December 9th, 2010

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Some girl gets the free promo she desperately needs

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Rainbow’s Kim Ji Sook clarified that a picture thought to be of SNSD’s Taeyeon was actually of herself.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code,” Kim Ji Sook showed off her similarity to Taeyeon. The singer had previously earned attention at the time of her debut for the close resemblance to SNSD’s leader.

Tackling this topic, the producers of “Beatles Code” attempted to compare the two singers in order to see just how much they actually resembled one another. However, they brought in a picture that they believed was Taeyeon when it was actually Kim Ji Sook. All of the Rainbow members confirmed, “That’s Kim Ji Sook.”

The episode can be seen on December 9th.

kim ji-who???
Sources: Akp and Nate

Who whore it better: leopard-print edition

2NE1’s Dara and C.N Blue's Yonghwa were caught wearing the same 'unique' leopard-print pants in airport photos:

So omona, who rocked it best?

they're fucking. poor seobb
eye bleach plz
poll irrelevant cuz i want in those pants

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JYP Nation wants to wish you a Merry Christmas~

Artists of the JYP Nation family got together for the first time at the JYP House in order to film the music video for their Christmas carol album, “This Christmas.” Fans will be able to see different sides to their favorite JYP artists as they laugh and play amongst each other in celebration of the upcoming holiday. Shall we see for ourselves?

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source: naver, allkpop

Language Barrier Stumps N.Korean Students in South


More than a quarter of North Korean defectors who entered 10 universities in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province through the special admission process quit their studies due to difficulties with their academic work caused by the language barrier, which includes English expressions and unfamiliar words.

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It's a bit amusing to me that the language barrier here is English (it's not engrish, kpopers!!!)
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Senior Chinese official meets North Korea's Kim

North Korea's leader met in his capital with China's top foreign policy official Thursday as a U.S. governor announced a trip to the North in a flurry of promising diplomacy two weeks after a deadly artillery exchange between the two Koreas.

Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former ambassador to the United Nations who for years has served as a roving diplomatic troubleshooter, will visit North Korea next week in a trip that was announced hours before the North's Kim Jong Il met in Pyongyang with Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo.

Kim and Dai held held "warm and friendly" talks, the North's official Korean Central News Agency reported, without saying whether the two discussed the North's Nov. 23 artillery attack on an island near the Koreas' disputed sea border. The barrage killed four South Koreans, including two civilians.
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Source: The Associated Press
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4minute's manager is a celebrity?

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Previously, photos of 4minute’s hot manager started circulating, and now, people are complimenting him even more with his celebrity-like good looks.

He uploaded a photo on his twitter with the message, “Before leaving for Japan. Taken with Hyuna, who is like a sibling to me. Lots of trouble~~^^.” The picture shows the manager and Hyuna making adorable poses. But, the manager’s sharp features and thick eyebrows have caught the attention of netizens.

After seeing the photo, netizens wrote, “The manager can be a celebrity too,” “Very handsome,” “Doesn’t it seem like he’s going to debut?” and “The manager is so good looking.”

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2PM’s Taecyeon cancels green card, intends to enlist into active military

It has been unexpectedly announced that 2PM member Ok Taecyeon has cancelled his American permanent residence visa and intends to enlist into active duties.

On December 9th, JYP Entertainment confirmed to Money Today Star News, “Taecyeon revealed that he would like to give up his American permanent residence visa, and recently on December 1st, he received his official confirmation for his permanent residence cancellation.”

In 2008, after his debut, he received a physical examination for drafting and received a physical body status sufficient enough to only enlist as a public service personnel, but he is currently thinking of completing active military duties.

The representative stated, “Taecyeon has voiced out thoughts of wanting to enter the military service. He submitted his documents on the 1st, and is clear on his actions.”

They continued, “Now that Taecyeon wants to enter active duties, he recently received a re-examination. I think he was affected by the recent Yeon Pyeong Island shelling, so we want to respect his decision.”

They concluded, “Since Taecyeon is still at a young age, he won’t be entering the military immediately. He is currently active as an actor as well as continuing his studies, so we still need to watch over him.”

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T-ARA’s YAYAYA lyrics are a mystery mystery.. or not.

If you’ve listened to T-ara’s “YaYaYa” track, it might have sounded a bit nonsensical. Composer E-TRIBE took a moment to explain the meaning behind his lyrics for T-ara’s comeback track.

E-TRIBE revealed, “I used the hook technique to turn the song into a sort of riddle. I wanted the unique expressions to arouse the curiosity of listeners. The ‘let me see ya lalala, love me hey yayaya’ part just means ‘please look at me, as I love you.’ The ‘u-hee, u-hee’ part is a mimetic word and my way of expressing the way a girl smiles while looking at her crush. The ‘go it go it go it go’ part means ‘I’ll fold my heart up and send it to you.’”
He continued, “I wanted to express the unique music through lyrics that sounded like a spell. Please don’t misunderstand it and just enjoy the exciting music. I meant to explain the song before its reveal, but instead decided to find a way to converse with the public as a composer and thought this would be the opportunity. Please be understanding.”

T-ara will be holding their comeback on December 3rd at KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank.”

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Sources: AKP + Star News / Nate + Elly @ Diadem (don't have an account there) via

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Over 1,000 Fans Give Dongwan A Warm Welcome Back

Kim Dongwan After Two Years Has A Meaningful Time With Fans In Asia
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Kim Dongwan who hasn't met with fans in such a long time held a comeback fan meeting at the Sangmyeon Art Center Gyedan Hall on December 9, 2010 at 8:00pm. He was just recently discharged from military duty on December 7, 2010. This would make his first official and very memorable activity.

Dongwan also held his last concert with fans prior to starting his short separation in 2008 before joining military service. Dongwan will soon begin his Japan activities but not before meeting his Korean fans.

Despite the freezing weather more than 1,000 faithful fans proved his hot popularity. Fans from all over Asia gathered in one place to cheer Kim Dongwan on with his new activities.

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I'm glad the fan meeting went well. Welcome back Dongwan!

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Heechul Denies Being Gay, Performs King Wang Zzang With Defconn & Eunhyuk Sings U Go Girl (by Hyori)

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SuJu’s Kim Hee Chul takes an oath on ‘Radio Star’ + addresses gay rumors

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul made a promise to viewers that he would not create any setbacks for as long as he is the fixed MC of MBC’s “Radio Star.”
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Heechul Article:
Source: TV Report #1, #2 via Nate & allkpop

Heechul & Defconn Video:
reilasj @ youtube

Eunhyuk Video:
only13suju @ youtube
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B2ST reflects on their ‘Golden Disk’ rookie award

After the initial shock has worn off from winning the ‘Rookie Award’ from the “2010 Golden Disk Awards” last night, the boys of B2ST took to their Twitters to express their feelings.

Leader Doojoon tweeted on December 10th, “Ever since I was little, I always made sure to watch the ‘Golden Disk Awards’ every year with my older sister. It’s amazing being able to stand on that stage now and even win an award! It was so very cold, I would like to genuinely thank all of the B2UTIES that came to support us!!^^”

Lead vocalist Yoseob uploaded a picture of the trophy with their group name engraved on it, and wrote, “The best“. He continued, “We won an award at the ‘Seoul Music Awards‘, and now at the ‘Golden Disk’… I feel like we’re properly being awarded our rookie awards. I feel so proud.”

Lee Ki Kwang, ever the sweetheart, thanked his family on December 9th with, ”I love you, mother… I love you.”

Congratulations, B2ST!


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So happy for them<3 and Dongwoon's hair is ♥