November 3rd, 2010

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Kim Hyung Jun talks about his first kiss, Kevin is forever alone

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun confident confession about his first kiss has become a hot issue.

During MBC Every1 pre-recording of the truth game with the question “When is your first kiss”, Kim Hyung Jun replied “When 20 years old, I had my first kiss”. In response to this, Eun Ji Won asked blatantly, “By any chance, it happened when SS501 was active?”, to which Kim Hyung Jun honestly replied, “Yes”, hence shocking everyone.

Additionally Kim Hyung Jun said that “Will not forget the first kiss even until I die.” On a cold winter day, after reading out to (his) girlfriend the letter he had written, had his first kiss while trembling and therefore managed to confess in a romantic way. His younger brother, U-KISS’s Ki Bum, upon hearing his brother’s shy confession, stated “I still thought that you haven’t had your first BoBo”, expressing his hurt by his elder brother’s betrayal (?).

Meanwhile, U-KISS’s Kevin expressed that he has yet to have his first kiss, and have not even have a girlfriend yet.

Source: Good Day Sports
Translation: Only Jun (

Don't worry about the lack of U-Kiss news - Dongho exists.

U-Kiss’s Dongho has been absent from the scene these days, and it’s mainly because he has been working hard as an actor. Dongho is starring in the upcoming movie, “Villain & Widow (Villain on the Second Floor)“. This is his first acting role, and in it, he plays a good-looking middle school student.The movie is about a woman (played by Kim Hye Soo) and her daughter, Jiwoo, who lives in a house with an empty second floor. A man with many secrets (played by Han Suk Gyu) moves into the house and the story captures what happens afterwards.Dongho plays a boy that Jiwoo is crushing on. It’s been said that Kim Hye Soo thought Dongho would fit the character well.Dongho said,“I’m really nervous since it’s my first time acting. It’s an honor to be working with sunbaes I look up to. I want to become a great actor later on and act with them again.”
The movie premieres on November 25th.


credits: edname @ youtube

Movie's website:

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Sources: shana_07 @ ROCKETBOXX.NET + AKP + Money Today (i bet it's the right original source, correct me if i did wrong -"kyongje today" ...).

Super Junior's Sungmin to act in drama and also rejoins the internet world

Lee Sungmin will act as the son of the main character, Jang Il-joon (played by Choi Su-jong)in the KBS drama President.

"President" follows Jang Il-Joon (Choi Su-Jong) as he runs for the 18th presidential office in 2012 to actually winning the election.

Jang Il-Joon was born from an ordinary educator family, but graduated from a prestigious university as a law student. When the country was under military leadership, Jang Il-Joon was a student activist and became involved in a once-in-a-lifetime case. He dreamed to become the new dream for Korea.

Since then he has worked as a three term lawmaker and a human rights lawyer. Now, Jang Il-Joon throws his hat into the 2012 presidential election, dreaming to overcome conflicts between ideology, class, and regions with his leadership.

‘President’ will follow KBS’s action-comedy Korean drama ‘Runaway: Plan B’ aka ‘Fugitive: Plan B’. It premieres December 8 on KBS.

sources: asianmediawiki & dongdrama
photo credit: ozmic
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So happy to see him doing something again and being back online, he was becoming too much of a hermit ;~;

2PM will date 6 fans; the other 2 million fans remain forever alone!

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2PM is planning on having a movie “date” with fans on November 6th with the assistance of CGV movie theater.

The event will be called “2PM Day at CGV”, and a few select fans can come to the theater and watch an evening movie with their favorite boy band.

The six lucky fans will be chosen from a random selection of comments left on the CGV homepage.

They’ll also receive gifts and signed CDs.

Sources: allkpopNewsen

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Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung's story to be revealed

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The story behind Shin Sekyung and Kim Jonghyun's relationship will be revealed on the show 'Strange Search'. The reporter who covered this story will personally reveal the story of this hot new couple.

The Jongkyung couple is the youngest couple of the current entertainment business, having dating for only one month. Because it's the first publicly announced couple with an idol, the news attracted a lot of attention.

The reporter who covered the story stated, "They young couple didn't wear any hats and confidently enjoyed their date," and added, "They didn't mind the reporters around and had a fun time."

The show will air at 7PM KST. Tune in to catch the behind story of the hot couple of the month! Koreaboo will be covering this developing story further as we hear more!

Source: Nate, Koreaboo

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Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

After all, "Empty" is a title track and "Ayyy Girl" MV wasn't that cheap

The music video for boy band JYJ's song "Ayyy Girl" was released on their official website yesterday.

The song, from the group's first global album "The Beginning" released in mid-October, was produced by 14-time Grammy Award-winning rapper Kanye West and is being promoted at the same time as Rodney 'Darkchild' Jenkins-produced "Empty," both as title tracks for the boys' new release.

In the video posted on, members Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu turn into dynamic yet dreamy and classic fantasy characters who give up becoming gods in order the save the woman they love.

The group's publicist Prain Inc. explained that the video was filmed in 3D format using ultra-speed cameras which shoot 500 frames per second.

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Jay Park Interview for Allure Korea, Nov 2010

When there is an artist at the studio, anyone can notice that the individual on set is a singer. Loud or quiet, they are always humming, singing, playing instruments and dancing. There is always an “I-am-communicating-with-the-music-god” aura behind their backs, like a traffic light. It doesn’t matter if they are extremely shy and are unsociable for the first few minutes. Regardless the genre, when a song is played, their identity is immediately revealed. As soon as the audio’s volume becomes louder, the singers start moving their hands and feet without knowing it themselves. While their shoulders rise and fall, their feet drum the floor.

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Stevie J

SLAYang Interview with Numero TOKYO Magazine


Questions from Numero to BIGBANG
Q1) What is your dream as a member of BIGBANG and your dream as a solo artist?
Q2) What is the difference of your activities as BIGBANG and as a solo artist?
Q3) What's the most impressive thing that happened during your activities as BIGBANG?
Q4) What's the happiest thing you did recently during your private time?
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Sweet, gentle, wouldn't hurt a fly, bitches be too sensitive, etc.
Source and Translated by: Noriko@bigbangupdates via DTTS

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The 2PM members have something to say about Taecyeon and how he acts around women.

They stated on a recent recording of Happy Together season 3 on KBS that Taecyeon tends to over-exaggerate in front of women. Nichkhun further added, “If women are around, Taecyeon becomes bright and cheery all of a sudden, and overacts.“  Main vocal Junsu also agreed, retelling an incident in which the 2PM members met  f(x) after a show, and Taecyeon cheerily said in an overly high-pitched tone, “Good job!” Apparently, the other 2PM members were caught off guard by his sudden change in demeanor. Wooyoung added to the fire, and created laughter in the studio, commenting, “When Taecyeon’s around women, his reactions become overly-exaggerated, and his eyes get really big.”

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{exo; chen} ☆ stealing my heart

BEAST Will Exceed the Human Mind?!

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"Lights go on again" will be the 4th Mini Album that will sweep BEAST off their feets.

The reason this album is getting attention is because right after the promotions for the 3rd album, this album will be released as a whole new album with all new songs notifying the start of a new comeback. Unlike adding one or two songs and coming out with a repackaged album, this album has been released with a full completion level. This “rendezvous album” style that BEAST is trying out for the first time in the music industry will be the proof that they have a different reputation to begin with.

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Source: kyobobook, Trans: aoistars@b2strising

For those who play Call Of Duty, this comes out the same days Black Ops. TWO AWESOME THINGS IN ONE DAY!

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young delighted to be working together on “Mary Stayed Out All Night”

The main cast of “Mary Stayed Out All Night” got together on November 3rd at the press conference before the drama’s premiere next Monday.

Moon Geun Young, when asked about her thoughts on her fellow castmate, stated, “I decided to join the drama because I liked the script and the character’s charm, but my choice was also largely dependent on Jang Geun Suk being the other leading role.”

She continued, “I’ve always wanted to work with Jang Geun Suk after seeing his dramas and films. I decided that acting with him would be sweet and said okay to the cast offer.”

Jang Geun Suk stated, “Moon Geun Young was cast right after me. I first heard of the news while at a celebratory dinner with the production company. I screamed hooray when I heard the news. I was always the maknae and played roles that were dependent on other characters. I was determined to make this drama something that Moon Geun Young and I could both make together. I was glad that we fit well together after working with her for the first filming.” 
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she's so cute!

 Source: allkpop

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Korea cancels F3 race

South Korea has cancelled this month's international F3 race after state inspectors questioned the safety of mobile stands, organisers said on Wednesday.

Korea Auto Valley Operation (KAVO), a joint venture between a private company and South Jeolla province, held the country's first Formula One Grand Prix at its brand-new track in Yeongam county last month.

It was due to host the F3 event, also South Korea's first, but KAVO spokesman Kim Jae-Ho told AFP: "Because of delayed approval from inspectors, we have decided to cancel this year's F3 race, which was to take place in the last week of November."

Kim said KAVO was able to hold the F1 race with temporary approval from inspectors, although work on mobile stands was not completed at the time, and said the F3 decision would not affect next year's F1 event.

"We will do our best to build complete mobile stands," he said. "Compared to the lack of experience, we believe the first F1 race was staged in a satisfactory way, but we need to make perfect preparations for the F3 race next year."

KAVO hosted the Grand Prix after frantic last-minute work to build what it called the country's biggest sports facility, 320 kilometres south of Seoul.

It is capable of accommodating more than 120,000 spectators at a time, including 16,000 seats in the main grandstand, and will host the F1 race for seven years with an option to extend for five more.

KAVO has also signed an agreement with British race management and insurance firm Motor Race Consultants to host the F3 race for seven years at the same circuit.

Domestic fans have complained about delayed work, insufficient accommodation and traffic jams at the circuit.

That's what you get South Korea when you don't have the track finished.

Source: upersport
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South Koreans debate safety of consuming octopuses' heads

A debate that is currently raging in South Korea is over the consumption of octopuses' heads.

Enraged fishermen are threatening to sue the mayor of Seoul who had said it is unsafe to eat the heads of octopuses.

Koreans love to eat octopus, and very often, it is eaten live. They also love the head, which many believe is good for stamina.

But these days, Koreans are confused about whether it is safe to eat the head of the octopus or not.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon said: "It is the official stance of the Seoul Metropolitan Government that it is best not to eat the head part."

But the Korea Food and Drug Administration said there is nothing to worry about since the heavy metals believed to be found in the octopus' head are within safe levels.

So what is one to do?

One consumer said: "If I think there's even a slight problem with something, I think it's best not to do it. And so in this case, I think it's best not to eat it."

Another added: "As a Korean, I am very confused. I guess you can say I feel uneasy about eating it."

This is also a hot issue inside the national assembly - where recently one lawmaker in favour of eating the head brought in a bottle filled with live octopus to the hearing.

He said the Seoul Mayor's remarks were hurting octopus businesses and fishermen.

In fact, fishermen from the southwestern city of Mokpo - which is famous for live octopus - are threatening to sue the city of Seoul over the remarks.

Opposition lawmaker Baek Won Woo said: "This is confusing everyone. Should we trust the Korea Food and Drug Administration headed by President Lee Myung Bak or the Research Institute of Public Health and Environment under Mayor Oh Se Hoon?"

Nobody has answered that question yet.

Source: channelnewsasia

Big Bang rejects Japan programming invitations for Korean album preparations

Five-member group Big Bang is reported to have received a flood of offers to appear on Japanese programs, including an offer to perform at a large end-of-the-year award ceremony. However, it’s been revealed that they have refused all of them.

YG Entertainment stated, “Recently, Big Bang has received multiple offers to perform for major award ceremonies. We’re very thankful for the interest in Big Bang from the Japanese music industry , however because of a stubborn problem, they will not be able to accept any invitations. The reason is because Big Bang is recording their new Korean album.”

Though Big Bang is currently in the midst of recording their new album, their agency does not yet know when it will be released.

Source: allkpop nate

YAY!!! Good choice boys! 
Unf Baby UNF

JYJ Tweet Updates = They're addicted

Twittercapades prior to Nov 3rd
(Shige) @mjjeje Good night (-.-)Zzz・・・・ (around 1AM KST)
(Jaejoong) @shige1209 I hope Shige-san will have a nice day today as well♠(2.54PM KST)

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Tweetz from 6AM Nov 3rd KST to 5:59AM Nov 4th KST
JoeJeff abuse ASCII
(Jaejoong) Good morning ♠ (7:54am KST)
(Junsu) Good morning ★ (8:19am KST)

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Bonus; Joe and Micky ballin' @ the salon
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I don't normally save/post stalker pictures, but sup matte black Audio. As if Joe's hairstyle has changed at all since 2008 though; boy needs a new do ASAP.
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Girls' Generation reaches gold with Japanese single "Genie"

Korean girl group Girls' Generation has broken another record in Japan with their first Japanese single "Genie" which has become a certified gold disk in the country.

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan and the prestigious Oricon's chart, "Genie," released on September 8, sold over 100,000 copies to be acknowledged as a certified gold disk.

As of October 31, the debut single has accumulated
101,252 in total album sales and placed at No. 25 on Oricon's weekly music chart.

Meanwhile, the girls'
second Japanese single "Gee," into its second week of going on sale, sold 89,561 copies in total, indicating that it too may soon breach the 100,000 mark.

Making their Japanese debut in August this year, the nine-member girl group attracted over 20,000 fans to their first showcase and became the first Korean girl group to place in at No. 1 on the Oricon chart.

Girls' Generation recently made a full-fledged return to the local music scene, promoting their title track "Hoot," also the name of their third mini-album which has topped several daily online music charts since its release on October 25.

Source: Choi Jun-yong @ 10Asia
。together → gaelio/ein

Taiwanese TV Show angers SONE and Ryeowook

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Taiwan’s STV entertainment program, “Super Lucky” (命運好好玩) became the latest media outlet to report on the suspicions surrounding Korean female celebrities in providing sexual favors for fame. While the topic itself is controversial, it became more so once outraged fans discovered that the producers used images of SNSD to illustrate their points.

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sports chosun | akp

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10Asia Interviews Girls' Generation

Q: You placed first on Oricon's singles chart. How did it feel?

We all cried. We were performing on stage when news came that we took third place with our first single "Genie" but we still all cried upon hearing about it. When we took No. 1, I woke up to a text message saying we got first place (laugh) and I cried as soon as I saw it.

Q: Before, your seniors went to Japan with the mindset that they are starting their singing careers all over again. But you acted like pop stars from overseas from the very beginning. How have you been treated in Japan?

I think the Japanese people we have met are just naturally kind and polite rather than us having received any form of special treatment.
Tiffany: I think I've rather gone back to the mindset of when we debuted three years ago. And I've become more cautious as well. But I told myself I should have fun even though we're overseas.
Jessica: I was tearing up from the moment we held our showcase because I was so excited. I could hear our fans' cheering before going on stage so my heart was overflowing with joy from the fact that the venue was full.
Sooyoung: It was the first time Girls' Generation was making an official debut overseas and our seniors had done so well before us that we didn't want to tarnish their name. I think we also felt a heartrending emotion, as if we were saying, "We've been doing well so far. We've come this far."

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Source: Kang Myoung-Seok @ 10Asia - 1 & 2

"Hayate" stars George Hu and Park Shin-hye bonding well through art of pranking

Taiwanese actor George Hu and Korean actress Park Shin-hye are already in their second week of filming for their idol drama collaboration "Hayate the Combat Butler", and the pair are gradually developing into good friends. What has been surprising is that the best way the pair has been communicating with each other is through a series of pranks.  Plus, with the addition of George's bandmate Shao Xiang from Mandopop boy band Wu Hoo added to the cast, even Shao has been taking part in these pranks. With Shao not willing to be outdone, the newly added cast member of "Hayate" bribed George to pull another kind of prank on their Korean co-star, making Shin-hye cry out in response in her native Korean, "I'm going back home!"

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Lee Da Hae apologizes to onion-skinned Filipinos

There has been an uproar recently on the Internet after a Youtube clip of actress Lee Da Hae surfaced which showed her demonstrating how English was spoken in different countries.

The clip was from defunct KBS2TV variety show, “Sweet Night“, and it featured Lee Da Hae as one of the guests. Lee and her family had stayed in Sydney, Australia for five years, where she graduated from Burwood Girls High School, and thus she has a good command of English.

It was fine when Lee Da Hae was asked to demonstrate speaking English with American and British accents, but when asked to demonstrate how it would be like with a Filipino accent (according to the show’s graphics), Lee spoke in a way which sounded rather insulting, and it angered many Filipinos who got wind of the video.

Lee Da Hae herself got wind of this, and tweeted an apology on November 3rd:

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Source: AllKPop

Since this is directed to the Filipinos hating on her, I would like to post the following sentence in words they understand:

Grabe naman, ang seselan niyo!

(For the love of God, you're all so sensitive!)
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Curious to know more about Miss A? Ask them a question!

Launch Group has granted OMNTD an opportunity to interview Miss A in lieu of the 我爱音乐棒!I Love Asia Pop! event that will be held in Singapore on the 4th and 5th of December.

What would you like to ask Miss A? Questions will be compiled and sent over!

T/N: plz no butthurt if your questions are not answered ok :( JYPE ultimately decides what they can answer

4minute Korean Comeback - Late November?

Popular idol group 4minute will be making their Korean comeback with a brand new album at the end of November.

The ladies of 4minute have been quite busy promoting their 3rd Japanese single, ‘First.’ Since it’s unclear when they will wrap up their Japanese promotions, they will release their comeback album in late November at the earliest.

It appears that many of Korea’s representative girl groups – including 4minute, SNSD, KARA, and T-ara – will be making their comebacks before the end of the year. Looks like it’ll be a head-to-head battle between the girls for the top of the charts!

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Allkpoop