November 16th, 2010

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mtvk puts idols up for sale, this is news bc i want it to be

After reading that a netizen put Girls Generation’s Taeyeon up for sale on Gmarket, this had to be done. You can now purchase the following idols…leave your bid in the comments!

They’re going to go fast!

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source: mtvk

seriously tho. leave some bids lol. i wanna know how much ya'll are willing to throw down for them.
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T-ara's new member becomes a hot issue amongst netizens

T-ara's new member Hwayoung is becoming a hot issue amongst netizens because she is the twin sister of Co-Ed's Hyoyoung. T-ara is set to release their mini album at the end of November and hold their comeback stages in the first week of December with Ryu Hwayoung, who is the younger of the two twins.

It has been revealed that Hyoyoung recommended her little sister as the newest member of T-ara. Hyoyoung was originally scouted to be T-ara's 7th member with Hwayoung debuting in Co-Ed, but after consideration it was decided that Hwayoung is a better fit for T-ara. Hyoyoung is more feminine and shy while Hwayoung is outgoing and a tomboy. Hwayoung is two months older than T-ara's maknae Jiyeon, and it was reported that she has been working day and night for the new album.

In last week's Star Golden Bell, Co-Ed and T-ara starred together. Hyoyoung was one of the stars on the show, and after she introduced herself, T-ara's Soyeon revealed that their newest member was Hyoyoung's younger twin. They joked that they weren't sure if it was actually one person pretending to be two because they looked so identical.

News Hankuk

KARA's "Jumping" Mini-Album Slaying Charts!

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It's been known that KARA has topped the real time charts on the 15th of November with their impressive album sales for their new mini album “Jumping”.

Hanteo released the music sales chart in real time on the 16th and KARA was number 1 for “Jumping” beating BEAST’s “Lights Go On Again”, SHINee’s “Hello” and 2ne1’s “Cant Nobody”.

Preparing for their comeback in Korea, their music video has already been released showing a huge reaction from fans and their new album which is receiving a lot of downloads on various music sites showing a good response for their comeback in Korea marking this a success.

Also, their “Jumping” which was released in Japan at the same time, rose to the 2nd spot in the Daily Charts in Oricon after debuting 5th on the 10th of November.

Meanwhile, KARA will be making their comeback stage on the 20th of November on MBC “Music Core” and on the 21st on SBS “Inkigayo” and start their full scale activities.

Source: TV Daily
Credits: Blueprincess824 @

Kara's Japanese Single "Jumping" sold 55k in it's first week.

5位: KARA「ジャンピン」

Source: biglobe

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Does 2NE1’s Minzy look like a koala?

A photo of 2NE1’s Minzy at the hair salon is receiving a lot of attention on community fan sites. A fan posted the pictures with the title, “Bean Minzy“, but others are saying she looks more like a koala.

The photos showed Minzy in a white gown with a fluffy hair style, and an expression that seemed to tell us she had something to say.

Netizens commented, “She looks like a koala. Keke” “Cute. Keke,” “Is she supposed to be not pretty?”, and “If she wasn’t a celebrity…”.

Nate News
Lyricgoddess's Youtube
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Radio gives hope to North and South Koreans

Kim Seong Min, the founder of Free North Korea Radio, broadcasting from Seoul.

It broadcasts only three hours a day. Its on-air reporters use fake names. And its operators don't know for sure whether their target audience is listening.

Free North Korea Radio, based in Seoul, South Korea, broadcasts news of the outside world across the border. It's illegal for North Koreans to listen to anything other than state-run radio, and all legal radios are fixed so they can play only channels approved by the government. But the founder of Free North Korea Radio, Kim Seong Min, believes that more and more North Koreans are secretly tuning in.
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Source: cnn
Old article is old but it might be interested to some people
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Info on 4minute's Japanese Album Released

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Far Eastern Tribe Records, 4Minute's official label in Japan released several information about the group's first-ever official Japanese Album to be released on December 15, 2010!

They stated:

"4Minute has just finished recording all their songs for their upcoming Japanese Debut Album entitled: DIAMOND. It is a compilation of new edgy sounds from the girls that would definitely be highly anticipated by the fans."

The album will be available in 2 versions that differs by its covers and special content:

Normal Edition: 2800 yen (tax in)
Limited Edition: 3200 yen (tax in) + 52 gorgeous pages of the girls in a Photobook + DVD with 4 MVs.
Universal Music Japan(1 & 2)
We3Rock's Youtube

Key to take University Entrance Exam in 2011

SHINee Key will be taking his entrance in 2011

Idol group SHINee's Key has decided to take his university entrance exam in 2011. Born in 1991, Key has delayed his original entrance exam date so as to focus on the album activties.

After hearing about this, fans gave Key their best support.

Source: dkpopnews

So if he passes, 4/5 of SHINee's going to school. And while everyone's in school, Jjong will be #foreveralone in their dorm, lol

Game addiction gone bad

A 15 year old boy from Busan killed his mother after she complained about his game addiction. After the crime he commited suicide, his 12 year old sister found both of them. She told the press that her mother and her brother got into arguments often because of her brother's game addiction.

According to South-Korea's goverment the country counts around 2 million people who are addicted to games. At the beginning of the year a 32 year old man died after playing games for 5 days straight. A month after that the police arrested a couple whose baby almost starved* because they kept playing a game on the computer where they'd feed a baby virtually instead of feeding their real baby. 

The government announced a campaign against game addiction, next year a software will be release that will warn people when they go online for too long.

Source :
translation by me

Not sure if this is news worthy but =(

edit: *The baby actually starved to death : (credit to chromakey_dream for the link)
So sad T_T

Three episodes of ‘M! Countdown’ to be cancelled, replaced by special broadcasts

It was recently announced that Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ episodes will be cancelled for November 18th, 25th and December 12th, and will be replaced by three of Mnet’s special broadcasts.

For November 18th, Mnet will be airing a special episode titled ‘2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Special ‘Since 1999′‘. Viewers get to relive the best of the MAMAs, and see the debut of a new corner – ‘Best of Best‘ – which will show past performances from top names like BoA, TVXQ, Rain, and Big Bang. The episode is also set to reveal an analysis of who could win awards for this year’s MAMA.

On November 25th, MAMA will be running an analysis on who will win the 3 Daesangs for this year’s MAMA. The episode will also showcase special performances by Lee Hyori, 2PM, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and the ‘Superstar K’ contestants.

On December 2nd, Mnet will be airing a special concert recording that will be held at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium on November 25th. ‘M! Countdown’ will resume a normal broadcast schedule from December 9th onwards.

S: osen + akp


f(x) baby pictures revealed!

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Cute childhood photos of all five members of f(x) have been revealed, and they’ve gotten even the harshest netizen critic to coo.

The baby pictures of f(x)’s leader, Victoria, and lead vocalist, Luna, were exclusively revealed by Star News recently, while the pictures of the remaining three were posted on various internet community sites.

Netizens have agreed that all 5 pictures look very similar to the current images of the members, particularly Amber and Luna.

Now that all five photos have been discovered, who do you think looks the cutest?

Source: AKP
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Korean looking Slaygami-sama tells the others of the best fucking five to get naked.

Kara's Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung were guests on the Strong Heart episode that was broadcasted on the 16th. Gyuri talked about one of the events they had to perform for. They had been preparing busily for the stage, but then realized that their clothes haven't arrived even though they had 10 minutes until the stage started.

Gyuri said that they had everything done except the clothes, so she suggested that they wait in the car without any clothes on to save time as much as possible. The other members were shocked by what she suggested, and Gyuri laughed it off, saying, "I've never seen them look at me like that before."

Jiyoung recalled that they followed what Gyuri suggested, but only Gyuri kept her straight posture. All the other members were embarrassed and had been covering themselves up. Gyuri said, "I think it was because they were young and unsure of their bodies. I'm confident about myself," proving herself to be a goddess once again.

koreaboo, with their smh name

appropriate icon is appropriate

Yoo Ah In 10Asia Interview Part 3

Yoo Ah In | "Today is more precious to me than whatever I might be doing in 10 years"

"It doesn't matter what my ending, as a person, ends up being. It won't be so much an ending as it will just one moment, I think. If I can't turn back time anyway, I would like to have had a fun life." It takes more energy to live in the present moment than it does to live for the future. But Yoo Ah In lives in the moment. He laughs often, and he also speaks passionately and at great length. In every moment, he is thinking and asking questions, and before he blames others he questions himself. It's obvious to hope that this vivid and fierce firework will not fade away for a long time. Because for Yoo Ah In, who calls himself 'the most normal being,' this is not an impossible existence. As an actor, of course; but also certainly as a human being.

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Original Source: 10Asia
Translations: Jaeshinah @ Soompi

This is the last part of the interview. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it as much as I have =D



For a limited time only, the 2PM Cafe will appear in Shibuya!! (2010.11.16)

To celebrate 2PM's arrival in Japan and their first Japanese release, "Hottest ~ 2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History ~," there will be a special collaboration by 2PM and Shibuya's popular cafe, "Cafe Manduka"!

The 2PM Cafe will open for a limited time beginning on Monday, November 22nd. Don't miss it!

★ Place: Cafe Manduka (right next to the Shibuya branch of Tower Records)
★ Dates: Monday, November 22 - Wednesday, December 1

For this time period, Cafe Manduka will turn 2PM-colored inside!!
2PM's popular hits will be played and there'll be 2PM original cocktails.
Moreover, a very limited 2PM coaster(1) will be served with drinks.

This ultra-limited collaboration will last just 10 days, so be sure to hurry!!

(1) 2PM coasters will be distributed only while quantities last.
(2) Please be aware that if many customers come to the cafe, there may be a long wait to be seated. If it's over-crowded, please comply with staff directions.

Cafe Manduka website

Source: 2PM Japan website
Translation: me

Directions: Come out of Shibuya station's Hachiko exit (JR Yamanote and Saikyou/Ginza/Fukutoshin/Tokyu Toyoko/Tokyu Den-en-toshi/Keio Inokashira : some trains do not have this exit, if so follow signs to JR first and you should find the Hachiko exit fairly quickly). Once you are at the Hachiko square, if you are facing the big crossing with the display screens and Starbucks is ahead of you, take the street just to its right (109-2 is on the corner). Tower Records is about a block and a half up the street and looks like this cafe is right before it on the first floor. :))

Phone number for reservations is 03-5428-4455 but they may not take them during the 2PM Cafe time period.

Okay, I'm intrigued by the 2PM original cocktails. Any guesses on what each guy's drink might/ought to contain?


Male idol group of 5 members, Big Bang are scrambling to finish their preparations for their comeback.

On November 17th an official from YG’s agency YG Entertainment stated, “Big Bang is currently finishing thier new album. The album will be available for fans as early as December this year or in January at it’s latest.

Taeyang, TOP, Seungri, Daesung and G-Dragon debuted as rookies in 2006 as their skills grew they held concerts all over Korea, then in the second half of 2007 with their big hit “Lie” they emerged as one of the best male idol groups. Since they coined consecutive hits in Korea as well as other parts of asia, the best boy group is a deserved title.

In Korea, 2008, “Red Sunset” was the title track to their 2nd album containing new songs, however, since then, no new album has been released. Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, Seungri and G-Dragon have all caught the attention of fans through solo activities but no new album in the name of Big Bang has been released. Because of Big Bang’s announcement of a new Korean album, Korea has turned their attention to them.

YG official explained, “Because Big Bang is working on a new album they won’t be attending end of the year ceremonies in Japan,” revealing expectations on Big Bang’s new album.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be attending the “2010 YG Family Concert” in Korea, along with Seven, Gummy and 2NE1 on December 4th and 5th.


LOL okok I wasn't really surprised. But still. FUUUUU YGEEEEE

Supreme Team's Simon D is Balding

Supreme Team’s Simon D recently revealed that although he’s only in his twenties, he’s already facing the issues of balding.

On a recent recording of MBC’s ”Late Night Chilren“, the artist revealed, “Because of my busy schedule, I can’t get proper sleep and I’m so stressed that I’m starting to bald.” He confessed this shocking secret during a segment of the show called “Tell us your worries“.

Fellow member E-sens reflected, “Simon D is the type of guy who worries a lot about his hairstyle, so he uses a ton of hairspray; even if he was in the middle of a storm, his hair wouldn’t move. I think that his baldness is getting worse because of this.”

Former Sechskies member Eun Ji Won joked, “Then you should stop being a celebrity,” to which Simon D replied, “After I save up for 3 years, I’m going to return to my hometown.”

Source: Newsen
Translated: AKP

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can we atleast get a "no1curr non-idol" tag ಠ˄ಠ
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The Changing Reality of Korean TV

Nam Yong-sub was flipping through TV channels on a wintery day two years ago when supermodel Lee So-ra made him a life-changing offer. “I was eating alone at home. As soon as I saw the commercial for ‘Project Runway Korea,’ I thought finally, this is my chance! I put my chopsticks down and submitted my resume immediately,” said Nam, who placed second in the first season of the fashion reality show with Lee So-ra as its host. Project Runway Korea is the Korean version of the original American show, Project Runway, which airs on Bravo.

At the time, Nam, now 31, was an ordinary employee at local fashion brand On&On’s development division and was aching to break out on his own and design women’s clothing himself. During the show, he was praised for his craftsmanship and pattern-making skills by the show’s celebrity judges, including editor in chief of Elle Korea Shin Yoo-jin and fashion designer Kim Seok-won.

Last week, Nam launched his own clothing line, Savvy.

In recent years, Cinderella stories on television like Nam’s have helped alter the face of Korean television. Local television programs, once celebrity-oriented and thoroughly formulated, are now becoming more open and accessible thanks to reality television.

And the public cannot seem to get enough of it.

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Source: Cho Jae-eun @ JoongAng Daily

Oh well, it seems like future idols will have more time to sleep with less variety shows to do.
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4minute to sing theme for Japanese drama

Through Mantan Web, TV Asahi recently revealed that 4minute will be singing the theme song for their upcoming drama. The show "Akutou: Juuhanzai Sousahan" stars veteran actor Takahashi Katsunori in its main role. The drama focuses on a group of detectives within the Yokohama police department who will use any shady method to close a case. The leader of said group is Takahashi. 4minute's opening song is currently untitled but should be revealed before the drama's initial airing in January of 2011.

Mantan Web


The action begins on December 13th!

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Article+Picture: (PopSeoul)
Additional Information: (AsianMediaWiki)
Video: User: SuJuTVshow (Youtube)
He better be shirtless most the time, or I'm not watching.

Sorry Mod. This is my first time posting :)
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Onew's Acting Cameo As An Awkward Doctor!

Source: shrinkingd

Thanks to the hint by leehoon0556 via tweet to dakaya007, stating that Onew went back after his filming was done (trans by jujugal@soompi).
For more info on the drama, go here: Doctor Champ. This is already the last episode, and Super Junior's Shindong also happens to be one of the regulars.

Edited to add a bit more info on the drama.
And to think Minho's having his drama debut first. Oh Dubu, full of surprises.

Perfect prince of irrelevance celebrates his birthday & shares pics with us peasants

Original: 형식이의 20번째 생일날!! 오늘 받은 선물대공개~~~(>_<) 다같이 축하해 주세요!!!

Translation: Hyungshik’s 20th birthday!! We are going to show all the presents he received~~~(><) Let’s celebrate with him!!!

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Sources: ZE:A's me2day, @zea_japan
Translation: 1 | 2

i hope he had a wonderful birthday. ♥