November 2nd, 2010


Eunhyuk loves Gyuri wants to marry her and not let her work

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On a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Nocturnal, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk was left flabbergasted and embarrassed by KARA’s Goddess Gyuri.

On the show it was revealed that Eunhyuk actually recommended that Gyuri should be Shindong’s co-host for MBC radio show Shim Shim Ta Pa after Kim ShinYoung’s departure back in April. Shindong asked Eunhyuk “Who would be most suitable to take her place?”, to that Eunhyuk replied “Gyuri would be perfect”.

On hearing this, Gyuri said “Is this true?” to Eunhyuk, to which he replied “It’s a 100% true story”. She then hit back with, “Are you interested in me?”, making all the guests laugh as Eunhyuk pulled a shocked, yet embarrassed, face. He could not even answer her question as he was dying of embarrassment.

Even the MCs of the show teased him when they saw his flushed reaction, claiming that he was a really bad liar and that they can clearly see that he is definitely interested in Gyuri.

Source: Review Star
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gtfo eunhyuk. gyuri is already taken.

2AM outranks SNSD on music charts

‘Ballad idols’ 2AM have been dominating a handful of charts with their newly released album, “Saint O’Clock“, catching many K-pop fans by surprise as SNSD’s 3rd mini-album “Hoot” was expected to reign supreme.

As of November 1st, 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t Answer my Calls” ranked 1st on many major music sites including Melon, Cyworld, and Mnet. Their other A-side, ”Like Crazy“, also ranked highly, attesting to the strength of 2AM’s appeal and vocal prowess.

Fans have been closely observing the neck-to-neck race between SNSD and 2AM. SNSD made a comeback last weekend with an engaging dance, and bested 2AM in the daily charts. However, 2AM took back their throne by Sunday afternoon.

At the showcase for their first album, leader Jo Kwon stated, “2AM’s positives are not visuals nor performances, but our individual personality and unique voices.”

source: nate
translation: allkpop

OMTND Featured Artist Profile: Yoo Gun

Starting off our very first artist profile, is the too hot for words hottie, Yoo Gun (Hello God, Muzzang).  He's not very well known here and isn't the most prolific artist out there but after this post, I'm sure you're going to be scrambling to find out more about him.

free glitter text and family website at
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Sources: Hancinema. Dramabeans 1 & 2 , DramaWiki, YongGeonBlogspot, YooGeon Soompi Page
Video Sources: Hancinema , Doggymo

ETA: He has a Twitter: Thanks [info]mikarella for the heads up.

So Omonaians. Do you fancy?

Actually I'm a slave to constructive feedback/criticism. What do you gals/guys think of this artist profile. The good, the bad, and (hopefully not) the ugly.

We would like to see this take off a bit. Maybe you can feature your favorite artist/band/actor/ next time.

Old Pics of Chubby-Cheek Sooyoung = Hot Topic

Former pictures of SNSD member Sooyoung have become a hot topic online, with the title “The History of Sooyoung’s Appearance Change”.

We go back to 2002 to the beginning of her appearance change. Sooyoung debuted in the Korea-Japan unit “route0” in 2002 during the time of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Sooyoung, whom didn’t really look like a 12 year old, rapped in Korean in their Japanese songs. She seemed mature for her age back then, as well as now.

The second image is from 2006 when she VJ’d on Mnet’s “Live Broadcast Hello Chat”. Her plump cheeks and large eyes were striking. Netizens have said they think it’s good that Sooyoung has returned with a sexy image in “Hoot”, but the lively pure and innocent Sooyoung is also good.

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Source: Japanese Joins

Seo Inyoung buries the hatchet with fellow Ex Jewelry member Harang

Former Jewelry member Seo In Young expressed indifference towards ex-member Harang’s comments about leaving the group.

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source: allkpop

basically what happened was that when harang/minah left the group to be an actress she stopped keeping contact with jungah and inyoung (unlike jihyun who still kept in touch). JA and IY were upset and hurt at first but moved on eventually. wouldn't you be upset if one of your best friends suddenly left you and stopped talking to you?? she needs to start talking to them again!!

oh and she also made a twitter account recently
____ JOO♥

T-ara's Hello Baby begins filming on November 5th

With their comeback just around the corner, sexy and cute girl group T-ara will be showing off their cool motherly sides after SNSD Girls Generation and SHINee in the next season of KBS Joy's Hello Baby!?

According to their schedule that was updated today, filming begins on November 5th. There are no more details as of right now.

DiiieGooBsP4's Youtube
Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

JYJ - The Beginning Showcase in Las Vegas/NY Ticket info + price

Going on sale on November 3, 2010 12PM PDT

•US $62.00 (US $50.00 Ticket + US $12.00 Fees/Additional Taxes)
•US $344.00 (US $305.00 Ticket + US $39.00 Fees/Additional Taxes)

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
Las Vegas, NV
Sun, Nov 14, 2010 08:00 PM

Source: Ticketmaster
Credits: Chammerrruu@DBSKnights
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$344 is just... = |

(Edited with Seating Map)

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Ban on corporal punishment

Teenaged students are humans, too

Korea joins in a global trend toward banning corporal punishment of students. Seoul and the nearby Gyeonggi Province have prohibited inflicting physical punishment on primary, middle and high school students for their misbehavior. Initial confusion prevailed in class. Schools need to devise ways of keeping discipline among students without the use of corporal punishment.

Europe, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries have outlawed the practice in public education. It is still legal in many Asian, African and Caribbean nations.
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Source: koreatimes
Finally. I still remember that girl that died after a corporal punishment
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Lemme Talk About BEAST's Fourth Mini Album!

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The preorder sales have started for the BEAST’s 4th mini album ‘Lights Go On Again’ that will be released on the 9th.

In the morning of the 3rd, BEAST had opened up the preorder sales on different online sites for the upcoming 4th album, and the track list showed a surprise with all new type of songs that filled the whole album.
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Source: Naver, Trans: aoistars@B2STrising
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totally forget they were going to release another mini. CHYEAHHHHH

Who wore it better?

Remember Jonghyun and Key's matching ensemble at LA airports?

title or description

Well G-Dragon has been spotted wearing it for his G-market ad MV

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So who flaunted it better?


+SHINee pic courtesy of random tumbler

first post ever ;~;
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<2010 Marry Christmas> - Davichi with T-ara, Co.ed and SeeYa

# Davichi Christmas
Davichi and their explosive talents will present a Christmas concert.
This concert will serve an unforgettable experience for fans.

# Davichi with T-ara, Co.ed, SeeYa
For the Christmas concert, other artists from the same company will be guests.
The hot issue, new group, Co.ed.
Acknowledged as singers, but also in a wide range of entertainment activities, T-ara.
SeeYa known for their heavy fanbase and distinctive voices.
The stylish guests will impress you at the Christmas concert.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Tiaradiadem/CoreClique

* just translated the basic information needed and it is called "marry" and not "merry."

Title is not serious, butthurt stans , <---- please ^0^
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Ga-In enjoyed being in a scandal with Lee Seung Gi

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Brown Eyed Girls‘ member, Ga-In, explained her scandal with popular star Lee Seung Gi.

During her guest appearance on SBS Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang), Ga-In revealed, “One day my company’s president suddenly asked me if I was going out with Lee Seung Gi. When I answered that I wasn’t, the president said, ‘There was a report saying that they saw you and Lee Seung Gi come out of the Brown Eyed Girls’ dorm.’” Ga-In then continued, “At one point, even my coordinator started to be careful to not overlap any of my clothing and accessories with Lee Seung Gi.”

Upon hearing Ga-In’s story, MC Lee Seung Gi said, “I heard about the scandal through others but I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t even come up with an excuse.” MC Kang Ho Dong also contributed by stating, “The rumors that I heard were, ‘The two already broke up due to misunderstandings but are now going out again and what becomes of Jo Kwon then.’” Furthermore, Ga-In contributed that there were even rumors of her appearing on We Got Married, as a couple with Jo Kwon just to prevent spreading scandalous news with Lee Seung Gi.

To brighten up the mood a bit, Kang Ho Dong then asked Ga-In if her mother was upset over the scandal. Ga-In surprisingly stated that her mother was not upset at all over the scandal and on the contrary wished that it was true. The idol then wittingly said, “To be honest I was enjoying the scandal and rumors but after today, all the misunderstandings will be over. I was happy while it lasted,” causing the studio audience and guest members to laugh.

Source: AKP

lolk. I never heard about dis..
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LSM is hella freakin rich~

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SM Entertainment’s chairman, Lee Soo Man, has become the first celebrity ever to join the ranks of those with 100 million dollar stocks.

Currently SME’s producer and chairman, the appraised value of Lee Soo Man’s stock reached $100 million USD as of November 1st. On this day, SME’s stock reached a new high by recording at $22 USD, thus raising the worth of SME’s largest shareholder, Lee Soo Man, and bringing the total appraised value of his stock to $100,820,523 USD.

This feat makes Lee Soo Man the first ever former celebrity to reach the status of $100 millionaires.

Although SME’s stocks dropped to $21.45 USD the next day on the 2nd, dropping Lee Soo Man’s appraised value to $97,400,000 USD, he does not remain too far off from the initial value.

SME artists SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) and others have been busily promoting in both Korea and overseas, achieving great results and thus raising the value of SME’s stocks. SME also earned greater profit with smart phones becoming a regular item with the public, bringing more attention and easier access to their hit digital songs.

The year’s results raised appraised value of Lee Soo Man’s stock by $80 million USD in less than 10 months.

Lee Soo Man also holds 5x more than the only other celebrity in the ranks, Bae Yong Joon. Bae Yong Joon’s appraised value also rose $60,000 USD, recording at $18,133,622 USD. KAIST’s stock price rose from $2.70 USD to $4.14 USD as well.

Source + Photo: Star News (no link-back)

didn't add the sm artist's tags or bae yong joon's because this article is mainly about SME and they're only mentioned once
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SNSD’s latest track on their “Hoot” mini-album, “Mistake,” earned much attention after its release for being written by member Yuri herself.

The members revealed in a recent interview that Tiffany and Yuri had to battle one another in order to get their lyrics included in the album. The members stated, “They both battled until the very end, although Yuri won. Yuri’s lyrics about a heart breaking crush must’ve fit better with the song than Tiffany’s lyrics about never ending love.”

Yuri stated, “I’ve always wanted to personally contribute to the album. Lyrics that I had already written up fit well with our new song, so it was a great chance and opportunity. It was very different watching us perform a song that I wrote, as it almost made me choke up.”

When asked whether her lyrics stem from personal experience, Yuri shook her head before answering, “I have a habit of writing down things on a memo while reading. These lyrics were influenced by some notes I took from a book.”

Member Tiffany added, “I like writing as well. Should I receive another opportunity, I will take it and go with something stronger.”

The remaining members expressed their desire to participate in their next album production as well. Taeyeon has been busily studying about writing music, while Seohyun has been taking lessons on jazz piano.

The group claimed that their goal was to produce an album with nine different songs written and composed by each of them. The title track will be decided by a game of rock, paper, scissor.

Source + Photos: SPN

Ssandara,“Taeyang’s relationship with me is a doomed one”

Sandara Park described her relationship with Big Bang’s Taeyang on this week’s Strong Heart. The charismatic 2NE1 member talked about her friendship with Taeyang and expressed her honest thoughts.

She stated, “I don’t know if I should call it an ill-fated or an incompatible relationship. Taeyang seems really nice and suave on the outside but in reality he’s just a rascal that doesn’t know much about women. He usually pinches me and rolls me around on the floor in the practice room to tease me.”

She added, “One day, I wasn’t feeling well but he didn’t even notice and started to roll me around again. I started crying and ran to the bathroom. I know that he’s just being friendly to his noona but it catches me off guard. Taeyang is becoming really popular amongst the female fans but to me, he’s last on my list in terms of Big Bang members.”

Source: Osen + translated by alee @ ibigbang
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This is KARA taking over Japan

The members of KARA have been chosen as fixed MCs for a Japanese music program.

According to Fuji TV, KARA will be appearing on their talk show music program, “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke“, starting November 3rd.

Representatives of the program previously visited KARA in Korea last month in order to report on KARA’s “Jumping” album jacket photo shoot.

KARA will be the MCs for only the show’s opening and ending segments since they must promote in both Korea and Japan. A three month old rookie singer being given the MC position to a famous music program is definitely an exceptional case for both industries.

KARA will be releasing their second Japanese single, “Jumping,” on the 10th, along with a Korean mini-album on the 17th. “Girls Talk” will be released on the 24th. Their Japanese management agency is currently predicting 200,000 in album sales.


Of course the best fucking five would. Of course they would.

Mi esposo will be using his flawless and melodic voice to sing at the Asian Games Opening

A beautiful specimen of a man, more relevant than all your oppas even with his uneven plastic nose

Singer cum actor, Kim HyunJoong will participate in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games held in GuangZhou, China on 12-Nov as representative of Korea, and will be singing the official theme song.

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KARA’s Goo Hara to attend university

KARA is currently enjoying a successful run in Japan, but soon KARA’s Goo Hara is set to become a university student.
Their company, DSP Entertainment, revealed to Newsen, “Recently, Goo Hara received her final acceptance to Sungshin Women’s University.  Starting from next March, Goo Hara will live on campus.
She wishes to learn acting, and thus her major will be “media-film acting”.

Right now, Goo Hara is busily participating in activities in Japan with KARA, but next March she will live the life of a normal college student. Though one has to wonder exactly how normal that life will be in college.

Source: AKP
Looks like akp got it wrong. She won't be living on campus.
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Kim Yeo Hee (Applegirl) releases two new songs!

Kim Yeo Hee, also known as Applegirl, has finally released new songs since her debut album 'My Music'. The new song "Beautiful Day" is a pop ballad and features the vocal talents of 길미 (Gilme). Gilme has worked with artists such as K.Will and Eun Ji Won in the past.

'With You' is more of an upbeat track and showcases Kim Yeo Hee's strong vocals and bright, uplifting spirit!

You can follow Kim Yeo Hee on Twitter and Facebook.

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Source: Koreaboo, 1855295923 @ YouTube
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