November 1st, 2010

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2NE1 finally signs up with Avex

Back in August 2010, rumors emerged about 2NE1 following the footsteps of their fellow YG brothers, Big Bang, in advancing into the Japanese music industry with a contract under their belts with Japan’s highly successful entertainment company, Avex.

It has just been confirmed that these rumors are in fact true, as Avex just recently revealed 2NE1’s official website under Avexnet, along with 2NE1’s official Japanese website, created by YG.

According to information on their website, 2NE1’s debut album in Japan is scheduled to drop this coming December 8th, along with an additional CD+DVD bonus album.

Check out the two websites below:

Source: Allkpop
the boss ☇ love bingo!

The BOSS' Hyunchul Sent to the Emergency Room

The Boss' Karam fainted and was sent to the emergency room because of enteritis.

On October 30th, Karam was in Tokyo, Japan for a fanmeeting/showcase. Even before the event, Karam was reported to have been complaining about a stomach ache, but it wasn’t until after the showcase that he fainted and was sent to the emergency room.

On November 1st, a representative of The Boss' entertainment company revealed, “Despite not being on top condition because of his pains, Karam just took painkillers and successfully finished the showcase because of his greed to hold a good concert. It seems as if he got enteritis (intestinal inflammation) because of all the recent showcase preparations, ” to MoneyToday Star News.

The representative also stated, “At the moment, he is getting rest at the hospital but we are planning to have him back to participate in his afternoon schedule. However, we will watch over his recovery and make adjustments to the schedule.”

The Boss is currently fixed guests for the Japanese show, “MADE IN BS JAPAN,” and Karam will still be making an appearance for the show to meet his fans. The boys will also be going to Osaka, Japan on the 3rd for their next promotional showcase.


We found out right after the event but there was finally an article about it~

EDIT: According to DATV's blog, he is feeling fine now. :)

EDIT 2: He's already been released and powered through their schedule without problems~ Proud of him for working so hard but I wish they'd let him rest. ):
Yoon Eun Hye | Pucker Up!

Yoon Eun Hye, I Want Your Hair (VERY IMAGE HEAVY)

And the entire JOINUS winter collection would be nice too. But I’m not greedy, I’ll be happy with just the hair. While waiting for the drama “Love Song” to finish casting, Yoon Eun Hye is still keeping busy with her many endorsement deals. Note to self: burgundy tights are tight! 

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source: SeoulBeats

Yes, that was the actual title of the article, haha. Minus the image heavy warning, of course.
Despite that, it's worth the shot killing your laptop/computer to take a look through this pics; YEH looks absolutely amazing!

C.N BLUE is being fiercely recruited by major labels in Japan

4-men member CNBLUE becomes the target of intense recruitment competition from many major labels in Japan.

According to CNBLUE's agency, FNC Music, as news broke out in the Japanese music industry that CNBLUE is finishing their 2 year indie contract and is preparing for a major market debut next summer, many leading agencies are jumping at the opportunity to sign them up. Officials from many Japanese record labels are giving a presentation on specific action plans on CNBLUE activities in Japan in order to be able to sign CNBLUE with their company.

Many officials from Japan's biggest record labels like AVEX, Warner Music, Universal Records, Sony Music and EMI attended CNBLUE's first fan meeting, held in the Tokyo International Forum last October 28th, to watch their live performance and assess their potential.

CNBLUE has became the target for many of these major labels because they have a distinctive charming quality that makes them different from many others Hallyu Stars or dance groups. CNBLUE has the biggest fan base for band music in the Japanese pop market. CNBLUE's 'I don't know why' single ranked #1 on the Oricon Single Chart on September 27th and also reached #7 on the Oricon Daily Chart.

Moreover, they have had more than 10 sold out performances for their Japan tour this year, showing their box-office capability. Having started their band activities in 2008 in Japan before Korea, and having released indies singles ahead of their major debut, they have gained a favorable impression in the eyes of the Japanese pop music industry officials.

Furthermore, with Jung Yonghwa's debut drama 'You're Beautiful' currently airing in Japan, his and CNBLUE's popularity is rapidly rising.

FNC Music Han Director, "Nowadays we still continue to meet with officials from Japanese record labels. Each of the them have been presenting specific long term activity plans such as staff involved in CNBLUE's music production, detailed activities, opportunities and CF appearances and have requested contract deals.

Source: Nate
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Yuri is such a try hard, but we still love her

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SNSD's Yuri was thoroughly fooled by a hidden camera on "Running Man".

On October 31st, SBS's "Good Sunday Running Man" featured Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukjin, Song Joongki, Song Jihyo, Kim Jong kook, and Haha, with SNSD's Yuri as a guest. They took on various games in a shopping mall in Yongsan.

The first challenge of the night was "1vs8, Fool Yuri". During this game where 10 quiz questions must be solved in 100 seconds, the cast deliberately did not guess guest star Yuri's questions. The cast of Running Man were only able to earn running balls if they were able to fool Yuri and fail the quiz all 3 rounds.

In order to trick Yuri, the members memorized the answers to the question before hand, and correctly answered answers to hard questions. Some of the answers to these questions were "Coiled far-infrared radiating heater", "LED-functioning pest control lamp", "Ocho Atras", and "Kamarinskaya". However, they pretended like they couldn't guess the answers to Yuri's questions, like "a set of ceramic pots", "Rumba", making Yuri so frustrated and worried.

Whenever it was Yuri's turn, the time would run out for all 3 rounds. Yuri was so frustrated that she screamed "WAA" and even cried a little bit. The members of Running Man didn't know what to do when she cried so they yelled, "it's okay!", but they couldn't help laughing when they received their running balls. When Yuri finally found out that it was all a hidden camera, she made everybody laugh by saying, "It was so weird because you were guessing things I've never even heard of in my life. And I was so surprised because Haha and Gary were so smart."

Source: Review Star
Jared - Thank You

Uee Changes Her Expression, But Only Slightly, Only Slightly

After School member UEE recently showed off her stylish charisma as she became a model for a winter photo shoot.

UEE showed a variety of poses and used sultry expressions during this “Stylish and Chic” concept photo shoot. UEE stylishly modeled an array of clothing, including colorful coats, leopard fur, padding and more.

Also, she shed her signature long hair and tried out new styles such as the short cut and wave hair style.

UEE had been absent from the public eye for some time now due to her busy filming schedule for her upcoming drama “Birdie Buddy“, and fans were happy to see her after a long absence.

Birdie Buddy revolves around golf, as the sport is receiving much attention in the country as many Korean golfers have become very successful internationally. In the drama, UEE plays the role of Sung Mi Soo, a poor girl from the country-side of Korea (Gangwon providence) who dreams of becoming a famous golf star. She forms a rivalry with rival golfer Min Hae Ryung, a girl from a very rich family and gets involved in a love triangle with Lee Yong Woo, who plays the role of a hot shot PGA golf pro named John Lee.

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Source: TVdaily AKP

Really? No Uee tag? She is posted solo all the time.

SKK Article + How to land JYJ + Tweetz

Celebrities Are Also Tuning In To SKK Scandal

Amongst the viewers in Korea who fell for the attraction of “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, celebrities are also included in this loyal group of viewers.

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source: Han-Xing News TV Daily+TVXQBaidu
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Jae's Hand Obsession continues + fails to get girls

JYJ, who is currently on tour for their worldwide showcase, finished their Taiwan showcase in Taipei on October 30th.

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Source: AKP

So far today on Twitter…
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Saucez: Jaejoong/Junsu/Yoochun + SYC + SYC #2

Sexy housewife, eh? Also, gaiz, gaiz, Ayyy Girl is basically Kanye's Power, the low budget version. The gif is 831panda831's genius btw.
Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop

Okcat was hospitalised + JYP family concert+funny fan accounts

"I came back from the hospital. I couldn't do starking recording.
I'll get better quickly and show you a better side thank you"

Apparently Taecyeon is unwell and was decided whether or not to go to the fansign but he refused to stay back and went to the fansign saying that their fans are waiting.

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SNSD: Tiffany

KIKI MEETS WOMEN, reveals his yearly salary..

Lee Kikwang from the idol group BEAST had left a suspicious presence when he answered “no comment” towards a question asking if he had met or is willing to date a woman recently in personal matters regardless of programs.

On the episode of ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers’ broadcasted on the 31st, the Jung Yoonsung examiner from the Prosecutor's Office Psychological Analysis appeared and the brothers ended up doing a lie detector test.

The actual lie dectector machine had been used in crime investigation cases and Jung examiner stated, “It identifies the psychological state with a 96% accuracy,” causing anticipation.

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Translation: aoistars@B2ST RISING

I'm not sure what to make of that salary..
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Girls' Generation to Unify Asian Music Market?

SEOUL, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- South Korea's popular girl group Girls' Generation is currently focused on promoting the group in South Korea and Japan with an eye to unifying the Asian music market, the group said Monday.

"With Girls' Generation, we'll be able to create the biggest market in the world, which is the Asian market," Kim Young-min, CEO of the group's agent SM Entertainment, said during a press conference with foreign journalists in Seoul.

Rather than making a foray into the American or the European music market, the nine-member group presently aims to "unify the Asian market" and build it into the biggest market in the world, the CEO said.

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Source: Xinhuanews
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10Asia Interviews Lee Soo-hyuk

My name is Lee Soo-hyuk. It's actually Lee Hyuk-soo and I had been using both names for quite a while until I decided to settle with Lee Soo-hyuk. My parents and old friends who’ve known me for a long time call me by my old name Hyuk-soo but I don’t mind being addressed as Soo-hyuk either because it has been my name that I have gotten used to for quite some time now. It’s Hyuk as in the Chinese character “赫” meaning 'brilliance' and Soo “秀” as in 'outstanding.”'

I was born on May, 31, 1988. I have lived mainly in Seoul and the Gyeonggi Province.

My family is composed of my parents and a four year younger sister. She will take the college entrance exam this year so my dad threw a party for a one day and I bought the cake for it. Due to our age difference, I haven't had the chance to get very close with her but I’ve been trying to be more considerate to her for the past few years.

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Source: Choi Ji-Eun @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3
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Eric: I was disappointed when fans really didn’t come to visit

Shinhwa’s Eric concluded his 2 years of compulsory military service with a press conference on 30 Oct at the Sports Complex subway station.

Eric gave up his US citizenship in 2000 and enlisted for military service on 9 Oct 2008. He was subsequently deployed as a public service officer at Seoul Metro, in charge of CCTV monitoring and directional services.

When asked if there were any fans who went to the station to look for him, Eric answered to the amusement of the fans, “We had earlier made a request (for fans not to visit), but when the fans really didn’t come to visit I was disappointed.”

He added that he was following the KBS drama ‘Chuno’ very closely. “I want to quickly start work on my next project, and show everyone a masculine appeal similar to that of Jang Hyuk’s character in ‘Chuno’.”

Meanwhile, Eric announced that his comeback project will be the Korean coast guard drama ‘Poseidon’, creating much interest and anticipation.

Credits: KBS Entertainment Relay + TVReport + Absolut Shinhwa
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another ~*~oppa~*~ goes to army: SBS drama “Secret Garden” will be Hyun-bin’s last project…

He will be entering military service before March of 2011.

SBS drama “Secret Garden” is a drama about a department store owner (Hyun-bin) and an action stunt-woman (Ha Ji-won) who end up swapping souls. After the swap, they begin to realize their true feelings for each other and the dynamic of their relationship starts to change. It is described to be a fun romantic comedy.

Hyun-bin is working extra hard on this last project. “Secret Garden” will premiere on November 13, 2010.

Source: popseoul

lol the plot line i can't even

KARA's new Japanese album "Girl's Talk" tracklist & covers revealed!

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03.Baby I Need You
04.Sweet Days

● Jumping Music Clip(au Smart Sports ver.)
  ※A completely different music clip from the original version.
● Jumping Music Clip(au Smart Sports ver. )Making
● Artwork filmiing offshot

● Photobook (28 pages)

Bonus tracks:
11.Sweet Days (Korean Version)
12.LOVE IS (Korean Version)
13.BINKS (Korean Version)

First Press Version A: CDJapan, Yesasia, Amazon JP, HMV (with HMV original trading card)
First Press Version B: CDJapan, Yesasia, Amazon JP, HMV (with HMV original trading card)
First Press Version C: CDJapan, Yesasia, Amazon JP, HMV (with HMV original trading card)

source: karaholic, kara official japanese website

nicole wae u no touch key?

A Perfect Mega Post for A Perfect Man

Even more Chris-Christy Winter Catalogue pics for your viewing please!

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Nylon November Issue with his band
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New stills from Mary Stayed Out All Night

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Heart of Gold Ep. 5

Source: KJWLoveScenerioStyle, bemimstk,, Mla1027

Image heavy Post
my goodness how can one man be so freaking fine.

This is an H.O.T picture post!

October 31st was a busy day for four out of five of the ex-members of H.O.T. Although the youngest, Lee Jae Won, is still serving in the military, the other four were busy with their own individual activities.

Moon Hee Jun
Held a fan meet today, which around 1000 fans attended.
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Kang Ta
Attended and was the MC for the wedding of one of the managers in SME, the same wedding Yunho, Leeteuk and Zhoumi were spotted at.
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Tony An
Is currently in Japan, helping promote idol group SMASH whom he is managing and producing.
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Jang Woo Hyuk
Was spotted at Incheon airport on the 30th on his way back to China, where he held another show on the 31st.
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Credit: Dedicated to H.O.T
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

H.O.T will never be irrelevant ♥
Also wow I want Heejun's yellow hoodie so bad.

Yunho confirmed for “Poseidon”

It’s official! Despite SM Entertainment’s denial of the castingTVXQ’s Yunho has been confirmed in acting for the upcoming action drama, “Poseidon“.

Yunho will play the role of Elite Force soldier ‘Oh Yun Jae‘, who returns to Korea after working as a diver in Japan. Oh Yun Jae shares a strong bond of brotherhood with eldest sibling ‘Oh Eun Chul‘ (as played by Kim Kang Woo).

Other cast members include Eric, Kim Ok Bin, Jeon Hae Bin, Son Hyun Joo, Kim Kab Soo, Park Won Soo, and Jin Hee Kyung.

“Poseidon” was produced with the full support of the Coast Guard, who helped train and guide the actors since last summer. The drama tells the story of the special forces within the Coast Guard, who are responsible for saving lives. Ultimately, the self-sacrificing “heroes” will illustrate the theme of humanity and the preciousness of life.

Interestingly, the official broadcasters (MBC, SBS, KBS) for the drama have yet to be decided upon.

“Poseidon” marks Yunho’s return to the drama scene after a 2-year hiatus. We’re looking forward to seeing how his acting skills have improved during that time!
Source + Photo: Nate + Allkpop

lol his character is called Yunjae

The Asian Justin Bieber (Jay), Edward Cullen (Cha Cha) and Leng Hefner(Leng Phe) sing us a song!!

Jay, Cha Cha and Leng Phe of AOM covered "Bottom's Up" by Trey Songz

Source: LostWithoutMusiqq @ Youtube

Jay Park, Cha Cha and Leng Phe graced us with song, this Halloween!!!! WE also find out out how deep Jay's love for Nicki Minaj actually goes!!!! lol  Which I am very happy about!!!! You guys are good job!!! This is my new jam!!! lol
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Shin Se Kyung's Head Shots for The Body Shop

Shin Se Kyung is currently the hot topic for being SHINee’s Jonghyun’s girlfriend, but her career is continuing on without a pause.

She transformed into a party queen in the new advertisements for her endorsement of The Body Shop. Her silky blue dress and smoky eye makeup creates a sexy image for the beauty.

She is modeling their 2010 winter trend sparkling smokey makeup.

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Source: SPN & allkpop

Photo: The Body Shop

SHINee lands in Taiwan

Popular Korean boy group, SHINee, will be paying a 5 night 4 day visit to Taiwan pretty soon. Scheduled to arrive this Thursday at 11 in the morning, SHINee will be heading straight into show recordings. Not only will they be appearing on various shows, they will also be holding a long anticipated fan meet for their Taiwan fans. Tickets for the fan meet, called "SHINee - HELLO Taiwan's First Fan Party," were sold out in seconds.

For their third visit, SHINee is forecast to appear on 100% Entertainment, Super King, the singing competition show One Million Star, and others.

taec cute

Singer Turned Stripper Jjit Taecyeon to Star in Drama "Dream High"

2PM’s Taecyeon has been confirmed for the drama “Dream High“, and both fans as well as casual viewers from “Cinderella’s Sister” are demonstrating high enthusiasm for the choice.

Taecyeon will play the role of ‘Jin Gook‘, a prodigy in dancing yet a scoundrel in school. Although Jin Gook grew up rebelling against all school-related activities, Director Lee of ‘Kin Rin (Giraffe) Prep School’ encouraged his enrolment in the school. The rebel finds his hidden talent as a dancer in the artistic school, and dreams of becoming a world star. He’s also involved in a love story with ‘Hyemi’ (actress undisclosed), a bold and proud singer who deems herself as the second Jo Sumi, a Grammy-winning soprano.
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Source + Photo: Newsen and allkpop

QMI + HenWook for BMF!

A few days ago, on the official “Bravely Moving Forward” Weibo, an explosive piece of news was announced, SJ’s Chinese sub-group SJ-M has been confirmed as recording for the programme in the near future. On the Weibo it was said that at present the members that have already been confirmed are Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Zhou Mi and Henry. Talks are also currently underway with the other members.

According to reports, before this there was news that stated that SJ-M would officially make their comeback in the near future. As for a definite date it still has not been finalized yet, but the recording of “Bravely Moving Forward” has also been regarded as the warm up ahead of their comeback.

Siwon and Donghae should be busy due to dramas so schedules are still being rearranged.

Where is that Yeeeessss!! My life is frigging complete! Wookie macro when I need it??

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