December 22nd, 2010

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Various jailbaits to perform Circus at SBS Gayo

The youngest members of various idol groups will be coming together for a special ‘maknae show performance’ on SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun.”

Broadcasting live from Isan KINTEX on December 29th , the ‘maknae show’ will consist of SNSD’s Seohyun, KARA’s Jiyoung, SHINee’s Taemin, 2PM’s Chansung, MBLAQ’s Mir, f(x)’s Sulli, and After School’s Lizzy.

All seven maknaes will be divided into unique circus roles to perform Britney Spears‘ “Circus.” Taemin will play the ringleader while Sulli and Chansung are the acrobatic couple. Jiyoung will be a rhythm gymnastics athlete.

The group recently participated in a pre-recording parodying the movie “Actresses“, which will be released before the actual event.

Hwang In Young PD of SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” spoke with Newsen on December 22nd and further revealed, “This was a line-up we’ve been planning since the fall. They’re busy people, so it was difficult finding time to get them all in one spot. They’ve been rehearsing on their own and finally got together on the 21st.”

Sources: AKP, Nate

2PM greets you by drawing rudolph the reindeer and recommending christmas songs

Naver article:
Mission – Draw Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as you imagine him
The story of Rudolph the Red Nose has been giving hope to young and old for more than 60 years. We asked singers, who have been working hard this year, to draw Rudolph the Red Nose on the Christmas greeting cards. Please look at the deer drawn by the singers and remember the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. And don’t miss an opportunity to listen to the songs with Christmas feeling, recommended by the singers themselves!
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source: 2pmalways (eng news)
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KARA has made magnificent achievements in 2010 since their debut into Japan this year, and it’s being reflected by their ‘all-kill‘ on various album, singles, and mobile annual charts as 2010’s #1 rookie artist, and even placing in the top 10 in charts for all of Japanese artists.

On December 20th, Oricon had announced through their 2010 Annual Charts that KARA was this year’s #1 rookies in album sales. “KARA, who received great interest during the debut with their ‘butt dance’, released eight albums including Japanese singles for ‘Jumping’ and ‘Mister’, one Korean album, and a DVD, and gained a revenue of $15 million USD,” said Oricon.

According to Oricon, KARA sold 493,000 units to gain $15 million USD, which was closely followed by SNSD in 2nd place. A 3rd ranked Japanese rookie artist sold 83,000 units and gained a revenue of $1.5 million USD, showing a 10X difference in revenue in comparison with KARA. Despite KARA’s first official album, ‘Girls Talk‘, being in Korean, the group still managed to sell 200,000 units in one month, displaying KARA’s increasing status in the Japanese market.

Not only is KARA #1 on album sales sites, but they also ranked the #1 best rookie artists on the Japanese mobile site, Rekochoku, for which they placed first in almost every single category in their annual charts, including bell sound downloads and music videos. In addition, KARA was also picked in the top 5 in a poll for ‘2010’s Best MVP Artists‘, chosen directly by the general public.

On the annual sales charts for iTunes Japan that was announced on December 9th, KARA’s ‘Mister’ was placed #14, which was the highest rank out of all the rookie artists that debuted this year.

But it doesn’t finish there. USEN, Japan’s biggest cable TV company, recently released their overall chart for 2010, and KARA’s debut single, “Mister”, was ranked in the top 20 at #18. USEN’s charts determine which were the biggest tracks of the year based on the number of times a track is requested by listeners and broadcasted.

Aside from official results from online charts, KARA’s popularity has hit the jackpot amongst the general public as well. KARA were recently appointed the models for Japan’s biggest mobile news agency, au, and will take the main roles for a public TV drama to begin airing next year in January. In addition, KARA will soon be officially announced for one of Japan’s famous gaming companies. To top it off, KARA’s ‘Mister’ was ranked #1 on Japan’s Karaoke charts for November and December.



Producer of ‘KBS Music Festival’ reveals thoughts on YGE’s non-attendance

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A controversy is brewing between KBS and YG Entertainment after the entertainment label declared that they would not be attending KBS’s year-end music festival on December 19th.

The producer of “KBS Music Festival” spoke with TV Daily on December 22nd, and revealed their side of the story:
“We received notice of YG Entertainment’s decision to be absent from our ceremony.  Their action is extremely hard for us to understand, as they’ve already attended other music award ceremonies, and even won awards.  They also told us that YG and 2NE1’s concept does not fit with our music festival.  We honestly have nothing to say if YGE makes a decision like that.  We do not want to force pressure on teams that cannot attend, so we will just be going our own reasonable way.”
YGE officials previously brought up concerns over 2NE1 being the only YGE artist listed on the ‘top 20 nominees’ for the festival. This is because their labelmates,Se7en and Taeyang , had also promoted in the same year as the girl group, but had failed somehow to place on the list. As a result, furious questions abounded over KBS’s standards for the nominations.
Regarding this, the producer went on to state, “YG Entertainment refused to attend even when they didn’t know 2NE1 was the only group of theirs invited as nominees.  We don’t believe that they truly have a problem with Se7en and Taeyang not being included in the nominees. There’s honestly no reason for them to be acting like this.
We are making our own effort to make the fairest judgment possible. SM Entertainment’s BoA was not included in the rankings, and they have not expressed a problem with that.  It’s pressuring to know that the public is viewing this as a problem between KBS and YG Entertainment; we just hope that it’s an enjoyable festival for all,” the producer concluded.
Nominees are decided by “Music Bank’s K-Chart” and feature winners according to album and digital music sales, along with viewer preference votes.

source: akp / TV Daily via Nate

somebody ~ please feed these kids candies!
on a serious note, i was initially bitter that YG will not be attending ... but now i don't really give a damn

so here's a Bommie .gif to cure our bitter hearts...

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Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

JYJ "Let's Be A Little Happier Next Year" + Joe is feeling korean-love deprived

When the interview was coming to an end, we asked JYJ to participate in Sports Chosun’s ‘Star&Handwritten Message’ special corner. Though we provided them with pens of every color, the three members all chose black to write their messages. They wrote ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘We hope the last month of this year is a happy one for you’ and ‘Be happy in 2011!’ What are JYJ’s plans for the end of this year and the beginning of next year?

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Chinese ship sinking sparks diplomatic row

China has officially blamed South Korea for a deadly sinking of its boat near the South’s southwest coast, sparking concerns of diplomatic disputes as the two neighboring countries continue to differ in their views toward North Korea’s recent provocations.

The 63-ton Chinese fishing boat sank near a South Korean southwestern port city after slamming into the country’s 3,000-ton coastguard vessel over the weekend, leaving the captain of the ship dead and another missing.

South Korea claims its coastguard had the right to chase the boat which had been illegally operating in its exclusive economic zone. But China is demanding compensation, claiming Seoul had no right to enforce law in the gray zone, just outside the EEZ, where the two ships clashed.
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Source: koreaherald
More about the chinese ship sinking
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Alexander Downer sought North Korea aid ban

THE Howard government urged the US to withhold aid to North Korea to "bring an end to the regime's tyranny", according to reports of the WikiLeaks cables.

The government also scoffed at "bleeding hearts" who pushed for a softer approach.

"Let the whole place go to shit, that's the best thing that could happen," the then foreign minister, Alexander Downer, had told the commander of US and UN forces in South Korea, General Leon LaPorte, in 2005, during a meeting in Canberra.

"Aid that could prop up (North Korea's) failing infrastructure should be withheld in order to bring an end to the regime's tyranny," a US embassy record of the meeting quotes Mr Downer as saying.

The record, contained in a cable obtained by WikiLeaks and published in today's Sydney Morning Herald, said Mr Downer had been made aware of the damage a provoked and cornered Pyongyang could wreak on South Korea. General LaPorte had told Mr Downer that about 250 North Korean artillery positions within range of Seoul could fire high explosive or chemical warhead shells.

As well, Pyongyang's arsenal of ballistic missiles could reach all of South Korea and Japan.

The cable records Mr Downer as saying, nevertheless, that he agreed with then president George W. Bush that the "tyranny had to be ended".

He had added that "If US officials wanted to hear the 'bleeding hearts' view of 'peace and love' with respect to North Korea . . . they only had to visit his colleagues in New Zealand".

The revelations outlined in the WikiLeaks cables come as the major world powers met this week in an attempt to stave off a dangerous confrontation between the two Koreas in the wake of a live-fire exercise by Seoul on Pyonyang's doorstep.

Source: theaustralian
Because letting innocent people die is perfectly fine since it's North Korea :/ Letting the aid stop doesn't mean that the tyranny is going to end. The higher ups don't need the aid. It's the innocent people that need it
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Supernova shares thoughts on Japanese activities and Korean comeback

After wrapping up their sold-out showcase in Japan’s Yokohama Arena on December 21st, Supernova met with reporters at a post-conference and revealed their thoughts on completing a successful year overseas.

Supernova started, “We’re extremely thankful for so many fans outside of Japan and Korea coming to visit our ‘Supernova Show 2010.’  It’s because of everyone’s support that we’ve made it this far.

The group previously recorded all six of their concerts selling out and went on to add, “Our main purpose was to properly deliver K-POP music.  The songs we promoted in Korea with fit well with the strategies we used in Japan.”

Their concert itself was nothing short of a hit, as it managed to gather over 12,000 fans of all age groups.  The group performed  a total of 28 different tracks, including “Get Wild,” “Ai Kotoba,” “Love Letter,”  and many others.  They also introduced a few Korean songs as well, including their August hit track, “On Days I Miss You,” a Christmas carol, “La La La,” and “My Memory.”


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flawless kim tae hee in royal finery

In these stills for MBC’s My Princess, the costuming of series star Kim Tae-hee is really just a sly wink at the audience, because this has nothing to do with her rags-to-riches Cinderella turn after her character, Lee Seol, is discovered to be a real princess.

Instead, the scene depicts Seol in a princess costume as a part-time gig, before she makes the discovery of her true identity as lost royalty. Seol’s a penny-pincher who’ll do just about anything (legal, one assumes) to earn some spare cash, which is how she ends up wearing all this traditional royal finery. It’s here that she happens to meet a Western princess, and they end up taking a photo together.

What I really want to find out, and what remains to be seen, is what kind of setting leads to this whole commoner-to-princess storyline. Will the drama employ a fantasy twist that revives the old monarchy? Will it create an alternate reality where the monarchy never ended, a la Goong? Or will it do something else altogether? I’m itching to know.

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Source: e daily
Via: dramabeans
Junsu → ;D [GIF]


In part 2 of MTV K’s exclusive interviews with JYJ, the boys laugh, they joke around and they immediately turn serious when they’re given the “who would you save first if everyone fell into the ocean” question… (watch part 1 for their thoughts on Twitter, food and fan love!) That’s not even the best part — Yoochun forces a pretty surprising answer out of Junsu when the talk turns to marriage!

Source: MTVK, jyjbest@YT
Yoon Eun Hye | Pucker Up!

JYPE's "Diamond Tears" Teaser [KOR/ENG]

EDIT -- Added English version~


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source: jypentertainment (kor) / jypentertainment (eng)

.. i really don't know what this is about, lolol
i'm assuming potential ear/headphones?

oh, and according to britneyfangirl , these ear/headphones as i'm gonna stick with, are going to be released 12.24.2010, which is the day of the JYP Nation concert~ Or at least, more info will be released then.

Let Omona bond through pretty people dancing to Christmas songs


Christmas is almost here and there’s nothing better than listening to a K-Pop Christmas playlist while eating gingerbread during the holidays!
When idols don’t end up butchering the English language, K-Pop Christmas songs are like beautifully sung, happy ballads with lots of holiday cheer infused in every note.
In this week’s top 10 list, we’ve compiled the best tracks from the newest songs of 2010 to the classics we listen to year after year.
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SM Entertainment received a firm order from the Fair Trade Commission to revise the unfair contracts which bind SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, and many others to them.

On December 23rd, the Fair Trade Commission stated, “We gave them a warning to voluntarily correct the unfair exclusive contracts that their celebrities and trainees have signed. [SME] is to reduce all contract lengths by three years.”
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YG should go to jail with SM chingu.

K-VIPz protesting against YG!

Caption: We ask Yang Hyun Suk. Instead of promoting for GD&TOP’s first full album, and normal broadcast activities, is an event at a club under your ownership the best you can do? Are you sure?

After hearing of YG Entertainment’s plans to have G-Dragon and T.O.P perform at four clubs in a single night, fans came together in protest to prevent the duo from doing so.

Because the clubs are all owned by YGE itself, VIPs are questioning the necessity for the duo to be performing there instead of appearing on actual music shows on the night of the 24th. YGE CEO Yang Hyunsuk is currently being accused of simply having the two promote at the clubs for personal gain and greed by fans. They have left messages such as “Urgent news. 12/24 is GD&TOP’s album release, and they will be participating at a club owned by CEO Yang HyunSuk, not a music program. You’re bad, CEO.” across several message boards on the internet to notify the management company of their grievances.
To further support their cause, these fans created some posters to mock and ridicule Yang Hyunsuk. Some of these posters were created to make fun of the fact that G-Dragon’s name was misspelled on one of the original posters created to advertise for a club event.

YG Entertainment has yet to make an official statement on the protest.

Sourcesfuckyeahygfamilyy + DCinside 1 + 2 + 6Theory  + Bigbangupdates + more infos about clubs perf at BBU
LOL VIPs, you mad because underraged hmm? because you will miss them gettin naked smoking drinking lalala? 12/24 is ONE night, it's your boss/producer/etc's clubs.. i would do it for free srsly.
oh btw, check the DC sources, they did great designs.


Shindong dares to put the lard sausages he calls his lips on Gyuri щ(゚Д゚щ)

Super Junior’s Shindong gave a surprise kiss to KARA’s Gyuri on SBS’s “Good Time 230“!

“Good Time 230″ is new comedy show which boasts a different format – instead of the usual gagmen (or women) interacting with special guests, “Good Time 230″ uses idols as the main actors.

The episode recorded on December 17th featured a special ‘Christmas date’ segment with Shindong and Gyuri, who had to act out a ‘Christmas kiss’ scene.

The two are already well-acquainted because they host the radio show ”Shimshimtapa“together. Consequently, they were able to show off their perfect synchronization and acting skills. Viewers were especially amused over the fact that Shindong has a real girlfriend, but still played along with the scene.

The full episode will be broadcast through SBS on December 25th at 12:10 AM KST.

Source: MyDaily via Nate
Translated: Akp

eunjung and jungmin gon choke a bitch щ(゚Д゚щ)