December 2nd, 2010

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Kim Dongwan Talks About "Scripted" Variety Shows

[10.12.01] Dongwan's memolog: My eye wrinkles complex
First of all I don't have a complex about my eye wrinkles.
I don't have a complex about my appearance.
I have a complex about my allergies,
And not being able to adjust my mental attitude...
I don't have a complex about my eye wrinkles.

Back then on a program there was a segment to talk about complexes,
When going through the script prior to the show, I said "I don't have any complex!"
They just laughed it off and pointed out this and that, asking "if those aren't your complexes, what is?"...
[This is like asking close female celebrity friends to name a few top stars
And they go, "There's no one that I want to get to know. ~Keke" and make you go speechless. -_-]
It seems that if I get upset about something or nitpick on something, I have a complex about that
So I just roughly picked my eyes among a few possibilities that others may think of...

So it's not that the writer told me to say "I have a complex about my eye wrinkles".
Anyone would think that what I meant what I said... But it was a lie.
I like my eye wrinkles. It can hide my fussy personality,
And I like looking imperfect...
But saying that now seems weird, doesn't it.

It's time to return to these scary variety shows... ㅜㅠ

Translation: 수미 @ AbsolutShinhwa
Source: Dongwan's Naver blog

I think this is a very interesting look into how random comments haphazardly made on variety shows become so attached to idols that it almost starts to define them and carries into every single show and interview afterward. I'm sure there are a few examples we can all think of...

Song Joong Ki to advertise for new game controller, ‘Kinect’

Actor Song Joong Ki recently modeled for the new gesture-interfaced media controller, ‘Kinect‘.

“We chose the child-like, innocent, and healthy image of Song Joong Ki for the new hands-free, body movement controller, ‘Kinect’”, revealed a representative of Microsoft Korea.

Song Jinho, the director of the enterprise department of entertainment devices for Microsoft Korea, also expressed, “We thought Song Joong Ki would match well with Kinect, the game controller that any gender can enjoy. We’re hoping that through this endorsement, many people will gain interest in Kinect.”

Song Joong Ki’s CF for Kinect will begin airing on TV from December 3rd onwards.

sources: nate + akp

Outsider update: concert lineup, interview, icon + more

Concert lineup revealed:
Adieu Concert [Radio Star] lineup: San-E, Gilme, Sunday2pm, LMNOP, The Curious, Illinit, Louis B (J'kyun & Kuan), Morning Star & Special Guest

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Interview for arirangworld's ShowBiz Extra (subbed)

CR: arirangworld

MBC Icon perfs (Nov 27)
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me2day updates for 11/27 & 11/28
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NARSHA // lady crimson

Brown Eyed Girls first Japanese single "Sign"

With the release of their album "Sound-G" in August, the 4 member Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls have planned to release their debut Japanese single on January 26 2011.

Originally the title track from the previously mentioned Sound-G repackage album, the Japanese version of "Sign" was chosen to be their first single. The song's lyrics reflects the trembling feelings of a woman's heart upon a crisp and beautiful melody. The coupling track will feature a cover of the theme song for the TV drama "Stairway to Heaven" by Kim Bum Soo called "Aitai (Bogoshipda)" in Japanese.

There will be 4 types - Limited Edition A, B, C and a Regular Edition. Limited Edition A will feature the music video and behind the scenes footage on a DVD. Limited Edition B will include the group's latest photographic calendar while Limited Edition C will feature the karaoke version of Sign and an alternate jacket. Fans will be sure to look forward to this!

And if you haven't seen the original version of Sign, here it is.
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source: Tower Records Japan, translated by kimivalkyrie
officialBEG on youtube

BRB SHAKING AND CRYING, I AM HAVING A BEG OVERLOAD. TAKE MY MONEY PLZ. And I am really happy that they're choosing to promote Sign as a proper single. My only concern is the places in Sign where the melody is quite high and when it's sung in Japanese, it'll somehow get higher due to how Japanese language is. This happened in Abracadabra's Japanese version and I hope it won't change the tone of the song too much. :s

『포니』wipe your nose

indie band promotes prostitution and human trafficking, says KBS

October 25 Broccoli You Too released their 2nd album 'Graduation', asking for an examination concerning broadcast possibility from each broadcast station. Contrary to all the other broadcastings which judged the 12 tracks (including hidden track) fitting for broadcast, KBS rejected the one song 'Graduation' with the reason the lyrics being sex-appealing. On November 26, the band Broccoli You Too requested a reexamination without special changes in the song.

Following the article from Kukinews reporter Lee Sun Hee, the part of the lyrics with the sexual appealing problem is '꿈에서 아직 덜 깬 아이들은 내일이면 모든 게 끝날 듯 짝짓기에 몰두했지' (roughly translated to 'when it becomes tomorrow, the children that are still half asleep in their dreams, will be absorbed into copulation(짝짓기)') and '우리들은 팔려가는 서로를 바라보며 서글픈 작별의 인사를 나누네' (roughly translated to 'looking at each other, selling (ourselves), we say our lonesome farewells'). The KBS committee for examining songs reported that "With the word 'copulation'(짝짓기), meaning the pairing behavior of animals, it associates with the sexual act of humans. And, 'selling'(팔려가는) associating prostitution and human trafficking, [the song] is not advisable."

Broccoli You Too can't agree with the quested part being seen as 'sexual appealing'. The expression 'copulation'(짝짓기) means, following to the Standard Korean Language Dictionary of the National Institute of the Korean Language, a pairing behavior of animals and sexual act of humans, but can also have the meaning of 'people who like each other pairing up or being paired up'. Broccoli You Too thinks that connecting this word with the sexual meaning out of those two, was because of a simple analysis, not considering the context of the lyrics. Also at the second problem considering 'selling', the lyrics have not been taken in context properly. It has to be understood, that this is a metaphor of the state after graduation, choosing a workplace you don't want, just to earn money. Understanding that, it is impossible to connect this line with prostitution or human trafficking.

sources: boonga boonga records, violet sweets (rough translation)

The song that is corrupting our nation's youth.
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South Korea warns of more strikes from neighbours

A FRESH wave of military strikes by North Korea is very likely, a South Korean intelligence chief said.

The revelation came hours after Seoul said it was planning more military exercises with the US – a flashpoint for last week’s fatal attacks.

North Korean troops shelled the border island of Yeonpyeong last week, killing four South Koreans.

Won Sei-hoon, director of South Korea’s National ­Intelligence Service, said: “There is a high possibility that the North will make another attack.”

And Chung Min Lee, South Korea’s ambassador for international security affairs, said Seoul is determined to “beef up” its forces on the island.

But China is angry with the latest round of war games and wants to push for fresh six-nation talks to discuss North Korea’s nuclear goals.

The talks, involving both Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the US, have been shelved since April 2009.

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South Korea considers online gaming curfew

In an attempt to address the growing number of online gaming addicts across the country, the South Korean government is close to imposing a curfew making it illegal for children to play online games overnight.

Not only does South Korean have the largest online gaming community in the world, it also has its fair share of tragedy associated with it. Several incidents have been reported in which gaming has directly, or indirectly, ended in death.

A 15 year old South Korean boy was alleged to have murdered is mother, before committing suicide, after being scolded for playing online games for too long. In another case, an older male died after a non-stop gaming session lasting over five days.

It's not just the extreme cases that have led the South Korean government to consider requiring Internet service providers to cut off access to online games, for all users under the age of 16, for the six hours following midnight.

"The thing about online games is, once you are in it, it is extremely hard to get out of it, especially if you are a young kid," said Jo Rin, a South Korean ministry official in charge of the law.

"A lot of kids play games all night long and have trouble studying at school and going about their normal lives during daytime. We believe the law is necessary to ensure their health and a right to sleep."

My question is... why aren't parents putting limits on the amount of time their children spend in front of a monitor?

Source: bizreport
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Canada, South Korea in talks on beef ban

A stock farmer walks at a local cattle market in Hongseong, about 170 km south of Seoul on July 29, 2008. South Korea is the only country maintaining its ban on Canadian beef since an outbreak of mad cow disease, in 2003.

The Canadian beef industry is cautiously optimistic that Canada and South Korea will resolve a seven-year-old beef trade dispute outside of the World Trade Organization, a top official said on Wednesday.
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Source: thestar
____ JOO♥

4minute in Japan Update

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This week will definitely be a busy week for the girls of 4Minute as they will start working and promoting again in Japan for the upcoming release of their Japanese Debut Album entitled: "DIAMOND."

To start their Japanese activities, 4Minute attended the DVD Launching of the Korean Version of the popular Japanese Manga: "Dragon Zakura" which is now famously known as "God of Study" in South Korea. The event was held at Laforet Museum in Harajuku, this December 1, 2010. 4Minute is one of the singers of the Korean drama's OSTs. They sang the song "Dreams Come True" which eventually had a Japanese Ver. and was released together with their recent single: "FIRST."

Together with the girls, Japanese actress Nishikawa Ayako, also attended the said event. She was reportedly chosen to play the role of the female doctor for the Japanese version of the drama.

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4minute Thailand
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Candy Butterflies

Spies Intercepted Plans for Yeonpyeong Attack in August

Spies Intercepted Plans for Yeonpyeong Attack in August

The National Intelligence Service intercepted hints that North Korea was planning to shell Yeonpyeong Island, three months before the arrack, it emerged on Wednesday.

Members of the National Assembly Intelligence Committee quoted NIS Director Won Sei-hoon as saying the agency knew from wiretapping that the North Korean regime ordered the military to prepare to attack the five islands in the West Sea. He said the NIS submitted the intelligence report to President Lee Myung-bak.

Committee members said since the North is constantly making such threats, the government apparently failed to take it seriously.

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Source: Chosun Ilbo

I don't know if this factored in the resignation of the Defense Minister, but it does tie into this post.
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2AM Lusts After Girls They Can't Get

On a recent broadcast of ‘Happy Together‘, 2AM members and Jeon Hyun Moo were asked, ‘Which 2AM member is the most different in front of girls?’ After the voting ended, Seulong received 3 votes and Changmin received 2 votes.

Jo Kwon expressed, ‘Even though Seulong is usually an attentive person, in front of girls, the look in his eyes is different. In particular, his eye-smile is very charming.‘ To demonstrate what Jo Kwon meant, Seulong showed off his eye-smile and captured the hearts of the audience.

On the other hand, Seulong voted for Changmin. Seulong revealed that Changmin is a ‘lacking man’ in front of girls. He said, ‘Changmin is very cold to girls, which makes them feel like it’s the first time they’ve been treated like this by a man.‘

Changmin objected, “After Seulong and IU sang a duet together, he doesn’t refer to her by her stage name anymore, but calls her ‘Ji Eun-ah‘,” revisiting the point that Seulong has a way with women.

source: allkpop & nate
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THIS IS A RANKING POST & jiyoung is an irl troll

2AM and KARA participated KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” ‘famous idols’ special episode on December 2nd and were asked to rank each other according to their level of inerest.

Changmin immediately expressed his glee over winning all of the votes by stating, “Today’s going to be fun!” He was even more elated over the fact that Jiyoung chose him, especially since he previously chose her as his ideal woman. Upon seeing his bright smile, Jiyoung added, “I just wanted to see what would happen if I wrote your name,” causing Changmin to become devastated.

Second place was taken by maknae Jinwoon, who is also the best friend of Nicole. When asked what she thought Jinwoon’s charm was, Nicole replied, “He is very caring towards other people.” When asked why she didn’t choose Seulong, Nicole answered, “Because he’s scary!”

The 2AM members, including MC Jun Hyun Mu, gave ties to Goo Hara and Park Gyuri, putting them in first. When asked for their reasons, 2AM replied, “Goo Hara is small, I want her as my little sister. Gyuri is cool, even her looks!”

Second place was taken by Jiyoung, with Changmin obviously showing off that he voted for her himself.

source: allkpop & Nate
Junhyung The Fact

Beast's Yong Junhyung's Surprise Confession

The original name of the BEAST member Yong Junhyung is becoming a hot topic among the netizens.

In ‘Saebwaki’ that will be broadcasted on the 4th, Yong Junhyung had revealed his dilemma that he faced with his name ‘Yong Jaesoon’.

Yong Junhyung stated, “I didn’t even tell my members because I was embarrassed, but I received a lot of stress from it. During 6th grade, I ended up changing my name.”

Translation: aoistars@B2STRISING

{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

King Wang Zzang Prohibited From Being Played On National TV & Heechul's Tweets!

Kingwangjjang Prohibited from Being Played on National TV

(click to view bigger)

Singer Defconn's digital single Kingwangjjang has been censored from being played on national TV after it received a decision from the broadcasting regulation commission.
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King Wang Zzang Article:
Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Heechul's Tweets:
Source: @Heedictator
Shared by IINA @
Translated by eternalsnow @ [011210, 021210]
Please take out with full and proper credits.

damn, i really wanted to watch heechul perform king wang zzang with defconn. 
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Despite trolling his life, Changmin still likes Jiyoung

2AM’s Changmin expressed his infinite affection for KARA’s Kang Jiyoung on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together.”

Changmin had previously chosen her as his ideal woman on another variety program but was unfortunately rejected by her due to the difference in their ages.

Jun Hyun Mu, who had been at the scene, commented, “It’s hard to be so direct on variety programs, but she said she didn’t like him right off the bat.

Changmin clarified, “Well, my youngest uncle is seven years older than me, so of course Jiyoung thinks I’m an old man since we’re eight years apart.

Changmin was rejected once again on the broadcast due to Jiyoung being a minor, leading Park Myung Soo to add, “You know, you can get married even as a minor as long as you get permission from your parents.” When asked to try to put herself in the position of her parents, Jiyoung adamantly refused, causing the studio to burst out in laughter.

On the topic of Jiyoung’s charms, Changmin replied, “She’s so cute, I want her as my little sister.” When asked by Park Mi Sun, “Really, just your little sister?,” Changmin shyly covered his face, causing Seulong to comment, “That’s disgusting!

Despite the KARA members even revealing the bad sleeping habits of Jiyoung, ‘Jiyoung Sunflower’ during the show, Changmin disagreed and gave a fatherly smile while stating that even her snoring and teeth gritting sounded adorable.

AKP + nate

Getting creepy, changmin
yoonjo <3 taengsic

Haragoo likes to take it off

KARA’s Goo Hara revealed a shocking habit on a recent broadcast of ‘Happy Together‘.

Hara confessed, “When I’m home alone, I don’t wear any clothes. I like to be comfortable.”

The other attendees were shocked by Hara’s confession and asked, “Do you really not wear any clothes?” MC Park Mi Seon then questioned, “So you have become Eve?” to which Hara nodded shyly with a laugh.

In response to everyone’s shock, Hara explained, “I like to do this because it’s the most comfortable. I also go to sleep without any clothes.”

2AM also confessed, “Even when there are other members around, we can take off our clothes. We’re always hang out in our underwear when we’re in our dorms.”

Sources: AKP, Nate