December 13th, 2010

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Mir bought his parents a new house

After a recent appearance on MBC's "Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee’s Come Over", MBLAQ's Mir was dubbed as the new "good son idol".

Mir was given the name after news that he had bought a new house for his parents from his earnings as an idol member. A confession from one of the staff member from his company revealed that because his parents had been living in a rented house all their lives, Mir bought them their own place with money he saved up.

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4minute preparing for agrresive promotions in Japan and Korea

Girl group 4minute will be preparing for full-scale promotions in Japan for their first real album.

4minute's first album, entitled "DIAMOND," will be released on the 15th as part of the Korean girl group wave currently sweeping Japan. After releasing 3 singles this year in Japan, the girls will start major promotions throughout the country for the monumental event of their first album release. This is the first album the girls have put out in any country.

Hit songs like "Hot Issue," "HuH," and "Muzik" will be included in the 13-track album. "Muzik" and "I My Me Mine" will be in Japanese, increasing the specialness of the album.

On the 10th, a representative from Cube entertainment said, "Starting with 4minute's first album release, we will begin aggressive promotional activities. We have plans for domestic activities for the first half of the year as well."

4minute's concerts in Osaka and Tokyo recently attracted 4,000 attendees, with tickets sold out in record time.

The girls are currently working with in-house producer Shinsadong Tiger as part of their Korean/overseas simultaneous promotions to begin next year.

Song Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In nominated for ‘Best Couple Award’

Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In from KBS 2TV’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” have been nominated for the ‘Best Couple Award’ at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

The two played the roles of ‘Yeorim’ and ‘Geol Oh’, which received massive support from fans of the drama as the representative ‘male couple.’ One scene in particular even created a ‘gay scandal’ between the two. Yeorim, who observed Geol Oh putting his life on the line in order to find the person who wrote the fake handbill, tearfully made the following outburst:”What does that make me, the person by your side? Fine, live as you want and get out of my sight.”

Although both actors and producers clarified the scene to be an expression of their deep friendship, it seems as if viewers took it differently, landing the two a nomination for the awards show.

A representative of KBS’s variety team revealed, “Due to the aggressive recommendations and support the press corps have shown, we were able to confidently put the ‘Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In’ couple as nominations for the ‘Best Couple Award’. We predict that they will receive just as many user votes as the other hetero couples in the viewers votes.”

Even though the couple is said to be ‘just friends’, if the two should win the award, it would prove to be a great step towards a positive reception of the queer community in Korea!

Stay tuned to allkpop for the results of the “2010 KBS Drama Awards”, scheduled to be broadcasted on December 31st.

sources: nate + akp

Happy Monday Party Post!

Let's go party because Omona's Princess @heedictator is #9 on Twitter's Top Trends of the year!


The Top Trends

Yes it is a travesty we don't have a Heechul mod post gif. Please feel free to post some recommendations! All the regular FFA rules apply.

ETA: Good luck to everyone who has finals or tests this week!!!!
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Sailors Missing as S. Korea Boat Sinks

Five crew members were killed Monday when a South Korean fishing trawler sank in the frigid waters off Antarctica, and 17 other crew members were missing and presumed dead, New Zealand rescue officials said.

Twenty of the crewmen were rescued by a nearby South Korean fishing boat, and two other South Korean vessels were enlisted in the search. But two New Zealand fishing boats stopped searching Monday afternoon because it was unlikely that any of the missing crew had survived, according to Dave Wilson, an official with the Rescue Coordination Center New Zealand, based in Wellington.

There was no immediate indication for the cause of the sinking, and the agency said no distress call had been issued.
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Source: nytimes
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North Korea campaigned for Eric Clapton performance, cable reveals

One of the diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks reveals that North Korean officials suggested the U.S. government make arrangements for rock icon Eric Clapton to perform in Pyongyang as a way of building "good will" between the countries.

The suggestion was relayed to the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, through an intermediary whose name was redacted from the document.

"Arranging an Eric Clapton concert in Pyongyang could also be useful, [the intermediary] said, given Kim Jong-Il's second son's devotion to the rock legend," the cable begins. "As Kim Jong-Il's second son, Kim Jong-chol, is reported to be a great fan, the performance could be an opportunity to build good will."
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Source: cnn
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indie rock gods come to Canada. maybe America but idc.

A while ago Indieful Rock blogged that Galaxy Express, Vidulgi OoyoO, and Idiotape would be hitting up North American this upcoming March. They're planned to preform at South By Southwest (SXSW) and Toronto's Candian Music Fest (CMF), though so far only the CMF's website has updated to include the acts. Rumour says they're working on stopping by San Fransisco, New Haven, and Cambridge as well.

CMF has some stuff written up about Galaxy Express and an empty page about Idiotape.

sources: indiefulrock, Canada Music Fest, South By Southwest

Supernova’s Sung Je & KARA’s Jiyoung collaborate for Christmas carol duet

As reported yesterday, Supernova and KARA’s Jiyoung will be releasing a new single on December 16th, and additional details have been revealed today!

Supernova’s agency, Maru Entertainment, stated, “On the 16th, Sung Jae and Kang Jiyoung will reveal their duet track, ‘Merry Love.” The track was reportedly produced by composer Park Geun Tae.

The two groups have been busy promoting in Japan, both ranking on Japan’s Oricon Singles chart and achieving a high level of success.

The two members added, “We wanted to prepare a special year-end present for our fans. Through this unique opportunity, we’d like to spread the potential of K-POP.”

There’s no official word yet regarding plans of promoting on Korean music shows, as Supernova will be heading back to Japan on the 21st for their individual concert.

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Source: allkpop
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Kyuhyun, "Apply Thicker Makeup like Ga-In" & Official Pictures and Preview of the 2nd Episode

(click to view bigger)

Super Junior's Kyuhyun challenged Ga-in's sexiness which in turn made everyone burst into laughter.
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Source: Morning News
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

SuperLEEHYUNJOO @ youtube

1st Three:
Credit: sujushow100 (Official Twitter)
Shared by. A880203 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

credit: Super Junior's Foresight Official Twitter | reupload: ★яєιℓα @

credit to | shared by ☆★
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Yenny, Yubin, and Lim(!!!) looking Hot and Yenny is changing her hair color again

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun takes a picture in the waiting room

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On December 13th, Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun updated her Twitter with a couple of photos of her with members Hye Lim and Yubin in their performance outfits.

In the photo, all girls are sporting chic, smoky make-up, complemented with orange and red lipstick. Yubin particularly surprised her fans by widening her eyes to look like large, scary rabbit eyes.

Ye Eun tweeted along with the photos, “bye bye black yenny haha,” making fans curious as to how Ye Eun will transform her hair.Collapse )


Lim has been really growing on me lately. Her confidence is growing and its a beautiful thing to see. And i might be in the minority, but i LOVE Yenny's dark hair. Since she has had it, I've noticed how beautiful she really is. Or maybe its the extra 5 or so pounds she gained that made her body almost perfect now
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Korea's BEST voice releases new album: Gift Part 2 today!

Park Hyo Shin - a veteran artist known for his powerful, husky vocals - recently released his sixth album, “Gift Part. 2“. It will be his final project for quite some time due to his military obligations later on this month.

He will be looking to continue the success he had from his previous album, “Gift Part. 1“, which was released in September of last year.

Park Hyo Shin’s newest title track is named, “I Promise You“, and it sounds like it’s going to be another hit. Check out the album and title track below!

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sources: allkpop, , FalconChern2nd@yt

YESSSSSS, it's finally here!! Part 2 sounds more mellow and bubbly than his previous albums. Pure love, omg.
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[111012 - 121012] Heechul's, Yesung's & Kyuhyun's Twitter Updates!

Heechul's Tweets:


Tweets like this are originally written in English.

아 일찍 인났네ㅡㅡ
Ah, woke up too early ㅡ ㅡ
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Heechul's Tweets:
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Source: @Heedictator
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Yesung's Tweets:
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Kyuhyun's Tweets:
Sources @GaemGyu
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Original Source. twitter
Translated by. @pastakyu / Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

Jeff and Haeri about "Tears Of Heaven"

Singer and musical actor Xiah Junsu has been cast in the main male role of a new musical that carries a production cost of $8.73 million USD. He recently attended the press conference for ‘Tears of Heaven’ on December 13th, which was held at the Emperial Palace in Seoul. During the conference, Xiah Junsu expressed his thoughts as a musical actor.
“I think it’s still a bit embarrassing to call myself an actor, but I’m Kim Junsu and I’m able to sit here today as a musical actor.”

“My role as Jun is as a male Korean soldier who was dispatched to Vietnam. This is my second production after ‘Mozart’, and if one was to consider ‘Mozart’ a musical that illustrated a life, then this production is about deep love. There are also aspects of betrayal and difficulties.”

“I feel this production will give me an opportunity to develop. I’m honored to be able to act alongside respected actors.”

“You might be able to realize when you come watch, but the songs combine both classic and pop elements of music, and I will do my best to express both musical elements. I hope people will look forward to the musical.”

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Sources:  Nate1, Nate2, Nate3, AKP1, AKP2
If this really goes worldwide, i really hope we'll get THEM. I'd pay without thinking.
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Park Jin Young caught in a controversy over Jay Park & Sidus HQ CEO Jung Hoon Tak


Tweets from the CEO of Sidus HQ Entertainment, Jung Hoon Tak, swearing at JYP Entertainment’s producer Park Jin Young, have become the center of a heated controversy.

On December 10th, CEO Jung left two short but very direct messages for Park Jin Young. In the first, he uploaded a picture of JYP along with the initials for ‘son of a b*tch.’ The director then posted a second picture of Park Jin Young with the short-form to the swear words, ‘f***ing a**hole‘. The message went on to state, “Until when are you going to continue living like that? ”

CEO Jung’s tweets are speculated to have sourced from Park Jin Young’s comments about Park Jaebeom - 2PM’s former leader who is now signed under Sidus HQ – during his appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win“. The producer apparently implied that Park Jaebeom had truly made a mistake.

According to the audience members who were present during the recording, Park Jin Young made the following statement regarding Park Jaebeom’s withdrawal: “What our company revealed is the truth. We have already told the truth so we have nothing more to say.”

On December 10th, Park Jin Young formally apologized via JYP Entertainment’s official homepage:

“Hello. It’s been a while since I personally wrote a message like this. I’ve decided to write one because of my upset feelings.

During a TV recording, conversation shifted to the problem of 2PM’s member change that had taken place earlier this year. I tried to avoid answering it, but I did say a few things regarding my thoughts on the issue. I had already asked them to avoid asking such things before the recording so I thought it would be okay, but they asked so suddenly, so I was a bit surprised.

I requested once more to delete the segment, but it seems as if those at the set have already spread an exaggerated rumor of what happened.

I would like to apologize for bringing up a story that has caused so many pain to so many people. Everything should come to a beautiful end, so it is upsetting that I must write a message like this. I’ll be making sure to greet all of you with a more careful stance.“

Netizens said, “Park Jin Young, we can never believe anything you say about Park Jaebeom,” “Do not mess with Park Jaebeom,” and “He’s the one that threw him away, why is he still talking about him?”

After JYP’s apology, CEO Jung tweeted again, “I was thoughtless.. TT “The biggest form of punishment is silence. No matter what he says, you should never speak of him, train him, teach him, or converse about anything with him. It’s a punishment that makes him become someone that does not even exist.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate , SPN via Nate
ource : Allkpop

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Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate, Newsen via Nate
Source :

Jay wasn't supposed to have Hyun Bin's role. It was Jang Hyuk. Jay was supposed to play "Ssun" another character.
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On the 23rd of last month, the shocking news that the "new" Tohoshinki would be making a comeback next January was made; and now, their new song will become the theme song for a drama.

The meaning of the new song, "Torn", is described to be the gloomy torn feelings in a tangled relationship between a man and a woman. They commented, "It is a powerful dance song that you will be able to enjoy." Although the number of their members have been reduced from 5 to 2, they will not let if affect them in order to come up with the song and to show the audience a powerful stage. With powerful beats, the partial lyrics of the song is revealed, "Is love a crime? Is pain a punishment?". They expressed, "Please expect us to show you our touch and manly side."

The person who chose this song is the producer of the drama, Toyofuku Youko. The drama is titled "Utsukushii Rinjin" (Beautiful Neighbor). In this drama, actress Nakama Yukie will portray an evil woman, while her co-star Dan Rei will be playing the character of a happy housewife who lives next door; and this suspense drama is about how the quiet everyday life of the housewife is destroyed. Since this story is about woman vs. woman, to avoid creating an overly sweet atmosphere, the producer interfused the world of this drama with a song sung by male vocals.

Upon learning about their comeback, producer Toyofuku immediately offered them the chance. She expressed her thoughts upon listening to the song for the first time, "It is a very thorny and captivating song that captures the instinct of a woman such as jealousy, love and passion. It portrays perfectly the poison that every woman carries, and I immediately thought that it was the one."

Source: Sanspo & Sponichi
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Eric's Comeback, Passionate Acting Shown In Kunsan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shinhwa member and actor Eric (real name Mun Junghyuk) shows his commitment to acting in Kunsan.

On December 13th, an official told star news "Eric has completed his military service and started filming for the new drama "Poseidon" last month. Eric is in Kunsan right now where most of his filming will take place. Eric hasn't acted in long time, so he has emerged himself into this filming."

In this specific role Eric has to do swimming scenes, so to accomplish a better performance he decided with a lot of enthusiasm to learn how to swim again.

In the drama "Poseidon" Eric is maritime police officer "Kim Seonwoo" who gets recruited by a special task team. In this role a very tough manly appearance will be presented.

This special task team marine police will have the presence of Eric, Yunho, Kim Kangwoo, Kim Wookbin, and Jeon Hyebin as part of the popular stars that were casted.

The drama will air next year in 2011. And the broadcaster is still undecided. In charge of this drama is "all in" PD Yu Cheolyong and Director Yeon Chuleul.

Eric was released from his compulsory military service at the Seoul Jamshil Olympic Stadium in October.


Eric and Yunho in a drama together. I am excite!

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Athena Garners 20+% Viewership Ratings on Pilot Episode

After months of anticipation and teaser photos, the “IRIS” spin-off drama “Athena: Goddess of War” finally aired its pilot episode on December 13th. Considering the smashing success of its predecessor, it’s unsurprising that it raked in impressive viewer ratings on its debut night.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, Athena achieved a killer 22.8% through SBS. In comparison, its competing dramas – KBS2TV’s “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and MBC’s “Queen of Reversals” – registered ratings of 8.4% and 14.5%, respectively.

Athena’s ratings are particularly impressive since it’s difficult for dramas these days to go past the 20% mark after the first episode and maintain their viewers’ interest.

We’ll be checking back with follow-up stats for the upcoming episodes, so stay tuned!

source: allkpop and Nate

lol i think i'm actually going to download all 1080i tp files of this drama...we'll see
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This is your daily kara post

KARA recently performed live at a special event in Tokyo for KDDI’s running and walking service called “auSanta’s Challenge“.

Bringing their Christmas spirit to the event, the girls rocked Santa outfits as they performed their famous butt dance for “Mister“, in addition to their new single, “Jumping.”

Jiyoung stated, “(The Santa cosplay) was embarrassing at first, but it’s okay now.” When Seungyeon was asked how she felt about working around Christmas, she answered, “I’m sad, but it’s work.”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a video that recorded their dances at the event, but we’ll definitely update once we find one!

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Kim Dongwan "Group Showers, Cleaning Snow, Those Memories Will Last"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"While in basic training I still remember group showers. I also remember snow cleaning on the streets in Shinchon. These two years were meaningful times in my life."

After being discharged on December 7th, member of Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan held a fan meeting at the Sanmyeong Art Center where at a press conference he talked about serving two years in the military.

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OMG Eric and Minwoo are producing music for Shinhwa's comeback! And lol this article reminded me of Shinhwa's group showers.

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goddess Bom will be performing with GTOP for their promotions

With their YouTube broadcast “World Premiere” in a couple days, fans are eagerly waiting to get a taste of GD&TOP’s music. To further add to the hype, it has been revealed that 2NE1’s Park Bom will be helping GD&TOP for their highly anticipated upcoming album release on December 24th.

On December 13th, a YG Entertainment representative revealed, “Park Bom has been featured on a track titled ‘OH YEAH‘ from the soon-to-be-released GD&TOP album… Park Bom will also join GD&TOP for their broadcast performances.”
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I can't handle any more good news today, all flailed out. But fuck yeah GTOPBOM!

Original Source: Star News via nate
Source: AKP
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Seeya disbands

With the exit of member Soomi, trio SeeYa became a pop duo.

Unfortunately, it appears that Soomi’s exit marked the beginning of the end, as SeeYa has now announced their official disbandment after five years in the music industry.

The group first debuted in 2006 with their single, “Scent of a Woman.” Member Nam Gyuri left in acrimonious circumstances after the third album, “Hot Girl,” and the group later made a return with “That Man’s Voice” with new singer Lee Soomi in tow.

After Soomi left them for rookie group Co-Ed earlier this year, SeeYa continued promoting as a duo and earned the nickname of being the ‘female SG Wannabe.’

However, Core Contents Media representatives revealed on December 14th, “The members (Lee Boram, Kim Yeon Ji) visited CEO Kim Kwang Su and stated that they would like ‘to go separate paths.’ Kim Kwang Su agreed and said that he would help them in any way he could.”

SeeYa will be releasing their last album on January 10th titled “Goodbye My Love,” which will include all of the group’s hit tracks and two new songs. They will then part ways afterwards.

Nate News
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Nicole proves her haters are jealous, pathetic and kicks puppies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The ladies of SBS’s “Heroes” opened a one-day restaurant a few weeks back in order to garner considerable profits, which they would then donate 100% of to a charitable organization that helps starving children. The episode finally broadcasted on December 12th, and viewers got to see how the women were divided up in order to cook the food.

KARA’s Nicole, IU, Shin Bong Sun, No Sa Yeon, Yoo In Na, and Narsha were on the ‘tonkatsu’ team and showed much determination in getting all of the orders completed under the directions of Shin Bong Sun.

Nicole in particular stood out from her teammates as her tireless work ethic drove her on to work hard to complete her task; she concentrated so furiously on frying the meat properly that she didn’t even rest, despite the fact that the task took up hours. Whenever she made a minor mistake, she would immediately apologize and attempt to remedy the situation.

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Article Source: Allkpoop, MyDaily via Nate
Video Sources: Ournickorii, KaraTV2

What is to expected of a girl who is everyone's bff and who's motto is "Effort does not betray you. If it ever did, that means [you] didn’t put in enough effort." This is why she is my bias, soo precious.