October 23rd, 2010


I am SHINee's representative.

I'm here to give all of the fans the good news you've been waiting for.
The shining SHINee's first concert in Seoul has been scheduled.

[ SHINee - The 1st Concert in Seoul ]
Date: 1st Show - December 18, 2010 (Saturday)
_____ 2nd Show - December 19,2010 (Sunday)
Location: KBS 88 Building
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Park Doorami shares her thoughts about having celebrity siblings


Doorami whose the only one of park’s family, the one who has her private life and ordinary simple girl, studying as university student,still captured netizen eyes..with same looks with her sister

Sandara Park’s sister,Doorami Park’s pictures have surfaced and netizens have been commenting on her good looks. Although they have a 5 year age difference, Doorami (21) and Sandara (26), they sure don’t look it.

Doorami’s got the same nose, eyes, and face structure. You can definitely tell they are siblings, and good looking at that! Sandara’s been capturing the hearts of celebrities and fanboys, and I’m sure Doorami will as well, I wonder when she’s going to hit up the Korean Entertainment scene – it’s only a matter of time!

A good looking family all around, as Sandara’s brother Park Sanghyun, has received much praise.

she wrote on her diary about her thoughts having a celebrities siblings

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source: 2every1
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BoA's heading to Hollywood in January

We reported some time ago that BoA was starring in an upcoming U.S. dance flick directed by Duane Adler and produced by Robert Cort.

According to recent news, BoA has been preparing for the film with an acting coach and will begin filming early next year. BoA addressed that she is most concerned about the delivery of her lines and the choreography.

Acting isn't new to BoA. She has made an guest-appearance on the Korean sitcom Golbaengi (Korean Snail) in 2000, voice acting for the Japanese and Korean version of "Over the Hedge", and will make a special appearance in the upcoming Korean drama "ATHENA: Goddess of War".

BoA also plans to release another Japanese single before heading back over to the U.S., as well as holding the X'mas” LIVE 2010 concert in Tokyo, Japan, on December 20th and 21st.

source: metrosoul.co.kr + soompi + boajjang

also not mentioned, but according to a fan account, BoA said that she would be attending all three gayo daejuns at the end of this year. :)

MBC, SBS, & KBS angered over Mnet’s “MAMA” show

The three major public broadcasting companies - MBC, SBS, and KBS - are all angered over cable channel Mnet’s decision to hold their year-end awards ceremony, MAMA (“Mnet’s Asian Music Awards”), on a weekend.

The three are arguing that with the MAMA opening on Sunday November 28th in Macau, top celebrities must leave Korea by the 27th at the latest, forcing singers to choose between MBC and SBS’s weekend music programs or attending the ceremony.

The industry has taken Mnet’s decision to hold the MAMA on such an inappropriate date as a challenge against the public broadcast companies. Many representatives have already noticed that the three companies are feeling very uncomfortable with the amount of success that “Superstar K” has managed to garner.

A representative of Mnet clarified, “The MAMA will be opening on a Sunday due to an on-site survey in Macau. There is no other reason behind this decision.”

Industry representatives are also wary of whether the contestants of “Superstar K” will be accepted by the public broadcast companies, since they were raised by a cable channel. Yet at the same time (since MBC has been inspired to create their own audition program, “The Birth of a Star“), many have been speculating as to how much support the ”The Birth of a Star” contestants will be given from KBS, SBS, and Mnet.

One industry representative revealed, “Public broadcast companies feel immense pride in knowing that they can create their own popular singers and change the music market. However, this influence is slowly declining with the increasing usage of the internet and the fast advancement of cable channel Mnet. If the battle of pride between these channels continue to escalate in severity, it’ll be much easier for one broadcast company to push for a particular artist or completely ignore another artist as they please.”

Netizens commented, “Mnet, CJE, and Core Contents Media are all one company anyway. They should just make their own public broadcast company,” and “Well, the public broadcast companies can make their own SM Entertainment special then.”

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Goo Hara was beaten up during high school!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KARA’s Goo Hara recently revealed a bit about her school life, during her appearance on KBS 2TV’s variety program “Nocturnal.”

On the show, she confessed that she was bullied by older female classmates due to being too popular with the male students.

“It wasn’t just simply bullying though, it was a lot more shocking. Girls would come to my classroom and beat me up.”

The MCs thought lightly of it and commented, “They probably just hit you one or two times,” causing Goo Hara to retort, “They really did beat me up until I was about to die!”

She then got up and reenacted the scene herself, causing the MCs to burst out in laughter.

Goo Hara’s high school experience can be seen on October 24th at 11:15 PM.


wow so many people jealous of amuro namie's stunning beauty!
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Twitter, and Infinity Challenge don't give a damn about KFCchickens

JYJ Falls into Twitter, Netizens “I want to start creating mine too.”

Members of group JYJ Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, and Kim Junsu has been active in twitter thus attracts a lot of interests.

On last 21st Park Yoochun had released his personal twitter that quickly followed by his fellow members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu right after.

Three days ago Kim Jaejoong created his twitter account and launched it by an announcement at Park Yoochun’s twitter to his followers. Meanwhile Kim Junsu on the 22nd announced his twitter account by posting his opening tweet, “The person who has persuaded me to join twitter world is Yoochun, How is it, I haven’t done something like this before.” He briefly mentioned the difficulties of twitter system. Ever since, the three members have been quite active in their respective personal twitter by writing status and posting pictures.

With JYJ members have joined twitter, netizens left various comments such as, “Now I need to start my own twitter too” “It’s really nice to have chance to meet JYJ through twitter” “It feels close to keep in touch with them via twitter.”

Meanwhile only after one week Park Yoochun opened his twitter, he already has 70,000 followers, showing his immense popularity. Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu followers are also increasing in even faster rate.

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Some trolls give up, while some just won't

Sangjinse shuts down

An Internet cafe voluntarily shut down and made a public apology for having led a months-long campaign to cast doubt over the school records of popular singer Tablo.

The website, “Sangjinse,” short for “the world where common sense is the truth” in Korean, is one of two online communities that orchestrated what police called “smear campaigns” against the hip-hop singer for more than three months. Another Tablo-bashing site, “Tajinyo” is still operating.

Sangjinse cafe managers said in a statement that their way of raising questions over Tablo’s academic record was “problematic,” expressing hope that the voluntary shutdown will be seen as a gesture of apology to the singer and his family.

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TaJinYo 2

[omitted info mentioned in the first article]

SangJinSe was smaller than the leading Internet community roiling up rumors about Tablo, TaJinYo, or “We Request the Truth from Tablo,” which had roughly 180,000 members before it was shut down earlier this month. The manager of that forum, a 57-year-old ethnic Korean with U.S. citizenship living in Chicago surnamed Kim, has an arrest warrant against him issued by the Seoul police.

However, the spite lives on. Several thousand former TaJinYo members have reconstituted themselves in a second club, known as TaJinYo 2. Yesterday, they posted a notice about SangJinSe’s decision to end membership, saying: “They must have been bribed by Tablo.”

Source: Park Si-soo @ The korea Times & Christine Kim @ JoongAng Daily

2PM’s Wooyoung confesses to liking a girl… who is it?

2PM’s Wooyoung confessed that he used to have a crush on an episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Birthday.”

He stated, “I’ve never dated anyone thus far. I don’t even know what dating is or how to do it. However, I found someone I liked after I debuted and unfortunately didn’t know what to do. I eventually ended up losing her since I wasn’t able to meet her often due to my career.”

He continued, “She was an exchange student and left soon after. It was a truly difficult time for me.”

After hearing of his confession, the rest of the 2PM members expressed their shock by stating, “We had no idea that he went through this.” Wooyoung shyly added, “It’s something I’ve never told anyone, not even as an MC for ‘Win Win.’”

When asked about what kind of girl she was, he answered, “She’s not a celebrity, just a normal person.” The 2PM members nodded their heads in understanding and felt regretful in not being able to help him.

Source: Newsen, allkpop

my bb seo in gook

Eric, U-Know Yunho, Kim Kang Woo "only doing a test for Poseidon"

Have U-Know Yunho, Kim Kang Woo and Eric been cast in the drama 'Poseidon'?

On 20th Oct, a video posted on the official website of the Korean Coast Guard showed U-Know Yunho, Kim Kang Woo and Eric in the midst of training. However the video has since been removed from the website. The video was apparently of the actors in the midst of doing a test, and they have not actually been cast yet.

Reps from the actors' management agencies said, "It's true that they were taking a test onsite after receiving an offer to participate in the drama, but the final casting has not been decided yet. The final casting will be decided through the results of the test and by an observation of how well they work with the rest of the team."

'Poseidon' is a 20-episode drama scheduled for broadcast in the first half of next year, and is Korea's first drama about the Coast Guard.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

This is a lee seung gi post

Lee Seung Gi wins 2010 Korea Advertisers Association Good Model Award, 2nd year in a row [Article]

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2010 KAA Awards, Seunggi & Minah speeches [EngSubs]

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Han Hyo Joo talks about her friend Seunggi [Article]

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Lee Seung Gi promotes 2010 Dream concert

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Source(s): lsgfan.wp 1 lsgfan.wp 2 lsgfan.wp 3 1n2dfansubs.wp ENGrapport(youtube) newsen asia today star news dongA TV Daily FNN sports chosun

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Stephanie will be back.

Idol Returning as a Ballerina Kim Bo Kyung

Ten years as a Ballerina, Stephanie became a member of CSJH - During Japanese promotions injured her back, after 2 years has had a heartfelt successful rehabilitation - She auditioned and made it into the LA Ballet dance team - Folding her dreams as a singer, knocking on it again

Back that felt like it was dragging her body down. Not being able to maintain her body due to fatigue. Breaking into sweat in the cold practice rooms and collapsing to the floor.

Cheers and applause from fans felt as if they were fading. Losing consciousness within these thoughts.

In winter 2008 in Tokyo, Japan near a practice room. With a large concert ahead, the 4 member groups were preoccupied with practice, but one member injured her back. All activities were halted. Nabbing the Asian market was only a hands reach away, but the dream quickly collapsed. The frustration of it felt bigger than the pain in her back. Dancing was her all, but not being able to do so, cried everyday. At the end of her struggles, she chose to go to the States, where her family resides.

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Source: Korea Daily
Roughly translated by: tenjo-soul @ Soompi

Oh my goodness. ♥

This Is Asia Song Festival Post

After the press conference yesterday, the actual “2010 Asia Song Festival” finally kicked off at 6 PM at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Athletics Stadium this evening.

Hosted by UNICEF and KOFICE, the event was the first official cultural event in celebration of the G20 summit to be held in Seoul next month, with a total of 18 different groups representing Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of Asia, along with 40,000 fans in attendance.

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SOURCE: Allkpop, angelmingdow, aceham8, b2utyJKrose, jpbsone19, z060111wff, matsuoo01, idiot7590, matsuoo01, mochalj, chengsiyuan19890530, mochalj, allkpop
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Fandoms eat Music Bank results, netizens cry moar

Ga-In's loss on music programs spark criticisms on manipulated results, unreasonable standards

Ga-In's recent defeat by 2PM on KBS's 'Music Bank' has sparked a heated debate amongst netizens and industry representatives alike. The 'Irreversible' singer had already suffered a loss on Mnet's 'M Countdown' due to their unclear voting standards, as well as their restrictive system of voting (qualifying votes are made through me2day or Twitter only).

Many have already predicted her loss on 'Music Bank' as well, since the program seems to cater to artists with larger fandoms.

Ga-in had a considerable lead in every category except for 'album sales', causing netizens to discuss the low result heatedly on online message portals. Scathing comments were left, such as, 'This was manipulated. JYPE bought back their own albums in order to give the win to 2PM', 'It's such a disappointment that a group won just because of blind album sales and not because of talent', and 'This is why the state of our music industry is such a mess.'

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Earlier in the week we reported that KBS's long running variety program Star Golden Bell was coming to an end. Star Golden Bell was reportedly being replaced by a show titled Oh!My School due to both programs being similar in content. However, KBS’s variety production center CP, Ha Won, stated on October 21st that “nothing is decided as of yet.”

As the future of Star Golden Bell is still up in the air we do know that Oh! My School will air next week on KBS and a pretty exciting teaser for the show was recently revealed.

Pretty cool seeing the various idols from 2PM, SHINee, U-KISS, Miss A, B2ST, Rainbow, Sistar, and others all in the teaser! It looks like the MC’s for the show will be Park Myung Soo, Park Kyung Lim, Tony An, and Yoo Sae Yoon. The first episode is scheduled to air on October 30th at 5:15PM.

Source:allkpoop , vid dotakpop01@yt

permanent panel: Taecyeon ,Simon D (yeaah), Yoo Saeyoon, Tony Ahn
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Rainbow's belly button dance is allowed on 'Dae Mul', but not on 'Inkigayo'?

The bulletin boards became hot after Rainbow's appearance on 'Dae Mool' with the belly button dance which became restricted from broadcasts after the program aired.

On the past 20th, Rainbow has appeared on SBS 'Dae Mul' as by-election supporters and has danced the belly button dance to catch the peoples attention. The belly button dance was a choreography from Rainbow's hit song 'A', they lift their shirt and show they belly button and they received an intellectual saying that it was 'obscene' , Since they couldn't promote 'A' properly, they have stopped the promotion.

After the broadcast, people have told the following to the producers on the bulletin boards such as"I don't know the determinations of the broadcast banning", "'Dae Mul' is rated PG-15 just like SBS Inkigayo', People said 'I was really confused when I was watching the drama with my child', 'If the broadcast goes on fire, won't the drama too?', 'If you cannot change the choreography, can't you work on the clothes?' and etc...

Source: yahoo
Translation: Prismatic7

Lee Joon rejected by Jea and Jung Juri?

Comedian Jung Juri and Brown Eyed Girls member Jea previously revealed that they liked MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. However, it now seems that they’re turned off by him?

On today’s KBS Star Golden Bell, Jea, along with band mate Miryo, were guests and helped create a very hilarious episode.

The MC, Ji Suk Jin, asked Jea, “Ga-in is receiving much love from her fake marriage. If you were to do the same thing, who would you choose as your husband?” She responded, “If he was older, So Ji Sub and if he was younger, Song Joong Ki.”

Miryo revealed, “I would like to choose John Park.”

Ji Suk Jin then said, “Jea, in the past you stated you liked Lee Joon. Are you over him now?”, which she responded, “Lee Joon is too talkative these days.”

Jung Juri joined the conversation and stated, “Lee Joon is the type to get stale fast~ Even I don’t have much interest in him now.”

Lee Joon, who was also on the episode, responded, “I’m a little depressed because of Jea-noona, but I’m really thankful to Jung Juri for saying that.”

source: allkpop
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N. Korea defectors / Arrested women drawn to Japan by earning potential in adult industry

North Korean defectors appear to be traveling to this nation from South Korea to earn an income in the adult entertainment industry, with a series of arrests having been made in connection with two adult businesses in Ueno, Tokyo.

A woman who defected from North Korean was deported from Japan to South Korea in mid-October after being convicted of illegally operating an adult salon in Ueno, according to Metropolitan Police Department sources.

The woman fled North Korea for South Korea in July 2004, but she came to Japan in April 2006 after experiencing financial difficulties in South Korea.

She opened the adult salon in January last year, and was arrested in May this year, the police said.
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Beast is going to BLING again!

As soon as the title song ‘Breath’ is released, it places first on the music chart in an hour
Practicing 6~7 hours a day… they are happy looking at how much they changed
The ‘greedy guys’ with already 3 albums only a year into their debut
Part 2 of the 3rd AlbumㆍEnd of year concert, filled with ‘big schedules’

“The work had been laid out, now it’s our job to fulfill them one by one.”

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 Source: FNN
Translations: aoistars@b2strising

Cannot wait for bling bling BEAST!