November 25th, 2010


Daesung accuses Yonghwa of trying to be like him

On SBS’s “Every Night”, which aired on November 22, a controversy about Kkal-Chang (slip sole) aroused between two idols!

Daesung from Big Bang is the one who started the talk about Kkal-Chang. Lee Kyeongsil said to him “You look taller now than in waiting room”. Daesung replied “Jung Yonghwa did the same thing too”. The CNBlue vocal was irritated by that sentence and denied it.

After continuous challenges from Daesung, Yonghwa took off his shoes and proved that he was really innocent. Daesung was embarrassed and said “He is a faithful guy”.

Do you look down on idol who wears a Kkal-Chang(shoe lifts)?

source @ newsway, translation @ popseoul
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26th annual "Korea Best Dresser" Award

The 26th "Korea Best Dresser" award ceremony will take place on the 14th next month at 18:00.

You can vote here ( - you need an account tho) and voting will last 'till the 10th.

[took out all irrelevant information]

... That's all. :'B

List of candidates to vote for:

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i liked looking up all the people i didn't know, lol. too bad seo inyoung or yoon eunhye aren't in any category. :'(

cr:,, translation by me, image re-uploaded by me.

Taeyang; GQ Man of the Year Interview

Relaxing after the photo shoot. Having removed the luxurious fur coat, Taeyang saunters over to us. The editor and the photographer are in the midst of talking about a delivery crisis that occurred due to traffic backed up by a state function on November 11th. The bonsai pine tree that was to be used for the shoot almost didn’t make it in time. After listening quietly, Taeyang murmurs, “Why do they make such a fuss…?

Having never been one for acting up or posturing – in a Korean mainstream music scene where, nowadays, it’s hard to even distinguish Idol from Ah-ee-deul [children] – Taeyang is stubbornly walking a different path. Rather than insisting on a certain concept, he has the belief that he’s doing what he wants. Rather than mindlessly complaining about the state of the music scene, he shows the determination to triumph over its weaknesses. Rather than flaunting insistently, he has the maturity as a singer to sometimes just keep quiet.

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This whole article is PERFECTION just like its subject

Tim returns after three years with new album, “New Beginnings”

After a three year hiatus, Tim has returned to his fans with his latest album, “New Beginnings.”

The album consists of 11 tracks, all produced entirely by him and his close friend, Kim Tae Sung. The theme of the album was done under, ‘most Tim-like, more Tim-like.’

Pianist and composer Yiruma, singer Lyn, composer 2FACE, and Lee Yoon Jae all lent their support by participating in Tim’s album as well.

The title track, “Words Not Manly Enough,” was a special present given to Tim by Yiruma, for which he plays the piano melody The lyrics are written by Lyn and express the deep sorrow of a man waiting for lost love.

Fans commented, “It’s been a while since I’ve heard such a romantic voice,” “This album was worth the three year wait,” and “He has definitely improved.”

Tim will start his official activities in the second week of December and will be holding a fan meeting on December 18th.

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original source; nate
translation source; allkpop
video source; ilovetbc1122@yt

2NE1's CL and Minzy reveal baby photos

2NE1′s leader CL and maknae Minzy revealed their baby pictures for the first time ever through Star News on November 25th.

CL’s picture shows her youthful innocence as she plays with a hoola hoop while wearing a one piece, while Minzy’s shows her wearing colorful clothing and a name tag.

Although the two have grown up into powerful women, much attention has been put on their childish and more feminine child photos due to the contrast in images.

2NE1 recently wrapped up their promotions for their first official album and are currently preparing for the year-end award ceremonies.

Source: Nate, AKP
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Orange Caramel reveals adorable photos from “A~ing♡” MV filming

The members of Orange Caramel have captured the hearts of the nation once more, and if they haven’t gotten yours yet, they’re certain to do so with these hilarious behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of their “A~ing♡” music video.

Revealing their adorable charms, the ladies clown around with exaggerated poses and facial expressions, causing the staff on set to burst out with laughter.

A representative from the production team expressed, ‘We filmed through the night, and it was very cold and exhausting. However, the members took care of each other and filled the set with laughter.‘

The fans commented on the pictures, ‘What a bunch of troublemakers’ and ‘It’s nice to see you all having fun on the set‘.

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Hints at big bang's MV and the confusing countdown?

This is taken from Paula's blog from Sweden, who's currently living in Seoul. She attended and participated at G-Dragon and T.O.P's HIGH HIGH MV Party last Saturday. Read on~

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Source: NoonablogBigbangVIP

I'm thoroughly amused at how she manages to maintain such a "what a weird day indeed" tone while the rest of us fangirls would be so......  maybe that's why they chose her HAHA.

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Source: letsplay2ne1 + blackeyedpeas +yglife + RapLikeMagic at youtube.

from what people can make out it says something like 

I’m straight killin who…(something)
21and over aint messin with ju(something)
always talking about ‘I ain’t no groupie’

... yeah

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N.Korea warns of new attacks for Seoul "provocations"

North Korea warned of additional military attacks if South Korea makes "reckless military provocations again," its official media said on Thursday.

"(North Korea) will wage second and even third rounds of attacks without any hesitation, if warmongers in South Korea make reckless military provocations again," the North's KCNA news agency quoted a statement from Pyongyang's military as saying.

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'We gotta stand with our North Korean allies': The latest gaffe from Sarah Palin

She may run for president in 2012 but Sarah Palin may want to brush up on her geography after confusing a major U.S. adversary for an ally.

In a radio interview with controversial talkshow host Glenn Beck, former Alaskan Governor Palin managed to confuse North Korea with South Korea.
Asked about the ongoing conflict between the two nations, Palin replied: 'Obviously, we've got to stand with our North Korean allies.'
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Source: dailymail
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Religious Freedom and North Korea

The 2010 State Department International Religious Freedom Report continues to assess that religious freedom does not exist in North Korea.

The 2010 State Department International Religious Freedom Report continues to assess that religious freedom does not exist in North Korea. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, Democracy, and Labor Michael Posner said the human rights situation overall in North Korea is desperate. That is why North Korea continues to be named a country of particular concern along with Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Uzbekistan.

According to the latest State Department International Religious Freedom Report, the North Korean government deals harshly with all opponents, including those who engage in religious practices considered unacceptable. Religious and human rights groups outside the country provided numerous reports in previous years that members of underground churches were arrested, beaten, tortured, or killed for their religious beliefs. An estimated 150,000 to 200,000 people were believed to be held in political prison camps in remote areas, some for religious reasons. Prison conditions are harsh. According to refugees and defectors who had been in prison, prisoners held on the basis of their religious beliefs were often treated worse than other inmates.

Due to North Korea's inaccessibility and the inability to gain timely information from inside the country, reports of abuses remained difficult to verify. Foreign media and a South Korean non-governmental organization reported in August that 23 Christians were arrested in May 2010 for belonging to an underground church in Kuwol-dong, Pyonsong City, South Pyongan Province. Reportedly 3 were executed, and the others were sent to Yoduk political prison camp.

In June 2009, South Korean activists reported that Ri Hyon Ok was publicly executed for distributing Bibles in the city of Ryongchon near the Chinese border. She allegedly was accused of spying and organizing dissidents. However, claims about Ri Hyon Ok could not be independently verified.

The United States believes that religious freedom is both a fundamental human right and an essential element to any stable, peaceful, thriving society. "Because we believe in religious freedom," said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, "we are committed to the right of all people everywhere to live according to their beliefs without government interference."

Source: voanews
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Why are Wonder Generation not invited to the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival?

Unfortunately, whatever happened in a Taekwondo bout in Asian Games did not stay within Guangzhou. Ever since a Taiwanese exponent was disqualified for trying to wear extra scoring sensors in her socks, the anti-Korean wave seems to be carried over to other areas as well.

On November 22nd, Taiwan’s newspaper China Times reported, “The spread of the anti-Korean feeling stems from the Taekwondo issue in the Asian Games. Originally, there were plans to invite Korean singers, including SNSD and Wonder Girls to perform at the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival which will be held at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, December 2nd to 4th. However, the idea was later dropped due to the anti-Korean sentiments. Also, there have been boycotts of albums produced by Korean singers as well”.

Credit: fanwonder

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____ JOO♥

T-ara postpones album release due to Yeonpyeong Island skirmish

The release date of T-ara's new mini-album Temptastic, has been postponed, according to a press release by Core Contents Media. This is most likely due to the Yeonpyeong Island skirmish.

Originally, the mini-album was set to go on sale on November 29. It will now be released in stores and online four days later on December 3, the same day as their comeback stage on KBS 2TV's Music Bank. The music video for "Why Are You Like This" has already been released.


Restrictions imposed on dramas for 'unethical content'

A total of five dramas have received a warning from the Korea Communications Standards Commission

A general meeting was held on November 24th in order to impose restrictions against six different dramas from public broadcast and cable channels. The programs that received sanctions are MBC’s “Flames of Ambition,” “The Scarlet Letter,” SBS’s “Giant,” “CulTwo Show,” and KNN’s “Chase Scene Siren.”

“Flames of Ambition” received warnings for excessive scenes of violence, a scene with a hit-and-run, and other unethical content such as characters persuading others to rape the protagonist’s sister. The drama features stimulating scenes such as gangsters slapping and kicking Na Young (Shim Eun Kyung), Na Young asking neighborhood teens to rape her sister in order to become the new daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, and Na Young hitting her son’s birth mother with her car and running away.

“The Scarlet Letter” and “Giant” both received warnings for excessive scenes of violence and the broadcast of unethical content, while “Cultwo Show” was warned for vulgar language and the use of informal speech.

source @ nate, translation @ allkpop
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South Korea’s Defense Chief Resigns in Wake of Attack

A South Korean Marine officer stood in front of a military facility on Thursday that had been hit by a shell fired by North Korea on Yeonpyeong island.

President Lee Myung-bak accepted the resignation of Defense Minister Kim Tae-young on Thursday amid intense criticism over the South’s response to an artillery attack by North Korea two days earlier and the sinking of a warship in March

“There was a need to revamp the military landscape,” a senior government official said Thursday night. “It was time.”

The government official said Mr. Kim offered his resignation on May 1, after a South Korean Navy vessel, the Cheonan, was sunk off the coast of North Korea in the Yellow Sea. Mr. Lee deferred the resignation and asked Mr. Kim to stay on. It was expected that his replacement would be named on Friday.
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Source: newyorktimes

Gayo Daejun Dreams Over - well part of them anyway...

Singers Lee Hyori and Rain will not be attending the three year-end award festivals held by SBS, KBS, and MBC from December 29th – 31st.

Representatives of Lee Hyori revealed, “We have no plans of attending the year-end festivals. Until the first half of next year, Lee Hyori will not have any official activities scheduled aside from commercial film (CF) filming. She will instead be preparing her new album (scheduled to be released during the second half of 2011), and will be taking a period of rest to manage her body and stamina.”

Rain will also not be attending due to his participation in the drama “Fugitive“; as well, he will be holding his own countdown concert on December 31st. His representatives stated, “He will be filming for his drama until it ends and immediately go into concert preparations. He does not have enough time to prepare for year-end festivals. We do not have plans for his attendance.”

Source: AKP + Daily News

Goodbye Hyori/Rain/BoA/Se7en Dream stage ):

Choi Heejin sentenced to 5 years community service for being a "bad person"

A while ago we reported that Choi Heejin, the woman who blackmailed Eru and Tae Jinah, was detained. The court has finally given her a sentence of five years of community service, 14 days a month. The reason given was for defamation of character, and because "she is just a bad person".

Although pretty much every netizen is against her, they were confused at the second part of the reason. Most thought she should be sentenced because of defamation of character and blackmail, not because she was a "bad person". Many think Tae Jinah's power and money had something to do with her sentence, even though they believe she deserves her punishment.

What do you think, is her sentence fair?

Source: Osenkoreaboo

wtf kinda of legal reasoning is that
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Everyone thinks Seungyeon is a little kid

KARA’s Park Gyuri recently confessed her first impressions of fellow member Han Seungyeon back when they were still trainees.

During this week’s recording of ‘Happy Together 3‘, Gyuri revealed, “Since Seungyeon has always had a baby face, I thought she was much younger than she actually was. But when we talked for the first time, she said she was happy to meet me in an informal manner. I thought, ‘Wow, this kid is really arrogant!’ I only found out later that we were the same age, which solved my misunderstanding.

Seungyeon said, “Before my debut, when I went on the bus and gave the bus driver a 1000 Won note, he’d give me change like some elementary school kid.

Goo Hara also added, “When Seungyeon goes driving, because of her baby face, the security guard always asks for her driver’s licence.

This episode is scheduled to broadcast on November 25th on KBS 2TV, alongside guests 2AM and Jun Hyun Mu.

Money Today Star News


lol, but really this stuff happens to my friend, a cop once told him he looked like he was ten, and he's gotten pulled over twice for looking too young to drive
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This is Strictly a Gorgeous Generation Post

J-SONEs Expressed Wish For Tiffany's Quick and Complete Recovery


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Sooyoung Revealed SNSD's Reactions Towards Medicine


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Why Did Seohyun Cry at Hyoyeon's Birthday Party?


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Dino Yul Gave The Deepest Impression to Anchovy Eunhyuk


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SNSD Participate in Donation to Help Thailand Flood Victims

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News of SHINee's Minho acting in the upcoming one-episode drama, "Pianist" was released earlier this month. Minho received the part of an unhappy tuner in a piano factory named "Oh Jero", who shares emotional scenes with an elementary school music teacher. Pictures were revealed of Minho preparing for the drama, but not much was shown on the relationship between Minho and the female music teacher.

However, a picture from the drama that shows a scene of the two characters has now been released! The scene shows Minho kissing actress Han Ji-hye.
source ; kb
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2NE1 To Release New Single in Thailand, "Don't Stop The Music"

Talking about girl groups from Korea, the girl group with the most outstanding image is 2NE1. Even though they have never been to Thailand, their songs such as “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, “Follow Me”, including their new singles “Can’t Nobody” and “Go Away”, are absolutely popular in Thailand. They will have a new single called “Don’t Stop The Music” as a special project for Thai fans, and Thailand will be the first place that this single will be out on every radio station this November 26th. The more popular this song is, the more chance 2NE1 will come to Thailand to meet their fans.

Source: Pingbook
Translated by kazzufiz @ via Soompi

“Don’t Stop The Music” is the theme song of ‘Yamaha Fiore’, a scooter marketed towards women.

Source: Soompi, autoincar

Teen Top update

"TEEN TOP over flowers^^ A photo because the Fall Cosmos are so pretty! We're pretty, right?"

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Teen Top's MTV USA show confirmed to air in January 2011
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Teen Top nicknamed 'world-dols'
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1st Japan fan-sign with 3000 fans
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Press interview
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Vid message to fans
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obligatory gif to celebrate smirk!joe's birthday:
SUJU / Donghae your smile ;;


Remember when Eunhyuk was spotted wearing a coat on 2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week? Apparently, Yunho put on the same coat today on Kimpo Airport

Who whore it better then?

That coat should be MINE!!!

Sources: 1, 2

imo, this bath robe coat is terrible they should just burn it down -___-