December 5th, 2010


Artists attending the “2010 Melon Music Awards”

As the ceremony date for the “2010 Melon Music Awards” draws near, music fans will be delighted to hear that artists from all three companies - SME, YGE and JYPE - will be standing on one stage.

Representatives of Melon Music revealed that viewers can anticipate a meaningful ceremony because of the variety of confirms from different agencies. “We believe that artists confirmed their attendances because they trust the fairness of our awards show. It will be a highly meaningful ceremony, as artists will be giving back the love they’ve received from their fans all year long together.”

Many collaboration stages are under preparation, along with a cute surprise by ceremony host Song Joong Ki.

SNSD, 2AM, 2PM, 2NE1, T-ara, CNBLUE, IU, Lee Seung Ki, DJ DOC and 4Men have been chosen as the top 10 nominees for the “2010 Artist Award”, the winner of which will be revealed during the ceremony.

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KFC is proven wrong (again) with line graphs

[TRANS] 101201 JYJ's Seoul Concert's Enormous Economic Ripple Effect

Attracted over 3000 fans from Japan, China etc... Creates added value of tens of billions of Won

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▲Over 3000 foreigners from all over the world, such as Japan, China and the US, came to Korea to attend JYJ's concert that was held in Jamshil's Olympic Stadium

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Miss A's Min Puts on Sweatpants; Korea is Scandalized

Sexy, vivacious, and bold, miss A’s Min is the best candidate to shake up the more conservative attitudes with her ‘Devil May Care’ outlook on life. And that’s precisely what she did on the latest episode of “100 Points of out 100“.
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Soyeon reveals Eunjung's sleeping habits

On T-ara's recent interview in 'Entertainment Tonight', they showed off their new looks for their comeback 'YaYaYa'.

Member Soyeon who was notorious for revealing T-ara's habits, revealed Eunjung's sleeping habits.

"Because she has alot of activities, when she goes home she's very tired and goes to bed immediately." she continues "When she sleeps she has this habit which makes her look scary! When she's fully asleep, her lips curl up and it looks weird"

Because of this, Eunjung felt embarassed, and the MC with T-ara exploded in laughter!

Meanwhile, T-ara has recently started their comeback promotions for their Mini-album "Temptastic"

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Shim Changmin's interview with Grazia - "for me, it is essential to be in love"

Regardless of how busy I am, I would like to have blossoming relationship.
I need to express my feelings during work, for me, it is essential to be in love.

After went through the days dazzled with storms of life, Changmin who hasn't been seen for a long time, was slightly different from the past, as he exuded an aura of mature temptation.
However his never changing youth-like innocence and sincerity still appeared when he smiled.
He is still hesitating on the verge of becoming a man from a boy.
Despite of having hesitation in his work and relationship, he'd still choose to keep moving forward.

Once in a life time.

In this kind of season.

And because of the radiance that shines within him, people are unable to take their eyes off him.
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1. Changmin is no longer a boy, you know in case you missed out that he's 22 now
2. He is a deer, and feels better after gaining more weight and muscle but he doesn't like being called ~sexy~
3. He's gotta purple like that, his time is still going on
4. Wants to get married soon... boooooy you have plenty of time lol
5. "This goes the same for women, sexy is not defined by how much skin she bares. (laughs) Let it be household chores or work, if a lady can has her own things done properly, she looks sexy to me."
6. Tells his fans not to be obsessive stalkers like a boss
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A new Korean War would be just as brutal as the first one, veterans say

Grim as it was for them, the old soldiers of the Korean War would go back again if they could.

"I'm ready to saddle up," said Peter Popolizio, 80.

As a 21-year-old, he fought for Pork Chop Hill, the most famous battle of the war.

"If I was a little younger, I'd go back," said Popolizio, who earned a Silver Star. "We all would."

But make no mistake: The veterans do not want to see their country fighting on the Korean peninsula ever again.
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Will Marine Corps be reborn as strategic force?

South Korea’s Marine Corps, nicknamed “Ghost Busters,” has a worldwide reputation for its combat prowess amid successful operations during the Korean War and in Vietnam.

Despite such fame the service has been domestically recognized merely as a small force affiliated with the Navy.

It has long suffered from a small budget as larger parts of defense spending have been funneled into the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Of the 9-trillion-won spending for this year’s arms improvements, the Marine Corps received just 100 billion won, some 1.2 percent of the total.

Moreover, its main responsibility has apparently shifted from amphibious assault operations to coastal and facility protection and security services, with the shortage of manpower and planned troop reductions.
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BTS photos for Seung Gi's letters from angels photoshoot + SG delivers coal to the needy

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Sources: lsgfan1 lsgfan2 tvdaily twitter@4portrait (picture 1 and picture 2)

The pictures are BTS because they're teasers from the photographer's twitter account. Letters from Angels is an annual photoshoot that raises awareness and support for domestic adoptions. The sharing happiness volunteer corps is part of Dongheng, and Seung Gi personally made an effort to became a part of it to help. :)
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Twitter Updates From Heechul, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Donghae & Yesung


021210: Heechul & Hongki's Conversation

└ From @skullhong :ㅋㅋㅋ나도희님닮아가나요...안돼는데
From @skullhong :ㅋㅋㅋ I also look like Heenim... oh no

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Jellyfish Entertainment to release a Christmas carol album, “Jelly Christmas”

Artists from the Jellyfish Entertainment label will be collaborating for a digital Christmas carol album, “Jelly Christmas.”

Their first song off the album, “Christmas Time,” will be unveiled on the morning of December 7th along with a music video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from their recording studio. Fans will get to see Park Hyo Shin, Sung Shi Kyung, Brian Joo, Kim Hyung Joong, Lisa, and Park Hak Ki amongst many others.

A representative of their agency revealed, “It’s a meaningful event as they’ve all come together for this album. They prepared this album in order to spend a fun Christmas holiday. Fans will be able to hear lines as sweet as Sung Shi Kyung’s trademark, ‘Sleep well~’

A portion of the profits from the album will be donated to the ‘Snowmen Making Miracles‘ campaign by NGO Good Neighbors in order to aid starving children overseas.

original source; nate
translation source; allkpop

The music video was posted a view entries earlier here.
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H. Young Twins' Childhood Photos Revealed

T-ara’s new member Ryu Hwa Young revealed childhood photos of herself with her twin sister, Co-Ed’s One Light Hyo Young, through Star News on December 6th.

Born in 1993, the twins are currently high school sophomores but still look very much like they did when they were younger. This first photo (below), taken in 1995, features the twins wearing identical outfits while posing cutely for the camera.
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JYJ CH[V] Thailand Asian No.1 Pop Artist of December '10

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Please look forward to the greatness of 3 hottest boys ‘JYJ’

Let’s celebrate the end of the year with the come back of JYJ with their 1st English album! The hottest trio ‘JYJ’ will come back as CH[V] Thailand Asian No.1 Pop Artist of December 2010!

You don’t have to wait for them any longer Cassiopeia, please welcome the come back of 3 hottest guys Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu under the new group artists ‘JYJ’ which came from their initial name. JYJ come back with the 1st English album ‘The Beginning’.They have worked with the popular producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins who also produced the music for Lady GaGa and Britney Spears. The trio got a chance to compose the song in this album too.

Do not miss this Cassiopeia! JYJ will keep you company til the end of this year as Asian No.1 Pop artist for the whole month a CH[V] Thailand “To Ma Duay Kan Tow Pra Taed” by True Vision on D84, A31

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