December 7th, 2010

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Multiculturalism in Korea

The word "foreigner" is slowly, ever so slowly, losing its meaning in Korea.

In the old days, when Korea was a developing country, foreigners were limited to language teachers, missionaries, diplomats, and business people, a few foreign students, and U.S. military personnel.

Most were from North America, Europe and Japan. Korea had no diplomatic relations with China and the former Soviet bloc until the late 1980s and early 1990s, and a plentiful supply of domestic labor meant that there was no need for foreign workers. Foreigners stood out and were viewed as guests who came to Korea for a specific purpose. As guests, they were expected to leave, partly because Koreans thought life in their home countries was far better than in Korea.

Thing began to change in the 1990s with the opening of relations with China and the former Soviet bloc. Almost instantly, there was a diversification in the origin of foreigners in Korea. Strong economic growth in the 1990s made Korea more attractive as a place to study and work. As Korean companies grew and entered new markets overseas, awareness of Korea grew. The most dramatic change in the 1990s was an increase in the number of foreigners from Asia (not including Japan) and of ethnic Koreans from China.

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Source: Robert J. Fouser @ The Korea Times
NARSHA // lady crimson

Brown Eyed Girls "Sign" Japanese single covers

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OH MY GOD. These are beautiful. Especially JeA and her raised leg... *_* I want Miryo's choker as well. Narsha's outfit reminds me of her outfit in the Mamma Mia MV. If you haven't seen the tracklist info, they're available here. Also they've been taken from so it's not in fantastically high quality.

source: 1, 2, 3, 4
Penelope is pretty.
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Kara ranks as top new artist on Japan's mobile music chart

Girl group Kara has been selected best new artist of the year on a top Japanese mobile music chart.

The website for RecoChoku, Japan's largest and most comprehensive mobile music chart, announced Saturday that between December 1 of last year to November 30 this year, Kara’s music received the most downloads in full version and the second-most downloads in short version, both in terms of new artist.

Also, their music video for “Mister,” the girls' first single in Japan, took first place on the annual chart for mobile video downloads and third place in terms of video clip ranking.

Separately, “Mister” has ranked No.1 on itunes Store VIDEO CLIP and their second single "Jumping” at No.2.

Composed of members Gu Hara, Han Seung-yeon, Park Gyu-lee, Kang Ji-young and Nicole, Kara made their debut in Korea with their first album "Blooming" in 2007.

The quintet expanded their career to Japan in August this year after signing with Universal Music Sigma, a branch of Universal Music group.

The girls, currently active in both Korea and Japan are also busy preparing for their upcoming debut in Japanese drama “URKARA” which will go on air in January next year.

Source: Heidi Kim @ 10Asia

Yay! Kara is doing so well in Japan.
Julianne Moore
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Little bit of more info on Crown J's weedy situation

Singer Crown J, 31, was apprehended for smoking marijuana while staying overseas, Sunday, another case of an entertainer’s drug use revealed over the weekend.

The drug squad of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) booked the singer whose real name is Kim Kye-hoon without detention for smoking marijuana several times.

According to the police, Crown J
stayed in the United States from May 2009 to October 2010 to record his new album and smoked marijuana, which he obtained there, five times at his home in Atlanta, Ga. and other places.

However, the rapper admitted only using the drug once or twice. The police are investigating further to find if any other entertainers or related people have smoked the drug with Crown J in the U.S.

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Source: Kwon Mee-yoo @ The Korea Times
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Asian Stars Shine: Wonder Girls On The Move As Far East Movement Soars

See interviews and performances (A Night With The Wondergirls, Meet Far East Movement & YIEN in New York City) in the videos located at the bottom of the page @ source article (there was no embed option).

Whether you call it inevitable or long overdue, the Asian music scene is making its mark on America – and New York City is the gateway for what has literally become a far east movement. Lewis Dodley reports that the movement is now full speed ahead.

It's been four years since "Rain" fell on Madison Square Garden – but you could hardly call it a drought.

Though he is now out of the U.S. spotlight, the former and original producers of the aforementioned Korean heartthrob haven't missed a beat, forging ahead with their dream of creating an Asian pop star in America. JYP Entertainment set up shop in New York City three years ago with a mission – one that their group the Wonder Girls has come on the brink of realizing. They are 21-year-olds Sun (Min Sun Ye) and Yenny (Pak Ye Un), 22-year-old Yubin (Kim Yoo Bin) and 18-year-olds Sohee (Ahn So Hee) and Lim (Woo Hye Lim). Lim stepped in for Sunmi (Lee Sun Mi), who wanted to dedicate more time to her education – a transition that has apparently been seamless.

"She is the baby (youngest) of the group along with Sohee, and everybody loves her kind and happy personality," said JYP Marketing Director David Hyun.

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Source: Lewis Dodley @

{2PM} what you say?

What's that sound? Every Korean male yelling FFFFFFFUUUUU

A presidential committee suggested yesterday that the length of mandatory military service for young Korean men be extended to 24 months immediately as a way of strengthening the country’s armed forces after an artillery attack by North Korea.

It also proposed reviving a system of rewarding points to veterans applying for government jobs, which was declared unconstitutional more than a decade ago because it discriminated against women.

The presidential committee on defense advancement gave a 69-point proposal for military reform to President Lee Myung-bak, according to the Blue House. The government will review the proposals, the presidential office said.

Mandatory military service in the Army, South Korea’s main military branch, has been shortened from 24 months under an initiative by the Roh Moo-hyun administration in 2007. Currently, the service length is 21 months, and it’s supposed to shrink to 18 months by 2014.

According to sources, the committee had considered freezing compulsory military service at 21 months after the Cheonan’s sinking in March.

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Source: Joongang Daily

While this obviously would help keep the army beefed up in numbers, the amount of willing participants might not make for a happy army, which could be more detrimental in my opinion...
____ JOO♥

4minute's JiHyun is on a Man Hunt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
4minute’s leader, Nam JiHyun, has fallen head over heels after four suitors confessed their love for her.

During an episode of SBS’s “It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter”, scheduled to be broadcast on December 7th, JiHyun will have a scene where she is debating over which stud to choose as her boyfriend. Her choices? A nice selection of Hyuk Gi (Choi Jin Hyuk), Wook Gi (Dong Hae), Yeon Doo (Kang Min Hyuk), and Dong Bo (Park Jung Geun).

Nam JiHyun recently made her debut appearance on the show as Shin Seon Hae, a law student, a younger sister of Shin Seon Do (Park Sang Hoon), and also a friend of Hyuk Gi. Ever since her first appearance, JiHyun has caught the interest of viewers with her 4-dimensional lovable charms, and they believe she has the potential to be dubbed another successful ‘Acting Idol’.

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Stalking Kou

Minwhore celebrates early birthday on Star King

SHINee's rapper Minho celebrated his birthday early on Star King. Fan photos show him receiving a cake and blowing out the candles. Written on the delicious strawberry cake are the words, "We're happy we've been together with you for 20 years." He’s also seen with a red package, which is presumably a gift. Other pictures include Minho sitting with a hyung and other stars like Miss A’s Min. Born on December 9 in 1991, Minho will be turning 19 years old (or 20 in Korea).

Fans have responded with well wishes like “Be happy; be successful!” and “Happy early birthday!”

Source: Koreaboo
Photo Credits: WeAreShining

Happy birthday bb. Keep up your hyungwhoring.
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The latest on the drug scandals drama

Seoul Police charged rapper Crown J without detention for smoking marijuana Sunday.

The 31-year-old, who’s real name is Kim Kei-hoon, is suspected of smoking the illegal drug on several occasions at his house in Atlanta, the United States, according to police.

A police investigation team arrested the pop artist upon his arrival at Incheon International Airport on Dec. 2, and carried out tests on him to look for evidence of drug taking, according to a police report.

The report noted that Crown J had been buying the drug from international sources since May 2010 while residing in Atlanta,
and shared it with some other Koreans. The police are now looking for further information.

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Source: Oh Kyu-wook @ The Korea Herald

I guess some bitter Korean with whom Crown J smoked must have tattled him. o_O

Concert Review: Mnet Ultimate Live! in Asia


review concert


Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall E

The ear-piercing screams from fans, mostly teenagers and women in their 20s, sometimes threatened to drown out the performances of the Korean bands.

But Mblaq, Miss A, 2AM, Beast and hot favourite 2PM showed off powerful lungs and well-rehearsed dance moves during the three-hour long show.

This was the first time Mnet Ultimate Live!, an annual Korean music festival organised by Korean television network Mnet which tours East Asia and South-east Asia, had come to Singapore. About 4,000 K-pop fans turned up for the blockbuster event.

Starting half an hour after the stipulated ticket time of 6pm, Mblaq were the first to receive the fans' enthusiastic cheers.

About 1,000 fans, who paid $188 for freestanding tickets, queued since 5am for a spot near the stage with a T-shaped runway.

Clad in dark blue military-inspired suits, the five-member band performed mostly solos, where each member had a chance to shine.

Mblaq's vocalist Lee Joon danced a ballet solo which added a delicate touch to the entire concert, mostly filled with head-throbbing beats. Their hit song Y was the only song the band performed together but their vocals were completely drowned out by the powerful sound system. Thankfully, the sound balance was restored for the second half of the concert.

The next 20 minutes belonged to girl group Miss A, who were without band member Suzy as she was sick. But she recorded a video message for the fans. The three-member Miss A were greeted with fewer waving hands than the boybands but their sexy dance moves were met with strong applause. While it would have been nice to hear more singing, the relatively new group did a good job with their energetic number Bad Girl Good Girl.

But Mblaq and Miss A were simply a warm-up for the main attractions.

The four-member 2AM, clad in all-white suits, are known for their ballads and their singing was thankfully not overwhelmed by the loud sound system as they all sang to playback. The band sang a set of seven songs. The standout number was I Did Wrong, in which they mimicked puppets in their dance moves.

Next in line was the eye candy Beast, a six-member group, who sang nine songs. It was 19-year-old rapper Son Dong Woon who stole the show, running along the edge of the stage and teasing fans with air kisses.

But it was boyband 2PM that fans were really waiting for, and the shrieks reached supersonic levels upon their arrival onstage.

The well-known hunks were the crowd-pleasers. Taecyeon and Thai member Nichkhun addressed the audience in English, saying how it seemed like their first time in Singapore although they had come two years months ago for The Korean Pop Night Concert. The band gave out lollipops and roses at random during their hit song Angel and had at least three outfit changes during their set of 14 songs.

It was a good idea to pack five bands into one show, as newer bands such as Mblaq and Miss A had fewer songs to offer compared to their more established counterparts, 2AM, Beast and 2PM.

The constant stream of bands kept the fans' attention onstage and their energy levels high.

Reviewed by Rachel Boon for The Straits Times (Singapore) [accessible to paying subscribers only]
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The perfect prismatic princesses grace our human eyes with their beauty

(from left) Jisook, Jaekyung, Woori, Noeul, Yoonhye all pozed with adorable expressions. Just like pros in selcas, they even decorated their phone with a cute accessory. And Jaekyung's hand naturally showed their newest single album.

Rainbow, who is currently a sensation with their newest single 'Mach' has started taking selcas everywhere they go and exciting fans with their cute expressions. You cannot find their charismatic images that you see on stage, in these pictures. Without caring about the location, they make the silliest faces.

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Sports Hankook
Translations: mydubu.@Prismatic7

DSP only makes perfect flawless girl groups.

Official teaser of upcoming drama, “Dream High” revealed!

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, “Dream High“, recently released its first official teaser!

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t contain any scenes, but it does tell you a brief story about the drama. The story goes:

“There is a school named ‘Girin Arts High School’ which only teaches students how to dance and sing. The director (Bae Yong Joon) and fellow teachers (Park Jin Young, Um Ki Joon, Lee Yoon Ji and Lee Byung Joon) operate the school. If the students are found to be lackadaisical and practicing in a lazy manner, the teachers may shoot fire from their mouths. There is also a secret… the majority of stars you see on TV are graduates of this school. For the upcoming year, 2011, there is a feeling that a group of special students might be entering into the school. … “Dream High” will broadcast its first episode on January 3rd, 2011.”

S: akpoumae4 @ yt


Relevant people prove irrelevant people wrong yet again


Last month, due to the Yeonpyeong Island bombing incident, the main source of revenue from tourists coming from sales of cosmetics stores in the Myeongdong distrct have decreased by 30%. On the contrary, sales from Nature Republic has increased by 4 times compared to the average volume of sales.

As the spokes-people for the Nature Republic brand and the center of the hot Hallyu wave, JYJ held their Seoul concert on November 27 and 28, spurring a massive influx of Japanese fans as well as tourists from other countries and initiating a cosmetics-buying frenzy.

Despite being under the extremely tense situation of the bombing attack, the reason for Korea's increase of tourism has every reason to be associated with JYJ's influence.

However, other cosmetic brands have also suffered a 20%-50% decrease of sales, even with the endorsements of Won Bin, Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM, Song Joong Ki, and SNSD. JYJ has without a doubt, the most influence across the southeast Asian countries with noticeable effects.

After Rain's endorsement, JYJ's invitation of being the faces of Nature Republic is positively expanding the industry's market share.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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Those pictures of the international fans with their HUGEEE Nature Republic bags were just wow
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

[051210 & 061210] Heechul's Twitter Updates & A Story About How Yesung Almost Killed His Children.

[051210 & 061210] Heechul's Twitter Updates

Tweets like these are originally written in English.

051210 많은 친구들이 나의 짧은 머리를 멋져하는 관계로 자르러 ㄱㄱ하겠음(어차피 내맘대로 하겠지만ㅋㅋ) Because a lot of my friends said that my short hair looks cool so I'm going to cut it ㄱㄱ I'll do it (anyway it depends on my mood ㅋㅋ)
20:08 KST
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Heechul's Tweets:
Source: @Heedictator
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Source: @Heedictator
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Article About Yesung:
Source: Kim Namho Minihompy
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Wanna One Energetic

SM Town To Do Another World Tour, Will Hopefully Grasp The Concept Of World This Time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SM Entertainment’s in-house joint concert, ’SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR‘, will kick off in Tokyo on January 2011. So far, the destinations for the tour include Seoul, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

The Tokyo stop will be held on January 25th and 26th at the National Yoyogi Stadium. This is especially exciting as it will be the first time that Korean artists from an entire company will come out to perform in Japan.

The Yoyogi Stadium houses 12,000 seats, and so 24,000 fans will be able to enjoy this large scale music event over the two nights.

Artists such as BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), and many other SME artists are scheduled to attend.

Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates!

Source: allkpop



Korean boy band JYJ [Prain Inc.]

Korean boy band JYJ, composed of former TVXQ members Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu, will likely take the stage at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards, making it the first time they will perform on television since debuting as a trio.

"It's not 100% confirmed as of yet but we in currently in talks with JYJ for a congratulatory performance during the 2010 KBS Drama Awards," a high-ranking official from KBS said. "It would be great if they performed the song 'Calling You' from the drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' since Yuchun gave such a memorable performance in the drama."

He went onto explain that they are fine-tuning on several details including how many songs JYJ will sing at the awards ceremony.

Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu made their debut in 2004 as part of the popular boy band TVXQ, but despite their phenomenal success in Asia, they ceased their activities as a group after being involved in a legal dispute with the Korean agency SM Entertainment.

They made a comeback to the music scene in October as a trio under the name JYJ and released their worldwide studio album "The Beginning" on October 14, kicking off their global showcase to promote their album and themselves in Seoul and the United States.

JYJ recently held two series of show titled the "JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul" at the Main Olympic Stadium in Jamsil last month.

For two months from late August, Yuchun had starred in KBS' 20-episode series "SungKyunKwan Scandal" alongside cast members Park Min-young, Song Joong-ki and Yoo A-in. The show fared moderately well, posting ratings in the mid-ten percent range toward the end of its run.

Reporter : Cho Bum-ja anju1015@
Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: [10.asiae]
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KBS i might even forgive you for your stupid broadcast rules if you let them

miss A reveals their true personalities to “Hello TV”

miss A revealed their true personalities in an interview with TV magazine, “Hello TV“.

When asked how they hoped people would view them, miss A answered, “Whichever song we are promoting, we hope that people view us for that song’s concept. For ‘Bad Girl Good Girl,’ our concept was feminine strength, while ‘Breathe‘ is an image of a cute girl falling in love for the first time.”

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sources: nate + allkpop