December 23rd, 2010



Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P have revealed their feelings regarding their first unit activities apart from their group.

On December 22nd, G-Dragon and T.O.P had an interview with ‘Money Today Star News‘ prior to the pre-recording of their ‘M! Countdown‘ performance in regards to the duo’s new album.

On this day, they performed their three songs: ‘High High‘, ‘Oh Yeah‘, and ‘Bbeokigayo‘

The duo were in the middle of their stage when they revealed, “These activities are different from those of Big Bang’s, as in they are activities where our strengths are more emphasized. It’s the feeling of taking off clothes that have already been established and being comfortable.”
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Original Source: Star News via Nate
Source: AKP

G-Dragon and T.O.P album to have 5 versions

Quick info on G-Dragon and T.O.P's album that will be released tomorrow:
- The album will have 5 different versions (silver, gold, red, blue and green) with the hologram rabbit design.
- YG E-shop will ship the albums in random color. You can't choose what color to get.
- Similarly, there will also be 2 types of posters and will also be shipped at random.

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JYPE responds to SidusHQ’s message regarding Jay Park

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Hours ago, we reported that Jay Park’s agency, SidusHQ, posted an official message regarding what JYPE’s Park Jin Young said on KBS2TV’s ‘Win Win‘ about the departure of Park Jaebeom.

On December 22nd, JYPE wrote a letter through an official press release in response to SidusHQ’s claims. The message reads,

“This is regarding Sidus HQ’s message about our company which was released this afternoon.

First of all, we feel very regretful for the controversy that occurred due to changes in the 2PM members.

However, like we said before, our company told the scriptwriters before and after the recording of the program that it would not be a good idea to bring up and broadcast the topic of the 2PM member changes.

The following will be addressing once again what was said on the show.

We absolutely did not want a problem that hurt a lot of people in the past to become a subject of discussion again, which is why we are genuinely distressed that this has become a controversy once more.

Our company does not believe that revealing a concrete reason for the change in 2PM is appropriate. If we really did distort and manipulate the truth behind the 2PM member changes, JYP Entertainment will reveal any legal and moral responsibilities on the matter.

We promise to work harder to prevent future outbreaks of these kinds of controversies.”

Source: Star News via Nate

and the drama continues
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Senator Ahn Sang Soo attacks T-ara

After wrapping up their ‘air stewardess’ challenge for their show, ‘T-ara Dream Girls‘, the members was preparing to tackle their ‘National Assembly’ challenge for the following week. Yet since the episode was cancelled this week, many netizens have been making controversial speculations as to why this week's episode was cancelled.

Mnet announced that the cancellation of this week’s episode had no relation to the recent comment made by Senator Ahn Sang Soo of the National Grand Party.

The cancellation of the Decemeber 22nd episode was due to the last-minute decision of creating a challenge with the National Assembly. We had such a tight editing process that we decided to air it next week,” explained an Mnet representative on December 23rd.

They continued, “The situation has no political grounds. We are baffled by people saying the episode was cancelled because of Senator Ahn Sang Soo’s comments.”

Recently, Senator Ahn Sang Soo made a visit to a facility for children with severe disabilities, called ‘Young Nak Aenea’s Home‘. On this day, the senator said, “The group’s name is T-ara? Is T-ara famous? I can’t tell their faces apart. Does everyone these days get plastic surgery for the whole body? These days it’s not plastic surgery just for the face, but they do it everywhere.”

Responding to this, Mnet emphasized, “Regarding his “whole body plastic surgery” statement, he didn’t say it to point out the T-ara members specifically.

Nate News

MBLAQ Comeback January 2011! + G.O. & Jea Duet

Fans have been anxiously waiting for news on MBLAQ’s comeback, and J. Tune Entertainment has finally come through!

Wanting to “perfect their album,” MBLAQ delayed their November comeback for January of 2011. A representative of J. Tune Entertainment disclosed to Newsen on December 23rd, “Because of the amount of preparation gone into their comeback, they’ve become different from other idols. You will be able to experience a sharper feeling. This album is expected to have a total of 13 to 15 songs.

Unlike other idol groups, who release singles in order to quickly change up their images, MBLAQ seems to have opted for quality instead of quantity, even if it meant delaying their comeback and disappointing their fans.

Yet because of the rush of comebacks scheduled for the beginning of January, fans are concerned about how successful their idols would be amongst the throng.

Source: Newsen via Nate, AKP

It's been revealed on ‘BUGS’ music site that G.O. of MBLAQ and Jea from the Brown Eyed Girls will be taking part in a new single.

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The name of the single has not been released yet, but it’s announced to be released on the 28th.

Source: BUGS, Bestiz, AbsoluteMBLAQ & Kpoplive
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North Korea threatens South Korea with 'holy war' as tensions remain high near the border

A South Korea K-1 tank fires live rounds during air and ground military exercises on the Seungjin Fire Training Field, in mountainous Pocheon Dec. 23, 2010.

North Korea wants South Korea to know it’s ready not just for war, but a nuke-fuelled holy war.

Tensions are heating up on the Korean peninsula as South Korea continues to stage military drills near the border.

The response on Thursday from North Korea's chief of defense, Kim Yong Chun, was blunt:

"To counter the enemy's intentional drive to push the situation to the brink of war, our revolutionary forces are making preparations to begin a holy war at any moment necessary based on nuclear deterrent," Kim said, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

The remarks come as the North prepares to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the day its leader, Kim Jong Il, took power.

Hostilities between the two neighbors have risen since North Korea waged an artillery attack on the South's Yeonpyeong island last month that killed four South Koreans.

Since then, the South has intensified its military exercises using tanks and fighter jets in a show of force that the North calls "provocative" and "offensive," The Associated Press reported.

Both countries are still at war since the 1950s Korean War that divided the peninsula did not end with a peace treaty.

Source: nydailynews
And it will never end
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Wheesung releases “Winter Night” album

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Just hours ago, talented vocalist Wheesung released his winter compilation album, “Winter Night”. The album was in the news recently because Wheesung received permission to remake Michael Jackson’s hit song, “You Are Not Alone”.

On the morning of the 21st, Wheesung tweeted, “I dared myself to sing Michael Jackson’s song. I’ve always wanted to sing a song of his in my own style, but as his voice still lingers with me, mine ended up just being an imitation. However, I am still thankful for such an honorable opportunity. It’s an opportunity given to me by the heavens, and I will be satisfied and proud just the same.

‘I am glad the wish I made on the day you returned to where you were from has finally come true.

Wheesung also recruited the talented vocalist Cloud to participate in the album.

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source: allkpop, FalconChern2nd @ youtube, t00channelPart2 @ youtube
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CEO of Core Contents Media talks about his successes and failures in 2010

Kim Kwang Su, the CEO of Core Contents Media, is often nicknamed the ‘Midas touch’ of the Korean music industry due to his 30 years of experience in working with some of the biggest names in the industry like Lee Hyori, SG Wannabe, F.T Island, Seeya, Davichi, and T-ara.

For the veteran, 2010 was an especially rewarding year, since T-ara achieved much success in the first half of the year, along with Hwang Jung Eum hitting repeated homeruns through MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof” and SBS’s “Giant.” Unfortunately, Co-Ed didn’t do as well as he had hoped, as members were put into some kind of controversy moments after their debut.

In order to reflect on his busy year, the CEO met with Star News for a couple of drinks and an easygoing interview.

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Nate News

G-Dragon and T.O.P Interview in KStar Lovers Magazine

I think that there are many many fans who are waiting for BIGBANG's new album so please let us know the reason why you formed this 2-member unit.
GD: With regards to BIGBANG’s album, we had been preparing for it since previously. But because the other three members were busy due to their various individual activities, the 2 of us ended up recording many songs together. Those people who have been waiting for BIGBANG probably want to hear all 5 of our voices equally. While thinking of that, we came to a conclusion that the two of us will release our recorded songs first, and then the BIGBANG album will be released after that.

How do the other members feel about this group that the 2 of you formed?
T.O.P.: They are under pressure now. (Laugh) They said “Because the two of us have succeeded, by riding on this energy, BIGBANGs album will also succeed.”.

V.I’s solo album will also be released in less than a month. Don’t you have thoughts that you will be rivals against each other?
T.O.P.: Not at all. Because from the start the colour of V.I’s music is completely different from ours. And above that, as we are members from the same band, we support each other and there are no such thoughts of rivalry. For things to go smoothly for all of us, after the group album is released, we will be able to receive interest from many more people…after all, we are all aiming towards the same goal.
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I love them sfm. Especially when they talk about each other :3 day has been made already

source: bigbangupdates
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Hallyu website aims to link Korea with the world, an English website specializing in “hallyu,” or the Korean Wave, seeks to become a center of communications between Korea and the world by widening its coverage extensively to information technology, culture and tourism.

Hallyu, was first initiated by mega-hit drama “Winter Sonata,” which has been popular in Asia since the early 2000s.

Though the trend seemed to wane in the past few years, it has been bouncing back recently on the strength of the country’s unique pop music and films.

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Source: Koh Young-aah @ The Korea Herald

I wonder if they exclude all the negative news from their coverage considering how Korean media hates international sites for reporting those too. LOL

SME releases official statement regarding Fair Trade Commission revisions

SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the contract revisions demanded by the Fair Trade Commission.

SME officials clarified on the 23rd, “The FTC only ordered us to revise the contract of one of our trainees by removing the three years added onto his contract. We complied, thus making every contract under our agency to date as ‘fair’. BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), The Trax, and other celebrities under our agency have already been acknowledged as fair contracts by the FTC.

They continued, “As leaders of the industry, we have been cooperating closely with the National Assembly and other related bureaucracies in order to protect the rights and interests of our celebrities, and to aid in the advancement of Korea’s entertainment industry and the Hallyu wave.”

After numerous discussions with the FTC, SME drafted a new contract earlier this year with the changed terms mentioned in the previous article. All artists re-contracted with the agency under the new terms, which were acknowledged by the FTC to be fair.

The representative continued, “We fully complied with the recent request by the FTC regarding our contract with a trainee. With the help of the FTC, we will be developing better contracts for the progression of Korean culture and contract customs.”

Source: allkpop
Original source: NTN Seoul, TV Daily, Star NewS

tl;dr all sm artists already had revised contracts earlier this year
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The Epic Last Song To Give Your Life Meaning

The veil on the last song of BEAST's 'My Story' digital album is being uncovered.

On the 24th, at 4PM, their last track, 'Lights Go On Again' (Full version) will lavishly finish off BEAST's digital album, 'My Story', a heartfelt confession for their fans in the form of a present.

'Lights Go On Again' was the intro song of BEAST's fourth album and was a track that received a lot of love. It is a song that displays an acoustic sound and has a sentimental melody line and truthful and touching lyrics. After producing it newly into a full version, it was revealed for the first time in their concert.

'Lights Go On Again' is filled with the gratitude that BEAST has for their fans, who have shone brightly for them while they were on stage with their undying support and love for the one year since their debut. They showed much enthusiasm to participate in the composition of the lyrics personally.

A representative from Cube Entertainment stated, "Keeping in mind that this album is an end-of-the-year present to fans, we decided to have this as the last track. Everyone had agreed on once again expressing their thankful hearts."

The three duet songs that were revealed for the first time during their concert, starting with Yoon Doojoon & Son Dongwoon's 'When this door closes', as well as Yong Junhyung & Yang Yoseob's 'Thanks To' and Jang Hyunseung & Lee Kikwang's 'Let it Snow' have been released one after the other and are receiving positive response.

Source: 1, 2, 3
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