November 21st, 2010



[Sports Today Choi Joonyong Reporter] SNSD members, who conquered the first place on the public television's music programs three weeks in a row, wished for a quick recovery for Tiffany, who got a knee injury.

SNSD appeared on afternoon of 21st at SBS 'Popular Song (aka Ingi Gayo)', which was held on live and received the Mutizen Song with their 3rd mini album's title song 'Hoot'.

Prior to this, SNSD has also received 1st place on the 19th KBS2 Music Bank, which leads to conquering 1st place on all the public television's music programs for three weeks in a row.

On this day, SNSD has stated "Thank you to our company's staffs who always work hard for us, and to our fans who give us endless loves." as their thoughts.

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Hyuna apologizes to Oh Won Bin for forgetting lyrics

4minute’s Hyuna made quite the performance mistake while participating in ex-F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin’s comeback stage.

Won Bin’s “I Love You and I Love You” was broadcast live on MBC’s “Show! Music Core“, and the performance was off to a good start until Hyuna forgot the lyrics around the 2:07 mark.

After the performance, a representative from Hyuna’s agency spoke with Star News and stated, “Hyuna rehearsed a lot before going up on stage but ended up making a mistake by forgetting the lyrics. She had a lot of schedules to go through before the performance and was unfortunately unable to show off everything she had practiced on stage. She is extremely sorry to Oh Won Bin.”

Source: Nate, allkpop, CrazyCarrot270

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G-Dragon and T.O.P have new hair and FILM A NEW MV!!!

On November 20th, Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P invited special guests to their High High MV Party hosted by the seoulcialite agency. The Party was held at Club ROCOCO which is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The invitations to the event were pretty clever as they have the appearance of both airline tickets and passports.

In addition, both T.O.P and G-Dragon sported some wild looking hair with T.O.P rocking silver and G-Dragon going back to black. There’s no definitive word on what this party was for but the assumption is that they were filming for a future MV titled High High.

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omfg shaking and crying TOP your hair I can't, I just can't. KINDA LOVE IT. IS THIS JUST A GTOP SONG? Dying if it is....

Sources: allkpop, bbupdates@yt,
partytiger0101@yt-1, partytiger0101@yt-2, bigbanghaven
I gots me a popcorn gif too what now

BB perform live, but no you will not be able to discuss TOP's hideous-ass hair in this post

Because BB is none other than ... Double B! With their debut live performance of SOS on Mnet Rookies.


Sho is basic up in here. But Xing ent. is like the K-pop ghetto, I feel like I can relate to these people. And I played spot the Gollum in the back-up dancers; no wonder Xing can't afford to promote them; that special effects shit is vury espensive mkaay.

If you can stick it out to that bad bad girl breakdown tho, the actual viable popstars appear.

BIG BANG, KARA invited to Kohaku

According to the Sports Nippon newspaper, Korean groups BIG BANG and KARA will be making their first appearances in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. The last Korean artists to perform on opposite teams at Kohaku were Lee Jung Hyun and RYU in 2004, but BIG BANG and KARA will be the first groups ever to do so.

BIG BANG, who made their debut in Japan last year, will be participating as an ordinary member of the White Team, rather than as part of a special project. They are planning to arrive in Japan on December 26 and stay until the new year. This means that they will be absent for NHK's annual press conference introducing the first-time Kohaku participants, but they have already recorded a video message for the event.

KARA debuted in Japan just this year. They will be part of the Red Team, but details about their participation are not yet known.

Source: tokyograph

yayyy proud of them <3
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G-Star gaming trade show closes with record visitor numbers

Visitors to the G-Star gaming trade show form a long queue for tickets in Busan on Nov. 21

South Korea's largest gaming trade show ended in Busan with record visitor numbers, demonstrating the longstanding popularity of online PC games in the country and the show's appeal to visitors beyond game geeks.

The four-day G-Star show, which opened in the southern port city on Thursday, drew nearly 200,000 visitors by Saturday, its organizer, the Korea Creative Content Agency, said, adding that the total number of visitors is estimated to have topped last year's record of 240,000.

The success of this year's G-Star was helped by a record number of corporate participants and the re-entry of global console game makers as well as a larger exhibition area.
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Source: yonhapnews
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'Electronic narcotics'

No one can downplay the devastating effects computer game addiction has on users, especially teenagers. Being hooked on the Internet and online games has already become a social problem in South Korea, one of the most wired countries in the world. It is often described as “electronic narcotics” that could be far more serious in some cases than addictions to tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

It was shocking news that a 15-year-old middle school student strangled his mother to death in a fit of anger during an argument over his playing of games and then took his own life last week in Busan. The tragedy shows how destructive his game addiction was. The boy had been addicted to a first person shooter (FPS), a violent combat game where the character uses guns and other weapons.

The case was not the first of its kind in the nation. In February, a man in his 20s killed his mother who scolded him for doing nothing but playing Internet games. In March, a couple let their three-month-old daughter starve to death by feeding the baby only once or twice a day, while being too preoccupied with raising a virtual girl character in a role-playing game. Regrettably, the unemployed parents seemed to have put a cyber world ahead of reality.

Early this year, a 32-year-old man died at an Internet cafe after playing computer games for five days in a row with few breaks and meals. A middle school girl was caught selling sex to make money for online games. All the cases demonstrated that cyber game addiction not only destroys the players but also bring about terrible consequences for their families and society. That’s why the addiction should no longer be considered as just a personal problem.

Prevention is the best policy of tackling the byproduct of advanced information and telecommunication (IT) technologies. However, it is easier said than done. Right after the starvation of the baby girl, the government came up with anti-addiction measures, including software programs to limit users’ access time to the online network. It has also decided to offer educational programs and counseling services to 10 million people, including schoolchildren, over the next three years.

But, such measures are not sufficient to help prevent individuals from becoming victims of cyberspace and virtual reality games. According to the National Information Society Agency, the number of addicts to online games is estimated at 1.9 million, or 8.5 percent of the total Internet users. Minors show a much higher addiction rate of 12.8 percent.

What’s more important is to raise public awareness about the addictive nature of online games. Parents, teachers and policymakers must work together more closely to protect schoolchildren from the electronic narcotics at the earliest possible. It is also necessary for individuals to form a good habit of refraining from going too far in the use of the Internet and cyber games. Especially, children should not forget an old adage: what is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.

Source: koreatimes
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Gov’t sets up foundation for N. Korean defectors

The government will launch a new foundation Monday aimed at assisting the smooth settlement of North Korean defectors as the number of refugees from the North who have entered South Korea surpasses the 20,000 mark.

“The stated-funded foundation will play a pivotal role in promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors over the development of a new settlement system,” the Unification Ministry said in a press release.

The government has set aside 24.8 billion won ($21.9 million) to cover the operation expenses of the new foundation for next year, according to the ministry.

Some 300 dignitaries and North Korean defectors will attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the foundation to be held today at a convention center of the 63 Building in Yeoiudo, Seoul.

Unification Minister Hyun In-taek and more than 10 lawmakers, including Ahn Sang-soo and Lee Hoi-chang, leaders of the governing Grand National Party and minor opposition Liberty Forward party, are planning to participate in the opening ceremony.

Kim Il-ju, former head of the Association of Supporters for North Korean Defectors, will lead the new organization.

The number of North Korean defectors in South Korea, which stood at around 1,000 in 1999, has been fast increasing, breaking the 10,000 mark in 2007 and the 20,000 mark recently in early November.

Of them, some 68 percent are women and roughly 70 percent have completed their secondary education.

North Korean refugees are entitled to financial assistance of up to 24.4 million won for job training and work preparation, as well as 13 million won for housing from the government.

However, despite such financial aids and the fact that 75 percent of North Korean defectors are in their 20s to 40s, their unemployment rate remains at an alarmingly high level of 49 percent.

The average monthly wage of employed North Korean defectors is roughly 1.27 million won, less than half of what an average South Korean office worker earns a month, according to a 2010 survey by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training.

Critics say that North Korean defectors are becoming second-class citizens and increasingly vulnerable to temptations to commit crimes as many of them fail to adjust to their new lives in South Korea and land a descent job.

Studies show that the majority of working North Korean defectors, or more than two thirds of them that are employed, work as manual laborers.

Source: koreatimes
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Three best fucking articles on the best fucking five

KARA to reveal their daily lives through “D-day KARA”

With KARA currently preparing for their comeback, cable channel Y-STAR will be airing KARA’s day-to-day activities through their special “D-day KARA” episodes.
Through the show, fans will be able to see detailed footage of the members’ personal lives along with behind-the-scenes cuts from their “Jumping” music video. Naturally, the show will also air personal interviews with each of the members.
Their music video (released on November 10th) has already been attracting high levels of attention amongst fans, but the interest will skyrocket once the behind-the-scenes cuts are aired. Fans will be able to see how furiously the members are trying to memorize both Korean and Japanese lyrics, and their cute reactions whenever they make a mistake.

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KARA to auction off personal items for charity

The ladies of KARA have apparently created a charitable fund on their online shopping mall, ‘Karaya‘. In order to garner funds for the charity they’re sponsoring, members Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung will be auctioning off clothes and accessories from their activities in Japan.
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Shindong and Gyuri to throw a party for test takers

Super Junior's Shindong and Kara's Gyuri's Shim Shim Ta Pa will throw a party for all students who took the college entrance exam.

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Hyesung and Eric Are Interviewed Together, Apparently They're No Longer Oil And Water

Bugs Music Interviews Shin Hyesung and Eric Mun

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There is a '1st generation idol group' which made its debut 12 years ago, and yet is still as popular as 2PM or Super Junior. As the name says, the legend of idols, Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung and Eric have come together.

'Hello and Goodbye' is a song which contains Shin Hyesung's touching vocals, Eric's soft rap and Nam Gyuri's voice. Bugs has interviewed Shin Hyesung, who has re-started his Korean activities, and Eric, who was released a bit earlier than the soon-to-be-released Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.

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Credits: orisic @

They're so cute! And it's interesting hearing that they're no longer awkward together. I also love how Hyesung said he tries to keep in contact with the other members. Shinhwa love. ♥

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Not a goguma inclined screen-cap in the least but this is what you can expect yourself to be doing by the end of the 21minutes!

Oh, MC Jake has such a soft spot for goguma <3

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We humbly welcome you back WGM, with open arms. or hugging arms >_<

oh and just this episode ... aigooo... Why must you steal my heart like this goguma??

Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop


2PM Nichkhun’s drinking and sleeping habits were unveiled on the latest episode of MBC’s “Quiz That Changed The World.”

2AM’s Seulong revealed Nichkhun’s strangely cute drinking habit. He shared, “Nichkhun gets a bit touchy-feely after drinking. I woke up one morning after having a drink the previous night, and found a lipstick kiss mark on my cheek.” The ‘kisser’ was revealed to be Nichkhun, who apologized to Seulong the day after the incident.

Teasing Nichkhun a little more, Changmin also talked about Nichkhun’s sleeping habits. “Nichkhun was drunk when I returned home from a reception at a JYP workshop, and he was sleep talking in Thai.” Changmin then imitated Nichkhun’s sleepy babble, causing the other cast members on stage to crack up with laughter.

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SNSD member Tiffany, who had to pull out of ‘Hoot’ promotions due to a knee injury, is trying her best to recover quickly.

Tiffany injured her knee during a concert performance and was forced to stop promotions about a week ago. Consequently, the rest of the SNSD members are continuing their performances without her. Although Tiffany was advised to rest 4 weeks for a full recovery, it was recently revealed that the idol is passionately trying to complete her treatment sessions in order to shorten recovery time.

Although she tore a ligament on her left knee, Tiffany decided to don a cast for her entire leg in order to reduce movement, and speed up her recovery.

An affiliated individual stated, “Tiffany is placing all her efforts and focus into getting better. With the current situation, she needs 4 weeks of recovery but she has shown the will to recover in only 2 weeks.” Additionally, this individual revealed that the reason Tiffany wishes to recover faster is so that she would be able to attend the ‘FNS Singer Festival‘ in Japan.

Source: Newsen (no link-back) | akp
Junhyung The Fact

A Bunch of Beast Articles Up In This Bitch

Group BEAST's Son Dongwoon revealed that his handsome looks is worrisome.

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Translations: glfishyy@B2STRISING

BEAST turns into 'Boyfriend dol'.
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Translations: glfishyy@B2STRISING

BEAST Lee Kikwang was humiliated when when only a few people knew he promoted as 'AJ'.

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세훈 » rainbow hair

SM The Ballad News

S.M. THE BALLAD will release 1 minute teasers of songs one by one through the website starting from today (Nov. 22).

After the first teaser "Hot Times," the website will be updated with a new teaser every day. 5 tracks in total will be in the album, which became a hot issue through participation of TRAX Jay, Super Junior's Kyu Hyun, SHINee's Jonghyun, and new singer JINO.

As all the songs, including the title song "Missing You So Much," will be available at music sites from Nov. 25, S.M. THE BALLAD will grab more attention.

Source: TVDaily
Translation: jujugal

the website is non-functional for me rn
yoonjo &lt;3 taengsic

BFF Kara's Girl's Talk preview + Cole's Pimps + Megami worshipping

KARA debuted in the Japanese music industry only earlier this year, but they’ve already established themselves as a popular girl group. Ranking in the top 5 on the charts with  ”Mister” and “Jumping“, anticipation for their first original album has been steadily increasing as the release date edges nearer.
Titled, “Girl’s Talk“, the tracklist and jacket covers were already unveiled in the first week of November. Yet previews for each individual track have just been revealed, and it’s sounding like the album could be a big hit!

Check out the preview for “Girl’s Talk”, as well as a translated message from the girls below:

KARA: “Hello to everyone watching ‘Countdown TV‘, we are KARA! It’s nice to meet you!”
Park Gyuri: “On November 24th, we will be releasing our first original album, “Girl’s Talk”.”
Han Seungyeon: “The contents of this album make it seem as if we are enjoying some fun girl talk.”

Goo Hara: “Please enjoy all the tracks from the album, even though it’s only a short preview!”


1. Jumping
2. Mister
3. Baby I Need You
4. Sweet Days
5. SOS
6. Love Is
7. Binks
8. Umbrella
9. Burn
10. Lupin

Source: AKP, Youtube| Soknighttwo

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Sources: Tweety's Twitter, AKP for the lols

Two translations because one makes for a necessary that's-what-she-said reference >_____>
...and watch your hands Godwoon lol

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Sources: both Gyul-pics from her twitter, Trans. 1 by Benben@KH, 2 by Aank1@KH
 Translations not up in KH yet, or else I fail at searching.

I expect 10,000 comments for the last pic alone, thank you for subscribing to notyourgeisha's quality BFF posts.
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Rookie of the Year SISTAR to return with “pole dancing” concept

4-member girl group SISTAR recently used powerful teaser pictures to announce their highly-anticipated comeback.

On November 25th, the ladies officially publicized their new concept photos. Shockingly, the concept has been labelled as “pole dancing”, and the SISTAR ladies are photographed in seductive poses while wearing tight clothing. This new look, combined with their strong charisma, are causing netizens to highly anticipate their comeback.

Their management company, Starship Entertainment, stated, “The pole dancing concept is only a part of SISTAR’s new comeback concept. In a little while, we will reveal the exact concept for SISTAR’s new album.”

Fans commenting on this new concept shared, “I can’t wait for their new pole dancing concept” and “I wonder how they will pole dance on stage with their sexy concept.”

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{superjunior} heechul - the cat&#39;s watchi

[101120-101121] Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates & [101120] Nichkhun's Call to Donghae on QTCTW


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It's the weekend, after debuting I no longer have the concept of working days and weekends like before~ Suddenly feel like having Chinese food...
13:40 GMT +8 (14:40 KST)
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101120 Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow & (L) @
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101121 Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @
Please take out with full and proper credits, with no modifications whatsoever.

Call to Donghae:

i usually find sukira translations/heechul's tweets' translations to put up, but there haven't been any lately. so, i've put up zhou mi weibo updates. i like some of the stuff he's written. you can tell he likes expressing his thoughts. it's really refreshing (: since he updates so frequently, you can expect me to put up quite a few translations, if y'll don't mind!
____ JOO♥

T-ara reveal Indian and medival jacket photos, music video release tomorrow

T-ara was reorganized as a 7-member girl group and is beginning their comeback.

On the 22nd, T-ara released album pictures for their new concept look. T-ara were Indians in one picture, and medieval in the other. Two different concepts.

The medieval image had the members dressed in uniforms with long boots and an "arrogant" image, while the Indian look gave off a lively and cheerful girl group concept with an animted and unique feel.

T-ara will released their 2nd mini album title song, "Why Are You Like This" and the music video on the 23rd on MNET TV.

The song, "Why Are You Like This" is the joint work of the composers Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. A brilliant combination of electric guitars and an addictive retro feel from the bass. It is a pop-dance song.

Famous composers Kim Dohoon, Lee Sangho, E-Tribe, Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung, etc. have participated for this album. T-ara's new album will be released on the upcoming 29th on and offline. T-ara will officially begin promoting their new album on December 3rd on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'.
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SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) model for 2011 calendars

SM Entertainment’s idol groups SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) recently modelled in various photoshoots for their respective 2011 calendars.

SNSD’s concept for the calendar was called, ‘Candid GIRLS with me’, in which the members posed naturally and expressed their friendly images.

SHINee’s calendar, titled ‘SHINee, Meeting Friends’, had the members dressed up in vintage outfits. Posing with special props, the photographers captured a classic yet unique atmosphere through their shots.

f(x)’s calendar, titled “Innocent f(x), Tainted with Nature”, dressed the girls in white outfits in order convey their innocent sides, while complementing them with colorful props.

The calendars are available in two formats – one for the desktop computer, and one to physically stick on the wall. The price has been determined for 1,5000 Won ($13USD) and can be purchased on Gmarket from December 5th onwards.

Check out some of the photos below!

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brb buying all 3
the lorde
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The ‘Top 10′ list for the ‘2010 Melon Music Awards‘ has finally been revealed after an aggressive voting ‘battle royale’ between the nominees. The ‘Melon Music Awards’ opened up its first round of votes on November 11th, which allowed users to submit their nominations for the ‘Artist of the Year’ award.

Wrapping up on the 21st, the ‘top 10′ artists have been determined as follows:

* 2AM
* 2NE1
* 2PM
* IU
* Lee Seung Gi
* T-ara
* 4MEN

The second round of votes has just begun, so users start voting at ‘’ now. The winner will be determined by a combination of votes (20%) and digital album sales (80%).

cr: akp

lee seunggi is always relevant.