October 27th, 2010

1N2D to recruit a new cast member

1 Night 2 Days’ Na Young Sung PD revealed the program’s plans to add a 6th member during the first quarter of 2011.

He revealed in an interview, “A new member will be recruited soon. Whether it will be one or two new members has yet to be decided.”

Regarding details about the new member, he said, “The audience wont be able to predict who the new member will be.” However, he did reveal in what way the new member will be welcomed to the cast: “There wont be auditions, it will be a natural inclusion as the cast leaves on a special trip.”

He added, “Due to the projects planned for the end of this year, it will probably be pushed back to next year.”

He concluded with a comment for MC Mong, saying, ”I hope his predicament has a fortunate ending”.

Picture: 1n2d.wp
Source(S): Allkpop + BNT News

They have to get used to showering with everyone and getting filmed c: WHO DO YOU WANT ON 1N2D? I say someone from BB mainly because they did that parody and SG needs someone in his age range.
lea and ariana

Co-Ed's Hyewon doesn't only look like Hara

Co-Ed’s One Star Hyewon is known to look a lot like KARA’s Goo Hara but she is at the center of another hot topic for looking similar to another celebrity, actress Hwang Shin Hye.

Netizens noticed that Hyewon looks like Hwang Shin Hye as a child. In the comparison photos, they do seem like the same person. Something about the big eyes and the sharp nose makes them seem pretty similar.
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Source: Star News
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omg hyewon was such an adorable child
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T-ara transforms into stewardesses for first episode of T-ara's Dream Girls

Filming for their new Mnet reality show, “T-ara’s Dream Girls“, the girls of T-ara stepped up to the challenge of becoming stewardesses for the first episode. The members went through theory training, as well as learning CPR and other vital first-aid procedures.

The image of composure, dignity, and elegance associated with stewardesses sparked a small competition between Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Soyeon, Qri, and Boram to see which one of them suited the image best.

The staff also had a hard time deciding which member was the best “stewardess” because they individually excelled in different areas. Jiyeon showed exceptional skills and quickness in fieldwork; Eunjung’s outgoing personality was well-suited for the service area; Soyeon completed all her stewardess missions; Qri’s feminine and considerate appearance best represented the stewardess “look”; Hyomin controlled the atmosphere with her positive attitude; and finally Boram showed leadership skills that were hidden in her small build.

The producers stated, “Because this is a reality program, the tests and classes are all real, from the first step of applications and interviews to finally partaking in an international flight. Actual prospective ’stewardesses’ trained alongside the T-ara members. The members were also trying their hardest because they could have been disqualified from the tests. Please watch with optimism.”

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Nate News
Sadatp83's Youtube

2pm's Junho will eat candy from your mouth

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On October 25th’s episode of “Happy Birthday“, 2PM’s Junho dished on what his version of the infamous “Candy Kiss” would be like.

He stated, “If my girlfriend wants to try the ‘candy kiss’, I’ll try to accept it”.

Afterwards, he cheekily said that “I’ll try to eat it”.

The “candy kiss” is an notorious scene from popular espionage drama “IRIS“, featuring Lee Byung Hyun and Kim Tae Hee. The couple exchange a steamy kiss, in which a candy is transferred from one mouth to another. It subsequently became parodied throughout many variety shows, etc.

The MCs followed up by questioning whether he had already tried it.

Stalling at first, Junho responded, “I accepted a gum my girlfriend was chewing on. But depending on the situation, I might not want to receive it.”

source: allkpop

OMG. Chansung would never give up food!!
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Co-Ed's new album preorders already hit 50k

The 10-member mixed group consisting of 4 females and 6 males who sing 'Too Late' and 'Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom,' Co.ed, have attracted attention for their first mini album. Hearing the news about the release of Co.ed's new album, it seems there are already 50,000 pre-orders listed.

A rapid release, their mini album, scheduled for release on November 2nd, will be called 'Coed School [Something that is cheerful and fresh mini album]. Co.ed's pre-orders have already reached 50,000 copies without much information released. Nevertheless, the agency officials said they have plans for 2 versions, one which will be a limited edition.

Co.ed's first mini album will contain a pictorial photobook and individual images of Co.ed. It will feature 8 songs on the CD, including 'Too Late,' 'Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom,' and 'Listen To My Pounding Heart.'

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique

omg get it! i can smell the platinum status already

Indie band GUYZ are surprised people know them outside Asia!

KoME had the chance to interview indie band GUYZ and get to know them better.
Even though they recently opened their YouTube Channel, they didn't know people in the USA or Europe knew about them.
Go Check out the interview at KoME in
and if you want, later it will also be available in more of our languages!

For those who don't know who GUYZ are:

They debuted in 2003 with their first single and have since then come a long way.
In 2006 their song 내 곁에 있어줘 was also part of the SBS Drama101st Proposal OST.
Not only are they active in Korea, but also in Japan, their style often being compared to UVERworld.

Check out their latest Video for their single "New Stage"Collapse )
PS:KoME Spain is also in need of new members, to get the version working again!
If you are interested check out the page and send us a mail!
Source: KoME, GUYZ, Video

Sorry Mods for the entries, i'm trying this now for the last time at uni and hope this time everything works with the formatting, because on my notebook at home the video keeps going back to big size even i check the small one on YT D:
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WHHAT IS SM SMOKING TODAY OMG: SME withdraws preliminary injunction against JYJ

SM Entertainment’s preliminary injunction against JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun) to prohibit the sales of their first global album, The Beginning, has been withdrawn.
On October 27th, JYJ’s PR Agency Prain said, “On October 21st, through the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment withdrew their preliminary injunction to prohibit the sales of JYJ’s first album, The Beginning.”

SM Entertainment filed the injunction on October 12th believing that JYJ had signed an exclusive contract with CJeS Entertainment which would cause a dual contract situation.
However, CJeS is the agency that JYJ hired to handle their management work just like Prain has been hired to handle JYJ’s PR.

Source: newsen Via: DBSKnights
SNSD: Tiffany

Did SHINee And Super Junior Talk About Jonghyun’s Relationship On Sukira?

On the October 25th broadcast of Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio, SHINee guest starred alongside hosts, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. From the :37 second mark, Key reads a part of the script that he finds funny and that leads to Eunhyuk spilling something unintentionally.

It was recently revealed that Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung are dating with both of their agencies confirming the couple’s relationship.

Key: “I, Taemin, thinks that when Jonghyun falls for girl groups, he doesn’t seem like a hyung and is truthfully, laughable.”

Onew: “Ah, when Jonghyun falls for girl groups.”

Key: “Is there something behind the reason you gave this example?

Leeteuk: “No, it’s just an example the script-writer gave us. For Jonghyun, it’s not girl groups. I know for sure.”

Eunhyuk: “Girl. [It's just one girl]”

Leeteuk: “That’s right! Not girl groups, girl.”

Jonghyun: “Fortunately, you say it’s girl, not girls.”

What do you think? Coincidence?
October 25, 2010 Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio

Credit: MTV K & jujugal718

JYJ: Billboard's Release of the Week

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As former members of the South Korean boy band TVXQ, the trio of Kim JaeJoong, Park YuChun and Kim JunSu are no strangers to pop stardom. Formed in 2003, TVXQ became hitmakers at home and in K-pop-crazy Japan (where it was known as Tohoshinki) and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Following a contractual dispute with its former management company, the threesome formed a new group earlier this year that it christened JYJ after the first initials of their first names. The band's debut album, Collapse )

Source: Billboard
Oh Billboard.
Unf Baby UNF

JYJ Update, Changmin Button pics, & Joe gets married

Details about SM's injunction withdrawal

SM Entertainment has withdrawn its album sales prohibition injunction against JYJ (TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu)’s first album ‘The Beginning’.

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Source: [mydaily +Yuaerubi]
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Changmin LOVE Vol. 4 Pics

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Sauce: sharingyoochun.net + Param

Jaejoong @ Siwon-I's Wedding Pics

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Sauce: AKP + kokayz

Unf, do want. Mod; AKP has the pictures so no need for Newsen. :D
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JeA and Miryo at 2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One half of the Brown Eyed girls, Jea and Miryo, were spotted at at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention Center in Daechi-dong, where Korean designers such as Park Seung Gun, and Kwak Hyun Joo shared their work for S/S Seoul Fashion Week.

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Source(s): as tagged, dc inside, AKP
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I hope Miryo gets her braces off soon, so she open her mouth again.
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brave kwanghee not so much now thanks to Shin Se Kyung

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee says he’s the “Bluechip of Plastic Surgery”

title or description

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee proudly revealed his pre-surgery photo on a recent episode of “Strong Heart“.
He candidly expressed on the October 26th airing that he is the“Bluechip of Plastic Surgery”. He continued, “You didn’t know? I’ve fixed everything”, not shying away from his past.
The MC then asked, “What did you fix?“, Kwang Hee jokingly replied, “I had to recuperate for a whole year”, causing the audience to burst into laughter.
During the mini-corner “TeukGiGayo”, the pre-surgery photo was revealed to the entire cast.  He commented with the unveiling, “This is my past” and “Mom, Cosmetic Surgeon, Thank You”, inciting another wave of laughter in the show.

To the final question of why he was revealing his past, he replied, “If I don’t, its hard to make a living. I can’t sing nor dance well, so I have to make a living with my face at least.

Collapse )Photo + Source: Nate

credit: alk

forgot to add it to other post so now im milkin title for all its worth LOL
iono if i should be happy cause he is happy or worried that he is unintentionally promoting plastic surgery or should get back to eating popcorn with the rest of omona-ians on jonghyun implosion

2AM at Saint o'Clock Showcase

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src: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 (in no semblance of order)

God I hate you, yahoo.co.kr, with your thousands of one-photo articles. Also famous, award-winning designer noona still makes famously, award-deservingly awful costumes.

Brought to you by these dorks:
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Wheesung is butthurt over Jonghyun and suggests switching over to Onew

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
 Singer Wheesung aroused the curiosities of netizens by leaving a SHINee-related Tweet through his personal Twitter on October 27th.

He had tweeted, “Let’s just ‘coolly’ switch over to being a Onew fan.”

Wheesung and SHINee’s Jonghyun expressed their deep friendship throughout their careers, often going out on ‘dates.’ Jonghyun had even sent congratulatory standing flowers for Wheesung’s recent concert.

After finding out that Jonghyun is dating Shin Se Kyung, Wheesung was jokingly unable to contain his disappointment and moved on to SHINee’s most popular member, Onew.

Netizens commented, “Too bad for SHINee’s Jonghyun,” and “Does Wheesung like Shin Se Kyung too?”

Source + Photo: Newsen
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[4/5] Korea’s Hallyu Boom?

In the fourth of our series on the Korean Wave, or hallyu, The Diplomat looks at the economic implications of the phenomenon.

Soft power:
‘The ability to obtain what one wants through co-option and attraction.’
(Wikipedia, 2010)

Hallyu, or the Korean Wave phenomenon, has helped put South Korea on the map as a modern Asian nation with much to offer culturally. But has it brought economic gains to the nation? And, if so, does the South Korean government acknowledge hallyu as something that has large-scale financial potential?

Jung-sun Park, a professor at California State University at Dominguez Hills, asserts in the book Korea at the Center: Dynamics of Regionalism in Northeast Asia, that the popularity of a country’s pop cultural products does indeed often have ‘significant repercussions in other industries and intangible arenas.’

She says that she also sees evidence that the South Korean establishment might have embraced the Korean Wave: ‘I think that some Korean government officials' interest and initiatives in cultural domains are related to the success of the Korean Wave,’ she told me. ‘At least, the popularity of Korean pop culture overseas opened their eyes to the new possibilities and power of pop culture.’

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Source: Ulara Nakagawa @ The Diplomat

Other parts of the series: 1, 2, 3, 5
SUJU: KyuHug
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Kim Kang-woo cast as lead in Poseidon

This sure got my attention: Kim Kang-woo has been cast to lead the upcoming drama Poseidon, which is set in the world of the Korean Coast Guard. It’ll deal with the officers who execute rescues at sea, handle threats of terrorism, and are assigned to special missions, taking its name from the Poseidon Team, a special forces unit of the Marines.

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Source: Yonhap News and Javabeans

This gorgeous baby??!! Now I only need Jaejoong to confirm being part of this!!
WooWoo Stache

Joejang = Korea's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy + Kang Sungpil does your Oppas

Jaejoong tweets about waking up (12.40-50PM KST)
(Jaejoong) @mjjeje Today I slept in a bit, woohoo!
(Jaejoong) @mjjeje I woke up because Noona called me..thanks!!!!

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Sauces: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Others' twitter]
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Bolded commentary not mine. LOL @ everything.
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How much can TOP drink?

Big Bang’s member, TOP, has recently made a hot topic after revealing the truth.

According to SBS’s “E! TV Taek Jae Hoon” entertainment idol X-files, TOP of Big Bang is said to be able to drink 7 bottles of soju (korean alcohol/liquor).

According to the testimony of a team member, Kwon Ji Yong, “The team’s eldest brother, TOP, is the best drinker” he testified. TOP’s both hands and feet were revealed through movie “Into the Fire” along with Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Seung Woo and Cha Seung Won.

Kim Seung Woo spoke about the hardships during the filming of the movie, “The youngest Choi Seung Hyun (TOP), suffered from drinking too much.” Kwong Sang Woo also revealed, “TOP has the ‘drinking 7 bottles of soju’ disease.” Idol TOP proved to be the best for this week.

Also, there was a rumor told that after shooting a CF for a major liquor manufacterer, 2 boxes of beer had been finished off. During the broadcast, acquaintances of TOP revealed all the testimony without hesitation, needed for the “total best idol of the week“.

The program will be broadcasted on October 27th at 7pm.

source: yahoo
trans: sammi @ ibigbang

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“T-ara Dream Girls” airs its first episode

Last week, it was revealed that the girls of T-ara would be getting together for a new reality TV show at Mnet, called “T-ara Dream Girls.” The show was revealed to be about the members experiencing their dream careers, which we learned through a teaser of the show.

Today, on October 27th, the show finally aired its first episode.

The episode revealed the members of T-ara trying to speak English for what looks to be a job interview. One of the funny parts include Jiyeon replying that her age is 13 years old. Check out the clips from the episode below.

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Dodoljh's Youtube [1] [2] [3] [4]
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miss A to advance into China this November

miss A is preparing to advance into China this November after making an impressive debut with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and following up with great results with “Breathe.”

Producer Park Jin Young had previously stated that he was determined to turn the group into “Asia’s greatest girl group.” Chinese members Jia and Fei already have experience in China’s market, having worked as Anycall China models and once being a part of the ‘Chinese Wonder Girls’, Sisters. miss A’s advancement into China was already planned and was just a matter of time.

A representative of AQ Entertainment revealed, “They’ll become extremely busy starting November. There’s other issues like year-end award ceremonies but they’ll be heavily focusing on their Chinese promotions. Jia and Fei already have experience there, but the group as a whole will be advancing in. They’ll be working hard to show good sides of themselves so please give them your interest and anticipation.”

MelCforever1's Youtube
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[INFO] Yesung to be Pursued on Love Chaser

Yesung will be chased by a female celebrity in his own show Love Chaser. He's currently filming the episode. In the fancam posted above, he's trying to figure out who his love chaser is. The fancam was filmed after the performance of Spamalot. Next to him is his Spamalot co-star. He gets a clue from the fans that his love chaser is an actress.

Video source: Yesung Fan
Written by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

I think the lady talking to him at around 0:14 is his Mommy. Hmmmm so his love chaser is an actress. Hopefully it's someone with initials MGY. Our turtle lover would be in 7th heaven for sure LOL.
taec cute

Diva Seo In Young to Make Comeback in November

Ready the red carpet – sexy diva Seo In Young’s comeback has been confirmed for November!

Last June, Seo proved her vocal abilities and bolstered her popularity with her song, “Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling“. Many are anticipating her comeback in November, and are especially looking forward to seeing her dance once more.

A representative of Seo In Young’s management company, Star Empire, stated, “Seo In Young is planning and preparing for her comeback in November. She finished her oversea performances recently, and she’s now back and fully involved in recording and choreography practice“.

Seo In Young was expected to jump right into comeback preparations after she wrapped up her ballad song promotions in October.However, to create a more complete album, her comeback was delayed so she could put in more time and care in terms of recording and song selection.

Fans are reportedly becoming quite antsy for the singer’s return comeback mid-November with her signature powerful and stylish dance, fans are becoming anxious with anticipation.

Source: Nate News & Star Empire & allkpop
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miss A Min is Sexy for Doojoon

Miss A’s Min dished on her reasons for leaving behind the ’sexy’ concept on October 27th’s episode of ‘Radio Star‘.

Photos of Min in the past were revealed on-stage, and the images of a sultry woman with a glamorous body succeeded in shocking the audience.

Showing interest, Kim Gura commented, ‘Your normal appearance is better’. Min laughingly explained, ‘If I were to continue that concept, there would be nothing for me to do when I’m older‘.
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source: allkpop

omg this dirrrrty girl
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Kim So-eun joins the twitter world!

tweet 2

The beautiful actress Kim So-eun finally made a twitter account.

Her first tweet was:

“트위터!! kimso_ (twitter!! kimso_)”

She posted 2 new pictures of herself along with the statement:

“I’ve finally started twitter. It’s so difficult for a computer noob like me.”

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Source: popseoul

she has tweeted the fake Kim Bum, then the real Kim Bum (lol) and Yoo Ah In!
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4minute’s HyunA and G.NA to collaborate on a song

It was recently announced that 4minute’s HyunA and fellow Cube member G.NA, will be joining forces to sing a duet track for a compilation album, which will be released this coming November.

Earlier in the day, there were rumors that HyunA and G.NA were collaborating for a duet project album, however Cube Entertainment later clarified with Money Today Newspaper, that the two singers are merely recording just one track together, but added, “HyunA and G.NA are participating in the recording of a compilation album, featuring many other artists. We haven’t even planned any broadcasting schedules for the song.”

Cube Ent. went on to state, “We believe the rapper and singer will be able to complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses and show a great synergetic effect. They just recently finished recording the song with producer Choi Jung Myung, the founding member of COOL.”



Tony An gets Twitter, us few H.O.T fans cry in joy.

A few days ago Tony An created a Twitter account under the name Topstar78, but not long after he switched over to a new account under Topstar07. While the 78 in the first username refers to his birth year, the 07 in the second refers to the number that represented him while he was in H.O.T, which started with the promotions of Candy.

MBC Korean Beauty weather caster Park Eunji posted a picture of her with Tony on the 25th and the same day had apparently convinced him to get his own, as they are now following one another. Already he has more followers than Woohyuk who was announced a little while ago.

The tweets on the new account state:
오랜만에 희준이 만나서 기분이 너무 좋은 나머지 과다한알콜섭취를 해서 상태 안좋음.. 어머니 오신다고했는데 큰일이네..^^
It's been a long since I last time met with HeeJun, so happy... Drank a lot and didn't feel very well... Hope mom didn't come to get me...

날씨가 추워졌어요 감기조심하세요^^
Its getting cold outside so be careful not to catch a cold.^^

With Tony and Heejun casually meeting, Kangta having mentioned he'd spoken to Tony about a potential reunion and Woohyuk's Youtube account full of H.O.T videos, maybe we really do only have to wait for Jaewon's military release for them to get together again! A diehard fan can only hope!

Credit: DTH, 1, 2
Written by me; now we've only got three left to go!
gaspard: smoky

Kahi's solo debut delayed

After announcing that she will be tackling activities as a soloist, After School’s Kahi was forced to delay her album.

The reason for the delay seems to lie in the ‘perfect-or-nothing’ mentality of Kahi and her production team. Pledis Entertainment stated, ‘Although we have a huge amount of songs to choose from, we are not 100% that we have the perfect song’.

Although the release was initially scheduled for mid-November, it will most likely be delayed by 2 or 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, Kahi is appearing regularly on SBS’s variety program, ‘Heroes’.

Source + Image: Donga News via Nate

via: allkpop


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Hoot gets over 150,000 pre-orders

Female idol group Girls' Generation's new mini-album "Hoot" received over 150,000 pre-orders, indicating that the girls are set to take Korea's music industry by storm again.

Their agency SM Entertainment revealed on Wednesday that “Hoot,” which went on sale today, received 51,000 online and 99,490 offline advance orders, adding up to 150,490 pre-orders in total.

“Hoot” contains five songs including its title track of the same name as the album, “It’s My Fault” whose lyrics are written by member Yuri and “First Snowfall…” that sings of lovers in wintertime.

The song "Hoot," which was revealed two days ago, has ranked within the top slots of various online portals and music service providers.

Girls’ Generation will make their comeback with the new song via major music programs at KBS, MBC and SBS, starting from this Friday.

Source: Heidi Kim @ 10Asia

Park Ji-Sun - Park Soo Jin "Unlikely duo? Ideal partners!" (Interview)

Comedian Park Ji-Sun and actress Park Soo Jin. At first glance, it seems to be a very incompatible partnership.

If Park Ji-Sun is like the playful, lovable little sister, then Park Soo Jin is like a cold, aloof actress. If Park Ji-Sun is simple, then Park Soo Jin is sophisticated. These are the common images of these two women.

Collapse )

Source: JoyNews24
Translation by hypocritical @ ofvalue
Mods, isn't it about time for a Park Soo Jin tag?
Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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CNBLUE sees another sold out concert

Another one of Korean rock band CNBLUE's concerts have sold out, according to their agency FNC Music on Wednesday.

FNC stated in a press release that all 4,000 tickets for the group's second concert "Feel the BLUE" to be held on December 18 at the Grand Peace Palace at Seoul's Kyung Hee University, have been sold after going on sale yesterday.

The four-member band, who began on a six-stop Asia tour in July, have also performed in sold-out concerts in Singapore and three shows in Japan.

Composed of members Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk, CNBLUE made their official debut in Korea on January 14 with their mini-album "Bluetory" featuring their hit single "Alone" which topped various online and offline music charts.

They unveiled second mini-album "Bluelove" on May 19 which fared well in Korea and several weekly music charts in Taiwan.

Outside of their music activities, the members of CNBLUE have appeared in dramas, variety shows and movies.

The group will be visiting Japan for their fan meeting to be held at the Tokyo International Forum tomorrow.

Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia