December 24th, 2010


SNSD's Genie Japanese Porn Version

Soft On Demand, a famous Japanese adult video company, has revealed that they will be releasing a video that uses the marine look that Girls' Generation used for Genie. The website released the 130-minute long video that lists words that Japanese fans use to refer to Girls' Generation. Throughout the whole video, the five girls wear outfits that are similar to the girls' stage outfits, making it seem like the girls are actually in the video.

In 2006, BoA was parodied in an adult video titled "Boa Course", and Japanese girl group AKB48 has been parodied before as well. Fans are furious this happened, saying "they should sue for defamation of character" and "even the cover is disgusting."

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your oppas are fapping to this rn.
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Lee Junki gets 50 stitches in freak accident

Korean actor and singer Lee Junki, who is now serving in the army, was rushed to hospital after he got wounded on the forehead during the final rehearsal of a musical he was starring in.

The poster of the musical 'Voyage of Life' showing Lee Junki (top right) and Joo Ji-hoon (top left). (Photo courtesy of


Lee Junki and the rest of the cast of the army musical “Voyage of Life” were rehearsing just hours before the musical opened last Aug. 21. He accidentally hit his head onto a steel structural frame, causing a huge wound in his forehead.


He was immediately rushed to the emergency room of the Seoul National University Hospital where he underwent CT scan and got 50 stitches on the forehead. Doctors declared that there was no other injury.


He was advised to take a rest but he insisted on performing in the musical, owing to his fans that went there to see him. In addition, 98 percent of the tickets were already sold so he felt obligated to be there despite his injury.


“Voyage of Life” stars Lee Junki and hunk actor Joo Ji-hoon, who is also serving in the army. The musical tells the story of soldiers during the Korean War.


The musical was created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.


In the end, Lee Junki performed on stage with a bandage wrapped on his head. After the musical, Lee Junki was immediately brought back to the hospital.


After checkup, he was allowed to go back to the army.


The musical will run until Aug. 29 at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul.

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it me


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Girl Story’s Kim Hye In is ‘Little Jiyeon’

A member from the upcoming ‘low-teen’ girl group, Girl Story, has been gaining attention because of her resemblance to T-ara’s Jiyeon.

Kim Hye In uploaded a picture she took with Jiyeon on her mini-homepage, which has been receiving comments like, “There’s a strong resemblance in the overall feel you get from their faces.” Consequently, Hye In became known as ‘Little Jiyeon’.

The picture was taken in the waiting room during Girl Story’s debut performance. Being a fan of Jiyeon’s, Hye In asked her sunbae for a picture in celebration of her debut.

She wrote, “I was so happy to have met Jiyeon-unni. She said that it was nice to see me and asked me to be careful since the stage is slippery.”

Girl Story’s debut performance on “Y-Star” will be shown on December 26th.

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Jonghyun unable to fully participate for upcoming concerts

As most people are preparing to hunker down and enjoy Christmas, the boys of SHINee are practicing hard for their dual Japanese concerts at the Yoyogi Stadium on December 26th. In addition, they’re scheduled to hold their first solo concert in Korea the following week on January 1st and 2nd.

As many of you know, Jonghyun suffered ligament injuries last month and because of this injury he will be unable to participate in the performances. He will sing on the stage however and a trained Chinese dancer will take over his spot for the dance routines.

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So basically we'll be seeing more Derp/Throne?

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LPG is looking hot for the Holidays

LPG (Lovely Pretty Girl) has given a special Christmas treat for fans to enjoy. The girls recently gathered on December 23rd for a Christmas themed photo shoot and the girls were dressed up in revealing sexy santa outfits with candy canes.

On December 24th, the girls appeared on SBS’s ‘희망TV 나눔이 주는 선물 / Hope TV Sharing Gift and appear as guests on December 25th’s 주현미 디너쇼에 / Joo Hyun Mi Dinner Show.
They received popularity this year through their track Doorbell of Love and will attend an award show in Ulsan on the 31st to close out the year.

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Comedian Kim Shin Young is ill with swine flu

Gagwoman Kim Shin Young has been diagnosed with swine flu on December 24th.

Representatives of her agency, SidusHQ, revealed, “She’s had symptoms (such as coughing and a high fever), and was finally diagnosed with swine flu. Currently, Kim Shin Young is isolated at a hospital in Yongsan-gu, and is receiving treatment. It will be difficult for her to complete her year-end schedules.”

Through her agency, Kim Shin Young stated, “I should be delivering good news since it’s the end of the year, so I’m very apologetic to have to deliver such bad news. I’ve prepared a lot for the ceremonies and broadcast programs, and it’s very upsetting that I won’t be able to show them. I’ll get better as quickly as possible, and appear before everyone stronger and healthier.”

It’s unfortunate that she got ill right before the holidays, but Kim Shin Young will likely use that golden humor of hers to get by. Get well soon!

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2AM Changmin works out with Seulong and 2PM Chansung

2AM member Changmin has posted a picture of himself at the gym with fellow groupmate Seulong and 2PM member Chansung on his official Twitter site (

On Thursday, Changmin uploaded a picture of himself, Seulong and Chansung at the gym with a comment underneath saying, "We are the black tank-tops and black track pants brothers. We all came separately but we're all wearing the same clothes. (laugh) Seulong is busy working out >_<."
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They should totally make their own work-out videos.

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Girl Story under fire for having an average age of 9.75

A new controversy seems to be brewing around Girl Story, an upcoming ‘low-teen’ girl group who debuted with an average age of 9.75. The members consist of Kim Hye In (9), Lee Yoon Jung (9), Kim Yuri (10), and the oldest, Kim Chae Young (11). All four members first debuted as child actresses in a variety of hit films, dramas, and CFs.

Despite younger girl group debuts being the current trend in the industry, many have been raising voices of concern over the outrageously young ages of the girls. Not only that, but many have also been asking what the standards and limits are for their lyrics, clothing, and choreography.
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Seriously DNW. Next thing we know we are having a baby group