December 10th, 2010


Gyuri and Eunjung come out

Right before T-ara went up to perform their comeback track, “YaYaYa“, Eunjung quickly snapped a photo with KARA’s Park Gyuri from the waiting room of SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

Known to be ‘88er friends’, Eunjung was said to have been thrilled with Gyuri’s surprise visit to T-ara’s waiting room. The two were bombarded with questions asking how they even got a chance to get close, to which they simply smiled and replied, “We don’t know since when, we were just close“.

Although they only had 10 minutes to chat, they took a picture together to celebrate the moment.

Source: Star News via Nate & AKP

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Source: withkaradise & choitoy12
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Extradition will be sought for Tablo basher

The prosecution plans to seek extradition of a man in the United States who led the online campaign to raise doubt about the educational background of hip-hop singer Tablo.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office said Thursday the manager of the anti-Tablo online community "We Request the Truth from Tablo" identified as Kim, 57, also known as his nickname "whatbecomes," must be extradited from the United States for investigation as he did not comply with the prosecution’s summons.

If the prosecution decides to pursue extradition, the Ministry of Justice will submit a request to the U.S. Embassy in Korea through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade so the Department of State will be alerted.

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Source: Kwon Mee-yoo @ The Korea Times

I hope they remember to mention in their request how much trouble the man 'caused for Stanford as I doubt US cares much about some rapper in Korea. :-\
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Unification of North and South Korea becoming more likely

South Korea’s president says unification with North Korea has become more likely as people in the North become more aware of the South’s affluence.

President Lee Myung-bak said Thursday that residents of the sheltered communist nation know the world is changing. He did not elaborate on how their knowledge has expanded, or how soon unification would come.

Lee said during a trip to Malaysia that North Korea’s new understanding of circumstances in the outside world as “an important change that no one can stop.” His comments were posted on the presidential website.

Lee said South Korea has a responsibility to ensure that the North’s 23 million people enjoy basic rights, and that Seoul should use its economic power to prepare for unification.

Source: thestar
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KARA gets another gold in Japan. Oh, big bang got one too

The boys of Big Bang recently achieved their first Gold status in Japan. Big Bang released their second studio Japanese album, “Big Bang” back on August 19, 2009 and over a year later the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association Of Japan) has certified this album to be “Gold” for shipping over 100,000 units.

In addition, KARA’s “Girl’s Talk” was also certified “Gold” by the RIAJ. This is nothing new for the popular girl group as they’ve achieved “Gold” with their first Japanese single, ‘Mister’ along with their first Japanese compilation album, “Best 2007-2010.” Some have estimated that KARA’s second Japanese single ‘Jumping’ sold over 100,000 units as well but the RIAJ hasn’t certified this single with “Gold” at this moment.

Congratulations to both groups for their success in Japan.

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Congratulations Best fucking five, and GYBTOP+2

SNSD & KARA Rocking Japan's Google Rankings

On the 10th, Google released their 2010 Keyword Search Ranking. The “iPad” placed first in the “sudden rise keyword” and out of “news keywords” the “World Cup” placed first. Furthermore, out of all keywords, “YouTube” places first.

Every year at the end of the year, “Google Zeitgeist” announces yearly ranking from countries all over the world. They have ranked various categories from Japan as well. The “Sudden Rise Keyword”, is the keyword that increases the most compared to the previous year. “iPad” placed 1st in the first half of the year as well.

In the same category
#1 iPad
#2 Xperia
#3 Rakuten Bank
#4 GEGEGE no Nyoubou
#5 AKB General Election
#6 Justin Bieber
#7 Nico Nico Douga


In the news category
#1 World Cup
#2 Falcons
#3 Sky Tree
#4 Eco Points
#5 Ibaraki Airport

Google shows what people are more concerned with this year. Rank #10 was “Vancouver Olympics”.

Out of all of the rankings “YouTube” was ranked #1, it was #2 last year. Similarly, “Yahoo” was ranked #2 and it was #1 last year.

#1 YouTube (#2 last year)
#2 Yahoo (#1 last year)
#3 Facebook (#5 last year)
#4 mixi (#3 last year)
#5 Hotmail (#8 last year)

Also, Twitter ranked #8 and wasn’t ranked at all last year.

Translated by:
Source: Internet Watch

Tower Records Japan Releases Top Selling 2010 Albums

Tower record has recently released its 2010 bestselling albums list. The categories are Japanese music, western music and K-POP and anime.

This was tallied as of November 30, 2010. It includes imported albums, domestic albums, and digital album sales.

Tower Record 2010 Best

[Japanese Music]
1. Arashi – Boku no Miteiru Fuukei
2. Kimura Kaela – 5 years
3. Ikimonogakari – Ikimonobakari ~Members BEST Sellection~
4. Nishino Kana – to LOVE
7. JUJU – Request
8. Fukuyama Masaharu – THE BEST BANG!
9. Utada Hikaru – Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2
10. Tokyo Jihen – Sports

[Western Music]
1. Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
2. Oasis – Time Flies…1994-2009
3. Linkin park – A Thousand Suns
4. Ke$ha – Animal
5. Orianthi – Believe
6. Lady Gaga – The Remix
7. Maroon 5 – Hands All Over
8. Taylor Swift – Fearless
9. Sade – Soldier of Love
10. Justin Bieber – My Worlds

1. SNSD – Oh!: Girls’ Generation Vol.2
2. KARA – KARA BEST 2007-2010
3. Super Junior – Bonamana: Super Junior Vol.4
4. SHINee – Lucifer: SHINee Vol.2
5. 2NE1 – 2NE1 1st Mini Album
6. CNBLUE – Bluetory: CNBLUE 1st Mini Album
7. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker: G-Dragon Vol.1
8. CNBLUE – ThankU
9. OST – Ikemen Desu Ne – Japanese version Original Soundtrack –
10. KARA – Lupin: Kara 3rd Mini Album

1. Various Artists – ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST
2. Houkago Tea Time – Houkago Tea Time II
3. Various Artists – Hagane no Renkinjutsushi FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FINAL BEST
4. Mizuki Nana – IMPACT EXCITER
5. Lia & Tada Aoi – My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song
6. Houkago Tea Time – GO!GO!MANIAC
7. Houkago Tea Time – NO, Thank You!
8. Girls Dead Monster – Keep The Beats!
9. Houkago Tea Time – Utauyo!!MIRACLE
10. Sakamoto Maaya - everywhere

Translated by:
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4minute's NINKI Listing for DIAMOND

4minute's debut Japanese full length album, DIAMOND, seems to be stirring up a lot of interest! The girls have ranked at the number nine spot on the Oricon NINKI chart. With a score of 20.20, the 4minute girls placed under greats like Michael Jackson.

NINKI ratings are created through the results of a poll conducted by Oricon, and it indicates interest in releases for the upcoming week. The ratings are not a determinant of sales, but it does provide a strong indicator of popularity and anticipation of the release by the general public. Hopefully this surge of interest can help our girls have a successful run in Japan.

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Rookie group CN Blue thankful after winning a Bonsang + update on 3rd j-single

CN BLUE was awarded the Digital Music Bonsang at the 25th Golden Disk Awards.

On winning, CNBLUE members expressed,
We have not debuted for long and to receive such a big award like this, really thank you very much.”

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credit to, twitter, codeazzurro 1 2(trans),, cnbluesoul
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SNSD Awarded for National Contributions at ‘2010 Proud Korean Awards’

Having just walked off with three awards from the ‘25th Golden Disk Awards‘ last night, the girls of SNSD girls added yet another prestigious award to their list of accomplishments.
Earlier this morning, the group was recognized by the ‘2010 Proud Korean Awards‘ for their contributions to national unity and their positive representation of South Korea to the world. They were awarded as winners of the ‘Art Category’ by the Journalists’ Association of Korea.

Members Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Sunny were present to receive the honor.

Credit: AKP

Click the source for more pictures.

Proud of you, girls!
Oh pain!
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Cray cray netizen investigators cause grief in real world

‘If you have to face someone offline, it means you have to be responsible for yourself. For [netizen investigators], it is just for fun. And their actions can be dangerous.’

Kim, a man in his late 50s, had his life turned upside down last year. It was an ordinary September day for Kim when he found out that a group of netizens had taken a profile photo from his blog and spread it on the Web, claiming it was that of child rapist Cho Du-sun.

More than a year has passed, but the incident continues to haunt him. “If I talk about the case, it will remind people of it again. I just don’t want to talk about it. I can’t trust anybody,” Kim told the Korea JoongAng Daily. His name ruined, Kim has sued more than 100 netizens.

Who are the people behind the so-called online investigations? They are neither cops nor private detectives. Instead of high-tech gadgets, all they have at their disposal is a keyboard, computer and a lot of time on their hands. Most of the “evidence” they pull from the Web consists of real names of people, places of employment, e-mail addresses and other personal information. They are known as “netizen crime scene investigators.”

Sometimes their online sleuthing turns up crucial clues that help in official investigations. But all too often their actions ruin lives and have driven victims to suicide.

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Source: Sung So-young @ JoongAng Daily
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Celebrity couple spreads the joy of charitable giving

Jung Hye-young and Sean Ro say that making a donation is something that everyone can do, whether it’s 100 won or 100 million won. The couple makes regular contributions to a variety of charities.

It’s one thing to talk about sharing the wealth, but it’s another thing entirely to actually do it. Celebrity couple Sean Ro, whose real name is Ro Seung-hwan, and Jung Hye-young have been giving their money away on a regular basis since they wed six years ago.

Ro, who is a rapper, and Jung, an actress, are famous for their annual ritual of donating 3.65 million won ($3,318) every October to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They save 10,000 won every day, and when the amount reaches 3.65 million won they give it to a charity that supports the homeless.

But their philanthropic spirit doesn’t end there.

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Source: Kim Joon-sool @ JoongAng Daily
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Kim Sung-min Implicates Others in Drug Scandal

Actor Kim Sung-min, who has been arrested for methamphetamine possession and smuggling, has reportedly confessed that there are a dozen other people involved in the scandal.

There have been suspicions that there were others involved due to Kim's highly efficient way of smuggling the drugs in. It is unknown whether Kim's accomplices include other celebrities.

"The fact that he bought drugs in from frequent trips to the Philippines and passed security checks at the airports by hiding them in pain relief patches suggests that someone was helping him," A police spokesman said. "Usually, drug users tend to use them in groups. It is very rare for an individual to obtains drugs overseas and smuggle them in on his own."

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

"You don't have to do what's popular, what you do IS popular" ,

YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, had substantially the best music production this year as 15 of their songs entered the top 141 songs of the year.

Music site Melon, announced their ‘monthly top 20 songs from January to November’ which came out to 220 songs but excluding the duplicates, there were 141 songs, 15 of which belonged to YG’s artists.

YG Ent’s toughest 4 people, warrior idol 2NE1 was a huge success. 4 songs from their studio album ‘To Anyone’ all made it into the 141 list. “Go Away”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Clap Your Hands”, and “It Hurts” which ranked at #17.

Other 2NE1 songs also made the list. “Follow Me” was ranked at 13 in the February chart, in addition to Park Bom’s “You & I” which ranked at 14 in the January chart and CL and Minzy’s solo “Please Don’t Go” topped the charts at number 10 in January. Thus, a total of 7 songs coming from 2NE1 made the 141 top songs of the year list, demonstrating their strength.

In addition to 2NE1 other YG artists such as Gummy ranked on the list. Gummy with “A Guy Thing”, “Even if I die I love you”, and, “There is no love”. While Se7en’s “Better Together” also made it as well as Big Bang’s “Lollipop Part 2″, TOP’s “Turn it up”, Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” and lastly PSY’s “Right Now”. Making it a total of 15 songs.

(note: For Your Information Big Hit Entertainment, JYP and SM are also mentionned but this was omitted)
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Sources: daum  Translated: alee @ + myself for songs translation. i couldn't find some though.

Being YG biased i'm happy yes but what's seriously amazing is ZIA being everywhere! and jfc our irrevelant queens mother brother and another mother... U-KISS yayayaaaaa!! It's braaaaaave.


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Gooey's skinny waist is what everyone wants

Ever heard of the term, “ant waist” before? It’s applied to women who have tiny waists, and KARA’s Goo Hara has been deemed as the ”Queen of the ant waists” with her recent triumph in a poll.

599 women were surveyed to state which celebrity’s waistline they would want; 332 of the respondents (55.4%) chose Goo Hara, while 237 (39.5%) of them chose SNSD’s Seohyun.

Pose Clinic’s director said, “Girl groups have talent and good bodies. They want Hara and Seohyun’s waist lines because they could pull off nice outfits. Those girls make those waists through intense exercise and a strict diet plan.”

Source: Korea Economic via Nate Allkpop, karaholic

be jealous of queen koala, the way you are of my new lj name
Penelope is pretty.
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2010: K-Idols vs. J-Idols

In the last half-decade, Tokyo shopping building Shibuya 109 has slowly but steadily taken back its place as the most central site of Japanese female culture. But in its recent reincarnation, Shibuya 109 has become the primary clubhouse for delinquent provincial girls to celebrate their own culture in the middle of the capital rather than a place to for the bridge-and-tunnel set to breathe in metropolitan values. And in general, the stereotypical 109 girl has always been obsessed with extremely local culture over anything with a hint of international flavor.

So how odd is it that in late November the giant poster for gyaru style bible Popteen gracing Shibuya 109 was taken down and replaced with a Christmas-themed illuminated advertisement for the Korean pop group Girls' Generation (SNSD, 少女時代). This music group’s explosive rise over the last three months has become national news in both Japan and Korea and signaled the start of a second hanryu (韓流) boom for Korean pop culture. The first hanryu, of course, involved lonely 50 year-old Japanese women fawning over the idealized Korean gentlemen in Winter Sonata and boy bands like Toho Shinki (aka TVXQ). This time, however, it’s young Japanese girls flocking to formerly consumer-unfriendly, Korean-ethnic neighborhood Shin-Okubo to buy Girls' Generation CDs and posters.

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Source: W. David Marx @ Néojaponisme
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KBS pulls a ban_shark on MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Min, and Crown J

KBS laid down the law by banning MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Min, and Crown J today. These individuals aren’t allowed to participate on any of the broadcasting network’s shows nor receive any compensation for their appearances.

As most of you have read previously, MC Mong is currently under a critical eye for alleged military draft dodging, Shin Jung Hwan is still facing legal issues concerning gambling, and both Kim Sung Min and Crown J were charged with drug use.

Do you believe these bans were warranted?


Nichkhun & Victoria reveal family photo from Thailand

The ‘Khuntoria’ segment of this week’s ”We Got Married” will reveal the family photo taken during f(x)’s Victoria’s visit to 2PM’s Nichkhun’s family’s home in Thailand.

Last week, Victoria was greeted by nearly 30 of Nichkhun’s relatives in the couple’s first visit to his home, and she seems to have left quite an impression.

The MV that the couple made for his little sister earlier also seems to have paid off, as the family will be holding a talent show in the coming episode to show off his sister’s version of f(x)’s “Nu ABO.”

Although Victoria seemed nervous at first, she was said to have quickly adjusted, and enjoyed fun conversations with the rest of the family members. Nichkhun’s grandmother also gave her a surprise gift, leading her to respond with a short but strong statement that left quite the impression.

Details can be found in the episode to air on December 11th!

sources: nate + akp

Beast's reflecting on 2010 & taking over the world in 2011

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They may have been newcomers to the music scene but the year 2010 has been a busy one for Du-jun, Hyun-seung, Jun-hyung, Yo-seop, Dong-woon and Gi-kwang, the six members of boy band BEAST.

In just six months of their debut with mini-album "Beast Is The B2ST" in October 2009, BEAST, standing for "Boys of the East Standing Tall," won first place on cable music channel Mnet's music show which marked the start to a possibly highly successful singing career in Korea.

Then in the summer, they took off on a promotional tour to countries overseas including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand, attracting several thousands of fans at each stop, followed by an official debut in Japan last month through a mega-sized showcase attended by over 10,000 fans.
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Credits: 10asia, suEhanQ

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My beautiful boys :')
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precious maknae's voice cracks on stage. and then iu sings perfectly or sthing

KARA’s Kang Ji Young and IU have been receiving divided responses from netizens regarding their vocal talent, especially after appearing back to back on the same music show.

IU recently made her comeback on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” with “Good Day” and showed off an impressive three octave pitch. Netizens were unable to contain their amazement, commenting that she had vocal talent that left goosebumps on one’s arms.

On the contrary, KARA’s Kang Ji Young also received attention for her voice cracking and winning #1 on the same show. Straight after the show, Kang Ji Young tweeted, “My voice cracked, aigo, how embarrassing.

Maybe it’s just us, but a one-time voice cracking incident doesn’t seem to be a big deal, what do you think?


it's okay, bby, it happens to everyone. even your favorite big bang and tvxq oppas, don't feel bad. oh, and congrats, IU.


Yoo Jae Suk files a lawsuit against KBS, MBC, SBS, and former agency

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The nation’s MC, Yoo Jae Suk, has filed a lawsuit against the three major public broadcast companies and his former agency regarding non-payments.

The MC previously left his management agency, Chocolate E&TF, for not being paid for his work, and is now requesting a staggering $640,000 USD in unpaid wages from KBS, MBC, SBS, and De Chocolate E&TF.

Yoo Jae Suk revealed, “I was contracted with my former agency for five years. Although we agreed that I would be receiving 80% of the profits, I have been unable to receive any payments as of May.

Source + Photos:
Korea Economy via Nate

Wow, $640,00 in unpaid wages??

“Inkigayo” prepares three special events for its 600th episode!

SBS’s “Inkigayo” will be celebrating its 600th episode on December 12th, marking nearly 18 years on the air.

Hwang In Young PD revealed to Newsen on December 9th, “We are currently preparing three special events in celebration of the anniversary.”

MCs from throughout the show’s history - Kim Hee Chul, Song Ji Hyo, and Eun Ji Won - will be appearing alongside current MCs 2AM’s Jo Kwon, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, and f(x)’s Sulli for an exciting collaborative effort.

The second event under preparation is a trot medley performance from 2AM’s Changmin and Jinwoon, SHINee’s Key, Orange Caramel’s Lizzy, SISTAR’s Hyorin and T-ara’s Soyeon.

The final event will be in the form of congratulatory stages by a variety of artists, including SISTAR and T-ara.

Hwang PD continued, “It’s been four months since I began working on ‘Inkigayo’ and I’ve received the opportunity to work on our 600th episode. I will be making sure to create wonderful stages worthy of the love the show has been receiving for such a long time.”

“Inkigayo” will air the 80-minute long special from 3:50 to 5:20 PM.

sources: nate + akp