October 24th, 2010

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pics mcd@2pmalways , pics gumiLfestival@2pmalways and fyjunho , gumifancam thranghamnida@yt,cr:la miel.
Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways ,sanakujira9th@yt , junhoarticle@2pmalways Trans by Egle cr:newsen ,
junho fancam emperornuneo@yt cr:aboutaboy .2pmarticle@2pmalways taken from dkpopnews cr:blueprincess824

taking jjang to new heights. [백경]

Previously M.I.A 1TYM members post!

Baekkyoung & Jinhwan's Curry Restaurant (AhBiGo)

1TYM’s Song Baek Kyung has revealed through his personal Twitter that he has opened a curry restaurant with fellow member Oh Jinhwan on October 24th.

He tweeted, “It finally opened today! Please come visit at Apkujeong’s rodeo. Come and have some delicious curry.” He then tweeted again with a picture of the congratulatory flowers that the couple of Se7en and Park Han Byul delivered in celebration of the restaurant’s opening. “Our Dong Wook cares the best~ Se7en, thanks man. Thanks to Han Byul too.”

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Danny will visit Thailand again for YG Auditions

Im Taebin, a member of 1TYM, is preparing to visit Thailand again, to participate as a judge in the First YG auditions in Thailand: ‘The First YG Audition in Thailand’. Thai children will have the opportunity to participate as part of the YG Family.

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Sources: TVDaily, Bacon's twitter, akp, YGWorld [edits for grammar]

So glad to know Baek and Jinhwan still do things together. Hope it goes well for them! Also nice to see YG expanding horizons.



Sooyoung: Good evening. I'm Sooyoung who likes Woody from Toy story.
Yuri: Good evening. I'm Yuri who likes cooking.
Tiffany: good evening. I'm Tiffany a girl that loves music.
Seohyun: good evening. I'm Seohyun snsd's maknae who likes healthy food.
Hyoyeon: good evening. I'm Hyoyeon who likes peaches. (she said the Japanese word for peach several times wrong so cute)
Jessica: I have a slight cold today. I'm Jessica
Yoona: I'm Yoona who likes milktea.
Sunny: I'm Sunny who recently started to like pudding.
Taeyeon: I'm Taeyeon who likes puppies.

What Japanese food do you like?
Hyo: Sukiyaki
guy presenter: didn't you say just now you liked peaches?
Hyo: ah momo momo. (lol)
Seohyun: sushi
Jessica: yakiniku (korean bbq)
Yuri: takoyaki (fried octopus balls)
seohyun: lately I eat a lot of natto. (fermented soybeans, very sticky and they have a bad smell)
female MC: Natto?
Seohyun: yeah it's good for your health.
Mc: are there other girls that like natto?
Yuri: HAI (yes)
and Taeyeon and Fany too.
MC: How about the others? Just so-so?
the rest doesn't answers
Mc: ah so not really.

What is the Japanese word you recently remembered?
Sunny: nikiniko mini coopereiru. (means smiling)
Sooyoung: mimi ni nokoru (meaning: linger in my heart or ring in my ears)
Seohyun: I'm worried because I don't hear what children say.
Mc: wow a whole phrase.
Mc: have you been in such a situation?
Seohyun: I read it in a book while I was studying.
Translations by Kkabbekky@ssf
cr; Suteaka0608h62

can someone honestly tell me how good/bad their Japanese is? :( little disappointed that Sunny cracked a little bit of Korean in the middle, but still.
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Lee Min-jung at Haeundae for High Cut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lee Min-jung is fast becoming a household name. Her latest film, romantic comedy Cyrano Dating Agency is a smash hit, spending three weeks in the number one spot in box office sales, handily surpassing the 2-million ticket mark. I pretty much died of envy watching every drama character in the last month go on dates to watch this movie. Methinks we’ll be seeing a lot of her, on the big and small screen in the months to come.

Here she heads to the Haeundae coast in a shoot for High Cut, in a perfect little peacoat. I love that her nails match. Frankly, the clothes hardly matter, as long as she’s wearing that winning smile of hers.

Can’t wait to see Cyrano, and hope to see her headlining a drama soon.

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Source: Dramabeans
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Article about two out of seven of Rainbow's flawless HBICs

Kim Jaekyung "Love? I have to do without my manager knowing" truthful confession

Rainbow's Kim jae Kyung has given a truthful definition about Love.

On the MBC entertainment program "Youth Variety Flower Bouquet", a contest on out of the idol, who read the most books for 'Reading King'.
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Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7

SeungA, 100 days-child photo revealed alone 'complete

It has been revealed that Oh SeungA a member from 7 member girl group Rainbow, has been showing a different appearance since the young days.
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Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7
{택} fuck all y'all


I got into the Synnara fansign today, and ajhgdsakhsdg MY LIFE. COMPLETE.

The came out a little later than their 6:30 start time and they looked pretty tired (the had come right from Inki), but they were still all smiles and really sweat to the fans.

They were ordered in how they appear in the album's booklet, so Taec, Junsu, Wooyoung, Khun, Junho, and then Chansung.

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Sources: Newsen, StarNews, TVDaily and myself.


Bugs 2PM Interview + Photos from PKL Starry Night

2PM has returned as upgraded beast idols for "I'll Be Back."

The "I'll Be Back" beast idols have returned. With an even stronger image than ever of "Upgrade 2:00pm," they have released their mini album "Still 2:00PM." Mischieviously, the six familiar men haven't changed, and they have armed themselves as an even stronger and more intense 2PM when I met with them for the interview.

Hello. Please give a greeting to everyone at Bugs.

Junsu: Hello. I'm Junsu of 2PM. I will show a cool image to everyone who waited for us.

Junho: Everyone at Bugs! 2PM has returned. We'll work hard so as not to disappoint you!

Chansung: Hello. I'm the youngest, Chansung. We sweated buckets working hard and preparing. Please love and support us lots.

Taecyeon: Hello! This is Taecyeon. 2PM really did "I'll Be Back." Please enjoy our strong image!

Wooyoung: Hello. This is Wooyoung. Have all of you at Bugs been well!? 2PM has arrived.

Nichkhun: Hello. This is 2PM Nichkhun.

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Original Source: http://music.bugs.co.kr/holic/interview/6294?page=1&sort=new
Korean to Japanese by Love Our Time
Translated by dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org
Starry Night photos from Wild2day.org

IU's new message in her fan cafe - New album and recent photo shoots

On my way to recording~

IU 2010.10.22. 15:36
Hello everyone~~~ It's been a long time again, yeah?

Today is a school-free day!!! (Yes!! So excited! kkkkkkk~ Tomorrow is Saturday! Oh yeahh!! And the day after that is Sunday!!)

I had a nap and woke up just then~ kk Now I'm slowly eating, and on my way to recording~^^

Isn't it such wonderful news?? Recordng! RECORDING!! kk I guess the new albums gonna be out soon~ I feel sorry for the person who was expecting it sooner... But it'll be released before the end of this year~ The interesting fact I have for you is that the song I’m recording today is the album’s first song!! kkk~ sorry to those who thought that we were in its final stages…

It was due to the reason that I’ve been choosing the songs really carefully so.. Please understand… ~ kkk are you disappointed? But it’s better than creating an album that is ‘sloppy’(?) cos it was rushed… yeahh?? ^^

Ahh… Since it’s the first song, I’m really looking forward to it!! kkkkkk It’s my first album recording in AGES!!!!! To be honest- when I was recording “It’s You”, I missed recording for my album.. T.T I’ll try my best today!! Ajah ajah!!

I hope that… with me featuring in Vogue Girl, Elle Girl, and Singles, this message would be consolation for people who got a bit of a shock from the pictures in the magazines~ pictures are just mere pictures~ IU didn’t change at all~ please don’t worry~ kkkk I’ve gotten quite a few criticisms, but it also made me feel like you guys treasure me the way I am~? ^^

I’ll try not to use that kind of clothing? Pose? Expressions? Mouth formations…..? kkkkkkkkkk~ You guys and I really like natural styles the most yeahh~ kk

I once saw a comment by a netizen saying “We need to make a mannequin/stuffing of IU before she changes” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I wish I saw more comments saying stuff like “oh well.. it was a great photo shoot and you looked really pretty “ or something.. But I’m pretty satisfied with the other comments kk

Even during the photo shoot, since it was the first time wearing those kind of clothes, I was thinking to myself “What am I doing in these clothes…?”~ All in all- I had a ton of fun~~

I had a LOT of fun at the photo shoot~ and I learnt a lot from the producers there and they treated me really well too~!

Since everyone seems to be concerned~ My new album concept and the photo shoot concepts are two entirely different things~ kk Everybody’s being too overprotective of me~ Like parents and older siblings… kkk but my mum reckons that the change is good in a way~

But it’s only my mum being so relaxed about it ehh?
Oopsies, I’ve been talking for too long… Time to go noww^^ Byebye~!

Source: IU's daum cafe
Translated by koreanPUFF @ weheartiu.com
Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

The dude in red pants & Co. took over Shanghai

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

101024 JYJ Showed an Exceptional Performance at 2010 East Asia Feiyang Concert

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credit: TV Daily
trans: sharingyoochun.net

101024 JYJ and Edison Chen Scored the Highest Popularity in the East Asia Feiyang Concert

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source: ChinaNews.com.cn
translation: arielle_saki @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

101024 Youngwoong Jaejoong, Excitement to The Red Pants “He has an extraordinary sense of fashion”

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credit: newsen
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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DBSKnights  1, 2,  3, 4
SYC 1, 2, 3

LOL @ Korean Media being all biased and focusing in Jaejoong (and his pants).


You may remember 2NE1 performing at the Opening Ceremony in March, but the real deal is finally here. South Korea is hosting their first F1 Grand Prix at Mokpo (about 5 hours south of Seoul). There was much debate as to whether or not the track would be complete on time, but fortunately through lots of hard work, the Koreans finished laying the racing tarmac 2 weeks ago. All that's left to do now is for a superb F1 race to christen the Yeongam circuit!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As I am fairly sure most of you aren't overly enthusiastic about motorsport, I've given you a quick summary. For those who want more info/pictures please follow the BBC link.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Source: Written by myself, Looshylu. All info from BBC. Images CBC , Allkpop
Baby G
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Gain 'Already Has A Man' On Chocolate + Strong Heart Photos

Gain made appearances on KJE's Chocolate and Strong Heart this weekend. Below is her performance of JYP's 'I Already Have A Girlfriend' on Chocolate, and after the cut are some photos from Strong Heart. Enjoy! ^^


On Strong Heart:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Source(s): EyedGirls1 + Photos as tagged
Shared: ravenngo @4Everlastings.com

Gorgeous, Sweet, Amazin' Baby G.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jieun, Secret

Who Whore It Better: Birds' Nest Edition

Poll #1635498 Who Whore It Better: Birds' Nest Edition

Who whore the birds' nest better?

Junhyunf looks fly regardless of the random shit in his hair
Jieun's birds' nest looks like a crown because she's a fuckin' princess

 Sources: 1, 2

Personally, I ship Jieun with Yoseob, so I have this theory that those two are fucking and then Junseob happened, thus passing it on to Junhyung...Though I'd be down for Jieun/Junhyung, too...

Regardless, although I love both Jieun and Junhyung very very much, I just can't understand why a birds' nest would ever be considered appropriate attire...

This post has been brought to you by Godwoon and his curry.


Japanese Idols SDN48 To Debut In Korea & Japan Simultaneously

Japanese idol group SDN48 will have their major debut next month on the 24th with their song “GAGAGA”. The song will be released simultaneously in Japan as well as Korea. Their producer Akimoto Yasushi announced it on the 23rd at a hotel in Seoul where the “Asia Music Industry Leaders Forum” was being held.

SDN48 is a sister unit to AKB48 which Akimoto also created. Their debut song was done by a Korean composer and there is a Korean rap also included in the song. Akimoto says it has a strong beat like SNSD, KARA, 4minute and other Korean girl groups. He says it also has a melody that will be stuck in your head. He introduces the concept of the song as, “J-POP that aims to be K-POP”.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Japanese Yonhap & issabox's YouTube
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

[101022] Eunhyuk & Eeteuk Talking About Getaway to Gapyeong & Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates

[101022] Eunhyuk & Eeteuk Talking About Getaway to Gapyeong

Leeteuk: Not long ago, members went to Gapyeong, we went for 2 days 1 night, and to also get a rest since we're there. During that time (,) we separated into teams for a soccer game, I was in a team together with Eunhyuk, Donghae and a manager.

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Source: sj-partners.cn
Chinese translation: 小果
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

101022 Update:
Translation by (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Source: ZhouMi's Weibo

101023 Update:
Source: ZhouMi's Weibo
Translated by SJ-World.net
Take out with full credits

101024 Update:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Shared by: IINA + chunny @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Kang Jiyoung proves that she is still the best maknae ever

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung appeared on a recent broadcast of ‘Golden Bell Challenge‘, where she exhibited her fresh charms.

This episode was about challenging students from Moo Hak Girls’ High School, and because Jiyoung is currently a student there, she appeared on set wearing her school uniform and without any makeup.

During the interview Jiyoung was asked, ‘How often do you go to school?‘, to which she answered, ‘I go to school almost everyday, but because of my busy schedule, I can’t attend all of my classes.

She continued, ‘Even though I wanted to participate on ‘Golden Bell Challenge’, I didn’t attend because I didn’t have confidence. There are a lot of smart students in our school, so I believe they will be able to do well. They think hard and look so good when they answer questions.

Despite having a busy schedule, Jiyoung participated on ‘Golden Bell Challenge’, and supported her friends until the end.

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I'm glad she's staying in school and trying to continue with her education, unlike some other group maknaes
yoonjo <3 taengsic

Kara goddesses body-wave pure sex in Jumping MV preview *HD update

KARA has already released the album covers for their new “Jumping” single, as well as demonstrated the dance stekaraps on Japanese television, and now a PV preview just over a minute long recently aired on Mezamashi TV.

The single will drop November 10th.

Sources: AKP
Updated with HD, and HD gif. Lol sorry mods, I'm trying to multitask too much. This is the only relevant thing in my life right now

KARA's Mister Certified Gold ~ Continues Being DSP's Only Cashcow

With their second Japanese single, "Jumping", set to be released on November 10th, the girls of KARA are busy celebrating their most recent success, as the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association Of Japan) has certified their debut Japanese single, "Mister", as "Gold" for shipping over 100,000 copies.


sauce: RIAJ
credit: akp

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Hyuna and Dongwoon what are you guys doing?

I found this fancam during Asia Song Festival. Once you saw this video you might be wondering, What are they doing? Hyuna and Dongwoon teased each other during the ending of the event. In the end Hyuna tell SoHyun and Dongwoon acts like nothing happened. Check out the video and see what these guys are doing.

source: mybeastyboys9 + dkpopnews

SNSD’s Yuri cries on ‘Running Man’?

Ever since it was revealed that SNSD’s Yuri would be on next week’s episode of ’Running Man‘, the anticipation for the SBS show has increased substantially.

In the previews for next week’s episode, Yuri was shown to be on a hide-and-seek mission in a supermarket with fellow Running Man cast members. Yet it was Yuri’s tears that really grabbed the attention of both regular viewers and netizens alike.

Netizens commented,

‘I was surprised to hear that Yuri is going to appear on Running Man’
‘I’m already looking forward to it. I wish I could see it sooner’
‘Why is Yuri crying? I’m so curious I can’t stand waiting another week’

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source: allkpop + che780426
____ JOO♥

4minute blesses the airport with chic fashion, leg braces and their Asia wide influence

The girls of 4minute uploaded pictures on their Cyworlds’ showing off their chic traveling outfits.

Korean celebrities are notorious for their “airport fashion” and 4minute is definitely no exception. The girls look very adorable for their trips to and from Japan for their Japanese promotions.

As you can see, GaYoon’s leg is injured, but she’s receiving much love and concern from her fans. Somehow, she rocks that cast like it’s nobody’s business.

Thanks to: Matteo Amura for the tip.

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prettyface20's youtube

Makeup-free Yubin poses with a fan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Photos of Wonder Girls’ Yubin without any makeup have surfaced on the net on October 23rd through a community website. Titled, “Recent Yubin Fresh Face”, the post reveals a bare-faced Yubin smiling brightly with a fan.

Many who saw her makeup-free appearance felt that it attested to her carefree personality. Korean netizens commented positively for the most part (“You can’t find fault in Yubin’s looks” and “She’s still pretty“), while one guy wrote, “My girlfriend’s no-makeup face is much prettier.”

Some thought she looked quite tired in the photos and wrote, “How much are they suffering in America for them to be losing all their charm?”

Personally, I think she looks fine, since you can’t say a person is losing all their charms just by a couple of photos.

Meanwhile, Yubin and the rest of Wonder Girls are going back and forth between South Korea and the U.S., promoting in both countries.

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Source: allkpop, Launch Group Facebook
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4minute & Beast are Asia's Most Influential Artists

Idol groups BEAST and 4minute have received the Asia Influential Artist Award at the 2010 Asia Song Festival.

The groups performed and received the awards in Seoul, where the festival went on from 6pm to 10pm on the 23rd.

BEAST recently released their 3rd mini-album, and from their debut with "Beast is the B2ST" until now, they have become true boyband stars. Due to their hot promotions of their 2nd mini-album this year in places like Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, they have been selected for this prestigious award.

4minute, who debuted in 2009 with the worldwide chart-topper, "Hot Issue," have shown their sexy and seductive charms through their powerful performances. This year with Universal Records they have taken a step into the larger Asian market.

Since releasing "Muzik" in Japan as well as "I My Me Mine," throughout Asia, they have captured the attention of the Asian continent.
On the 23rd their popularity showed while 40,000 fans were worked into a frenzy during their performance at the Asia Song Festival.

Nate News
4minutes Forum
MikeTuinstra's Youtube
____ JOO♥

Cube: Gayoon has injured her ankle

4minute's Gayoon was thought to have hurt her ankle.

A Cube Entertainment representative contacted Newsen through a telephone call to report, "Gayoon has injured her ankle on stage, be we want fans to know it's not a major injury."

4minute recently performed at the 2010 Asia Song Festival celebrating the G20 Seoul Summit, and will leave for Japan soon.

Nate News
4minutes Forum
MzUmUniqUe101's youtube
gaspard: smoky

Kahi to make her solo debut in November

After the successful launch of After School’s sub-unit Orange Caramel, it appears as if After School’s leader will finally get her chance to shine alone in the spotlight!

Reportedly, leader Park Kahi will be pursuing solo activities starting in November. But don’t fret, Play Girlz! She is not leaving the group nor is the group splitting up. Much like the situation with the members of Big Bang, she is going to release her own solo single/album while maintaining her position in After School. This debut marks her as the first member in After School to go it alone.

In regards to her solo debut, officials managing After School have stated, “We are currently deciding on whether Park Kahi will do promotional activities with a solo mini album or a single…The genre, however, has been decided upon as ‘Dance’.”

source: Star News
via: akp