December 14th, 2010

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Choi Hee Jin sentenced to 2 years in PRISON!!!

Composer Choi Hee Jin, who was previously arrested for attempted blackmail, has received a two-year prison sentence for her crimes.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled on the morning of December 14th that Choi Hee Jin defamed Tae Jin Ah and Eru by spreading false rumors, and attempted to extort money from them.

Prosecutors stated, “Choi Hee Jin requested money for an abortion after lying about her pregnancy. The Cho family has been largely affected by this case.” Although prosecutors previously asked for a five-year sentence, the court came to a final judgment on two years instead, due to a repentant letter Choi wrote explaining her regret in her actions, and how she is reflecting on her behavior.

Before making a final ruling, Judge Song Byung Joon revealed, “Choi has acknowledged her mistake in the form of three letters. Choi’s mother has sent a letter asking for favorable arrangements as well.”

Choi had wrote, “I made a mistake in an emotional moment. I am deeply regretting my actions. At a young age, my parents divorced and I was forced to support my family.”

source: allkpop and Nate

i thought choi hee jin was the father at first, lol

Dara Park thanks her Filipino fans, thankfully not in Jejemon

2NE1's "Go Away" MV is currently NUMBER ONE on the following MYX Countdowns:

#1 - MYX HIT CHART (December 12-18)
#1 - MYX INTERNATIONAL TOP 20 (December 11-17)
#1 - MYX DAILY TOP 10 (December 7,8,9,10 & 13)

Dara Park found out about their being #1 here in the Philippines and tweeted this message on her me2day account:

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Source:  Universal Records on Facebook, Dara's Me2Day

To those who wonder what Jejemon is...

Convention unites Filipino K-pop fans anew

In the Philippines, 2010 is truly the year of K-pop.

Filipino K-pop fans proved once and for all that the Philippine K-pop community is alive and well, as they flocked to the Philippine International Convention Center Forum last December 11 for the 2nd Philippine K-Pop Convention. Organized by the Philippine K-pop Committee, Inc., the event not only provided an opportunity for K-pop fans to have fun, it also gave them an avenue to help improve society through a partnership with Gawad Kalinga.

The event raised ₱500,000 (US$11,400) for Gawad Kalinga's Bayani Challenge, to be held in Cebu on April 4 to 9, 2011, where GK volunteers from all over the world will come together to build a community by hand within a week.

The convention, first held in Starmall Alabang last year, has shown improvement in both attendance and organization. This year's convention featured a fashion show, album launches, costume play, dance contests and the Philippine K-Pop awards. It is truly a joy to see the exponential growth of the Philippine K-pop community within a year of its mainstream inception. The energy that emanated and is still emanating from this event proves that K-pop is here to stay.

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Source: Yahoo! Philippines (check out the slideshow at the source)

Still bummed that I didn't go.
{superjunior} kyuhyun - grin

S.M The Ballad (minus Jay) on Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night Radio (Performances & Official Pictures)

Official Pictures:

(click to view bigger)

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credit to iMBC Park Kyunglim's Starry Night's Official Website | shared by ☆★

stu123h, butter0203 & 2pinkninja @ youtube

SNSD's "GENIE" = Rookie Album of the Year on iTunes

SNSD’s Japan debut single “GENIE” has been selected by Japan iTunes as the Rookie of the Year pop album.

iTunes recently released their “2010 Music, 2010 Best” ranking. According to it, SNSD single “GENIE”, which was released in September, was selected as “Rookie of the Year Album” in the pop category.

This song was released last year in Korea by SNSD. It’s the Japanese version of their big hit “Tell Me Your Wish”. Immediately after their Japan release, they ranked #2 on the Oricon daily single ranking chart.

On iTunes “Song With The Most Sales” ranking, KARA’s “Mister” ranked 14th, SNSD’s “GENIE” ranked 29th and “Gee” ranked 30th.

Translated by:
Source: Chosun Online

Daesung is an angel.

Smiling Angel,Daesung continues to be perfect~!


A photo of Daesung with a sick child on a wheelchair was posted on Me2Day on December 13, Monday.

BIGBANG’s Daesung visited Asan Hospital. He went together with JinuSean’s Sean. To all the fans who asked for an autograph, he kindly complied, signing for one person at a time.

The reason for Daesung’s visit at the hospital may be this letter, written by a father of a young girl with leukemia, on DCInside (Korean forum) last December 12 (Sunday) around midnight):

“I was just searching on the internet and found my way here. In order to fulfill the final wish of my daughter who is in her second year of middle school, I throw down all my dignity and write this post.

Last December, my daughter was diagnosed with Acute Basophilic Leukemia. She received chemotherapy for the first stage of her treatment, but there were no suitable bone marrow donors for my child so they couldn’t perform the bone marrow transplant. She has continually been receiving chemotherapy instead.

However, in October, she had a relapse and had to be admitted to hospital again and during chemotherapy, her condition worsened so they had to give up on chemotherapy.

Now, the only thing left to save her is a miracle. However, I wonder if there really will be a miracle with a disease so serious.

High amounts of antibiotics and anti microbial agents are being prescribed and transfused into her blood, but her life is as weak as a lamp in the wind. It breaks my heart. The amount of tears I have cried by myself couldn’t be matched for the rest of my life. As I write this now I’m blinded by my tears.

I can’t explain in words how much it hurts to know that my one and only precious daughter can’t live much longer. It’s pitiful that as a father, the only thing I can do is write this post for my daughter…

There is only one reason I am writing this post here right now. My daughter has always been a fan of BIGBANG’s Daesung, and in the recent event for Leukemia patients from the Make-A-Wish foundation, she wanted to meet Daesung but unfortunately, she wasn’t chosen. I leave this post in order to fulfill the final wish of my daughter.

My daughter Jung Eun is currently admitted to room 146 of Asan Hospital. I know that the end of the year is a busy time, but if by any chance Daesung sees this post and fulfills my daughter’s final wish, I will owe a debt of gratitude.”

NOTE: The girl in the picture isn’t Jung Eun. According to the person who uploaded the picture, Jung Eun is in a critical condition so she’s in an aseptic room. This picture was taken with someone else after Daesung met Jung Eun.


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</div>- - - - -</div>Sources: +DC Inside + fuckyeahygfamilyy + Flibbertigibbet @ 6theory + Christabel @ bigbangupdates + bigbangupdates2

They so nice ide. The dad's words broke me :(

Wanna One Energetic

Lee Minwoo Gives Gift To Kim Ga Young, Continues To Be Awesome Sauce

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The "Kukak" girl who made headlines last month has received a gift from Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo, after hearing that she would make a debut in the music industry.

Lee Minwoo is currently serving as a public officer, gave her a song he had produced before enlisting in military service.

Kim Gayoung was a junior he watched over from a while, and after hearing about her debut in a four member girl group he decided to give her something special.

The song will be unveiled for the first time on December 18th and again 19th during Eric's Japanese fan meeting. The song will also be included in the debut album which Kim Gayoung will take part.

Kim Gayoung and Lee Seoul of KBS 2TV's "Qualifications of Men" are so far the only two confirmed members for the new group and they are currently preparing for their debut next year.


That's so awesome! I can't wait to hear the song! ♥

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Onew sucks at drawing but who cares when he's the most stylish piece of tofu around?

Onew's me2day entry, 13-12-2010

이건 제가 그린것이고, 저는 가수인가 봅니다.
I drew this and it seems that I am a singer.*

Source: Onew's me2day
Translation: kimchi

*OP note: as in "dood I suck at this, I should just keep singing."

Shinee at the 26th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards 14-11-2010 (yup, on Onew's birthday)
-Onew looking good
-Key looking adorable
-Taemin has pincheable cheeks and poofy hair
-Minho still looking like a creeper
-F(x) (Sulli, Krystal and Luna) ninja-ing
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Source: as tagged via WRS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, soompi 1 2 3 *gifs


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BEAST Concert: hours before their wish comes true

“From the recycled group to the rediscovered.” This was the statement that was included in the video was show at the first concert ‘Welcome to Beast Airline’ on December 12th at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium. Gathering the six members who failed after a debut with another team, who was eliminated in a reality program, who has their management close down due to money problems while they were still trainees, and more, BEAST was able to successfully complete their first concert in only a year and two months since debut. Before the 3 hour concert started, we met with them who were now facing their first upcoming dream to show of the energy they had been storing up.

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source: 10ASIA
trans: aoistars @ B2R

flawless six remain flawless 

Who whore it better: ripped sweater edition

SHINee's Lee Taemin and CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa were caught wearing the same ripped purple sweater at recent overseas events.

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So omona, who rocked it best?

SHINee's noona-bait
CN Blue's king of derp
kill it with fire
i can wear rock it better

credit for pics as tagged + shiningshawols & 1 2
[Korean] MBLAQ - Mir &amp; Seungho Hug

Finally Some MBLAQ Album News

Rain who has just finished shooting ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, are busy preparing for his solo concert to be held upcoming 31st, working hard to show more spectacles and passionate performances to his fans.

According to an official from Rain’s agent on the 14th, “Rain who was indulged in the drama for the past few months, has been very busy preparing for his concert as a singer which is his main occupation, and for choreographing for his protege ‘MBLAQ’.”

MBLAQ’s upcoming album will come with more than 10 new songs, and one or two songs in the album will be composed by Rain. MBLAQ will make their bid for showing the new side of them through this album;

So Rain’s been spending most of his time inculcating his protege all professional skills as a singer and a dancer, planning a new choreography.

Source: Star News
Translation: rain bird @ rain-eu
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A first peek into E-Tribe’s girl group, “Sweet Shabet” debut MV

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It was revealed earlier that famous producers E-Tribe were working on creating their own six-member girl group called “Sweet Shabet“ (In Korean, it’s “달샤벳” or “Dal Shabet”, with ‘Dal’ meaning ‘Sweet’).

Recently, photos taken from the set of the girls’ music video for “Supa Dupa Diva” – determined to be their debut track – were revealed by their agency, Happy Face Entertainment.

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Source: allkpop

I hope they're good! E-Tribe produced, SNSD's Gee, Hyori's "U-Go-Girl", and Super Junior's "It's You" so I'm excited for this.
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Lee Seung Gi reveals his favorite kiss type on SBS’ “Strong Heart”

On the December 14th broadcast of SBS’ “Strong Heart,” Lee Seung Gi revealed his favorite type of kiss.

When fellow MC Kang Ho Dong asked Lee Seung Gi about his personal favorite kiss type, he surprised everyone on set when he responded, “I like surprise kisses. Unexpectedness is not a weird thing. I think it would be nice if a guy drops his girlfriend off near the elevator, says goodbye, and then rushes up the stairs to surprise the girlfriend with a kiss once the elevator door opens.”

However, the female guests on the show advised Lee Seung Gi that such behavior could be quite burdensome if he has to go up a long flight of stairs which drew laughter from everyone on the set.

Sources: allkpop nate

Such a hopeless romantic. ;;
____ JOO♥

Nam Gyuri rejoining Seeya for their final album

Former member Nam Gyuri will be participating in SeeYa’s final album, “Goodbye My Friend.”

After hearing of the group’s official disbandment, Nam Gyuri expressed, “I want to remain as a member of SeeYa forever. As the eternal friend of Yeon Ji and Boram, I’d like to draw a beautiful end to this group, which is why I decided to join them for their last album.”

She will also be in the music video for their new track, alongside the remaining two members.

Their goodbye album will be released on January 10th of next year, and will contain all of their hit tracks as well as two new songs to give fans a final memory.

Nate News
Syarfa3187's Youtube
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MV Teaser & Audio of Sungmin, Kyuhyun & Ryeowook's Song From The 'President' OST, 'Biting My Lips'

The title song "Biting my lips" by Super Junior from KBS2 new Wednesday Thursday miniseries President's OST will be revealed on December 15th at 12AM.

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Source: Asiae
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Video & Audio:
ryeom0ok @ youtube & KyuleeKPOPMV @ youtube


Kim Hyun Joong is a hit-it-and-quit-it-type-of-guy

Hwang Bo expressed her affections for her former virtual husband Kim Hyun Joong during her appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart.”

f(x)’s Victoria was on the same show and had talked a bit about her own feelings for her virtual husband, Nichkhun. The attention was then shifted over to Hwang Bo, who is a senior of the “We Got Married” show. MC Kang Ho Dong asked her, “Do you still keep in contact with Kim Hyun Joong?

Hwang Bo answered, “No, we don’t. He contacted me just once, to wish me a happy birthday. I think he only did it because I’m the adult in the relationship,” causing the studio to burst out in laughter.

Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong, affectionately nicknamed the ‘ssangchu/lettuce couple’ by their fans, had their own segment on “We Got Married” in 2008 and were widely loved by viewers.

Source: NateAKP