November 11th, 2010

Gangsta Shinhwa

[10.11.11] Do you know Kkot-nim?

Appearing in Love Mansae back then, (L-R) Park Kyung Rim, Kim Kkot-nim, Kim Dongwan. Photo courtesy of Park Kyung Rim.

In a recent interview with Star News, Park Kyung Rim showed us a photo she took with Kim Kkot Nim, the women’s university undergraduate who shot to fame after appearing in MBC’s “Love Mansae” in 2001.
Park Kyung Rim reminisced, “It was really fun filming ‘Love Mansae’ with friends my age. Kkot-nim even attended my wedding, where she once again met the guests who appeared on ‘Love Mansae’.
When asked who she’d pick out of the guests on the show (Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Dongwan, Lee Sung Jin), Park Kyung Rim replied, “Haha. I’d have picked Dongwan too.”
Born in 1981, Kim Kkot-nim was an undergraduate attending Ewha Women’s University when she appeared on ‘Love Mansae’, the pioneer in dating variety programs. On the show, young male stars Kim Dongwan, Sung Shi Kyung, Lee Sung Jin and Lee Ji Hoon vied for her affections through various couple challenges, and her eventual choice was Kim Dongwan.
After the show, Kim Kkot-nim was so burdened by the excess attention she was receiving and eventually changed her name to Kim So-won. She later took part in the news announcer auditions but unfortunately did not make the cut. She is currently working in a large research institute.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

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btw... 26 DAYS TILL KIM DONGWAN'S RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12/07/10)

yall better help twitter trend this gorgeous man ಠ_ಠ

Nana's Concept Revealed!


Nana Finally revealed her Teaser picture for Orange Caramel's upcoming 2nd Mini Album. What do you think their concept for the 2nd Mini Album.?
Doesn't you think that Nana looks a like to Manga, Sailor moon?

Anyway, Orange Caramel 2nd Mini Album will be released on 18th November while they will makes a comeback on 19th November.

Meanwhile, Raina's picture teaser will be out tomorrow at 12th November!


Doesn't Don't you think that Nana looks like she's from a Manga, Sailor moon?

frenchy → 5

Beast Reveals Teaser for Beautiful and Captures the Heart of females with 'boyfriend-dol' Image

The preview clip for BEAST’s 4th album title song ‘Beautful’ music video was released.

On the 9th, BEAST had raised the hopes of the fans by revealing a teaser video for the ‘Lights go on again’ song with a ballad feel. In addition, the release of the teaser for ‘Beautiful’ didn’t let down any of the hopes from the fans as well.

In the ‘Beautiful’ music video, the ‘pet-idol’ and ‘boyfriend-idol’ charms of the BEAST members were displayed clearly. At the start of the music video, Lee Kikwang enters the classroom shyly in his glasses and a school uniform showing off the “shy student” feel flawlessly. Jang Hyunseung had even made a V with his fingers adding on to the cuteness.

BEAST had been showing off their charisma on the stage so far. However, as they are singing the song ‘Beautiful’ which has the feel of a guy singing to his girlfriend, it is evident that the special performance will show off a ‘boyfriend-idol’ side towards the fans.

Fans who viewed the clip commented, “They are really cute,” “They look so fresh,” and “Six men, they are really lovely” showing their anticipation for their first stage.

Meanwhile BEAST will be opening their first solo concert on December 12th at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

idk about the whole *insert whatever name here-dol* thing

(Credits):B2ST Rising

ZE:A celebrates 300 days, preparing full album?

Original message:
제국의아이들[ZE:A] 300일 축하송~!! 조금만 더 기다려주시면~ 좋은 곡 들어있는 정규앨범으로 만날수 있을것 같아요~^^V

In English:
ZE:A’s 300 days celebration~!! And if you wait a little~ There’s the chance of a a normal album release soon~^^V

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sources: ZE:A's me2day, Naver
translation: aa-chan one & two

JYJ’s tour in shambles, possible cancellation?


JYJ has been surrounded by a lot of controversy lately due to the sudden cancellations of their Seattle, San Francisco, and Hawaii stops on their ‘JYJ World Tour‘. Now, multiple sources close to the tour have recently come forward to allkpop and have disclosed that preparations for the remaining three stops (New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles) have been nothing short of a free-flowing disaster.

According to these sources, JYJ’s PR team was scheduled to go to the Korean press this morning to announce the cancellation of the entire U.S. leg of their world tour.

The tour was already on the verge of a breakdown, as the shows were already privately called off at two or three different times. Yet somehow, they decided that the show had to limp on, despite the fact that the boys now no longer had venues to perform in.

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credit; allkpop
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[10.11.11] Eric is a coast guard in comeback drama “Poseidon”

Actor Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyuk) is ready to return to our TV screens with the drama ‘Poseidon’.

Eric filmed his first scenes for “Poseidon” with fellow cast member Choi Jae Hwan (who plays Kim Sol Chan) in Sinjinhang in Taean, North Chungcheong Province on 9 Nov.

Despite the sudden drop in weather temperature, Eric apparently displayed a perfect performance as coast guard Kim Seon Woo. Kim Seon Woo is a regular coast guard officer who eventually becomes part of a special ops team named ‘Poseidon’, working with rival Oh Yoon Chul (played by Kim Kang Woo).

Eric expressed that he was looking forward to filming his first scene with Kim Kang Woo, whom he previously worked with in the 2003 MBC drama “Breathless”.

“Poseidon” is a 20-episode drama helmed by “All In” PD Yoo Chul Yoong and “Sad Sonata” PD Oh Sang Won, and written by “Iris” writer Jo Kyu Won. The drama is slated for broadcast in the first half of 2011.

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Credits: Top Class Entertainment (photos) + Star News + Absolut Shinhwa
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JYJ is paying themselves for their Showcases, run for free tickets.

JYJ’s P1 Visas Denied for US Performance

Members decides to pay for showcase themselves to honor their commitment to their fans in the US

11 November 2010 – JYJ has decided to go ahead and perform for their fans in the US despite being denied of their P1 visas. Cjes Management, the management company for JYJ has stated that it is of utmost importance that JYJ keeps their promise to their fans and they have been in New York since the 9th to await the decision only to be given the disappointing news.

According to US lawyers advising the team on the situation, JYJ will still be able to take stage on the condition that the performance is free and they receive no monetary benefit for the performance. Due to the fact that substantial costs has already been incurred by the promoters for production, flights, accommodations, there will still be a financial responsibility to be fulfilled which JYJ has decided to undertake this upon themselves to make the events happen.

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Since the new york show happens in less than 36 hours:

2. What if I already bought a ticket? If you have already purchased a ticket for the show, you can simply go to Ticketmaster's website and request for a full refund for the purchase price of your ticket less the mandated service charges by Ticketmaster. Please refer to the return policy for "Cancelled Events" or simply contact them through their "Contact Us" page. Refunds will be available on Monday for the Hammerstein show.

3. If I bought a ticket and got it refunded, how do I apply to get my ticket to the free showcase? Ticketmaster will refund your money but you need to print out your initial ticket as proof of purchase and go towards the "pre-purchased line" for priority admission to the showcase on day of event

Updates: New York | Las Vegas (coming soon) | Los Angeles (coming soon)

Credits: SYC
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Obama Warns North Korea in Speech

In a Veterans Day speech at a United States Army base in central Seoul, President Obama said Thursday that America remains committed to defending South Korea, and warned North Korea that it faces continued isolation unless it fulfills its commitments to give up nuclear weapons.

While Mr. Obama is in South Korea for a Group of 20 meeting on fixing the stricken global economy, relations with North Korea are also expected to be on the agenda, particularly in talks with the host nation. The United States and its allies are seeking ways to get North Korea to return to six-party talks aimed at convincing the North to drop its weapons program.

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Source: nytimes

Throwing Away The Boys Image for Beastly Idol for #1

The Release of Mini Album ‘Shut Up!’ U-KISS

It was intended to become ‘bad guys’ from the beginning. The title track is called ‘Shut Up!’ Then, maknae Dongho who thought to be young shouts ‘Oppa hates you’. From the ‘Gangnam namja’ image in the prelude of ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, continuing through ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, ‘Mworago’, ‘Shut Up!’, and up to now to strongly give off a fairly male scent.

They exercised to build their abs, and they even went topless without hesitation for their music video. The 7-members group U-KISS (Alexander, Kevin, Eli, Kibum, Soohyun, Dongho, Kiseop) came out with swords firmly shoved in the 4th mini album.
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Source: The Daily Focus + translation maral, micsummer, jaymie501 @rocketboxx
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3 things U-Kiss must do:
1. Release 'Before Yesterday' full version
2. Promote 'Light It Up'
3. Stop seeing ghosts.
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Are Japan's Korean Prince and his two boytoys returning to Japan Music Scene?

According to EDGE STYLE magazine December issue that was printed on the 6th, the three TVXQ members Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun whose Japan activities were suddenly suspended a while ago will plan to appear once again and conduct live performance in Japan in around mid-November.

On last October 12th the three members held a showcase performance at Korea University, Seoul. The showcase became a commemorative event that marked the official formation of the three members’ unit ‘JYJ’. Moreover, the group seems to have hidden desire to target the whole world as the goal of their activities. JYJ had traveled to Thailand, Hongkong, and many other countries including several United States regions to hold their worldwide showcase as a thank you event for all fans due to the smooth flow of their first album in market.

EDGE STYLE magazine successfully interviewed a relevant official of JYJ, and the official reported, “We actually have this plan under discussion. In mid-November, the three members will re-establish their status as foreign artists in Japan, and we will conduct several performances as many as possible.” Although the live stage is still under discussion, it looks like the days to finally watch ‘JYJ’ on stage again is not so far away.

EDGE STYLE’s editor in chief Watanabe Rio through his editorial model press stated, “We got this testimony from someone who has close relationship to TVXQ.” There are also other testimonies from the members’ staffs provided in EDGE STYLE December issue, forced us to gradually believe that the event will soon come true.

credit: + baidu
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God, please let this be real ;___;



SNSD was shocked and cried because of their group name?

On the 11th, broadcast SBS TV ‘Night TV Entertainment' ‘Right now is SNSD’ corner showed SNSD.

On the 25th, they placed 1st place Oricon Chart, in which Taeyeon said “Even though we knew we could do it, we did not know it was going to happen in such a short time,” while expressing happiness over their Japanese debut.

SNSD Tiffany revealed the story behind their group name, saying “Before our debut and our name was made, we were called "Women Team” shortened "Brigade Team (Yeodan Team)."

“When our group name was SNSD we were shocked”, they confessed saying, “The shocking name almost made us cry." Sooyoung confessed “I cried."

Sunny said “Back then, a Korean group name wasn’t unusual. We had expected a cool English name.” They wanted names like Eternity or Muse

Especially SNSD said while laughing, “We're not even in a rustic period, the name ‘Generation’ made our limbs dissolve. The employee who created the name has left the company."

[Omitted extraneous information]

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Credits to: 티브이데일리=이선미 기자
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‘Hallyu’ bouncing back through K-pop and film

For the past few years, the pulse of Korean entertainment has been in danger of flatlining.

Interest has been at an all time low because of a lack of original “killer content,”
and for a while it seemed Korean pop culture had lost its relevance.

Now it is bouncing back, but on the strength of music and individual talent in film.

If the first generation of “Hallyu,” or the Korean Wave, spread throughout Asia on the back of popular television dramas, then this time actors and pop acts are leading the charge.

Film and music, it seems, have now become the two platforms for talent to bring back interest in Korean entertainment.

Bands like Girls’ Generation have over the past month stormed the Japanese charts while Korean actors such as Rain, Jang Dong-gun, and Jung Woo-sung have all headlined foreign-produced films.

It is almost as if overseas markets have become tired of waiting for content good enough to import, and are now only interested in hiring the services of Korean entertainers.

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Source: Song Woong-ki @ The Korea Herald
Future Simon #1

OMNTD Featured Artist: Pink Elephant

Korean indie rock band Pink Elephant is formed in 2003. Influenced by US/British grunge/garage rock, they used to cover some playlists of the Libertines in earlier club gigs. Their self-titled debut album 'Pink Elephant' was released in October 2008 and their second album 'May Day' in May 2009. Pink Elephant played club gigs every weekend and were quite famous for Hongdae indie rock scene.

The band is made up of Ji-Won Park (bass), Seung-Taek Seo (guitar/vocals), Hyung-Jun Lim (guitar/vocals) and Wook-No Choi (drums).

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sauce;, myspace, koreanpop blog, treekingdom31 @ YT, npCool6ix @ YT
Penelope is pretty.
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Kara's new single "JUMPING" debuts fifth on Oricon daily chart

Korean girl group Kara’s new album "JUMPING" has entered Japan's prestigious Oricon daily album chart at No. 5.

Kara’s agency DSP Media announced through a press release on Thursday that "JUMPING," the girls' second mini-album in Japan, placed fifth on the chart yesterday, on the day it went on sale in the country.

Also, the music video for the title track on the album also of the same name, became the most downloaded music video at iTunes Store VIDEO CLIP and the third-most downloaded song at iTunes Store Pop.

Kara has led a successful singing career in Japan, seeing their first Japanese single “Mister” landing at No. 5 on both Oricon's daily and weekly chart and then second on both charts with their best album “KARA BEST 2007-2010.”

Five-member girl group Kara is currently in Japan promoting “JUMPING” but will return to Korea on November 15 to promote the same record as their fourth mini-album back home.

Source: Heidi Kim @ 10Asia
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2AM takes No.1 on Gaon weekly singles chart

2AM’s ballad song “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” has topped Gaon's singles chart for the first week of November.

The song which is one of the title tracks to 2AM’s new album “Saint o’clock” released in late October, climbed up a slot from its previous position at No. 2.

In contrast, “Hoot” from Girls’ Generation’s third mini-album slid down a notch to land at second place on the chart for the week of October 31 to November 6.

Claiming the third spot was “Always” by Huh Gak, the winner of the Korea’s singing competition show "SuperstarK2," the equivalent to U.S. program “American idols.”

Meanwhile, on Gaon's weekly album chart, Girls’ Generation's mini-album “Hoot” remained on the top spot for the second consecutive week. Taking second place was the limited edition of 2AM’s first full-length album “Saint o’clock” followed by the regular version of their record.

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While week before that:

Girls’ Generation “Hoot” crowned new queen on Gaon chart

Girls’ Generation’s newest song “Hoot” ranked first on last week's Gaon singles chart.

“Hoot,” the title track to Girls’ Generation’s third mini-album of the same name, has been sweeping online music charts since its release last week. The song sings of a girl warning her boyfriend to stop breaking her heart.

Coming in second was ballad song “You Wouldn’t Answer My Call” by boy band 2AM. The song is from the group’s first full-length album “Saint o’clock” also released last week.

“Instinctively” by SuperstarK 2 contestant Kang Sung-yoon, which topped the previous week's chart, stepped down two slots to settle at No. 3 while hip hop artist PSY’s song “RIGHT NOW” went up 10 steps to claim fourth place.

Reaching fifth was “Like Crazy,” another ballad song by 2AM that pleads his lover to return. This is one of the two title tracks from their album “Saint o’clock” that they are promoting simultaneously.

Little change was detected in the remainder of Gaon's list -- many of the songs were from two weeks ago with slight differences in rankings. Songs like “Then Then Then,” “Crying, Calling…,” “Sun Flower,” and “I Love You Even If I Die” continued to remain within the top 20 songs.

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Sources: Heidi Kim @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 &

Gaon's main site was going through some sort of massive change on last week so they only released album chart for Oct 24-31 now.

Brian Joo & Jade’s “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong”

Fly to the Sky member Brian Joo has been branching out with his solo endeavours, and he recently collaborated on a track with Sweetbox’s Jade Valerie, “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong“.

The powerful duet showcases the strong vocals of both artists, and is grounded by a catchy double-drum beat. Check out the track below!

source; allkpop + xXCrashTunesXx@yt

CNN-Go, Korean Special kicks off with Lee Hyori (Jun Do Hyun, Daniel Henney next?)

Singer Lee Hyori is announcing Korea to the world.

Lee Hyori appeared on the recently aired America's CNN Korean Special to introduce the capital Seoul's distinct flavor and Korea's culture.

Lee Hyori introduced herself through the broadcast as "a famous singer living in Seoul." In addition, she introduced Seoul as "a city with quite the extensive history."

Also, she added, "There is a lot of traditional culture left, but at the same time, the layout is well-developed so that early modern* designs can still be seen."

However, Lee Hyori didn't just stick to Seoul, but worked to describe Korea's uniqueness in its entirety. She expressed Korean culture as "Korea has the culture of a people,* so the unity is unlike any other country" and "We have affection for one another, like we're all family."

The 'CNN GO' that Lee Hyori made an appearance on is a popular program on CNN that introduces the greatest cities of Asian by visitation.

*the culture of a people : "a people" could be "a race," "an ethnic group," people of the same blood origins and root, basically.
*translation error on my part.

Source: AsiaE

'CNN GO - Korean Special' will continue until the 15th, starting with Lee Hyori, with Jun Do Hyun, Daniel Henney, and more planning to appear.

Source: Today Korea
translation by hypocritical @ ofvalue
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T-ara's Hello Baby pix

In the past two seasons of “Hello Baby“, SNSD and SHINee each babysat one baby boy. This time around, T-ara will take on the challenge of caring for not one, but three kids!

The popular girl group will take care of Moon Mason and his two younger brothers, Mavin and Mayden.

T-ara’s seventh and newest member Hwayoung (twin sister of Co-Ed’s Hyoyoung) will officially start her activities as a group member through this program. For those of you who are curious to see who she is, Hwayoung is the girl on the far right in the photo above.

The first episode will air on November 16th. Who do you think will turn out being the best babysitter amongst them?

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Nate News
{superjunior} heechul - piercing eyes

[101108-101111] Heechul's Twitter Updates!

Tweets like these are originally in English.
Tweets like these are originally in Arabian.
► Tweets like these are from Heechul.
└ Tweets like these are from Heechul's friends.


► 오랜만에 까페에 글이나 남길까
Haven't left a message at the café* in a long time
* Heechul's fancafé. The translation of the entry can be found here.

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Source: @Heedictator
Translated by eternalsnow @
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CAT LADY. i love how he babies his cats. it's, i'm loving all the english tweets and all the random old pictures. gotta love him. 
Wanna One Energetic

The Date For Shin Hyesung's New Single Has Been Announced, Eric Mun To Feature On The Track

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From Live Works Company's twitter page:

2010.11.19 New Single Release
Shin Hyesung's Digital Single "Hello and Goodbye (featuring Eric)
Shin Hyesung along with another Shinhwa member Eric are the perfect fit for "Hello and Goodbye" ^^
Soon it will be revealed~ please look forward to it

Source: Live Works Company's Twitter and

It's the return of Oil and Water yay! XD

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{superjunior} heechul - the cat&#39;s watchi

Articles regarding Kim Heechul on Radio Star

Kim Heechul unintentionally insults Kim Kook Jin
(except, 'insults' is probably not the word i'd use. it was a mistake)

Super Junior’s quirky Kim Hee Chul recently showed apologetic feelings towards Kim Kook Jin.

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Article 1: 
Source + Photo Credits: Newsen
Found at: allkpop

Article 2:
Source + Photo Credits: Newsen
Found at: allkpop

Article 3:

i just realized the last few heechul updates were mostly from me. if i've been putting up too many, you can tell me to stop and i'll stop putting up AS many per week :P
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2NE1 throws Dara a surprise birthday party !

2NE1 members threw Sandara Park her very own surprise birthday party on November 12th.

Dara uploaded a picture of the festive event on her me2DAY, and it certainly looks like all four members had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday.

She wrote, “Ah~ I’m so happy! Today, I will be able to film all night with a smile. I got cake on my face. I have to film stuff, so what do I do about the makeup? Anyways, thanks guys for making me laugh”

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