December 4th, 2010

[News] T-ara's Indian Girl Dance: Adorable

7-member girl group T-ara made a brilliant comeback stage.

On December 3rd, T-ara made a comeback on KBS2TV's Music Bank with tracks 'YaYaYa' and 'Why Are You Like This?'.

Wearing white jackets with sparkling accents, T-ara opened up with a sexy look with 'Why Are You Like This?'.

They then performed 'YaYaYa' in their Indian Girl costumes sporting a cute look. With its addictive melody, arrangement, and unique lyrics, T-ara came back with a fresh dance-pop routine.

This comeback is more special because it is the first performance as a 7-member girl group, with the recent addition of 17-year old Ryu Hwayoung.

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Rainbow on The Muzit

Rainbow ended their promotions for Mach two weeks ago but to those of you who're already having mild withdrawal symptoms - help is here! The girls appeared on The Muzit recently where they performed a cover of The Pussycat Doll's Stickwitu (with live band) and their aforementioned single Mach and also sat down for a long interview with K.Will, Yoo Youngsuk and Yesung:


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Source: Videos 1, 2, 3 and 4 all @ prismatic7forum.

FnC launches "CEMULA” Bag

C.N Blue and F.T Island’s agency, FNC Music launched their own brand for bags. The brand, called “Cemula” comes from the words ‘celebrity’ and ‘formula’ dubbed to mean “the official celebrity”. The logo for the brand is a modified ‘power button’ to symbolize it as a trend setter.

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Korea's Girls' Generation/SNSD Ready To Storm Japan

by Rob Schwartz  |   December 03, 2010 4:02 EST

The Japanese music market may be increasingly resistant to international repertoire, but that isn't stopping Girls' Generation. The Korean girl group is hoping to turn huge YouTube buzz into sales in Japan and other international markets.

Known as So Nyuh Shi Dae, or SNSD, at home and as Shoujo Jidai in Japan, the nine-member pop group has become a most-viewed regular on YouTube. Its kitsch videos for songs including "Gee" and "Hoot" have racked up 30.1 million and 5.9 million views, respectively.

Put together by South Korean management company/label SM Entertainment, group members Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun -- all known only by their first names -- have been huge stars in Korea since their 2007 debut. In addition to releasing a total of seven projects, including several repackages of the same material, the act has secured high-profile endorsements with Samsung and LG.

But with opportunities limited by the size of the Korean market, Girls' Generation is now targeting more lucrative international territories. Its first stop is Japan. The country has shown greater interest in Korean music since the success of such acts as BoA and Tohoshinki. And the girls' cute image appeals to J-pop fans.

According to Susumu Machida, managing director of the group's Universal-owned label Nayutawave Records, the major began capitalizing on the YouTube buzz by releasing a DVD compilation of the act's videos before issuing a record. Initial purchasers of "Shoujo Jidai Tourai: New Beginning of Girls' Generation," released Aug. 11, gained access to the act's debut Japan shows at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo on Aug. 25.

"Both their singing and dancing are remarkable," Machida says. "And that has driven their popularity."

The DVD -- which has sold 60,000 copies, according to Universal -- was followed by a rerecording of the group's Korean hit "Tell Me Your Wish" as its debut Japanese single, "Genie." The single hit No. 4 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100 and has sold 98,000 copies since its Sept. 8 release, according to SoundScan Japan. Follow-up single "Gee" reached No. 2 and has sold 80,000 since Oct. 20.

Meanwhile, aided by the fact that Sooyoung speaks fluent Japanese, the band secured appearances on more than 20 Japanese TV shows: almost unprecedented coverage for an international act. "Their performance on TV is so well-produced and sharp," Machida says. "In Japan, that's half the battle."

Girls' Generation's first Japanese-language album is due in the spring, and the group may target Europe later in 2011. There aren't yet any plans for a North American release.


i guess the only new news here is that they MAY target europe in 2011.  but good for them for being mentioned in billboard. 
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4minute’s Nam JiHyun: newest “Bagel Girl”

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4minute’s Nam JiHyun’s young and glamorous body has become a hot issue amongst fans.

With her baby face and glamorous body, JiHyun has been named the newest “Bagel Girl (베이글녀) (baby face+glamorous)”.

With JiHyun now starting her solo activities, she was given another chance to be assessed in the spotlight. JiHyun is currently starring and showcasing her new and unseen charms in SBS’s drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“, and she is receiving a lot of love from her fans.

Through the community board of the drama’s official site, fans have left comments such as, “I’m waiting for unnie’s scenes,” “Newest ‘Bagel Girl’,” and “I really like JiHyun’s eye smile.”

In addition, JiHyun recently revealed herself wearing a wedding dress, capturing the hearts of many male fans.

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Shin Hyesung's Concert Is A Success, New Song Name Is Announced

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It’s been five years since Shin Hye Sung, the lead vocalist of male group Shinhwa, made his solo debut and it’s been 18 months since his last big concert. So it was to a jubilant audience of 1500 fans that the singer returned to on December 4th, with an intimate 2-hour long concert.

To stay true to the concert’s name, ‘Close To You‘, Shin Hye sung chose a smaller venue in order to create an intimate atmosphere with his fans. He also selected that particular venue out of a sense of nostalgia, since it was where he held his first solo meet.

Not only did Shin Hye Sung perform his hit tracks like “First Person” and “Peter Pan’s Serenade“, but he also covered many other songs including 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It“.

Shin Hye Sung announced that he will be making a solo comeback in January 2011, and stirred up his fans with a preview of his upcoming title track, “Think About It“.

As the concert winded down to its close, the singer expressed his concluding thoughts: “It’s been a long time since I’ve performed and this moment right here makes me so very happy. What strengthens my will to continue singing is all of you. I will return soon with good music.”

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I NEED fancams ASAP. XD

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T-ARA - Bo Peep Bo Peep

Lotus Wang does a cover of T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

Last year, T-ara’s comeback track after their debut, ‘Bo Beep Bo Peep‘, soared the group to fame for their cute outfits and bear paws in their performances, not to mention the ridiculously addictive melody and accompanying dance moves for the song.

A veteran Taiwanese entertainer (aged 41) by the name of Lotus Wang (王彩樺) has just released a Taiwanese cover of T-ara’s song with the name of ‘Bobee 保庇‘.

This track is the title track for her upcoming album, to be released on December 8th and marks her debut as a singer since debuting some 25 years ago as an entertainer.

Check out her cover below!

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Mega MNet Ultimate Live! Post Coming Right Up~!



Return to the Lion City: Kim Junsu will be playing tour guide to the rest
of his bandmates as they return to our shores for their December 04 concert
PICTURE: Launch Entertainment

FANCY having a Korean pop star for a neighbour?

Well, you may have had a star-to-be living next to you and never known it.

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Reported by Charlene Chua for The New Paper (Singapore)



RARELY would you have artistes acknowledging that they lag behind other celebrities in fame and success.

So, it was surprising and somewhat refreshing to hear the dudes of Korean pop quartet 2AM admit that their boyband peers 2PM are 'definitely more popular than us in Singapore'.

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Reported by Tan Kee Yun for The New Paper (Singapore)



IN THEIR fans' eyes, they are perfect. Adoring fans have dubbed the guys' act 'hole-proof', a literal translation from a Korean expression meaning perfect.

Since they made their debut last year, the members of Korean boyband Beast have enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. But just because the six dashing guys are relishing their new-found celebrity, it doesn't mean they would date only those in show business. One of them is even willing to date fans who can't speak Korean.

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Reported by Charlene Chua for The New Paper (Singapore)

Frankly, My Dear...

2,000 fans flock to greet Boys Over Flowers star Kim Hyun Joong at airport, but they didn't hear this atypical Korean idol's brutally honest answers...

HE WASN'T going to tell you something you wanted to hear or give a politically correct answer.

Korean heart-throb and Boys Over Flowers star Kim Hyun Joong - who plays the enigmatic Yoon Ji Hoo in the hit 2009 Korean TV series - made this clear when he visited Singapore for the first time.

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Reported by Charlene for The New Paper

SHINee’s Minho and SNSD Yuri’s “kiss” scene revealed!

As reported earlier, SNSD’s Yuri and SHINee’s Minho participated in the recording of KBS 2TV’s ‘100 Points out of 100′, where they reenacted a kiss scene from the musical ‘Grease‘, as a way to learn how to express a wider variety of emotions on camera.

Many of you have been waiting for the “kiss” scene, and it’s finally here!

We don’t want to spoil anything, so just check out the cut below, and tell us what you think!
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Junsu revealed a unique habit of drunk Thai prince

Section TV Entertainment News” visited the set of JYP Nation’s Christmas carol music video recently and discussed a bit about how the labelmates act around one another at agency events.

When asked what everyone’s drinking habits were, 2PM’s Junsu revealed, “I once saw Nichkhun rapping in Thai after drinking,” leading the studio to burst out in laughter.

Netizens that viewed the segment commented, “Looks like our Thai prince has unique habits,” “Normally people fall asleep, but Khun raps?,” “I’d like to go drinking with them,” and “How cute.”

Source + Photos: My Star News via Nate, allkpop


2AM and Brian Joo tells us where to be on December 11

Organized by the Philippine KPOP Committee, Inc., the landmark of all KPOP events in the country is back and ready to make history once more!
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So to every Kpop fan in the Philippines, don't miss out on this chance! Support Kpop and support Gawad Kalinga through this event!~ See you there!

asdfghjkl. amazing organizers are amazing. <333

article/press release:
brian's video: kpopconph
2am's video: kpopconph

Was Ryu Hwa Young nervous about joining T-ara?

T-ara’s newest member, Ryu Hwa Young, shared her feelings on joining the group via a short interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay.”

Hwa Young, who debuted with the group in their “YaYaYa” promotions, was asked by the reporter, “Were you not scared of the unnis?

Being the second maknae of the group (alongside Jiyeon), Hwa Young replied, “I wasn’t scared, I was just really nervous because they were all so pretty.

When the reporter turned to Jiyeon to ask whether she felt upset about having to share the privileged maknae position, Jiyeon answered, “I’m actually glad I have a friend my age now.”

Moving on, the girls were then asked to choose the one member that was never home, and without hesitation, they all chose Eun Jung. Since Eun Jung is currently busy filming for KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, “Dream High“, she added, “I think I’ll only get busier because of the drama…

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The Korean War: Australia in the Giants' Playground

Diggers bring in a wounded Korean boy for medical treatment.

A 'forgotten' conflict is told anew through the eyes of Australian soldiers brought face to face with the human cost of the Cold War.

THE Korean War (1950-53) has been called many things. "Forgotten war" is a favourite description. Despite the best efforts of Mash, Korea has never quite occupied a firm place in the public imagination. "Proxy war" is often used by historians. In Korea the Cold War superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, fought each other indirectly.

Yet "unfinished" might be the most appropriate term given that Korea is still divided at the 38th Parallel, a relic of past struggles, a sad reminder that when the wall came down not all of the Cold War's problems were solved.
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The solo concert live DVD is original versions for Japan!

Release day: January 26th(Wed)

Price: 5,250yen(tax-included)

Contents:3DVD+Photo Book
DISC 3:MAKING DVD(B I G B A N G / 2 N E 1 / S E 7 E N / G U M M Y)

TRANS: bbupdates


Go behind the stage with T-ara as they prepare for their ‘Inkigayo’ comeback!

Pictures of T-ara preparing for their comeback performance on SBSInkigayo’ with their title-track ‘YaYaYa‘ have just been revealed!

The group transformed into Native Americans for their new concept, and fans can see the members rushing around everywhere, trying to stick feathers in their hair. New member Hwayoung was even seen practicing her dance moves in front of a mirror.

When I first heard the song, the first thing that I thought of was ‘Native Americans’. The concept was Native American, but we wanted to make the outfits and accessories as simple as possible with light make up and feathers as the main point,” explained Kim Shin Jung, T-ara’s stylist.

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SIA interview with F.CUZ

We interviewed the group F.CUZ who even before their debut in Korea in Jan 2010 gained the interest from people through the Internet. In September they held their first show case “Hug My Heart” in Japan and gained the love of Japanese fans. In December they’ll come back to hold a concert for their fans.

I never thought we’d end up in the same group as Jinon….

-----I’ve heard you have members who are graduates from the same high school?
Jinon: Yes, originally me, Yejun and Kan are from the same high school. They are my under classmates.
Kan: Jinon-hyung is our saviour.
LeeU: At first I thought Kan was half. With his broad shoulders he seemed to have a lot of confidence and seemed quite arrogant (laugh). Yejun had silky hair, fair skin, a cute smile and seemed charming.. Jinon-hyung…
(Kan and Yejun start laughing)
Jinon: Why are you laughing? It’s not something bad right? It’s something good? (laugh)
LeeU: Jinon was the first member I met but at that time he was wearing jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt and swept back hair. He also had a beard so at first I thought he was a handsome manager. (laugh) I heard from the company president that he was the leader.
Jinon: In the beginning LeeU really didn’t like the idea of me being in the group. The face he made when the company president told him I was a part of the group clearly said “I really don’t want to do this with him!”. (laugh)
LeeU: I was really worried about having someone who seemed so old be a part of an idol group…
Kan: But in reality there’s only a 1 year difference between them. (laugh)
LeeU: When I went for lessons, he had let down his hair and cut his beard so he looked similar to the actor Kwon Sang-woo. At that time I realized what a difference it made in his looks when he had his hair down in comparison to up. (laugh) Jinon has a face that the more you look at it the more charming it gets. (grin)

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missA's Suzy Has no Taste; Chooses a Nobody Over Taecyeon

Love stories between drama characters are always engaging to watch, but what happens when people try to translate them into the real world?

A new romantic fandom was created on December 4th after an interesting incident occurred during the “Dream High” cast interview with “Entertainment Relay“.

During the interview, it was revealed that miss A’s Suzy plays the love interest of both 2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Soo Hyun. Attempting to bridge the gap between fiction and reality, the reporter asked Suzy, “Between Taecyeon and Kim Soo Hyun, which one of them is closest to your ideal man?”

Suzy, after much hesitation, chose Kim Soo Hyun, causing Taecyeon to burst out of his seat in a fit of jealousy. Taecyeon sputtered, “Normally people don’t choose, but she really chose!”

Castmate Lee Yoon Ji laughingly added, “This is the first time I saw an actress actually choose. Normally, people say ‘both’ or ‘I like this person for this and that person for that.‘”

Suzy shyly attempted to conclude the segment by stating, “I really had a hard time choosing!”

Fangirls are probably typing away furiously at ‘Taecyeon x Suzy’ fanfictions at this very moment.
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source: allkpop and Nate & twoonedayy

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