October 26th, 2010

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Raina sings and plays piano on Quiz that Changes the World

(Performance starts at 3:40 mark)

After School’s Raina recently performed Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” during her appearance on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World” on October 23rd.

Raina announced that she prepared a special autumn performance for the show’s panelists, and began singing “Because of You” while playing the piano.

Although everyone watched on with entranced gazes, Raina was unable to endure the burning gaze of MC Kim Gura and burst into laughter midway through her performance.

When everyone began commenting on Kim Gura’s face expression (“I couldn’t see her performance because of Kim Gura’s chin“), Kim Gura retorted by saying, “I was just testing her. Singers shouldn’t be so conscious of their surroundings.”

Jo Hyung Ki complimented Raina with teary eyes, “Her song was very sweet with meaningful lyrics.”

Tipanies @ YT | allkpop
Engrish makes it even more adorbs and amazing.


Former SSEN member Lee Hye Rin commits suicide at 25.

It’s just been reported Lee Hye Rin, a racing model and former member of girl group SSEN, committed suicide on the 23rd of October.

SSEN was a three-member girl group, which unfortunately did not reach high levels of success. She debuted with the group in 2008 after three years of working as a racing model.

One related source stated, “She went through depression after debuting. She had a hard time working as a girl group member.

The wake was held on the 25th. Lee Hye Rim was only 25 years old.

Source: AKP

Rest in peace.
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KARA and AKB48 take selcas together backstage

KARA and Japan’s AKB48 both performed at the “2010 Asia Song Festival” on October 23rd, and photos of the two idol groups posing together have surfaced on a portal community message board.

Despite seeing the girls pose affectionately with one another, many netizens began comparing the looks of both groups.

Netizens commented, “Japanese idols and Korean idols are incomparable. I give one point to KARA!”, “AKB48 are cute but KARA are goddesses“, “Maybe it’s because I’m Korean, but KARA looks superior“, “They both have different charms, they’re both cute“, and “AKB48 is cute but KARA is pretty.”

Earlier on the 22nd, KARA and AKB48 attended the press conference for the festival, and both groups exhibited their friendship by complimenting one another: “It’s an honor to be able to stand on one stage with Japan’s best idol group, AKB48. We’re thankful that they came all the way to Korea,” and “We, too, believe it’s an honor to be able to perform with KARA. We have a lot of KARA fans in our group.”

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Sources: akp + tv daily

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Ryeowook Confirmed to Sing MBC Drama "Home Sweet Home" OST

Along with Monday Kiz, Bobby Kim, Super Junior Ryeowook and other talented singers have participated in "Home Sweet Home" OST. The OST was made by composer Oh Joonsung who solidified his standing as a sole drama OST hit composer with "Haru," "Boys more than Flowers," "My Girl," "Witch Yoohee," "Prosecutor Princess," and "Heading to the Ground." The OST is expected to showcase composer Oh Joonsung's unique style with beautiful and emotional melodies and grand performance of a 20 piece orchestra.

*Some parts of the article were omitted. This is not the first time that Ryeowook will be working with composer Oh Joonsung. The composer also wrote the song, "Angel" which was sang by Ryeowook and other Super Junior members. In an article, the composer commented after working with Ryeowook on the song "Angel," "Ryeowook's neutral yet sensuous voice was especially excellent."

Article source: Newsprime
Translated and shared by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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Se7en chose girlfriend over fans?

It’s been confirmed that Se7en will be taking part in a photoshoot for the ‘Singles’ magazine with Park Han Byul. He will be leaving for San Francisco for the photoshoot somewhere around his birthday.

Now, when this news surfaced today, there was more commotion on farineli (his fancafe). Some ppl said is it because he wanted to go on a trip with his gf that he’s not having a birthday party.. some went as far as to say that he is choosing his gf over fans… In one of the posts however, Se7en left a message to clear up the situation.

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Source: ceciliase7en.wordpress.com 
Note: Link to the individual post is on private mode but it's the first post on the homepage (as linked) ^^
Yoon Eun Hye | Pucker Up!

BEAST Concert TEASER EP.1 - 윤두준

Translation, thanks to yeocheon :

To the flight passengers of BEAST AIRLINE, for a enthusiastic/crazy voyage, we wish you to familiarize yourself with the following scenario.

During the flight, when one sees a hot and lively stage, one will start to feel the symptom of a tickling/tingling sensation in their body. If you start to feel this, place your two feet together, and start jumping.

Right then, if you raise one hand while jumping to the rhythm, the tickling/tingling sensation will go away faster. For those who find it hard to do by themselves, the attendants will endlessly shout, “Jump!” Whenever you hear this, we would like you to jump crazily.

Jump! Jump! I’m telling you to jump!

“Now…….2012, December 12: a cool journey with BEAST AIRLINE. We will welcome you aboard with the best of service.”

source: BEASTofficial

omg ;o; totally adorable/hot/cute dorks
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Chinese K-pop fans have brilliant taste!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For fun, Chinese fans of Korean entertainment tried to pair up their favorite idols to see who would make the best married couple. A survey was held on the popular Chinese website ‘baidu,‘ asking users which Korean celebrities should be a couple on “We Got Married”.

The survey included the following ‘couples’:

* 2PM’s Taecyeon and SNSD’s Yoona
* 2PM’s Wooyoung and SNSD’s Taeyeon
* T-ara’s Jiyeon and Yoo Seung Ho
* Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi
* Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Wonder Girls‘ Sohee
* Yoon Si Yoon and Shin Se Kyung
* SHINee’s Minho and KARA’s Goo Hara
* Big Bang’s Daesung and KARA’s Jiyoung

The survey will be held until March of next year, but Taecyeon and Yoona are already in the lead. They hold 40.9% of the votes at the moment, beating out the other ‘couples’ in an almost untouchable way. This may be attributed to their scandal awhile back.

Minho and Goo Hara are in second place with 27.3% of the votes, because these two appeared on various shows together and had often paired up.

Third place is taken by Wooyoung and Taeyeon with 16.9%. The two were both MC’s on ‘Win Win‘.

G-Dragon/Sohee as well as Jiyeon/Yoo Seung Ho have both grabbed 14.9% of the votes. Lee Seung Gi/Shin Min Ah and Daesung/Jiyoung are middling, with Shin Se Kyung/Yoon Shi Yoon in last place.

4,000 people have taken the survey and hopefully more will participate.


taecseul is more real but toona is great too!
{강특} love/wtf?

110 cm leg legnth? This is either wrong or Nichkhun is Slenderman

Nichkhun extraordinary leg length is gaining interest. The 2PM member is only 180cm tall (around 5"11') while his legs are 110 cm, which people believe to be the result of superior genetics, and is gaining a variety of reactions from the public.

The "Thai Prince" seems to live up to that nickname, as fans now can add great body proportion (40:60) to their list of reasons to love Nichkhun, and his long legs are winning him the title of "perfect man."

The usual long legged stars are people such as Jo Inseong and Kang Dongwon, but in comparison to Nichkhun, netizens are saying "Nichkhun's in a class of his own with those legs," "is there anything he lacks in?," "everything is totally amazing about Nickkhun," and "the superior length of his legs are daebak."

Nichkhun is keeping busy with 2PM's recent successful comeback song "I'll Be Back" as well as the married life in the popular show We Got Married with his wife, f(X)'s leader Victoria.

Source: Korea News; translation by me

Ok. My inseam in 36 inches, which is about 90-odd cm, and I have some real long legs. I am also 5"11 and still slightly taller than him, so I think some one's got shit mixed up.
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Shinhwa leader Eric Mun to have his return on the 30th

Eric, leader of the longest lasting KPOP idol group, Shinhwa, is scheduled to be discharged on the 30th, and the Korean media is on its toes eagerly awaiting his return.

During the height of his activities, Eric featured in commercials for Domino's Pizza, Coke Zero, AnyCall, Spam, Hyundai, GooGoo Cone, It'sSkin cosmetics, Binch cookies, various clothing lines, and more

Eric was also recognized as a talented actor through his roles in "Fire Bird" (aka BulSae or Phoenix), "Wolf," and "Super Rookie."

Eric enlisted on October 9, 2008 as a civil service worker after his exemption from active duty due to his back injury during his filming of "Wolf." He was the first member to serve, and fellow member Kim DongWan followed soon thereafter.

It has been rumored that Eric will make an immediate return to the media through drama "Poseidon." This is still unconfirmed, but Eric's representatives have verified that many acting offers have already been made.

Come back soon, Mr. Mun. Your fans miss you.

Sr : dkpopnews + soompi

it's D-4!!
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Beast is not competing in 'University Music Festival', it will just be a congratulatory performance

[Newsen Bae Sunyoung Reporter]

Idol group BEAST’s management replied on the issue of BEAST participating in the ‘University Music Festival’, by commenting, “We believe there was a misunderstanding.”

From reported articles, it has been known that BEAST members Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang, Jang Hyunseung, and Yong Junhyung will be competing in the ‘University Music Festival’ with a self-composed song. However, according to their management, it was just a congratulation stage performance that they had accepted due to request.

BEAST management stated, “Since BEAST is already an artist, they don’t meet the criteria, and BEAST will only be pariticipating because of the request from the ‘University Music Festival’ side to make a “self-composed” song as their theme song.” They added, “Also, because BEAST members are college students, they thought it was meaningful. However it won’t be a competition with the participants. It will just be a congratulation performance.”

Meanwhile, the “University Music Festival’ will be opening on the 26th of November.

S: Newsen + aoistars@B2ST Rising



We previously reported that SNSD made history by ranking number 2 on Oricon’s weekly chart. Apparently, the girls have made history once again on the Japanese music chart by finally reaching 1st on the Oricon Daily, today with their single “Gee“.

They will be the first non-Japanese Asian girl group to reach number 1 on the daily chart. As of now, SNSD holds both 1st and 10th on the chart with their previous single “Genie” taking number 10.

In further news, the MV teaser of their new single “Hoot” has reached over a million views on Youtube.

Source + Photo: Newsen, allkpop

so proud of the girls right now.
SNSD: Tiffany

Dalmatian, Y U NO LYK MANAGER?

They’re truly beastly idols. Even their name is Dalmatian. Last month, the 6-member male group Dalmatian (Inati, Jisu, Drama, Youngwon, Day Day, & Dari) released their digital single ‘Round One’ on the 1st of last month. Like a Dalmatian that is loyal to its owner, they named their team with the meaning of being loyal to their music productivity. The sincerity of the members must have appealed to the public because within one month of their debut, they’ve gained popularity. “Now our ‘Round One’ has begun. Before we enter the final round, we want to place 1st to. Please look forward to us.”

-We heard that the members promote the group themselves. Do you not have a manager?

“We originally had a manager. But the members caused too much trouble so the manager couldn’t handle it and quit. From then on, we get schedules ourselves and promote our album ourselves. Because we’re rookies, we think it’s best to let ourselves be known so the members decided to get involved in promoting.” (Jisu)

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Source: IS PLUS

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Culture clash in South Korea starts with a bang

American and South Korean neighbors in the town of Dongducheon resolve their differences by sharing a meal and songs at a mixer.

The ruckus started with the bowling ball incident.

Several months ago, somebody tossed a 16-pound ball from a 12th-floor window at the World Meridien apartments here, a projectile that residents complained could have crushed any unlucky person standing below.

And thus began a social tug of war between some Korean and American residents in this quaint town of 90,000 an hour's drive north of Seoul.

Thanks to a U.S. military housing policy introduced in February, 1,000 service families moved to off-base housing nationwide, often next door to Korean families.
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Source: latimes

TOP interview in U-Weekly Magazine

BIGBANG’s T.O.P is Always Improving!

Everyone knows about BIGBANG’s early Solo Careers , and are developing rapidly in the entertainment industry.

G-Dragon and Taeyang seperately released their solo albums and . T.O.P has been acting in 2 shows – in 2009 a Telecinema KBS and in this year’s '71 Into The Fire' where over 200000 tickets were sold. T.O.P is acting as the lead role with the film’s 3 other actors. While acting, it is obvious that they have a potential for acting.

T.O.P, who is turning 23 in November, he expresses that during filming, he is grateful towards the other actor hyungs for their support, which helped his filming to be successful.

“Every night in the hotel, I am receiving many pointers and tips from my seniors and the director. I am very happy that I can get along well with them. When filming the 17-year old Jang Bum, I either fall asleep or will have nightmares. (Someone who I dont know his name) told me that a ‘good actor is one who can get into the character’s personality very well during filming, and after filming to be himself again’ .Although at that point of time I am unable to grasp the meaning of what he said.”
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This is the first time I've read him say he was depressed even though he's talked about his insomnia previously. I'm glad he had the boys there to help him through it. Most importantly, he seems happy now and Bingu TOP is making a return

Sources: ibigbang

Onew's fans donates 1.44 tons of rice to North Korean children to show their support for his musical

Idol Group member SHINee's Onew donates 1.44 tons of Dreame Rice to North Korean Children.

Dreame's Representative said "The 1.44 ton of rice that SHINee's Onew donated on the 16th to help the North Korean children was delivered to the Incheon bonded warehouse today."

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Translation credits: sanbi
Original Article: bntnews.co.kr
Source: SFI

Aww him and his fans are just ♥
Jared - Thank You

SNSD’s Jessica spotted in the city of Brotherly Love?

SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Jessica was recently spotted in Philadelphia, also known as the city of Brotherly Love. Well, you’re probably asking how can this be considering SNSD’s activities in Japan and their recent comeback with ‘Hoot’?

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Source: AKP

Photo: Dude named Brandon

For my angel and my girl stopthedisco my sunshine

GD loves Bom forever and ever amen

Big Bang fans, be sure to look for the October 26th broadcast of Mnet’s ‘2EN1 TV‘, as you get to hear a sample of Big Bang’s new song!

G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Park Bom was shown working away on a collaboration track. Park Bom repeatedly sang “Don’t go home baby~” in order to find the best voice, as G-Dragon took in the various sounds with a contemplative look.

As he watched her from outside the recording studio, G-Dragon commented, ”For any song, when Park Bom’s voice is added, it becomes a better song. It’s a great voice. If nuna doesn’t do it, our album can’t be released.”

In addition to the recording for Big Bang’s new song, the episode will show 2NE1’s recording story in London.

credits to akp

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Once addicted, always addicted :D

The “Lee Hyori eyeliner” reaches 50,000 sales in 2 weeks

An eyeliner that diva Lee Hyori is a model for is currently a huge hit for ladies all across the nation.

Makeup brand Clio revealed the “Waterproof Pen-liner Kill Black” earlier this month, and after only two weeks since its release, the eyeliner had sold over 50,000 pens. It’s also been named the “Lee Hyori Kill Black”, but most call it the ‘Lee Hyori eyeliner’.

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source: allkpop
Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop


Singer Jay Park will be releasing a digital single in Korea on October 26th as a surprise present for his fans.

His agency, Sidus HQ, stated on the morning of the 25th, “He’ll be riding on the strength of his fans’ love in order to release a digital single album in Korea. Two songs will be released on Korean music sites on the 26th.”

The two songs will be “Speechless” and “Bestie,” both previously released on his site and on iTunes. All three versions of ‘Bestie’ – Korean, English, and the remix – will be included in the album along with ‘Speechless’, an R&B track produced by fellow Art of Movement member Cha Cha.


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Allkpoop , jaytwitt  pic  1

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KARA's ad revenue is 2bil. Impressed STAN is impressed

KARA, in just two months, advertising revenue hit 2 billion!
After debut in Japan, CF in both places are a big hit.. Including electronics, clothings, 4 contracts.

After a big success in Japan, Girl group Kara also had a big hit in advertising.

Recently, Kara signed advertising contracts in both Japan and Korea, which includes electronics, clothing, beverages. The amount of the contract currently is along the line of 5 billion won a year. Since debut in Japan on 11 August, money earned from advertising revenue has reached 2 billion.

Kara's agency DSP entertainment representative said, "After a good performance in Japan, Kara received a lot of attention from advertising agencies. We received a lot of advertising inquiries from overseas. Japan's advertising agencies also showed a lot of interests. We received inquiries from more than 20 companies.

According to one official that's responsible for overseas marketing, Kara has recently signed contract with Japan's famous consumer electronics. Kara is the first Korean girlgroup to sign advertising contract as model not with beauty products but electronic products. It is expected to have more advertising love call again at the time when second single to be released in Japan.

Official said,"Kara shows sophisticated image while on stage, outside the stage, Kara shows familiar(friendly) face which is what Japan's females "Wannabe star". Therefore, a lot of beauty products, cosmetics as well as clothings advertising agency show great interests.

Kara debut on August in Japan with first single "mister" and was up at #5 on Oricon single weekly chart, which was crown as first foreign girlgroup to hit top 10 within 30 years. Kara will release second single on 10 November, official(full) album to be released on 14 November as well as to start promoting activities.

Sports Hankook
Translated by aank1 @karaholic.com
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[3/5] Korean Wave Ripple Effect

In the third of our series on the Korean Wave, or hallyu, The Diplomat investigates the spread of the phenomenon beyond the Asia-Pacific—to some unexpected places.

News this month that South Korean actress Han Hye-jin is in negotiations to appear in the Iranian movie Six Individuals in the Rain is an interesting example of the continued worldwide ripple effect that the Korean Wave phenomenon is still creating more than a decade after it started.

As Michael Shin, Korean culture analyst and professor at the University of Cambridge, told me recently, Korean TV programmes have been hugely popular in Iran since the 2003 historical drama Dae Jang Geum (or Jewel in the Palace) became a massive hit with audiences there: ‘When it was broadcast in Iran over 50,000 websites in Persian (Farsi) became devoted to the show.’

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Source: Ulara Nakagawa @ The Diplomat

Other parts of the series: 1, 2, 4, 5

They are right about those Korean movies among European art-house film geeks. I own a Kim Ki Duk DVD boxset made for only Scandinavian market and can easily buy almost all Korean art-house movies with Finnish subtitles. Also Finland's national broadcasting company has shown almost all Kim Ki Duk's movies on TV. It's kind of funny how the guy has probably more fans in Finland than in Korea.

Which Korean Wave products (if any) are popular in your country?

Mary Stayed Out All Night... New Stills


KBS’s newest drama to take the place of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” has revealed pictures of a unique scene that has been attracting lots of attention.

The still cut features Moon Geun Young, looking highly confused between grooms Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook. Although one would assume for her to be happy to be earning the affection of two perfect men, she instead looks worried and indecisive.


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Source: KoreanDiorama, Shiro401, AKP

misty blue

New Boy Group Touch: Pimp Post Edition

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Group picture (b&w): Touch's Fan Cafe + Airene @ Seven Desires
Pictures where everyone is wearing blue: Daum + Airene @ Seven Desires
Pictures where everyone is wearing boots: Mido (s2zzz) @ Seven Desires
Group member bios: Naver 
Bio translations: meee

wasn't sure how to translate 연기.. naver's dictionary gave me 'act' and 'perform...' :| I put 'performing' tho [:
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Nichkhun’s grandma asks about Victoria, “Do you guys sleep together?”

Nichkhun shared a comical story that emerged from his grandma’s misunderstanding of “virtual marriage,” in “We Got Married”.

On the October 26th airing of “Strong Heart”, Nichkhun shared the story of his trip to his homeland, Thailand, with F(x)’s Victoria.

Nichkhun said, “I introduced Victoria to my family by saying ’she is my wife’. Everyone was surprised. Especially my grandma as she asked why I didn’t tell her of my marriage.”

He explained to his grandma the concept of “virtual marriage,” but she seemed like she didn’t fully understand it.

During the filming, Nichkhun’s grandma wasn’t happy with the couple’s ’seriousness and realism’, giving them angry stares. She even asked, “Do you guys sleep together too?“, flustering Nichkhun and Victoria.

Nichkhun added, “I was under constant scrutiny,” who was trying to explain his relationship with Victoria to his grandmother, all while shooting the episode.

Source: akp

Grandma Horvejkul doesn't understand the concept of a beard, lol
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Oblivious Norway says: "JYJ are Kanye's new boytoys"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kanye's new boys
First, Kanye West expressed his fascination for the young boy Justin Bieber. Now he has made a song with the South Korean boyband-trio JYJ.

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source: http://www.nrk.no/lydverket/kanyes-nye-gutter/

I was really surprised and happy to see a norwegian article about Kpop, but NGL, this one made me lol. They twisted it to be about Kanye West more than JYJ.
I was too lazy to add the videos from the article, but I suppose you've seen it all before. If you want, you can just follow the link back to the original source.
BTW; I translated it myself so the English might be a bit iffy some places. Also, this is my first omona post so I bet I'm doing this wrong. >_>;;
EDIT: Okay so i made a typo while writing "Kin Jaejoong"'s name xD mistake now corrected!
lea and ariana

Rainbow posing with Taiwanese cutie Joe Cheng!

Days after a successful show at the 7th annual 'Asia Song Festival' in Seoul, photos of various performers posing together have been slowly unveiled. Recently, photos of girl group Rainbow posing cheerfully with Taiwanese star Joe Cheng have generated some interest.

A representative of the group stated on October 27th,

“On the 23rd, Rainbow happily greeted Joe Cheng backstage at the 7th Asia Song Festival, which was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.”

According to their representative, Rainbow went in search of Joe Cheng’s waiting room and revealed that they were his fans. Joe Cheng greeted them individually and was impressed by their charms.

Rainbow and Joe Cheng also exchanged autographed copies of their albums.
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Source: akp

I love fandom collisions! Joe Cheng ♥