November 23rd, 2010


I'm sure we all knew this was coming.
And now it's here. :D

Flaming Minwhore VS. Godwoon


Who Whore it better - Spock Edition

Spock's hair iz too awesome for y'all, Bitches.

Sources: 1, 2

Personally, when I watched Soom, I swear I thought I was staring at Minho.

First Post. Homg >.<

SM The Ballad's Jonghyun and Jino to release duet teaser for "Don't Lie" ft. Super Junior M's Henry

Fresh off the release of their teaser for the track "Hot Times", SM The Ballad will be back for the song "Don't Lie". The song will be a duet with SHINee member Jonghyun and newcomer Jino as well as the rapping talents of Super Junior M's Henry.

"Don't Lie" features an electronic piano and has a warm feel to the song, showcasing a thick bass and deep vocal chorus. The song will be of the "neo-soul" genre. Combining Jonghyun and the charming vocals of newcomer Jino, Super Junior M's Henry enhances the song with his strong rapping skills. Henry will be rapping in English for this song.

SM The Ballad will release their first album "Really Miss You" on November 25th. You can pre-order it on YesAsia. Are you looking forward to it?

Source 1 (Translated): Koreaboo
Source 2 (Original): Newsen

ngghh Henrry Lauu!! so that's what u've been up to lately! i misshuu! can't wait<3 and homgg rapping in Englishh fffuuuuu<33

Someone correct me if i'm wrong, I think the Don't Lie teaser's coming out on the 23rd/today. Not mentioned on koreaboo but i think it's mentioned in Newsen.


This photo here caused quite some discussions among fans,many were doubtful of her future as a f(x)'s member since her legs injury as she failed to show up in f(x)'s recent projects.

This is the most recent photo we are able to find and she seems to have hinted something with "Glory December 7", what does it mean actually? Make a smart guess!

source: dkpopnews
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Artiste Profile: Lee Sunmin (선민)

Name Lee Sunmin 선민
Birthday August 4, 1987
Hometown Daegu
Label (Japan) Victor Entertainment
Label (Korea) Liveworks (formerly worked with Good)

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Note: I didn't do this. Someone left this in my inbox asking me to post this on her behalf so I cannot take any credit.

Meanwhile, I will be making a post soon regarding Artist Profiles. We have a couple in the queue waiting to be posted. But for now if you have any band or actor that you would like to write up on, drop me a PM or email us.
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Gummy & Bobby Kim Love Recipe MV

Bobby Kim and Gummy, the two hottest artists for Korean soul music, have come together for a collaboration track, “Love Recipe,” which was released on November 23rd.

The two shared that they had often talked of wanting to work together, and were finally able to collaborate for this simple R&B song with a unique piano riff and groovy rhythm. Their powerful vocals also fit well with the song’s main lyric, which croons, “Love can sometimes be foolish and corny, but it’s important to be truthful when in love.”

YG Entertainment revealed, “Both of them always loved each others’ music and often talked about wanting to collaborate. An opportunity finally came up for them through ‘Love Recipe.’”

The music video for “Love Recipe” also showcases Gong Yoo and Im Su Jung’s latest movie, “Finding Kim Jong Wook.”

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Fans’ vote results for the ‘2010 MAMA’ released!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The online and mobile vote results are out for the ‘2010 MAMA‘ (Mnet Asian Music Awards)!

A total of 550,605 people from all over Asia participated in the polls, with the majority of voters being females in their twenties. These votes are factored into the final awards selection, and make up anywhere from 10-30% of the criteria for winners.

The results are as follows:

Best New Male Artist: CNBLUE

Best New Female Artist: miss A

Best Male Group: Super Junior

Best Female Group: 2NE1

Best Male Solo Artist: Rain

Best Female Solo Artist: BoA

Best Solo Dance Performance: Rain

Best Dance Performance (Male): Super Junior

Best Dance Performance (Female): 2NE1

Best Solo Vocal Performance: Gummy

Best Vocal Performance (Group): 2AM

Best Band Performance: FT Island

Best Rap Performance: Epik High

Best Collaboration: Ga-In & Jo Kwon

Best Digital Single: Park Bom

Best Music Video: 2NE1

The Shilla Asian Wave: 2PM

Song of the Year: Super Junior

Artist of the Year: Super Junior

source: MAMA official site, allkpop
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Jo Sung Mo to Marry This Weekend

Jo Sung Mo will tie the knot this weekend. On November 27, the veteran singer, who is 33 years old, will marry former actress and model Goo Min Ji at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Jo announced the upcoming nuptials in a message on his official website. During the ceremony, he will hold a special event to introduce the song "Only You", which he composed for his fiancee.

Jo Sung Mo's agency, S-Plus Entertainment, stated that the couple has been dating for three years and recently arranged a formal meeting between their families. Goo met her future husband while she was studying fashion design.

Congratulations, Jo Sung Mo and Goo Min Ji! We wish you two happily wedded bliss!

source: soompi
TOP &amp; YB
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Why Thai youth is obsessed with South Korean culture?

Restrictions on speech and a list of other social taboos are the driving forces behind "K Fever." The only thing likely to change anytime soon are the haircuts

South Korean boy bands like Super Junior have earned a huge following in Thailand.

Hybrid human mutations are hatching in Thailand, with imported South Korean heads implanted onto young Thai bodies, enabling some to speak Korean phrases while their souls yearn for Seoul.

Meet Thailand's new kids: eagerly absorbing pop culture and other ephemeral thrills from South Korea, thanks to boredom, slick marketing and restrictions on Thailand's indigenous creativity.

These globalized youth are not alienated punks, loutish skinheads, delirious hippies or entranced slackers. Their icons are cutesy, cartoonish, coy, healthy, sanitized, giggling, syrupy and bouncy.

Known as "K Fever" and "K Pop," the ongoing craze for South Korean pop culture willingly embraces the gloss and sheen of Seoul's processed commercial media, meticulously polished for export and family-friendly consumption.

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Source: Richard S. Ehrlich @ CNNGO
Future Simon #1

'Artillery fire' on Korea border

North Korea has fired artillery shells across its western maritime border, prompting return fire from South Korea, officials say.

Dozens of the shells landed on a South Korean island, from which plumes of smoke are rising. At least four soldiers are said to have been hurt.

South Korea has issued its highest non-wartime alert in response.

Correspondents say this is one of the most serious incidents between the two since the Korean War in the 1950s.

Top leaders are meeting in an underground bunker in Seoul over the incident, Reuters news agency reported.

The incident comes days after North Korea revealed it had a modern uranium enrichment plant - potentially giving it a second route to a nuclear weapon.

Earlier, the US ruled out more denuclearisation talks while Pyongyang continued to work on the facility.

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source: BBC News

Live feeds HERE and HERE

Shit just got real.

Lee Hyori adopts an abandoned cat :)

Proving that her heart’s as beautiful as her looks, Lee Hyori has revealed that she’s adopted an abandoned cat.

She recalled through her fan cafe board, ”Not too long ago, my family has grown. Mimi and Soonee are doing well and I’ve adopted one more cat named Samshik. He lost his mom and I found him stuck on fly paper. I rescued him from death, and he is now growing well.”

Recently, Lee Hyori has been gaining interest in abandoned animals. She is sponsoring the Animal Rights Group and has been actively volunteering as well.

To this netizens have commented, “Good heart Lee Hyori, give the pretty cat much love“, “You will receive good fortune~ Miss Hyori” and “Angel-like Lee Hyori”

Source: BNT News, allkpop


The boys of 2PM are scheduled to begin their Japanese promotions in 2011 with the release of their first official album, “1:59 PM.” Last week, the boys achieved an all-kill on popular mobile phone downloading site, Recochoku by taking all five spots on their MV download ranking chart.

A special 2PM Cafe recently opened up in Shibuya. In addition, 2PM released their DVD titled “Hottest~2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History~”. This DVD after it’s first day of sales, placed 2nd on the Oricon DVD Sales chart. Before the DVD was released, a special preview event for the DVD was held in Ginza and over 1,000 fans showed up to give their support to 2PM.


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Hongdae’s bohemian raps and dancing

Hundreds of youth pack M2, a popular dance club in Hongdae, on Club Day, which falls on the last Friday of every month.

When Yoo Baek-yeol opened M.I in 1995, Seoul’s youth hotbed of Hongdae was in the midst of an explosion of individualism and musical creativity.

Artist groups that had long persisted in the area - in no small part due to the prestigious art department at Hongik University - combined with rock music’s resistant spirit and techno’s energy to form an exceptional artistic atmosphere.

The scene started in the 1980s and came into its own in the early 1990s as people with their own cultural tastes started crowding into dank Hongdae dance and live music clubs
, breaking from the mainstream to form their own sub-cultures.

“Hongdae is where different desires and new appetites converge. The indie music created here is expressive enough to reflect the spirit of the times,” said Lee Sang-eun, a Hongdae singer-songwriter for past two decades.

Hongdae’s booming music scene was indebted to the sizzling economy in the 1970s and 1980s, a lift on the ban on foreign travel, an increasing number of students studying abroad and the end of the military regime.
In particular, students who had sought education abroad were returning with foreign-inspired musical interests. Naturally, there was a massive influx of foreign pop culture into Korea. Korean youth exploded with a torrent of creativity and expression.

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Source: Lim Hyun-wook @ JoongAng Daily
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Ryeowook's Fansite Entry, "Even at Night, the Sun Will Still Rise", & Zhou Mi's Weibo Update

Even at Night, the Sun Will Still Rise

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Ryeowook's Fansite Entry's Translation:
Shared by: ☆★
Source: Hyungnim (
Translated by: ミ mholic ★

Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates:
Source: ZhouMi's weibo
Translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Video Translations:
Source: SunNStars@youtube
by 向日葵饼 on zhou mi bar.
by @zhouminews
Korean translation courtesy of @kitschful, thank you!!
Source: ukissism1@youtube
Translated by @zhouminews.



Who whore it better - Spock Edition 2

T.O.P - As fine as always
Key - Really. When and How?!
Changmin - Look who decided to join the party.
Spock - The man himself

Now that I look at it, this is way more Spock-like than the previous one. They all remain beautiful though. That includes you Leonard Nimoy.

Thanks to morgenderper , for the spock!Key picture. I think I was looking the other way, but I did NOT see that.

Sources: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Sorry about the previous mistakes, Mods : D
Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop

2PM to perform a ballad at the ‘2010 MAMA’

Idol group 2PM will be performing a special ballad stage for Mnet’s “2010 MAMA” (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

On November 23rd, Mnet Media revealed some teaser images of the performance concepts for 2PM’s MAMA participation. One of them features a photo of Wooyoung transformed into a clown, while the other appears to be the layout for the stage design.

MAMA representatives stated, “2PM will be performing a sad ballad. Their fans, who are used to standard dance performances, might feel a bit unfamiliar with the concept change, but it will definitely be a unique experience.”

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Sources:allkpoop,2pmalways trans dawnjelly@W2D cr:smashmusic
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Shin Jung-hwan to be on Interpol's wanted list

South Korean police have asked Interpol to help arrest Shin Jung-hwan, a singer-turned-TV personality suspected of gambling illegally at casinos in the Philippines.

The 35-year-old has remained overseas since late August despite repeated calls from the police for him to return to Korea for questioning. He is believed to be somewhere in Nepal, according to his aides.

Shin has denied the gambling allegations against him.

“We cannot wait until Shin’s voluntary return,” said a spokesman for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. “We will soon cooperate with Interpol to bring him back.”

The spokesman said the latest conversation on the phone between the police and Shin was in mid-September, in which he said he was staying in Nepal. Currently, nobody is in contact with him.

“Neither his family members nor his manager knows anything about his whereabouts,” said the spokesman.

This is not the first time that Shin has been embroiled in gambling-related troubles. In 2005, he was slapped 7 million won in fines for gambling at a foreigner-only casino here.

Source: Park Si-soo @ The Korea Times
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And so Tohoshinki lives on forever

HMV Best of 2010

HMV(stores + online) reveals for the first time their annual sales ranking.
Data extraction period ※: 2009/11/16 ~ 2010/10/16

BEST of 2010 (overall)

1. Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson THIS IS IT [DVD]
2. EXILE - Aisubeki Mirai e [CD Single]
3. Arashi - Boku no Miteiru Fuukei [CD Album]
4. Tohoshinki - BEST SELECTION 2010 [CD Album]
5. AKB48 - Ponytail to Shou Shou [CD Single]
6. Lady Gaga - Fame Monster [CD Single]
7. Namie Amuro - PAST-FUTURE [CD Album]
8. Arashi - ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x10 [DVD]
9. Arashi - Troublemaker [CD Single]
10. Michael Jackson - This Is It [CD Album]
11. Arashi - Monster [CD Single]
12. AKB48 - Heavy Rotation [CD Single]
13. Ikimonogakari - Hajimari no Uta [CD Album]
14. Nishino Kana - to LOVE [CD Album]
15. Kaela Kimura - 5 years [CD Album]
16. FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - Funky Monkey Babys Best [CD Album]
17. Arashi - To Be Free [CD Single]
18. Arashi - Love Rainbow [CD Single]
19. GReeeeN - Imamade no A Men, B Men Desuto!? [CD Album]
20. AKB48 - Kamikyoku Tachi [CD Album]

Source: HMV
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Ga In's Eyelids Are Discussed, Again

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In revealed her honest thoughts on getting eyelid surgery.

On MBC’s “Good Day“, Ga-In was asked what she would do if she was asked to get eyelid surgery. She answered, “I can’t do that now.”

She sure can’t because she has made a name for herself with her beautiful mono-lid eyes.

Indeed, for her new sitcom, “All My Love“, Ga-In plays the role of a college student who is self-conscious about her eyes.

Ga-In said, “If I wasn’t famous, I might not have appreciated my eyes and gotten eyelid surgery. I saw that people told me not to get eyelid surgery on the Internet. I also found a photoshopped picture of me with double eyelids, and it didn’t look that great. I guess I have to keep these eyes.”

We’re glad to see that some celebrities realize beauty isn’t equivalent to double-lidded eyes.

Source: AKP

Whaaat the fuck is that picture, omg. Nightmares.
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Will music programs be affected by the Yeonpyeong Island tragedy?

The Korean music industry was largely affected by the Cheonanham tragedy earlier this year, and it seems it will be affected once more with the Yeonpyeong Island tragedy, which occurred yesterday.

Music programs were one of the first to be canceled last time, making it likely that they will cancel again. Due to KBS broadcasting the 2010 “Asian Games,” their music program, “Music Bank,” was already announced to be canceled this week, causing a shortage of stages for singers to perform on.

SBS has yet to confirm “Inkigayo’s” cancellation, with producers stating on November 24th, “We will be observing future developments and decide on a cancellation then.”

MBC’s “Show! Music Core” will also be making way for the “Asian Games,” resulting in the entire week of music programs being affected by both the “Asian Games” and the Yeonpyeyong Island tragedy.

With artists also delaying album releases, the music industry has been put on high alert.

Source: Star News via Nate / akp

this is so sad =( Not the cancellation - but the tragedy.

taec cute

Gwangju Boy To Debut in B.O Ent.

An internet ulzzang star that trained with Big Bang’s Seungri, KARA’s Goo Hara, and 2NE1’s Minzy has revealed that he will be debuting as part of a four member idol group next year.

Haemin attended a famous private music school in GwangJu alongside those three, and made the decision to become a singer after seeing his classmates pursue their dreams.

His ‘wealthy’-looking image has already earned him plenty of fans online; Haemin is currently rehearsing intensively in order to become “the 2nd Seungri” with his exceptional rapping skills.

BBO Entertainment revealed that he will be debuting early next year with fellow ulzzang star Jion (Kim Byung Ho) as a four member group.

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Source: allkpop, Nate,
Niel//Teen Top

YGE clarifies rumors regarding Big Bang’s inter-personal relations

The members of Big Bang have been swept up in a rather unusual controversy due to the long delay in their album release and their continued hiatus. Rumors began circulating about how the relationship between the members was turning sour, bringing back the old stereotype that idol groups can never last past five years.

A representative of YG Entertainment clarified, “It’s difficult for us to give a clear comeback date since all of the members are personally contributing to the album production. They put more priority on having standards met to their satisfactions as opposed to releasing something quickly. It seems that such a controversy came about due to the delays in their comeback, but the members have become closer than ever by working on this album together.”

Another representative that spoke with Osen revealed, “I actually asked the members themselves and they thought it was weird, answering, ‘It’s hard to even be as close as we are.’ They’re boys, so they play and joke around a bit harder than usual. When I told them about the rumors going around, they actually responded, ‘At least they don’t think we’re delaying our comeback because of our music skills. It’s better that they create rumors like that instead.’”

The representative continued, “The members always laugh and maintain an energetic atmosphere whenever they’re together and are closer than they’ve ever been, actually.”

cr. AKP

lol this is one of the few groups that I have COMPLETE confidence in when it comes to their love for one another
Yoochun → Pimp


 You don’t get much bigger than JYJ. In Asia, the gorgeous trio sells out concerts in seconds, and when they made their American debut this November, more than 20,000 fans raced just to catch a glimpse.

Three of South Korea’s biggest idols, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, make up JYJ – a band revered for their talent as well as their looks (they’re all regulars on Best-Looking lists in Asia!). So of course, when JYJ announced they were coming to New York, MTV K was ready and waiting!
MTV K asked Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to take a break from dancing and to perform at the MTV K Live: JYJ Secret Show! And they agreed! Backed by a live band, JYJ performed two acoustic tracks off their debut album The Beginning. No auto-tune, no pyrotechnics — just the three boys and their real, incredible voices! The show attracted hundreds of casting call applications, and 50 lucky fans filled up the intimate Rebel NYC venue.

We know, we know…you’ve been waiting to see it! Fear not — all of your messages flooding MTV K’s Twitter and Facebook haven’t gone unnoticed. In just a few weeks, MTV K will roll out MTV K Live: JYJ Secret Show performances of “Empty” and “Be My Girl.” We’ll also have an interview and slideshows with the trio! There’s much more to come and take it from us, it’s like watching JYJ for the first time.

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Source: MTVK
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