October 30th, 2010


After the shocking news of SHINee’s Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung being a couple broke out, many heads then turned towards 2PM’s Taecyeon and SNSD’s Jessica being an item.

With what many thought would become a trend, in idols revealing their significant others, unfortunately (or fortunately for many fans) will end here (for now).

The Korea Herald reported, that both JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment have stated that Taecyeon and Jessica dating is not true.

Denying dating rumors is the typical approach all entertainment labels take, but after the JongKyung incident, does a statement from the labels now warrant enough of a guarantee for you fans to believe in them?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

cr, akp/ Source + Photo: Korea Herald, Yonhap


Did f(x)’s Amber make a recent surprise appearance on the Ustream show of SM Entertainment choreographers, Rino and Maryss?

The live stream was held in L.A. on October 28th and went on to talk about a variety of topics. Although Amber doesn’t make a direct appearance, she’s allegedly addressed several times throughout the show, and at some points, viewers are able to hear her voice and see glimpses of her through the webcam.

According to tips, Amber makes her first appearance at the 1:09:31 mark, walking through the background as Maryss is talking.

A lot of the SM related questions the girls receive from fans are asked directly to the alleged Amber, who cannot be seen as she’s assumed to be off to the side, such as whether “Onew is really obsessed with chicken (43:50)” and “what SONE means (32:12).” The girls even include Amber in their age guessing game at 33:24 by asking K-pop fans to guess her age. Maryss later addresses Amber at the 1:08:00 mark by stating, “You’re busted already, I don’t know why you’re hiding.”

S: akpFromRinokinawa @ ustream
xxxholic / Moonlight

PSY & SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon defend SNSD

SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon left a stinging message against the Daejong Film Awards on his personal Twitter.

On the afternoon of October 29th, he tweeted, “Was it that hard to clap?! Was it that hard to smile?! How could your bodies have stayed still when music was playing?! This is too much!!”

SNSD performed “Oh!” and “Hoot” at the Daejong Film Awards on the 29th but was met with a cold response from the movie stars present. MC Shin Dong Yup attempted to ameliorate the situation by stating, “American awards shows enjoy performances like this, I think our male actors are focusing too hard on one spot!”

Netizens were also disappointed with the attitude of the actors, leaving comments such as, “Are they trying to say that they’re a higher class than singers just because they’re actors?” “The actors were definitely acting too cocky,” and “It was so embarrassing for me to watch on SNSD’s behalf. The actors must think they’re so important.”

Other netizens retorted with, “Inviting idols to perform was the first mistake. SNSD should’ve stuck with songs everyone knows, it just seemed like they went there to promote their new song, not congratulate the show,” “OST singers should’ve been invited instead,” and “This was not a place for idol singers. They were out of place and out of their league.”

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Source: MyDaily, TV Daily
Translation: AKP
Video: MonmonsChannel

It's not that unusual for idols to get this reaction at film/drama award shows but still...smh.

T.O.P wins Hallyu Popularity Award at the 47th Grand Bell Awards

Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) competed with top stars Won Bin, Kang Dong Won and other Hallyu (Korean Wave) stars for this award. Voting was done online and T.O.P thanked his fans (VIP) in his acceptance speech.

Also, since the award is sponsored by Hyundai Sonata, T.O.P will be getting a car for winning the award. When the MCs advised him about car safety, he answered that he didn't even have a license yet, which made the audience laugh.
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So happy for him! He looks so handsome I can't stop staring at these pics

Sources: bbupdates, bigbanghaven, Me@yt & undercoverYGfamily@yt
Big Bang <3
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FT Island tops Taiwanese music charts with latest album

Korean rock band FT Island has topped several music charts in Taiwan with their latest release.

A press release from FNC Music announced Thursday that the boys’ second mini-album "beautiful journey" held onto the No. 1 spot on popular Taiwan music charts G-Music and Five Music for two consecutive weeks starting October 15.

Their title track "Love, love, love" also ranked in first as well during the same week on Taiwan's ENOME, Taiwan Mobile and Fareast Tone Mobile music charts.

FT Island, who made their debut in June 2007, has also managed a successful singing career in Asia, releasing two major single albums "Flower Rock" and "Brand-new days."

The five-member band returned to the local music scene in mid-August, topping various online and offline music charts with "Love, love, love" from "beautiful journey."

They are scheduled to hold their live concert, focusing on the latest release, for two nights at the AX-Korea in Seoul on November 6 and 7.

Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia
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Shinhwa’s Eric (31) was discharged from the army on the morning of October 30th.

Wearing a beanie, jeans, and a leather jacket, he appeared before his 300 fans and received a round of applause for completing his two years of mandatory military service.  Placards with ‘Oppa has returned’ were held by fans along with various bouquets and cakes in celebration of his return.

Eric stated to fans and reporters, “For now, I feel very lighthearted.  When I was in service, my fans held back as much as possible.  I’m very thankful that they’re here for me today.”

When asked which Shinhwa member contacted him the most, Eric replied, “They called me often after work.  They were jealous that I was being discharged.”  When asked who was the most jealous, he stated, “Andy, who is working the hardest right now, and Minwoo, who went in for service last.

Reporters went on to ask if any juniors had left an impression on him, in which he answered, “I think John Park and Huh Gak.  They both have very good skills, but I especially loved how they warmly embraced each others’ performances all the way to the end despite being rivals.

Eric gave up his American citizenship and was listed to service as an active duty soldier.  Unfortunately, after an accident during the filming of MBC’s “Wolf” in 2006, Eric entered public service in October of 2008.  With the exception of Shin Hye Sung, all other Shinhwa members are now serving in the army.

Sr : allkpop

____ JOO♥

Another 4minute in Japan Update!

In a Japanese CM, 4Minute revealed that a fansign will be held for their Japanese fans in early November. On the 3rd of November at 12PM, popular fashion store collect point will open up a new flapship store in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Lucky fans will get to meet the girls and get their "FIRST/DREAMS COME TRUE" single signed in person!

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kaori. @ 4minutes Forum
4MinuteFrance's Youtube
4minute's Daum Fancafe
marchonsvite5's Youtube
ChaosHellCustom's Youtube
ChaosHellCustom's Youtube
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Unlikely partnership builds university in North Korea

Of all the fantastic tales to come out of North Korea, not one of these seems as improbable as the event that took place Monday, when a science university founded by American evangelical scholars began its first day of classes in Pyongyang, the capital of the secretive Communist state.

Of all the fantastic tales to come out of North Korea — the country's leader is injected with the blood of virgin girls, he made 11 holes-in-one during his very first round of golf, each grain of rice he eats is inspected by hand for imperfections, his youngest son and would-be successor has had cosmetic surgery to make him resemble his grandfather — not one of these seems as improbable as the event that took place Monday, when a science university founded by American evangelical scholars began its first day of classes in Pyongyang, the capital of the secretive Communist state.
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Source: seattletimes
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Flawless goddess talks about her boobs and guys who want them.

Girl Group Rainbow's Kim Jaekyung's real body size got revealed and there are lot's of footsteps finding her mini homepage.

On the 28th, Kim Jaekyung's mini hompage has a visitor amount of 19,627 people. Especially, as soon as Kim Jaekyung's real body size got revealed, netizens have been noting down Kim Jaekyung from the members because of her eye catching body which she is showing off.

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Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7

Rainbow's Kim Jaekyung has confessed that there was 3 members from the same group who have confessed to her at the same time.

On the 30th of October, through KBS 2TV 'Oh! My School' mock news feedback, Jaekyung has said her own secret in front of the reporters.

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Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7

dem titties
WooWoo Stache

JYJ furthers their conquest of Twitter + Hyuksu in the works

Daily dose of JYJ does Twitter

Jaejoong is awake & tweeting!
(Jaejoong) Today, we’re in TAIWAN!! It’s been a while (since we last visited) ㅠㅠ (7:58am KST)
(Sung Pil) @mjjeje Jaejoong~ Take care of your health and do a good job there^^* Buy your dongsaengs delicious things to eat lol Take care of your health so that you don’t catch a cold.. I will always cheer you guys on! Shower the country with your energy~ Hwaiting^^* (8:41am KST)
(Jaejoong) @kangsungpil I’ll have a safe trip^^ And I’ll call you (9:37am KST)

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Sauce(s): [Jaejoong+Junsu+Yoochun+ Other's Twitters]
translation credits: zhuuzhuusoba@tohosomnia.net + mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net
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Unposted Jiji pictures
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Sauce: Me + Jaejoong'sTwitter

Su trying to put the Hyuk in Hyuksu

So far, Hyuk hasn't followed him back yet, but time will tell.

Sauce: Also me + Junsu's twitter

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Jeff and Micky are beginning to fight for twitter!dominance over Joejang, it would appear. They're more addictive than bonbons and afternoon soaps. Or crack.
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Kangta's coming to Toronto!

This year, China and Canada are celebrating their 40th anniversary of having diplomatic relations! Their next celebration will take place on November 28th, at the Rogers Center in Toronto. It will be called “Our Chinese Heart Concert: Celebrations in Toronto”.

Performing in the celebration will be fifteen stars from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea, including Kangta!

Ticket prices for this event are from $38-$288. Tickets are available at (416) 870-8000 and from Ticketmaster.

For more information, visit Our Chinese Heart Toronto.

Source: Koreaboo, Q21 Productions
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TaecSica is just a blantant cover up for TaecJay

For KBS 2TV’s “Oh My School“, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon drew a graph charting the most significant moments of his life, and chose former member Park Jaebeom’s departure as the worst moment.

Ok Taecyeon explained that his life had a total of three crucial events: the first being his immigration to America, his repetitive life as a JYP Entertainment trainee, and finally, 2PM’s former leader’s Park Jaebeom’s withdrawal.

He explained,

“Last year, while promoting ‘Heartbeat,’ I created the ‘Jjit-Taecyeon’ nickname with our zombie performance. That nickname became something indescribable in my life, as our popularity at the time was sky-rocketing. Unfortunately, my life fell straight through the floor in the midst of the ‘Jjit-Taecyeon’ time due to the departure of a team member.”

In his graph, Park Jaebeom’s exit was drawn directly on the bottom edge of the sheet. JYPE terminated Park Jaebeom’s contract this past February, leading to a secession of 2PM activities and the jump into a solo career.
TV Report


shindong and gyuri draw each other

A drawing of KARA’s Gyuri by Super Junior’s Shindong has been attracting the attention of netizens after the two worked together as MCs for MBC’s “Shindong Park Gyuri Shimshimtapa“, and drew portraits of one another on the show. The pictures were later uploaded on the message board for the program, with the producers stating, “Who was this drawing for? One person cries due to a distorted drawing, while the other was able to laugh.”

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Source: akp
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It's Shinhwa's Eric posts!!

The return of the cool guy – Eric holds impromptu autograph session for fans

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Eric, “Andy said he wants to kill me? He just means that he loves me”
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Eric, “I have to annoy the other members now that I’m discharged”
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Eric makes his return to acting with a charismatic and masculine role in “Poseidon”
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Eric: John Park and Heo Gak are juniors who have left deep impressions on me
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Credits: Star News + Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa  1 2 + crystalis0324 @ YT
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Army gay rules breach rights: S.Korea commission

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SEOUL — South Korea's military criminal code punishing homosexuality in the ranks is a violation of soldiers' rights, the country's human rights commission said.

Under the current code, homosexuality among servicemen is punishable by up to one year in jail. The constitutional court is reviewing the issue following a request from a military court.

The rights commission met this week to agree a position to deliver to the court next month. It said its majority opinion is that the law infringes gay soldiers' rights to equality, privacy and to choose a sexual preference.

"Homosexuality does not directly weaken combat capability, morale or unity," the rights panel said in a report.

"Punishment by the military criminal law is against the current of the times because it infringes upon (soldiers) rights to equality."

There were 176 homosexuality cases in the military from 2004-2007 and three male soldiers were convicted, it said.

"In other countries, there are no instances of a gay soldier being punished for homosexuality in the military," Yoon Seol-Ah, an official of the rights panel, was quoted by Yonhap news agency as saying.

"In countries like Canada, Australia and Israel, openly gay soldiers are also allowed to enlist for military service."

Military officials argue that South Korea is different from such countries because it has a mainly conscript military of 655,000.

All physically and mentally fit men are liable to serve at least two years in the military, which faces off against North Korea across the border.

Homosexuality is not a crime under the civilian legal code.

Source: AFP

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Xia- oh, THAT Junsu

MC Kim Gura told about his misunderstanding towards 2PM Junsu.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On the 20th airing of MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star, 2PM members Taecyeon – Woo Young and Miss A members Min – Jia made appearance as guests, while Tony An came up as special MC.

In the show broadcast, Kim Gura showed an unusual interst towards 2PM. “When the first time I knew your group’s main vocal’s name was Junsu, I just later realized that he’s not the double roles of Xiah Junsu.” he said referring to TVXQ member Xiah Junsu.

Kim Gura then asked to both Taecyeon and WooYoung “What is the reason Junsu is hardly noticed by public” at which Yoon Jong Shin replied, “Probably everyone is still trying to find out the real charm of Junsu himself.

To the subsequent attacks from the MC, WooYoung told his own perspective, “(It’s hard for Junsu because) in face department, there’s already Nichkhun, while Taecyeon has better body shape.

credit: news nate
trans: sharingyoochun.net


Poor Junsu (2PM). He's a great vocalist too! But NGL, whenever I see "Junsu" or "Changmin" I automatically think of DBSK, not 2PM/2AM.
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Sukira Transcripts, Youngstreet Transcripts & Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates

 [101020] Sukira Transcript

*H = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

Siwon's obsession with photography

T: Before Siwon was really obsessed with photography.
H: That's right. (laugh)
T: Since Siwon is handsome, he always brought along his camera wherever he went. He captured the scene using his hands, posing here and there. "Hmm...where to take pictures?"
H: He always thinking about where to take pictures and how to pose.
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Sukira Transcripts:
Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by: lovecraze@SJ-World.net
Please take out with full credit

Youngstreet Transcript:
Source: Kim Heechul’s baidu bar & undeadpetal@wordpress
Korean-Chinese Trans: 影素, 梦希
Chinese-English Trans: An Qi @ undeadpetal@wordpress
Please take out with full credits.

Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Thanks to IINA @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.
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SHINee Minho expresses interest in acting

SHINee’s Minho indicated his desire for an acting.

On a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s pilot program ‘Oh! My School,’ he stated “Next year I definitely want to act.”

As stated by Minho, “I definitely want to try playing a role suitable for a singer and an action role,” also conveying “I’m still lacking in terms of my acting ability, after I practice a bit more I’ll challenge myself to take on a character that suits me.”

MC Yoo Se-yoon, upon hearing this, stated “a singing, natural-born fighter, DC DOC’s Kim Chang-ryul,” causing a burst of laughter.

sources: Newsen + weareshining