December 26th, 2010


A fierce lover’s quarrel between Khuntoria for MBC’s “Gayo Daejun

Fans of the “We Got Married” ‘Khuntoria‘ couple have been spazzing over a hot preview for MBC’s “Gayo Daejun“.

Directed by 2PM’s Nichkhun, the video stars f(x)’s Victoria and some of the boys from One Day. Victoria is seen strutting to the coffee stand, and she catches the eyes of 2PM’s Junho and Chansung. A confidently playboy, Chansung floats up to Victoria and says, “Do you wanna drum?“. Victoria merely smirks, and walks past him without a word. Galled, Chansung scoffs, “You! You!“.
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Sources: AKP & oumae5 @yt
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B2ST to transform into T-ara for the “2010 SBS Gayo Daejun”

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Continuing the trend of gender switch-ups for year-end festivals, it’s just been revealed that B2ST will transform into a ‘beastly T-ara‘ for the upcoming “2010 SBS Gayo Daejun“.

T-ara’s “YaYaYa” performances have been applauded for its fun and entertaining qualities; fans are looking forward to seeing how the ultra-masculine boy band will tackle T-ara’s cute choreography.

The two groups will also have a joint stage together, and the members will be paired up as couples.

The “2010 SBS Gayo Daejun” will be held at the Ilsan Kintex on December 29th.

Source: Newsen, Allkpop

looking forward to the joint stage, but dnw beast doing YaYaYa :(
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Rain announces new album + world tour for 2011

On this week’s episode of KBS2’s ‘Entertainment Relay’, Rain was featured on the ‘Guerilla Date‘ corner and he expressed his desire to serve actively in the military.

“I will be enlisting in the latter half of next year,” announced the singer. With half a year left before he leaves for the army, many are wondering how Rain plans to spend his time.

To start off, Rain is scheduled to release a brand new solo album. “We will release an album and have plans for a world tour,” said his agency. Since 2010 marked a year of films and dramas for the star, Rain wants to focus on his music career for 2011.

Regarding his enlistment, Rain expressed, “I think of it as a vacation. I’m not worried about enlisting. In fact, I think it will make me a better person.”

Meanwhile, on the same show, Rain surprised viewers by mentioning that his current body condition is that of a 40-year-old’s. “I recently had a health screening, and the results showed that my body age was 40 years old. I’ve been exercising well, but apparently my excessive diet and the overworking of my body has caused it to be worn down,” said the singer.

He continued, “I need to find my six pack again, but I still need two more. I think it will come back by the time I have my concert.”

: Sports Chosun, AKP

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Girl Story gets anti fan cafe before their debut

"Girl story" belongs to Ants star company with Lee Gyu Nak as the producer. They are planning on their debut on the 26th 6pm KST through Y-STAR channel.

However on the 25th on a portal site, lots of anti fan cafes emerged. One of which, already has 18,000 members and increasing.

The main criticism is that the members are way too young. They are all primary school aged kids.

Members are "Yoon Jung, Hye In, Yuri, Chae Young" and their oldest member is 12 years old (Korean age, meaning ~10 or 11 years old)

Even if their ages are young, they are already quite successful. Yoon Jung has been in few Korean dramas, Hye In has been in a few too, Yuri also in the same vote and Chae Young having won a grand dance competition.

According to the company they will control their schedule time appropriately. Their debut song "pinky pinky" is going to be released on the 28th.

Source: Nate, dkpopnews
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SISTAR’s Bora apologizes to KARA fans

Just yesterday, we reported that SISTAR’s Bora revealed how her fellow member Hyorin was a KARA fangirl. While this may not seem like an issue, Korean netizens reprimanded Bora for her usage of informal speech.

Through her Twitter, she had originally posted, “Hyorin is currently fangirling KARA~~^_^” She then corrected the post by writing “KARA-sunbaes“; the term ’sunbae’ is used to respect one’s seniors in the workplace.
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Upcoming girl group Rania to debut in both America and Korea

Six member girl group, Rania, will be debuting in America and Korea at the same time.

Rania’s agency, DR Music, revealed on the 27th, “In the beginning of November, the girls will be releasing their debut album in both America and Korea.
Their producer, Teddy Riley, is especially known in the states for composing for Michael Jackson, The Pussycat Dolls, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and other pop artists. For Rania, he’s composed two songs titled “DR Feel Good” and “Masquerade.” The group is also known for member T-ae’s role as Jay Park’s younger sister in the Hollywood film, “Hype Nation.”  The group consists of a diverse composition of members from Thailand, China, and Korea and are all fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. Collapse ) 

Source + Photos: Star Today via Allkpop

Sorry! Excuse this ajumma, apparently I cant read... this is old news and it seems this group is debuting at the beggining of 2011, no release date confirmed yet. I am not deleting this post because they are getting pimped.
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JYP and Rain promote Synergy LIKE A BOSS

On December 27th, JYP Entertainment announced, ‘JYP Entertainment and its employees have become the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment via third party shares allotment.‘

JYPE continued, ‘Some time ago, J.Tunes’ talent Rain approached JYPE producer Park Jin Young with a proposal. Until he joins the army next year, Rain will focus solely on his singing and acting activities. He has requested that JYPE be in charge of his company’s management.‘

Both sides revealed, ‘JYPE’s shareholders had the same suggestion as Rain’s, and the proposal was completed after the review.’

JYPE expressed, ‘In the future, Rain will be able to freely and actively promote himself with the best support behind him. In the last three years, Rain has gained a lot of experience, and we plan to create a strong and positive synergy.‘

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GD&TOP x Monster headphones a fake?

Hardcore fans and fashionistas alike have dented their wallets in order to purchase the GD&TOP edition’ of “Beats by Dre headphones. According to online shopping site,, these special headphones were priced at a whopping 649,900 ₩ (approximately $566.90 USD).

Many were prepared to pay extravagantly for the product: the headphones were already synonymous with luxury, and to top it all off, it bore the insignia of Korea’s hottest avant-garde duo.

Unfortunately, the ‘GD&TOP’ edition of “Beats” may not be the real thing.

We were recently contacted by a representative from Monster Cable (the manufacturer of “Beats”), notifying us that GD&TOP’s headphones are “not authorized products in the Dr. Dre line.” Our contact further clarifies, “It is unclear at this time if they are authentic Beats headphones that have been customized with GD&TOP artwork, or if they are counterfeit products making unauthorized use of Beats logos and design.

The staff on the “Beats By Dre” official Twitter account have further asserted that GD&TOP’s headphones “are NOT an authorized product and does not come with our warranty or support.”

So be warned, GD&TOP fans. Always purchase your products from the official site or from approved retailers – if you don’t see it on the main site, it’s not legit!

Source: AKP

Not fake, just customized. Read here and here, thanks to crazyxcami and bitter_sweet05

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CCM ceo once filed for bankruptcy

Kim Kwang Soo (49), the CEO of Core Contents Media and creator of ‘Davichi‘, ‘T-ara‘, and ‘Co-Ed‘, has filed for personal bankruptcy with the Seoul Central District Court.

Back in 2000, Kim stood as surety for a Phoebus shareholder by the name of ‘A’. But in April of 2009, Phoebus was delisted by the Korean Securities Dealers’ Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ) due to full capital erosion. Kim was left with a substantial debt of $16.5 million USD.

“At the time, I couldn’t do anything but sign as the CEO of the company, and now it has come to this. I’ve already auctioned off two of my buildings,” said Kim.

Each of these buildings were worth $6-7 million USD.

He continued, “I now have no money, and have no means to pay off my debt, which is why I filed for personal bankruptcy.”

Kim entered the entertainment industry in 1981 as singer In Sooni’s manager. He then became the producer for Jo Sung Mo, SG Wannabe, SeeYa, M to M, Kim Wan Sun, Kim Joong Chan, Kim Minwoo, Yoon Sang, No Young Shim, Davichi, and Co-Ed.

He’s also worked with other artists such as Lee Mi Yeon, Jung Junho, Shin Dong Yeop, Song Seung Hyun, Kim Jung Eun, Han Eun Jung, Lee Hyori, and F.T Island.

Kim has also produced the dramas ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Cinderella Man’, in addition to the movies ‘Death Bell’, and ‘A Story Sadder Than Sadness’.

It was confirmed by Sports Chosun that the news of Kim Kwang Soo filing for personal bankruptcy occurred one year ago, but was only reported about recently.

Kim Kwang Soo told Sports Chosun, “It happened at the end of last year, but it was only exposed recently. It has no relations with Core Contents Media.”

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SHINee World the 1st concert in Tokyo post

The 5 member idol group SHINee held their first solo concert in Japan on the 26th at Yoyogi. For the group who debuted in 2008 this was their first ever solo concert. Each concert had 12.000 seats making the total amount of fans for both shows 24.000. Both concerts were 2½ hour long during which they sang 30 songs.

When Onew greeted the fans by saying "Welcome to SHINee World!" the fans responded with loud cheers. When they sang the hit song "Ring Ding Dong" which has almost 17 million views on youtube the arena was reaching it's boiling point. At the end Jonghyun (20) cried tears of gratitude. It was also revealed that SHINee will be having their Japanese debut in March under EMI Music Japan.

source: asahi
translation: yejun 


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Key fancams1 2
Jonghyun: anjutenshi
Taemin: keymera09023
Onew: keymera09023
Minho: pumpurusichka
Graze: yaza86
Juliette: yaza86
Obsession: 1 2
Quasimodo: keymera09023
A-YO: erikachyan
Your Name erikachyan
Stand By Me + Love Still Goes On: erikachyan
Talking in Japanese: erikachyan


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South Korea predicts North Korea will ramp up attacks in 2011

A tourist hangs on a ribbon wishing for reunification of the two Koreas near the border in Paju, South Korea, Friday.

South Korean intelligence analysts predict North Korean commanders will raise the tempo of shock strikes in the new year to enhance the image of leader Kim Jong-il’s son and heir apparent, Kim Jong-un, and prove their loyalty to the Kim dynasty.

A leading South Korean think tank affiliated with the South’s National Intelligence Service came out with that forecast this weekend – along with the prediction that Kim Jong-un, in his late 20s, would become vice chairman of the North’s powerful National Defense Commission. His father rules as commission chairman in addition to his post as general secretary of the Workers’ Party.
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Source: csmonitor
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Eunjung ordered to stop all activities due to knee injury

T-ara’s Eunjung injured her knee on December 25th while moving to her next schedule after a music show appearance. Eunjung had unfortunately slipped on ice, and was rushed to a hospital nearby.

After receiving treatment, she attempted to head back to her next schedule, but experienced further pain. She was forced to get an MRI scan done at another hospital, which showed that she had damaged a ligament in her knee, and that four weeks would be needed for a complete recovery.

Representatives of the hospital revealed, “Eunjung needs to be in a cast for two weeks, followed by a support cast for the remaining two weeks.”

Core Contents Media further revealed, “Due to her injury, Eunjung will not be able to appear on the year-end performances for MBC, SBS, and KBS.” Eunjung commented, “I’ll get better soon and greet my fans with a better image.”

Meanwhile, Eunjung will still be attending the “Dream High” press conference, for which she has a lead role, scheduled later today on December 27th, in a cast.

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Heechul & Ryeowook's Twitter Updates + Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates (with lady heehee's appearance)

Heechul's Twitter Updates:

Words like these were originally written in English.
Words like these were originally written in Japanese.


► 사진 안올라가네ㅡㅡ 뭔 푸딩을 먹으래는거야ㅡㅡ
The photo is not getting uploadedㅡㅡ Why do I want to eat puddingㅡㅡ
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Heechul's Twitter Updates [101221 - 101224]:
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Heechul's Twitter Updates [101226] & Ryeowook's Twitter Updates:
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Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates:
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Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
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SHINee to make Japanese debut in March

Today South Korean boy band “SHINee” held their first concert in Japan at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo and have announced that they are going to make their official Japanese debut under “EMI Music Japan” in March 2011.

In 2008 they were awarded Rookie of the Year in South Korea. Since then their popularity has kept on growing and now they are going to follow their fellow idol groups to Japan to expand their fandom even further.

Even before their debut they are already a big number in Japan. Within one month more than 100,000 people applied for a ticket for their performance today. In the end, 24,000 lucky people were able to see the five members of SHINee today. They performed two shows, which adds up to about 5 hours and 60 songs. There is no doubt that this must have pleased their Japanese fans.

Member Jonghyun still wasn’t able to fully perform with the others due to an injury on his left foot. “I’m sad that I can’t perform as much as I want, but at least I’m able to stay on stage with the others,” he said in tears.

Source: tokyohive, SansSpo
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Girl’s Day says goodbye with “Nothing Lasts Forever” on ‘Inkigayo’

Impressing all with their sassy track, “Nothing Lasts Forever“, Girl’s Day will finally bring their hot performance to ‘Inkigayo‘ on December 26th.

Unfortunately for fans, this appearance is actually a ‘hello/goodbye’ stage, as ‘Inkigayo’ marks the end of their promotions for 2010.

Their agency, DreamTea Entertainment, revealed that the members would be taking time off to recharge before they regroup to make a return for February 2011.

Source: allkpop
That's quick. O well nothing lasts forever