December 16th, 2010

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JYJ Secret Concert: Pre-show, Interview Pt. 1 & Be My Girl

At the MTV K Live: JYJ Secret Show, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun rehearsed with a live band for their first acoustic performance of “Empty” and “Be My Girl.” While at first they were nervous — after a few discussions with the band and chats between the members — JYJ successfully completed their soundcheck during the pre-show!

JYJ (Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun) stand by for soundcheck.

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Credits: MTVk
Photo Credit: Josh Maready
YouTube: jyjbest

This was the most amazing experience to my whole NYC trip. I had a blast at the showcase & then to get to see them like this, there are no words.

SNSD, KARA, 4Minute & BIGBANG Featured On DJ KAORI's 4th JMIX

DJ KAORI released her J-POP Mix CD “DJ KAORI’S JMIX IV” yesterday, December 15th.

This is the 4th in the popular series that sells over 200,000 copies every time. This time, it doesn’t feature the regular artists, but also SNSD, Sakanaction and Yamashita Tomohisa. Furthermore, with this extensive song selection, you can enjoy J-POP’s latest hits.

Also, on January 1, 2011, DJ KAORI will release her movie and music mix. It’s part of the “INMIX DVD” series and the one’s she will release are titled “DJ KAORI’S INMIX DVD3” and “DJ KAORI’S INMIX DVD BOX”. “DJ KAORI’S INMIX DVD BOX” will be released the same time as “3” and will include it. It will also come with a headphone charm and sticker.

“DJ KAORI’S JMIX IV” Tracklist
02. 5-FIVE- / Kuroki Meisa
04. TAKARAMONO ~Kono Koe ga Nakunaru Made~ / NAOTO INTI RAYMI
05. Change Myself / ICONIQ
06. Koe wo Kikasete / BIGBANG
07. My measure / lecca
09. Shine / JAY’ED
10. Mister / KARA
11. Good Times / RIP SLYME
12. ARUKU Around / Sakanaction
13. One in a million / Yamashita Tomohisa
14. Butterfly City fear. RYO the SKYWALKER, Mummy-D & DOUBLE / Zeebra
15. I My Me Mine / 4Minute
16. JAM / Spontania
17. Hibiscus / MINMI
18. LET’S PARTY! / Aoyama Thelma
19. Baby I Love You / TEE
20. Donna ni Hanarete mo duet with AZU / KG
21. Futatsu no Kuchibiru / EXILE
22. Ameagari feat. Takemoto Kenichi / DOHZI-T
23. The Answer / Miura Daichi
24. Sunshine Girl / moumoon
25. Aisaretakute Aishitai Dake / HanaH
26. So Special –Version AI- / AI+EXILE ATSUSHI
27. sad to say / JASMINE
28. Mirror Mirror feat. COMA-CHI / Sara Mary

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SNSD's "Oh!" is 2010's Most Watched YouTube Video

SNSD’s “Oh!” music video was awarded the most viewed video of the year on YouTube Korea.

On the 16th, SM Entertainment announced, “SNSD’s “Oh!” placed first on “YouTube Korea’s ‘2010 Most Watched Video Top 10’”.

SNSD’s “Oh!” also placed 6th and 1st respectively in Taiwan and Hong Kong for “2010 Most Watched Video Chart”. This is more proof that SNSD is popular throughout all of Asia.

Also, on the 9th SNSD was awarded the Golden Disk Award at the “2010 Golden Disk Award Ceremony”. They also won the “2010 Artist” award for the 2nd year in a row at the “2010 Melon Music Awards” on the 15th.

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Source: Japanese Joins
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Infinite to make comeback in January

"Hello we are infinite. Even if the weather is cold, we wish this winter will be one with warm hearts. Finally Infinite will be COMING BACK IN JANUARY. We will make this winter a warm one YO!! Please give Infinite lots x2 of love. Teuk hyung, Eunhyuk hyung thank you. Sukira we love you"

(Rest of screencaps omitted but you can find them here!)

cr: mia @ tumblr, rahrah (source); kmich (translation) here
NLI, for repost?? idk.

source says the translations are probably way off, but the point is comeback in january!!!!! huhu ;A;
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S Korea's Army names nation's first female combatant general

South Korea's Army named its first female combatant general on Thursday, when it promoted a female soldier to the post, the defense ministry said. Army Col Song Myung-soon at the Joint Chiefs of Staff was promoted to brigadier general, according to the ministry. South Korea's military has turned out five female generals since 2001, but all of them were from the nurse corps.

Song, 52, was commissioned into the Women's Army Corps in 1981 after her graduation from Yeungnam University with a bachelor's degree in political science and foreign affairs.

She holds a graduate degree in national security from Kyonggi University.

She has served as a commander of the special forces and a battalion commander in the Women's Army Corps and worked in the Combined Forces Command.

The first woman to become a general-grade officer in South Korea was Brig Gen Yang Seung-sook, former chief of the Armed Forces Nursing Academy, who achieved the rank in 2001 and retired in 2004.

Source: hindustantimes
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South Korea court overturns death sentence

A South Korean appeals court overturned the death sentence for a 33-year-old convicted child rapist and sentenced him to life in prison, authorities said.

Kim Kil-tae, a repeat sex offender, was sentenced to death by a district court in June for the rape and killing of a 13-year-old girl in the southern port city of Busan in late February, Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday.

Kim had appealed the verdict, claiming he has no memory of the crime.

The Busan District Appellate Court said extensive media coverage and public outrage against the defendant may have affected the earlier ruling that sentenced him to the maximum punishment allowed by law.

"A death sentence should be given only in circumstances in which a criminal cannot coexist with the values of the society or the state, such as when he or she brutally and intentionally kills people randomly," the court said.

Kim committed an "unforgivable crime," the court said, and should be permanently separated from society, but the court said capital punishment should be handed down very sparingly in a civil society.

"There is a huge difference between the death sentence and a life sentence," the court said.

Source: upi
Korea I have no words. So this is not brutal :/
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4Minute's HyunAh reveals "SoHyun was robbed and forced to dance by a delinquent student"

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4Minute's HyunAh revealed fellow member SoHyun's humiliation.

During MBC's variety show 'Bouquet' in which she takes part in, HyunAh revealed in the 'Christmas Special' that SoHyun had her money taken in the past.

HyunAh said "When SoHyun was in elementary school, she had her money taken away by a delinquent student. The delinquent even forced her to sing and dance in the public subways." Also adding "SoHyun then sang and danced to a song by the group she was a part of back then 'Orange'" evoking an explosion of laughter.

HyunAh's shocking confession will be revealed on the coming 19th at 9:25 am on 'Bouquet'.

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4minute HyunAh keeps snitching on SoHyun

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4Minute is a permanent guest on the MBC variety "Bouquet." Before the show, the girls hadn't had much of a presence individually as much as they had a group, but the show has given each girl an individual personality for fans, such as leader Jihyun's character "Nam-vatar," for her ability to do anything.

As the girls got more and more comfortable on the show, they started to talk more and more often. This has resulted in Hyuna saying a lot of things about the group's maknae Sohyun. She had revealed last week that Sohyun liked bad boys.

In the show, Sohyun had to choose between two members from U-Kiss and ZE:A that had made a move for her. Hyuna struck again and said that Sohyun had real interest in one of the boys from the two groups. In response, Sohyun turned bright red and accused Hyuna of the same thing, but Hyuna brushed it off coolly, causing everyone in the studio to focus on Sohyun.

Nothing has been confirmed if Sohyun really has an interest in any of the idols, but everyone is waiting to see which of Sohyun's secrets Hyuna will reveal next time.

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Song Joong Ki Apologizes for Awkwardly Hosting the Melon Awards

Song Joong Ki has come under fire lately for his use of informal speech while MCing at the “2010 Melon Music Awards“. On December 17th, the actor took to his official homepage to express a sincere apology for the faux pas.
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Article: TV Daily via Nate (
Translation: Allkpop (
Who ever thought that it was a good idea to have a solo host for a 3hr+ awards show anyways? IMO, Joongki did the best he could, and he was flawless.

Music Bank End Of Year Special Performance List

- "Push Push" & "How Dare You" by SISTAR
- "A" & "Mach" by Rainbow
- "Bad Girl Good Girl" & "Breathe" by Miss A
- "Love" & "I'm A Loner" by CN Blue
- "Queen" & "db Rider" by Son Dam Bi
- "My Everything" by SG Wannabe, Super Junior (Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) & SHINee (Onew, Jonghyun)
- Special Collaboration Stage of Dancing Diva 5 [Lizzy (After School), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Bora (SISTAR), Minah (Girl's Day), NS Yoonji]
- "I was able to eat well" by Homme
- "Nagging" & "Good Day" by IU & Seulong
- "Love Love Love" by FT Island
- Another Special Collaboration stage of BEAST & 4Minute
Performing "Huh", "Breath" and they team up for mega hot special dance collaboration!!!
- T-ARA and Secret also reveal their special collaboration
"I Go Crazy Because of You", "Magic", "Madonna", "YAYAYA"
- KARA, "Jumping & Lupin"
- Shinee, "Lucifer"
- SG Wanna B "Sunflower"
- Orange Caramel's bubbly track, "Magic Girl" impersonated by Kikwang(BEAST), Key(Shinee) and Kwanghee(ZE:A)
- 2AM "You wouldn't answer my calls" & "Can't let you go"
- SNSD "Oh!" & "Hoot"
- 2PM "Without you" & "I'll be Back"
- Super Junior "Beauty"

Source: KBS World's facebook page

"Orange Caramel's bubbly track, "Magic Girl" impersonated by Kikwang(BEAST), Key(Shinee) and Kwanghee(ZE:A)"
I am excited.

IU explains why she exchanged Taeyang for Yoo Ah In as her ‘ideal man’

IU was known for originally being a huge fan of Taeyang’s, but recently made the switch over to “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” actor Yoo Ah In.

She even received a ‘love confession’ from the actor during the “2010 Golden Disk Awards“! Yoo Ah In was informed of IU’s ‘crush’ on him by fellow presenter Park Min Young, to which he replied, “IU, I love you too!” But why did she replace Taeyang with Yoo Ah In?

IU finally revealed her reason behind the switch through an interview with “Mnet Wide“. She explained:

“I kept talking about Taeyang so much on broadcast programs, that my mom gave me a warning. She said that if I talked about Taeyang one more time, she would disown me. That’s why I named Yoo Ah In as my ideal man instead of Taeyang. Netizens started commenting, ‘You once said you liked Taeyang…!‘ Well, it seems like no matter what I say, people won’t be satisfied (laughter). I really am just an innocent fan, please don’t misunderstand.”

The singer also revealed her thoughts on the parodies surrounding her ‘three level octave’ by adding, “I was really proud when I saw the first parody. I always thought that they were a refelection of your popularity. New versions are made every day, and I make sure to watch every single one.”

S: nateakp

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Will GD&TOP appear on ‘Strong Heart’ & ‘Knee-Drop Guru’?

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With G-Dragon and T.O.P’s unit debut well underway, many have been wondering as to whether the duo would be making their appearances on variety shows.

During their “World Premiere” on December 14th, the two revealed that they had plans to appear on variety programs in order to thank their patient fans. ”This album is important to us, and we’re planning on making appearances on either variety programs or radio shows, so please anticipate it,” they said.

Unlike the other Big Bang members (such as Seungri and Daesung, who have already appeared as either fixed cast members or frequent guests on variety shows), G-Dragon and T.O.P focused entirely on their personal solo activities or on acting.

Addressing the high interest on their variety show appearances, a representative of YG Entertainment stated, “There is nothing confirmed on which variety program G-Dragon and T.O.P will appear in just yet.”

Yet industry representatives have surmised that the possibility of the duo appearing on MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru” and SBS’s “Strong Heart” are high. Should they appear on “Knee-Drop Guru,” representatives revealed that the effect of their appearance for other broadcast companies would be massive. Since the program focuses on ‘confessions,’ only senior celebrities are cast on the show and idols have always been avoided (the Wonder Girls appeared only with Park Jin Young as the focus); thus, the duo’s appearance will be a breakthrough first for the show.

The duo has certainly set the industry abuzz with their return, and the spotlight now remains fixed on their future variety show appearances.

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Jiyeon shows close franship with Co.Ed HyoYoung

T-ara's Jiyeon shows care and love for her close friend Co.Ed's Hyoyoung.

Core Contents Media, the managing company of Jiyeon and Hyoyoung recently released pictures from the set of KBS 2TV's 'Jungle Fish 2'. It shows Jiyeon staying by her friend's side even with her leg injury.

They are usually like this and like to talk on-set during breaks, maybe because they were born in the same year and can omit formalities. Hyoyoung's twin sister joined T-ara and now there's a chance for them to get closer.

Meanwhile T-ara has recently made a comeback with 'Vol 2. Temptastic' and Co.Ed will be releasing a brand new album in February in 2011.

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Nate News

Lee Tae Sung and SHINee’s Minho, long lost brothers?

Netizens have been exclaiming over the resemblance between actor Lee Tae Sung and SHINee’s Minho, which is quickly becoming the hot internet topic of the day.

Lee Tae Sung had recently uploaded the above photo through his Twitter, along with the following message: “‘100 Points out of 100‘ Today was freezing ㅜㅜ I took a picture with the innocent gentleman, Minho. On blogs, there have been many people who have said that we look alike. Do we? It kinda feels like we do, but I’ll let my followers be the judges.”

If you look carefully at the photo, you could notice that they do share a slight resemblance in their eye shape, sharp noses, and charming lips. They’re even smiling similarly!

Some netizens have commented, “They look similar because they’re both handsome” and “They’re both very heartwarming”.

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Source: AKP, Nate, Lee Tae Sung’s Twitter (sorry, idk the link)