November 22nd, 2010

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Hip Hop Duo Untouchable Makes Comeback!


Hip hop duo Untouchable, which consists of members Sleepy and The Action, will be making their return to the Korean music industry with the release of their second album on November 25th.

The duo is known for their fair amount of hits, including, “It’s Okay,” “Tell Me Why,” “Oh“, and “Living in the Heart.”

It has been a year and ten months since they released their first full-length album, “Quiet Storm“, back in 2009. The boys of Untouchable have just finished filming the music video for their title track, and are busily preparing for their comeback performance.

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source:allkpop, livekpop, twirlybox, DaAznPro

i just got into them a while ago so i'm super excited!! \o/
Edit: I just realized this article is a little old lol. Forgot about their Jiggy song...OH WELL. promoting the unknown!
____ JOO♥

Kangho further tarnishes Co-Ed's reputation

Rookie group Co-Ed has been heating up the internet once more after certain pictures of member Hot Blood Kangho began circulating on portal sites.

In the pictures, Kangho (who was born in 1991) is shown hanging out with a group of friends in what looks to be a private room of a bar.

Netizens criticized his behavior as a minor, leaving comments such as, “He must be rich”, “Tsk tsk, a student in a bar,” “How can a 91′er be sitting in a bar like that? What’re the police doing?”, “Looks like his name isn’t ‘Hot Blood’ for no reason”, and “Doesn’t the company realize that it doesn’t matter whether this was before or after high school graduation, it’s still bad?

To respond to such criticisms, Kangho’s agency (Core Contents Media) clarified the pictures with a statement through Star News: ”This picture was taken with Kangho’s friends after he graduated from high school. They’re just pictures of him feeling welcome with his close friends.”

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BFFs seduce EXILE oniichans; stays flawless while doing so

Korean girl group KARA recently made an appearance with Exile on TBS’s “Tamashii“.

On the first segment of the show, KARA performs “Mister” and Exile later joins them in dancing on the stage. After that, there’s a lengthy talk session with Exile.

On the second segment of the show, they wander around the town and go shopping, stop for refreshments, and go to see a psychic. The show finishes with KARA performing “Jumping“.

Check out the videos below!

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Are bobs in? ft. a hilairous screen cap of Yoona

Sunny's new hair cut has been gaining a lot of attention online

In this week's Show! Music Core Sunny showed up with a freshly cut hairstyle, changing from her long locks to a bob.

Opposed to her usual long hair, the short bob looks very cute and the colour looks rich at that length, working very well with the girl's retro styling for Hoot.

Netizens commented after the show saying "while you were singing, I thought you were a doll," "the bob looks good on you," "this hair cut make the Hoot concept!"

Meanwhile, Tiffany couldn't appear due to a knee injury and the girls will be promoting as 8 members until she is better.

Source: Kkam News; translation by myself.

Are bobs making a comeback?

After this week's Music core, watched immediately shared their views, such as "Sunny has become even more beautiful" and "all the fans want more!"

Because of Sunny's new hair, it's been attracting fans attention to other girl group's post bobbed hair. Sunny's charm is at it's height with the cute and youthful look of the bob, and other entertainers have been taking advantage of it recently.

Some of the first to start the trend were Kara's Nichole and Seungyeon. Back when they were preforming Lupin, Sungyeon's style changed dramatically from her long hair to a short bob, and it brought a neat, clean image.

For Nicole, her even short cut has always suited her, but the latest cut gives her an even more sexy image for their latest comeback.

T-ara's Eunjeong has also looks great with short hair. She's been gaining popularity though her acting, and her hair cut gives her a fresh, youthful image, gaining her more popularity.

Source: ENS; translation by myself

What are your thoughts Omona? Who would you like to see chop it off the most? Who do you wish kept their long hair?
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Co-Ed to "temporarily" put a halt on activities

Following the discovery of pictures of Co-Ed member Hot Blood Kangho having drinks in a private room of a bar, Balance Noori also underage with alcohol, and One Light Hyoyoung in the hospital for at least 5 weeks due to her broken ankle, Core Contents Media has announced that the group will temporarily put a halt on promotional activities.

After this week, Co-Ed will put a halt on activities temporarily. This was decided because T-ara is scheduled to make a comeback,” said a representative of Co-Ed’s agency.

When asked about promotional schedules hereafter, the representative replied, “We have not made any concrete decisions as of yet.

With this week’s KBSMusic Bank’ being cancelled due to the broadcast of the ‘2010 Blue Dragon Awards’, as well as the high possibility of cancellation for MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’, there is a chance that Co-Ed may not even be able to say goodbye on stage before ceasing their activities.

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never fear, Kangin is still flawless

We haven’t seen or heard much from Super Junior member Kangin after he enlisted in the army this past summer but he was recently spotted performing at the JinJoo Army Concert.

Kangin performed ‘A Short Journey’ and ‘Sorry Sorry,’ he even held a lengthy autograph session for fans. Check out the photos and fan cam performance(s) below:

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videos: elfancam @ yt 1 & 2

OFFICIAL JYJ "Be My Girl Remix" Flash Mob Dance Nov. 27/28, 2010 (Embedding disabled by request)

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And Junsu tweeted about this~ :D

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A gorgeous F.CUZ post.

F.CUZ Daum café was updated with new gorgeous pictures;

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Source: FCUZ Daum Cafe

Today's tweets;

Have a nice day~~!!^^

My friend sent me this picture along with a message saying "Lately it seems like you've turned popular"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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Backstage video from MuBank;

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MBC Auditions to be the Next K-Pop Star!

Welcome to MBC Star Audition, the global hunt for the next Asian popstar, powered by YouTube

Upload your video singing any K-POP song. Based on the video views and votes for the audition videos, YouTube users will have the opportunity for 2nd audition in Korea. For the final winner, total value of KRW 300 million* is awarded.
Apply now to become the next K-pop star!

- Video Submission: Nov. 10 - Nov. 27
- Video Selection: Nov. 28 - Dec.3 (Stay tuned for voting button to appear in this channel)
- 500 teams will be selected a combination of the number of videos views and votes. Among 500 teams, judge will select 50 teams to have 2nd audition in Korea

* You should sing K-POP songs in any language
* Video length is 100 seconds or less and your face should be shown
* No limit to the number of participants. Solo or group, it is up to you.

Start Singing!

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JYJ working with world’s largest entertainment company entering into US market

Image Hosted by

JYJ working with one of the world’s largest entertainment companies – Warner Music Group, and will officially enter the US market. On the 22nd, Warner Music Group expressed “JYJ’s will use their first album “The Beginning” to officially enter the US”

Under this Warner Music Group there are artists such as GREEN DAY, LINKIN PARK, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, MICHAEL BUBLE, etc. They have a huge impact in the music industry in America.

During JYJ’s tour in America, they have visited LA’s Warner Music Group and talked to the CEO and staff. They meet with the Warner Music Group’s international marketing vice president Michael Nance expressed “JYJ’s “The Beginning” will be the first album in this company from Korean artists. Planned to support JYJ from now on in their US activities.” on the 18th, JYJ’s “The Beginning” appeared on iTunes, and they are preparing for an official release in America early next year.


Micky Yoochun, Kim Hyun Joong, U-Know Yunho, to Have Simultaneously Drama Release in Japan


TVXQ members Micky Yoochun and U-Know Yunho, SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong, the idols turn actors are launching drama simultaneously in Japan for the first half 2011.

Micky Yoochun’s KBS 2TV ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ and Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Playful Kiss’ are set to broadcast in March next year through Japan station FujiTV. ‘Poseidon’ drama that casts U-Know Yunho which is in the midst of pre-production process is also under discussion for Japan pre-distribution, and it’s expected to actively introduced to Japanese audiences next year.




TVXQ is set to comeback in 2011.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 23rd via TVXQ’s homepage, “2011, TVXQ is returning to you all.”

SM released a statement saying,

“After the 3 TVXQ members left, for over a long year, both U-Know Yunho and Choi Kang Changmin have refrained from musical activities.

The two members as well as the company wanted to keep TVXQ alive, thinking about the never changing hearts of our loyal fans who have waited a long time.

As indicated by the ruling, all of TVXQ’s activities need to be done through SM, unfortunately, the three members that left have regretfully not responded to any of our offers for activities as TVXQ. After long and careful consideration, we made this decision.

For U-know Yunho and Choi Kang Changmin, who never left and kept their dreams as TVXQ, we have decided together with the two members to keep TVXQ alive.

No matter what happens, we believed that TVXQ should be continued for the love and trust of the fans who created TVXQ together with us.

We are not ruling out any possibilities in the future. Continuing TVXQ is the best way to repay the fans who love and waited for TVXQ.”

TVXQ is scheduled to make a comeback in January 2011.

Source: Nate, DBSKnights


SILVER+ETHAN // maturity shines

American boy's Korean peace park plea falls flat in Tiananmen Square

Jonathan Lee, 13, poses with banner, which he later later paraded in Beijing. Photograph: Christina Hu/Reuters

13-year-old carted away by police after attempt to get Chinese president's attention

A 13-year-old American boy campaigning to turn the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea into a peace park tried to get the Chinese president's attention today, by staging a brief protest near Tiananmen Square before being led away by police.

Jonathan Lee unfurled a sign reading "peace treaty" and "nuclear free DMZ children's peace forest" as he stood outside Tiananmen Gate just north of the square in central Beijing. After being held for a few hours the boy, whose father is Korean-born, and his mother returned to their hotel.

The square remains one of the most tightly controlled public spaces in China.

Less than a minute after Lee began his demonstration, a man presumed to be a plainclothes police officer grabbed the boy's sign and waved away watching journalists, who had been contacted by Lee's family ahead of time. Uniformed police then hurriedly escorted Lee and his mother away without commotion.

Police held the pair and a few hours later the boy and his mother, Melissa Lee, returned to their hotel where they were joined by his father and sister. The family arrived unaccompanied at Beijing airport tonightMonday evening to catch a Korean Airlines flight to Seoul, but declined to comment to the Associated Press.

The Lees' treatment by Chinese authorities was relatively mild compared with the often rough handling and swift, forced deportation given to most foreigners who try to stage protests in China. It was not clear if they were forced to leave the country or had already planned to do so.

The boy, from Ridgeland, Mississippi, is trying to persuade the leaders of North and South Korea, China and the US to work for reunification of the two Koreas.

"Hopefully my picketing will touch them in a way, so they'll really consider peace, you know, between North and South Korea," the boy said on Friday to Joel Clark, a documentary filmmaker who travelled to China with the Lees.

"I guess I'm just trying to do, you know, what God would want, making peace."

His Korean-born father, Kyoung Lee, said in a written statement today that his son has sent letters to Barack Obama and South Korean president Lee Myung-bak but had not been able to give a letter to Chinese president Hu Jintao. That, the father said, made the Tiananmen protest necessary.

I find this terribly endearing for some reason. The kid has guts.

source: the guardian

Big Bang to receive honor at Japan Record Awards

Korean idol group Big Bang will receive an honor at the upcoming 52nd Japan Record Awards, alongside some of the biggest names in the J-pop music scene.

The Japan Record Awards, hosted by the Japan Composer's Association, announced over the weekend that Big Bang will be handed the award for best song alongside ten artists including Japanese singers Exile and AKB48.

The ceremony will be broadcast live on December 30 on Japanese network TBS and the winner of the grand prize, chosen from one of the ten best song recipients, will be announced that day as well.

Big Bang, one of Korea's hottest boy bands, branched out into Japanese pop market in June of last year with their debut single "My Heaven" which reached No. 3 on the prestigious Oricon daily singles chart and they toured three cities in the country which attracted a total of 60,000 fans.

They have led a successful singing career in the country, releasing other Japanese singles such as "Tell Me Goodbye" and "Beautiful Hangover" as well as taking the main stage at the Summer Sonic Festival this August.

Big Bang is currently gearing up for their performance in Korea at the "2010 YG Family Concert" alongside fellow labelmates 2NE1, Gummy and Psy to be held on December 4 and 5.

fuck yeah get it boys

Source: bigbanghaven

Miss A Successful Showcase In China

On November 22nd, a Chinese issues and entertainment correspondence revealed that miss A would be coming to Beijing for the ‘Samsung Anycall 2010 miss A China Showcase.’
This showcase allowed the ladies of miss A to thank their Chinese fans for all their support. It was also a solid opportunity for miss A to kick off their promotions in China, which they plan on doing more expansively in the new year.

The showcase started at 7:30pm in the Dyne Theater near Beijing. Fans were treated with performances of miss A’s hit singles ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl‘ and ‘Breathe‘, among many other songs.

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Source: TV Daily & AKP

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Bugs interview with Hyesung & Eric

A greeting from the Shinhwa members whom we haven’t met in a long time,
“Hello and Goodbye”
Before we knew it, it has already been 12 years since they made their debut, and yet the popularity that this “first generation idol group” proudly possesses is no less than that of 2PM or Super Junior. Literally the legend amongst idols, Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung and Eric have gathered together.

“Hello and Goodbye” is the new song featuring Shin Hyesung’s melancholic vocals and Eric’s smooth rap, coupled with Nam Gyuri’s voice. In conjunction with the release of the new single, Bugs interviewed Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung, who is resuming his activities in Korea after a long break; and Eric, who has been discharged from military service a little earlier than fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.



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Credits : Bugs + Absolut Shinhwa 1  2

Proof that the Philippines is Super Junior Country

Super Junior won ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards 2010 for Pop K-Pop Category! Universal Records' General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go was there to personally accept the award on behalf of Universal Records, SM Entertainment and members of Super Junior! Ms. Go thanked the fans for voting them and making them the number one K-pop act in the Philippines!

Here are few reasons why Super Junior deserves the award :

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Source:  Universal Records on Facebook, rjrjrj07 on YouTube

Ew at those Kokey aliens as presenters...
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Actress Lee accused of infidelity by ex-husband

Lee Jin-woo (left), Lee Eung-kyung (Captured from SBS)

Actress Lee Eung-kyung, currently married to actor Lee Jin-woo, was accussed of infidelity during her previous marriage after her public criticism of her ex-husband on SBS morning talk show “Bae Gi-wan, Choi Young-ah, Jo Hyung-gi’s Good Morning.”

Lee, who jointly appeared on the show with her current husband on Friday, claimed she suffered financial and emotional distress in her first marriage. She blamed her ex-husband, whose last name is Choi, for “using” her as a means of money making and leaving her debt ridden and vulnerable after their divorce.

In response to Lee’s remarks, Choi posted an enraged entry on the SBS show’s website, saying the divorce was in fact a result of Lee’s affair outside with her current husband Lee Jin-woo. “I even went to a police station to bring an accusation against them for adultery,” Choi wrote. “I decided to drop the idea at the last minute because I didn’t want Lee to be remembered as a ‘cheating mother’ to our child.”

Following Choi’s angry claims, a man who claimed to be Lee Jin-woo’s former manager posted another online entry on the same website, saying he knows the “truth” behind Lee’s divorce of Choi. “Do not act as if you are an innocent victim,” the man, whose last name is Jeong, criticized Lee of her remarks against Choi on the show. He also blamed Lee’s husband Lee Jin-woo for not paying his wages for two years of his work. “I’d lived with him for two years while working for him,” he wrote. “But I was fired after not being paid at all, not even 10 won.”

The SBS show no longer provides the particular episode featuring Lee online, as her remarks increasingly became controversial.

Source: Claire Lee @ The Korea Herald



The new member of SM The Ballad is debuting with the stage name Jino (지노). Born on April 17th, 1992 with blood type A, his real name is Cho Jinho (조 진호). Winning the first prize of SM Everysing Contest in 2008, he was a trainee of the 14th SM Academy. Jino has trained for two years prior to this debut.

As mentioned a few days ago, Jino will be debuting in SM The Ballad with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Typhoon, and SHINee’s Jonghyun. Although their album will come out the 25th, the teaser for their song “Hot Times” has already been released.

What do you think of this new SM artist?

apparently he's  kang seungyoon from superstar k. fail koreaboo.

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CR; koreaboo