December 20th, 2010

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Outsider says his farewell to his fans


It’s already been a little over a month since rapper Outsider (Shin Ok Chul) confirmed his enlistment date for the Korean army. On his last day as a civilian, Outsider said farewell to his fans through his personal me2day account.

On December 20th, Outsider posted, “During the 11 years of my music life, I have worked really hard. Now, I will finish my 21-month duty in the national defense, and return as an even cooler guy. As always, keep both your mind and body healthy. Thank you!”

The rapper also left fans a personal photo of himself with a freshly-shaved head.

In response to the post, his me2day friends commented, “Please make more cool songs after 2 years“, “Come back safely“, and “Be healthy and make your comeback as an even cooler guy.”

Outsider will be enlisting into the 102 reserve army unit in Chuncheon on December 21st.

Source. Nate

you're forever cool to me, Outsider ;~; I'll miss you

SHINee || like tangled pieces of string

someone gives Siwon Coke, he becomes a hyper 5 year old

101219 Siwon nicknamed as the “Prince of American Style” on SBS Running Man

Talented singer and actor, Choi siwon has turned into “Entertainment-dol”.
on SBS program “Good Sunday” , First line, “Running Man”. Choi Siwon and Kim Minjung made an appearance on Christmas special episode. The members were given a mission on this episode.
On this episode, Members went to the Giant Toysmart in Seoul, the mission is to collect christmas gift that the children wants with only 50,000 won.
Super Junior Member who stared on SBS Drama, “Athena” , Choi Siwon works really hard to complete the mission.
Especially, during the mission, Siwon was caught mumbling with American-style expression such as “God!” which brought laughter on the episode.

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Source: SapphirePearls and ochee26
Original Article: Newsen

why so perfect even when you're acting insane
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jyj speak up about the lawsuit; the apocolypse cometh

 Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong. Three guys who are now called JYJ, not TVXQ. They are currently healing from the 'heartbreak' from their legal dispute and past ordeals. As many can see, they are going at full power on their activities. However, the fans who are watching over them have conflicting feelings. It is more so as U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who are left in the team, have decided to make a comeback as TVXQ next January. On the afternoon of the 15th, the chilliest day of the year, we asked the three members, who visited the editorial office hidden in thick coats, questions that fans have been wanting to ask. We picked the three questions that reporters have been most curious about, which may cause them to be the most uncomfortable questions for the three members to answer. Though we worried at first that they might have sensitive reactions to our questions, the members stated that they were finally able to speak of the emotions they had been containing for so long and their words seemed to cry out in relief as they could finally 'blow off some steam'.

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Best fucking Five goes platinum and gold. oh, and then soshi does something

In the month of November, the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) has certified KARA's "Mister"as Platinum, KARA's "Jumpin"as Gold, SNSD's "Gee"as Gold, and SNSD's "GENIE"as Gold in the "Chaku-Uta Full"section.

For reference, RIAJ certifies Platinum as 250,000 sales while Gold is 100,000 sales. Check out the image below from the official site!


{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

[181210 - 191210] SuJu Twitter Updates + Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates + Sungmin's CY Updates

Heechul's Twitter Updates:

181210 요즘은 늦어도 2~3시엔 잠들어서 일찍 인나는 습관을 갖도록 했다. 눈 뜨면 싸이클 30분 타고 대격변을 시작한다. 밥은 려욱이가 해줘야 먹는다. 이건 혼자 못차려 먹는게 아니라 참을성을 기르는 거임 Lately I have had the habit of going to bed latest around 2~3am and waking up early. Once I open my eyes I would ride the (exercising) bike for 30 minutes then start on Cataclysm*. Ryeowookie would make rice for me. It's not because I can't do it alone but it's to foster one's patience
* The newest expansion for World of Warcraft.
Chinese translation by Psycho蝉儿 @ Weibo

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Heechul's Tweets:
Source: @Heedictator
English translation by eternalsnow @

Source: @Heedictator
English translation: 啃呀小苹果 + Psycho蝉儿 @ weibo (微博)
Chinese translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Shindong's Tweets:
Source: @ShinsFriends, @Heedictator
English translation by eternalsnow @
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Ryeowook's & Leeteuk's Tweets
Source: @ryeong9, @special1004
Translated by eternalsnow @ [RW, LT]
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Zhou Mi's Weibo Update:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @

Sungmin's Cyworld Update:
Source: 이성민 미니홈피
Translated by: thundersquall @

i love that group shot at SBS. kyuhyun looks super hot. he's been looking really good lately...


 This is only Changmin's section

Not long ago, Yunho and Changmin announced the restart of their promotions as Tohoshinki. Having been inactive for over a year, this can be seen as a warm up for their official return. The duo gave us an insight into their hearts during their first photoshoot in Japan. It is due to the timing that they are now able to speak of such issues and it is because of the present situation that these thoughts have come to mind.
Their rebirth begins here.

Q: How was this year as a whole?
During the first half of the year, I worked extremely hard on my television drama, just like Yunho. It gave me a lot of time to reflect on myself and so I really gained a lot. TVXQ was basically my entire life from the day of our debut so there was a lot that I didn't put into consideration before. Now that I've had the opportunity to venture out as an individual, I've lived the year with the thought that I must do my very best as an artist on a scale of 1 to 10.

Q: Yunho took part in a musical, did Changmin also get the chance to sing?
I've been attending singing classes and I've been to the karaoke with members of staff. To be perfectly honest, I have a lot of insecurities and worries. There are so many things that I want to do, but the truth is that they are completely unattainable in reality. I'm always under so much pressure, to the point where I feel like I have no way of controlling the anger and frustration in me, and it's not because I've made a mistake or anything, but more due to forces that I know I have no way of fighting. It's the fact that there are things that just cannot be solved. Even though the same things might remain stuck in my head from the moment I wake up, it seems as though I simply have no way of countering it, and it's been the same way from the beginning, so I've literally just exploded in the past. Throughout this time, I've had the chance to change this trait of mine. I'll probably still be like this in 20 years' time, even now, I'm far from perfect (laughs).

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Credits: NeverEnd + Ginger
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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Can&J reveals fanclub name for F.CUZ + DVD news.

Hello, this is Can&J.

The search for F.CUZ's fanclub name has come to an end.

Together with the mails with suggestions and results from the voting, F.CUZ members and the staff have decided that the fanclub name for F.CUZ is going to be "Runway (런웨이)". 
We are very thankful to all the fans for sending in ideas for the fanclub name.

From now on please support F.CUZ while they aim to grow as singers through their activities under the name of "Runway" ^^

We will send out a signed copy of F.CUZ 2nd mini album to the fans whose suggestions were chosen as candidates.

Thank you very much.

Source: Daum Café
Translation Kor - Jap: F.CUZ Japan
Translation Jap - Eng: muilla 

F.CUZ will release a DVD from their concert "Sparking World" in February. 
It will be about 110minutes long, all region DVD.
It will also contain a 30 page booklet as well as a post card (5 versions available)

All members of F.antasia (paying + regular) can pre-order between the 20th of Dec until the 31st of January
through F.antasia's webpage.

Source: F.antasia

Pissed about Runway winning even though it came out last in the poll for a name. I'm guessing it's related to F.CUZ being called "model-dols" but this is bullshit.



GD&TOP to perform at year-end song festivals for SBS & MBC

Big Bang’s newest duo unit, GD&TOP, will be present at the year-end song festivals for SBS and MBC.

They’ve already released “High High” and “Oh Yeah” last week, ahead of their full album release on the 24th. The highly-catchy tunes have been well-received by both Big Bang and general music fans alike.

Fans have been treated to additional great news, as YG Entertainment announced that they will perform on the 29th for the “SBS Gayo Daejun“, and on the 31st for the “MBC Gayo Daejun“.

A YGE representative said, “GD&TOP has just started promotions, but we have decided to have them attend the SBS and MBC year-end music festivals.”

Unfortunately, they will not be present at the “2010 KBS Gayo Festival“, which is sandwiched between the other two shows.

original source: Star News via Nate

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still can't get over how amazing they were last night, so excited for the end of year stuff

Source: AKP & bigbangworld

KBS Gayo Daejeon still irrelevant this year.

YG Entertainment artists will not be taking part in the KBS year-end music festival.

According to music broadcast representatives on December 20th, 2NE1, Se7en, Taeyang, and Big Bang’s unit group GD&TOP, will only participate in the “SBS Gayo Daejun” and the “MBC Music Festival“, held on December 29th and 31st respectively.

A representative stated, “YG and KBS have differences in opinions regarding KBS broadcasting an award during the live festival. Thus, YG has decided to not let their label artists to participate in the program for this year.”

In truth, this year is not the first time KBS will be giving out a ‘Popular Song Award‘ at their music festival. Last year, KBS asked viewers to vote for the artist who most deserved the ‘Popular Song Award’, which was given to 2PM for their track, ‘Again and Again‘.

If this doesn’t really sound like much of a big deal, then here’s the backstory: around 5 years ago, all three broadcasting companies decided to change their year-end award ceremonies to just plain music festivals. Last year, KBS had received vast criticism for suddenly creating a ‘Popular Song Award’ for their Music Festival.

In their defence, KBS has voiced out that their ‘Popular Song Award’ has is not indicative of plans to resurrect an awards ceremony.

“Just like last year, we will not be holding a music awards ceremony this year. We are merely just choosing the most popular song of the year. We are aware of the criticism about us resurrecting an awards ceremony, but we are taking fairness in consideration, and will not be holding an awards show this year,”
explained a representative of the KBS Music Festival.

The ‘Popular Song Award’ is solely based on viewers’ votes.

Star News + fuckyeahygfamilyy + AKP
no1curr, sbs' one will forever be the only relevant one. and like gd said, yg knows what will be a hit or not.

Wanna One Energetic

Eric, "No More Waiting"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Enlisted in October of 2008 and after 2 years was release from his military service in October of 2010. Eric member of idol group shinhwa held his first fan meeting after military discharge at the Yupoto Hall in Tokyo, Japan on December 18.

Eric greeted his fans in Japanese, "It's been a long time. I'm glad to see you again. From now on let's have a good time".

At the fan meeting producer, Eric also introduced a 4 girl group that will be debuting next year. Also, took part of the rapping part of duo group Honey Dew who also took the stage.

In addition, Eric shared a message from fellow Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan and Jun Jin. "At the end all members will reunite. After Lee Min Woo finishes his 2 years of military service, Shinhwa will hold a 15 anniversary concert, it's a promise".

Eric and TVXQ's Yunho will both be part of the marine police drama "Poseidon" which will broadcast early next year. The drama will have different sights such as human drama, love stories, and ocean storm scenes, he stated.

Eric began filming back in November, he will have the role of Kim Seon Woo who has been recruited to work for the maritime police commandos task team.

Eric finished the fan meeting by saying, "You will not have to wait for a another two years", followed by shaking hands with fans and spreading and making the promise of Shinhwa's comeback."

Source: rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.Biz

So excited for Poseidon. And if anyone has any fancams/fan accounts, please post them in the comments. XD

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Doojoon gets more action and Kikwang is jealous

The story behind BEAST’s Lee Kikwang getting his kiss scene during a photo shoot taken by Yoon Doojoon had been revealed.

In MBC ‘Section TV’ broadcasted on the 19th of December, the scene of BEAST’s first solo concert was revealed. During an interview, the issue of Yoon Doojoon’s exclusive photoshoot came up.

However it was revealed that the main character behind the photoshoot was supposed to be Lee Kikwang. But then minutes before the actual photoshoot, it was taken away from him by Yoon Doojoon. To this the members stated, “You could have clearly seen that Lee Kikwang was mad.”

Yoon Doojoon had stated before that the members were jealous of him, but the members revealed, “We were not jealous. If you get jealous, then you already lost. We were just observing close by.”

Meanwhile in the broadcast, the performance of BEAST was aired as well. The concert with 10,000 fans was a complete success. However, perhaps it was because of the nervousness, Yoon Doojoon had fallen during in the midst of the performance. Despite the fall, there was a smile on his face and the fans had enjoyed the show as well.

Sources: NEWSEN - aoistars @ B2STRISING for Translation


SBS “Inkigayo” yields to YG Entertainment, but at what cost?

Managers of the K-pop industry are angered over SBS’s hypocrisy and greed for viewers rating by yielding to bigger music agencies.

Over the years, SBS and YG Entertainment have been known to share a good relationship, to the point where rumors of bias abounded as early as last year.

But last month, rumors of a different nature began to surface. Reportedly, the strong relationship that the companies both treasured was beginning to fall apart because of YGE’s attendance at the 2010 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) in Macau. This was despite SBS’s warning that they would suspend any participating artists from performing on “Inkigayo“.

Industry representatives were shocked, therefore, when they saw that G-Dragon and T.O.P performed their first comeback stage on the December 19th episode of “Inkigayo”.

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Well no shit they're going to let GTOP perform as opposed to some other groups that have no pull. I mean come on...and I honestly don't give a fuck.

original source: Daily Sports via nate
Source: AKP
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

Zhou Mi Shows Off Super Sexy Picture (doesn't want us to see his eyes, either) + 1 Update

(Going to) only upload (a) photo......xu*
* a sound made when someone ask another to keep quiet and not say anything (about it)
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First Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's weibo
Translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Second Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's weibo
Shared by: IINA @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET + ✰陽光smiley~ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

UNFFF ZHOU MI YOU PERFECT SEXY DORKY BEING. of course you'd upload a super sexy picture of you and then comment on gorgeous, wonderful clothes in another one of your entries. why so precious?
Junhyung The Fact

Set your alarm clocks. DooWoon is coming.

BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and Son Dongwoon have appeared as the first duet unit.

At 5PM KST on the 21st, BEAST will be releasing the first song in the series of 3 duet songs and the full song version of ‘Lights Go On Again’ with the first track ‘When the Door Closes’ a part of the digital single album ‘My Story’.

‘When the Door Closes’ has a sad melody line along with Yoon Doojoon and Son Dongwoon’s melting voice. Like the concert stage where the two men played the piano on the stage together, it plans to give that many emotions to the listeners as well.

Before that at 11AM KST, BEAST will be revealing the teaser clip for ‘When the Door Closes’ via their official fan café and their official youtube channel. The video will contain the clips of them participating in the composing process.

Translation: aoistars@B2STRISING

Wanna One Energetic

Han Geng Is Free As A Bird, Wins Lawsuit Against SMEnt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Seoul Central District Court civil court 30th division (head judge Noh Mankyung) made a ruling on December 20th in the case filed by group Super Junior's Chinese member Hangeng against the management company SM Entertainment. The judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the lawsuit over the validity of the exclusive contract.

Hangeng filed a lawsuit in December 2009 against the management company SM claiming he cannot maintain his unfair exclusive contract.

Source: newsis and

Edit: "The court ruled that, "the exclusive contract signed in January 2003, the edited contract signed in February 2007, and the additional contract signed in December 2007, all of the contracts have been declared invalid."

I'm so thrilled and yet sad at the same time. :(
Dr. Who - Lost

SOKA shows how it's done in Japan, making them monies as newbies

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Showcasing the power of this year's remarkable rise of Korean girl groups that debuted in Japan, the newcomer department of 43rd Oricon Annual Ranking (2010) is topped by KARA and SNSD, who achieved No.1 and No.2, respectively.

KARA, the 5-membered girl group that debuted in August and captured the attention of the public with the "hip dance," has released two singles, "Mister" and "Jumping," five albums, including the Korean greatest hits album, "KARA BEST 2007-2010" and their first original Japanese album, "GIRLS TALK," as well as one DVD, totaling to eight releases this year. These releases have generated a total revenue of 1.3 billion yen this year.

On the other hand, SNSD, who debuted in September and are known for their beautiful legs and synchronized dancing, released two singles, "GENIE" and "Gee," one DVD, "New Beginning of Girls' Generation," and six Korean albums for a total of nine works. They generated 8.8 hundred million yen of revenue this year.

In the male-fan- and cuteness-centric domestic idol scene, the spot of idols that are admired by women of the same generation is vacant in the recent years. This vacancy is now fulfilled by K-pop girl groups, who are characterized as having good visual styles as well as intense choreographies and have achieved outstanding sales among all newcomers this year.

Ranking of Newcomer Artistes by Sales

No.1 1.3 billion Yen KARA (493k copies of releases sold in total)
No.2 8.8 hundred million yen SNSD (380k copies of releases sold in total)

No.3 1.3 hundred million yen WEAVER (83k copies of releases sold in total)
Data collection period: 2009/12/28 to 2010/12/20
The sales include releases such as singles, albums, music DVDs, and music blu-ray discs.

Translated by
: xichigo@Karaholic
Source: ORICON

For the too lazy to google crowd: 
1.3 billion yen =15.52 million USD (KARA)
880 million yen = 10.50 million USD (SNSD)
Difference: 5.01 million (but who cares, SOKA ftw!). What's not counted is digital sales and both have been making big bucks in ads. Ching ching ching.... now here comes the hoards of kpop groups rushing in Japan.

S. Korea's live-fire drill ends calmly; country still on high alert.

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- After days of concern about possible North Korean aggression over a South Korean military drill, the live-fire naval exercise ended peacefully after an hour and 34 minutes with no immediate reaction from the North.

North Korea said over the weekend that the drill could ignite a war and that it would respond militarily to the exercise, but the country did not act immediately on Monday. The North, however, agreed to a series of actions after former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson urged the country not to respond aggressively.

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Source: CNN
Julianne Moore
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Comedian arrested for smoking marijuana

A comedian was arrested on charges of smoking marijuana, prosecutors said Thursday, following a comprehensive probe into drug use by entertainers.

Jeon Chang-geol, 43, is suspected of having smoked marijuana several times and giving some of the banned substance to Kim Seong-min, an actor, who has been in custody since Dec. 4 on charges of using methamphetamines.

Prosecutors and police had expanded their probe into the entertainment business following Kim's arrest as he was believed to have used the banned substance regularly with some of his celebrity friends. A hip-hop singer, Crown J, was also booked on charges of smoking marijuana last week.

Jeon debuted in 1991 and has appeared in a number of TV series, shows, dramas and plays. (Yonhap News)

Source: The Korea Herald
Wanna One Energetic

Kim Joon Gets Accepted Into Graduate School, Remains Flawless While Doing So

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Singer and actor, Kim Joon, has been accepted to the ‘global culture content’ graduate program at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

On December 21st, the university revealed, “Kim Joon has applied to our graduate school for the 2011 spring semester as a global culture contents major.“ Starting March 2011, Kim Joon will be studying to earn his master’s degree.

Kim Joon previously made headlines for getting into the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies as a life chemistry major, without being given any preferential treatment for his celebrity status. However, because he was unable to attend classes due to his busy schedule for “Boys Over Flowers“, the singer re-applied to the school’s cyber program in 2009 as a Japanese major, and has been consistently studying since then.

A representative of his agency commented, “Kim Joon has taken an interest in spreading Korean culture after he was able to meet with various international fans. He wants to study the production of Hallyu culture content and its spread on a deeper level.”

His group, T-Max, is currently preparing for their comeback album, set for the first half of 2011.

Source: allkpop and Nate
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4Minute's Nam Jihyun receives praises for her "masterpiece-like" body

From the moment that she started appearing in the SBS Drama entitled "It's Ok, Dad's Daughter", 4Minute's leader, Nam Jihyun has been garnering a lot of interest for the different kind of personality she's been showing in portrayal of her 4D character as Shin Sunhae.

Recently, she has appeared on the show with a mini-skirt leaving the audience with a fresh outlook towards her character. As we can remember, she has also gained so much interest for her glamorous eyes causing hot gazes from various audiences. She had also revealed a goddess-like body line, told to be a masterpiece by many. Still, people are amazed on how she could maintain a childish and innocent face with such a sexy figure.

Jihyun's been doing well with her role as the younger sister of Park Sanghoon from the show and has been receiving a lot of support from her fans.
Yahoo Korea