December 15th, 2010

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The world is ending and CSJH The Grace might be getting ready for a comeback

Fans of CSJH the Grace have rekindled their hopes in a comeback after seeing Dana’s recent tweets.

The group first debuted in 2005 with their single, “Too Good“. Their high quality performance style and outgoing personalities on variety programs shot CSJH to instant stardom.

However, the group disappeared from the public eye after their last single, “Stand Up People,” in 2008. Although Dana and Sunday were at SM Entertainment’s concert in Seoul and Los Angeles, Stephanie and Lina have yet to make any broadcast appearances since 2008.

One fan that dearly missed the group tweeted Dana on December 14th and wrote, “I miss unnis so much. Stephanie unni, Lina unni, Sunday unni, Dana unni, all of you.” Dana replied, “Just wait a bit ^-^ We want to release an album too!

Another fan asked, “When will CSJH comeback? I am ready to purchase your album,” to which Dana replied, “I think we’ll begin recording by this month.

Regarding the tweets, representatives of SM Entertainment revealed, “Dana has been recording consistently all this while. However, details are yet to be confirmed on the group’s actual comeback.

Source: Star News via Nate & AKP
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Flawless Trio will be (finally) making their TV debut + new official webpage w/ special features

JYJ will be making their television debut on KBS’s Drama Awards after reaching an agreement on the number of songs they will be performing.

A KBS representative confirmed that they will be performing only one track, “Found You,” for the broadcast.

JYJ also released a video teaser talking about their Christmas gift to their fans — an official fan website! The site will promote interaction between the members and the fans and will be available in four different languages.

The site will launch on December 24th and never before seen photos and footage of JYJ’s activities will be revealed.

JYJ Christmas Teaser

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Source: Nate [1] ; [2] via MTVK

I guess Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English ~Duuuh

Flawless Duo's coming with another drama song

DBSK's Changmin and Yunho to release song for "Athena" OST

Taewoon Entertainment stated that Changmin and Yunho participated in Athena's OST. They are scheduled for a full-fledged comeback in January. The two member group will join to sing for the OST of Athena: Goddess of War, just before their comeback.

Taewoon Entertainment explained that TVXQ's OST song has a fast, strong beat, energetic beat and powerful vocals to match with Athena's action and harmony. They will be joining artists such as Girls Generation leader, Taeyeon, and Brown Eyed Soul for the OST track.

The IRIS spin-off drama has received enormous support on their first episode, receiver over 20% in views. The "top drama" is expected to continue with such pace.

Are you looking forward to the new OST track by DBSK?

source: daum + koreaboo

korean version of torn /gets bricked



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                  JESSICAELVA YOUTUBE
                  NAZZ245 YOUTUBE

I am so proud of them. I think these were their best performances so far this year.
P.S. I cannot believe how long this Post took to make.. So please look at these videos and enjoy the amazingness that are the WONDER GIRLS!
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GD&TOP introduce their debut album at Youtube “World Premiere”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P revealed their feelings on debuting as a unit group during the “World Premier” of their first album, held at M-PUB on December 14th. The premiere was broadcasted live through YouTube, allowing fans all over the world to get a first look at their debut work.

The duo personally introduced the tracks for their album, some including “Baby Good Night,” “Oh Mom,” “Nightmare,” “Today,” and “What Do You Want Me to Do?”, along with a digital preview of their triple title tracks, “Oh Yeah,” “Bbeokigayo,” and “High High.”

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Original article source: Star News

Sources: AKP, KoreaSpotTV@youtube
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Defending South Korea as home under attack

Every citizen has an obligation to defend their home; but when do people start to call a place home? Many expats, if they’re like me, are steadily asked by friends and loved ones, “When are you coming home?” Over the years, and there have been six, I’ve given numerous reasons for remaining in Korea, but have fallen short of simply stating that this is my home now, and I’m not coming back.

While living here, one of the things a person becomes accustomed to is the constant stream of news regarding the North. So much so that Koreans and expats alike are rarely concerned about it, and routinely discard it on their way to work to focus on more immediate problems, such as their child’s upcoming midterm examinations or a sporting event.
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Source: koreaherald
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China asks Korea to return stolen Goguryeo murals

China has sent an official request asking South Korea to help retrieve ancient mural paintings that were stolen by three Korean-Chinese robbers in the late 1990s, saying some of the looted paintings are believed to be currently in Korea, the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea said Wednesday.

The Korean administration’s Chinese counterpart, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, recently sent a formal letter saying the paintings looted from two Goguryeo tombs located in Jian City, Jilin Province, from 1997 to 2000, are believed to be stored in Korea.
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Source: koreaherald
____ JOO♥

T-ara’s end of the year party: an inside look

Ever wonder what a year-end party for girl groups looked like?

Well Sports Chosun received the opportunity to visit T-ara’s year-end party, which was held at a restaurant in Kangnam. Unlike the blistering cold weather outside, the girls kept up a warm atmosphere until they stated nonchalantly towards the reporter, “We didn’t eat anything because we were told that we’d have delicious food here.” But just how much can girl groups eat?

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Nate News
Nate News
Nate News
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One Way's Chance talks briefly about SJ-M and recording

SJ-M is coming back soon here is a small update from One Way's Chance. Posted because SJ-M has been gone for a long time and we're missing leader Geng.

onewaychance Working on SJM's song for recording tomorrow ^^so many tracks grrr need to organize!! Lol


I am so excited~ I don't even have a .gif that shows my excitement.

Get ready for Mazzik 3.0!


SECRET will be making their comeback this coming January, as revealed recently by their agency.

A representative spoke with TV Report on December 15th and stated, “SECRET will be releasing a single album in January. They have already completed the recording.”

The album will contain two musical style tracks, much like their past hits “Magic” and “Madonna,” in order to maintain their unique SECRET style.

The representative continued, “The title track was already decided many months ago. They’ve prepared a very long time for it and we are confident that listeners will be able to feel a jump in quality.”

Source: Nate + Allkpop

zomg excited! Hopefully they can finally nab a win on the Music Shows for this comeback since there aren't that many groups (that I know of) having a promotion cycle in January.
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Dongwoon sings about food, fangirls need flood insurance ASAP

Additional details on B2ST’S Dongwoon, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung “Udon” duet

B2ST’s maknae member Dongwoon will be collaborating with Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung for a duet.

Titled “Udon“, the song will be the newest addition to the series of lighthearted tracks - SNSD’s Jessica and Park Myung Soo’s “Naeng Myun” as well as Kara’s Nicole and Park Myung Soo’s “Whale” were big hits earlier this summer due to its fun appeal. Indeed, “Udon” was originally produced for Park Myung Soo and Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga-In, but due to scheduling conflicts, the track was passed onto Dongwoon and Kim Min Kyung instead.

For the music video of “Udon” actor Lee Jang Woo has signed on to play a man who eats udon for the first time because of his girlfriend, and ends up loving it.

The duet single will be released on December 17th, so stay tuned! [omitted irrelevant parts about listening to the other songs]


get it bb, show 'em what you're made of

SNSD To Appear In Japanese Drama "SAZAE-San"

On the 15th it was announced that all 9 members of Korean girl group SNSD would be making a guest appearance in the New Years special drama “SAZAE-San 3”, which stars actress Mizuki Arisa, and will air next year on January 2nd. While Namihei is having his first dream of the year, he hits a hole in one on a golf course, where SNSD will be here and there playing beautiful caddies. [TL Note: The first dream of the year is significant in Japan because it is said to tell your fortune for the rest of the year.] This is their first time participating in a drama in Japan, they express their joy to being able to participate in one of our nation’s popular works. “It’s SAZAE-san’s 65th anniversary since its creation! Congratulations. We’re happy that we, SNSD, can participate in SAZAE-san, which continues to get a lot of love from many Japanese people.”

Due to bad weather, filming had to be stopped because it kept raining. During the long filming, SNSD were able to communicate together with the staff in simple Japanese to end the filming on a good note. They didn’t lose focus and their acting, as well as Japanese speech, was almost perfect.

SNSD debuted this September with their single “GENIE” and it entered the weekly single ranking chart at #4. The other day “FNS Music Festival (Kayousai)” was aired and the moment the girls were on the screen, the program received its highest ratings of 29.4%. K-POP girls are the new thing blowing in on Japan’s music scene.

Producer of the special drama, Asano Sumi, confidently commented, “While I was searching for someone suitable for the New Year’s special, I saw SNSD’s cute promotional video, and I felt them sparkle, they were exactly who I would want to see while drinking tea with all of my family.” The girls’ appearance is short, but it’s a scene that leaves a vivid impression.

Translated by:
Source: ORICON
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Eric Mun and Kim Dongwan, Simultaneous Landings

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Members of idol group Shinhwa Eric and Kim Dongwan are taking Japan by storm at the same time. Both are holding fan meetings in Tokyo on December 18.

After spending a long time in hiatus due to mandatory military service, both Shinhwa members will resume activities by holding fan meetings simultaneously on December 18th in Tokyo, Japan. They debuted 13 years ago and Shinhwa's flame is still alive. Now it's time to celebrate their comeback with fans and also have a fair competition among them.

Eric hold fan meetings on December 18th at the Yopoto Hall in Tokyo and on December 19th Yuri Aruka Hall in Osaka to show his appreciation to his fans. He is currently filming for the most anticipated drama for 2011 Poseidon. He will also be debuting as a producer with his new girl group which will also showcase as a surprise on his fan meetings. After his fan meetings in Japan he is planning to visit other Asian countries.

The same day in Tokyo at the Shinagawa Intercity hall fans will also meet Kim Dongwan. He will also hold fan meetings on December 23 in Isaka and December 26 in Fukuoka. On December 15, 8 days his military release, he will release his first Japanese solo album titled "Kim Dongwan Japan Premium Best in Japan" followed by a live performance at the Ikeburo Fountain Square.

Meanwhile in his recent fanmeeting in Korea in Dongwan stated "in 2012 all members will be together as one. Soon all 6 members will be singing and dancing on stage together again. Shinhwa is anxious to resume activities again. The end of 2011 Jun Jin and Andy will be released from military service followed by Lee Minwoo the beginning of 2012".


Their companies are so cruel making them on the same day. Hopefully they're not at the same time. XD

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2011 prepares for a flood of new girl group debuts

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The year 2010 was a busy year for girl groups, regardless of whether they were seniors or rookies. SNSD, 2NE1, and KARA maintained their high popularity, while newbie groups miss A, SISTAR, and Secret managed to shine strong amidst the rush of girl groups that permeated the industry this year.

miss A especially has done exceptionally well, earning the ‘Song of the Year Award,’ ‘Female Rookie Award,’ and ‘Best Female Performance Group’ at the “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards.” The group also went on to receive the ‘Digital Bonsang at the “25th Golden Disk Awards.” SISTAR and Secret both earned rookie awards at the “Golden Disk” as well.

Yet as the year draws to its close, it appears that there’s a whole slew of other girl groups waiting to debut in the new year. Many industry representatives are preparing themselves for the ‘girl group rush of 2011.’

The most anticipated group has been identified as six-member group Sweet Shabet, who recently released their album jacket pictures in anticipation for their debut in January. In Japan, they’ve been compared to senior group SNSD for their long and beautiful legs. Sweet Shabet has accumulated so much focus because they are the brainchild of E-TRIBE, the producers behind SNSD, Super Junior, Lee Hyori, T-ara, MBLAQ and many others.

Cube Entertainment, home to 4minute and B2ST, is also preparing to debut a seven-member girl group in January. The group consists of high school students, and has an average age of 18. Although further details of the members haven’t been revealed yet, Cube Entertainment explained that each of the members has the talent to sing live and dance at the same time. A representative revealed, “Our new girl group will be unique from the others in that their music style will be much like music from the last half of the 1990’s to the early 2000’s.”

Top Class Entertainment, home to Shinhwa’s Eric, will also be releasing a new girl group featuring the ‘kukak girl’ Kim Ga Young (from a segment on “1 Night 2 Days“) and Lee Seul, who already debuted in 2010 under ‘Honey Dew‘ with the digital single, “Like a Fool.”

Core Contents Media meanwhile has completed the final preparations for their new girl group to be debuted in May. Representatives revealed, “The group consists of five members, and as there is still much time left before their debut, we feel that it is too early to reveal who they are. We still have to decide on the group name and such. Two of them have exceptional singing skills and beauty and were previous actresses.”

The members are also said to be in their 20’s and are aiming to attract a fanbase of similar age. “They’re not lacking in any aspect compared to other girl groups.”

Source: allkpop

I hope Sweet Shabet are good! And I am so excited for Eric's girl group I can't even.
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Jay Park to host charity concert titled "White Love Party Concert"

Jay Park will be hosting a nationwide tour in Korea, spending the upcoming holiday season with his loving fans. The concert tour, titled "White Love Party Concert", will be a charity event to help the less fortunate during the holiday season.

Sidus HQ released a statement stating the concert will kick off in Seoul on Christmas Eve. Jay Park will be joined by his friends Supreme Team, Mighty Mouth and dok2. He will sing his songs, "Count On Me", "Bestie", and "Speechless" with Cha Cha Malone and the rest of his dance team, Art of Movement (AOM).

The concert will then move to Daejeon the next day, Bussan on December 26th, Daegu on December 31st and in Gwangju on January 2nd (2011). Jay Park commented, "I am excited and happy that I will be able to end the year off with a meaningful concert. I hope that my fans will enjoy the show."

This is not the first time Jay Park has contributed to charities, he's given entire concert revenue away before and has worked with children in workshops as well.

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source: koreaboo, 10asiae, tokyokev00

if anyone's interested in donating, you can find more info here.


G-Dragon and T.O.P hold world premiere showcase for duo unit

A world premiere which went on air live through YouTube. This may sound somewhat grandiose but the stage that G-Dragon (GD) and T.O.P of boy band Big Bang stepped on ahead of releasing their album as a unit was small and simple. Instead, they revealed snippets of each song listed in the album and explained the background to them.

To the fans who were looking forward to a fancy comeback performance, this showcase in the format of a talk show may have come off as long-winded but their choice rather came off as the best method to express their affection for the album. And like the two said, them having worked on each of the songs will be like a welcome rain to fans who have long waited for Big Bang's comeback to the local music scene.

Below are excerpts from their showcase held in Seoul on Tuesday, ten days ahead of the release of "GD & T.O.P."
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Sources: bigbanghaven, koreaboo, ygconcert@yt, asiae