November 4th, 2010


R&B Group T-Blue back with Need U Baby MV

Three-member rookie group T-Blue earned much attention this past June with their first EP release.

The group has returned with the arrival of their first official album, “Transform,” on November 4th and will be kicking off their promotions on the 7th with their title track, “Need U Baby“. “Need U Baby” is a ballad with a strong beat and a mysterious, fantasy-like feel; it was produced by former SM Entertainment producer, Park Sung Su.

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Source + Photos: EToday, TV Report, MardiLuminosity2
Translated: Allkpoop

Lee Chae Young shows off her curves for Apple Hip

Lee Chae Young revealed her sexy “apple” body for a new ad campaign.

On November 4th, this “apple tree” concept photo was revealed to the public for her endorsement of Apple Hip. She showed off her curvy body shape and made all guys drool and all the girls jealous.

This is the second set of ads to be revealed, and just like the first set, she is heating up the internet.

Netizens said, “This is a pictorial that shows off a true woman’s curves” and “She shows off various colors of her charms.”

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Source + Photos: KW News
Translated: AKP

miss u on sgb bb
the boss ☇ love bingo!


The Boss will take to the stage of a philanthropic project in Japan next month alongside Hallyu stars Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong.

The boys are scheduled to be the opening act for the first series of the “Miso Project” titled “Message! to Asia,” aimed at helping the future of children in Asia, which will be held at the Tokyo Dome on December 14.

It will also feature local singer Hwanhee and international stars such as Japanese singer GACKT and Vanness Wu.

The “Miso Project” is a contribution-based philanthropy project which will help non-profit organization KnK (Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi) donate proceeds from the event to underprivileged children in Cambodia and the Philippines.

“The members of The Boss have always shown a keen interest in charity work and have continuously thought of ways to help the needy children of the world,” an official from Open-World was quoted as saying.

“Message to Asia” will be broadcast in the country January 10 next year.

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The article didn't mention it, but SHU-I is the other opening act. :)

Horse Jungmin loses 22 pounds for comeback

SS501’s Park Jung Min lost an incredible 22 pounds (10kg) for his comeback!

Park Jung Min uploaded multiple pictures of himself working out on his personal Facebook page for his fans to see. Though he lost weight, it seems like he packed on some muscles.

His company, CNR Media, commented, “He lost 22 pounds due to exercising, and also changed his diet. He’s working hard while thinking about his fans.”

Park Jung Min’s first solo album will drop on the 25th.

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Source: Newsen
Photos: Park Jung Min’s Facebook
Translated: AKP

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Oricon Monthly Single and Album Chart for October

Singles Chart
1. Beginner – AKB48 10/27 (826,989)
2. Dear Snow – Arashi 10/6 (572,537)
3. I Wish For You – 10/6 EXILE  (218,132)
4. Uchuhikoushi he no Tegami/Motor Cycle – BUMP OF CHICKEN 10/13 (118,031)
5. Yoku Asobi, Yoku Manabe – NYC 10/20 (102,721)
6. L(Virgin Road/Sweet Season/Last angel) – Hamasaki Ayumi 9/29 (92,478)
7. Gee – Shoujo Jidai 10/20 (89,561)
8. Kimi ni Todoke – flumpool 9/29 (56,683)
9. Cosmetic – SID 9/29 (43,700)
10. Motto Tsuyoku – EXILE 9/15 (40,024)

Album Chart
1. Request – JUJU 9/29 (374,183)
2. 8UPPERS – Kanjani8 10/20 (248,914)
3. Houkago Tea Time II – Houkago Tea Time 10/27 (127,367)
4. GLAY – GLAY 10/13 (114,074)
5. Togemaru – Spitz 10/27 (95,038)
6. STAR – Nakashima Mika 10/27 (92,962)
7. KARA BEST 2007 – 2010 – KARA 9/29 (89,614)
8. ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~ – Koda Kumi 10/13 (72,252)
9. The Best of Shogo Hamada Vol.3 The Last Weekend – Hamada Shogo 10/6 (59,519)
10. A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park 9/15 (56,415)
sources: Oricon Monthly Single Chart, Oricon Monthly Album Chart, Tokyohive

YouTube version of Kim Hyun-joong's "Playful Kiss" a big hit

Picture of Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min from an online episode of "Playful Kiss" [Group 8]

The online version of MBC's latest drama "Playful Kiss" being aired on YouTube is proving to be popular amongst both local and international fans.

According to a press release from the show's promoter Group 8, the first episode of the YouTube version of "Playful Kiss," which was uploaded on Tuesday, received over 520,000 hits.

The show was also viewed by people from all over the world including Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, China and Japan, who have left over a total 3,400 comments underneath, the most number of remarks a video in the entertainment category to receive.

The online episodes show the married life of Baek Seung-jo (played by Kim Hyun-joong) and Oh Hani (played by Jung So-min).

The show also features English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish subtitles provided by online community (

Fans who have seen the series online left comments saying, "Yaaay~Thank you for the subtitles!" "This show is too cute! This episode reminds me of when my hubby and I first got together..."

"The numerous hits and favorable reviews from fans for the drama shows that Korean content can compete in the global market," Group 8 CEO Song Byung-joon was quoted as saying, adding that it is effective to see the different responses from the international fans.

“Playful Kiss” (MBC) which finished its run last month had been sold to 12 countries before going on air and a total 11 countries in Asia including Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

YouTube version of "Playful Kiss" will air every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and feature seven ten-minute long episodes for three weeks.

"Playful Kiss" can be seen on its official YouTube channel (

source; 10asia
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VNT's album pictures+Flawless Debut stage+Interview

Another girl group has emerged to be added to the saturated lineup of girl groups already dominating 2010. New girl group debuts have now become the norm of the industry, and it’s something that isn’t at all surprising to music fans and representatives alike.

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VNT International Forum

Next Year's Rookie of the year. Flawless
Jaejoong = Watches You Sleep

SungKyunKwan Scandal DVD Infoz + JYJ Tweets Vol. 324998235

SKK Petition for Director's Cut; Production company wants 3,000 signatures

With "SungKyunKwan Scandal" coming to an end soon, the fans of the drama in Korea are now requesting for a director's cut DVD to be released. At present, there are plans to release the DVD as a normal version or a premium version where only the 20 episodes that have been aired will be included, plus some possible extras (probably no subtitles).

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And today on Twitter
Queen of pop apologizes to Queen of Pop
(Jaejoong) @ayu_19980408 A chang~~ (1.32am KST)
(Ayu) @mjjeje Sorry! I just noticed!! LOL What’s up~(^O^)/♪ (4.32am KST)

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Do want director's cut, GO FORTH AND SIGN, SKK FANS, GO FORTH. Also, someone needs to gif the very ending of the drama kthnx.
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Kara's Teaser Photos for Jumping

On November 4th, Kara’s agency has revealed teaser images from the album jacket of their upcoming album, “Jumping“.
“Jumping” will be released in both Korea and Japan, and many Korean fans are looking forward to the new project, as its been 9 months since “Lupin“.
A DSP Entertainment official stated, Kara’s new album utilizes the optical art concept of black and white geometric patterns, which differs depending on each member’s physical characteristics and image. He added,You will see a new and upgraded Kara with these modern, yet chic images.”
The first teaser picture features Nicole, Jiyoung and Gyuri; DSP Entertainment stated that photos of the 2 other members, Hara and Seungyeon will be released at a later date.
“Jumping” will be released in Japan on November 10th, and the Korean version is due out in mid-November.

Sources: allkpop, Nate

This is for the Korean mini-album since the Japanese one already has album jackets
Nicole still with the glorious forehead,Jiyoung looks flawless, and Megami-sama back to black hair, and what is that thing on her head. lmao. Lupin was great, I hope Jumping in Korean won't disappoint since the Japanese version is very good.
I expect nothing less from these girls.
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SNSD Seoul News NTN Interview

SoShi Intervew Part 1

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Source: Seoul News NTN
Translation: taengbear @ SOSHIFIED

SoShi Interview Part 2
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Source: Seoul News NTN
Translation: taengbear @ SOSHIFIED

SoShi Interview Part 3
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Source: Seoul News NTN
Translation: taengbear @ SOSHIFIED

I LOVE 9AM MORE THAN 9PM or maybe I'm just bias towards KKAB GENERATION!!

And SNSD girls, the more you open your mouth, the more I love you!!!

Lee Minho in New York for W Korea

Actor Lee Minho’s fall photoshoot for W Korea’s November issue was revealed.

Lee Minho visited New York when he received an invitation to the 2011 SS Lacoste New York Collection. After his agenda was complete, he enjoyed New York’s fall season like any other New Yorker. From the clear skies to the light breeze, Lee Minho enjoyed the evergreen Central Park, the energetic city, and the tall skyscrapers.

In the photos, Lee Minho appears to be enjoying a late brunch in an uptown restaurant. He is also seen taking pleasure in the New York weather on a hotel balcony.

During the photo shoot, the humorous and simple Lee Minho attracted New Yorkers with his smile. He perfected his cool appeal with professional-looking natural poses and facial expressions

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source: allkpop


3 Articles in 1

K-pop band Super Junior's highly anticipated performance in Singapore in January is definitely not your average concert, with its two price tiers, a massive stage and an equally massive budget.

But it appears the Singapore leg of the Super Show 3 - Super Junior The Third Asia Tour will also be very different from other concerts in terms of timing – the three-hour performance will start at 6.30pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium instead of the usual 8pm for most concerts.

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Specially arranged ticket sales counter at The Heeren to ensure safety and comfort for fans queuing for tickets!

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Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the sale of tickets to K-pop group Super Junior's one-night-only concert in Singapore next year can finally get them on November 20.

However they'd have to move fast as only 5,000 tickets will be made available for the January 29 show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, said concert promoter Running Into The Sun.

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For those who have questions about the tickets and/or payment, Pearl Blue Singapore (PBSG) has some of the most comprehensive information available on their page..

ngl, I think RITS really has the fans' welfare in mind..refreshment for queuing fans..really??
stock 25
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S. Korea on alert

Jitters over 'provocation' as Navy fires warning shots to drive away North's fishing boat

South Korean police officers patrolling the Han River yesterday to prepare for possible terrorist attacks in Seoul

SOUTH KOREA'S navy fired warning shots to drive away a North Korean fishing boat at a maritime border yesterday, the second incident in six days, jangling nerves in Seoul ahead of next week's G-20 summit.

The South Korean capital, about 100km south of the Demilitarised Zone, is on heightened alert ahead of the summit over concerns Pyongyang may try to create an incident to embarrass its rival.

Washington has pressed Beijing to use its influence over the North to persuade it not to create an incident in the run-up to the meeting.

South Korean President Lee Myung Bak told a news conference in Seoul that he was not expecting any trouble from across the border.

'I don't think the North will try to do anything when leaders of the international community are meeting to discuss the world economy,' he said. 'I trust the North won't do anything but still we are fully prepared.'

The North this week dismissed reports it would be a 'provocateur'. A military officer said South Korea fired 10 warning shots to force the North Korean boat to retreat early yesterday after the vessel crossed into its waters off the west coast near where one of the South's naval warships was sunk earlier this year

Source: straitstimes
Big Bang <3
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Big Bang reaches No. 1 on Oricon's weekly music DVD chart

A DVD by Korean boy band Big Bang has reached the No. 1 spot on Japan's prestigious Oricon chart.

According to Oricon's weekly music DVD chart, Big Bang's latest DVD "BIGSHOW BIGBANG LIVE CONCERT 2010" ranked in first, selling about 15,000 copies since going on sale in the country on October 27 and came in second in terms of DVD sales for all categories.

This will be the second time for the boys to celebrate placing on the chart; they topped the chart with their DVD "2009 BIGBANG LIVE CONCERT 'BIG SHOW'" in August of last year.

Meanwhile, the weekly music DVD chart also revealed that the "2009-2010 BIGSHOW MAKING DVD & BOOK SPECIAL REPACKAGE" positioned itself at No. 3.

The five-member group recently held a hand-shaking session at Fukuya Bookstore in Japan for the release of their book "Electric Love Tour."

Known as one of the most popular boy bands in the country for their music and fashion, Big Bang made their debut in 2006 and successfully crossed over to the Japanese pop market last June.

They will take the stage with fellow YG Entertainment labelmates such as 2NE1, Se7en and PSY for the two-day "2010 YG Family Concert" early next month.

Source: Cho Bum-ja @ 10Asia

Video source: Superhuntervip

10 K-Pop Groups At Saitama Super Arena

Korean TV station SBS has joined with Japanese station TBS to hold a large K-POP event for their 20th anniversary. The event was held at Saitama’s Saitama Super Arena on the 3rd and was called “SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010”. 10 popular K-POP groups including BIGBANG, KARA and 4Minute were present. Before the event there was a press conference and U-KISS greeted in Japanese, “This is a pretty place and the people are kind, I totally love Japan. I love it!” BIGBANG also spoke in perfect Japanese, “We’re happy we can meet all of our fans here together with other representative groups from Korea.”

SBS and TBS will both show this same K-POP event. It was a precious moment when new groups and veterans met together in the same place. The groups were: BIGBANG, KARA, 4Minute, 2NE1, FTIsland, CNBLUE, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISS, RAINBOW and TEEN TOP. 2NE1 said at the interview, “We’re happy we can spend time with all of our Japanese fans”. KARA also smiled and enthusiastically spoke, “It’s an honor to perform here. We’ll do our best in our Japanese and Korean activities, so please watch over us.”

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: ORICON
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Vital 4minute News!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We have been hearing a lot of news regarding celebrities receiving acceptances to colleges this week. Hyuna of 4minute and actress Seo Woo have just joined the list of future postsecondary students!

Cube Entertainment revealed, “Hyuna was accepted into Konkuk University’s College of Art Culture."

Hyuna applied early to Konkuk University and was ecstatic when she heard the good news. Only three spots were open, and a total of 46 students applied. The remaining two spots went to actress Seo Woo and trot singer Lee Ja Yeon.

Seo Woo, who is currently busy filming her new drama, ‘Flames of Ambition‘, has been preparing for her college entrance exams since before the filming began.

As nationwide college entrance exams take place on the 18th, many articles have been dedicated to early college acceptances. Recently, ex-Wonder Girls member, Sunmi, and 4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon were accepted into Dongguk University. A few days ago, we reported that Goo Hye Sun and Go Ah Sung were accepted into Sungkyunkwan University, while Kara’s Goo Hara and actress Lee Sae Young were accepted into Sungshin Women’s University.

Hyuna, Seo Woo and Lee Ja Yeon will be joining an impressive list of celebrities attending Konkuk University, including Kim Jung Eun, Lee Da Hae, Park Han Byul, Lee Min Ho, Shinee’s Minho, and Yoo Ah In.

Congratulations, ladies!
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4minutes Forums
4minutes Forums
Nate News
mzsexiepooh's youtube
4minutesubs' Dailymotion
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In Japan, the Girls rule, big time

Seen as ‘second Korean wave,’ group is enjoying its popularity

With multicolored hair and immaculate makeup, eight members of Girls’ Generation were showered with camera flashes on Monday. Reporters were eager to hear from the girls who are now rocking the Japanese archipelago.

The Girls, who were giving a press conference at the Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club, had those gathered at the event whispering that they were the embodiment of “cute”: with their beaming smiles and their hugging of one another during the interview. The Girls are getting press coverage outside the country because their presence of just two months in Japan is at the forefront of what is now being called the “second Korean wave” - and they are enjoying every minute of it.

“We believe that we’ve been able to enter the foreign market because those who came before us did so well,” said leader Tae-yeon.

In the time since they debuted in Japan, the group’s popularity has risen - along with their chart rankings in the country. “Gee,” the group’s second single, shot to No. 1 on Japan’s highly-trusted Oricon daily singles chart. The group also made history for landing in the weekly “top 3 ranking” on the famous Japanese chart, something that hasn’t been done by a foreign female artist since 1980. The rankings are determined by artists’ record sales and popularity ratings gathered from its Web site.

“This is the happiest news we’ve had recently and we believe it has provided a great chance for us to try even harder,” Tae-yeon said of the group’s success.

The group is busy, and their schedule is not likely to let up anytime soon. They recently released a new single, “Hoot,” in Korea and they will be shuttling back and forth between the two countries to promote their music. In the past, artists releasing albums in Japan would usually stay in the country until it was time to release an album in Korea.

The girls see their busy schedule as an opportunity.

“You might think it would be difficult for us to make people understand us in a country that speaks a different language, but I think music speaks beyond countries. And we have a dream that we can deliver the energy we have to the public [in other countries.] Our energy, brightness ... our freshness?” Yoon-a said, laughing.

“And although we learned [Japanese] before we left, it’s an immense help for us to learn the language in our daily lives. I think that our Japanese debut is a great opportunity for us as celebrities,” Yu-ri chimed in.

The Japanese public, hit once before by a South Korean pop-culture wave with the nationwide hit, “Winter Sonata,” had middle-aged women swooning over the suave yet considerate male characters from the television drama. Profits from the drama have been measured at trillions of won since its launch in Japan in 2004.

Now, fresh-faced South Korean boy and girl groups are dominating the Japanese pop scene, and if the fans crying over Korean stars five years ago were women in their forties and fifties, now they’re girls in their teens and twenties. Experts believe this is because the younger generation has grown up raised by mothers affected by the first Korean wave, easing the younger generation into Korean food, language and music.

Another change in the new Korean wave is that the audience wants to hear Korean artists singing Korean songs - a shift from fan meetings where Korean celebrities would croon familiar, Japanese tunes to warm the fans’ hearts.

With young Japanese girls entranced by the flood of Korean pop groups, this has also affected what is worn on the street. Japanese pop culture magazines are eager to introduce the latest dance moves as well as make-up tips on how to look like the members of Kara and 4Minute, also recently introduced to the Japanese pop scene. By flipping through the pages, fans are easily informed about what the stars are wearing, what foods they like and the accessories they wear.

Weekly Japanese business magazine Nikkei Business published an article last Wednesday that said girl groups, like Girls’ Generation, would be the next leaders of South Korea’s economy after Samsung, crediting the groups’ outfits accentuating their legs, vocal abilities and familiar tunes.

“We can say that three elements came together to make this happen,” said SM Entertainment CEO Kim Young-min.

First would be the girls’ abilities, second, the management company’s planning abilities and third, the change in media. All nine members of the group are incredibly capable and they try harder and prepare to improve their skills. I think these girls would do well in any part of the world. Also, the company has honed everything about the girls’ music and presentation to Asia’s taste, including their music and choreography.

“Last, the dynamics in the music industry has shifted. Before, stars would debut on smaller stages, but now you have a larger stage, that is the Internet.”

By Christine Kim
Source: Joongang

Both in Korea and Japan, GIRLS are ruling indeed. Talking to you, AKB48 for that crazy sales of Beginner.
Wanna One Energetic

Shin Hyesung To Hold A Concert In Korea!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ballad singer Shin Hyesung will hold a concert in Korea after a year and six months. The concert titled "Close To You" will be held at the Ax-Korea Gwajang-Dong Seoul, on December 3 and 4 2010 at 6:00pm and 7:00pm respectively.

This past June he held a concert in Japan at the Tokyo International Forum. Shin Hyesung's last concerts in Korea were held at the Ewhwa Womans University in Seoul back in May 2, of 2009 and in Busan KBS Hall on May 31, 2009, both concerts with the title of "2009 Shin Hyesung Keep Leaves" Tour.

The concert is titled "Close To You" because a smaller venue was chosen in order for Hyesung to interact more closely with this fans and bring them with a warmer performance. Ax-Korea is where Hyesung had his first fan meeting back in 2008 so the place is very meaningful to him.

In addition, Hyesung will present this concert with an acoustic band, a string team, and will have new arranged songs to set a winter atmosphere as well as pop. Hyesung also announced that he will be releasing new songs in November which he will perform at the concert as well, this announcement has gathered a lot of attention from fans.

"It's been a long that I haven't met with local fans and I'm excited. I'm working very hard to bring everyone a good performance when I meet with everyone so please come," Hyesung stated.


Whoever uploads fancams of that concert will be my best friend forever. XD And we're getting closer and closer to his comeback. I am so excited!

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Perfume confirmed for 2010 MAMA

Japanese female electropop group, Perfume, has been confirmed for the upcoming 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

After AKB48’s participation last year, Perfume was chosen to be Japan's representative at this year’s MAMA. On their official website, they left messages for their fans to expect a great performance from the trio.

Held on November 28th, we are just 3 weeks away from the '2010 MAMA' in Macau – the first time that the awards ceremony is being hosted overseas.

sauce: akp, my daily, leehyeanjin for the AKB48 video

~ never forget ~:

Who whore it better: 2min Edition

Who whore it better: 2min Edition

source: 1, 2

I've had these pics for a while. Sorry for not posting them earlier ㅠㅠ
my one and only goddess

Agency to take legal action against ‘rape-dol’ allegations

 In an online community, vicious rumors are spreading about a member of a new idol group. The member is being accused of extortion, violence, and even rape.

On September 30th, a netizen posted on his or her minihompy, “The worst thing in my life happened. When I was a middle schooler, I had a sunbae (senior) at a school who would call me whenever he had time, saying, “Give me 100, 000 won ($90 USD)”, call my friends and hit them if he was bored, and he raped my friend on the playground. That school sunbae debuted in an idol group.

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i read the allkpop comments and they say that the cyworld person already shared the supposed culprit's name as co-ed's kangho (EDIT: OR CO-ED's YOOSUNG, IDEK). watch ccm put on their "deal-wit-it"-glasses and make all traces to their artists disappear.

cr: allkpop

Jaejoong's drama to be aired in korea

Back in April 2010, DBSK's Jaejoong starred in his first Japanese drama: Sunao ni Narenakute, which translates to "It's Hard to Say I Love You". The drama also stars two major Japanese actors/actress: Eita and Ueno Juri.

The drama centers around the friendship of 5 people who meet through Twitter. They decide to meet in real life and become close friends. The drama touches upon many themes which includes love, friendship, and family.

The drama will now begin its broadcast in Korea through 'Fashion N' and the first broadcast will begin on November 9th at 11pm.

For those who have not seen the drama before, check out the teaser at asianmediawiki.

Source: DBSKnights + txmhcut

____ JOO♥

T-ara’s Eunjung to become Suzy’s rival for “Dream High”

T-ara’s Eunjung has been confirmed for the role of Suzy’s rival in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, “Dream High.”

According to the drama’s representatives on November 5th, Eunjung was cast for the role of ‘Yoon Baek Hee’. The character is a student that confidently passes the audition for ‘Girin Arts High School’ and transforms from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Although the character first follows the rich and beautiful ‘Go Hye Mi’ around, she later begins to rival her. As this is the first acting battle between miss A’s maknae and the T-ara member, many are looking forward to see who will showcase a better (and more believable) performance.

Eunjung revealed, “The character lacks a lot compared to Hye Mi, but as the story progresses, she shows surprising transformations. Please look forward to her.”

The drama will premiere on January 3rd, 2011.

Star News
Chica0616's Youtube

CNN will hold interview with "Playful Kiss" cast & staff

America's well-known channel CNN has also now fallen under the frenzy over [Playful Kiss].

Recently, [Playful Kiss Special] has been airing through the Youtube platform and is receiving much feverish responses from viewers all around the globe, to which, even CNN will now be holding a coverage of [Playful Kiss].

On the 7th at 2PM in an area in Seoul Kangnam, CNN will be carrying out interviews with protagonist Kim Hyunjoong, production company Group Eight's Song Byung-jun, as well as Google's chairman Seo Hwang-wook.

On this day, CNN's main anchorperson Anna Coren will be expected to pose questions to Kim Hyunjoong like the fame that came with [Playful Kiss], acting chemistry with Jung Somin, and interesting episodes that happened, etc.

After which, Anna Coren will also sound out Song Byung-jun about the know-hows of production making, and various talks about the making team behind [Playful Kiss], and also not forgetting about the profits from the Youtube special version which will be inquired from Google's Seo Hwang-wook chairman. It is expected to be a very meaningful and exhaustive chance to be held.

Before Anna Coren joined CNN in 2008, she was working for Australia's Nine-Network. She had once hosted informational programmes like [The Seven Network], [Today Tonight] etc, and was also the manager of Nine-Network in LA.

The reason to why CNN is showing such hot interest for [Playful Kiss] could be much credited to the number of viewers of 520K in just two days after releasing its first episode on the net.

As of the 5th afternoon now, 1st episode of [Playful Kiss] has recorded 768, 591 views, 2nd episode with 438,178 views; wherein if to be base it on the number of channel views only, there is already 1756, 175 views altogether.

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original source; nate
translation source; ss501ode @ blogspot

PK Fighting~
lea and ariana

Happy Fifth Anniversary to Super Junior!

On November 6th, 2005, Super Junior debuted with their first stage on SBS “Inkigayo“, winning the attention of the industry and audience with their large member count. The group continued their stellar success by branching out into various entertainment fields over the past 5 years. No longer containable within Korea’s wee market, the group burst to stardom in the whole of Asia.

In celebration of their fifth anniversary just around the corner, let’s take a tour of Super Junior’s five year long history.
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Source: Newsen
Via: akp

I will love all 15 forever ♥