November 10th, 2010


Kwon and Gain's First Performance in "All My Love" Recieves 'Passing Marks'

Viewers were soundly impressed with Jo Kwon and Gain’s comical performances on MBC’s new sitcom, “All My Love”.

On the first episode of “All My Love,” that was broadcast on Nov. 8th, the starring characters are introduced. The characters include the stingy Director Kim Gab Soo, Park Mi Sun who dreams of turning her life around, and the older sister-younger brother twins played by Gain and Jo Kwon. Especially known for their activities as a virtual married couple on the variety show “We Got Married,” Jo Kwon and Gain induced laughter with their depictions of Geum Ji and Ok Yeob, twins who conflict with each other.

Gain plays a poor, vain college student. She boasts of counterfeit shoes to her friends and lies to them, saying she is going to study abroad, in order to hide her suspension from school due to a lack of money. In addition, Gain’s character, who has had a complex about her mono-lids and small eyes since childhood, gets a part time job delivering gukbap (Korean rice soup) and saves up 1,500, 000 won (~1400 USD) for double-eyelid surgery. But her brother, played by Jo Kwon, steals some of this money and spends it all at a club. In addition, her mother tricks her into putting the rest of the money into a fraudulent pyramid scheme. Gain sheds tears and incited explosive laughter when her eyeliner runs and spreads out into panda eyes.

With Jo Kwon’s performing with his peculiar charm and Gain innocuously depicting her character with her natural appearance, the possibility of success from now on is evident. Jo Kwon and Gain’s sitcom performance brought in favorable comments from the viewers.

On online boards, viewers expressed their expectations for the idols’ performances with comments such as: “Jo Kwon and Gain’s characters are daebak. It looks like everyday will become fun.” “Considering it’s their first performance, both of them are really natural.” “Gain is very charming and Jo Kwon is cute! Their performances match that of actual siblings very well.”

The first episode of “All My Love” reached a nationwide audience rating of 8.5% (AGB Nielsen Media Research total).

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Hallyu hits Taiwan some more with upcoming concerts from SJ and F.T. Island

Having just sent off SHINee, Taiwan fans are about to get another treat as KRY, sub-unit of Korean idol group Super Junior, will be arriving in Taiwan for two concerts. To celebrate SJ's 5th anniversary, Taiwanese fans bought huge bus ads costing NT$70,000 out of their own pockets.

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4minute's Buzz Korea Documentary Released

Right before kicking up promotions for their third Japanese single, 4minute joined many other K-POP stars in celebration for the upcoming G20 Summit in Seoul. The Asia Song Festival was the event that tied together many top stars from around Asia for one mega concert.

Thanks to Buzz Korea, an organization whose desire is to promote tourism to South Korea, interviewed some select celebrities backstage at the festival. 4minute was one of the chosen few and thanks to their documentary, 4NIA get to see and understand the chaos that is 4minute's lives while also getting to hear the girls' candid thoughts and feelings.

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West Coast mystery missile may be North Korean

A shot over the bow," is what some in America's intelligence community are whispering under the stunned media's demands for answers.

And if the United State's Navy is telling the truth, heads will roll among some of the Pentagon's brass for permitting a foreign enemy vessel to breach U.S. sovereign territory and send a chilling message to the American government.

Make no mistake. The missile, launched approximately 35 miles from the city of Los Angeles and north of Catalina island about 5 PM PDT, came from an offshore submarine.
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What can developing nations learn from Korea?

Technicians of SK Energy work with Vietnamese employees at a plant in the Southeast Asian country under a technology transfer program. Korea has expanded the so-called Knowledge Sharing Program to spur economic growth in less-developed nations

On the occasion of the G20 summit, the developmental success of South Korea is readily visible to all visitors to the country. The cosmopolis of Seoul is a wonder of technological and human achievement. With international business powerhouses, a host of first-class universities, world standard tourist and visitor accommodations and attractions, and a people increasingly accustomed to and comfortable in the presence of foreigners, few will find any cause to be disappointed.
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Seohyun reveals the sleeping habits of her SNSD groupmates

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SNSD’s maknae, Seohyun, made a confession about her fellow bandmates’ sleeping habits while on the November 11th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together“.

Seohyun stated, “I’m the maknae so I wake up the earliest and wake the rest of the unnis up. When I turn on the lights, Yuri just asks me to turn it back off again, while Tiffany says, ‘I’ll be up in a bit,’ and never gets up. Sooyoung is easiest to wake up, but I was hurt one time when she was sleep-talking and told me, ‘I know, why don’t you take care of yourself for once.‘”

Sooyoung clarified, “I don’t even remember that,” and expressed her apologetic feelings.

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am totally a seobb stan after wgm

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Donghae looks awesome even as a construction worker.

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First photo of Super Junior Donghae from the set of new SBS drama It's okay, Daddy's Daughter was revealed.

In It's okay, Daddy's Daughter, Donghae plays the younger brother of the main character, Choi Hyuk Gi (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) who takes leave of absence from the school to earn money for his family.

In the photo that was revealed on the 10th, Donghae portrays the character Choi Wook Gi who's working hard at a construction site. In the photo, Donghae shows off his good looks even though he is wearing work clothes and a safety hat.

Also, people can feel Donghae's determination in trying to transform himself as Choi Wook Gi that it is raising people's expectation in his portrayal.

Fans who saw the photo commented, "he has great genes that he can shine in such a place. He can't hide his handsome look even if he wears clothes like that. After seeing the photo, I'm looking forward to the drama."

Donghae who is trying acting for the first time said, "I'm really happy that I get a chance to show a new side of me as an actor. I'm working hard to learn and to try my best at every moment. Please look forward to my transformation as Choi Wook Gi."

It's okay, Daddy's Daughter which will air after Doctor Champ ends, stars Moon Chaewon, Choi Jin Hyuk, Jun Tae Soo, Choi Ja Hye, Donghae and Kang Minhyuk. The first episode will air on the 22nd at 8:50PM.

Source: My Daily
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ofc bb looks flawless even in construction clothes.
Wanna One Energetic

So It Was A False Alarm...

Jun Jin and Chae Min Soo Are Not Dating

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Rumors about actress Chae Min Seo and singer Jun Jin have surfaced but an official statement has denied the rumors.

On November 10, 2010, in the afternoon hours shortly after the news about Chae Min Seo and Jun Jin dating surfaced an official statement from Jun Jin's agency stated "they had dinner with friends twice but they are not in a romantic relationship".

Jun Jin's agency also stated "we asked Jun Jin and he has denied they are in a relationship. He said 'we had a dinner a couple of times along with friends, it is really a senior-junior relationship and nothing else'".

Also Min Seo's management agency has denied the relationship, also stating that it was just dinner, nothing else.

Jun Jin's side stated "The CEO of Open World Ent. is currently in Japan on a business trip and that is why it took a while to reply to such rumors. He has also stated that the rumors aren't true."


So first there was a rumor, then it was denied, then it was CONFIRMED, now it's being denied!

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Female idols' outfits cause controversy

A few weeks ago, we reported that there was an act to regulate girl groups' outfits and choreography on performances because they were too sexual. The biggest target was stomach-baring outfits and extremely short shorts. However, these regulations seem to not apply at at all to Girls' Generation or Lim Junghee. Girls' Generation sports both short shorts and belly shirts, while Lim Junghee wears short shorts during her performances.

This is different from other female idol groups such as Nine Muses or Rainbow. They have been told not to wear short shorts, so they have been wearing long pants for their performances. When reported that this was unfair, officials replied that the standards were "whether it feels sexual or not." In other words, Girls' Generation and Lim Junghee's outfit does not "feel sexual," and is therefore allowed.

Music Core's Kim Yoogon PD explained, "The song and the dance also have a big impact on how sexual the stage feels. Groups such as Nine Muses and Rainbow put more emphasis on the dance and the visuals of the stage itself more than the song, and so they have more revealing outfits and their dance is more sexual. However, Girls' Generations' Hoot does not have a sexual feel at all. Lim Junghee is a ballad singer and she barely dances on her stage. No one would call her stage sexual."

Girls' Generation's stylist Lee Eunah commented, "We tried to give them a 60's feel by dressing them in jumpsuits and giving them Marilyn Monroe and Audry Hepburn-esque hairstyles. Even though their pants may be short, I don't think it gives them a sexual feel at all."

What do you think about this double standard? Do you think this way of judging what idols are allowed to wear is too subjective? Some netizens are commenting this this rule is sexist, as male idols are allowed to do and wear anything they want to do on stage. What do you think?

Source: Sports Donga + koreaboo

lesson of the day : make sure you aren't feeling sexual when wearing short shorts or korea's gonna ban you :/

JYJ Asia Showcase -- A Great Success

JYJ (JaeJoong, JunSu, YooChun) first ever-worldwide showcase at Asia region had ended in great success.

They held their debut album ‘The Beginning’ global showcase Asia region last month starting from Seoul, follow up by Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai, a total of 6 cities. They traveled about 17,500km and had attract a total of 40 thousand audiences.

JYJ who had successfully completed the Asia tour expressed that, “During the Asia tour, we had received many supports from passionate fans of different country, we are really thankful” and “We will continue to perform, we felt really happy from fans’ enthusiastic concerns and responses, and are going work on better music and stage to return everyone supports.”

JYJ will continue their showcase at US region with New York, Las Vegas and LA.

In addition, they are going to hold their concert on 27th and 28th of November at Seoul Jamsil Main Standium, song list of the concert have yet to release. Their official album PR activities will also begin in December.

Source: mydaily + BaiduTVXQ
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and L.A

Orange Caramel to come back on Music Bank on November 19th

Pledis Entertainment released an announcement on their website today saying that starting on November 19 with KBS’s Music Bank, Orange Caramel will be coming back with their first performance.
They will then be on MBC’s Music Core on the 20th and SBS’s Inkigayo on the 21st.
Teasers for Orange Caramel’s comeback have been steadily released starting with a book and then an image of the three girls reading books in somber outfits and expressions.
In the newest teasers released, Lizzy and Nana introduce the true concept!
Lizzy can be seen as a character similar to Alice in Wonderland and Nana transforms into a cute Snow White.
It can be assumed that the girls are going for a fairy tale concept complete with Disney princesses!
Who will Raina be? Cinderella?

source: mtvk

idk, but I'm so excited for their comeback.

Indie musicians struggle financially as profits and distribution remain paltry

By Surh Jung-min  


Attention is focusing once again on the distribution of profits from digital music downloading, which has recently become the main source of revenue for musicians. This came about after it came to light that one-man-band Moonlight Nymph (Lee Jin-won), who passed away last Saturday, had been struggling with financial difficulties. Internet users have increasingly called for restructuring the current system where an exceedingly small portion of profits goes to the musician.

Major Korean music sites such as MelOn and Mnet typically receive 500 Won for a single song download, amounting to just under half the one dollar Apple’s iTunes receives per song. The music site usually takes 45 percent of this. Subtracting 9 percent in copyright fees and 4.5 percent in performing rights, which go to the copyright association and performing rights association, leaves around 40 percent of the original price. After subtracting the fee for the distribution agency, around 200 Won goes to the production company and the musician.

In the case of iTunes, the site takes 30 percent, while 70 percent is given to the distribution agency. The agency splits this amount with the production company. DFSB, which sells South Korean records overseas through iTunes, gives over half the one dollar download fee to the production company.

The problem is that the bulk of the South Korean music market consists not of individual song downloads, but of real-time streaming and monthly fixed payment services. In the case of streaming services where users can have unlimited access for 3,000 Won a month, the amount paid to the production company and musicians amounts to just a few won per song. For fixed payment systems, which range from 40 downloads for 5,000 Won a month to 150 downloads for 9,000 Won a month, production companies and musicians receive per song payments in the tens of Won. Because the price has been set so low, musicians are receiving unreasonably small amounts of money for their music.

Streaming and fixed payment systems account for an estimated 70 percent or so of the Korean record market. Under these circumstances, even a fairly well-known indie musician is unlikely to receive more than 5 million Won ($4,460) for a single album from online music services.

“With an increased belief that ‘music is free’ due to factors such as illegal downloading, consumers are only interested in cheap services, so we have to offer them a fixed payment system,” said an official with one music site.

Some production companies have discussed establishing a separate record distribution site with fair profit distribution.

“There is unlikely to be any further development in a music market like the current one that is centered mainly on fixed payment services,” said Lee Chang-hui, president of Mirrorball Music, a company that distributes independent music. “We need to change to a market where individual songs are downloaded.”

Popular music critic Kim Jak-ga said, “We need to open our wallets for the music we like, with the understanding that better music will only be made when we pay a sufficient price for the music.”

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Hongki says he likes Woori. He's lying, he really likes Yoonhye

Group FT Island's Lee Hongki has been catching attention for his meeting with girl group Rainbow.

Recently, FT Island has finished recording MBC 'Gag Show, it's the first time in my life'. In the corner 'First time in my life', Lee Hongki as a representative of FT Island got a 1:7 meeting with the Rainbow members. On this day, Rainbow received a pouring body full of interest and didn't know what to do. The studio became a laughter because of the cute boy-like appearance.

This recording will be aired on the coming 11th at 12:35pm. The gag show 'First time in life' prepared with a lot of ambition by MBC will be in charge by MCs Jung Hyung Don, Gil and Horani.

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Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7

It's okay, Doe eyed flawless queen is too good for you anyways, Hongki
Penelope is pretty.
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Girls' Generation grabs 2nd gold disk in Japan

Korean female idols Girls' Generation has worked their magic in Japan once again, winning a gold disk with single "Gee" to make it their second time to receive the title.

According to the prestigious Oricon's weekly singles chart, the girl group's second Japanese single "Gee" gained the acknowledgement by selling over 100,000 copies.

As of November 9, the single has accumulated 102,811 in total album sales in three weeks of going on sale.

Just last month, the girls received their first gold disk when their first Japanese single "Genie," which was released in the country on September 8, sold over 100,000 copies as well.

Composed of members Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri and Sooyoung, Girls' Generation made their debut in Korea in 2007 with their single album "Into the New World."

The group officially branched out into the Japanese music market in August this year and have led a successful career there, becoming the first Korean girl group to reach the No. 1 spot on the Oricon chart.

The girls are currently enjoying their successful comeback to the local music scene with their third mini-album "Hoot" and its title track of the same name which has topped various online music charts as well as won the top spot on televised music shows.

Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia

Kim Hyun Joong talks about the impact of Youtube on the Hallyu wave on CNN

Earlier this week, we revealed that reporter Anna Coren from CNN’s Talk Asia program would be doing a feature series on Korea due to the country’s hosting of the G20 Seoul Summit this week.

An interview was conducted with actor Kim Hyun Joong, who is the male lead for the international-hit drama, “Playful Kiss“. Since “Playful Kiss” is currently releasing special web episodes through Youtube as a response to the high demand from fans, Kim Hyun Joong discussed the significance of Youtube in spreading awareness about Korean culture.

His cut from the program has just made its way onto the net. Check it out below!

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Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop


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JYP Entertainment to hold auditions in Singapore, & Hong Kong

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JYP Entertainment, home to popular idols such as 2PM, 2AM, miss A, and the Wonder Girls, will be holding auditions in Singapore and Hong Kong next month.

(note: Australia was removed from the list after posting)

Applications for singing, acting, VJ-ing, emceeing, and modeling are welcomed and auditions will be held on the 11th for Singapore, and the 18th for Hong Kong. Venues will be announced at a later date.

Further details can be be found on the official homepage for the auditions here.

As you all know, JYP Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Korea, so be sure to give it your all when you arrive! Most importantly, have fun and be yourself.

Good luck to all the tryouts!

Source: allkpop + JYPE AUDITION

hmm mods, I tried searching this in omona but I couldn't find it? not sure if anyone has posted it already, and I don't really know what to tag this as... anyway.... I'm from singapore! ho ho ho, but given a choice, I'd work for YG hee I think all of you know that I'm a YG stan wahaha! but good luck to whoever is trying out and I hope you make it!!!

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Psy received a warning for wearing sleeveless shirts back in the day

Singer Psy revealed an incident where he received a broadcast warning during his rookie days after debuting.

On the 10th, Psy appeared as a guest alongside Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Lee Juk at MBC’s Radio Star. There, the star talked about a non-laughing incident where he was forced to change his stage clothes.  He revealed, “During one of the stages right after I debuted, I wore a jacket and a sleeveless shirt underneath.  However, I received a warning from the television station for my sleeveless shirt,” causing the audience to wonder why you would receive a warning for wearing a relatively unrevealing item like sleeveless shirts.

In elaboration, the singer stated, “The reason for the warning was because it defied public morals,” causing the entire cast to fall into laughter.  The 3 MCs then added, “It actually did go against public morals.  The influence was tremendous.”

Source + Photo Credits: NewsenAllkpop

oh how times have changed :D

____ JOO♥

4minute SoHyun's Child Beauty Photos Surface!

Childhood photos of Kwon SoHyun have recently surfaced.

On the 10th, a community site posted the pictures with the title "The History of Kwon SoHyun's Past."

The released photos show SoHyun with a variety of hairstyles, containing a child-like and girly image.

Netizens who saw the photos said, "Hehehehe, her eye expressions look dreadful," "She's the cutest of all of the 94 line," "She's really cute, hehe," etc.

Nate News

Taiwanese program issues apology to SM for issues concerning SNSD


We previously reported how SNSD fans were in an uproar over an exposé program, which ran on Taiwan’s ’Super Lucky‘ show. The cast members were discussing about how Korean girl groups are supposedly forced to distribute sexual favors, as well as undergo plastic surgery in their efforts to make it to the top. While these issues are in themselves, contentious, the uproar began when the program used photos of SNSD to exemplify their points. The program’s hosts have recently issued an official apology to SM Entertainment live on air.

They stated that they intended to point out issues with the entertainment industry in Asia in general, and not just South Korea. However, some netizens are not satisfied with the manner in which the hosts made their apology. Apparently, the hosts smiled and made jokes throughout the apology, and many are criticizing that it seemed insincere.

Netizens commented, “You should be sincere when you make an apology. I’m Taiwanese, and I’m embarrassed how they make the whole thing a joke”, “Is this situation fun to them? I don’t know how they could laugh and joke while apologizing”, “You are not 3-year-olds. Please make a sincere apology”, “Their actions are not apologetic, but mocking. Aren’t they embarrassed?”, and “They make a negative generalization about the entire Korean music industry, and they apologize like that?”

SM Entertainment has stated that because they feel that the image of SNSD has been used in a malicious manner, they plan to respond accordingly through legal actions.

Source: OSENAllkpop

And so everyone forgets the original point they were making

Jay Park cast for new movie, ‘Happy Together’

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Following the completion of his first movie project, ‘Hype Nation’, it has been confirmed by his agency, Sidus HQ, that singer Jay Park will take on another movie project, called ‘Happy Together’.

‘Happy Together’ will be a story about an idol group who was at the peak of their career when the leader unfortunately had to withdraw and be replaced by a former indie band member. Jay’s character will be a group member who goes through conflicts with the new member, but later resolve their problems to unite as one group.

Sidus HQ stated, “The contract has not yet been finalized, however it has been decided that he will be part of the cast. He will need to put in a lot of effort because of the Korean dialogues.”

Jay, who is currently staying the U.S, will soon come back to Korea to finalize contract details.

Meanwhile, the former indie band member will be played by Ji Hyun Woo. Ra Hee Chan will take hold of the megaphone as the director, while the movie will be produced by Daisy Entertainment.

Source: allkpop +Star News

the storyline sounds..... familiar... hhaha, wonder how it turns out cause if I'm not wrong, his acting skills are...?

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all the love inside ceases to exist
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Can BoA live a normal life after it all?

previous parts: 1, 2

"When BoA buys clothes she still asks me for my permission. She says that if she doesn't receive permission she doesn't feel comfortable. She probably has never even withdrawn money from an ATM before. So she never has any money."

(redundancy from past interview segments omitted)

"The Golden Rule" contains in detail the eventful life of BoA's family. There is no one who imagines that BoA would have overcome the economic difficulties from her younger years to such an extent. It is considerably unexpected.

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source: newsen
translations: live laugh love @ soompi

lol being very nitpicky on what she spends, qt.

MC Mong attends first trial for draft dodging charges

Rapper MC Mong attended his first trial on November 11th at the Seoul Central District Court, and expressed his feelings about the situation for the very first time.

MC Mong defended his absence from his military service by stating, “I’ve become a person with crumbling morals. I feel so pathetic in not knowing about my draft delay. I really did not know, as I lived on my own and the draft notice was mailed to my mother. If I knew that what I did was illegal, I wouldn’t have done it.”

MC Mong also invoked his past financial situation as the reason why he pulled so many teeth.”I’ve never been able to receive proper treatment for my teeth ever since I was little. My mother, too, is missing 10 teeth.”

He concluded, “I feel so stupid for being put in such a situation. I’d like to make it clear that I did not know that what I was doing with my deferment was illegal. If I knew, I would have accepted all of the consequences.

Prosecutors accused MC Mong of extracting teeth with the intention of draft dodging, while MC Mong’s representatives defended him by stating that it was done based off his dentist’s recommendation.

To conclude, MC Mong requested, “No matter what decision is made, I will be walking the path the public wants me to. I still have an ounce of truth left in me, so I hope everyone watches over my trials. Please wait for me until the end.

Source: StarNews + Allkpop

well his career is pretty much dead in korea

2NE1 was almost 5 members?

Actress Honey Lee recently made an appearance on MBC Radio FM4U’s “Blue night, this is Jung Yeob” and made a surprising confession.

She stated, “When I was in college, I dreamt of becoming a singer and was a trainee in an entertainment company. At the time, I was preparing for an album with the 2NE1 members.

She continued, “But I was forced to put my singing dream on pause in order to prepare for Miss Korea. I still keep in contact with the 2NE1 members today.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily

Source: TVDailyAllkpop


Someone likes Hyoyeon, a sign of the apocalypse

For the November 10th episode of MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery’, the guests became involved in a rather interesting discussion about the ladies of SNSD.

Guest Psy introduced the girls as a topic when he stated, “In the army, SNSD is a religon.” At this, MC Yoon Jong Shin mused, “Once you’re a married man, you start liking Yuri more.”

Singer Lee Juk, who was the other guest for show, agreed with the MC and said, “Taeyeon used to be my favorite, but now I like Yuri more.

MC Kim Gura added, “In SNSD, one begins liking Taeyeon, goes through all the members, and then ends up liking Hyoyeon.” All the other MCs agreed, “It’s because Hyoyeon has the most charm.

money todayakp

I would like to convert to Soshism. lol Yuri, I just read something about PSY liking Yuri more too.