October 18th, 2010

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Rain owes $150,000 in gambling debts and is trying to dodge military service

Hallyu star Rain is being sued for debts related to gambling after borrowing a large sum of money from a Korean-American while gambling at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

According to Andrew Kim (28), Rain borrowed $150,000 USD from him in June of 2007 in order to play baccarat at the Bellagio hotel. Explaining the reason behind his decision to file a lawsuit, Mr. Kim stated, “Three years have passed and he has yet to repay me.”

The plaintiff also stated that Rain has severe gambling problems, betting up to $10,000 at a time while playing baccarat in luxurious hotels. Sports Seoul met with Andrew Kim and his lawyers in LA on the 8th, and also spoke with various casino representatives in the area.

The information discovered was that Rain and Andrew Kim were close friends, having first met in Las Vegas on December 2006. Kim then began managing Rain’s LA performances in 2007, advancing their relationship from friends to business partners.

At the time, Kim was an affluent IT businessman, while Rain was just beginning his global reach with his world tour. The two often met together and planned for their future. Kim revealed, “We were the same age so it was easy to get close. We listened to each others’ worries and problems and drew our future together. I was an IT expert, and Rain is a star. Both of us dreamed of creating a new business with the combination of IT and entertainment.”

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Miss A's Suzy wants to get closer to SHINee's Taemin

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Miss A who have just made a comeback with their new song "Breathe", went on Sukira.

In this recent Sukira, Suzy from Miss A confessed that she would like to get closer to SHINee's Taemin and also wanted to know his phone number.

Taemin who just said his ideal girl type is Jung Siah, said in "Happy Birthday" that he likes a girl who is like a sunflower, always looking only at the single guy that she loves.

Will Suzy gather her courage to get close to Taemin & do you think Suzy fufills Taemin's ideal Sunflower type?

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source: dkp, celinakha

aw..she was so shy when mentioning Taemin's name..

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Onew mentions Lee Joon on today's acceptance speech in inkigayo.and Joon is so happy he's gonna die

On todays Shinee's winning speech for "Hello"on inkigayo Onew gave a shutout to Joon saying: "Joonie Hyung. Are you watching!?"

watch on 00:44

vid Sr: yooteyna@youtube

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SOURCE: Joon's Cyworld

I dont know what's going on between the 2. or when did Joon started to cheat on Jung hyun with Onew but this is so cute and I thought i should share

PS: I really don't get all the hate Joon is getting here on Omona.. boy is adorable and is a sweetheart . I find it irrational to hate on the boy this much just because he said that he is "Dirty" ...just sayn....


2NE1 on MTV's Making The Video - Can't Nobody (Subbed)

Some of you may have already seen a little behind the scenes of their music videos through 2NE1 TV, or the clips on YGLIFEofficial's youtube but the extended footage aired on MTV's Making the video on September 23rd.

Here we can see a few scenes that didn't make the final video such as Dara's solo shot. Also, the scenes seem to have been filmed using the English version of their track "Can't Nobody." Perhaps they will be releasing an international version like Taeyang did with "I'll be There." 

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Yet another Russian Blue kitty makes an appearance, Korea must love them.<3
edit:: Sorrryyyyy! I had parts one and two switched xD;;; should be fixed now.

Source: YGSRAsubs (Royal Aces) 1, 2


Is Sunmi preparing for a return to the Wonder Girls?

With news of Sunmi (18) being accepted to Dongkook University on October 15th, fans have been highly anticipating her comeback after previously withdrawing from the Wonder Girls.

Why are fans expecting a comeback? There have been many accounts in which fans reported seeing Sunmi visit the JYP Entertainment building often, stimulating discussion as to whether or not she’s preparing to return to the Wonder Girls.

JYP Entertainment stated, “It is true that Sunmi came to our office to learn dancing and singing even after her withdrawal. However, as opposed to calling it a rehearsal, she just comes to visit her friends and dance a bit while playing with them. Her contract is still valid, but as her withdrawal was decided by herself, her return to the industry will also be decided by herself.”

The representative continued, “We haven’t discussed anything specific about her comeback yet. She loves standing on stage so we don’t believe that she will be quitting the path of a singer. Again, her comeback will be decided by herself alone.”

Source: Daily Sports
Photo: SPN

Source: Allkpop

I guess I'll just be brutally honest right now. I like Lim and Im all about the one love for 6 wonders thing, but please leave and let Sunmi take her spot back. Please let this happen by their next album.


Kim Hyun Joong - CFs, Dramas, Movies -- the lovecalls don't stop

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong is showered with many many CFs and work proposals throughout the body.

Kim Hyun joong is currently in final shooting stage for his MBC mini series drama [Playful Kiss]. With its finale ahead in no time, in order to 'book in advance' Kim Hyunjoong, many showbiz personnel have already come knocking on the door of Kim Hyunjoong's agency one by one.

His agency Keyeast's related personnel has stated, "We're expected to revive his CF activities soon since it was because of his drama shooting schedules that had to delay them. There're many diversified CF suggestions received, and we're in midst of selecting the right one that fits best with Kim Hyunjoong's image", as they hint so.

Despite low ratings for [Playful Kiss], it does not seem to have much particular influence in Kim Hyunjoong's popularity. [Playful Kiss] is known to have already sold in advance to 12 overseas countries like Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Phillipines etc. Though response in Korea is just so-so, once broadcast in overseas countries begin, Kim Hyunjoong's status as a 'Hanryu star' is certainly expected to be solidified further.

Personnel of [Playful Kiss] has mentioned that "Profit received just for the pre-sold distribution rights to overseas has raked in 4 billion won by itself. It will begin to air from December onwards in Japan. If we were to assume the failure and success of this drama just by looking at the results achieved in Korea here, it is meaningless".

Love calls for him to appear in many works does not end as well. With SS501 members dispersed in each different agency, it looks like it will take some time for them to resume singer activities. Because of that, possibility for Kim Hyunjoong to focus on acting career for the moment looks high. Keyeast personnel says, "Not just dramas, there're also many movie proposals received. There are so many proposals received, not at all worried. But first and foremost, to take a rest first, while also to plan for his next work carefully and seriously".

original source; hankooki
translation source; ss501ode @ blogspot

And for Playful Kiss fans, go watch the new preview for Episode 15 it's greattt, I'm still spazzing from it 8D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXfduD9BPVk
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Special edition 2AM Saint o'Clock album info, shaking and crying

Synnara's already got pre-ordering of the Special Edition copy of Saint o'Clock up, and wow, this shit is amazing.

The special edition comes with:

- Hard case
- Intro + 11 tracks + 1 special song exclusive to the special edition.
- 24 page album booklet
- Special 56 page photo book (10.5cm x 14.8cm)
- 56 page Monthly Diary (10.5cm x 14.8 cm)
- 20 page stamp book (8.5cm x 12cm)
- Special 2AM photo
- Poster

All this for 36,100 won, online, and it'll be released on the 3rd of November.

Also, the track list is up on their site too.

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Source: Synnara's website; Song translations by myself


Itunes fraud sellling illegal copies on behalf of YG Entertainment

In recent months, YG Entertainment and their artists have been scheduling iTunes release dates which coincide with their Korean release dates, in hopes of convenience to fans living abroad.

However, it seems like a certain individual(s) have been re-releasing songs on behalf of YG Entertainment. A laughable example is 2NE1, whom had only released a mini-album titled Fire and a full length album released last month called To Anyone. It is apparent that a company called ‘2ne1‘ had released an album consisting of acapella tracks - manipulated by a free program, and songs from their previous and new album.

It doesn’t stop here though, the accused fraud company named Robert Blackwell and Jerry Rhoton has also taken advantage of YG Entertainment’s popular group Big Bang and also solo singer Se7en.

What makes it unusual is that YG Entertainment can sell songs on iTunes without any help from a third party company.

If you plan on buying anything from iTunes anytime soon, double check its from the company you want to pay!


* 2ne1 acapella
* Big Bang Big Show 2010
* Best of Big Bang 2006-2010
* Best of Se7en
* You Are My Everything – Se7en’s Love

source: hellokpop

PSY “Right Now” MV teaser

After the recent update that Seo Woo will star in PSY’s title track music video, YG Entertainment followed up by releasing the MV teaser.

The teaser starts off with the two DJs from “Cult Two Show” talking about the congested traffic, and then they play PSY’s “Right Now” to blast the traffic.

Seo Woo & PSY then have a dance off on top of their respective mini-coopers.

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sources: allkpop + KyuleeKPOPMV
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KBS imposes new regulations in response to sexually suggestive content

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With more attention being put on the issue of sexually suggestive content shown on public broadcast programs, KBS has responded to the criticisms by revealing their new regulation policy at the KBS parliamentary inspection held by the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting, & Communications on October 18th.

After being criticized by congressman An Young Hwan for underage celebrities wearing revealing outfits, KBS CEO Kim In Kyu answered, “We’re currently inspecting anything that’s deemed too sexually suggestive to society. Especially the outfits of underage singers, ‘Music Bank‘ will be setting up internal regulations so that they prepare separate outfits and choreography for our show.”

Regarding variety programs requesting underage idols to perform sexy dances and show recordings going well past midnight, Kim answered, “We will be aggressively working to restrict idol celebrities from making appearances on shows that must film late into the night. The regulations for that issue are still being set up.”

KBS was also one of the first companies to raise their show rating for “Music Bank” from the ages of 12 and up to 15 and up.

Viewers welcomed the changes, commenting, “For once, something is being done. Now it’s MBC and SBS’s turn.”

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Jokwon's body secrets aren't so much of a secret

Jokwon's been gaining a lot of interest with his open attitude to talking about his body.

On the 14th's episode of Mnet's "the Beatles Code," Jokwon openly admitted: "I can't remember ever having to shave any stubble in my life, not even once," shocking the audience.

Being such a public figure, these confessions are pretty shocking. But no one other than Jokwon could pull this sort of thing odd. The topic had been about the band they were discussing and about their facial hair, and Jokwon confidently confessed how in the past two years, facial hair and body hair had never been an issue for him.

As well, he confessed that his waist is only 26 inches. Earlier in the month, he showed off his solid abs and completely toned upper body in Men's Health. Cellulite is something that isn't an issue for this celebrity.

Kim Taewon also shocked everyone when he admitted that he was 30kg heavier.

Asides from just his body secrets, he also spoke about his 8 years as a trainee, recalling "I was pushed my my parents a lot to be better. Even when things weren't the best at home, my parents would take care of me and help me along," and he thanked his parents for all their hard work.

Source: KWNews; translation: myself

Kkap Kwon's muscles are always relevant. Let's make this a abs spam and make Monday better.

Changgod + suits coming soon


           After one year and three months, SBS’s 9pm slot for dramas on Monday and Tuesdays will be abolished. SBS is currently airing “Dr. Champ” in the 9pm Monday-Tuesday slot, and following the steps of other broadcasting stations, it will abolish the slot next Spring. A SBS personnel has revealed on the 18th that “‘It’s alright, Daddy’s daughter’ with Moon Chae Won, the follow up drama for ‘Dr. Champ’,and ‘Paradise Meadow’ with Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee are already scheduled to air. After the broadcast of ‘Paradise Meadow’, the 9pm Monday-Tuesday drama slot will be abolished.”

-irrelevant details omitted-

Source: [SPN] + [NeverEnd]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia
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SHINee wins Music Bank's K-Chart with 'Hello'

Due to the broadcast of a live baseball game, KBS2TV did not air a new episode of Music Bank last Friday (October 15th). Scores were still tabulated though for their weekly K-Chart.

The winner was revealed through Music Bank’s official website this afternoon and it was none other than SHINee who won the October 15th edition of K-Chart with 11,182 points for the period between 4 – 10th October. The previous week’s #1 contenders, 2NE1 and B2ST were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively, while miss A and Supreme Team rounded up the top 5.

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Source: akp

congrats to shinee!

Guess who has an official Twitter and Youtube?

The Dance Machine and all round BAMF ex-H.O.T member Jang Woohyuk has an official Twitter and Youtube account. Although he's had his Twitter since apparently the end of last year, he's actually started updating it in the last 24 hours, mostly linking to his other sites. And in his Youtube account he proves that Heechul isn't the only one who can upload adorable videos of his pets. Although he's been updating his Chinese Sina blog a bit here and there, it now looks like we'll be seeing a bit more of him online.

To add to all this, WH World.org has recently been updated with more photos of the sexy photoshoot we've recently seen a glimpse of. Is it about time for some of the older idols to come back and show the newbies how it's done?

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DTH, Woohyuk's Youtube, Twitter and WHworld.org
Commentary by me~

GQMFS Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo Are In your Omona, Sexying It Up

Although the title suggests a mystery thriller but the production synopsis describes it as a comedy thriller.
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Kang Dong Won Is Nylon Sexy!

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Movie Preview.. and oh look there's a black guy in it

Source: KoreanDiorama, HelloKPop, WanWanDw

It's been a while since I've done a GQMF post and 'm super excited about this movie.

Shisus is good. The DVD is here...

Released on 2010-10-29
Retailing at DVDHeaven for USD$29.15 or USD$32.74 with the poster (shipping not included)
            YesAsia for USD$39.99 - folded poster or USD$49.99 - rolled poster (shipping included)
YesAsia ships November 2. DVDHeaven more than likely will ship on October 29/30.

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No English Subtitles? ):

buying now while the Aussie Dollar is doing brilliant!!!

IU shows off freshness and mature charisma for Vogue girl

IU who is just a high school student graced the November issue of Vogue Girl fashion magazine. She showed freshness at the same time a mature charisma on the pictorial.

IU apologized that the pictorial was a little sexy, however she showed a different charm. Vogue girl named IU the "Girl next door" and that IU did very well on the photoshoot.

At first, the set was worried about IU but in the end they had fun shooting the pictorial and she was beautiful and perfect for the concept of the shoot.

More photo's of IU in the photoshoot will be revealed on the November issue of Vogue Girl.

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Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net
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SNSD’s Yuri voted #1 for glass-like skin

SNSD’s Yuri was voted the girl group member with the best skin.

A survey was conducted from September 27th to October 18th where 748 people voted on ‘The girl group member with the best glass-like skin without any blemishes?‘ SNSD’s Yuri won first place, earning 362 votes (48.3%). Second place went to 2NE1’s Dara, with 209 votes (27.9%). BEG’s Ga-In was third place with 167 votes (22.3%).

Dr. Han Seung Sub commented on the results, ‘SNSD’s Yuri has clear and bright skin without blemishes or freckles. The skin is a good indication of your internal organs’ state. Yuri possesses clean and clear skin, which also means that she is in perfect health…Dara and Ga-In’s fresh faces also show that they have clear skin. Their bright skin tones can leave an impression of a gentle and cute girl.’

It’s also a neat coincidence that ‘yuri‘ means glass in Korean. Who do you think has the best skin?

cr: akp
Source: Nate

i hope sooyoung is a good swimmer since her name means swimming /bricked