December 19th, 2010


Secret Garden will be made into a manhwa and novel

Can’t get enough of the wacky romantic comedy Secret Garden? Thanks to the popularity of the drama series, the story will be adapted for several additional formats: a novel, a photo comic book, and a soonjung manhwa (aka shojo manga, or romance-themed comic book).
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Source: BTN + dramabeans

The artist clearly won't be able to capture Hyun Bin's gorgeousness.
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4minute Hyuna wants a man to only look at her, Gayoon wants beef because she has a man, etc.

During the preview for MBC’s “Bouquet“, the girls of 4minute revealed that they wanted boyfriends as Christmas presents. Additional details were disclosed today during the full broadcast of the episode.

MC Kim Yong Man and Jung Hyun Don had asked, “What would you like as gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday?“ HyunA answered, “All five of us want boyfriends. Or is that just me? Since we’re adults next year, we want boyfriends who would look only at us.”

Hilariously, fellow member Sohyun trilled, ”Gayoon-unni wants a beef set for Christmas.”

Without skipping a beat, the MCs questioned, “Does that mean she has a boyfriend at the moment then?,” leading Shinsadong Tiger to further add, “Oh, is it that guy you met before?”

Gayoon displayed a shocked expression at the turn of questions.

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South Korea May Delay Artillery Drill as Rain (the original), Clouds Disrupt Targeting

South Korea said it may not be able to conduct an artillery drill this weekend because of bad weather, even as North Korea warned it would retaliate if the exercise took place.

A spokesman at South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, who declined to be named because of military policy, made the comments by telephone today in Seoul. South Korea was planning to conduct the exercises between today and Dec. 21, a spokesman at the Joint Chiefs said yesterday.

Shelling by South Korea “would make it impossible to prevent the situation on the Korean Peninsula from exploding,” North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement distributed today via the state-run Korean Central News Agency. North Korea has already said it would “mete out decisive and merciless punishment” if its sovereignty is violated, and it “does not make an empty talk,” according to the statement.

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Source: bloomberg

cloudy with a chance of ...?
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World's fiercest maknae's audition video, sounds like angels haveing sex with your ears

Cho Hyun Young, the maknae of the 7 member girl group Rainbow has revealed the audio file of her audition and it became a hot topic.

Her audition audio fiel was revealed recently through each online celebrity bulletin board. That time, Cho Hyun Young sang Navi's 'I love you'. We can see a girl in her 10s who is mature and has a distinctive voice and can handle high notes.

The netizens who have listened to the song left reactions such has 'explosive singing', 'she is really good at singing' etc...

Cho Hyun Young's close friend even said "Hyun Young's dream was to become a singer since she was small. She was even known as the pretty girl who can sing well in her village. She went for lots of auditions and practiced a lot. After debuting with Rainbow, she is remembering to do a lot".

She is currently Rainbow's lead vocal and is currently wrapping up 'Mach' promotions and having a break.
Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7

still prefer Jisook's voice, but Hyunyoung is just as good.


2PM’s Taecyeon recently took his shirt off for CJ One Card where he is endorsing the credit card company. The CF shows a more luxurious side of Taecyeon with a sleek black car and Dr.Dre Beats.

CJ One Card has been endorsed by well known celebrities such as Seungri, Daesung and 2NE1. On a side note, does Taecyeon’s shirts have little legs or something, ‘cos he can never keep them on – not that anyone is complaining or anything…

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credit: twooneday @ yt (1, 2 & hellokpop)

Jiyeon demonstrates her strength

T-ara’s Jiyeon joined the ranks of ‘powerful female idols’ yesterday on MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World.”

Jiyeon started off by revealing, “My body was so weak, I began learning Tae Kwon Do when I was five in order to get stronger. I took lessons for 7 years and am a level three.”

In order to prove her story, she got up to smash five pine boards stacked one on top of the other, and shocked the studio with her skill. Despite witnessing the feat from the very front row, 2AM’s Jinwoon refused to believe in her strength: “Did they cut it up beforehand?”

Jiyeon then went on to smash eight pine boards easily, making many wonder whether she could do ten. Although she showed confidence in her ability to, the studio became concerned over her safety.

MC Lee Hwi Jae later asked Jinwoon, “Jinwoon, you’re the same age as her. Do you think you can smash 10?” Jinwoon answered with a surprised tone, “Me? The only thing I learned in Tae Kwon Do was how to say, ‘Our teacher is so cool!,‘” putting the studio in a fit of laughter.

Source: all kpop
Source: Nate
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Music experts choose the best idol groups of the decade & the most anticipated artists hereafter

The first decade after the new millennium is finally drawing to a close. Having the most dense history of mankind with the most upheavals than any other generation, the change in culture in the past 10 years is no exception. New content was constantly produced at an unimaginable speed, and a variety of new spheres were created. In particular, the industrialization of culture became more genuine and cultural industries seeking Economies of Scale turned into universal common sense. This type of change may have expanded the limits of what the general public can enjoy and watch, but it also brought upon lopsidedness and polarization as a byproduct. Both the producers and consumers of culture got distracted by some of the greatest-known turmoils and, as a result, were unknowingly swept up by the waves of change. Kyung Hyang Newspaper analyzed the last 10 years of Korean culture in closer detail.

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JYJ sells more than your oppars and unnirs

To celebrate the release of the worldwide album ‘The Beginning New Limited Edition’, the group JYJ will be hosting a fan-signing event on the 19th on five cities across the country: Seoul, Incheon, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan.

Released last October in the whole world, ‘The Beginning’ has sold close to 400,000 copies in the country alone. Therefore in order to give a fan service to the fans, the group’s agency CJ Entertainment recently released 100,000 copies of ‘The Beginning New Limited Edition’ as a follow up.

CJeS Entertainment, “The fansigning event that will be held in all over the country hopefully can be taken as a Christmas gift from us to all fans for their generous support to JYJ’s worldwide album.” he said, “While since it’s been a long time for JYJ members to actually meet up and close with their fans, thus this national signing event has been much anticipated.”

Meanwhile on last November 27th JYJ held their first concert entitled “JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul, the group have been moving in earnestly in front of fans. The following 31th JYJ will hold a special stage at the ‘KBS Drama Awards’.

credit: kukinews
shared + trans by: sharingyoochun

Mina AF

Yenny Has A S-LINE!!

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun shows off a surprising S-line
by kimchisteve

Revealing her new blonde hair that received a positive response from the public just a few days ago, Wonder Girls‘ Ye Eun posted another picture that wowed her fans.

On the 19th, the girl group member uploaded a photo on her official Twitter along with a message stating, “Self-shots are best in the washroom…”

The photo featured a full body shot of Ye Eun sporting a tight red dress, which naturally showed off her glamorous body. Her S-line has impressed many fans and netizens, as they left comments such as, “I was very surprised at her body”, “A new S-line body star has been born.”


Glad people are not calling her chubbs anymore and starting to acknowledge her banging, curvaceous body

Junhyung The Fact

B2st is owning your wallet once again

Start screaming, B2ST fans – the boys are gearing up to release four new tracks!

On December 21st at 5PM KST, B2ST will be unveiling three duets – a hiphop track, “Thanks To”, by Yoseob & Junhyung; an R&B song, “Let It Snow’, by Hyunseung and Lee Ki Kwang; and “When the Door Closes” by Doojoon and Dongwoon. The group will also be releasing the complete version of “Lights Go On Again”.

These tracks were in fact performed exclusively at their concert on December 11th, but due to high demand, B2ST decided to reveal these self-composed songs a little earlier than planned.

“B2ST, who have positioned themselves as one of the best boy groups with their fourth album ‘Beautiful‘, wanted to release new songs to repay their fans’ support. The members also struggled a lot to prepare each of their unit performances during their busy schedule,” stated Cube Entertainment.

Source: allkpop

려욱 → I'll give you a show
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Donghae writes a song, HaeWook sing together, LIFE COULDN'T GET BETTER

Group Super Junior has conquered all three major networks' OSTs.

Super Junior mesmerized TV viewers and not just music fans by participating in the OST of SBS It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter and KBS President which their members are appearing in.

Donghae who plays the role of a hard working young man Choi Wookgi in the SBS Monday Tuesday drama It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter sang the drama's OST song Just Like Now written by him. The song Just Like Now will be used as the love theme song in the drama. The song is a ballad that goes well with Winter because of its warm acoustic guitar sounds and beautiful harmony by Donghae and Ryeowook.

A rep from the management company said, "Donghae who's appearing in his first drama wrote the song after reading the scripting and recollecting his father. You can feel Donghae's musical sensibility and his love for the drama from the song.

Also, Super Junior participated in the KBS2 Wednesday Thursday drama President's OST which Sungmin appears in. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Sungmin sang the drama's main title song Biting my lips.

Ryeowook also sang the main title song Smile Again which is also Jinseo(Kim Hyesoo) and Sinwoo's (Lee Sangyoon) theme song in the MBC Wednesday Thursday drama Home Sweet Home's. The song is a ballad which is characterized by Ryeowook's pure voice and sad melody. Some of the reviews mentioned that the song enhances the appeals of the drama.

Source: Asiatoday
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

If you know me, you'd know how much I'm dying over this.


Netizens angered KARA’s sexual harassment in Japan

With an influx of Korean groups going to Japan for their promotions, Korean netizens were angered over EXILE‘s inappropriate use of words on their own variety show when KARA were the guests for that episode.

KARA went on EXILE’s Tamasii show where they performed their trend starting song Mister as well as a short interview. In the beginning of the interview, KARA were asked for their individual talents and when KARA‘s leader, Gyu Ri, imitated the jumping sound effect of old school game, Mario, EXILE member Takahiro commented that he hears that every 2am in the morning. Further more, he also commented on Hara‘s favorite Japanese sentence “You have to sleep early~” with “Must sleep once to know“.

It may look normal for Japanese audience but Korean netizens are taking this seriously, they see it as a form of sexual harassment instead of a joke, given that there is minor in KARA, EXILE should restraint themselves on national television.

Do you agree with the Korean netizens or this is just overreacting?

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Residents of South Korean island fleeing ahead of military drills

Marines patrol the South Korean-controlled island of Yeonpyeong on Saturday.

Amid South Korean plans to hold live-fire military drills this week and North Korean threats of retaliation, many residents of Yeonpyeong Island are evacuating, afraid of being caught in the middle.

Villagers streamed onto what they believed was the last ferry to Incheon, South Korea, on Sunday, carrying what belongings they could. Some were holding their children as others helped the elderly.

"I'm leaving because they said the drills are tomorrow," said Kim Ok Jin, 66.
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Source: cnn
I feel for those people
Jongin / EXO-K
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shaking and crying: jyj wishes for tvxq to be together again someday.

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'We're so excited and touched, although it's actually somewhat laughable that we got so emotional over being able to go on Korean TV as Korean singers. All we wanted was to be able to see our fans...'

The above were the words of JYJ members Jaejoong (24), Yoochun (24) and Junsu (23) from an interview on the 16th in Yeouido.

Since filing a lawsuit against their management company SM Entertainment, the three released a worldwide album entitled 'The Beginning' in October and began their activities as a 3-member unit through concerts and fanmeetings. However, not only has the KFCPAI sent out official letters of request to broadcasting stations requesting the prevention of JYJ promotions, SM has also expressed concern over their activities.

Due to issues with attaining work visas in the USA, free showcases had to be held in the US this November.

'When we found out that our US visa applications had been denied, we knew we were faced with a crisis and a challenge, but since we'd already made promises to our fans, there was no way we could cancel the shows. In the end we decided change them into free shows. Our crew over at the US were incredibly touched by our sincerity and determination, so it all turned out well.'

When asked whether or not the lyrics in 'Pierrot' ('In front of me, my bro. in front of money, I’m nothing') were directed towards SM, JYJ replied 'It is a song we wrote whilst thinking back to the days of our debut. When were still rookies, acts of social pressure such as compulsory education and abuse of rights was still prevalent. In terms of freedom being restricted, different people have different interpretations.'

With regard to the other members releasing a new album and promoting as Dong Bang Shin Ki this coming January, JYJ said 'Obviously we want them to be successful in their activities, but the name 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' only has meaning when all 5 of us are present. On those grounds, it is somewhat regretful. Our group is named 'JYJ' and we do not have a leader; we feel that our separation is merely the result of our current situation. One day, we will be together again.'

Having given honest, genuine answers when discussing issues revolving SM and broadcast companies, the three reverted to their usual playful selves when asked everyday life. When the topic of their hobbies and ways of spending free time came up, Jaejoong replied 'I hung 50 baubles to decorate my Christmas tree,' and Yoochun revealed 'recently (we've) been making fun of Junsu a lot but he doesn't really get mad'

When the three 24 year olds were asked about their plans for Christmas, Jaejoong said 'If I had a girlfriend, I'd like to go on a date with her holding hands, but I guess right now the only thing I can do is go out for soju with the members and our manager?' Yoochun and Junsu chimed in 'Soju is best with sausage. Let's go and eat sausage.'

Credits: mickybar + Kuki News
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

oh, and jaejoong has a new hairstyle~.

[EDIT] locofruitcake said that many of the original news sources have been disappearing/deleted -- including this. You guys should take this article with a pinch of salt. /heartache
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f(x) and 2 irrelevant girl groups are the most anticipated acts by Japan

Japan Nikkan Sports recently predicted which Korean girl groups would be most anticipated for as part of the ‘2nd generation of idol rookie groups’.

The three top groups they listed were 2NE1, f(x) and miss A. “Being in the same agency as Big Bang’s YG Entertainment, 2NE1 is currently leading the younger generation in Korea,” stated Nikkan Sports.

f(x) recently signed a new contract with Japanese agency, AVEX, alongside their company sunbaes BoA and TVXQ. They’re scheduled to fully begin promotions overseas next year.

Meanwhile, miss A is becoming more popular in the overall Asian market as a multinational dance group, and have been receiving great interest from fans for their upcoming Japanese promotions.

Nikkan Sports also mentioned other Korean girl groups including T-ara, After School, SISTAR and Rainbow.

Taemin - collar

Super Junior's "Doll-faced" Singer's Country Bumpkin Role

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Travel back in time to 17th century France where three famous musketeers are joined by a brave young man, who came to Paris to become a musketeer like them. Prepare yourself for a nonstop, dueling and swashbuckling adventure.

M Musical Company is staging the musical “The Three Musketeers” with a star-studded cast including a member of a K-pop group and veteran actors who have won musical awards.

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Picture Courtesy of M Musical Company
article source The Korea Times
。together → gaelio/ein

'Udon' deemed unsuitable for broadcast >:(

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Davichi’s Kang Minkyung and B2ST’s Dongwoon recently collaborated for a winter duet called, ‘Udon‘. Many have wondered whether it would surpass the popularity of the summer hit song, ‘Cold Noodles‘, which was released last year by SNSD’s Jessica and comedian Park Myung Soo.

However, it appears that they won’t be able to find out, since the song failed to pass the broadcasting review. The producers, after a stunted appeal, decided to drop the review case.

On December 20th, one producer spoke up about the decision to walk away from the review: “As soon as the recordings were done, we spoke to the broadcasters and came to the conclusion that the broadcasting review was not going to be in favor of ‘Udon’. When the song was taken to the actual broadcasting company for a review, it was evaluated as being ‘not suitable for broadcast to the public.’”

The reason for the broadcaster’s rejection was because they believed that the Korean word for ‘udon’, ”galak noodles“, should have been used instead of the Japanese term.

The producer continued, “It was a big mistake on our part for not realizing that utilizing a term that is commonly used everyday would not pass the review. We realized that the term “galak noodles” would have been more preferred during the latter stages of production, but when we switched the word “udon” with “galak”, it seemed rather strange and we thought that it would be difficult to convey the original meaning; and so, we just gave up.”

Although the producer tried to use the term “galak noodles” instead of “udon”, the former term did not fit well into the song’s melody as well as the original.

Nevertheless, ‘Udon’ is currently receiving much love on the music charts.

Source: OSEN via Nate | akp

And I was looking forward to seeing this performed too >:(


The songs from 2NE1, Kim Bum Soo, Super Kid, and many other popular artists have collectively been judged to be ‘harmful media’ for youths. songs

According to the electronic gazette of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Commission on Youth Protection made a judgment on November 29th that 2NE1’s ‘Can’t Nobody (English Version)’ and ‘I’m Busy‘ were disruptive for youths.

What was the reason behind this harsh decision? Apparently, it was the use of profanity in the tracks. Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Smoking or Drinking‘ from his ‘Solista Part 1‘ was also judged as inappropriate due to the drug references. Super Kid’s ‘Have a Drink‘ and trot singer Kim Hye Yeon’s ‘I’ll Pay‘ were also criticized for the same reasons.

The works of hip hop artists also got slammed, as being harmful to youths. Hip hop duo DOZ, which recently signed with Japan’s Avex, had 5 of their songs deemed as injurious to youth.

In view of these judgements, measures have been taken to put a declarative mark on albums containing songs that may be corruptive to youth; albums with those marks cannot be sold to individuals under the age of 19. If these regulations are not followed, the producers, distributors, and vendors may have to pay penalties. Also, these so-called inappropriate songs cannot be broadcasted before 10PM.

This decision went into effect on December 6th.

How do you feel about Korea’s measures to regulate content in music? Do you feel that it’s too harsh or perhaps too conservative? Or do you agree with the cautionary stance? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Money Today Star News
Source: allkpop

lol okayy.

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Taec and Eunjung Wear Couple Uniforms for Dream High

Many have been wondering about what the students of “Gidan Prep School” would be wearing in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High‘. Teaser photos of the main cast donning the uniforms have recently been unveiled, and they’re looking quite sharp!

Suzy, Ok Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Ham Eun Jung, IU and Jang Wooyoung are laughing brightly in their matching school uniforms. The pairings of Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taecyeon & Ham Eun Jung and IU & Jang Wooyoung have many predicting the possible love-lines in the story.

Their eye-catching ‘uniform fashion’ is also becoming a hot topic. Despite the simple uniform style, they used stripes as their focal point, while the girls’ skirts come up quite short. “Like students at an arts academy, we wanted to express their personalities and liberal mindset, as well as capturing the essence of each individual character through their uniform,” stated a representative.

The first episode of ‘Dream High’ is set to broadcast this coming January 3rd.
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source: allkpop and Nate

I'd like to dedicate this partial-T-Ara post to lopezfitzgerald. You will be missed dearly.
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Sistar Soyu Audition Revealed

A video of SISTAR’s Soyu auditioning in her school uniform has been spreading like wildfire across Korea’s internet community boards.

According to Starship Entertainment, the video was her final audition; Soyu decided to sing Navi’s ‘On the Road‘.

Many netizens who’ve watched the clip voiced their surprise at Soyu’s innocent image in her uniform.

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