October 19th, 2010

T-ara's new Mnet reality show "T-ara Dreamgirls" begins on the 27th

[TV] 20:00 M.net T-ara Dreamgirls

Wednesday the 27th, 20:00

The first broadcasting time was revealed in T-ara's schedule. M.net will be the broadcaster. The program will be a calm nature reality program, but surprising and exciting. Like T-aradotcom, the program will feature the start to preparing for their comeback promotions.

source: t-arafan
credit: nathaniel (trans) @ Diadem
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NS Yoon Ji reveals concept photos for comeback

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Having received attention for being the cousin of KARA’s Kang Ji Young, NS Yoon Ji will be making a comeback on October 21st.

After debuting in September with her title track, “Headache“, fans approved of her looks, vocals, and dance skills. It was also revealed that she attends UCLA.

Many are curious about her recent Twitter post, but it’s possible that it was used to gain attention for her comeback.

She released an audio teaser yesterday, and photos for her album jacket were just recently revealed.

With a barrage of comebacks this month from popular artists, do you think she will be able to stay strong?

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Source: AllKpop
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Sunmi being fresh-faced and flawless, netizens say she's "stunning"

Former member of the Wonder Girls Sunmi is gaining more attention lately for her recent tweets.

Sunmi's last twitter showed off her newly dyed light brown hair. The photo, her fresh face with the newly dyed hair shows off her feminine charms, captivating those following her on twitter as well as netizens.

Her cute facial expressions, pretty pout, and the shy pose where she hides her face in her arm shows off a youthful, and rested photo, making her seem as though she's still in her teens.

Netizens warmly complemented the photos, saying "her happy face makes her attitude seem so bright and colorful," "this mature, clean style is so attractive," and "her face is so moisturised and clear."

After her withdrawl, Sunmi signed ip for a Twitter to post photos and keep up communication with her fan, making headlines back in July. As of now, she is getting prepared for the start of the 2011 Dogguk University school year for her first year as a Theatre Arts major.

Source: NTN; translation: myself
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Rainbow’s Jisook taken to the ER

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On October 18th, Rainbow’s Jisook was taken to the emergency room due to an alarmingly high fever.

Ignoring her flu-like symptoms, Kim Jisook has been throwing herself in her preparations for Rainbow’s comeback album. Consequently, she collapsed during a practise with a high fever and was immediately rushed to the emergency room.

A DSP Entertainment representative said,

“Her temperature went close to 40°, peaking at 39° but it has now subsided after emergency treatment at the hospital. We will pay more attention to each members’ health in future.”

The representative confirmed that it will not affect the group’s schedule in any way. They said,

“Rainbow’s heart and soul was put into their 2nd digital single album ‘Mach‘. On the 21st, they will have their comeback stage on ‘M! Countdown‘, and will continue to show splendid performances and vigorous activities through publicly-broadcasted music programs.“

Hopefully, her illness is nothing too serious so that Jisook will be able to recover fully before her schedule gets more jam-packed with comeback promotions.

Source: AllKpop
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Seo Woo hit with poor acting accusations again

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Actress Seo Woo has been hit with poor acting accusations once more due to viewers believing that her image does not fit with the character well enough.

Seo Woo is currently playing the role of aspiring movie starlet, Baek In Gi in MBC’s “Flames of Ambition.” Baek In Gi is a woman that has thrown away her past in order to run towards success, fully believing that she must succeed in order to achieve happiness.

On a recent episode broadcast on October 17th, Seo Woo had to play a scene where she glared at a number of reporters after one of them had asked her an annoying question and she even flipped them the middle finger (which was aired as it is, uncensored) before storming off.

Some viewers believed that she handled the scene well, commenting, “I can see her improving,” “It was nice to see a different side to her,” and “She seems to express evil characters well,” etc.

Others said, “Her speech was too awkward, it was hard to concentrate,” “Her image doesn’t fit her character,” and “Her acting is so poor, I was ringing my wringing my hands in embarrassment.”

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Source + Photos: TV Report, AllKpop

Changmin, Victoria, & Kyuhyun at Sikyung's Concert

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These three SM Entertainment family members recently went to a concert together!

f(x)‘s Victoria, Super Junior‘s KyuHyun, and DBSK‘s ChangMin were spotted at ballad singer Sung SiKyung‘s latest concert. Some fans managed to snap a few photos of the trio enjoying the show, so check them out below!

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source: kpoplive

OMG I totally ship Vic and Changmin :D
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Is 2PM China's pick for Most Popular Asian Singer?

2PM might have a good chance of getting an award at this years "Asian Music Festival" in China.

On the 18th, JYPE announced that the group had been nominated for the category of "Asia's Most Popular Singer" at the ‘2010 MMH (CCTV/MTV Mandarin Music Honors),' the award show hosted in Beijing.

The 2010 MMH is this years biggest music showcase in China. The MTV and the CCTV are held annually, and it will showcase top starts from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian singers.

This year, Hong Kong's Alan Tam (谭咏麟), Taiwan's David Tao, Singapore's Lin Junjie (林俊杰), China's Na Ying (那英) and other will decorate the stage.

Jang Nara and Shin Seunghoon will be receiving the "Best from Korea" award.

2PM is currently promoting with their newly released mini-album 'Still 2PM' with the title track "I'll be back."

Source: Naver News;translation by myself

Work it, boys~

edit whoops, it was announced that they won, not were nominated. the article's wording wasn't the best ever and I got a hint confused.
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dara's me2day update with seungri

승리아카데미의 승리원장님과 그의 첫번째이자 유일한 수제자인 다라학생!ㅋㅋㅋ 덕분에 강심장에서 열심히 할수있었던 다라! 한편 박봄은 잠깐 승리아카데미에 등록을햇지만 원장님과의 짧은 대화뒤에 코드가 맞지않아 바로 탈퇴햇다고함!ㅋㅋ 이제 엠넷틀어놓고 대기하세용!^.^

TRANSLATIONS: Seungri Academy’s dean, Seungri appointed his first and only student, Dara!kekeke Dara was able to do a great job in Strong Heart and it’s all thanks to him! On the other hand, Park Bom registered into Seungri Academy and waited but the Dean said the short code she entered was wrong and immediately told her to leave!keke Please wait for MNET to air!^.^

Translated by: Isha@21BANGS.com

sources: dara's me2day & bbupdates
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Stars with freak habits will be revealed in new show

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SBS E!TV’s “Tak Jae Hoon’s Style – Star Q10” will be dedicating an episode to some of the weird and sometimes incurable habits that popular stars suffer from.

The show has researched a variety of different, seemingly perfect stars and has found out a few of their habits, such as drinking, exhibitionism, shopping addictions, and a tendency to listen to and follow whatever someone says.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun was chosen as one of the stars with the worst drinking habits. The show will reveal a story of when he even went as far as to put his mother in a headlock during a drunken episode, fans who learned about this were very surprised.

SNSD’s Jessica was also revealed to have a habit of calling anyone when she is drunk and totally forgetting about it the next day. SNSD’s Taeyeon is said to have ‘cases of absent-mindedness,’ where she admitted to an episode of when she lost her phone and later found it inside the refrigerator.

The star with the addiction to pornography will be revealed through “Tak Jae Hoon Style” on October 20th at 7 PM.

Frontier Times, Issue Prime
Sasiharan's Youtube
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Donghae confirmed for a drama!

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Categorize this one under ‘confirmed’! Super Junior’s Donghae has just authenticated rumors of himself starring in the upcoming SBS drama “It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter“.

He’s been slotted to play a character named ‘Choi Wook Gi’, a responsible and moral type of man. Co-starring with CNBLUE’s Minhyuk, the two singers will ironically be portraying bandmates.

Donghae said, “I’m nervous since it’s my first role in a drama, but I want to try hard and show an impressive side of myself.”

He is the fourth member of Super Junior to go into acting. The drama will air on November 22nd, after the conclusion of ‘Doctor Champ’, which stars Donghae’s fellow SuJu member Shindong.

Source + Photo: Newsen (no link-back)
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Co.ed's new music videos top the real-time MV charts at #1 and #2

Mixed 10-member group Co.ed has landed their two music videos #1 and #2 on real time charts.

On the 19th, Co.ed revealed music videos for "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" and "Loving You a Thousand Times" and quickly gained public interest. After 2 hours, the music videos charted side by side on real-time charts, ranking #1 and #2.

"Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" is an up-beat dance track while "Loving You a Thousand Times" is a stylish pop ballad.

The 6 men and 4 women of Co.ed have been working on promoting "Too Late."

Following on the 21st, Co.ed will perform their new title song "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" and "Too Late" on M.net M!Countdown.

Nate News
Mellymelmellymel123's Youtube
Nate News
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SNSD to make “Hoot” comeback first on Music Bank

Having revealed teaser photos of SNSD’s upcoming concept for their 3rd mini album, “Hoot” in the past two days, SM Entertainment has revealed further information about their impending comeback.

It has been 7 months since SNSD last released their “Run Devil Run” repackaged album in March and the girls have since then been kept really busy with their solo concerts, SM Town Live ‘10, Japan promotions, individual activities and rehearsals.

So it was a big surprise when teaser photos of their “Hoot” mini album started appearing in the past 2 days through their official website, leaving fans to anticipate what the girls will bring this time.

Their mini album will be released on the 27th and SNSD will start full music show promotions through Music Bank from the 29th.

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Asia Song Festival 2010 Information and Artists

The largest and most popular music festival in Asia, "Let's Go G20 Concert, 2010 Asia Song Festival," will open its stage at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium on October 23 (Sat.) at 17:00.

The 7th Asia Song Festival, jointly hosted by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE), Seoul City and UNICEF, will take place as Asia¡'s exclusive international charity music festival titled, "Let's Go G20 Concert" in celebration of the G20 Seoul Summit. Top stars from Asia will gather together on one stage and deliver melodies of hope to the world. This year, 12 teams from 6 Asian nations will participate in the Festival and present an impressive stage of harmony.

This year, major Korean broadcasters as well as NHK and Nihon TV from Japan, CCTV from China, TVB from Hong Kong, AZIO and GTV from Taiwan and CH9 from Thailand have shown interest in the Festival. This year's Asia Song Festival is expected to record the largest scale of coverage to date.

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SOURCE: Asia song festival official site, Asia song festival official site 2
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According to the biggest IRL troll after Heechul, Ryeowook is going to be enlisted soon

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On October 17th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert,’ gagman Wang Biho returned to tease more celebrities, focusing this time on the girls of miss A as well as on female solo artist, Beige.
He first began with Beige, joking, “I think you picked your name wrong. When I search your name on portal sites, the results show objects that are beige color.”
Wang Biho then told her that she carries around a jinx: “In the past, you filmed your ‘Jijiri‘ MV with Lee Si Young and Jun Jin. The two, who were a couple back then, soon broke up. Now recently, you filmed a MV with Super Junior’s Ryeowook. I heard that Ryeowook is going to be enlisted…?”
SM Entertainment played down the fear of fans afterwards by assuring that Wang Biho was just cracking a joke and rumors of Ryeowook joining the army were unfounded.
Remember folks, Wang Biho’s teases are just for laughs.

Source: New Daily (no link-back)

lol there's still ~6 more years to go WBH x__x
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Uhm Jung Hwa diagnosed with thyroid cancer

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It has been revealed post-surgery that actress and singer Uhm Jung Hwa had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She is currently reported to be cured and rehabilitating.

On October 20th, Shim Entertainment revealed that Uhm Jung Hwa underwent thyroid cancer surgery this past May. During a full body check-up, the hospital found a small tumor and Uhm Jung Hwa was hospitalized for three days and discharged.

The official stated, “We had discovered it early, it wont affect her role in Superstar K2 or future works.”

Uhm Jung Hwa won the Best Female Actress Award for “Best Seller” at Chunsan Film Festival and will pick her next work after Superstar K2.

Photo & news: nate (no link-back)

omg what ;__;
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Co.Ed accused of plagiarizing GaGa

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The follow up song for 10-member mixed co-ed group, Co.ed, "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" has been gaining popularity and slowly a plagiarism controversy has been raised.

On the 19th, Co.ed revealed their songs "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" and "Loving You A Thousand Times" along with music videos. 2 hours after the initial release, they quickly rose to the #1 and #2 placements on GOMTV real-time music video charts.

Many Internet users have brought up that the chorus in the song "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom" is similar to pop singer Lady Gaga's "Telephone." Both of the songs have a progress in the chorus and the pronunciation sounds similar in both of the songs.

On the United States based Korean gossip site, Allkpop, netizens commented "Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' is nearly identical, 'Upon hearing this, Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' comes to mind," were the reactions. Some said, "Even the title is the same to Narsha's 'Bbiribbabba.'"

Co.ed made a public debut last month on the 30th with "Too Late." Also with that song was suspicions of familiarity between Britney Spears' "If U Seek Amy" which was used in the Hyundai Tucson IX CF.

6 boys and 4 girls, Co.ed will perform on the 21st broadcast of Mnet M!Countdown with both "Too Late" and "Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom."

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Co.ed

I heard the similarity as well :| Tagged scandals since we don't have a plagiarism tag.
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Brown Eyed Girls member JeA featured in Thai singer, Film Rattapoom’s MV for ‘Face 2 Face’

Back in late August, photos of Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea in Thailand filming the music video for Thai singer, Film Rattapoom’s latest track ‘Face 2 Face’ were revealed. Jea got on a plane and headed to Bangkok for the duration of 5 days and 4 nights from August 16th to 20th.

Well, it took some time but the MV for the track has finally been revealed! Check out the sexy MV below:

During her Thailand trip, Jea said that Thai food was very delicious and recommended trying Tom Yam Kung. She added that if Brown Eyed Girls were to begin activities in Thailand, it wouldn’t be difficult to adjust to the new culture because she likes Thai food.

source: allkpop, BEGTHAILAND

Look at all those special effects! JeA looking hot as usual. This Film Rattapoom dude doesn't look too bad but... his sideburns. D:
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MBLAQ comeback postponed til 2011

MBLAQ's comeback for this November has been postponed.

MBLAQ's agency J. Tune's Entertainment said on the 19th, "There have been change of plans with their comeback this November. In order to give a more mature album that expresses their heart and soul, we will be preparing much longer."

MBLAQ has been seen with different hairstyles and it has caught the attention of fans. Fans are already expecting MBLAQ's comeback due to their change of hairstyles that are a sign of an upcoming comeback. However, Their officials said that they just changed their hairstyles and it was not for their comeback.

The official continued, "We do not know the exact time of their comeback but it will be around early next year. We will take as much time as we need despite it being a long time to give a better album from MBLAQ".

MBLAQ fans are showing signs of disappointment, however it is for the good of MBLAQ as well. Meanwhile, Lee Joon is active in the drama "Jungle Fish 2".

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

WAYLT Papa Rain.

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JYJ ‘Munsan Document’ Turns to be ‘Official Document’

Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) (hereafter Munsan) on last October 13th sent out official letters of request to three public broadcasting stations MBC, SBS KBS, as well as cable broadcasting station, and other various online album distribution sites to refrain JYJ from making appearances on shows and halt album sales.

This letter of request seems to be in conform with SM Entertainment’s action on the 8th, that was filing a provisional injunction application to Seoul Central Distric Court against JYJ exclusive contract and to ban the sales of their first world wide album ‘The Beginning’, after this news became widely known, it’s been caused a considerable stir into the already high-tense situation.

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Source: Today Korea
Trans: SYC

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lol, Jo Kwon and Ga In cast as siblings in upcoming daily drama

You may currently know these two actors, Jeon Tae-soo and Yoon Seung-ah, better by their characters’ names in their current dramas — which would be the devious school president Ha In-soo of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Ha-ni’s best friend Dokko Min-ah ofPlayful Kiss. (You probably recognize them better in character, above, than dressed as their normal selves, below.) Now both will be acting in an upcoming MBC sitcom, titled All My Love [몽땅 내 사랑].

They’ll be joining several idol stars making their cross-overs into acting (why??), such as Jo Kwon of 2AM fame, Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls, and Yoon Doo-joon of Beast. Let’s just hope Jeon and Yoon get some quality screen time, since they’ve proven they have some acting talent.
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Source: OSEN, TV Daily
Via: Dramabeans

ok this article is mostly about the 2 pictured at the top, but i'm sorry... from fake couple to twin siblings? i can't be the only one who thinks this is really funny
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SS501 To Return In First Half of 2011

SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon confirmed in an interview with Sports World that SS501
will return even with the recent division into separate agencies and careers. He
stated, “When our individual activities and promotions end, the members of SS501
will reunite in the first half of 2011 with a new album. We will also hold
concerts with the album promotions.”

Kim Hyung Joon continued, “Although negative opinions rose as we joined
different agencies, our unity is absolute. Like Shinhwa, we will pursue our
personal dreams but always be part of SS501.”

He also described the bond between each members, “When we decided to go our
separate ways, we promised to keep our group intact. It was the foremost
prerequisite for our new contracts. We only need to decide the release date for
the album.”

I hope this quenches the thirst that SS501 fans have had about the group’s

Source: daum(an html link was not supplied)

here's the magazine's direct link...------>http://sportsworldi.segye.com/Articles/EntCulture/Article.asp?aid=20101019005065&subctg1=10&subctg2=00




WG's new album to feature tracks written by Britney Spears & Miley Cyrus’ Song Writers

On 18th October, at the Pivot Conference, Crowne Plaza Times Square, JY-Park gave a speech on his brand story of the JYP Entertainment and gave some tidbits on what Wonder Girls fans can expect in the coming year.

Under his speech on “Qualities of a Global Star”, JY-Park mentioned that the Wonder Girls is currently shooting the first episode of a Wonder Girls Television Series, about 5 talented Asian pop stars crossing over to the United States and getting lost, targeted at teens which will be due to be broadcast around the world.

Another point to look out for is that JY-Park also mentioned that the upcoming Wonder Girls album will feature tracks not only composed by JYP, but also song writers who wrote songs for famous pop stars like Miley Cyrus & Britney Spears.

Here are some key issues that JY-Park covered in his talk at the Pivot Conference 2010:
  • JY Park, who has 13 number 1 artists in Asia under his belt, disclosed his tips on creating a global star. His perspective was interesting to him, the world is divided by taste, no longer region.
  • In order for America to reach this under-utilized global market there are 2 important qualities: we must learn to be multi-lingual and multi-cultural.
  • The Wonder Girls trained for 6 years, Rain trained for 4. This is just training. American artists are no longer investing the time to become multi-talented and versatile artists.

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Source: Pivot, Wonderfuls World, PikeYenny4 @ YT

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After School’s ex-member Soyoung for Allure

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After School’s ex-member Soyoung delivered confident close-up photos for Allure.

This is her first photo spread since she debuted with After School. After leaving the group, she has been concentrating on her new solo career and has been working steadily towards her comeback.

At a photo studio in Seoul, Soyoung boldly presented a strong face, which was softened by the chic facial expressions and funky colored makeup.

A staff member on-set commented, “Even though this was her first beauty spread, she tackled it like a pro and the photoshoot went well. Her trademark is definitely her beautiful skin.”

Source: Sports Chosun
Photos: Allure

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Source: AllKpop

I don't know about that makeup but I love her eyes sfm.