November 29th, 2010


Lee Soo Hyuk (the hot model in 2NE1's 'It Hurts' MV) breaks up w/ girlfriend Kim Min Hee

Actress Kim Min Hee and model Lee Soo Hyuk have ended their two-year long relationship.

Kim Min Hee’s agency revealed on November 29th, “The two first met in July of 2008 and dated for two years. They have now decided to part ways.

Lee Soo Hyuk recently kickstarted his acting career with “Ipanema Boy“, while Kim Min Hee has been filming for the movie “Moby Dick“; naturally, they were unable to spend much time together. In the beginning of November, they decided to remain as good friends.

The representative continued, “She is currently in the midst of filming for a movie, so she is focusing her attention on that. Please give her your support.

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that's a really unflattering picture of her lol, she's actually really pretty and has a gorgeous smile
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S. Korean artillery mistakenly fired on DMZ

South Korea mistakenly fired an artillery shell toward the southern side of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Sunday afternoon and soon sent a message to North Korea that the firing was accidental, military officials said.

No casualties occurred from the accidental discharge that took place at around 3 p.m., the officials said.

An army artillery unit in the border town of Paju, Gyeonggi Province, mistakenly fired a 155mm towed howitzer while on training, they said. The shell landed some 14 kilometers north of the army base, on a hill on the South Korean side of the DMZ, they said.

"The army unit was not engaging in an artillery firing exercise. A shell that had been loaded previously was mistakenly fired," an army official said.

The military authorities sent a message to North Korea explaining that the firing was unintentional. North Korea has given no response, they said.

Military authorities were investigating the incident, the officials said.

Tensions are running high between the two Koreas after the North launched an artillery attack on a South Korean border island Tuesday, killing two marines and two civilians. The attack marked the first time since the 1950-53 Korean War that the communist neighbor targeted a civilian area.

Source: koreaherald
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Foot-and-mouth disease confirmed in two S.Korean pig farms

South Korea Monday confirmed two cases of foot-and-mouth disease at pig farms, the first known outbreak in seven months.

The farms in the southeastern city of Andong have been quarantined and a total of 9,000 pigs on the two properties will be slaughtered, the agriculture ministry said.

All cloven-hoofed animals within a radius of three kilometres (two miles) of the farms would also be culled, the ministry said. Officials are investigating the cause of the outbreak.

Previous outbreaks in January and April cost more than 250 billion won (216 million dollars) and left nearly 50,000 animals slaughtered.

Foot-and-mouth disease affects cloven-hoofed animals such as cattle, pigs, deer, goats and sheep.

South Korea ordered a halt to pork and beef exports in January when an outbreak was confirmed at Pocheon northeast of Seoul.

Source: mysinchew
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Yang apologizes to S. Korea media

Taiwanese taekwondo athlete Yang Shu-chun yesterday spoke out against the anti-South Korea sentiments brewing in Taiwan as a result of her controversial disqualification at the Asia Games in Guangzhou, apologizing for the nation's burning of South Korean flags and other provocative actions to a South Korean news reporter.
However, the gold-medal winner in the 2008 Asian Taekwondo Championships did not back down when it came to how she was treated at the Asia Games.
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Source: chinapost
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Satirical thriller ‘Sworn Enemy’ honored

Kang Dong-won (left) and Song Kang-ho in a scene from “Sworn Enemy.”

Writer-director Jang Hoon’s satirical thriller “Sworn Enemy” on Friday took home Best Picture honors at the nation’s most prestigious film ceremony, the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul.

Headed by the duo of heartthrob Kang Dong-won and veteran Song Kang-ho, the film about an ex-North Korean field operative-turned-defector (Kang) beat out some of the year’s top-selling films.

In the film, Kang portrays a North Korean operative ordered to assassinate a former high ranking officer and defector of the isolated communist state. The plan is intercepted by a glory-hunting National Intelligence Service agent (Song) and goes awry, getting both men sacked from their organizations.

The film’s win comes at a time when the nation is still reeling from the North Korean shelling of the remote island of Yeonpyeong off the western coast near the Northern Limit Line.
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Source: koreaherald

Song Joong Ki to host the “2010 Melon Music Awards”

One of 2010’s hottest stars, Song Joong Ki, will be hosting the “2010 Melon Music Awards” as the sole MC.

The awards ceremony will feature some top secret performances, as well as a battle of charms between the idol stars.

Song Joong Ki has been honing his MC skills through KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” for over a year, and will be showing everything he has to offer for this year’s “Melon Music Awards.”

A representative of Melon stated, “Song Joong Ki’s youthful candor and friendly image will capture the attention of viewers. He will be using his music program experience in order to lead our ceremony’s live broadcast.”

The “2010 Melon Music Awards” will begin December 15th at 7 PM and will be broadcasted live via MBC Drama Net and MBC Every1.

sources: Nate + akp
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Music dramas take on high school and college

Next year, the Korean drama industry goes neo-retro with two music-centric series ― “Dream High” (a working title) and “What’s Up” ― bringing the classic song-and-dance genre to the small screen.

The success of “SuperstarK” ― a reality show that is oft-described as the Korean version of “American Idol” ― signals the time is ripe for such performance-heavy dramas.

The question is: Will audiences take to the genre as a miniseries?

While “Glee,” an American television show about a glee club of teenage underdogs, became a major hit when it reeled out catchy song-and-dance numbers in 2009, it failed to make a similar impact on Korean viewers when it aired on cable channel tvN the same year.

When SBS put out “He’s Beautiful!” and “I’m Legend,” two series that centered on bands and included music performances, both failed to bring in high viewer numbers.

BIGBANG member Dae-sung draws from his musical theater experience to belt out tunes and flash a move or two in his upcoming music-centric drama “What’s Up.”

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Source: Jean Oh @ The Korea Herald
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best fucking five proves why they're the best fucking five

Korea's five-membered girls group, KARA's first original Japanese album, "Girl's Talk," released on the 24th, sold 107k copies in the first week and debuted on the December 6th Oricon Weekly Album Chart on the No.2 spot. This marks the first time an Asian girls group (excluding Japan) has managed to sell 100k copies in the first week since Twelve Girls Band's album, "Kikou - Shining Energy," from six years and nine months ago.

"Girl's Talk" includes KARA's Japanese debut single, "Mister," and second single, "Jumping," as well as KARA's Korean hit, "Lupin," for a total of ten Japanese tracks. KARA has broken their own highest first week sales record of 51k, which was set by their Korean best album, "KARA BEST 2007-2010," released in September. "KARA BEST 2007-2010" has obtained the highest Oricon position of No.2 and has sold 109k since then.

Translated by: xichigo@Karaholic

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Anxiety grows among displaced islanders

Residents who were evacuated from Yeonpyeong Island and have found temporary housing at a public bathhouse in Incheon are concerned that the four-day drill between Korea and the U.S. could provoke North Korea to again shell their hometown.

“I’m really scared that shells will fall on the island again,” said Park Mun-hwan, 70, a Yeonpyeong resident staying at the bathhouse. “It is really hot and difficult to live here. But I can’t go back to the island anymore.”

Nervous islanders gathered around a television on Sunday when there was news that North Korean artillery could be heard in the area.
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Source: joongangdaily
This is heartbreaking
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Seoul warns: 'dear price' if North Korea attacks again

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak warned Monday that North Korea will face severe consequences if it launches another military attack across its southern border.

"If the North commits any additional provocations against the South, we will make sure that it pays a dear price without fail," he said in a nationally televised address.

"We are aware of the historic lesson that a disgraceful peace achieved through intimidation only brings about greater harm in the end."
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Source: cnn
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5 Super Stars United Forever As One Celebrates 2000 Days, “We Are Still One”

SS501 Greets “Debut 2000 days, We Are Still One”

On 28-Nov, 5-member male group SS501 had their 2000 days of debut and expressed their thankfulness to their fans.

SS501’s magnae HyungJun wished for the best for 5 members through his own twitter account “It’s 2000 days already~ I pray for all 5 of us to work hard and be filled only with even happier things”.

In addition he said “And Green Peas who have always walked beside us, thank you ^^ Mansae Mansae Mansae” conveying his thankful message to the fans.

Lead vocal YoungSaeng said in a cute manner congratulating their 2000 days “Today is already 2000days?? Time flies~~~” and “You and I, we are all (growing) old together~keke

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happy anniversary our lovely boys ♥ 2011 will be your year!! + awww for endless Tom&Jerry love for each other :3
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Leaked Cables Show Guessing about N. Korea

WASHINGTON — With North Korea reeling from economic and succession crises, American and South Korean officials early this year secretly began gaming out what would happen if the North, led by one of the world’s most brutal family dynasties, collapsed.

Over an official lunch in late February, a top South Korean official confidently told the American ambassador, Kathleen Stephens, that the fall would come “two to three years” after the death of Kim Jong-il, the country’s ailing leader, Ms. Stephens later cabled Washington. A new, younger generation of Chinese leaders “would be comfortable with a reunited Korea controlled by Seoul and anchored to the United States in a benign alliance,” the diplomat, Chun Yung-woo, predicted.
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Source: New York Times via MSNBC

An interesting but EXTREMELY long read, especially with the whole WikiLeaks fiasco. I've bolded important parts for the tl;dr crowd.

If that's too much here's an even shorter summary:
1. Diplomats say different things to each other, especially if they think it's a secret.
2. No one knows what the hell is happening in North Korea.

For more info on WikiLeaks go here.
Penelope is pretty.
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Korean musicians leading a new wave

With the downturn of the domestic music market, Korean groups are seeking success overseas.

Korean band Super Junior performs at Nanjing Olympic Stadium in China last December as part of its Asian concert tour. Around 10,000 people gathered for the concert. The popularity of the Korean wave is allowing Korean bands to create new markets for pop music.

Impact Arena, a large 12,000-seat concert venue in Bangkok, was full on Nov. 13 for Mnet’s Ultimate Live in Asia, a global concert series organized by Mnet Media.

Fans screamed as Korean pop groups such as the Wonder Girls, 2PM, Beast and Four Minute appeared on stage. The crowd of mostly Thai citizens cheered and sang along to the Korean songs.

Ticket sales for the event had soared to 1 billion won ($869,000), according to Mnet Media.

This scene was a repeat of a concert by K-pop group Super Junior last December, in which the stadium was packed with around 10,000 people. The concert, at Nanjing Olympic Stadium in China, was part of the same series.

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Source: Chung Kang-hyun @ JoongAng Daily
Big Bang <3
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10Asia's report on MAMA 2010

“Muscle!” was what a fan from Hong Kong said as soon as she was asked what she finds most attractive about boy band 2PM. And when a girl, who would scream outright just by the mention of Nichkhun's name, was asked whose muscles she thinks are the best, without hesitation she blurted out “Taecyeon!” Numerous female fans from around Asia who like Korean idol stars for specific images crowded the lobby of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macao where the red carpet event for the 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) was held. But the cheering was not reserved only for good looking guys. A 19-year-old Chinese girl, who introduced herself as a big fan of Big Bang and in love with all its members, went equally wild at the sight of girl group 2NE1 and imitated the “Abracadabra” dance by Brown Eyed Girls saying they were the group outside YG Family that she loves. Hence in such an atmosphere, it may be only natural that these fans are interested not only in the Korean stars but also Korean culture. This may not accurately represent the whole but it is worthy to note that two out of five teams interviewed tried to convey their thoughts in Korean by roughly uttering the phrase, "I can speak Korean" in actual Korean. One Chinese fan in particular asked about the guy on the red carpet next to singer Son Ho-young who was hosting the show. When given the answer John Park, the fan only wondered for a few seconds before exclaiming a few seconds later “Oh, from ‘SuperstarK!’" boasting her vast knowledge in Korean entertainment which was wide enough to cover a singing competition from one of the cable channels. So what is it that has made them into such fanatic fans of the Hallyu?

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Source: Wee Geun-woo & Lee Jin-hyuk @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

JYJ can't catch a break anywhere

JYJ's First Concert Signals Rough, Chilly Start
 Yu-chun from three-piece band JYJ smiles during the group's first concert ``JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul" at the Olympic Main Stadium, Sports Complex, Saturday evening. Despite the chilly weather, some 30,000 fans cheered on for the band, but JYJ failed to fully satisfy high expectations due to poor preparations. Insets: JYJ performs during their first concert. /Yonhap, Courtesy of Prain

By Han Sang-hee

Members of boy band JYJ may have made headlines with their departure from one of Korea’s most popular bands, TVXQ, and with their efforts in broadening their fan base, but it seems they will need to work on the basics: professionalism and consideration to the audience.
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Source: [koreatimes]

I could kinda get his points then he mentioned SME prices. Then it was like oic.

SNSD & SHIBUYA109's Xmas Illumination Collaboration

SNSD and Tokyo’s SHIBUYA109 have put their collaboration plan into practice. The collaboration is called “109 Girls’ Generation Xmas”.

In this Christmas collaboration, the 9 members of SNSD are displayed on the front of 109’s cylinder building. The huge multicolored illumination of SNSD will be displayed from November 30th to December 25th.

SNSD’s Comments
We, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), are appearing on the cylinder of “SHIBUYA109”, which is a symbol of Shibuya and girls fashion.
We go out shopping often and one of our favorite places is Shibuya, so we’re extremely happy!
There are also 9 members of SNSD, so it feels like fate that we get to collaborate with “09”.
It would be great if this could make everyone’s Christmas a little more fun and bright.
This time our theme is “line dancing” and we were particular about the fashion during this photo shoot.
Definitely come out and see it!
And, everyone please have a fantastic Christmas.
Merry Christmas!!

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Translated by:
Source: Natalie
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[201110 & 291110] Heechul's Tweets & Videos of Kyuhyun Working on His Musical

[201110 & 291110] Heechul's Tweets

Tweets like these are originally written in English.


Good night prince~
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Heechul's Tweets:
Source: @Heedictator
English translation by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with full and proper credits.

1st Video
uketsu5@youtube & TVDaily

2nd Video:
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Korean Homesick Blues: the finest indie sounds from Korea

Bored with K-pop? Want to find something a bit more adventurous? Of course, you’ll already be an avid reader of Anna Lindgren’s excellent Indieful RoK. And now, if you want to listen to some of the most interesting alternative, indie and underground music around, you’ll be tuning in to Korean Homesick Blues, a regular podcast put together by British-born Dave Candler, a “music taste-maker with industry thwack in the UK and the US.”

Your heart might sink at the thought of a podcast. After all, how many times do you listen to a podcast and think to yourself afterwards that you just wasted half an hour (or more) of your life? With Korean Homesick Blues it’s a different story. The recording seems to be over before it has begun, and always leaves you wanting more. The focus is on the music rather than the commentary, and in fact sometimes you wish that the host would do a bit more talking. The eleventh podcast addresses this – an extended episode including an interview with The Used Cassettes.

LKL got in touch with Dave find out more. Here are the results.
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Source: londonkoreanlinks
The podcasts: koreanhomesickblues

For every indie lover
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

Kyuhyun & Ryeowook's Twitter Exchange!

It started when Ryeowook tweeted (not to Kyuhyun, but addressing him):

[TRANS] Kyuhyunah do well^^~ Hyung’s worried~
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1st Tweet:
Source: Ryeowook
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

(and to princekyu, again, for the best explanation of why Ryeowook saying "hyung" is funny)

2nd Tweet:
Translations and explanation credit: TheChess and Jinn8812elf of Twitter (and KyuSingsBest for making this appear in my timeline)

3rd Tweet:
credits: @chrissy_PSB and twelfs
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Co-ed to add a new female member & debut female sub group?

Rookie group Co-Ed might be adding on a new member, as revealed by an industry representative on November 30th.

The group currently consists of 10 members, four being female and six being male. The possibility of the new member being another a female is high.

The representative stated, “Co-Ed adding on a new female member is nearly confirmed. Once this member joins, the girls will create a separate unit group and greet their fans before the entire group’s official comeback, due to fan requests.

Co-Ed recently wrapped up their debut promotion and is currently preparing for their new album release this February.

Core Contents Media, the group’s agency, revealed, “We are currently discussing the addition of a new member, but there is nothing confirmed yet.”

Nate News
Core Clique
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T-ara teams up with E-TRIBE for their title track, "Yayaya"

Girl group T-ara, who recently switched from 6 members to 7, will be making their comeback with the help of the famous composer E-TRIBE (Girl's Generation 'Gee', Lee Hyori 'U-Go-Girl') and announced their title song to be "Yayaya.'

At 10AM on December 1st, the song will be released along with the music video.

'Yayaya' has an addicitive melody and lyric, and has a fresh and unique arrangement proving to be an impressive dance-pop track. T-ara has a total of 6 tracks on the album and with a variety of composers including Kim Dohoon, Lee Sangho, Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyusung.

T-ara will return on the December 3rd episode of KBS2 'Music Bank', starting full-fledged activities.

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Eunjung, Jiyeon and Kang Minkyung are models for the 2011 compilation album 'Love Story'

Eunjung and Jiyeon of T-ara and Minkyung of Davichi have set out as models for the 2011 Sonata.

They are the jacket models for the 2011 Sonata. Over 30 songs from dramas, OSTs, etc will be featured.

Each year, a collection of songs that were popular love songs come together for a compilation album. In 2001, Lee Mi Yeon was the model, and 20,000 records were sold.

2011 Sonata will be released in December in 2 sets of 15.

Nate News