December 12th, 2010


UEE ranks her looks amongst After School members

After Sc
hool’s UEE made a candid confession of how she thought her looks ranked amongst her fellow After School members during an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay.”

The ladies joined the show to promote their charity album, “Happy Pledis.” A question was brought up to UEE which asked her to truthfully rank her physical appearance out of the group, to which she confidently answered, “Third.

When asked if she truly thought she was pretty, she answered, “I sometimes think I’m pretty when I erase my makeup as opposed to dressing nice. I look at the mirror and think, ‘Look at you!,” causing her groupmates to burst out with laughter.

Lizzy was also asked whether she thought she was the most talked about after leader Kahi and UEE, leading her to answer, “Not at all. I think I actually come in fourth after UEE, Kahi, and Nana.”

Source: TV Report via Nate & Allkpop


After School’s Nana shows off her practiced facial expressions

Certain members of After School do take the easy way out when they have to showcase their talents on variety shows by either making facial expressions or posing adorably. Nevertheless, who’s to complain when they’re this pretty?

On the most recent “Quiz that Changes the World“, Orange Caramel’s Nana came on to promote their new track. While on the show, she shared some facial expressions that she has been practicing with. She first pulled out her surprised face, and then her expression after taking a bite of sour fruit.

She was trying so hard that people laughed with her, causing her to laugh with relief as well.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

Credits: Allkpop
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What’s the Next Male K-POP group to break into Japan?

Recochoku is one of the most popular downloading sites for mobile phones in Japan and recently they held a poll for their users. The poll was titled “What’s the Next Male K-POP group to break into Japan?” and was held from November 23rd until December 7th. The results were recently posted on Recochoku’s website:

1. 2PM
2. Choshinsei (Supernova)
3. SHINee
5. FT Island

If you can recall, 2PM recently achieved an “all-kill” on Recochoku’s MV download ranking, taking all five spots from their top 5 chart.

The article also talks about how 2PM debuted in Japan with the release of their DVD in November and how they’re known for being “Beast Idols” for their strong dancing and muscular bodies. It also states how there’s been many feminine type boy groups but now girls are looking for more beastly type idol groups.

Recochoku’s article also states that Supernova has received high evaluations based on their talented dancing and singing as well as their great figures. A unidentified female in their 40’s stated, “I heard every member can speak Japanese well, and they have a member who is “Ijirare-character” (meaning always get picked on by people in a good way), so I think they will be big someday for sure.” It seems like they get attention because of their personalities as well.

Although many “dance vocal” groups were ranked on the poll, the only band that was ranked in top 5 was FT Island, who debuted in Japan this past May, Recochoku thinks they will be getting more popular in the near future.

It seems both 2PM and Supernova have a good chance to be successful in the Japanese market.


Raina envies her fellow After School members

After School
’s Raina highlighted the charms of her fellow members by elaborating why she felt envious of them during KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay.

While playing a game of truth or dare, Raina was asked, “Do you have anything you’re jealous of from the members of After School?

Raina answered, “I envy Kahi-unni’s dancing skills, Nana’s body and proportions, and Jung Ah-unni’s personality.”

When asked to continue with UEE and Lizzy, Raina replied, “Let’s stop here,” causing a burst of laughter from the studio.

Source: TV Daily via Nate via Allkpop

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We are ready for war, warns North Korea's Peace Commission

North Korea warned yesterday that it was ready for an all-out war.

The news came as it sent its top diplomat to Russia amid efforts to defuse tensions over its deadly artillery attack on neighbouring South Korea.
The North’s official news agency said foreign minister Pak Ui Chun had left for Russia but declined to give details.
On Friday, Pak accused South Korea and the US of pursuing a policy of confrontation and said that North Korea needed its nuclear programme to fend them off.
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Source: dailymail
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S. Korea's national income likely to near pre-crisis level

South Korea's per capita income for 2010 is expected to bounce back to the pre-crisis level, on the back of solid economic recovery, the central bank said Sunday.

South Korea's per capita income topped a record US$21,700 in 2007, growing for the sixth consecutive year, but has fallen below $20,000 since the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Asia's fourth-largest economy, however, has been on a sturdy recovery track, growing 7.6 percent in the first half of this year. The growth, fueled by robust exports and increased spending, marked the fastest expansion in a decade.

According to the Bank of Korea (BOK), the nominal gross national income (GNI) for this year is estimated at $1 trillion, which translates to a per capita income of $20,510.

The GNI includes all income generated by South Korean nationals, both locally and overseas.

The nominal GNI was calculated based on the real gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimate of 6.1 percent and an annual average currency rate of 1,160 South Korean won against the greenback, the BOK said.

Unless the U.S. dollar steeply climbs against the won in end-year trading, the per capita income is likely to surpass $20,000, said the BOK.

Local think tanks, meanwhile, forecast that South Korea's per capita income will reach a record $22,998-$23,866 next year, thanks to GNI increases and a continuously strengthening won.

Source: yonhapnews
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Korea, Japan lawyers join forces for 'comfort women'

Lawyers from Japan and South Korea, including the head of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, jointly demanded the Japanese government apologize to Korean “comfort women” for forcing them to provide sexual services to soldiers during World War II and to pay due compensation.

They also called on Tokyo to establish an organization chaired by Prime Minister Naoto Kan to draw up and implement such measures and add the tragic chapter of history between Korea and Japan to the Japanese history education curriculum.

Kenji Utsunomiya, president of the largest lawyers’ group in Japan, said in a joint statement issued in Seoul with the Korean Bar Association that sex slavery during World War II should be acknowledged as a “grave infringement” upon the dignity of the affected Korean women.

“Japan should apologize to them for significantly tarnishing their dignity through forcible and organized prostitution for Japanese soldiers,” it said. “Japan should acknowledge its wrongdoings of the past and be held liable for them.”

This is the first statement of its kind issued by the most influential lawyers’ group in Japan.

They also pressed Japan to disclose all documents regarding a 1965 treaty that provides Japan with the legal ground to say that all compensation matters for the victims of colonial rule had been dealt with.

They said its consistent refusal to disclose the documents has deepened distrust between the neighboring countries.

“Japan should make a full disclosure of its documents so that the two countries can share a consensus on the process leading up to the agreement,” the joint statement said.

In August 2005 South Korea disclosed documents from its side related to the negotiations and signing of the agreement, but Japan has yet to make its records public.

Seoul says the pact does not cover compensation for some of the victims, including sexually enslaved women, people mobilized for forced labor and later abandoned on Sakhlin and those injured by the atomic bombing of Japan.

Source: koreatimes
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South Koreans at sword's point over hero's statue

Those critical of the statue in Seoul of 16th century naval commander Yi Sun-sin ask: Isn't the admiral's armor more Chinese in style? And the sword, they say, looks much more Japanese than Korean.

A statue of Adm. Yi Sun-sin, who led the Korean Navy against Japanese invaders in the 16th century, is being repaired at a factory in Icheon. Afterward, it will be returned to Gwanghwamun Plaza in downtown Seoul.

For four decades, the statue of Adm. Yi Sun-sin has gazed out from its pedestal in downtown Gwanghwamun Plaza, sheathed sword clutched proudly in the fighter's right hand as he grasps the waistcoat of his battle uniform with the other.
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Source: latimes
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B2uty stampede at the B2st Concert

It was reported that B2ST had to pause their concert about 20 minutes into their show due to a stampede of spectators in the standing section of the venue.

B2ST opened their first independent ‘Welcome to B2ST Airlines‘ concert on December 12th, and over 8000 enthusiastic fans were in attendance, but some of them may have been a bit too excited.

Before the concert even began, the 2000 fans in the standing section were not abiding to the ordering system and were creating a dangerous situation for surrounding fans. The situation became more severe once the members actually came out, as the fans began to stampede to the front, worrying the members.

After their beginning performances of ‘Special‘ and ‘Soom‘, the members asked the fans to “be careful,” and urged the fans to be more safe. However, as soon as they saw the members walking out onto the projected stage, the 1000 fans in the standing C section moved further towards the front.

As a result, B2ST had to pause the concert after performing ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Mystery‘ due to fears of possibly creating a great accident in the standing section.

So after 20 minutes of performing their first four tracks, the members went backstage for 10 minutes to allow for the reorganization of the seating sections of the concert.

When the members returned back on stage, leader Yoon Doojoon said, “There was an accident during our performance. We’d like to apologize first and foremost.” Son Dongwoon also expressed, “Since we will be getting closer, we’ll be thankful if everyone refrains from moving closer and abides by the ordering system.” From then onwards, the crowd stayed calm and let B2ST continue on with their ‘Mystery’ performance.

Source: allkpop

BEAST, "We are no longer the recycled group"

BEAST was also not able to keep their emotions suppressed in the first solo concert a year into their debut.

The first tears were spilled by member Yong Junhyung. The members planned a surprise birthday party for Yong Junhyung’s birthday coming up on the 19th and he was touched that he was celebrating his birthday at the first solo concert.

Yong Junhyung stated crying, “My parents are here with me today. Last year, my mother visited me for my birthday, but I sent her back telling her that I was busy. I am happy that I got to celebrate my birthday here in such a meaning place. Thank you is all words I can say.”

Yong Junhyung’s tears were not the end. All six members of BEAST showed their tears on that day.

The most emotional moment was when the video that captured their debut times was airing on the big screen. BEAST, who was called the ‘recycled’ group early in debut, was able to remember the times of sadness and painful times.

On the video the different phrases including, “Let’s show them not to make them look. We clenched our jaws. We put more and more effort until the time we were able to show ourselves confidently. The sweat we spilled then was tears.”
And along with the comment from BEAST, “Now the world refers to us as the rediscovered group instead of the recycled group,” there were video clips of them making their place as the best male rookie group of the year.

The members also spilled tears looking at the video each of their parents recorded. It was the warm tears that contained the worries for their parents and the thankfulness towards the fans.

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T-ara’s Hyomin tweets an apology for ‘Inkigayo’ slip-up

SBS’s “Inkigayo” celebrated their 600th episode earlier tonight, which included a special stage from T-ara. During their “YaYaYa” performance, the girls were to whip out placards spelling out “In-Ki-Ga-Yo”, but unfortunately, member Hyomin experienced an embarrassing mishap as she failed to flip over the correct side of the sign.

After the show, she took to her Twitter to apologize for the slip-up. She wrote, “When you line it up, it’s always the loudest person that gets it wrong… Aigoo… Sorry ㅠㅠ It’s not ‘600 Kigayo’… “In”kigayo, congratulations ㅠㅠ

Hyomin attached a picture of herself correctly holding the sign, but with a defeated expression.

Hyomin's Twitter

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TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin have revealed teaser images for their upcoming comeback album set for release on January 5th.

The two members declared their comeback through their official homepage on December 1st revealed transformed image today, giving fans a glimpse of their new style. The album is said to be containing a variety of genres that will allow fans to see how much the two members have matured vocally.

The album will drop in Korea on January 5th and will be followed by the release of a Japanese single version on the 26th.

Source: SharingYoochun, allkpop

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'Actor Kim Sung-min suffered depression for 2 years'

Actor Kim Sung-min, 36, who was arrested on Dec. 4 for possessing and habitually using the banned drug methamphetamine, suffered from depression for two years, his manager told SBS “TV Entertainment Night” Thursday.

The manager, Ha Jung-hyun said Kim who presented a fun and positive image on a variety show went through depression from early 2007 to late 2008.

“The reason why he used drugs was not for an ex-girlfriend. Kim felt emptiness and bipolar as being a celebrity,” the manager said.

He also said it was wrong information he habitually took drugs from 2008. “Kim injected methamphetamine 4-5 times and smoked marijuana once during the last Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday.

“Prosecutors are still investigating the case,” the manager said.

The manager apologized to the public for having caused trouble instead of Kim.

Source: The Korea Times
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Hardships of being an indie musician in Korea

Indie band The Koxx plays in front of an audience.

SEOUL, Dec. 10 (Yonhap) - When singer Song Eun-jie made a shock admission about her life as a musician in Korea, it was sadly unsurprising to people familiar with Korea's indie scene. "I'm 30 and I make around 600,000 won (US$520) a month, which leaves me just enough to buy a little make-up. My parents say I should get married, or tell me to find a proper job," she said.

Speaking in a cable TV documentary in January about Sogyumo Acacia Band, for whom she is the lead singer, Song provided a stark reminder that however vibrant Korea's TV shows and pop culture have become in recent years, life for the country's indie musicians remains extremely onerous.

Nor was hers the only tale of hardship among Korea's indie musicians to make news this year. Following the death of Lee Jin-won, the singer with indie band Moonlight Nymph, from a heart attack in early November, stories soon emerged of the serious financial difficulties he had reportedly faced toward the end of his life.

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Source: Niels Footman @ Yonhap News

Park JungBum did it again

Last saturday, at the International 10th Film Festival of Marrakech ceremony, South Korean movie director, screenwriter and actor Park JungBum won the most important prize of this event: l'Etoile d'Or (The Golden Star) for his movie The Journals of Musan. The prize was given to him by John Malkovich. Congratulations!

Park JungBum thinks first about people who inspired him for this story. Then the winner thanked his role model "Lee SanDong" and also dedicated this prize to all the team who worked hard with him despite the cold.

The jury who chose Park JungBum: John Malkovich, Gael Garcia Bernal, Faouzi Bensaidi, Maggie Cheung, Dominic Cooper, Irene Jacob, Benoit Jacquot, Riccardo Scamarcio, Yousra.

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Source: Film Festival of Marrakech websiteTV5monde, RTM tv channel
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B2ST displays dominance over Asian music fans through their first solo concert

Although they debuted only last year, B2ST was able to confirm their command of the Asian music market through their first-ever solo concert, held recently on December 12th.

B2ST opened their ‘Welcome to B2ST Airlines’ concert at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, where fans from not only Korea, but also from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand came together to form the 8,000-member audience for the event.

But that’s not all – according to a representative from their agency, Cube Entertainment, both Korean and overseas fans who were unable to grab a ticket stood outside the venue in the cold, listening to the music and waiting for the concert to end so that they may catch a glimpse of their idols’ faces as they walked out.

The representative stated, “The day before the concert (11th), 5-6 fans from Taiwan who were unable to buy a ticket came to the company building and asking if there was any way for them to purchase a ticket. These fans prepared themselves with blankets so that they could wait outside the venue in case somebody would come and say that they weren’t able to attend, and were consequently looking to sell their tickets.”

In the end, there were about 10 people who came to the venue trying to sell their ticket, and 5-6 of those tickets were bought by international fans. It wasn’t confirmed whether those fans were the same Taiwanese fans who came to the company building.

After the concert, B2ST headed off to a restaurant with their guest performers and fellow agency artists ( and 4minute) to celebrate the end of the concert. The fans somehow found out which restaurant they went to and waited outside once again just to see their faces. Around about 100 fans were still waiting, even past midnight.


if I had money I would have been there, too.

Ahn Youngmin commends Taeyeon for her singing ability


Composer and lyricist Ahn Youngmin has nothing but praises for taeyeon.

In a post entitled ‘Taeyeon – I Love You (Athena OST)’ in his own minihompy, Ahn Youngmin mentioned that he worked with Taeyeon for the OST.

Ahn Youngmin stated, “This is the second time I work with Taeyeon and it’s amazing to see that she handled the song really well. I was worried that the song might be too matured for her but when she started singing, my tears started to fall”. The well known composer went on to praise Taeyeon in terms of her singing ability as well as how she managed to put in her feelings and emotions into the song.

Taeyeon’s ‘I Love You’ was officially released on December 13th, the same day as the first broadcast of SBS drama ‘Athena: Goddess of

Credit:, fanwonder

i love this song sfm.