December 21st, 2010


IU addresses Super Junior’s Shindong controversy from ‘Inkigayo’

Korea’s ‘national little sister’ IU recently spoke up about the controversy swirling around Super Junior member Shindong and his behavior during her ‘thank you’ speech on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ last weekend.

While IU was dropping tears of gratitude during her thank you speech, Shindong was seen joking around lightheartedly, leading to Leeteuk and 2AM’s Changmin trying to lead him away.

It caused IU’s fans to become protective of the singer, and voice out, “Isn’t that a bit too much for a first place winner?”. They felt that Shindong’s behavior was rude and impolite.

However, on the following afternoon, IU wrote on her me2day, “I think there is a great misunderstanding. Shindong oppa and Super Junior sunbaenims congratulated me more than anyone else. I’m sad that this has become a huge misunderstanding ㅜㅜ. Hope you have a good day today!”

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Source: akp, Yahoo Korea, IU's me2day
yoonjo <3 taengsic

Kwon and Yeeun to take over JYPE...someday

 On December 20th, singer/producer/CEO Park Jin Young appeared as a guest for KBS’s variety show, ‘Win Win‘. While on the show, he was asked, “If you were to hand over JYP Entertainment to anyone, who would you pick as your successor?”

To this, Park Jin Young replied, “Jo Kwon, Ye Eun!”

His reasoning behind his choice was, “The two have the most interest in the company’s business. Wonder Girls‘ Ye Eun shows the most concern over the company’s important business matters, while 2AM’s Jo Kwon is heavily involved with the company’s staff and artists. He’s always interested in the other teams’ and workers’ schedules, enough for him to be nicknamed “Director Jo.”

Park Jin Young laughed, “Ye Eun and Jo Kwon even talk about naming JYP’s next company as ‘Jo Kwon & Ye Eun Partnership’ amongst themselves.”

He also shared some hilarious details regarding his producer relations with 2PM. ”Seventeen songs that I personally composed were turned down by 2PM during their last album.”

He continued, ”Usually, when they get five songs, artists feel bad and use them, but 2PM does not do that. I even started avoiding Taecyeon’s calls.”

“Whenever the 2PM members finish discussing their opinions, it’s always Taecyeon who calls and he always states, ‘Hyung.. the song is really good, but as the title song, it’s a little..’”

Thus, after being rejected by 2PM seventeen times, Park Jin Young truthfully revealed, “Now, I get nervous whenever I get a call from Taecyeon.”

This candid episode of ‘ Win Win’ is set to air on December 21st.

Sources: Nate 1, 2, AKP


A Christmas card designed by SHINee was made public.

SHINee recently participated in a charity event named “A Dream of 1,000 Won” in Taiwan. Members showed off their hidden skills painting on a big Christmas card.

It was Taemin who stood out in the painting. However, there was something odd. His Rudolph looked different. When members pointed out that a leg is missing, Taemin explained in haste that it represents “the alienated weak.”

SHINee said they participated in the charity event to bring attention to people in need. Fans can participate in the auction, which starts on Dec. 25, at or Taiwan yahoo. [TV Daily]

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: jujugal@soompi

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Changmin’s Interview on Ray Magazine February 2011 Issue Interview (Q&A 26-50)

Q26: What type of fashion sense should a girl have?

I like a girl who’s able to suit a variety of fashion styles.

Although I think it would be rather hard to find a girl like that (laughs) If the girl is able to change her fashion styles ever so often, isn’t that a type of charm too?

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Sources: Never End, Continue TVXQ,
Translation: yunholicyangz@continuetvxq

I am not bolding shit, it's a fine ass interview from a fine ass man. Read the whole damn thing.

Jo Kwon and Nichkhun to sing a duet for their ‘wives'

Fangirls of the ‘Khuntoria’ and ‘Adam’ couples, prepare to hold onto something. 2AM’s Jo Kwon and 2PM’s Nichkhun will perform a special ballad duet for their ‘wives’ on MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘!

According to the production crew, this duet is special in two ways. Firstly, it’s the product of a dream the two wanted to fulfill back during their JYPE training days.

Now that they’ve gotten older, an additional element has been added to their original wish. Jo Kwon and Nichkhun were paired up with Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In and f(x)’s Victoria to live as virtual husband and wife.

They might not have taken their roles seriously when they first started, but time spent together with their ‘wives’ allowed warm and sincere feelings to develop. This duet will allow the men to deliver those feelings, and to do it right, they’ve enlisted the aid of producer Ra.d, the “Master of Love Songs”. Ra.d is already familiar to Kwon and Khun, since he contributed the track, “I Can’t“, to 2PM’s album.

It sounds like the two have worked hard to prepare a special Christmas present for their wives. Their reactions to the gift from their husbands’ are highly anticipated by fans, especially since Ga-In is known to have flat reactions while Nichkhun is notorious at his clumsiness in events.

This episode will be aired on December 25th for the show’s Christmas special. Check back with allkpop for the wives’ reactions to the gift!

src: akp, via nate

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Ga-In continues to be relevant.


Following three consecutive teaser releases of behind-the-scenes photos, an MV preview, and the full audio track for “Bad Temper,” Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In left a message for her fans in appreciation of their support.

Her message states:

“I often wonder whether such a person like me is deserving of this much love; the thought is both amazing and pressuring. But I think because of these feelings, I’m able to do whatever I can without greed.

It’s because of the people that support me, that believe in me, that love me, that I’m able to find the strength to withstand the hardest of schedules. As long as such people exist, I must always find strength. I am always thankful, and I will always love you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!”

Ga-In’s “Bad Temper” is a hidden track from her solo album released this past October, and was introduced by her agency as “a surprise present for the fans for the upcoming Christmas season.”


girl, why are you so precious ;_____;
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Changmin’s Interview in Ray Magazine February 2011 Issue Interview (Q&A 1-25)

1. What is your motto in life?
Honesty is the best policy. That is what my parents have always taught me ever since I was young. Whenever I did anything wrong, they'd get really angry if I lied about it (laughs), but if I confessed to them honestly, they'd be okay.

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Sources: NeverEnd, DBSKnights
Translation: dorfehh@DBSKnights

I thought it had been posted, which is why I posted the second half, but alas I went back 200 entries(even before this translation was released just to be sure) and nothing. So, here you go.
However if somehow I DID miss it PLEASE LINK ME
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Homin For Ginger Magazine

Not long ago, Yunho and Changmin announced the restart of their promotions as Tohoshinki. Having been inactive for over a year, this can be seen as a warm up for their official return. The duo gave us an insight into their hearts during their first photoshoot in Japan. It is due to the timing that they are now able to speak of such issues and it is because of the present situation that these thoughts have come to mind.Their rebirth begins here.

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Sources/Translations: Part 1 DBSKnights, Part 2 DBSKnights

Changmin: "None of the smiles you see are genuine, it’s because I have no choice".... Ouch :(
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Sector 7 sells abroad, releases teaser poster

Let’s take a first look at the 3D blockbuster Sector 7, the action/sci-fi movie starring Ha Ji-won (currently showing some of her stunt chops in Secret Garden), movie veteran Ahn Sung-ki (May 18), and Oh Ji-ho (Chuno). The movie takes place out on an oil rig, and unfolds as the characters encounter a strange monster, Host-style.

The film boasts high-quality CG and 3D effects, and underwent a two-year pre-production period during which the monster was designed. At the American Film Market last month, Sector 7 sold to four overseas entities in advance of its release in Korea; those are TF1 in France, M Pictures in Thailand, and Scorpio East in Singapore and Malaysia.

The idea of a monster-at-sea movie isn’t terribly novel, but with the people involved, I can see the crossover potential for Sector 7. Director Kim Ji-hoon put out May 18 about the Gwangju massacre, and producer Yoon Je-kyun worked on blockbuster disaster flick and box-office smash Haeundae (also starring Ha Ji-won), as well as the well-received romantic comedy My Gangster Boyfriend (with Jung Yumi and Park Joong-hoon) and warm drama Harmony (with Kim Yun-jin).

The film wrapped filming on September 29 and is currently in post-production, aiming for a summer 2011 premiere.

Source: mydaily
Via: dramabeans

Actor Shin Sung Rok doesn’t think 187 cm is that tall

Actor Shin Sung Rok personally labeled himself as a ‘cute man’, despite his height of 187 cm, while making an appearance on SBS’s “Night After Night.”

MC Kim Jae Dong questioned the actor on his statement by asking, “It’s difficult to be cute at a height of 187 cm, isn’t it?”

Shin Sung Rok replied, “187cm is not that tall,” causing the studio to go into a frenzy over the ridiculous but hilarious statement. The actor continued, “I was disqualified from a lot of auditions for my height. When my seniors are acting, they tell me to come up wearing only socks.”

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and Big Bang’s Daesung refused to get over the fact that Shin Sung Rok called 187 cm ‘not that tall.’ Yonghwa commented, “One of our group members is 186 cm tall, and he only wears shoes with heels, making me, at 179 cm, look like a baby.”

Source: akp, Nate

lol irl @ yonghwa & daesung's faces

SME on Hangeng’s Lawsuit Win: “It is a decision we cannot accept”

Earlier today, the Seoul Central District Court led by Judge Noh Mankyung has decided that Hangeng‘s contract with SM Entertainment is fully terminated. However, SME has expressed to file an appeal against the court’s decision.

“It is a decision we cannot accept. We will immediately file an appeal,” a rep from SM Entertainment told Asia Economic Daily over the phone.

A year after Hangeng filed the lawsuit against SME, the Seoul Central District Court declared today that all three contracts Hangeng signed with SME in January 2003 (an exclusive contract), in February 2007 (a revised contract), and in December 2007 (a supplementary contract) are all invalid and nullified.

Hangeng was the only Chinese member of the 13-membered super boy band Super Junior. He filed the petition last year for his contract with SME to be terminated because of various reasons. Afterwards, he ceased joining activities with Super Junior and sub-unit Super Junior-M and went home to China, where he now works as a solo artist.

Whatever the end of this, we hope all the best to both parties.

Source: theshangkee
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The Most Promising Singers in the eys of JYJ

Now we all know JYJ is internationally known for their indescribable singing talents, but when asked who they thought would also become successful, who did they pick?

Though separated from the original DBSK, JYJ has been victorious with their promotions, including their recent single, “Ayy Girl“. In a recent interview, Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu of JYJ  were asked to pick an idol group or soloist who they thought were considered the “most promising singers” as of now. To much surprise, Junsu stated girl group 4Minute. Jaejoong went along with boy group SuperNova, while YuChun chose the band MATE.

All of these groups, including JYJ are indeed promising, as well as many other entertainers in the K-Pop industry. Let’s hope all of them reach success!

Source: Naver Blog
Translation: ashleylovesasia @
Written By: JJ @

flying like a bird~ shining like a star~ happy for CSS <33
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Won Bin is actor of the year

Won Bin, who starred in the hit film “The Man from Nowhere,” was picked as the Korean actor of the year in a poll, Gallup Korea said late last week.

The star drew 30.7 percent of the votes in a survey that asked 1,701 people who they thought was the best actor of the year.

Won Bin dropped his trademark pretty boy image and transformed into a powerful stud in the film, which was the biggest hit of the year with 6.2 million viewers.

Jang Dong-gun, who made his Hollywood debut with the fantasy action film “The Warrior’s Way” this year, came in second with 14.1 percent of the votes.

Source: joongangdaily
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South Korea stays alert for possible N.K. provocations

The South Korean military was maintaining heightened vigilance for possible North Korean provocations Tuesday, a day after its live-fire exercise on Yeonpyeong Island near the tense western sea border.

It put on the highest alert its troops around Aegibong, a mountain peak located just three kilometers from the North, as a Seoul church held a ceremony Tuesday night to turn on Christmas lights on a steel tower there for the first time in seven years.
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Source: koreaherald
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`Young Bloods' Rush to Join South Korean Marines Amid Anger Over Shelling

Anger at North Korea’s killing of civilians in an artillery barrage last month has spurred applications to join South Korea’s Marine Corps.

Almost 3,500 men are competing for 977 openings in the elite corps this month, a 37 percent increase on December last year, according to figures from the Military Manpower Administration. There were about 2,800 applicants for November’s monthly intake.

Two civilians and two marines were killed on Nov. 23 when North Korea fired on the Yeonpyeong fishing community and military outpost in the first shelling of South Korean soil since the 1950-1953 war. Recruiters had feared the attack and the sinking of the warship Cheonan in March might discourage young men.
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Source: bloomberg
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China demands S.Korea pay for sunken fishing boat

Illegal fishing by Chinese vessels is common in South Korean waters, with 332 boats caught last year

China on Tuesday demanded that South Korea pay compensation for the sinking of a Chinese fishing boat in which one man was killed and punish the coastguard ship involved in the incident.

The 63-tonne Chinese fishing boat capsized after ramming into a 3,000-tonne South Korean coastguard ship on Saturday, leaving one Chinese crew member dead and another missing, according to South Korean officials.
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Source: AFP
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Supernova announces Japanese best album & 3D movie

Korean group Choshinsei (Supernova) held a fan event at Kudan Kaikan on December 20th, and at the event, they announced that their first Japanese best album, “SUPERNOVA BEST“, would be released on January 26th.

They also announced that their live concert at Yokohama Arena ,which will be held on December 21st, will be released as a 3D movie.  The 3D movie will be watched in 15 theaters across Japan, and it will start on March 26th.

The leader of the group, Yunhak, said that he wants to hold a live concert at Nissan Stadium the year after next, and to do so, he would work hard next year.  Yunhak also said that he wishes to top the Oricon chart as well.

cr : akp + tokyohive
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Journalists document nine hours in the life of T-ara

December is a crazy month because not only do we have to practice our own performances, but from other artists’ as well…” - T-ara’s Boram

In T-ara’s dressing room at the “2010 Melon Music Awards“, one would be able to see four big bags of clothes and a trunk lying on the ground, next to a vanity stuffed with various makeup tools.

Year-end ceremonies are known for their impressive performances from stars who have shined throughout the year. These artists also participate in special cover performances as well.

The reporters of DongA were able to follow the members of T-ara for nine hours as they went about their busy schedules. The aim was to shed some light on the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into preparing for year-end ceremony performances.

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Source DongA via Nate
Video 4everKPOPgirL04
{superjunior} heechul - the cat&#39;s watchi

Donghae in 'In Style' Magazine & Kyuhyun Apparently Debuted 17 Years Ago?

Donghae in 'In Style' Magazine

(click to view bigger)

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Credits: (easygoing)
Reuploaded By: 특 `oℓate~♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
credit to InStyle's Official Website | shared by ♥~pinkninja @

source : BNTNEWS
translated by ♥~pinkninja
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JYPE artists perform at the Samsung Medical Center

Every year, artists from JYP Entertainment make a visit to the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul and perform a free charity concert for the patients there. On December 20th, the Wonder Girls, 2PM, and miss A made their annual visit.

The person recording literally screams non-stop in the first 30 seconds, so you might want to fast-forward past the first 30 seconds.

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Source: akp, punchkorpor2, MissJ0624, and bjj2011
Junhyung The Fact

B2st Fucking Six Sex Up Mnet This Week With Duet Songs

It has been confirmed that Mnet ‘Mcountdown’ will be the first stage for the member units of BEAST.

After attracting a lot of hype from their first solo concert for the self composed duet songs in different genres such as hiphop, ballad, R&B, and more, BEAST duet units will be going into their separate schedules. Along with the unveiling of the new tracks, their first stage will be at ‘M Countdown’ on the 23rd.

BEAST’s Doojoon stated, “Since the songs that we released at the concert were popular, we ended up officially getting into our unit group activities. We are all really nervous because this will be the first stage as a BEAST unit group. We hope that many of you will show interests and support us.”

On ‘M Countdown’ this day, 'Thanks To', the hiphop track from Yoseob and Junhyung, Hyunseung and Kikwang’s R&B track ‘Let It Snow’, and Doojoon and Dongwoon’s ballad track ‘When this Door Closes’ will be revealed for the first time.

Translation: aoistars@B2STRISING

No need to say that I wish these boys were getting some rest sometime soon. Let's just hope they don't get sick from all these promotions.
eat some sushi get fat

junseob teaser release!

Following the release of Doojoon and Dongwoon’s duet yesterday, Junhyung and Yoseob unveiled the second track from B2ST’s latest digital album, “My Story“!

Released on the morning of December 22nd, “Thanks To” was produced by both members. It features a strong hip hop beat which allows Junhyung to deliver his impressive rap skills, and for Yoseob’s powerful vocals to shine.

A snippet from the lyrics – “Thank you for always being by our side, (You, You, Thank you, For you)” – allows fans to understand that it’s a love letter dedicated to them, thanking them for their all their support and love.

Check out the teaser below!

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source: allkpop + beastofficial (vid)

what i want to know is when did akp start having talking ads...
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G-Dragon and T.O.P update their Me2Day

Boy band Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P have revealed photographs of themselves from the set of their upcoming music video.

Earlier today, the two, who began their singing activities as a duo unit this month, posted a picture of themselves on each of their official me2day sites (Korean version of Twitter), with both their hands in the air while riding Segways and a comment below saying, "The music video shoot is finished today!!"

Fans who have seen the post left responses saying, "Good job! I can't wait to see the music video," "Your childish expressions are so cute!" and "You both are just so adorable."

Last month, YG Entertainment's CEO and founder Yang Hyun-suk announced that Big Bang were to make their comeback to the local music scene for the first time in over two years, as their original five-member band as well as in solos and duos.

G-Dragon and T.O.P returned first with the release of their songs "HIGH HIGH" and "OH YEAH" on December 15 and gave their performance four days after on SBS' televised music show "Inkigayo."

Their duo album will go on sale on Christmas Eve and to be released in advance online tomorrow.

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Sources: Big Bang Updates, Asiae, Top's me2day, GD's me2day

Yes! Love their looks and GTOP+segways = fun time. Can't wait.

Looks like it's for Ppeokigayo (Knock Out) since that's the one YG mentioned in the interview with AsiaE (they
edited the interview later, it also sounds like Oh Yeah won't have a MV).
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Whether it's record sales or mobile sales, Kara achieved an electrifying all-kill in Japan music charts.

It was recently revealed that Kara achieved an all-kill on Japan annual charts for #1 rookie. Based on all the sales, Kara was ranked the #1 newcomer and also was in the top 10 amongst all singers for the year.
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Translated by: tinggg@KARAHOLIC

Kara is the first Korean girl group to reach "Platinum" status for an album in Japan.

Recently Japan's record hubs disclosed that Kara's debut song Mister has reached platinum status in downloads. This year's K-pop boom in Korea has led to Kara being the first Korean girl group to reach this status.
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Translated by: tinggg@KARAHOLIC

On a recent Japanese show that Kara was on, they revealed certain trainees of DSP Media.

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Translated by: tinggg@KARAHOLIC


Minhyuk impresses many, what else is new?

CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk has been rapidly expanding his career in both music and acting through his role in SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter.”

Minhyuk plays the role of ‘Hwang Yeondu,’ a drummer for the fictional band, ‘Best Motley’. His impressive drumming skills have earned him much acclaim during the episodes aired on December 20th and 21st.

Despite juggling his CNBLUE commitments with his acting gig, Minhyuk has shown a consistent rate of growth with every episode, and many are looking forward to seeing just how much more his acting skills could improve. Exhibiting his musical abilities through the show gave him an additional boost of popularity as well.

Indeed, his success on the small screen has many industry representatives touting Minhyuk as the boy who managed to ‘catch two rabbits in one go.’

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credit to sport's today(source), allkpop(translation)

GTOP to perform at 4 Clubs on Dec. 24th; kVIPs ready to cut YG

Well, not only are GD & TOP performing at the Christmas T Social Party, but they are also going to perform at the Hongdae Harlem (club that Yang Hyunsuk owns) on Christmas Eve this year.

The posters above are the advertisement posters for this event, which are all over Hongdae right now. Literally everywhere. On the walls and on the floor. Tickets are 20,000 won, and yes, they even spelled G-Dragon's name incorrectly in Korean. (It is supposed to be 지드래곤 not 지드레곤).

So yes they will be performing at FOUR CLUBS (Club Heaven, Harlem, nb1 and nb2) on their album release date.

Why are they making these events become a priority? Where have the schedules for music performance programs gone?

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credit : Beau @ VIPZ
taken from: bigbanghaven
poster+translation from: flibbertigibbet @ 6theory