November 12th, 2010

Jae with his camera

Why JYJ Matters to Jrock

If there was one reason for Jrock fans to take JYJ’s venture into America seriously, it should be because JYJ is about to struggle with the same obstacles that Jrock bands are. Asian Americans have won acceptance as athletes, classical musicians, politicians, and writers. However, to date, nobody has managed to crack the top ten on the music charts. They have not won acceptance as pop stars.

It is definitely not because no-one has tried.

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Source: Jrock Vagabond
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Raina’s teaser photo revealed


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With Orange Caramel’s official comeback drawing near, the group has so far unveiled teaser photos for members Lizzy and Nana, as well as revealing the audio teaser for Aing♡.

Now, the teaser for Raina has been revealed and it looks like she’s taking on the theme of Little Red Riding Hood. Their album is slated for release on November 18th and they will have their comeback stages from the 19th – 21st through Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo.


Trailers from Hwanhee's upcoming drama, "Stormy Lovers"

Trailer #1

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source; Hwany117@yt: 1 + 2

You can see glimpses of Hwanhee in the trailers. The original title of this drama was "Love is Stronger Than Death", but it's now "Stormy Lovers". As for the plot, according to dramawiki: "The story of Shim Eun Hye (played by actress, Choi Eun Seo), a disabled girl with a beautiful heart, and the trials of love and hardships that she faces." "Stormy Lovers" is a daily drama (Mon. to Fri.) which will begin airing on Monday, November 15th at 8:15PM Korea Time.
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KARA’s “Jumping” outfits banned from music programs

Despite KARA’s “Jumping” MV earning an explosive response, the girl group must go through some wardrobe changes in order to perform on Korean music shows. Their current outfits have been deemed as ‘too sexually suggestive’ by public broadcast programs, who have imposed stricter regulations on wardrobes.

Although the outfits were designed to fit the concept of their powerful track, the exposure of their belly buttons has made it impossible for fans to be able to see the girls wear them on stage.

It’s disappointing that we are not able to show off the outfits when it received such a hot response. We desired to show off a different side of the girls in Korea, since the song is going to be promoted in both Japan and Korea,” said a representative of DSP Media.

KARA is currently preparing for their Korean comeback after releasing the song and music video for “Jumping.”

Nate News
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Massive Kara post: Music Station, Star Cards, Blessings from Goddess/Maknae

Kara to perform on Music Station Nov. 19th

Korean girl group KARA is receiving much love in Japan with both their Mister single KARA Best 2007-2010 album receiving Gold certification, surpassing the 100,000 sales mark.

The girls hope they have another hit on their hands with ‘Jumping’ and popular Japanese music program MUSIC STATION announced that KARA will perform ‘Jumping’ on their November 19th episode. In addition, MUSIC STATION announced that popular American artist Taylor Swift will also perform for the show on the same day.

Source: AKP, TV-asahi

This will be their second MuSta appearance after Mister, only three months into their Japanese debut. And lol Taylor Swift and Kara in one show, never thought that'd happen.

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Star Cards Sources: AKP, Gmarket

Twitpic Sources: Jiyoung's Twitter, Gyuri's Twitter, aank1@karaholic for translations
Nicole - Cute

Jaejoong effect: Nicole starts being a twitter whore too; ohh and she's fucking your oppas/unnies

When social butterflies of Kpop tweet each other: (Jaejoong's + Nicole's contact list = everyone relevant in kpop):

Yesterday (translations by karaholic): 
_911007 @ mjjeje:  "Shabu shabu smells like ~~~'-' Hoohoo Merong* ! (The face expression says that she is sorta holding in the urge to eat it.
* Shabu-shabu is japanese steamboat.  - benbenkr @ Kh for clairfication)

mjjeje @ _911007: Oppa goes to sleep now~ Try your best to learn Japanese

Today (basically jaejoong assumed "oppa" she was tweeting to was him even though she forgot the @name part):
_911007: 오빠 ~~ 요즘연락두안하셔 ~~ ㅋ

mjjeje @_911007 일본이니~?

(translations by tohosomnia)
Jaejoong talks to Nicole, and indirectly calls her fat while complimenting her mom's cooking (tohosomnia's note)
(Nicole) Oppa~~ You don't call me these days ~~ lol (7:47pm KST)

@_911007 Are you in Japan~? (7:50pm KST)

@mjjeje Yes!! keke You're still suffering from jet-lag ㅜㅜ Are you done with your bath (8:09pm KST)

@_911007 I feel like I'm going to die. My body's in a pretty bad condition,, I'm done with my bath and I finally feel a little sleepy^^ (8:11pm KST)

(Nicole) @mjjeje It's because you've been sweating in that bathtub. That feeling like you've just been blowing up a balloon really hard ..I really want to take a bath too, but I can't make myself stay in hot water for a long timeㅠㅠ keke What's the time difference between here and there, what time zone are you in? (8:24pm KST)

@_911007 Thirteen hours? Or is it eleven? (8:36pm KST)

@mjjeje So you're on the opposite side of the world.. A warm glass of milk ? keke If you put a little honey in it, it'll taste good ~~At least you can drink things like that!! (8:43pm KST)

@_911007 You guys can't eat much because you have to watch your figures, right,? Nicole, who likes to eat, must be suffering the most~ (8:46pm KST)

@mjjeje keke I used to eat a lot but now.. ㅜㅜ kekeke I couldn't eat sushi ㅠㅠ Oppa, you and I need to switch stomachs kekekeke (8:51pm KST)

@_911007 Your problem is that you eat too much. Conclusively, it means that your mom is too good at cooking~ (8:54pm KST)

Yesterday (translated by Karaholic):
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Relevant part of Hara's interview on TVguide Japan:
03. The member whom you want to consider as your lover?

[proof of their love]
[Twitter Translations by Yoo @ Karaholic. : 1 | 2 ]
Source and translation by Yoo: TVguide
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Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu+ Others' Twitter]
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Nicole tweets 95% of the time about food. All these tweets to so many people (there are more to irrelevant peeps) are unexpected. Soo cute. No wonder Jinwoon is so buff (them arms), competing with all these people.... must be tough.
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GP Basic’s Janey barred from performing on music shows

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The youngest girl group to date, GP Basic, recently released their second single, “I’ll Be There,” on November 12th.

The six-member group previously debuted this past August with “Game“, and earned much attention for their young ages at the time of their debut. All of the girls, except one, were born in 1996 – Janey was born in 1998. The controversy is grounded in the youngest member, as Janey has been prohibited from performing on music shows due to new regulations passed recently.

The other members of the group naturally felt sympathetic for their fellow member, and decided to include a subtitle in the album, “To J“, as a message for the group’s maknae.

The group’s agency stated, “Because of the age restrictions on public broadcast music programs, Janey will not be able to promote with the group. The lyrics for ‘I’ll Be There’ depicts the members’ feelings in wanting to wait for their team’s maknae.”

GP Basic will also go on to promote in Japan starting this December as their agency’s representative expressed, “The reason we chose December is because most of the members are in junior high school. Since they will be on winter break, they can start promotions then.”

Source: AllKpop, Nate
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HyunAh wrote rap lyrics in 'Say You Love Me'

4minute HyunAh writing for the single 'Say You Love Me' became a hot topic. As we have seen the release on the 10th, it was also revealed that HyunAh has written the rap part in this collaborated song with G.Na, and has inserted her emotions into the words. The lyrics reached completion only after much hard work as the song was intended to be different from usual Hip Hop and R&B.

G.Na who has debuted with I'll Back Off So You Can Live and has all along been supported by HyunAh is one of the most popular singers this year. With her beautiful voice, she became the main act in Say You Love Me as part of the recent Cyworld music project, 'Together Forever Vol.1'.

G.Na's perfect singing skills and the smooth melody will no doubt excite the crowd this fall.


Yonghwa & IU to become parents, Sulli gets replaced

SBS will be holding their 11th “2010 Love Sharing Concert” on November 14th in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

SNSD’s Yoona will be taking the place of f(x)’s Sulli by MCing for the event alongside “Inkigayo” MCs, Jung Yonghwa and Jo Kwon.

The “Heroes” team and CNBLUE led by Jung Yonghwa participated earlier in a special ‘love sharing’ activity for the concert on October 29th by visiting a disabled infant home and acting as ‘one day’ parents to the children there. This special footage will be shown during the concert.

In addition, the line-up for the concert which will be airing in place of Inkigayo this week includes VOS, 2PM, Rainbow, miss A, Ga-In’s goodbye stage, 2NE1′s “Can’t Nobody“, and B2ST’s first ever performance for their comeback, “Lights Go On Again” and “Beautiful.”

mods, may we get a yonghwa tag please?

source: Newsen
translation: allkpop

JYJ LA Showcase Ticket Info + Questions Post

Free tickets for this event will be available starting at 4pm, on Friday, November 12, 2010
Please note: Applicable distribution and processing fees will apply.

You may get your tickets at the source (USC Ticket Office) or through the phone at (213)-821-4253.

Customers who previously paid for tickets will be issued a refund for the price of the ticket, minus $5 per ticket and any order/delivery fees. THE TICKETS THAT YOU RECEIVED ARE STILL VALID.

Source | USC Ticket Office
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Nursing home fire kills 10 in South Korea

Police said those killed had been too ill to move quickly or evacuate the building on time

At least 10 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a nursing home in a southeastern city in South Korea, police say.

Another 17 people were injured in the blaze which broke out early on Friday morning in Pohang, about 370km southeast of the capital, Seoul.

Firefighters said the dead were all patients aged between 71 and 90 who could not move or evacuated quick enough to escape the flames.

Lee In-shik, a police officer, said all the victims were women who were sleeping when the fire broke out in the early morning on the first floor of a two-storey building in the port city of Pohang.

He said the blaze raged for about 30 minutes before firefighters put it out, adding that victims who sustained minor injuries were taken to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

Police and fire officials were trying to determine its cause.

Lee Myung-bak, the South Korean president, expressed regret about the deaths before proceeding to the venue of the G20 summit of major economies under way in Seoul, according to his spokeswoman Kim Hee-jung.

Source: aljazeera
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G20 Summit doesn't mean good business for everyone - Gangnam nightlife grinds to halt

Bars and other entertainment venues in the Gangnam area south of the Han River are empty because 50,000 law enforcement personnel have converged on the area where the G20 Summit is held. Hotels and motels in the area are completely full because police booked rooms there a month ago, operators say.

"The streets and motels are crawling with police, so who in their right mind would come to have a drink and pay for a night out with a hostess?"
one worker at a bar near Seonneung Station said. "On Thursday and Friday when the summit takes place, more than half of the entertainment establishments in the area will close."

Even though the police are in the Gangnam area to provide security for the summit, their presence makes bar owners and workers uneasy. One worker at a bar in Yeoksam-dong said, "There are many police checkpoints so it's hard to pick up customers. We decided to take the entire week off. I'm losing between W500,000 to W1 million (US$1=W1,111) in earnings." Another worker at a bar nearby said, "Businesses in the area apparently told their staff to stay away from entertainment places and there are rumors that police are ready to crack down on an establishment to set an example."

The amount of fliers passed around advertising massage parlors and other establishments offering sex for money have decreased markedly. According to the Gangnam District Office, 2,000-3,000 fliers a day are strewn on the streets near Seonneung, Yeoksam and Gangnam subway stations every day, but that has shrunk to just around 1,000 now.

Entertainment places north of the Han River are grateful for the chance to lure more customers, and some are even offering discounts.

The Seven Luck Casino in Samseong-dong is closing down between 10 p.m. on Wednesday and 6 a.m. on Saturday. With around 2,000 visitors a day, the casino generates more than W1 billion in daily revenues. But while it is closed, customers are expected to head to casinos across the river. "We expect to lose more than W3 billion while we stay closed for 63 hours," said a staffer.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
Epik High
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14 indicted for defaming Tablo in Net discussions

The investigation into the Tablo cyber-calumny case has come to an end, and police announced yesterday they indicted 14 of 18 Internet users who were sued by the hip-hop singer for defamation.

The indictees were among hundreds of thousands of Internet users who accused the singer of fabricating his school records and degree from Stanford University in the United States. The Korea JoongAng Daily published Tablo’s Stanford transcript in June.

Seoul police questioned the 14 suspects during the past month. The remaining four people sued by the singer live outside Korea and police have requested help from Interpol to arrest them.

The 14 who were indicted were aged 19 to 57, with several in their 30s. Out of the 14, three are doctors, four are office workers, two own their own businesses, two are students and the rest are unemployed. Police said only four were staff members of Internet discussion groups that led the campaign against the singer.

The largest group, “We Request the Truth from Tablo” (also known by the Korean acronym TaJinYo), had more than 190,000 registered members before it was disbanded last month. Its manager was a 57-year-old Korean surnamed Kim living in Chicago. In an exclusive interview with the JoongAng Ilbo last month, Kim said he wanted Tablo to drop the defamation suit against him, calling the singer “the winner” in the war. Kim used the online nom de plume “whatbecomes.”

“I started to get suspicious when others raised doubts [about Tablo],” said one indicted Internet poster.

Source: Christine Kim @ JoongAng Daily
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New contract and law to protect teenage entertainers

New Contracts to Protect Aspiring Teenage Stars from Abuse

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the Fair Trade Commission on Tuesday presented to the Cabinet a standardized contract for aspiring teenage stars that would protect them from abuse.

The proposal comes after teen group GP Basic was put together in August from five middle schoolers and an elementary school student, setting a new record for the youngest manufactured band. Currently teen entertainers are employed by talent agencies on private contracts that offer little protection from abuse and are often subject to pressure to wear revealing clothes, practice long, grueling hours or skip school.

A recent government survey shows that 10 percent of teenage entertainers wore revealing clothing and 60 percent of those had been pressured to do so, while half of the respondents (48 percent) missed school for more than half a day per week.

The government plans to come up with detailed guidelines for a standardized contract by the second half of next year which is binding on talent agencies. It would protect teen entertainers from being mistreated and require them to attend school at least 147 days a year.

New law to crack down on pubescent flesh on TV, in videos

A new law will be passed to prevent underage celebrities from showing too much flesh on television shows, magazines and in music videos.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family submitted a bill yesterday to the National Assembly to add an article to the youth protection law. Under the new article, if a media outlet shows too much of an underage performer’s naked flesh - including breasts or buttocks - and causes viewers to feel “shame,” the show or product will be labeled “harmful to teens.”

“If a television program is defined as ‘harmful media,’ it can’t be aired from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,”
said Kim Seong-byeok, an official at the ministry.

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Sources: The Chosun Ilbo & Shin Sung-sik, Kim Hee-jin @ JoongAng Daily

The prince of Japan Caused a Craze With a Phone Accessory

As all have known, the members of the group JYJ have been addicted to Twitter recently.  JeJung who has been updating frequently had posted an entry on the 30th of October, together with a picture of his mobile phone accessory, an elephant soft toy, with the caption of 'Herd by herd the elephants ♬'. His tone shows a lot of love for the elephant accessory and is obviously very contented with it.

Right after the twitter was updated, it has caused a lot of feedback among the fans, as everyone was asking around the source of getting the accessory. It was later found in Lotte website under a shop named "Little Leaf," and the accessory was in high demand just like the shoyu bottle, the bossa nova accessories, and the Smiley T-Shirt from Giordano.

The shop which sold the elephant accessory was surprised and happy over this incident and wrote an entry on their blog:

[I never thought it would be so popular in this way.]

Hi everyone, I am the shop owner of Little Leaf - HAKO! Does anyone know JeJung from the highly popular group - TVXQ?

He's the one who stands in the middle. He's very handsome man. ♪ It looks to me that he is a man who is better looking than Japanese guys.Collapse )

Source: The store's ameblo blog & Lotte Sales Website + Hey!JJ + Hero Jaejoong Baidu
Translation: tvxqhwaiting + RirikoKim @
Credits: OneTVXQ { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Kangta runs in torch relay for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

Hallyu star Kangta recently participated in the 2010 Asian Games Torch Relay‘ in front of a cheerful and supportive crowd in China.

On the morning of November 11th, Kangta was honored to receive the torch as the 95th runner, and ran about 100m from the entrance of the Guangzhou Institute of Technology.

Other torch runners included various popular Chinese artists such as Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Lang Lang, and Charlene Choi.
After the completion of the torch relay, Kangta also participated in the Torch Relay Ceremony at the Guangdong Science Center, where he sang a short song called ‘Hold Hands‘ to pray for the successful hosting of the Asia Games in Guangzhou.

“I’m very pleased and honored that I was able to specially participate in the torch relay in Guangzhou. I’d like to thank all the Asia fans who have given their prayers, and I hope this year’s Asian Games can be completed smoothly and successfully”
, said Kangta during the ceremony speech.

Kangta is currently promoting in China for his latest album release.

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Credit: Allkpop via SM Town @ Tumblr, Dedicated to H.O.T
A day late with this but he's my bias so w/e~
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The Grievances of Main Vocalists in Girl Groups

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What do Raina, Soyeon, Luna, Gayoon, Ji Eun, and Hyun Young all have in common?

They’re all the main vocalists for their respective groups. While it’s certainly an esteemed position, it actually puts the girls behind in terms of popularity, compared to the rest of their members. Each group has a spotlighted member that always seems to be at the forefront of activies, such as UEE and Kahi for After School, Jiyeon and Hyomin for T-ara, Sulli and Krystal for f(x), and Sunhwa and Hyosung for SECRET.

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Source: Nate | akp

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