announced; and now will 'tell these stuck-ups off' OIC.
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[101012 & 101014] Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates in Thailand + Hating on the Anti Fans

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First Translation: 
Source: Zhoumi's Weibo
Translation by (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Second Translation:
Source: Zhoumi's Weibo
Translation by (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Third Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.

ok, honestly? how immature are these people who are still hating on zhou mi & henry? god, grow up. and don't hate them, hate SM for putting them in a group that already debuted and had been in the music industry for like 2 years already. like they had a choice... idiots. i feel so bad for them :(
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Key and Taemin to MC Music Core on 10/16

SHINee members Key and Taemin will be MC's for a day at this week's episode of Music Core.

It has been announced by MBC that on the 16th of October, Taemin and Key will be the special MC's. Despite Key's recent injury from the concert in Indonesia, he is well enough to proceed his MC duties.

SHINee's agency said on the 14th due to the over crowding, Key and JongHyun was injured while they were getting off the stage at the Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship concert. However, they have already gotten enough rest and are recovering fast. Fortunately, the other three members did not get injured and are in a healthy condition.

However, With JongHyun's injured ankle, they will still check if he will be able enough to continue promotions with SHINee with "hello".

Source: newsen
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

F U SM >:|

Apparently Min from Miss A will also be joining them as a guest MC, too.