December 1st, 2010

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S. Korean Media Fans Frustration With China

For an idea of how angry Seoul is with Beijing for not criticizing North Korea, read the papers.

South Korea’s newspapers Tuesday were filled with accounts leaked from the South’s foreign ministry of the apparently ham-handed way visiting Chinese state councilor Dai Bingguo treated South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in a weekend meeting.

According to Tuesday’s accounts (in English and Korean), Mr. Dai broke all sorts of diplomatic protocols by flying to South Korea on Saturday without notifying anyone here until just 15 minutes before landing, then demanding to use a Seoul airport that is typically reserved for the South Korean government and visiting heads of state.

Mr. Dai then requested an immediate meeting with Mr. Lee but wouldn’t say what it was about, also in apparent breach of diplomatic protocol.

On Sunday, when Mr. Dai met Mr. Lee, he showed up at the presidential Blue House with a group of Chinese reporters after telling organizers that he wanted the meeting to be secret. That left the Blue House to scramble to get a pool of South Korean reporters together to record the visit.

Then, the accounts said, Mr. Dai spoke to Mr. Lee for an hour before finally saying that Beijing was about to propose a meeting involving the participants of the six-party talks’ denuclearization process — both Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the U.S. — to discuss the conflict between the North and South.

A spokesman for the foreign ministry said Tuesday he couldn’t confirm the Korean newspaper reports that cited anonymous ministry sources. After checking with officers involved in making the arrangements for Mr. Dai’s visit, he said no breaches of diplomatic protocol occurred.

But anger at China remains high in South Korea, with opinion polls showing that as many as 90% of respondents think Beijing is wrong not to criticize Pyongyang, which has acknowledged making the attack but blamed Seoul for inciting it.

Mr. Lee pointedly left China out of a speech he made to the nation Monday about the attack.

Of course, South Korea declined Beijing’s offer for six-nation talks, the same pitch China and North Korea have been making for months.

Source: KoreaRealTime/Wall Street Journal 

2PM Enters Oricon At Rank #4 For Their First Week

Korean 6-member male group 2PM’s Japanese debut DVD “Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~” (Released November 24th), sold 20,000 copies in their first week and placed at rank #4 in Oricon’s DVD Ranking.

They have exceeded Korean male group BIGBANG’s debut DVD “2009 BIGBANG LIVE CONCERT ‘BIG SHOW’” (Released August 2009), which entered Oricon at rank #5.

This work contains 7 music videos from songs they have already released in Korea. It also includes a history movie, which shows extensive footage from their past. The first press limited edition includes a ticket to their “2PM 1st Contact in JAPAN” event on the 8th.

Translated by: gator_yoong
source: Oricon
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Korea's best voice's enlisting in army and releasing album before that

Veteran husky vocalist, Park Hyo Shin, will be enlisting in the army on December 21st, joining fellow speed rapper Outsider. Both of the artists will be enlisted at a training camp in Chuncheon.

Park Hyo Shin’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated, “It is true that he is afraid of being forgotten while being in the army. But, being in the army will give him valuable time to reflect on his journey as an artist for the last 11 years.”

Before leaving the music industry, Park Hyo Shin will be releasing part two of his sixth album, “Gift Part.2” on December 14th. He will then have his last concert titled, “The Gift” on December 19th at Dome Theatre of Jamsil Stadium.

source: allkpop

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Is Wonder Girls’ Sohee carrying an ankle injury?

Yesterday, a video from hkentertainmentxpres surfaced on YouTube, and it appears to show a seemingly innocuous introduction of the Wonder Girls to a stage in Hong Kong.

Upon closer review though, international netizens are speculating that member Sohee may be carrying a right ankle injury. If you look closely, she shows signs of discomfort starting at around 11 seconds, and she constantly shuffles and adjusts her feet for about five seconds more until she’s finally able to take as much weight off the foot as possible. It appears that she even attempts to hide her right foot behind her left foot towards the end.

Anyway, check out the video below, does it look like something is wrong to you?

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source: TV Daily, allkpop 1 3 4, hkentertainmentxpres, LastGodfahter, twitter yeeun, lim
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Hallyu streets, online market to be established

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Wednesday it will promote “hallyu,” or the Korean Wave, in earnest by establishing hallyu streets in Seoul and an online market where consumers can purchase hallyu content including TV dramas, film and music.

The ministry announced the plans to push four main projects to promote the Korean Wave following the “2010 Hallyu Forum” held at the press center.

The four main projects include establishing hallyu streets in Seoul, setting up an online hallyu market, making a global hallyu map, and expanding cultural exchanges with Central and South America and Europe.

With the number of international travelers visiting Korea increasing every year, hallyu streets will attract even more Asian fans of hallyu stars to Seoul, ministry officials said.

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Source: Kim Yoon-mi @ The Korea Herald

Wow, has someone sent them a world map that includes other regions than just US and Asia? Also that online store better not work just in Internet Explorer and require something ridiculous like sending your passport photo to be able to register an account, learn from your past mistakes, SK!

YG explains his plans for Big Bang's comeback

All the fans' attentions are directed to Big Bang's unit group that will be releasing their new album after a long time.

The 5-member idol group Big Bang under the label YG Entertainment has released an announcement in YG Blog on last 29th November regarding their new album that is gonna be released on February 2nd 2011. It has been 2 years and three months after Big Bang released their 2nd album with the title song 'Sunset Glow' on last November 2008.
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A solo song for each of them on big bang's album? oh yes do want

source: bigbanghaven

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South Korean conglomerates act as though they are above the law

In one case, a former worker alleges that he was beaten and then paid off, just one example that has the public clamoring for an end to impunity for some family-owned firms, called chaebols.

Yoo Hong-joon says he was badly beaten by his former employer. He filed documents with Seoul police seeking criminal prosecution.

Yoo Hong-joon says he knows the wrath of the rich and powerful in a nation dominated by family-owned firms known as chaebols.
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Source: latintimes
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Minhyuk was almost in 'You're Beautiful' instead of Yonghwa

CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk revealed a story of changed fate while making an appearance on the November 30th episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart.”

He began, “I received an opportunity to audition for a Korean drama one day. I had to basically rival with Jung Yong Hwa for a role in SBS’s ‘You’re Handsome.’ We practiced acting with each other and I was definitely better than him at acting. In fact, Yong Hwa-hyung had a very awkward time with it, so I was sure that the opportunity would bend in my favor. I felt that I’d be able to become a somebody if I received the ‘Kang Shin Woo’ role.”

He continued, “I was devastated when I heard that Yong Hwa-hyung got the role while in Japan. I started crying and begging our CEO to give me another chance because I was so hurt. I later heard from the director that my cute image didn’t fit with the ‘Kang Shin Woo’ character, which was why he chose Yong Hwa-hyung. I was really upset every time I read articles calling Yong Hwa-hyung ‘towel man’ or ‘milk man.’ I always thought that it was my spot.”

SNSD’s Sooyoung, who had been listening on, added her own story in order to console him, “Originally, Park Ha Sun’s role in the movie ‘Fool‘ was mine. But if I had done that role, I don’t think I could’ve joined SNSD. I think that everyone has their own time and place.”

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Moon Hee Jun Converts from a Sone and Bows Down to the Queens of T-Ara

H.O.T’s former member, Moon Hee Jun expressed his admiration for T-ara member Eunjung’s talents on the December 1st episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

He began by stating, “I always thought that the person that sang the highlight part in T-ara’s ‘Crazy Because of You‘ would do well as a solo artist. I wanted to bring her to me once her contract ended and produce her myself.”

Eunjung, unable to hide her joy after being complimented by a senior, began singing her highlight part on the spot, causing Moon to exclaim, “Oh, it’s her!”

MC Kim Gura sarcastically butted in by adding, “You can’t even raise yourself, what’re you talking about being the CEO?” Moon retorted, “Why not? I’m not bad, you know!,” but soon after turned towards Eunjung and asked, “Please raise me. I’ll work hard.”

Moon then went on to reveal, “I’ve always liked SNSD up until the point where I saw another team that managed to shake my heart. It was none other than T-ara. I fell in love with Jiyeon after seeing her dance to ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep.‘” Jiyeon then got up and began dancing the choreography, causing Moon to shout with joy while the others burst out with laughter.

source: allkpop and Nate

always knew he was my favorite member of h.o.t for a reason
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Kim Gura Teases One Light Hyoyoung

Kim Gura made some sarcastic comments towards Co-Ed’s title song, “Bbiribbom Bberibbom” on the December 1st episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

Moon Hee Jun introduced the group by stating, “They have two title tracks from their digital single along with a mini-album release. They have been actively promoting thus far but aren’t well known.”

Upon hearing one of their title tracks to be “Bbiribbom Bberibbom,” MC Kim Gura sarcastically commented, “What is that? Some kind of alien speech (bbang sang)?,” causing Star Light Chanmi and One Light Hyo Young to be taken aback.

The ‘bbang sang’ was an internet phenomenon stemming from a woman that claimed to be able to converse with aliens. She made up a series of incomprehensible words such as ‘bbang sang,’ ‘kke rang kka rang’ and even had a song made up of the sounds ‘bbang bbang ddong ddong ddong….’

Kim Gura, who once made a broadcast appearance with the woman, went on to state, “I saw that lady in person. However, she didn’t arrive on a spacecraft, she came riding the KTX.”

He then turned to One Light Hyo Young and asked her to pick out her part in the song.

Hyo Young replied, “I sing the ‘da da da da da da’ part.” When asked to elaborate more specifically, she replied, “I sing the ‘da da da da da’ part after the ‘dot dot dot dot dot’ part,” causing the studio to burst out in laughter.

source: allkpop & Nate

2PM are Twitter fans

With the recent kerfuffle in Twitter-space between local rapper Sheikh Haikel and Korean boyband U-Kiss, it is nice to know another popular Korean boyband 2PM believe in freedom of tweets.

2PM, which made their debut in 2008, believe in 'keeping it real' for its fans - even on social media.

In an e-mail interview, group member Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul writes that they "try not to censor what we tweet".

Thai-Chinese Nichkhun, 21, who grew up in the United States, adds: "Twitter is our personal space, and we use it to interact with our friends and fans. And we can relay news quickly through it. It's good to be able to talk to our fans from different parts of the world."

The six-member heart-throb boyband also comprise Kim Jun Su, 22, Ok Taecyeon, 21, Jang Woo Young and Lee Jun Ho, both 20, and Hwang Chan Sung, 19.
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You can say hi to me anytime you want Junho.

Source: TheKoreaHerald
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Very Small But Awesome Heechul Post

Kim Heechul Chosen as the Official MC of Radio Star

(click to view bigger)

Super Junior's member Kim Heechul has taken over Radio Star's MC position for Shin Junghwan.

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Radio Star Article:
Source: Star News
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he seems so excited about 'king wang zzang', it's so cute! and of course he'd tweet his past pictures as he has been doing for the past billion tweets. 
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STRIPSTAR’s “How Dare You” fails KBS review

SISTAR’s comeback has been met with a setback due to KBS rejecting the lyrics for their third single title track, “How Dare You.”

KBS reasoned that the lyrics were belittling to others, which was why the song failed their review. The group’s music video has already been banned from being aired on public broadcast due to the pole dance it features, making this additional ban quite the obstacle for the group to overcome.

Regarding this, Star Ship Entertainment revealed, “We never thought that the lyrics wouldn’t pass the review. We have already edited the lyrics and re-submitted it for review on December 2nd.”

“How Dare You” features lyrics about a confident woman pained by a former lover, and is a electronic rock fusion track produced by Brave Sound. The group is currently awaiting for their comeback set on December 3rd.

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BEG pushes their comeback to the new year

Yet another reason to look forward to the new year!

The management agency for Brown Eyed Girls, Nega Network, released a statement recently about their activities as a group. “Currently, they’re working on their album, and they plan to make a comeback in January of next year,” the representative stated.

They added, “The members have been busy these days with their solo activities, and although they’ve had some great results, they plan to meet their fans as a group next year.”

The upcoming album will be their 4th. Fans are already in a state of high anticipation since their last single, “Sign“, was released a year and 3 months ago. The girls, knowing that they’ve got some high expectations to meet, are reportedly working hard on ensuring that their release will be a success.

Check back with allkpop for further updates!

I know you should never trust Google Translate but I ran the original article through it and it was saying something about how the fanclubs of Big Bang and Brown Eyed Girls were apparently going to go head to head and I was just 'wtf?' I highly doubt the VIPs see Everlastings as a threat. >_> BUT THAT ASIDE, HOMG.

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Kim Gura tries to trick Jiyeon into saying she had plastic surgery

The topic of discussion was most of the members of T-ara being from some sort of ‘Little Miss Korea’ pageant during their younger years. Eunjung had revealed that she was a ‘Little Miss Korea’ while Co-Ed’s One Light Hyo Young revealed that she was ‘Miss Chunhyang.’

MC Kim Gura went on to ask, “Everyone used to be in pageants. Jiyeon, do you think that you’re the prettiest? After surgery?”

Jiyeon responded, “I didn’t do surg-… No, I don’t know.” To the viewers who watched the exchange, they felt that Jiyeon practically admitted to having work done when she didn’t know how to respond.

Hyomin and Eunjung attempted to ameliorate the situation by adding, “She’s smart.” Hyomin also hinted at plastic surgery by stating, “I think I looked better before.”

Jiyeon answered, “I look better now.

One Light Hyo Young concluded, “I look the same,” causing Hyomin and Jiyeon to glare at her.

Nate News
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Super Junior's Leeteuk Is Crowned 'Crying Baby'.

(click to view bigger)

[Newsen Reporter Park Yeongjoo]

National MC Kang Hodong gave a sincere advice about Leeteuk's attitude.

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Source : NEWSEN
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Super Junior-M Reveals That They Will Be Releasing a New Album to Repay Fans

(click to view bigger)

The event “Celebrities Bringing You Around Seoul”, which was jointly organized by the Seoul Tourism Board and Sina Entertainment, was able to invite Super Junior-M and the programme team of 《Bravely Moving Forward》 to experience Korea’s traditional (sport) Taekwondo together, and after an absence of half a year, SJ-M also revealed that they would be releasing a new album to repay the fans.

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Source: Sina Entertainment
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i bolded the important parts in the second segment so that it's easier to dissect. i should've just bolded the entire thing, by the looks of it :P since in this article, it seems like siwon's talking a lot, do you think he'd be the next leader? i was hoping it'd be zhou mi since he's better at chinese, though... JOINT LEADERSHIP would be cool. 


Despite rumors speculating a possible year-end awards ceremony, KBS will not be holding an awards ceremony this year.

Kwon Jae Yong PD of the KBS’s “Gayo Festival,” which is set to open on December 30th, revealed through an interview with Star News, “Just like last year, we will not be holding a music awards ceremony this year. Currently, we are planning to pick just one song as the ‘best popular song.’ There’s a lot of discussion in the industry wondering about the resurrection of our awards ceremony, but it takes a lot of time in order to collect information and data for a ‘fair’ ceremony. It’s too late this year, so we will be holding discussions about it for next year’s gayo festival.”

KBS held their “Gayo Awards” at the end of every year since 1984, but closed the program in 2005. Since 2006, the company changed the program to “Gayo Festival”, and began showcasing performances as opposed to awards.

source ; akp + Photos: Star News via Nate

oh fo shizzle, who's gonna get best popular song?

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SNSD To Release Hoot mini album in Japan With Extra Goodies~

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Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) will release their Korean mini album, “Hoot“, in Japan on December 22, 2010, right before Christmas.

The album will be kept in its original Korean language format, but the Japanese Limited Edition albums will include six bonux tracks and a DVD with the “Hoot” music video. So instead of five tracks, the CD will have a total of eleven.

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Source: allkpop

I can't wait to see how it'll do on Oricon. ♥

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T-ara’s “Yayaya” was originally meant for Co-Ed?

T-ara, currently gaining popularity for their new album comeback track, “Yayaya“, revealed that the song was actually produced for labelmate Co-Ed’s debut.

A representative of Core Contents Media spoke with Star News on December 2nd and stated, “T-ara’s latest track, ‘Yayaya’, was for rookie group Co-Ed’s debut. After both groups listened to it, T-ara felt that it fit their group’s image better, which is why it was confirmed as the title track for their comeback album. All of the T-ara members have a strong affection for this song. Co-Ed was satisfied with ‘Too Late‘ and shared the song with their seniors.”

He continued, “Another song in the album, ‘My Boo,’ was also for Co-Ed. Co-Ed gave up the song to their seniors after seeing them sing it beautifully.”