December 6th, 2010

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4Minute to be featured in new ShoeMarker event, prizes include donuts and BBQ ribs

ShoeMarker will hold a special event until December 26th featuring 4minute entitled "ShoeMarker's Epic Trend Campaign."

ShoeMarker will commemorate the campaign with a special new commercial featuring the sexy fashion leaders of 4minute. ShoeMarker will also revamp their homepage featuring the girls, and it will include exclusive shoe reports, individual CF blogs, etc.

For this event, people who subscribe have a chance to win prizes such as a Nikon D5000, a 16GB iPhone, Dunkin Donuts and BBQ ribs, etc.

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man with the chest of a greek god causes fans to bleed from his hotness

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A couple days ago, 2AM’s Seulong shared with his fans that he had to eat 20 raw eggs a day. Earlier today, Seulong updated his Twitter with a photo revealing the results of his questionable raw egg diet.

He posted,

“This is the result – - ke ke This is what happens when you eat 60 eggs in Singapore ke“

Fans expressed their satisfaction with comments filled with wows, nosebleeds, and fainting. The photo, apparently taken on the set of a photoshoot, gives fans a warning to brace themselves before the hot pictorial is released!

To be honest, we’re surprised that he’s managed to escape the clutches of salmonella thus far, but we can’t argue that the results are smokin’!

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T-ara’s Eunjung and Hyomin send their love

Earlier today, T-ara’s Eunjung and Hyomin tweeted about their love for their fans, and attached some cute and sexy photos from the set of a Gayo Daejun shoot.

First Hyomin posted,

In the middle of a Gayo Daejun photoshoot right now!! I love you~~❤❤ go it go it do it do it do

Followed by Eunjung, who uploaded two sets of photos saying,

“At the Gayo Daejun poster photoshoot!!Pictures thanks to makeup…

"Hul_ I love you too…. ke ke

Fans commented on their photos saying, “We love you too :D“, “So Cute ♥” and “Gorgeous!

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Rain Steals a Raptor's Girlfriend

Rain and Shin Se Kyung have both confirmed their roles in the upcoming blockbuster movie, "The Red Muffler". The movie is reported to cost over $10 billion won ($8.8 million USD). Produced by CJ Entertainment and directed by Kim Dong Won, the movie is based around the air bombings of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Due to the recent attacks and tensions between the North and South, the movie is expected to catch attention and become a big topic amongst fans. A representative of the movie revealed, "Rain chose 'The Red Muffler' as his last project before entering milistary services. The heroine of the movie will be played by Shin Se Kyung."

Rain will be playing the role of 'Taehoon', a fighter pilot who is in love with an auto mechanic, played by Shin Se Kyung. A representative commented, "Rain has signed his contract but Shin Se Kyung has yet to sign due to some issues". He also revealed that the title of the movie could be changed to "Living in the Sky" and that some details are yet to be set it stone.

"The Red Muffler" is a remake of the 1964 movie, "Red Scarf", which was directed by Sang-ok Shin and starred Eun-hie Choi, Yeong-gyun Shin and Mu-ryong Choi. It is expected to begin filming as early as January.

source: koreaboo & newsen

CN Blue update: 3rd single release confirmed + more

Information was revealed today about CNBLUE's comeback. On their Offical Japanese website, information was posted today about their next Japanese single. The single will be released on Sunday January 9th, 2011.

The title song has not been officially named yet. However, it was revealed that the mini album will contain three songs, in addition to an instrumental track.

CR:, koreaboo

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so excited about the new single
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Yoona has a better smile than Nicole. People are blind, clearly

Seoul’s Jamsil Dentistry, which held a poll from November 20th to December 3rd, asked 712 participants: “Which idol star has the most beautiful smile?”

YoonA ended up being the #1 ranked idol, receiving 49.4% of the votes. Following YoonA were KARA’s Nicole (281 votes, 39.4%) and T-ara’s Jiyeon (201 votes, 28.2%), who took second and third place respectively.

What do you guys think?


Nicole, AJ, Jihyun, Nichkhun, Suzy…all have better smiles than Yoona. What is this?

On the reals though, who do you think has the best smile?
yoonjo <3 taengsic

(O.O) Uee-face's drama gets the axe

It was recently announced that the broadcasting of After School’s UEE’s golf drama on MBC, titled “Birdie Buddy“, has been cancelled.

“We made a final decision to not organize a production for “Birdy Buddy”. The drama was meant to succeed the Monday-Tuesday miniseries, “Queen of Reversals”, however, during the negotiation meeting with our subcontracts, they felt it was unsuitable and was rejected as a result,” revealed a representative of MBC.

They continued, “The drama “Friends of Switched Fates” will be aired after “Queen of Reversals” instead. We have plans to extend the number of episodes for “Queen of Reversals”, however, there are no concrete details on whether the plan will go through and how many episodes we will add.”

However, because the production of ‘Friends of Switched Fates‘ began too late to commence broadcasting episodes for January 2011, MBC are considering measures for showing “Birdie Buddy” as a short transmission drama between “Queen of Reversals” and “Friends of Switched Fates“.

Source: Nate, AKP

At least she gets to sleep more now? She missed a lot of Bang! promotions for this, tho :(
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North Korea: ‘U.S. invading countries to achieve world domination’

The United States is using the “War on Terror” as an excuse to invade other countries in order to achieve ‘world domination’, North Korea alleged on Monday.

North Korea, through its state-controlled Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), said America’s anti-terror operations are aimed to put major areas rich in natural resources and strategic strongholds under its ‘military domination.’

“It is widely known that the U.S. established its control over Afghanistan and Iraq, strategic strongholds and major areas abundant in resources, through its wars there,” the article in state media said, which is seen as a representation of official government policy.

North Korea also said that the United States is intensifying its ‘undisguised interference’ in the internal affairs of Pakistan and military activities, likely referring to the increased number of U.S. drone attacks against suspected terror targets inside Pakistan.

“Nowadays, the U.S. is leaving no means untried to secure a pretext for launching a military invasion of Iran,” the report said. “Its ulterior motive is to ‘engage’ Pakistan which borders on Iran and lay a military siege to the latter in a bid to pressurize it and achieve a sinister aim. This goes to clearly prove that not only [the Middle East] but the rest of the world can never be in peace as long as the above-said U.S. strategy persists.”

This U.S. strategy, North Korea believes, is to ‘contain its rivals and anti-imperialist independent countries’ and turn the world into a ‘unipolar one under its domination.’ “Can the leopard change its spots?,” state media asked. “The same can be said of the aggressive and predatory nature of the U.S., the boss of imperialism.”

North Korea further said the United States is planning to invade and ‘dominate’ North Korea. “By pursuing its ‘anti-terror’ strategy, the U.S. seeks to invade, dominate and control this country today and do the same against [an]other country tomorrow in a bid to expand the sphere of its domination worldwide,” it concluded.

The so-called “War on Terror” was launched in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. On that date, two hijacked airliners crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Another airliner crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., while a fourth crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people were killed.

Source: islandcrisis

Oh Ji Ho makes a little girl dreams come true

Three months ago, actor Oh Ji Ho met with a child diagnosed with leukemia, and the details of their meeting are finally being revealed.
A representative from the Korea Make-A-Wish Foundation explained, ‘On August 26th, Oh Ji Ho met his wish child, who he got to know through Twitter.‘ The child’s name is Kim Ji Yoon, and although she’s five years old, she’s suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia.
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Source:  AKP via Star News via Nate


[Newsen Lee Sooyeon Reporter]

Gain revealed that she was touched by Yoon Doojoon’s nude filming.

During the short press conference for the daily MBC sitcom ‘All My Love’ at the MBC Dream Center on November 6th, Gain stated, “In the sitcom, Yoon Doojoon shows off his love for my character directly. Recently, he even filmed as a nude model in front of an art class just for me.”

Gain added with laughter, “He will be filming the cut only after covering the major important parts. Doojoon even said to me complaining, ‘Do I really have to do this much for you noona’?”

In addition, she commented, “Honestly, I feel an attraction towards to guys who ends up not showing any interests towards me compared to the guys who actually like me. However, playing this role, I felt a lot of attraction towards Yoon Doojoon.”

To this issue Yoon Doojoon stated laughing, “I play the role of a student on a break in the sitcom. I end up becoming a nude model for an art school as a part time job. My whole body will be nude and the most important parts will be covered with a mosaic effect. I will be filming tomorrow, but I can’t even sleep because I’m so worried.”

'All My Love' portrays the family story with the twin siblings, Hwang Geumji (Gain) and Hwang Okyeop (Jokwon), and their mother Park Misun (Park Misun). Yoon Doojoon plays the role of Hwang Okyeop’s friend in the sitcom.

Meanwhile, the filmed cut with nude Yoon Doojoon will air on December 27th.


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Boram "Sexy Shadow" Jeon will make her debut in a musical

Boram, leader of the popular girl group T-ara, has been cast along with her father Jeon Young Rok in the musical "I Really Really Like You."

Core Contents Media representatives have declared the 6th December "This appearance in "I Really Really Like You" is rewarding for Boram" before adding "The fact that her father has been casted in this musical as well makes this appearance more meaningful."

"I Really Really Like You" is set in the '70s and the action takes place in high school. The musical have always been popular, and everyone know the songs presented in the musical. The musical itself have been hugely popular since its first representation in June 2008.

Boram will play a girl (Hong JungHwa) who fell in love for the first time. Her love interest is the ace pitcher of the baseball team . This is the second time Boram will challenge acting. She already made her debut as actress in "Purple Heeled Grim Reaper is Coming" (a drama special) in August.

Boram will have to display her charms as actress and singer in this musical. According to a source "The fact that her father is present will make her work harder for this role".

Others actors cast in "I really really like you" musical include Supernova's member Seongje.

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1,000 N. Koreans jailed for watching S. Korean films, says defector group

SEOUL: More than 1,000 North Koreans have been jailed for secretly watching South Korean TV shows and films as the communist regime battles an inflow of foreign culture, a Seoul-based defector group said Monday.

North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity said some 1,200 people are in jail in the northwestern city of Kaechon for the offence. It cited a source in the prison, which has a total 3,000 inmates.

Access to foreign pop culture is strictly banned for ordinary people in the isolated nation, with violators facing hefty fines or jail terms.

But a growing stream of pirated DVDs and music CDs smuggled from China, the North's neighbour and major trade partner, has made the capitalist South's pop culture increasingly popular, the group said on its website.

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Dongho oppa is kind of busy.

It was revealed on December 6th that Dongho from U-Kiss had been cast for the upcoming chick flick Korean movie, ‘My Black Mini Dress.’

Earlier today, an announcement revealed that Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul, Cha Ye Ryun, and Yoo In Na have also been cast for the movie.

Dongho’s agency, NH Media, revealed, “Dongho has been cast as a middle school student who has a crush on Yoo In Na ’s movie character. This will be Dongho’s second movie after a supporting role in ‘Villain on the Second Floor‘ earlier this year. We are glad that his acting potential has been recognized. ” Fans have much to look forward to as Dongho is also cast in a 40-episode sitcom, ‘Real School‘, alongside group members Eli and Kiseop, and it will air on January 3, 2011 through MBC Every1. Filming for ‘My Black Mini Dress’ will commence this month, and it will air in early 2011.

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Source: + AKP + SPN and friends.



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My Black Minidress lines up its starlet cast

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Yoon Eun-hye has chosen her next project, and it’ll be the upcoming film My Black Minidress, which was previously teased last month.
Now Yoon is confirmed, as are the three star(let)s who have been cast alongside her in this reportedly humorous and witty project about the lives of 20-something women: Park Han-byul, who played a shallow but ultimately harmless rival in Oh My Lady; Cha Ye-ryun, who was last seen being anemic as usual (sorry to say, but she just sucks the energy out of a room) in Dr. Champ; and Yoo Inna, who’s currently doing a solid job being the hilarious sidekick to Ha Ji-won in Secret Garden.

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Source: dramabeans and Joy News

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Shinhwa News!

Shin Hyesung Leaves A Message For His Japanese Fans

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Live Works Company Tweets About Kim Dongwan's Release Tomorrow

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Park Myungsoo, First Kiss Rival "Jini", Public Analysis "Jun Jin's Eyes Resemblance"

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Sources: TsubasaEnt@YouTube, Live Works Company's,, (1) (2)

I'm gonna have to get used to that dye job Hyesung. Dongwan comes back tomorrow! I am excite! AND LOL Jini. Does anyone have pictures of him from Infinity Challenge dressing as a girl? XD

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Doojoon is a home wrecker and Adam Couple continues to be real


* Jokwon: “When we act as siblings, we have masks on but on ‘WGM’, we put the masks off and be ourselves in front of the camera. It will be difficult to work if the love feelings from ‘WGM’ get too strong; that’s why I control myself while acting in the sitcom.”

* Jokwon about WGM: “We have to film the whole day and there are lots of cameras – and it’s impossible not to have true and real aspects since there are only two lead characters. There hasn’t been one case in ‘WGM’ where we weren’t our true selves. We really value each other and treat each other nicely and that’s the reason why I think so many different episodes have been produced so far.”

* Gain: “So far, there hasn’t been one moment during filming sessions where we said ‘Let’s try this’, ‘Let’s show this emotion’ or ‘Let’s rehearse something’. Everything, which was shown on the screen, reflected our true selves at the respective moments. To be honest, it makes me fall into my role (as wife) since we’ve been a make-believe couple for over 1 year now.”

* Jokwon managed to film his kiss scene with Yoon Seungah in 30 minutes whereas Gain’s kiss scene with Yoon Doojoon took 2 hours. Yoon Doojoon said awkwardly: “Even if they are a make-believe couple, I feel sorry since she is Jokwon’s wife.”

* They’ll continue with WGM filming sessions starting this week. Jokwon and Gain watched the 1-year anniversary episode (Jejudo-trip) during one of the breaks between the “All My Love” filming sessions.

Trans Cr. @_xeth (twitter)/MyBeastlyBoys.Wordpress

does anyone still actually believe they're not real by now? jw.

Hallyu map becoming more relevant.

As you may know f(x) went to Paris on November 16th and 17th to shoot Koala.
Some fans went to the famous Trocadero to meet them, which was probably a good surprise...

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Sources: + 3ffectfx@Youtube

Why did they filmed 1st/2nd year korean students? The best are in 3rd year. tsk. And they should have shown our awesome Pr. B. gdi.

Bobby Kim confesses he has feelings for Gummy!

Singer Bobby Kim recently confessed for the first time that he’s developed romantic feelings for Gummy.

The two singers attended the press conference for their year-end concert, “The Vocalist“, and Bobby Kim revealed his feelings during that time. ”I never thought of Gummy as a woman before. After singing together, I began seeing her as one,” he said.

Gummy mused, “Bobby Kim oppa once told me that he called to ask if I wanted to have a drink. I apparently didn’t answer, and he stopped calling after that. I guess it’s a feeling that can only be shared between people of the same profession. We are definitely feeling the charms of one another while we sing.”

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S: akpTonyKPOPMV @ yt

kyaaaaaaaa xD
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Who's guest starring on Dream High? Your cardboard cutout sunbae & Jo Sumi

KBS 2TV’s new Mon-Tue Drama “Dream High”, a drama where Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young work hand in hand, draws attention due to their upcoming super special guest stars.

On the 7th, someone associated with “Dream High” said, “Recently, Prima Donna Jo Sumi and ‘Boys over Flowers’ Kim Hyun Joong decided to appear as guest stars. Suprising guest stars are continuously on call.”

Jo Sumi participated in the drama OST of KBS 2TV’s The Last Empress (明聖王后), but it is the first time she will appear in a drama. She is going to appear in the first episode and will meet Ko Hyemi (Suzy) who dreams to become “the second Jo Sumi”. It is an important scene where Hyemi meets her mentor.

Someone associated with the drama said, “We had a hard time casting Jo Sumi. We expect that she will be able to shoot sometime next week. You can expect to watch the dramatic and beautiful scenes.” “The boys over flowers” Kim Hyun Joong (24) will appear attracting audiences in the beginning of the drama. The same source said, “There isn’t any detailed information of the role he plays in the show yet. He will appear as a guest star to make the drama more interesting.”

“Dream High” will air starting January 3rd of next year. The Idol star training school, Kirin Art School, will be used as its background. Taecyeon of 2PM, Woo Young, Suzy of Miss A, and Eunjung of Tiara will appear in the drama.

Source: Nate
Trans: suehanbyj
taekwoon on and on

Relating to Crown J, But With Less Weed

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Here is a music producer from Atlanta thoughts about Crown J, from when he was in the states prior to his arrest in Korea.

"I figure with all the controversy, this is a good time for me to finally reveal my experiences with Korean rapper/entertainer, Crown J.

I remember in the middle of this year, while I was still attending school at Georgia State University, I received a text message from a foreign number saying “Yo, dis Crown, holla at me”. Days later, someone I knew almost nothing about showed up at my house one night wanting to collaborate on some music. It wasn’t until later that I found out he was a well known entertainer from Korea named ‘Crown J’, and realized it could be a good opportunity for me to get exposure overseas.

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Source: KatoDaily @Tumblr

You could try the link, but apparently Tumblr has been taking a little smoke break themselves lately. 
[Korean] Shinhwa - OTP (MinWan)

Rejoice Shinhwa Fans, Kim Dongwan Has Returned!

Singer Kim Dong Wan (31) It's been 2 years; group Shinhwa wants to stand together on stage again in 2012

Kim Dong Wan was released from military service today December 7 at 10:00 AM at the Seodaemun office where he has been serving as a public service officer. Today at the press conference Kim Dong Wan stated, "We members have talked and in 2012 we want to stand as Shinhwa once again. Currently Jun Jin and Min Woo are serving as public officers and Andy is serving active."

When Kim Dong Wan was asked who from the Shinhwa members congratulated him, he stated "We didn't celebrate. We talked about different things. Eric asked me if in the future I want to act."

He was also asked what he wanted to do right after his release and without hesitation he replied, "Being on stage is what I want to do more than anything."

Finally, "I can't forget to thank my fans. I will work very hard. I have activities in Japan at the end of the year. Because I'm still not active with Korean activities, I decided to go to Japan first. Sooner or later, I will be active in Korea. With a laugh he added, "I will work hard to impress you."

Today the front entrance of the Seodaemun office was crowded with anxious fans that waited just to see Dong Wan's face. Close to 300 local fans, as well as, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, even from Brunei, gathered outside the office, once again proving his popularity.

He has signed a contract with Liveworks Entertainment where he will immediately start on local and overseas activities. On December 9th, Kim Dong Wan will hold a fan meeting at 8:00 PM at the Sangmyeong Art Center Hall. Followed by the release of his solo Japanese album titled "Kim Dong Wan Japanese Premium Best" on December 15th. He will also hold a fanmeeting on December 18 in Tokyo, Japan

Source: KUKI News

Mods, Dongwan seriously needs his own tag! Especially now that he'll be starting up his solo activities again.