November 17th, 2010

F.CUZ is going the Vampire route. Who would have guessed.

F.CUZ’s music video teaser for their new single “Midnight Sun” has been stirring up a ton of controversy. Many have labelled it as ’shocking’ and ‘provocative’; while those terms are normally utilized in a positive light, in conservative Korean society, it fringes on taboo.

Many netizens were shocked by the racy clothing, lewd gestures, as well as an open display of gay sexuality; for a society bombarded by ‘cute’ and ‘cheery’ models, it’s hard for most to accept that this mv features an idol group. The fact that F.CUZ’s maknae Yejun is still an adolescent has further scandalized the viewers.

Netizens wrote disapprovingly, “Is it okay for an idol group with members in the teenage years to film such a music video? It is upsetting.”

F.CUZ’s agency responded, “The music video means to convey the message of liberal freedom through the medium of club parties. It wasn’t focusing on decadent pleasures.” The representative continued, “Although the teaser contains sexually explicit material, the full music video will not emphasize an outstanding degree of physical contact or vulgar content”, stressing the “teaser” aspect of the clip.

The agent concluded, “The “Midnight Sun” music video concepts revolves around vampires and sexiness. Instead of putting the focus on the sexual content, please concentrate on the image transformation of F.CUZ”.



CN Blue update: Tweets, UFOs, Interviews, Scans + More

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UFO replies
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new Acoustic interview
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Vid/Pics in japanese magazines
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Slayeon most popular SNSD member among women

A portal site Ezday ran a survey from October 22nd to November 1st. It surveyed 1913 women and asked them which Girls' Generation member was their favorite.

Taeyeon won first place with 22% of the votes. Yoona was second with 18%, and Seohyun 3rd with 14%. The members that followed were Yuri with 11%, Sunny with 8%, Jessica with 7%, Tiffany with 7%, and Sooyoung with 7%. Hyoyeon placed last with 6% of the votes.

The netizens explained that it was because Taeyeon has talent. As female audiences to a female group, they looked not for visuals but for talent, and most agreed that Taeyeon was the most talented out of the nine members.

source: Osen
translated: Koreaboo

HDU they not pick Yoona.

Secret’s Sunhwa loves Yoo Jae Suk's body & throws shade at his wife

Secret’s Han Sunhwa revealed her love for MC Yoo Jae Suk’s body on a recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together“.

She had previously given him sweet potatoes that she farmed herself on an episode in late October. Sunhwa reminisced, “I thought he was really skinny, but his body is amazing. I was surprised. I hugged him once and he even had muscles.”

Song Euni, a friend of Yoo Jae Suk, added, “He usually works out often. Lately, he’s been going to the gym and working out his chest.
When asked by Song Euni whether she liked him enough to hit on him if he wasn’t married, Sunhwa replied, “I’d definitely hit on him. Aren’t I prettier than Na Kyung Eun unni?”

The episode will broadcast on November 19th.

Source: Star News
Translated: AKP

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Rain said to be “A-list” star in America

Throughout the years, only a few Asian actors have been able to break through into Hollywood and become acknowledged as a top actor. However, it looks like singer/actor Rain, a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon, was able to be accepted as an ‘A- list’ actor, thanks mostly to the success of his debut American movie, “Ninja Assassin“.

I didn’t know Rain would be considered an actor in the Hollywood’s A-list. I heard that a representative for one of America’s most well known movie distributors said Rain is part of the actors’ A-list though,” said An Hyung Soo, the producer of KBS 2TV’s ‘Fugitive‘. He further explained that Jung Ji Hoon is considered to be on the same level as actor Jackie Chan.

The producer continued, “I was able to realize Jung Ji Hoon’s status as an actor after meeting with a representative of an American distributor to discuss overseas distributions for ‘Fugitive’.”

Jung Ji Hoon took the lead role in the Hollywood blockbuster “Ninja Assassin” in 2009, and was also part of the supporting cast of the kids movie, ‘Speed Racer’, back in 2008. Because of the great success of ‘Ninja Assassin’, the possibilities for broadcasting of the drama ‘Fugitive’ in America are expected to be high.

Nate News
Aznpangit's Youtube
Niel//Teen Top

BEAST's next MV revealed; Godwoon's hair makes news

[Newen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

BEAST’s Son Dongwoon had made a quick change from the blonde hair to black hair.

Son Dongwoon had displayed many different sides in the music video for the 4th album title song ‘Beautiful’ that was released on the 15th. He came out with his hair dyed first and then ended up having brown hair in the middle of it. This made the fans wonder what his true hair color was.

Their management Cube Entertainment stated, “Son Dongwoon currently has blonde hair” and that, “The dark hair color that appears in the later half is a wig.” They had decided to go with a wig in order to portray a different mood. They also stated, “On the stage however, viewers will be able to see him with the blonde hair.”

Meanwhile, BEAST, with the release of ‘I Like You the Best’ music video coming up, will be making a comeback on the KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 19th.

Trans cr. aoistars@ B2ST RISING

in the cult of Godwoon, even irrelevant things make news.

maybe I can get it right this time gdi.
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Jiyeon’s difficulties causes her to shed tears on “T-ara Dream Girls”

Images of T-ara’s Jiyeon crying on this week’s episode of “T-ara Dream Girls” were recently revealed.

The show puts the members through various career tests in order to try out some of the most desired careers of women in their 20s. Currently training to becoming stewardesses, the members first failed their exams last week, but continued on to retake it.

This week’s episode focused on emergency situations, as they were taught what to do and how to behave when instructing passengers on how to safely exit the plane. Due to the serious nature of the lecture, instructors were stricter than usual, eventually causing Jiyeon to burst out in tears.

Member Eunjung revealed, “Jiyeon never stated it, but the exams for this career exceed the level of college exams. Since she’s only just a high school student, it hasn’t been easy for her.”

Instructors added, “Jiyeon has been doing exceptionally well lately, so we fully believe that she can do this.”

Producers of the show were taken back by the 18-year-old maknae’s tears, since she always took on missions with a bright smile.

The full episode will broadcast at 11 PM on November 17th.

Nate News

MAMA No Shows

As the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) ceremony inches closer, artists are dropping out left and right. Today it was revealed that Core Contents Media's groups T-Ara and Davichi, although nominated for awards, will not be going because of scheduling conflicts.

In addition Rain and MBLAQ from J. Tune Entertainment will not be going either. Pledis artists After School and Son Dambi will also not be in attendance at the 2010 MAMA awards.

Rookie group CNBLUE who was nominated for many awards will also not be participating. Cube Entertainment released a statement today saying, "4minute, Beast, and G.NA will not be attending MAMA because of their busy schedules and individual activities so their schedules are really tight."

SM Entertainment artists Super Junior, Girls' Generation, and SHINee have also dropped out of the awards show.

On the other hand, the artists that are in fact going to be in attendance are 2NE1, Miss A, 2PM. Japanese group Perfume will also attend the awards.

It seems like there are only YG and JYP artists left. Do you think the awards will be biased now?

Source: Koreaboo + (tiaradiadem, Nate 1+2, Naver, and @CUBEENTOFFICIAL)

I did a little review on the nominees & if they go by the "No Show, No Award" Policy that they have been the last few years, then some awards have already been decided... (I've only included the categories affected)

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EDIT: I've Italized & Underlined a few more nominees - it's been said a couple times within the thread that these artists will not be attending. Waiting for sources.
How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin
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Singer Kim Jong Kook, first-time featuring for his niece Soya

Singer Kim Jong Kook is to take part in other singer's album for the first time to support his niece's solo debut. KJK has recently participated in Soya's debut single 'I love you everyday' and has finished recording his vocal featuring in the song.

Kim Jong Kook's management explained, "Soya is a rookie who debuted as a group called 'SoyaN'Sun' with a rapper NSun at the beginning of the year. She is also known for being Kim Jong Kook's niece." Soya has already worked together with KJK in 'Know Everything' which is included in KJK's 6th album. This time, KJK has participated in Soya's first single album on the contrary.

'I love you everyday' is created by composer Cho Young Soo and lyricist Yoon Sara. Its incorporates a House music genre with synthesizer-lines that inflicts with the fast and the emotional melody. The lyrics expresses the inability to express the earnest feelings towards a loved one, and how he/she just waits for the other person to realise their feelings towards him/her.

Kim Jong Kook plans to show his support by promoting 'I love you everyday' with Soya.

Listen To The Song (Subbed):

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Sources: jkove_07 at Soompi Forums (1), Sports Chosun, jklove91 at Youtube
I absolutely love this song *-*
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South Korea says 3 soldiers die after small boat capsizes during routine drill

South Korea's army says three soldiers have died and another is unconscious after their boat capsized during a drill.

An army official says that eight soldiers were on board when their small boat turned over Wednesday in a river in Yeoju, some 65 miles (105 kilometres) southeast of Seoul.

The official says four other soldiers are in good condition. The army official refused to be identified, saying he wasn't authorized to speak to the media.

The accident comes five days after a South Korean spy plane crashed during routine training and its two pilots were killed.

Also last week, a South Korean navy ship sank after colliding with a larger fishing boat in waters near the southern resort island of Jeju. One died and two are still missing.

Source: canadianpress
It's not going great in the Korean army

Changmin & Jonghyun's warm encounter

‘DBSG’ Changmin and ‘CNBLUE’ Lee Jonghyun warm encounter received a lot of response from the fans.

In one interview with a Japanese magazine Lee Jonghyun stated, “I met DBSG Choikang Changmin in the airport once and I was touched when he said that he bought our album.”

On the interview with Elle Japan last July, when asked which music artist he currently put on repeat, Choikang Changmin picked CNBLUE.

Both fans who saw the interview excerpts commented:

“Ah.. so they knew each other.”
“Really surprsing”
“A warm meeting between 2 nice men”

Meanwhile, Choikang Changmin is currently participating on the SMTOWN LIVE 10 world tour, while Lee Jonghyun made his acting debut in ‘Acoustic’ last Oct 18th.

sources: the star, cnbluestorm

Supernova on Hey Hey Hey + Ginza Magazine + Twitpics

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
(Performing Shining Star. I wish I could tell you what time the performance was at, but there is no time on the video...? The interview portion is funny even without any knowledge of Japanese though.)

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No Minwoo taken to the emergency room

On November 15th, actor Noh Min Woo was taken to the emergency room after an accident that occurred on the set of his latest drama.

While he was filming an action scene for KBS2’s Drama Special ‘Rock Rock Rock,’ a broken fragment of wood hit Noh Min Woo around his eyes. He was immediately taken to the hospital and was treated for his injury. Although the production crew suggested that he take a break, Noh Min Woo insisted that they continue filming.

A representative stated, “Unlike his previous roles as a soft guy, his character in ‘Rock Rock Rock’ is powerful and manly. For that reason, Noh Min Woo has shown a strong attachment to his drama.”

‘Rock Rock Rock’ is a 4-part drama about the life of Boohwal’s guitarist Kim Tae Won. Former TRAX member Noh Min Woo has taken on the role of Kim Tae Won. This drama is scheduled to air on November 27th.

source: Sports Chosun & BNT News
translation: allkpop
[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

JESSLAYCA most popular celebrity among lesbians

1. Jessica
2. Shin Minah
3. Taeyeon
4. Lee Nayoung
5. Yuri
6. Lee Hyori
7. Choi Kanghee
8. Tiffany
9. Han Gain
10. Kim Taehee

This was from a magazine published by Yonsei University's LGBT club called "Come Together".
They are "Korea's first campus association for gay college students".

source: bestiz, tiffany dc gallery
trans: canyounot@ snsd soompi thread

@mods: I know the sources are a little iffy, but there's little LGBT news in Korea as it is. It'd be nice for more people to know that Yonsei University actually has an LGBT club.
Minho Spent

Idols take entrance exams and throw parties for us common folk too

Around this time of year, Korean students go into extreme studying mode. Korean students are admitted into colleges based on one entrance exam, and this year it's being administered tomorrow, November 18th.

Former Wonder Girl Sunmi has already been accepted into college, but she's revealed that she's still going to be taking the exam. After School's Lizzy has also been studying for the exam. Orange Caramel just put out their second album, so Lizzy has been extremely busy with album preparations and studying. SHINee's Key will also be taking the exam this year. As a 91-er, Key was supposed to take his exam like bandmate Minho did, but he pushed it back one year so he could have time to prepare for his album. Beast's Dongwoon, Teen Top's Cap and Co-Ed's Chanmi will also been taking the exam.

Another celebrity of interest is DJ DOC's Kim Changryul. The DJ DOC members are notorious for not completing education, but Changryul has changed his mind because he "wants to be proud as a father." As a 73-er, he will probably be the oldest student taking the exams.

Source: Koreaboo
Original Source: Osen

Super Junior's Shindong and Kara's Gyuri's Shim Shim Ta Pa will throw a party for all students who took the college entrance exam.

The party starts at 12:30 AM on the night of the test. They will even provide 3 boxes of food for a limited number of people, first come first serve. They've requested that all students bring their test receipt and a parent and to meet them at one of the fields near MBC. Gyuri has reminded fans that they need to bundle up nice and warm because it will be freezing outside.

Shindong and Gyuri will be MCing for the whole party, so it will be a well-deserved chance for all the test takers to wash their stress away after their hard test.

Source: Koreaboo
Original Source: Gyuri's Twiiter

T-Ara Erects Morning Glory Endorsement

Girl group T-ara has endorsed supply store Morning Glory Premium’s new line that is centered around the group.

The premium line will be designed by T-ara members, and include their writing and pictures.

Morning Glory’s rep said, “Morning Glory Premium and T-ara’s collaboration will make T-ara appeal more to female consumers and attract male consumers.”

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source: allkpop

let's try for 25 posts this time!

Balance Noori and His Bitches Visit Hyoyoung in Hospital

Rookie idol group Co-Ed recently expressed their friendship for one another after member One Light Hyoyoung was hospitalized on November 17th for an ankle fracture.

The groupmates all visited her at the hospital in order to support and encourage her to get well soon. Sharing food and having hilarious conversations, the members tried to brighten Hyoyoung’s mood and take her mind off her delayed schedules.

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source: allkpop

Jaejoong Look-a-like to debut

Photo Credit: Newsen

It was recently reported that an ulzzang who looks like JYJ‘s Jaejoong will be debuting as a singer next year.
Kim Byungho rose to fame after his anime-like looks and similarity to Jaejoong were admired online by netizens.
His agency, BBO Entertainment says that they are preparing for a 4-member boy band and Byungho will be the leader.
His agency also says that he wants to prove that he’s not just a pretty face (literally, an ulzzang) and is giving his all during dance and vocal practice.
And here I was thinking that the Boss’s Karam was the only Jaejoong look-a-like around.
Do you think they look similar? The real Jaejoong is below…Collapse )

Source: mtvk

idk the only picture that really looks like JJ is the first one...the others are idk gamish
and that last one...idek wtf

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More Info on Nam Jihyun's Acting Debut

4minute’s leader, Nam Jihyun, is the next idol star to flex her acting skills, as it was recently confirmed that she is to make her debut through SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter.”

With her first filming session rapidly approaching, Jihyun said, “I’m extremely nervous, but excited. I think that the more I rehearse, the more love I’m gaining for this character. I will make sure I work hard for everyone.”

Jihyun will be playing the role of ‘Shin Sun Hae’, who is the best friend of protagonist ‘Chae Ryeong’ (played by Moon Chae Won). Shin Sun Hae is a bright and quirky law student who genuinely enjoys the tough workload of law school.

The drama is set to air after the end of “Doctor Champ” on November 22nd.

blackkendoll82's Youtube
Wanna One Energetic

Shin Hyesung To Release Music Video For "Hello and Goodbye"~!

Shin Hyesung "Hello and Goodbye" MV Produced With Short Cuts From The Movie "Let Me In"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Singer Shin Hyesung's MV for "Hello and Goodbye" which was produced from clips from the movie "Let Me In" has attracted a lot of attention.

The movie "Let Me In" is based on a worldwide seller from the director Matt Reeves of "Cloverfield". The story is about a 12 year old vampire and her cruel romance between two men.

The music video puts together sad lyrics, Shin Hyesung's smooth voice, and a love that can't be fulfilled. It feels like an enchanting blend of images from a movie.

In addition Shin Hyesung's new digital single "Hello and Goodbye" is a medium tempo ballad featuring Eric in the rap, whose participation has become a hot topic.

"I'm personally looking forward to the music video for 'Hello and Goodbye'. There is a lot of emotion and goes well with the movie 'Let Me In," Hyesung stated.

On November 19th, Hyesung will release the digital single "Hello and Goodbye" which will be available through music sites. Hyesung will also hold concerts titled "Close To You" that will take place at the Ax-Korea in Seoul December 4 and 5.


So he's not going to be in the music video? GDI it wanted to see his face. XD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Millions of North Koreans face hunger after bad weather hits harvest

UN report warns harsh winter and inefficient farming practices have left country more than 500,000 tonnes short of staple foods

A woman takes a break from work in Pyongyang. Five million vulnerable people in North Korea will need international food aid.

A majority of North Korea's population faces continued hunger in the coming year after unusually poor weather hit the harvest, a UN report has warned.

Even after buying commercial stocks of rice and maize from overseas, the country will face a shortfall of 542,000 tonnes for the 2010/11 period, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) said following a joint visit.

An estimated 5 million particularly vulnerable people – around 20% of the population – are in need of international food aid, the report says. These include children, pregnant and nursing mothers and older people with no support network.
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Source: guardian
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SHINee sells out first concert, adds another, dies of exhaustion.

SHINee has just added a second concert in Japan due to the first show selling out so quickly.

「THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO “SHINee World”」 will take place on December 26th, 2010 at Yoyogi National Stadium with the first concert at 1:00 pm and the second at 6:00 pm on the same day. The venue holds 12,000 people.

Translated by me
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Leader is still leader, Baby still loves him & haters gonna hate !

’s leader Kim Hyun Joong strongly affirmed that that SS501 will not be disbanding.

In a recent interview, he stated, “With our members branching out into different companies, many wonder whether SS501 is disbanding or not. We were only able to move companies because we had confirmed with one another that we would continue to work as a group under the name of SS501.

He continued, “During that time when our contracts expired, there was no company that would take in all five of us.”

Regarding SS501’s future activities, he answered, “For now, we’ll do solo albums for a bit. We’re planning to get together for a performance. Due to our companies being different, it’s difficult to get our schedules coordinated, but it will get done.

Kim Hyun Joong concluded the interview by expressing his friendship with the other members. “I get in contact with the members every single day. Hyung Joon once said that I ignored one of his text messages at the press conference for his musical, but that’s not what happened. I was in China for the ‘Guangzhou Asian Games‘. I called him right away after the event.

credits : nate + allkpop

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