December 8th, 2010

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SM Ent denies rumours that Jessica was violated

Earlier today, a video of Girls' Generation at the 12th Annual Korea-China Song Festival created controversy. A fancam from the festival caught the attention of SONES as it contained footage of what seemed like a man touching Jessica inappropriately.

Jessica was seen quickly turning to Hyoyeon and whispering something into her ear, which caused Hyoyeon to sharply look in the direction of a man and open her mouth in shock and disgust. Jessica then went to Sooyoung who also turned and looked in the general direction to where Jessica was standing previously. Soon after, the man began to move away from the scene, and walk off.

However, due to the low quality of the video and the fact that it was impossible to see what was happening behind the members, no one was able to confirm the validity of the rumours. SM Entertainment confirmed that the rumours were false stating, "The rumours of sexual harassment towards member Jessica are simply not true. If an inappropriate incident took place, we would have taken immediate action. We do not want a misunderstanding."

It looks like some netizens and SONES read a bit too much into the video, but in fairness, the scene did look very suspicious. It's good to hear that Jessica was not touched inappropriately, but we're still curious as to why Hyoyeon had that expression after Jessica spoke to her.

source: koreaboo & bnt news


"Expected To Simultaneously Rank #1 In Both Countries"

TVXQ are planning to perform in both Korea and Japan with the same title track.

TVXQ, now a duo with U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, made an announcement through their official homepage on November 23rd that they will make a comeback next January. Following this, they announceed through their Japanese agency AVEX on December 2nd that they will be releasing a new single on January 26th.

The unknown song they are planning to sing is receiving great attention as TVXQ is planning to perform it in both Korea and Japan at the same time. TVXQ's agency SM Entertainment stated, "TVXQ are planning to perform the same title track in both Korea and Japan in January."

All the SM artistes, including TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee and f(x), will be holding their Japan leg of the 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR' on January 25th and 26th in Tokyo, Japan. Because this overlaps with the release of TVXQ's new single, there is a great possibility that they will be kicking off their activities in Japan at the SM TOWN concert.

On the other hand, TVXQ's Japanese comeback has been met with an explosive response from Japanese fans. On major album sites such as HMV and Tower Records, TVXQ's new single, set to release on January 26th, rose to #1 on the ranking charts as soon as it was released, thus proving their continued popularity in Japan.

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omg you guys, just. KOREAN COMEBACK, I AM SO EXCITED ;_; I CAN'T...
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BEAST is recognized by Patricia Field for their fashion styles

“BEAST is amazing!”

The beastly idol BEAST had their fashion tastes recognized by the worldly known fashion stylist Patricia Field.

On the 3rd, BEAST attended the Patricia Field Collection fashion show located in Seoul Chungnamdong MCM Haus and was praised by Patricia Field herself for their “distinctive and modern look” and they were even able to take a memorable photo with her.

Patricia Field had been the fashion director of the popular movies such as ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and more. For this collection, MCM’s Heritage and Patricia Field worked together to show off a modern New Yorker style with a trendy shopper bag, backpack, clutch, and more items.

MCM plans to donate all the money earned from Patricia Field’s line to the ‘Korea Disaster Relief’ to benefit the civilians left homeless from the Yeonpyungdo incident.

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girls; sica say whaaaat.

sports chosun writer goes OFF on allkpop

Below is a raw translation of an article in the Sports Chosun about the rumor pertaining to SNSD’s Jessica that can be found here.

Our comments will follow the article.

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source: akp & sports chosun

Firstly, the article is titled "WAS SNSD's Jessica touched inappropriately by a man?" not "SNSD's Jessica WAS touched inappropriately by a man."

Secondly.. I've never sided with AKP on anything before. This.. feels strange and new.
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South Korea: Artillery firing from North Korea stays on North's side

The South Korean military said it heard the sound of artillery fire coming from North Korea on Wednesday, but the shells landed on the North's side of the border in the Yellow Sea.

"We have confirmed that North Korean artillery shells have landed in waters adjacent to the North Korean coast," said an official at the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is not authorized to be quoted by name. "We are analyzing the origins of this."

The South Korean Yonhap News Agency quoted an official from the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff as saying the firing "is not a situation that raises concerns."

"We assumed North Korea was carrying out its regular firing exercises," Yonhap quoted the official as saying. "The artillery fire was heard coming from a far distance from the maritime border."

The official also said the artillery fire was apparently aimed at North Korea's own waters, not toward the South's islands, Yonhap said.

Tensions mounted between the Koreas on November 23, when North Korea shelled South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island. The attacked killed two marines and two civilians and injured 18 people. The North has accused the South of provoking the attack because shells from a South Korean military drill landed in the North's waters.

Source: CNN
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Sooyoung Made My Dry Eyes Teary When She Told Us How She Learned More About Love From Park SeungIl

In October, SNSD’s Sooyoung (along with Super Junior’s Siwon and Shin Se Kyung) visited former basketball coach and Lou Gehrig patient Park Seung Il.
During her appearance on the most recent episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, Sooyoung revealed a touching story related to the basketball star, and the impact of the visit.

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Heartwarming.... ;__;
Sooyoung and Yoona recently visited him again. ^^

Sooyoung brought the trophy for him. TT.TT Such a sweetheart...

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South Korean lawmakers in fight over budget bill


South Korean lawmakers in fight over budget bill
Advertisement8 December 2010 Last updated at 09:57 GMT Help South Korea's lawmakers spent Tuesday fighting and using furniture to blockade government offices in a row over next year's budget.

Some 40 members of the opposition Democratic Party took over the main congress hall to block the ruling Grand National Party from pushing the budget bill through the parliament.

The government has proposed a 309.6 trillion won budget (US$274.5 billion) for 2011, a six percent increase from this year. The opposition wants to see this cut by 11.3 trillion won (US$9.9 billion).

Source: BBC
This made me laugh more then it should, I think

Super Junior on CNN's Talk Asia

 Leeteuk and Siwon on CNN's Talk Asia. A little clip was posted before, but now here is the full interview, with beautiful dubbing for the boys.

Leeteuk mostly talks but Siwon chirps in every now and then  It's a Super Junior interview foremost, but it's also from CNN talking about kpop in a broad sense so I recommend non-elfs to watch it too. =)))

Part 1:

part 1 highlights:

talk about how suju is an innovative band
explain how the sub-groups work
talk about how super junior m was controversial
how smtown in la was unprecedented for them
siwon being a cheeseball

source :: sujutvshow

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박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

Military-dol Changmin to join 'military-dol' variety show "Order Received"

Singer Lee Jung (29) and 2AM Chang Min (24) will join the new KBS "Military-dol" variety show.

On January 1 next year KBS will air a new variety show "Order Received"* to substitute for KBS2 "Invincible Saturday - Invincible Baseball Team". The casts for "Order Received"* include Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Gu Ra, and military-dols Lee Jung and Chang Min. The show is plan to be about service for public's welfare project.

The reason all the MCs chosen are the ones who already fulfilled their military obligations is because KBS once had a bitter experience with MC Mong case of draft dodging. KBS stated, "We will start a new program about public welfare in the coming new year. We have put a lot of consideration into choosing the casts."

[omit news about "Invincible Baseball Team]

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will he be in uniform? oh god please have him be in uniform

Fangirls scream for 2PM! They pass SNSD!

6 member Korean male group 2PM, AKA “Beast Idols”, had their showcase on the 8th at Tokyo’s Ryougoku Kokugikan.

25,000 people came to their 3 performances. They called out to the guest seating in Japanese causing a lot of excitement. Wooyoung (21) said, “Everyone, welcome to 2PM’s showcase”, Junho (20) added, “Finally, we’ve officially come to Japan”. The second after they finished singing “Heartbeat”, they gave some fan service to the female fans, causing them to scream, by showing off their chest muscles and abs.

This day, they’ve taken the record of having the most people in attendance for a Korean artist debut event from SNSD. In August, SNSD created the record by having 22,000 people come to their showcase. Next May, the boys will hold a tour, going to 5 major cities. On the 9th, they will have a live performance on FujiTV’s “TokuDANE!”.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Sanspo
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SBS Inkigayo “Artists who attended MAMA should be banned”, will G-TOP’s comeback be affected?

Big Bang members G-Dragon and TOP who formed a unit will release new music on the 15th. Meanwhile, their agency, YG Entertainment, has upset SBS ‘Inkigayo’ who have recently shown disappointment in YG. What SBS will do in response to G-Dragon and TOP’s comeback has attracted attention.

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Heechul's, Ryeowook's & Siwon's Twitter Updates

Tweets like these were originally in English

Heechul's Tweets:

(click to view bigger) Bye Bye....

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Siwon's Tweet:
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[Korean] Shinhwa - Group

Dongwan Release Interview + Gorgeous Ass Pictures

Q: How do you feel now that you've ended your 2-year military stint?

A: Hi, I'm Kim Dongwan. I've ended my 2-year military duty and now I'm returning as Kim Dongwan the singer. Thank you very much to the fans and reporters who've made your way here today.

Q: Is there any girl group that was a source of strength and motivation for you during your 2-year military stint?

A: KARA? (collective groans from fans as he laughs) The other day I was at Garosu-gil and I met Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung who were filming. My friend said I was their senior and told me to get their autographs but I was too embarrassed so I didn't.

Q: What are your upcoming plans?

A: I'll be holding a fanmeeting on the 9th, and after that I'll be having some activities in Japan. There are also plans to appear on programs from January onwards. As for what program it will be, please stay tuned.

Q: Which member congratulated you on your discharge from military service?

A: There wasn't any member who really congratulated me.

Q: What advice did Eric, as your senior in public service, offer you?

A: He told me not to sit at my desk if I'm tired, and go to the bathroom to take a nap. There were a few occasions where I've slept while sitting on the toilet.

Q: Say something to Andy who's currently serving active duty.

A: Recently I've received a text message from him, and he said that he's really finding it tough, and he even slept when he was in full battle order. I feel really bad that he's going through all this on behalf of his hyungs, and I hope he will stay healthy and complete his duties safely.

Q: What are the plans for Shinhwa's group activities?

A: I've been looking at some groups on programs. Our members will probably be ready by early or mid 2012. It's tiring to dance alone on stage, so I'd like to have 6 of us dancing. I'm working on it now.

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Interview Source: SSTV
Translation: 수미 @ Absolut Shinhwa
Pic Sources: Absolut Shinhwa (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

January? OMG. Dongwan on programs in January?! *dies*
my bb seo in gook

Kim Hyo-jin as one half of lesbian couple in Ashamed

Though she plays the dreaded second lead Seo-jun in current trendy drama Mary Stayed Out All Night, Kim Hyo-jin is starring as the lead in the upcoming film Ashamed [창피해], featuring a love story between two young women.

Kim Hyo-jin plays a character who has attempted suicide, and has a fateful incident with a pickpocket, played by Kim Kkot-bi (Magic and Loss, Ghost) (her name means literally "flower rain," hippie-style), and the two embark on a romantic journey.

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source: Dramabeans, E Daily
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Clip of American rappers smoking weed causes stir in Korea

A video clip of members of an American hip-pop group smoking marijuana in a Korean airport is causing a stir among Internet users who claim the singers should be brought back to the country for prosecution.

The footage shows hip-pop group Onyx, which debuted in 1993 with an album titled “Bacdafucup,” smoking the banned substance here in Korea and was uploaded on Youtube in March 2009.

In a 100-second-long clip, titled “Onyx Smoking weed in Korean airport,” three members of the group smoke marijuana and say such words as “Korea”, “Seoul” and “International Airport” in a place that looks like an airport smoking room.

It also shows one member looking at passing-by maintenance staff and making taunting remarks.

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Sources: godoftheunderground & Lee Hyo-sik @ The Korea Times