December 17th, 2010


Gyuri & Jiyoung sing a love song to each other, "My Love".

KARA’s Gyuri and Jiyoung have contributed a duet song for the official soundtrack of SBS’s ongoing political drama, “Daemul.”

Titled “My Love“, it was released as “Daemul OST Part.7” today; the track will be played for the first time during episode #22 on December 16th.

The harmonious mid-tempo duet serves as a welcome contrast to the deep, dark tone of the drama, giving viewers a temporary relief from the edgy tension.

source: akp, heartgyuri

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Why was JYJ excluded from “Inkigayo’s Take 7″?

Netizens have been very vocal in their requests for the appearance of JYJ on public broadcast programs.

Requests have consistently been made since the trio released their first album, “The Beginning“, this past October, and they’ve become even louder after KBS revealed that JYJ will perform in their year-end 2010 KBS Drama Awards ceremony on December 31st.

Moments after KBS revealed the announcement, the homepage board for SBS’s “Inkigayo” was bombarded with over 230 posts requesting the trio’s appearance. “JYJ is said to be appearing at KBS’s ‘Acting Awards.’ Isn’t it about time that SBS opened its doors too?“, wrote one fan.

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Source: Newsen via Nate + AKP
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Interpark will broadcast JYJ fan sign through Twitter; fans rejoice

JYJ will be holding a fan sign meeting for their first worldwide album "The Beginning".

The first fan sign meeting will be held on the 20th, at "De Chocolate Coffee" cafe. This is JYJ's way of thanking their fans for the support shown when they released their first album and for the success of their showcase and concert.

This fan meeting is exclusively organised by online shopping store Interpark and out of the fans who bought the "The Beginning (New Limited Edition)" from the 17th until now, 200 names were chosen.

At the same time, there will be a live broadcast of JYJ's fan meeting through Interpark's Twitter account.

t/n: Interpark's Twitter.

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Donghae shows he's now best buds with CNBlue's Minhyuk

“우리 연두 랑같이 한컷 !!! 씨엔블루 민혁이가 슈퍼주니어중 동해형이 제일 좋다고 말했어요 !!! 선물감사합니다 !! -민혁-”

“Taking a picture with Yeondu!!! CNBLUE Minhyuk said that among Super Junior members he liked Donghae hyung the best !!!

Thank you for the present !! – Minhyuk -”

note: Yeondu is Minhyuk's character in "It's Allright, Daddy’s Daughter”. The gifts are from ELF for the whole cast.

credit to donghae's twitter & blue_jus7@codeazzuro(trans)

IU Fans Want to be the Mussel in her Bowl


IU’s ‘oppa fans’ are currently going crazy over a simple picture of their favorite star eating lunch.

Uploaded onto various community sites, IU is seen posing with a peace sign as she eats a tray lunch. Much emphasis has been put on the fact that the soup bowl on the tray is “bigger than her face.”

Her oppa fans lovingly commented, “She is so cute, I have nothing else to say”, “I want to be the mussels in her bowl”, “Gotta eat well to be pretty^^”, and “Let’s go for a 30 level booster.”

Source: AllKPop + TV Daily (Nate)

ICWUDT Oppa fans...
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Supernova sells out all 12,000 seats for “Supernova Show 2010″ in Japan

Male pop group Supernova has officially become one of the brightest Hallyu stars this year, as it was reported that they’ve sold out all 12,000 seats for their “Supernova Show 2010“.

But this is not the first time the group has sold out an event.

Tickets for their “Supernova Xmas Party 2010” (scheduled for December 25th in Kobe) have also been snatched up quickly, forcing fans to turn to secondary ticket-sellers in hopes of attending the event. The boys have also previously made headlines by selling out their Japanese tour, held from April through October.

Their agency, Maru Entertainment, expressed their joy by stating, “We’re able to confirm Supernova’s popularity through the amount of concerts they are selling out. The Arena concert will be Supernova’s biggest concert to date, and the fact that it has already sold out has absolutely elated the members.

The group previously released “Shining Star” on the 8th, which ranked in at #2 on the daily Oricon chart. “Shining ☆ Star” has become the 10th consecutive single to place on Oricon’s top 10.

Sr : akp nate
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'Babyboys to Yearningirls' disbanding, no one surprised

Co-ed group B2Y has declared their disbandment on December 17th.

The four member group first debuted in 2009 with their mini-album, “Babyboys to Yearningirls,” which featured their title track, “Na. Won. Cham.” The group went on to achieve attention by earning a “Rookie Album Award” at the “Rookie Music Awards” held by SBS and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in October.

Their comeback mini-album, “To be Crazy,” was released this past June and became a hot topic with its 19+ music video.

Unfortunately, a representative of B2Y revealed, “Recently, the group decided to disband and walk separate paths. They are preparing to go into acting or re-debuting as a solo singer.”

Han Yeon has already starred in KBS 2TV’s "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", while Nara featured in the drama’s OST. Seo Yeon and Hyun Jae have also been cast into sitcoms and are awaiting their acting debuts.

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credit to nate, allkpop(trans), kpopmv020@yt(vid)
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Boyband HIT-5 Releases “Running’ Teaser; Miraculously Escapes KBS’s Cpop Cutting Spree Alive

HIT-5 has hit the ground Running with their newest EP, with a steady of press releases, fan meet and even an appearance at the Korea-China Friendship Concert in Seoul all before having released their single. Unfortunately for them was that the friendly exchange concept of the concert was lost on Korean broadcaster, KBS, and much of their performance was cut. The good news was that they were one of the few who were aired out of the many Cpop acts, despite being one of the least famous. Fellow boyband Top Combine, got cut out completely. This led fans of both groups to lament with each other and vent their frustrations at KBS, questioning their motives. Not only were the idol acts cut out, but even famous veterans like Han Hong, Li Jian, Wang Feng and Yang Kun were not shown.

However, HIT-5 has the New Artists Feng Yun Bang awards to look forward to where they are nominated for best new group (since they only first released an album this summer).

Source: cfensi
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Yoo Ah In has awesome musical taste

 10Asia: Actor Yoo Ah In's Song Picks

“But I’m just a 25-year-old small actor,” reasoned Yoo Ah-in during the interview. Nonetheless there are certain things in life that cannot be measured by size. True to his words, Yoo is by no means a big Hallyu star who makes millions every year or an accomplished actor with years of experience. But the most important question here is how ‘irreplaceable’ he is. And right now, Yoo Ah-in is irreplaceable, both as an actor and as his self. Sure, there have been many young actors who have been icons of youth. They all carried that air of restlessness typical of young age, expressing defiance toward the world they live through a melancholy gaze or other helpless gestures. But Yoo has been youth itself. Through him, we have witnessed the beauty, the frustration and the despair that youths experience. Gone is the boy who put on a carefree smile on KBS youth series Sharp, and was replaced by Jong-dae from the film Boys of Tomorrow (2006) who falls into a state of restlessness. The image was then followed by Shim’s Family (2007) where Yoo’s character refused to accept the pitiful reality he was in, while going head-on with the world in Antique (2008). The world of boys he depicted, although not much to look at and sometimes pointed to no exit, always laughed and through that laughter we are able to understand that they will survive the trial to become someone great.

However, Yoo as Moon Jae-shin (nicknamed “Geol-oh”) from KBS series Sungkyunkwan Scandal did not smile. Although this is not the first time he took the role of a sad and hurt youth, even then, Yoo smiled and expressed his feelings well. But this time, that was not the case. He found his latest role — angered by his father and the world, heartbroken by the death of his brother and just gazing at the woman he loves — was anything but easy. It was only after Jae-shin, who was trapped in his own pain, finally learned to laugh and cry to his heart’s content, were both Jae-shin and Yu Ah-in able to crack out their shell. Certain prejudices he held against his fellow actors who were big names, idols or female actors, also eased considerably as they all became one in the drama. “Much of my prejudice has been removed. My being able to accept them with more composure is similar to Jae-shin’s finally accepting Yoon-hee, Sun-joon and Yong-ha as friends — kind of like my way of growing up.”

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Lee Kwang Soo tries to prove he’s the same age as Song Joong Ki

SBS’s “Running Man” castmates Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki proved themselves to be of the same age despite what netizens seem to think.

Lee Kwang Soo uploaded a picture of themselves on December 17th along with the tweet, “With my best friend Joong Ki before the filming for ‘Running Man’~! We are the same age!^^“.

However, and maybe it’s because of Song Joong Ki’s milky baby skin, Lee Kwang Soo seems to look a bit older, as reflected by netizens commenting, “No matter how hard I try to picture it…,” “Okay, maybe not same age…,” “Lee Kwang Su, find strength!,” and “Song Joong Ki looks a lot younger by comparison.”

sources: nate + akp

Peaches Geldof, "I want to meet G-Dragon"

Peaches Geldof, one of UK's top fashion icons, recently had a shoot for Nylon Korea at the Hoxton Street Studios in London. In her interview, she showed interest towards G-Dragon saying that she wants to meet him when she visits South Korea.

Nylon Korea's photo shoot with Peaches Geldof will be featured on its January 2011 issue, out by end of December.

original source: Nylon via JKN + Translated by vic @ bigbangupdates

Source: bigbangupdates


Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All (Omona does it like nobody does). This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Friday FFA will be posted at approximately 4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

NEW RULE: Because the spam is preventing some people from taking part in ffa we ask that you post only 1 .gif per comment to cut down on the load time of each page and spread everything out a bit more. Thank you.

-ps: inside of collapsed threads it's ok to post more than one. So feel free.

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SBS Inkigayo to be packed with special stages

Following Music Bank's lead, SBS's Inkigayo is also set to be packed with many exciting stages. Some of this year's popular artists will be performing their past and current hits. Check out the full performance list for tomorrow night's Inkigayo below! Are you looking forward to tomorrow's episode?

Take 7! Nominees
Kara, T-ara, IU, SISTAR, Brown Eyed Soul, 2AM, and SM The Ballad. (Brown Eyed Soul will not be performing on the episode)

Comeback Special
G-Dragon and TOP - "High High" + "Oh Yeah" (with Park Bom)
Park Hyo Shin - "I'm Hungry For Love"

Special Stages
Super Junior - "No Other" + "BONAMANA"
2NE1 - "Can't Nobody"
BEAST - "Soom" + "Beautiful"
SHINee - "Hello" + "Lucifer"

Take 7 Performances
KARA - "Jumping"
2AM - "You Wouldn't Answer My Calls" + "I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die"
T-ara - "Ya Ya Ya"
IU - "Good Day"
SISTAR - "How Dare You"

Hot Music
Seo In Young - "Into The Rhythm"
SM The Ballad - "Miss You"
After School - "Love Love Love"
VNT - "Sound"
Gavy NJ - "Pick Up The Phone"

Power Rookie
BeBe Mignon

Sending Hope to the Future
Orange Caramel - "Aing"

Source: Koreaboo, Inkigayo website

Not as exciting as Music Bank's, but whoot, GTOP!
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N Korea warns of fresh strikes against South

Activists in front of South Korea's Defence Ministry on Friday demanded that the military halt plans to hold a live-fire artillery drill on Yeonpyeong Island, which aggravate the war crisis with the North.

North Korea said on Friday it would strike again at the South if a live-firing drill by Seoul on a disputed island went ahead, with an even stronger response than last month's shelling that killed four people.

The announcement on North Korea's official news agency came as South Korea readied for the one-day drill - scheduled between Saturday and Tuesday - on Yeonpyeong island near their disputed maritime border, for the first time since an exchange of artillery fire there about a month ago.
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Source: todayonline
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Korean exchange student dies after LA school fight

A South Korean exchange student who died after a fight with a friend and fellow pupil was remembered Friday by schoolmates and administrators who called the death a "tragic accident between good friends."

Jin Su Lee, 19, collapsed and later died at a hospital after he and a 17-year-old boy traded blows in a fight on a football field that lasted about 10 seconds during gym class Tuesday.

The teen, who wasn't identified because of his age, was arrested Thursday for investigation of assault. Prosecutors deferred filing any charges until an autopsy determines Lee's cause of death, but police spokesman Richard French said the teen suspect could face a murder charge.
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Source: washingtonpost
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