November 7th, 2010

Jaejoong = Watches You Sleep

J &J of JYJ continue to pwn Twitter; Y of JYJ MIA still

Catch up of Tweetz from the last few days; oldest to newest
Jaejoong on graveyard shift
(Jaejoong) ..I'm done working on the song and am going to bed now. Goodnight (7:45am KST)

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SHINee in Taiwan: Jong gets uncomfortable, JongKey still exists, and the boys really like milk tea

During an interview with the Taiwanese media on the 6th, SHINee's Jonghyun was unable to evade one topic that reporters continously asked about. Ever since confirmation that Jonghyun and actress Shin Sekyung were dating broke out, SM Entertainment has been strictly filtering and blocking the media’s questions on the matter.

While Taiwan is no exception to this ”verbal ban”, the media has been continuously asking and publishing speculations about Jonghyun’s relationship. Reports that SHINee’s newest single from their repackaged album, “Hello” is a reflection of Jonghyun's feelings for Sekyung have also begun to surface.

When asked about their love confession song, “Hello,” Jonghyun looked uncomfortable but gave a small smile indicating that he could not answer. Taemin answered the question cautiously, “Although it’s a song of confession, we always perform with our fans in mind on stage.” Key also added, “After singing so many strong and powerful songs, it’s feels pretty good to sing something that is more gentle.”

Taemin, Jonghyun and Key were the only ones present for the press conference as Onew and Minho flew back to Korea for their MBC “Music Core” MC duties. The 3 boys reassured fans that both Minho and Onew will be back in time for the fan party and also revealed that they will also be singing a special Mandarin song for fans. When asked about their Mandarin, Key confidently stated that foreign language lessons were given during trainee days and that they were all comfortable with speaking simple phrases. Jonghyun smiled and and counter-argued with him jokingly, asking “Are you sure?”, making Key blush red with embarrassment.

After the interview, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key went to visit the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. The boys were very excited, exclaiming, “The elevator is really cool, and it’s super fast; but why is the viewing gallery at the 89th floor, isn’t it supposed to be on the 101th floor?”

Due to rain the day before, SHINee was unable to see the Taipei night view as they had hoped and were disappointed. They went to Chun Shui Tang to drink Taiwan’s famous tapioca pearl milk tea and jokingly revealed to the press, “Because the fans and production staff all know that we like to eat Xiao Long Baos and drink Pearl Milk Tea, so for these few days visiting, we have been drinking at least 2 cups of Pearl Milk Tea a day and our stomachs are all filled with Xiao Long Baos.”

Are you looking forward to hearing more news about SHINee? Where do you wish they would visit next?

Source: Koreaboo, SHINee baidu

Flawless Interview with a Flawless Actor

Yoo Ah In September 2010 Elle Girl Photoshoot & Interview

In the studio, his tanned skin and mustache come into view. Though his 25-year-old masculinity is very well felt, his black eyes and long legs still seem to belong to a boy. The prepared clothes look shockingly good on him, and he is supremely skilled before the camera. Whenever there is even a short break, he searches for a cigarette to place in his mouth. If Yoo Ah In is a pro as a model, what will Yoo Ah In be like to interview? At the end of the interview, he said he thought he had rambled a lot. "There are times when my words are as organized as books on a bookshelf, and there are times like today when they are scattered all over the place. But to be honest, my condition is like that these days." Though it isn't possible to know the nature of his confusion, instead of passing on 'good enough' prepared answers, he made an effort to express in his own language the thoughts and images tangled up in his head. Has the acting he has shown us until now also come from such an intense place? This 25-year-old said, 'I am always depressed,' and 'I want to stupidly bump into things, and experience, and awake to the truth.' Can such an actor be said to be fulfilling the duties of youth! Although his casting in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' divided fans of the original book, there are few actors who understand the loneliness of wandering student 'Guh-roh' better than he. It's also possible that through Jaeshin, he will be able to overcome the confusion of his 20s and, as he put it, grow into a 'beautiful and wise adult.'

Original Source:
Translation Credits: jaeshina @ Soompi

first post, mods, hope everything is alright =D
Edit: Edited the questions and bolded the important parts, hope i didn't bold too much

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N. Korean military leader Jo Myong-rok dies of heart disease

PYONGYANG, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- Jo Myong Rok, a member of the leadership of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), passed away Saturday, the official KCNA news agency reported.

Jo, a member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the first vice chairman of the National Defense Commission (NDC), died of an "inveterate heart disease" at the age of 82, it was reported on Sunday.

Jo's death is "a great loss" to the party, the army and people of the DPRK, said an obituary jointly issued on Saturday by the Central Committee of the WPK, the Central Military Commission of the WPK, the NDC, and the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly.

Jo's contributions to the party, the revolution, the country and the people will "shine long along with the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause," it said.

On the same day, it was announced that a state funeral would be held for Jo and a state funeral committee was formed with top DPRK leader Kim Jong Il as its chairman and Kim Jong Un and 169 others as its members. The bier would be placed in the Central Hall of Workers and the hearse would leave the hall at 9 a.m. on Nov. 10.

Jo, born to a poor peasant's family in Yonsa County, North Hamgyong Province, on July 12, 1928, has worked for years at important posts of the party, the state and the army, according to the KCNA.


U know who's jealous of nuna magnets

Older Women Have the 'Lee Seon Jun Symptom'



KBS2TV's hot drama Sungkyunkwan scandal's official forum has generated an overwhelming response.

Women in their thirties have reportedly fallen into the charms of the 4 actors Park YooChun, Park Min Young, Yoo Ah In and Soong Joong Ki's and are unable to get out of it.
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Source: TVXQbaidu
Translation: silvermavis @
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Stevie J

A SLAYang Post


Taeyang Interview from WITH Magazine (September Issue)

On the day of the interview, SOL is busy shooting his music video for his international solo album’s title song “I’ll Be There”, which will be released in August of this year. We can understand that SOL has to finish shooting. We wanted to go and see his solo live performance & watch the shooting special cut of the music video.
I want people to think that they are watching Big Bang’s SOL’s solo activity and not the solo artist, SOL. To add the groups part of the name along with mine, it makes me feel more stressful, but that will let me be more serious if this album is going to be released successfully.


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Even your favs admit that he slays.

Sources and Translations:  Didikuro@21BANGS , YBManiaKhunnie0624@Twitter via DTTS  
lea and ariana

Korean Jumping will have a "different personality" from its Japanese counterpart

KARA, preparing for co-promotion in Japan and Korea, has revealed their new track, "Jumping." The promotion for Jumping will take place simultaneously in Japan and Korea.

In Japan, Jumping is included in KARA's second Japanese single, to be released on the 10th, and first original album, to be released on the 24th. In Korea, Jumping is included in KARA's 4th mini album, scheduled to drop on the 17th.

KARA will show two different personalities in the two versions of the song, and fans are anticipating.

On the 3rd and the 4th, KARA revealed the teaser pictures for all the members, officially initiating their Korean comeback. The style of "Jumping" utilizes monochromic geometric patterns, showing KARA's mature image.

DSP Entertainment stated, "KARA's image exudes cool and urban chic, with a tinge of modernness. KARA is able to show their individual mature charm with this image."
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Translated from Chinese by: xichigo @ Karaholic
Original article translated to Chinese by: Girls-Power
Source: Newsen

yay a storyline \o/
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Looks like other people don't like Ayyy Girl either.

The Ten Most Horrendously Terrible Boy Band Music Videos

Boy bands: They’re like any fashion trend. Every few years they come back into style and just as quickly make their exit. Usually propelled by the undying loyalty of teen girls, these over-processed and hyper-marketed groups of adorably stereotyped guys singing falsetto and marveling at each others’ biceps is a formula as old as The Beatles. Yeah, we said it: The Beatles were the first boy band. And though they did not make this list, there’s a little bit of John, Paul, George and Ringo in each one of these videos.

This list brings home some of the worst examples of what can happen when the boy band formula gets a little out of control. Here are the ten most horrendous boy band videos of all time.

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Source: The Smoking Jacket + cuzimnotlaughing

Any publicity is good publicity~
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Activists in South Korea rally against G-20 summit; police fire pepper spray

Thousands of people chanted anti-globalization slogans in South Korea's capital Sunday to protest this week's Group of 20 summit. Part of the crowd attempted to march down nearby streets but were stopped by riot police, who fired pepper spray.

The protesters sang, danced and waved signs reading "We oppose the G-20" at a large plaza near Seoul City Hall. South Korea is hosting a gathering of leaders from the G-20 advanced and developing economies on Thursday and Friday.

Some protesters danced and played traditional Korean drums, while about 9,000 riot police and many police buses encircled the rally site to keep order. Police said about 20,000 people took part in the rally.

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Source: canadianpress
taec cute

Taecyeon Can Benchpress Three Small Women

2PM’s Taecyeon showed off his beast-like strength during a recent guest appearance on MBC’s ‘Enjoy Today’.

On November 7th, the cast of ‘Early Today’ and the members of 2PM held a soccer battle with the FIFA U-17 Womens’ World Cup champions. Yet before the big match, 2PM competed with the ‘Enjoy Today’ cast to see who could lift the heaviest weights on the bench press.

‘Enjoy Today’ member Shin Hyun Joon tried to lift 80kg, and after much agony succeeded in the task. Full of confidence, the actor then called for 20kg more, thereby lifting a total of 100kg. Yet his triumph was short-lived – Taecyeon surprised everyone when he lifted three reps of 100kg weights effortlessly.

Eventually, the men did face off against their female opponents, but unfortunately lost to the champion team with a score of 1:5.
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source: allkpop
all the love inside ceases to exist
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BoA's mother on why SM Entertainment was the right choice

In total there were 15 entertainment companies from which BoA received casting proposals. What reason could there have been to choose BoA's current agency SM Entertainment, in which BoA is continuing her trust for the 10th year?

BoA debuted in the Korean music industry at the age of 13 and even challenged Japan the following year. She became the female singer to take the number 1 spot when one counts Korea's representative female soloists. After BoA succeeded, there was a person who firmly anchored her so that she, having been thrown into the entertainment industry at a young age, would not be shaken.

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source: newsen
translations: live laugh love @ soompi
Penelope is pretty.
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For Korean girl groups, it’s all about quality

‘Japanese have a tough time understanding how we put artists through 12-hour training sessions’

Korean girl group Girls’ Generation is garnering a lot of interest from young Japanese fans these days. The band hit No. 1 on the weekly Japanese Oricon charts on Oct. 2.

What is at the heart of the latest Korean wave, say some experts, has less to do with Hallyu itself and more to do with higher quality music and performances.

Korean girl groups are experiencing a sudden surge of popularity in Japan. Leading the pack are Girls’ Generation and Kara, who recently hit the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the weekly Japanese Oricon charts on Oct. 29. Some Japanese media outlets have even dubbed it the “Korean Invasion,” in reference to the “British Invasion” led by such groups as The Beatles and Rolling Stones during the early 1960s in the United States.

The Japanese had been far ahead the game in terms of girl groups. But as of late, Korean girl groups have hit their stride there. Some largely attribute their popularity to Korean entertainment companies famously rigorous training and preparation regimes.

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Source: Lee Kyung-ran @ JoongAng Daily

Idk, I love Korean girl groups, but I wouldn't exactly say their music is very high quality...
____ JOO♥

T-ara will be taking care of the 3 Moon brothers, Comeback confirmed for first week of December

From Soyeon's twitter: "T-ara's Hello Baby! We're going to be seven mothers taking care of the three Moon Mason brothers! Please love us! I... don't really know when the first broadcast date and time is. I just got excited because the preview came out hehe"

And today, Qri posted on her Cyworld:"★ T-ara's comeback will be the first week of December ^^!!!"

Soyeon's Twitter
Qri's Cyworld

This is another bigbang post. Top says they'll be back and that we'll have to wait.

Big Bang’s clothes to be auctioned for charity

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Source: ibigbang
Translated by Yuri @

TOP leaves a UFO message for fans on his birthday!

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Source: ibigbang
Source: ufotown
Translated: alee @ ibigbang

Thailand’s version of Taeyang?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some (not me) have called Korean popstar Taeyang an Omarion imitator or a wannabe, but at least that boy can sing. Howang Wang, former Thai popstar from the kid boy group GIANT, who is currently trying to revive is nonexistent music career in Thailand, can barely dance, sing or rap, which makes this situation even more embarrassing.Collapse )

Source: ibigbang
pungpong20 @youtube

original article and photo:

duncurr about thailand's taeyang, i just want the teaser, PAPAYG.
some taeyang for your disappointment.

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the lorde
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SNSD’s pre-debut photo stuns netizens

An old, yet unseen pre-debut photo of SNSD recently surfaced on the internet, and has been spreading like wildfire due to the attention from netizens.

The photo was first uploaded on a popular online community board under the title, ‘After SM Trainees’ Dance Contest‘, and shows a younger Seohyun, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Yuri.

Netizens who saw the picture were surprised at how different they looked, as they commented, “Seohyun looks the prettiest. Her face didn’t change at all”, “I can’t tell anyone apart, except Seohyun and Hyoyeon”, “They look so different compared to their current images. I honestly think they’ve gotten a lot prettier.”

Can you spot the girls in the photo?

Source: TV Report
cr: akp

who's da hot girl to the left of jessica? dayum
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Rape-dol accuser retracts statements. What is going on?

There’s been a tremendous amount of negative online activity due to allegations made against a certain idol group member, ‘A’. An unidentified user has been spreading groundless rumors that ‘A’ had a history of sexually assaulting a classmate during middle school. The scandal has finally reached its peak, as the instigator confessed that it was all a lie.

The entertainment company of ‘A’ stated on November 8th, “With the help of the member’s family and fans, we were able to catch the original poster of the negative rumors regarding ‘A’.”

The representative continued, “The poster is currently in her final year of high school, and personally knew ‘A’. The student came to the office on the 7th, crying and asking for forgiveness.”

The company went on to state that they will be pursuing a suit against the student, in the hopes of preventing similar issues in the future.


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Lee Seunggi does charity work

Lee Seung Gi has made news once again after a new photo of himself and a new charity work has been revealed! Currently one of the most in demand celebrities back in South Korea, fans have mostly discussed Seung Gi's recent photos doing a volunteer service activity.

Revealed on the 6th of November, Lee Seung Gi was photographed cooking his infamous glazed sweet potatoes for a family of eight while doing community work. According to witnesses, it was for a project entitled 'Living Environment Improvement Service' which will be aired on the Donghaeng program by December.

This has not been the first time that Lee Seung Gi has dedicated his time and money for charity, making fans commend his good heart.


MNet 'Listen to the CNBLUE' in Shibuya AX

Back on September 20th, CNBLUE performed in Tokyo at SHIBUYA-AX as part of their “2nd Single Release Live Tour - Listen to the CNBLUE”. In this event they played 23 songs in total in front of two thousand fans.

Early in November, MNet in Japan broadcasted 10 performace cuts of that live: "let's go crazy", "voice", "now or never" "tatto", "love", "why, y", "lie", "the way part 1~ one time~", "i don't know why", "one of a kind"

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-live, plugged-in perfs
-you get to hear all of them speaking to the audience
-jungshin singing/rapping quite abit too *_*
-yonghwa teasing the fans and other members
-jungshin's reaction to the audience calling him 'avatar' :

Credit: cnkiyo
sj: shin hyori

Outsider confirms enlistment date

Rapid-fire rap artist Outsider will be leaving the music industry for his army duties on December 21st.

A representative of his agency, Sniper Sound, commented, “Outsider had always wanted to enlist by the end of this year, and recently took the step to volunteer. Our agency respects his decision – he will be enlisting on December 21st at a training camp in Chuncheon.”

Although he recently released his 3rd album, “Protagonist,” Outsider will be wrapping up his promotion activities to spend some down time alone before he joins the military.

Outsider will also be holding a concert on December 10th and 11th at the ‘Rolling Hall’, a club in Hongdae.

We wish him the best of luck!



miss A
has finally wrapped up their promotions for “Breathe.” Though they provided us with some memorable stage moments, the girls confessed that they had a few regrets.

Member Jia said, “We have a lot of regrets over our promotions. ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ received very surprising praises. We were under pressure for ‘Breathe’ to surpass that popularity. Many people loved ‘Breathe’, but I think we could’ve done better.”

Regarding their simultaneous promotion schedule with labelmates 2PM, the girls said, “It was really nice to know that they had our back during promotions. When we won #1 at ‘M!Countdown‘, we all hugged and celebrated. We were very thankful. We recently started practicing for the upcoming concert, but it doesn’t even feel like a drag because we’re practicing with our close friends. It’s going to be a great show.”

cr/ akpop /nate

idk. I kind of agree. I think they came back "too fast".

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Try them out, they're really talented. These boys seriously need MORE love.
oh and I think I nearly died doing this post ;-;

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Girl’s Day Yura served an injunction, caught in a dual contract lawsuit

Girl’s Day’s newest member, Yura, has been prohibited from participating in broadcast activities due to an injunction filed against her for signing dual contracts.

On November 8th, her former agency, Action Music Entertainment, stated through their legal representative, “We have filed an injunction against Yura prohibiting her from appearing on broadcast activities. We are preparing to sue her agency, DreamTea Entertainment, for the losses met from her pause in activities, for defamation against our agency, and for psychological damages.”

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Source: akp, akp